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The Moth

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The Moth features people telling true, engaging, funny, touching and eye-opening stories from their lives. Hailed as "New York's hottest and hippest literary ticket" by the Wall Street Journal, The Moth has been producing sold-out storytelling shows for over ten years. Stories are told without notes to a live audience by a wide range of people - the best have been captured here.

Current Moth Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Aug 16, 2019This week, two stories about the music that shapes our lives. Storytellers: Ty Mahany, Ernesto Quinonez.The Moth00:20:59
Aug 13, 2019A boy confronts his stepfather. A telecommunications executive descends into deceit. A young stroke victim attempts a hospital escape.The Moth00:52:43
Aug 9, 2019This week, one woman’s complicated love of language. Hosted by: Dan Kennedy. Storyteller: Drew Sieplinga.The Moth00:15:06
Aug 6, 2019A wedding prank gone horribly wrong. An African-American caregiver attending a dying Klansman. A miracle survivor of a gang initiation.The Moth00:53:25
Jul 30, 2019In this hour, fasting, feasting, and traveling salmon; stories about foods that nourish the body as well as the soul.The Moth00:53:17
Jul 26, 2019This week, two stories of summertime disasters and misadventures. Storytellers: Nisse Greenberg, Anagha Mahajan.The Moth00:18:23
Jul 23, 2019This week, grief, family and disaster. A bad soldier learns to write from personal loss. A man works at a nuclear power plant when disaster strikes.The Moth00:37:06
Jul 16, 2019True stories of taking center stage from a magician, a musician, a member of the underground resistance in Chile and a soldier stationed in Iraq.The Moth00:53:20
Jul 12, 2019This week, we have two stories about assumptions, and you know what they say about assuming... Hosted by: Dame Wilburn.The Moth00:17:32
Jul 9, 2019An astronaut gets his swimming legs; a scientist becomes a human-guinea pig; and a marine biologist shatters a glass ceiling.The Moth00:53:21
Jul 2, 2019Stories of finding inner strength in the face of unimaginable odds. The courage to make life or death choices, stick to one's guns...The Moth00:53:20
Jun 28, 2019This week, we celebrating Pride Month and the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall LGBTQ uprising.The Moth00:29:42
Jun 25, 2019French editor rents a spooky flat in Paris. A man takes his sick wife on a motorcycle ride. Rapper DMC confesses his Sarah McLachlan obsession...The Moth00:53:22
Jun 18, 2019Stories of fear. From daily anxieties to earth-shattering moments of life-or-death terror. Hosted by Meg Bowles.The Moth00:53:20
Jun 14, 2019This week, we're celebrating Father's Day with two stories from two sons, all about Dad. Hosted by: Dan KennedyThe Moth00:18:09
Jun 11, 2019Encyclopedia Brown in the courtroom. Bible bucks at Sunday school. Corporate speech writer. Alpha big brother. Imaginary last meal...The Moth00:53:24
Jun 7, 2019This week, we celebrate the legacy of legendary filmmaker, Warren Miller. Host Dan Kennedy shares his personal connection to Warren.The Moth00:21:41
Jun 4, 2019An author writes a spoof kids book about going to sleep. A family's obsessive love of a baseball team. A teenage girl discovers...The Moth00:53:20
May 28, 2019In this hour, stories of the struggles, support, and safety the bonds of family provide. Hosted by: Catherine Burns.The Moth00:53:21
May 24, 2019This week, two stories from school days just in time for summer vacation. Storytellers: Joanna Courteau, Gabe Mollica.The Moth00:16:35
May 21, 2019A writer goes on an assignment to locate poisonous snakes. Two child refugees arrive in America. A hippie kid seeks his fathers approval.The Moth00:53:20
May 17, 2019Dan introduces a new host to the Moth Podcast, long-time Moth family member Dame Wilburn. They tell stories from New York and Detroit.The Moth00:21:32
May 14, 2019A flight attendant tells how she adjusts her attitude while airborne. A Vietnamese family takes refuge in an unknown land. A preacher in a bar.The Moth00:53:21
May 7, 2019In this hour, moxie, grit, and growing up. Stories of the strength, both physical and mental, of young women...The Moth00:53:21
May 3. 2019This week, we're celebrating Mother's Day with two stories from two moms doing what they do best: making it work.The Moth00:15:15
Apr 30, 2019A life-changing email arrives from a near stranger. A single man goes to a gay bar. An adoptee fears rejection by her birth family...The Moth00:53:24
Apr 23, 2019An ancient instrument, a life-changing disaster, and survival in the face of genocide. People who experienced history firsthand.The Moth00:53:20
Apr 16, 2019Stories of immigration. Cultural collisions, language barriers, sacrifice and reunions. Hosted by Jenifer Hixson.The Moth00:53:25
Apr 12, 2019One of the most memorable Moth stories ever told, THE BEST OF TIMES, THE WORST OF TIMES, told by Anthony Griffith, in honor of his new book.The Moth00:24:13
