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National Geographic

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Tutu Erikitola selects and reads articles from current issues of the National Geographic Magazine, premier coverage of nature's wonders.

Current National Geographic Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Athletes Take Up Arms - Jul 2021A boycott of fascism and Hitler. Athletes took up arms when alternative games protesting the Olympics in Nazi Germany were overtaken by warReader: Tutu Erikitola00:08:47
Finding Survivors - Jul 2021How search-and-rescue dogs find survivors. At the building collapse in Florida, dogs are getting to work. By Brian HandwerkReader: Tutu Erikitola00:06:38
Shark Bonanza off Remote Island Chain - Jun 2021On an OceanX expedition, scientists examine the lives of sixgill sharks, predators that can reach lengths of 20 feet. By Annie RothReader: Tutu Erikitola00:08:05
Medieval Power Play - May 2021The before-meal wash was an important ritual for peasants and nobility alike - especially since they often ate with their hands.Reader: Tutu Erikitola00:06:05
Mothers Day's Dark History - May 2021The holiday started as an antiwar statement. But battles over who owned Mother's Day kept coming. By Brian Handwerk.Reader: Tutu Erikitola00:09:40
Falling Chinese Rocket - May 2021Why you needn't panic. A large section is predicted to enter the atmosphere on May 8-9. Here's what you need to know. By Nadia DrakeReader: Tutu Erikitola00:10:31
Killing Idaho's Wolves - Apr 2021Idaho bill aims to kill up to 90 percent of state's wolves, and threatens to undo wolf recovery efforts costing millions.Reader: Tutu Erikitola00:08:43
Homelessness & Women's Hotels - Apr 2021Lost age of women-only hotels, Erin Blakemore.. MacArthur Foundation gives $100 million to end homelessness in America, Amy McKeeverReader: Tutu Erikitola00:12:37
Oil Drilling & Greenhouse Gas - Mar 2021Namibian oil drilling poses toxic risk. Amazon greenhouse gas study suggests the damaged forest is now worsening climate change.Reader: Tutu Erikitola00:16:38
Star Walking - Mar 2021By hiking at night (star walking), nature lovers gain new perspectives while escaping crowds. By Rachael DaviesReader: Tutu Erikitola00:08:14
Ancient Massacre Victims - Mar 2021DNA study of 6,200-year-old massacre victims raises more questions than answers. By Robin George AndrewsReader: Tutu Erikitola00:08:53
America's First Investigative Journalist - Mar 2021Trailblazer Nellie Bly first went undercover in a New York psychiatric hospital in 1887, when she exposed its horrific conditions.Reader: Tutu Erikitola00:09:16
Sharks & Beetles - Mar 2021The Kitefin deep-sea shark is one of the world's largest glowing animals. This beetle's misplaced affection has deadly consequences.Reader: Tutu Erikitola00:09:26
Mars Landing - Feb 2021After a harrowing plunge through the Martian atmosphere, robotic explorer Percy can begin its landmark hunt for signs of ancient lifeReader: Tutu Erikitola00:12:20
Sustainable Flying - Feb 2021Can carbon capture make flying sustainable? It's more effective than traditional offsets, so airlines are starting to get on board.Reader: Tutu Erikitola00:10:09
"Natural" Disasters - Feb 2021Wildfires, storms, and viruses are increased by climate change. Maybe we should call them what they are: disasters of our own makingReader: Tutu Erikitola00:09:49
Ship Burial - Jan 2021This famed Anglo-Saxon ship burial was likely the last of its kind. A lavish medieval funerary tradition. By Erin BlakemoreReader: Tutu Erikitola00:11:56
Inbred Zebras -Jan 2021Zebras with abnormal coat patterns may be inbred, dramatic evidence of how habitat fragmentation can harm wildlife, a new study saysReader: Tutu Erikitola00:07:07
Capitol Violence - Jan 2021The slow-burning crisis that sparked the Capitol violence was right before our eyes. Photographer Louie Palu has chronicled it.Reader: Tutu Erikitola00:11:25
Polar Vortex is Coming! - Jan 2021In the stratosphere over Siberia, temperatures recently jumped nearly 100 degrees, shoving the vortex off its North Pole perch.Reader: Tutu Erikitola00:07:03