Apr 9, 2019Molly Ringwald in the principal's office with her daughter. Young man lives with his single mom. A boy is terrified by tackle football...The Moth00:53:02
Apr 2, 2019In this hour, ballet "late in life," an unusual pet, drag queens and divorce. Stories to show us a new perspective.The Moth00:53:01
Mar 29, 2019It's Irish Heritage Month - we celebrate all things Irish, a culture where storytelling is tradition and people work to keep it alive.The Moth00:29:12
Mar 26, 2019A boy and his grandma attend a pro-wrestling match. A prisoner meets a girl who says she's his daughter. A high school principal helps a needy student...The Moth00:52:19
Mar 19, 2019Stories of moments of beauty, awe, and clarity uncovered amidst chaos and the quotidian. Hosted by our Artistic Director Catherine Burns.The Moth00:52:19
Mar 15, 2019We celebrate release of our third book, OCCASIONAL MAGIC. Ana Del Castillo tells her story of finding her light after a family trauma.The Moth00:20:15
Mar 12, 2019A teenager finds she's pregnant. A waiter gets a strange request. A child breaks teacher’s rules. An Imam becomes a police chaplain.The Moth00:52:51
Mar 6, 2019Stories dealing with all things family: from sibling hi-jinx, to the difficulties of having children (and parents).The Moth00:53:01
Mar 1, 2019We celebrate International Women's Month with two stories: Alexandra teams with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry while giving skiing lessons; and...The Moth00:17:55
Feb 26, 2019A jack-of-all-trades enters a cartoon contest. A teacher's pet does a special project. A girl from Queens thinks big...The Moth00:52:03
Feb 22, 2019Black History Month with R. Eric Thomas. Emily Richmond takes a grade school survey. Maxie Jones sees a historic night in Harlem.The Moth00:23:15
Feb 19, 2019A mother monitors her teen's internet use. A preacher's husband feels the love of community. A fisherman navigates a deadly storm at sea....The Moth00:52:29
Feb 12, 2019Stories of mistakes, perseverance, and lessons learned, often the hard way. Alice Schaffer, Dawn Ross, D. Parvaz, and Leland Melvin.The Moth00:52:10
Feb 5, 2019Motown, hip hop, folk and pop. The impact of music on creators and listeners. David Montgomery, Cal Street, Dawn Smith, Jin Au-YeungThe Moth00:52:33
Feb 1, 2019Two stories about taking shortcuts: Lawrence Wood is too honest with his book club; Amanda Egge gets creative in rehab.The Moth00:15:57
Jan 29, 2019Reality TV show threatens a romance. Speechwriter confronts Bill Clinton. Woman helps aging father. Courage is put to the test.The Moth00:53:06
Jan 22, 2019Stories of the power of sound and the newness we find through listening, and trusting our ears.The Moth00:52:24
Jan 15, 2019Five stories of picking our battles. The internal and external pressures that guide how we speak up, speak out, or stay silent.The Moth00:52:00
Jan 11, 2019In this episode, Emad Kiyaei tells us about his complicated relationship with America.The Moth00:14:28
Jan 8, 2019A family reunites around a hospital bed; a grandmother shares wisdom with her grandson; a third-grade teacher underestimates the power of...The Moth00:51:07
Jan 4, 2019Writer Elizabeth Gilbert shares her struggle in dealing with her partner's terminal illness and what it taught her about living.The Moth00:20:47
Jan 1, 2019Coast Guard rescue swimmer considers his career. Lawyer learns the meaning of justice. Songstress pens lyrics for her loved one.The Moth00:53:33
Dec 25, 2018Simon Doonan decorates the White House for Christmas. A man is hesitant to work with a "Hollywood style" church. A Jewish girl meets Santa...The Moth00:52:26
Dec 21, 2018Renata Sancken is nervous about her flight home for the holidays. Kate Tellers introduces her new boyfriend to her Christmas tradition.The Moth00:17:51
Dec 18, 2018Stories of the brave and the bold. Tales of risks, hard lessons and big changes that leave an indelible mark...The Moth00:53:31
Dec 14, 2018Zanele Chisholm learns who she is when others learn her name, and Isabel DeBre’s family gets an unconventional pet.The Moth00:18:04
Dec 11, 2018A student encounters racism at prom. A girl fears telling her grandma she's gay. A tough question on a citizenship test...The Moth00:53:31
Dec 4, 2018Simon Doonan, sets out to fulfill a childhood desire. A secret catches up with a suburban mother. A woman sabotages her lover's wedding...The Moth00:52:50
Nov 30, 2018Jamie experiences prejudice from his dental hygienist when she learns he has HIV. Shakirah comes to recognize her support system...The Moth00:18:42
Nov 27, 2018Four stories of getting another shot. Tales of tenacity, unexpected fortune, and redemption in moments both great and small.The Moth00:53:29
Nov 23, 2018Adam Linn discovers the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Hosted by Dan Kennedy.The Moth00:17:26
Nov 20, 2018A student bluffs through a French class. A Voodoo Priestess helps her team to the Superbowl. A man thinks his psychiatrist is a flirt.The Moth00:53:35
Nov 13, 2018Stories of determination, hope and battling for both survival and respect. From bootcamp in Fort Bragg to base camp in Kirkuk, Iraq...The Moth00:53:27
Nov 9, 2018Jaed Coffin becomes an unlikely cat dad when his daughter and wife encourage him to adopt.The Moth00:17:42
Nov 6, 2018A mother wants a perfect life for her children. A bizarre interruption during a poker game. A childhood ends on a highway.The Moth00:53:29
Nov 2, 2018Two stories of strong and courageous women. Sue Schmidt bangs to a thunderous beat of her own making. Robin Utz faces hardships of pregnancy and love.The Moth00:26:10
Oct 30, 2018A gambler with a destructive streak tries beat the odds. An author is sent to live with her aunt. A filmmaker covering war.The Moth00:53:28
Oct 26, 2018Eleanor McLeod witnesses a mysterious creature that goes bump in the night. Bryan Kett pledges a sacrifice for the ages.The Moth00:16:08
Oct 23, 2018In this hour, we focus on the uncommon denominators and wildly unexpected situations of life. Hosted by Jenifer Hixson, Moth's Senior Director.The Moth00:53:29
Oct 16, 2018Stories of protections and curses, love and war, and straying from both convention and home. Hosted by George Dawes Green, Moth founder.The Moth00:53:23
Oct 9, 2018A look into the people and things that flash into our lives, and the indelible mark they leave behind. Hosted by Jenifer Hixson.The Moth00:53:28
Oct 2, 2018A comic attends her sister’s wedding at Disneyland. Two guys try to break the Red Sox curse. The child of hoarders digs herself out...The Moth00:53:29
Sep 25, 2018Andrew describes his route to becoming a dad. A cellist makes a disturbing discovery about a neighbor. An astronaut tells of fixing the Hubble Telescope.The Moth00:53:28
Sep 21, 2018In this second podcast episode of stories about transformative travel, we hear from Reza Jalali and Emily Matuzek.The Moth00:25:14
Sep 18, 2018A comic details her relationship with her step-dad. A cop on a bust finds the value of a mug shot. A teenr rebels...The Moth00:53:29
Sep 14, 2018Stories all about the transformative qualities of travel. The first of a two-part series...The Moth00:26:06
Sep 11, 2018A doctor cares for a religious icon. A daughter discovers her father's secret. An oncologist on death in India.The Moth00:53:30
Sep 4, 2018Four stories about coming to the precipice of catastrophe. A vicious rumor, a woman's heritage. From Jackson, WyomingThe Moth00:53:29
Aug 31, 2018Eno Inwek's internet search for a good deal. Caoimhe Creed takes a stand for minimum wage. Martin Hughes has a Christmas tradition...The Moth00:22:37
Aug 28, 2018A woman ends up in a harem. A teacher's playground becomes a war zone. Singer ponders a death threat...The Moth00:53:30
Aug 24, 2018A girl's imagination runs amok. A high school junior must satisfy a sweet tooth against the doctor's wishes.The Moth00:16:17
Aug 21, 2018Professional gambler tells of a poker game. Road rage lands a new mom in jail. A woman is about to give birth just as...The Moth00:53:28
Aug 14, 2018In this hour, we're on the move Three stories from the road, rail, and the sky. Hosted by Catherine Burns.The Moth00:53:18
Aug 10, 2018An aspiring filmmaker foregoes big city lights for blood and vampires in Pennsylvania. Storyteller: Tony Buba.The Moth00:19:02
Aug 7, 2018Adam Gopnik and his wife battle about meat. David Chang anxious about Michelin Stars. Lisa Lampanelli in fitness camp...The Moth00:53:29
Jul 31, 2018A teacher demonstrates hard lessons of the frontier. A man's photo causes a firestorm. A freedom rider rises in the face of...The Moth00:53:26
Jul 24, 2018Four stories on saying farewell to family, the past, or sometimes the very earth we stand on. Hosted by Meg Bowles.The Moth00:53:29
Jul 20, 2018Jonathan Santlofer's tragedy has unexpected benefits. Bob Khosravi's wit and a war of words bridges a cultural divide.The Moth00:32:40
Jul 17, 2018Novelist Walter Mosley on the power of language. A woman describes her rape. An actor proposes marriage, but waits...The Moth00:53:27
Jul 13, 2018Tonya Scott Williams chooses three of her favorite stories to share...The Moth00:33:16
Jul 10, 2018A family of amateur detectives crack a case. A librarian takes a dance class. A father and son come to terms in Newark Airport...The Moth00:53:32
Jul 3, 2018Three stories about questioning power dynamics... in the USSR, on the streets of NYC and on death row.The Moth00:53:26
Jun 29, 2018Bill Russell uses his air travel savvy to get home. Journey Jamison reacts when death comes knocking.The Moth00:23:03
Jun 26, 2018Blue Man Group, performer connects with audience. Neuroscientist finds psycho brain pattern. Rachel Dratch meets Mr. Right.The Moth00:53:27
Jun 19, 2018Five stories about fathers - from embarrassing jokes to tender moments shared on the road...The Moth00:53:27
Jun 15, 2018Jill McDonough meets a girl at a rock show. Owen Lewis loves his new name. Bethany Cintron yearns to go to the Pride ParadeThe Moth00:20:04