America's Coup & Ugly Moment - Jan 2021People watched a mob overrunning the nation's capitol. Chaos at the U.S. capitol covered by National Geographic photographer.Reader: Tutu Erikitola00:10:12
U.S. Clean Air Act - Dec 2020The landmark law turns 50 on December 31st. America's dramatically cleaner skies show what legislation and innovation can do.Reader: Tutu Erikitola00:12:16
Time Travel for Travelers? - Dec 2020Scientific theories suggest it's possible to travel through time. But the reality isn't so clear. By Dan FalkReader: Tutu Erikitola00:11:23
Burmese Noodles & Caribbean Invasion - Dec 2020Traditional Burmese noodles take a week and 18 intricate steps to make. Invaders nearly wiped out native Caribbeans pre ColumbusReader: Tutu Erikitola00:12:07
Is Joy the Same in Every Language? - Dec 2020Here's how learning unfamiliar words can take us on epic journeys even when we can't travel. By Jen Rose Smith.Reader: Tutu Erikitola00:10:28
Innovation After Disaster & Tree Recovery - Dec 2020The SAFE STEPS D-Tech Awards mitigate disaster effects. How Cedar Rapids, Iowa plans to recover after loss of most of its trees.Reader: Tutu Erikitola00:16:18
Prince of Painters - Dec 2020Peer to Michelangelo and Leonardo, Raphael produced many masterpieces before dying at age 37. By Alessandra PaganoReader: Tutu Erikitola00:12:12
Alpine Climate - Dec 2020In the Alps, ski resorts are desperately battling climate change - and local resistance. By Denise Hruby.Reader: Tutu Erikitola00:14:17
Mysterious Signal From a Star - Dec 2020Alien hunters detect mysterious radio signal from nearby star. Waves seemingly from near Proxima Centauri will help astronomers.Reader: Tutu Erikitola00:08:29
Good-News Wildlife Stories - Dec 2020From Tiger King prosecutions to new pangolin protections, not everything in 2020 was doom & gloom. By Rachel Fobar & Dina MaronReader: Tutu Erikitola00:11:29
More Than 1 Vaccine? - Dec 2020Should you take more than one type of COVID-19 vaccine? What research says about it. By Sarah Elizabeth RichardsReader: Tutu Erikitola00:10:49
Butterflies & Planitary Conjunction - Dec 2020Why are we letting Monarch Butterflies disappear? In a rare sky show, Jupiter and Saturn will nearly 'touch' on the winter solstice.Reader: Tutu Erikitola00:09:06
Ancient Saliva - Jan, 2020DNA from Stone Age "Chewing Gum" by Kristin RomeyReader: Jim Hull00:10:06
Fault Zone Found Off California - Nov, 2019Nearby fiber-optic cables can help map them. by Madeleine StoneReader: Jim Hull00:08:21
Cougar or Not in Our Backyards - Nov, 2019Twitter game decides sightings of big cats. by Liz LangleyReader: Jim Hull00:07:21
We Know Little About the Druids - Nov, 2019A threat to Romans and Christians, origins shrouded. by Erin BlakemoreReader: Jim Hull00:06:18
Ellis Island Shepherded Millions into America - Nov, 2019The immigration center took only a few hours. by Rachel Hartigan SheaReader: Jim Hull00:08:40
Why the Berlin Wall Rose - Nov, 2019Cold War symbol kept East Germans from escaping. by Erin BlakemoreReader: Jim Hull00:06:30
Deep Space - Nov 2019Interstellar Space is Weirder Than Expected. NASA probe ventures beyond the solar system. By Michael Greshko.Reader: Jim Hull00:10:06
Hotter Climate Worsens CA Firs - Oct, 2019Temperature rise dries out plants, winds. by Alejandra BorundaReader: Jim Hull00:07:25
Thanksgivings in America and Canada - Oct, 2019They're different, and Canada's was first. by Erin BlakemoreReader: Jim Hull00:05:34
The Most Feared Mediterranean Pirate - Oct, 2019Barbarossa raided Spanish ports for the Ottomans. by Juan Pablo SanchezReader: Jim Hull00:10:14
Prehistoric Baby Bottles - Sep 2019They held milk from cows, goats, or sheep, by Megan GannonReader: Jim Hill00:06:44
The Ocean's Fastest Shark - Aug, 2017The fate of short-fin Mako Sharks. By Glenn HodgesReader: R.J. Amador00:17:24
What makes a genuis? - May, 2017Science offer us clues about its origins, By Claudia KalbReader: R.J. Amador00:25:10
Mars - Nov 2016The Race to the Red Planet, By Joel AchenbachReader: R.J. Amador00:06:48
The World's Last Grass-eating Monkeys - Apr 2017How the bleeding heart Geladas survive. By Craig WelchReader: R.J. Amador00:23:42
Saving the last pristine seas - Feb 2017Preserving precious areas stops over-fishing and protects against climate change. By Cynthia BarnettReader: R.J. Amador00:16:38