Jun 12, 2018An astrophysicist finds parallels in research & romance. A surgeon's history in hand transplants. Geneticist on DNA fingerprintingThe Moth00:53:28
Jun 8, 2018A poem that sticks for life. Nurturing art through a living canvas. Superhero powers lead to a deadly situation.The Moth00:24:28
Jun 5, 2018A subway altercation. A child’s view on love and war. An awkward first-year teacher. A widow at The Grand Canyon...The Moth00:53:29
May 29, 2018A flat world gets some dimension. An adrenaline junkie gets his fill. A woman in love with an Italian Stallion.The Moth00:53:29
May 25, 2018Diavian Walters has a relationship with hair that is shear madness. Lori Gottlieb searches for the perfect donor.The Moth00:28:22
May 23, 2018A special hour all about FOOD. Stories from the farm and the table; complete with celebrated chefs...The Moth00:53:17
May 15, 2018We step into the private lives of five storytellers all trying to make their worlds more hospitable and homely...The Moth00:53:22
May 11, 2018A girl navigates the pressures of a double-life. Limits of a man's physical vision turn into the view from space.The Moth00:23:26
May 8, 2018A special episode of stories from women around the world. Resilient children, computer crashes, swimming lessons...The Moth00:53:23
May 4, 2018Three Cheers for Three Mothers: Quest to have a child. Important decision left to daughter. Parent with the help of TVThe Moth00:21:34
May 2, 2018Malaysian man appreciates his culture through rap. Comic's joke makes him hated. Undercover journalist in North Korea.The Moth00:53:21
Apr 24, 2018We lean into the moments of rejection, failure, embarrassment, and other stories of the human soul. Hosted by Meg Bowles.The Moth00:53:21
Apr 17, 2018Tourist has a setback on vacation. Holiday gift exchange is botched. Fertility clinic nurse blesses hopeful couplesThe Moth00:53:16
Apr 13, 2018Sofija Stefanovic leaves her Serbian roots for a new life. Andy Fischer-Price reopens his family's history.The Moth00:32:25
Apr 10, 2018A goth teenager makes an unlikely friend. Social upheaval in the early days of Zimbabwe. A whiney kid on an camping trip...The Moth00:53:29
Apr 3, 2018We explore stories relating to STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering and MATH). Hosted by Jay Allison.The Moth00:53:31
Mar 31, 2018The Moth Podcast's 10th Anniversary Special: Shana Creaney, Dennis Oulahan, and Carol Danie.The Moth00:39:01
Mar 27, 2018Adventurer challenges English Channel. Seamstress becomes an advocate for her child. Young woman becomes secret agent.The Moth00:53:30
Mar 20, 2018A young girl confronted by color and identity. A teenager lets loose at his school dance. A massage goes awry.The Moth00:53:25
Mar 13, 2018Kenyan student aspires to beauty. Teenager's failing sight revealed in a kickball game. A woman smites her enemies.The Moth00:53:22
Mar 9, 2018A woman challenged by body image and femininity. Addressing an issue on-screen and off. Awaiting election results...The Moth00:25:18
Mar 6, 2018A women hears she's cursed. Mom contemplates the ministry. An autistic child's perilous adventure...The Moth00:53:20
Mar 2, 2018Paul Murray indulges in forbidden fruit in Italy. Margie Morris brings gifts for her child's classmates...The Moth00:21:52
Feb 27, 2018Neil Gaiman says he's afraid to sing in public. A tourist creeps out in a London Cemetery. A Nigerian man...The Moth00:53:29
Feb 23, 2018Two of our favorite stories from Bokara Legendre - how she turned from socialite to social activist...The Moth00:32:59
Feb 20, 2018A boy finds a new family. A fashion guru is forced to improvise. A Baptist in a gay bar. A young woman discovers...The Moth00:53:30
Feb 13, 2018Woman chooses between family and boyfriend. A fisherman appreciates his roots. Love song becomes love story...The Moth00:53:21
Feb 6, 2018Seven stories about young adults and the world around them. Boundaries, curfews, hairstyles, first loves...The Moth00:54:33
Feb 2, 2018Mmachi Dimoriaku struggles with her name. Sharif El-Mekki walks in the shadow of his parents.The Moth00:17:28
Jan 30, 2018A woman ponders surgery for extra height. A Scholar confronts a bike thief on the streets. A boy enters Bergen BelsenThe Moth00:53:21
Jan 23, 2018A secular man in a Christian world. A woman pledges a humble life of joy. A father writes in his son's voice...The Moth00:53:23
Jan 16, 2018A woman gets a nighttime call; a boy finds the truth about his idol; a girl preps for a big moment...The Moth00:53:57
Jan 9, 2018A mother tries to model confident behavior. A man on a rescue mission. A girl raising funds for the blind.The Moth00:53:55
Jan 2, 2018Kemp Powers is convinced he will never be a good dad. Matteson Perry learns a lesson in love. Rachel Lee tests her marketing skillsThe Moth00:25:05
Dec 26, 2017Mother and son keep gifting spirit alive. A daughter fulfills her mom's wish for a feast. A man waits for the perfect moment...The Moth00:55:30
Dec 19, 2017Feminist searches for perfect wedding dress. Playwright visits a prison. A man spends a lifetime regretting a single moment...The Moth00:55:27
Dec 12, 2017A comic gets his big break. A girl pulls a delicious prank. A young boy learns all about sex (kind of).The Moth00:25:50
Dec 5, 2017A woman says goodbye to her childhood ranch. A girl gets her wish to own a pet. A teenager goes on a silent mission...The Moth00:53:48
Nov 28, 2017For World AIDS Day, two stories from people whose lives are blindsided by HIV/AIDS. Anya Rymer & Lepheana Mosooane.The Moth00:27:45
Nov 21, 2017A mother gets surprising news in the maternity ward, a man is addicted to cookies, an old woman gets a ticket to heaven...The Moth00:54:33
Nov 14, 2017Vietnam: Troop under attack deep in the jungle. Triage nurse does her best to save lives. Man tries to save his brothers...The Moth00:54:42
Nov 7, 2017Cop looks into death of a childhood friend. Jazz musician dreams of playing with James Brown. Woman falls in love: family disapprovesThe Moth00:55:29
Oct 31, 2017A man has his own personal Rocky moment. A woman commemorates a decision she made 18 years ago.The Moth00:18:24
Oct 24, 2017Taking a risk for a chance at love. Trusting a gut instinct. Believing in a message from beyond. Shooting for the stars.The Moth00:53:19
Oct 17, 2017A spambot takes over a man's life. Rules are broken during a night at the bar. A woman's career is challenged by her health...The Moth00:53:59
Oct 10, 2017A man faces his fear of fatherhood. A daughter's tough early memories. A mother sees the impact of her son’s life.The Moth00:54:37
Oct 3, 2017A man entrusts a brand new hair stylist. A night at a winery leads to a drastic change...The Moth00:23:42
Sep 26, 2017A speech writer has a defining moment; a young Carl Bernstein news job; a firefighter charges in his first blaze...The Moth00:54:43
Sep 19, 2017Nathan Englander’s knack for photography lands him in a tricky situation while traveling abroad.The Moth00:18:04
Sep 13, 2017A man conquers a nightmare in memory of his brother. Memories, Monsters, Mountaintops. Storyteller: Jim Giaccone.The Moth00:14:03
Sep 12, 2017A man conquers a nightmare in memory of his brother. Storyteller: Jim GiacconeThe Moth00:54:36
Sep 5, 2017An aspiring writer tries to land a job. A dental student's residency in a dangerous town. A musician and military police.The Moth00:54:38
Aug 29, 2017Nate Charles deals with his distant-sounding father, and Adam Gopnik battles liberal guilt with his son in a sauna.The Moth00:24:04
Aug 22, 2017A woman finds motivation through the hardships of Jim Crow in Mississippi. Storyteller: Barbara Collins BowieThe Moth00:16:50
Aug 15, 2017On this special 500th episode of the podcast, we dig through our archives and pick some of our favorite stories we've sharedThe Moth00:58:31
Aug 8, 2017A homeless child lives under a tree. A woman finds her birth mother. An activist fights home foreclosures. Science project goes haywire...The Moth00:54:32
Aug 1, 2017Robert Sherer cares for his grandmother but can't escape her eye. Ann Jankie turns embarrassment and worry into pride.The Moth00:17:40
Jul 25, 2017Om Choudhary learns that even in dire times it's not the end of the world. Annabelle Gurwitch tries to usher in a new era of changeThe Moth00:23:15
Jul 18, 2017Doctors, Judgements & Dictators! Stories of Patriot Games on and off the field. Huge decisions in the face of life and death.The Moth00:54:53
Jul 11, 2017A man serves cocktails with extra flavor. A ballerina fills a delicate role with force. Food bridges a cultural gap...The Moth00:55:03
Jul 4, 2017A young woman on a blind-date sees (and feels) the light. A boy tries to send a message but gets some wires crossed.The Moth00:16:16
Jun 27, 2017Stories of Pride: Micah Truran finds peace, Kiri Bear learns about bonds, Gil Reyes receives the best gift everThe Moth00:28:42
Jun 20, 2017A man embraces his father’s music. A new dad has a breakdown in the grocery store. A young father struggles with his emotions...The Moth00:54:48
Jun 13, 2017For our 20th anniversary, a look back at special stories and moments. Hosted by The Moth’s Executive...The Moth00:54:53
Jun 6, 2017To celebrate our 20th, we share a story of a woman on a quest to learn about her family tree and ancestors' past.The Moth00:19:02
May 30, 2017A girl enters a school talent show. A boy learns family secrets when his mom returns from India. An online shopping session goes awry...The Moth00:55:22
May 23, 2017A man fights street noise with poetry. A mother of three journeys to find true north. A book lover in danger in the Soviet Union.The Moth00:54:36
May 16, 2017A childless woman questions her choices. A little girl runs away from home. A son struggles at his mother's deathbed...The Moth00:54:39
May 9, 2017A young woman tries to hide her true colors, and a daughter delves into her family’s past...The Moth00:21:43
May 3, 2017A woman in search of transformation ends up in a harem. A teacher discovers her playground has become a war zone...The Moth00:55:29