Deadly Trade - Oct 2016Inside the dark world of the rhino horn business. By Bryan ChristieReader: R.J. Amador00:32:24
A Cure in Sight - Aug 2016Ending blindness is not just a dream. By David DobbsReader: R.J. Amador00:26:04
Peru's World Apart - Jun 2016Manu National Park: its beauty, inhabitants and future. By Emma MerrisReader: R.J. Amador00:24:56
The Crossing - Apr 2016Questioning the very meaning of death. By Robin Marantz HenigReader: R.J. Amador00:28:37
Waste Not, Want Not - Mar 2016How to stop wasting food globally. By Elizabeth RoyteReader: R.J. Amador00:12:46
The Power of Parks - Jan 2016A yearlong exploration into open spaces. By Florence WilliamsReader: R.J. Amador00:21:11
Climate Change - Nov 2015Two articles about climate change, in advance of the Paris conference this December.Reader: R.J. Amador00:09:19
Wild Heart of Sweden - Oct 2015The rugged remote splendor of Laponia, By Don BeltReader: R.J. Amador00:10:46
Spectacular archaeological site in Afghanistan - Sep 2015Archaeologist excavate a spectacular Buddhist complex before it is too late. By Hannah BlochReader: R.J. Amador00:16:16
Laos Finds New Life After the Bombs - Aug 2015How does a country recover from 9 years and 2 million tons of bombing? By T.D. AllmanReader: R.J. Amador00:17:41
New Horizons Finds Pluto - Jul 2015Small, cold, and absurdly far away, Pluto comes into focus. By Nadia DrakeReader: R.J. Amador00:14:45
Sins of the Aral Sea - Jun 2015One of the planet's largest bodies of freshwater is disappearing. By Mark Synot.Reader: R.J. Amador00:14:11
Thinking Like a Dolphin - May 2015Understanding one of the smartest creatures on Earth. By Joshua FoerReader: R.J. Amador00:26:36
Trajan's Amazing Column - Apr 2015The 126 feet tall marble tower that looks over Rome and tells a classic story. By Andrew CurreyReader: R.J. Amador00:15:51
Luminous Life - Mar 2015Life produces light all around us. By Olivia JudsonReader: R.J. Amador00:16:37
Strange Lives of Mites; Paradise Found - Feb, 2015Millions of species of incredible mites; Italy's Gran Paradiso National Park, Rob Dunn, Jeremy BerlinReader: R.J. Amador00:20:25
The First Americans; First Glimpse - Jan, 2015Two articles discussing how science is revolutionizing our understanding of early Americans and dark matter in the universeReader: R.J. Amador00:29:54
Cross Currents; Wasteland - Dec 2014Southern Africa's fishing communities and endangered coasts; Superfund sites in the 21st century, By Kennedy Warne, Paul VusonReader: R.J. Amador00:24:25
The Real Zombies - Nov 2014The real science of the living dead. By Carl ZimmerReader: R.J. Amador00:16:49
When the Snows Fail, Mister Big - Oct 2014The California drought, By Michelle Nijhuis; T.rex is not the biggest carnivore in town, By Tom MuellerReader: R.J. Amador00:28:46
Various articles - Sep 201450 Years of Wilderness, By Elizabeth Kolbert; A World Apart, The pristine Southern Line Islands of the Pacific, By Kennedy WarneReader: R.J. Amador00:18:06
Before Stonehenge - Aug 2014The Neolithic wonders of the Orkney Islands, By Roff SmithReader: R.J. Amador00:17:47
Big Fish - Jul 2014The endangered Goliath Grouper. By Jennifer HollandReader: R.J. Amador00:09:23
How to Farm a Better Fish - Jun 2014Fish farming for the future. By Joel K. BourneReader: R.J. Amador00:15:28
Five Step Plan to Feed the World - May 2014How will we feed a planet with 9 billion people? By Jonathan FoleyReader: R.J. Amador00:11:00
A Tale of Two Atolls - Apr 2014A prolific mating off the coasts of two tiny French islands, By Kennedy WarneReader: R.J. Amador00:07:50
Star Eater - Mar 2014Einstein was holes are (probably) real. by Michael FinkelReader: R.J. Amador00:17:20
Yukon: Canada's Wild West - Feb 2014A new gold rush in North America's last wilderness. by Tom ClynesReader: R.J. Amador00:26:23
The Things they Brought Back - Jan 2014Specimens in museums are discoveries waiting to happen. by Jeremy BerlinReader: R.J. Amador00:09:39
Cats & Walruses - Dec 2013Ghost Cats. The cougar is on a comeback, by Douglas Chadwick; The Unexpected Walrus. They're much 'cooler' than you think, by Jeremy BerlinReader: R.J. Amador00:22:32