May 2, 2017What lies beneath land a woman just bought? An eight-year-old learns English to win a girl. A Russian grandmother takes revenge...The Moth00:55:29
Apr 25, 2017Daughters bear the weight of a family death. A girl is told to keep her religion quiet. A doctor struggles to stay afloat...The Moth00:54:55
Apr 18, 2017A tour guide is put through his paces on a National Park trip. A park ranger welcomes more than just visitors...The Moth00:24:40
Apr 11, 2017A heartbroken woman has a wish come true. A homeowner gets an unwanted surprise. A struggling temp remembers his glory days...The Moth00:53:17
Apr 3, 2017A chaplain guides a family through death... A man wanders New York in the black of 2003. A father's silence on the Holocaust.The Moth00:54:38
Mar 28, 2017A woman's unconventional upbringing, bible salesman shares sales tactics, actor reaches out from beyond the grave...The Moth00:54:23
Mar 21, 2017A young man sets out on a 4,000 mile journey and becomes a magnet for stories along the way...The Moth00:17:36
Mar 14, 2017An uber driver encounters an unruly passenger. A child’s hair is shaved to save her life...The Moth00:54:58
Mar 7, 2017A basement fire leads to a wedding, a young man in Jamaica is obsessed with a comic book, a child from a strict home...The Moth00:54:56
Feb 28, 2017An astronaut gets his swimming legs. A scientist becomes a human-guinea pig. A marine biologist shatters a glass ceiling.The Moth00:54:26
Feb 21, 2017Two stories of going off-script. Lydia Dubois shares some advice with family and friends. Louise Irving gets acquainted with Australian wildlifeThe Moth00:18:46
Feb 14, 2017A woman thumbs her way through love prospects. A mother learns what Valentine’s Day is all about. A surprise proposal...The Moth00:25:56
Feb 7, 2017Yearning for a place to call home. Leaving one home in search of another. Finding beauty and a true sense of belonging.The Moth00:54:36
Jan 31, 2017A new doctor struggles on the night shift; a girl has a heart condition; a mailman joins Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood...The Moth00:55:30
Jan 24, 2017Awkward teenager finds his place at a museum, a child is given a sense of structure, a woman isn't Korean enough...The Moth00:55:05
Jan 17, 2017An internet scam gets emotional; a couple decide to have their second child; a patient awaits an organ transplant...The Moth00:54:27
Jan 10, 2017An Iranian man living in the United States is wrongly accused of crime. Storyteller: Mahmoud Reza Banki.The Moth00:18:52
Jan 3, 2017Punk musician on jury duty; Man with MS hopes to qualify for medical trial; A worker's rebellion; Making a "man's man."The Moth00:55:09
Dec 27, 2016George Plimpton on NYC eatery Elaine's; Lewis Lapham breaks bad news to a widow; Boxer Jose Torres defines and then conquers fear...The Moth00:55:27
Dec 20, 2016A special Holiday Hour from The Moth. Storytellers: Adam Ruben, Pierre Epstein, Ed McCarthy, Katie Fales, Catherine...The Moth00:55:03
Dec 13, 2016A double-amputee chronicles her adventures. A mother's son's suicide. Ed Koch stands up to an anti-Semite...The Moth00:55:16
Dec 6, 2016A woman confronts her fears by sharing a personal truth, and a career-woman takes a leap of faith.The Moth00:25:12
Nov 29, 2016A man struggles with unruly neighbors. An artist talks of growing up on the Navajo Res. A journalist exposes a sports scandalThe Moth00:54:56
Nov 22, 2016A man vows to help his fellow ex-inmate, and a man pays a price for the tough attitude he develops as a corrections officer.The Moth00:34:56
Nov 15, 2016A soldier trains to land on an aircraft carrier, a future marine rebels, an Iraqi man risks his life as a translator.The Moth00:55:19
Nov 8, 2016Election Day: Savannah, Georgia 1948 - A woman learns the value of voting after a conversation she has with her mother.The Moth00:18:55
Nov 1, 2016A daughter realizes how naïve she’s been; a businessman reveals his childhood dream; a hitchhiker is picked up by an infamous driver...The Moth00:55:05
Oct 25, 2016A man has a seance to contact Edgar Allen Poe, a campfire myth is told, and a group of friends go ghost hunting.The Moth00:23:30
Oct 18, 2016A teen copes with an abusive father and his crush on a girl. A young boy learns to see past his sins...The Moth00:29:28
Oct 11, 2016A girl from Queens learns to think big, and a performance artist receives a death threat.The Moth00:30:16
Oct 4, 2016A woman dates a musician who has a dependent relationship with a life coach, and a man becomes a new father sooner than expected.The Moth00:26:08
Sep 27, 2016Stories from around the country. PTSD, a trans teen, college, eBay, prison, eye contact and the emergency room.The Moth00:54:57
Sep 20, 2016Four stories of lessons learned. Lessons of sharing, flirting, parenting and religious texts.The Moth00:52:49
Sep 13, 2016LA Confidential: Honor Guard, Swing Dancing, and Data Hacking for a Date.The Moth00:54:17
Sep 6, 2016A dad gets chummy with a rock star, a childhood trauma shapes a super model, The Big Apple Circus imports communist acrobats...The Moth00:53:50
Aug 30, 2016A young doctor travels afar to care for an ailing religious icon. A Catholic school dropout searches for meaning.The Moth00:30:42
Aug 23, 2016Adam Gopnik on the proper way to cook meat; David Chang on Michelin Stars anxiety; Lisa Lampanelli at fitness camp.The Moth00:54:22
Aug 16, 2016A woman rebels against her family by getting a tattoo. A New Zealander visits America to discover he's completely out of place.The Moth00:16:40
Aug 9, 2016A boy's Bar Mitzvah becomes a family battle ground; 3 literati search for author Paul Bowles in Morocco; and ...The Moth00:54:25
Aug 2, 2016A son finds his dad's porn stash which reveals something surprising about his parents. A woman learns to embrace her past.The Moth00:31:14
Jul 26, 2016A tale of family adventure from the founder of Lonely Planet. A man has a run in with Howler monkeys in Nicaragua.The Moth00:22:38
Jul 19, 2016Jessi Klein: Breaking Up in the Age of Google. A difficult break-up lures a young woman into a digital vortex.The Moth00:22:11
Jul 12, 2016A call to a hotline, a rabbi caught speeding, a rookie reporter, a swim test, an unwanted surprise party and...The Moth00:54:43
Jul 5, 2016A middle school student at his 8th grade prom learns to dance. A young woman is furious when all her attempts to break her fail.The Moth00:19:32
Jun 28, 2016A woman tries to avoid a hard conversation with her dad. A humanitarian rescue worker breaks rules to save more lives.The Moth00:22:22
Jun 21, 2016Fathers and Children: Adventures, Joys, and PredicamentsThe Moth00:53:55
Jun 14, 2016A spoof kids book about going to sleep, a family's love of a ball team, a presidential speech writer has a secret.The Moth00:54:23
Jun 7, 2016A woman is told she's cursed, a stay-at-home mom becomes a minister, an autistic child’s perilous adventure...The Moth00:54:04
May 31, 2016A young man appreciates his culture through rap music. A comic’s joke makes him hated. Journalist goes undercover in North KoreaThe Moth00:54:00
May 24, 2016An unauthorized nap puts a police officer in a compromising position and a girl grows up on a safari.The Moth00:32:45
May 17, 2016A man tells of the last lesson his father taught him and a young woman learns her mother is facing a deadly illnessThe Moth00:28:01
May 10, 2016A special Mother's Day edition. A daughter's first contact lenses. Intervention at a school concert. A life or death bee sting...The Moth00:53:58
May 3, 2016A local restaurant reviewer is targeted by a disgruntled restaurant owner and a new restauranteur agonizes to please a food criticThe Moth00:28:08
Apr 26, 2016Adventurer sets sites on English Channel. Seamstress becomes an advocate for her child. A young woman Secret Agent.The Moth00:54:34
Apr 19, 2016A special celebration from the world of science, from the 8th grade science fair to the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony in Stockholm.The Moth00:54:25
Apr 12, 2016An awkward teenager flourishes in the glamour of the the Metropolitan Opera and a Chinatown chicken plays tic-tac-toe.The Moth00:26:22
Apr 5, 2016Rents a spooky flat in Paris. Taking an ailing wife on a motorcycle ride. A rapper confesses his obsession...The Moth00:54:01
Mar 29, 2016Aspiring pickpocket rises to the top of his game. Inventor of the Baby Calzone runs into trouble with the Mob.The Moth00:24:47
Mar 22, 2016A woman decide if she wants height enhancement surgery. A Scholar confronts a Dublin bike thief. A boy enters Bergen Belsen.The Moth00:54:14
Mar 15, 2016George  gives a star-studded walk through the legendary NYC eatery Elaine's. Isobel finds she has a heart condition at age six.The Moth00:17:30
Mar 8, 2016Resilient children, computer crashes, swimming lessons, life after a fire, standing up to bullies & accepting help from strangersThe Moth00:53:28
Mar 1, 2016A daughter and her parent's empty fridge. A girl struggles with family etiquette. A teacher in defense of a student.The Moth00:16:20
Feb 23, 2016A special hour all about FOOD. Stories from the farm and the table; complete with celebrated chefs and presidential diners.The Moth00:51:39
Feb 16, 2016Goth teenager makes an unlikely friend. Social upheaval in Zimbabwe's early days. A whiney kid on an camping trip. Clergy at a crime scene.The Moth00:52:55
Feb 9, 2016Woman falls in love with younger man. Man tries to keep a promise to his high school girl. Yung woman makes a tough decisionThe Moth00:29:03
Feb 2, 2016A subway altercation. A child’s view on love and war. An awkward first-year teacher. A widow at The Grand Canyon. And More...The Moth00:53:17
Jan 26, 2016Neil Gaiman tells why he's afraid to sing in public. A tourist gets a scare in a Cemetery. A Nigerian man tells a bold truth...The Moth00:52:41
Jan 19, 2016Adolescent leaves home and finds a peculiar new family. Fashion guru forced to improvise. A Baptist finds himself at a gay bar...The Moth00:53:15