New America & Follow the Water - Nov 2013What lies beneath America's latest frontier?, by Robert Ballard; Travel to the heart of Norway, by Verlyn KlinkenborgReader: R.J. Amador00:12:12
The Power of Photography and Meltdown - Oct, 2013National Geographic's amazing photographers, by Robert Draper; The rapid decline of mighty glaciers, by Robert KunzigReader: R.J. Amador00:13:22
Big Bird - Sep 2013The cassowary shapes its Australian jungle environment. by Olivia JudsonReader: R.J. Amador00:15:54
Living with Lions - Aug 2013When people and lions collide both suffer. by David QuammenReader: R.J. Amador00:11:06
Last Song - Jul 2013"The slaughter of songbirds across the Mediterranean" by Johnathan FranzenReader: R.J. Amador00:17:17
The Rebirth of Gorongosa - June, 2013"Mozambique's famed wilderness comes back to life." by E.O. WilsonReader: R.J. Amador00:13:35
Wrangell & Nitrogen - May 2013"Russian Refuge. Amazing Wrangell Island." by Hampton Sides; "Our Fertilized World. Nitrogen's impact on earth" by Dan CharlesReader: R.J. Amador00:31:39
Of Mammoths and Men - Apr, 2013"The rush for Siberia's ancient mammoth tusks." by Brook LarnerReader: R.J. Amador00:14:52
The New Oil Landscape - Mar 2013"Evaluating North Dakota's fracking frenzy." by Edwin DobbReader: R.J. Amador00:38:23
The Bite That Heals - Feb 2013"The medical potential of venom." by Jennifer S. HollandReader: R.J. Amador00:21:04
Crazy Far - January 2013"Are humans crazy enough to travel to the stars?" by Tim FolgerReader: R.J. Amador00:16:51
Forest Giant - December 2012"Just how big are the Giant Sequoias?" by David QuammenReader: R.J. Amador00:10:36
Cheetahs on the Edge - November, 2012"Challenges one of the world's greatest survivors." by R.J. AmadorReader: R.J. Amador00:17:47
Meso Amazing - October, 2012"Central America's Mesoamerican Reef" by Kenneth BrowerReader: R.J. Amador00:16:53
Weather Gone Wild - September, 2012"What's going on with the climate?" by Peter MillerReader: R.J. Amador00:24:18
In The Shadow of Wounded Knee - August, 2012"A rare, intimate portrait into the Ogalla Lakota people of South Dakota." by Alexandra FullerReader: R.J. Amador00:26:42
Icy Inferno - July, 2012"Antartica's Mt. Erebus." by Olivia JudsonReader: R.J. Amador00:23:07
Sun Struck - June 2012"Sun Struck, is Earth ready for giant solar storms?" by Timothy FerrisReader: R.J. Amador00:15:06
The Civil War Battlefield Artists - May 2012"They painted the dramatic landscapes of the American Civil War." by Harry KatzReader: R.J. Amador00:15:31
Unseen Titanic - April 2012"100 years after Titanic sank, new technology reveals all." by Hampton SydesReader: R.J. Amador00:24:36
Rhino Wars - March 2012"Black market trade in rhino horns is more valuable than gold." by Peter GwinReader: R.J. Amador00:24:54
Dogs - February 2012"How to Build a Dog, genetic diversity among varietals of man's best friend" by Evan Ratliff; "The Forever Dog. Understanding the village dog." by Evan RatliffReader: R.J. Amador00:14:17
Twins - January, 2012"Twins. What twins' genetics can tell us about ourselves." by Peter Miller.Reader: R.J. Amador00:26:43
The City Solution - December, 2011"Why cities are the best future for the environment, economy, and greater society." by Robert Kunzig.Reader: R.J. Amador00:23:07
Sami & Unfrozen - November, 2011"Sami. The Nordic Reindeer Herders" by Jessica Benko; "Unfrozen. New Discoveries Involving the Enigmatic Iceman." by Steven Hall.Reader: R.J. Amador00:17:02
World Without Ice - October, 2011"World Without Ice. Our planet's carbon concentration and temperature have surged before." by Robert Kunzig.Reader: R.J. Amador00:27:21
Machisma - September 2011"Machisma. How steamy soap operas brought down Brazil's fertility rate." by Cynthia Gorney.Reader: R.J. Amador00:22:57
Great Bear Rainforest - August, 2011Two Articles on British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest: "Spirit Bear." and Pipeline Through Paradise." by Bruce Barcott.Reader: R.J. Amador00:22:02
Baghdad After the Storm - July, 2011"Baghdad After the Storm. The seeds of progress are being cultivated in the ancient city." by Brian Turner.Reader: R.J. Amador00:17:42

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