Jan 12, 2016Adoption service worker tells why she was drawn to it. Son seeks connection with his father. Minister combats a fear of heights.The Moth00:54:25
Jan 5, 2016A high school quarterback reveals a secret. From innocent child to cold-hearted soldier. Controlling a parrot. The up-side of prison.The Moth00:54:15
Dec 29, 2015Lynnee Breedlove creates 'Homobiles', a ride service serving the LGBT community. Jama Jack contemplates Christianity versus Islam.The Moth00:33:37
Dec 22, 2015Family tradition endures a scandal, finding a soulmate for Hanukkah, honoring mother's last Christmas wish...The Moth00:53:24
Dec 15, 2015Eve Plumb reflects on the real-life and TV families from her childhood, and a slide show on a family trip goes awry.The Moth00:19:34
Dec 8, 2015Amir has a chat with a government agent in a windowless airport room. Dameon takes a trip to Paris.The Moth00:18:30
Dec 1, 2015Stories from around the USA. Storytellers: John Dubuc, Leah Benson, Kathi Kinnear Hill, Tom Herndon, Caitlin Myer, David Sampliner, and Tara ClancyThe Moth00:54:06
Nov 24, 2015A child gets a Thanksgiving dinner haircut. A city family's farmhouse Thanksgiving.The Moth00:14:57
Nov 17, 2015Feminist finds perfect wedding dress. Playwright at prison in Malawi. A lifetime of regret. New mother with prosthetic arm.The Moth00:55:06
Nov 10, 2015Stories about Identity: Jon battles a Twitterbot using his name and photo. Micah's lucky red tie leads to a revealing encounter...The Moth00:22:13
Nov 3, 2015Astrophysicist discovers parallels in research & romance. Surgeon describes first-ever hand transplant. Geneticist testifies in murder caseThe Moth00:54:23
Oct 27, 2015A woman working at a haunted maze meets a pop star. Bar workers are confronted by a band of vampires. Music by The Uncluded.The Moth00:20:33
Oct 20, 2015A Dad bonds with son over baseball. A boy realizes his father's no superhero. Community center worker is attacked...The Moth00:55:01
Oct 13, 2015New York cop on the death of a kid he grew up with. A jazz musician dreams of playing with James Brown. A woman falls in love ...The Moth00:54:03
Oct 6, 2015A young girl falls in love with the New York Mets and a young Yankees fan lands a job as batboy.The Moth00:24:56
Sep 29, 2015A writer makes his dad proud. A preacher's kid takes money from his grandpa. A high schooler chases his dog. A former child soldier...The Moth00:55:00
Sep 22, 2015Two stories about fighting back: Against the U.S. Congress and against a school bus bully. Storytellers: Holly Hughes & Tara Clancy.The Moth00:22:51
Sep 15, 2015A woman becomes a stepmother to a dog. Toronto tour guide confronts racism. One half of Milli Vanilli tells his side of the story...The Moth00:54:36
Sep 8, 2015A mother surprised in the maternity ward. A man addicted to cookies. An old woman gets a “ticket to heaven”. Musician helps the FBI capture criminalsThe Moth00:55:41
Sep 1, 2015Ophira Eisenberg lands a coveted role in the school play, and Brian Babylon runs a side business at his summer job.The Moth00:16:11
Aug 25, 2015A White House Pastry Chef lands the job of a lifetime. An amateur baker decides to try making cakes for a livingThe Moth00:21:53
Aug 18, 2015A gambler thinks he can beat the odds one last time. Jamaica Kincaid is sent to live with her aunt. Journalist Sebastian Junger...The Moth00:54:57
Aug 11, 2015A man spends his second wedding anniversary in jail. Two sisters are dropped off at the mall as part of their mother's elaborate ruse.The Moth00:18:26
Aug 4, 2015Storytellers: Nora Miller, Francesca Sternfeld, Jeff Simmermon, Steve Zimmer, Julia Shiplett, and Tim Lopez. Host: Dan Kennedy ...The Moth00:51:50
Jul 28, 2015Girl at summer camp tries to keep up. Writer loses treasured pants. Man accused of stealing ends up living in his car...The Moth00:55:27
Jul 21, 2015A chaplain helps others deal with death. A college freshman falls in love at 11 p.m. Mass.The Moth00:24:54
Jul 14, 2015A 5-year-old is caught stealing. Shy writer interviewed on TV. Child caught in the foster system...The Moth00:54:54
Jul 7, 2015Former Blue Man Group performer connects with audience member. Neuroscientist on brains of psychopathic killers...The Moth00:53:13
Jun 30, 2015Nicole comes to terms with her blindness. Christy tracks her relationship to pornography...The Moth00:22:51
Jun 23, 2015Preparing to be a father. A man fulfils a promise to his mother. A child hides brussels sprouts...The Moth00:54:01
Jun 16, 2015Woman on solo Arctic crossing. Orthodox Jew tests God by eating pizza. Duff McKagan survives a health scare...The Moth00:53:39
Jun 9, 2015Kid has jaw wired shut. Best gift from love of his life. Mormon extinguishes her doubts...The Moth00:54:57
Jun 2, 2015Doubts about a religious wedding. Teen with a funny name. Social scientist in war torn countries...The Moth00:54:17
May 26, 2015Small town college kid sees the world. Teacher helping criminals is mugged...The Moth00:18:31
May 19, 2015David Crabb finds a video tape his dad left in his camera. Jia Jung puzzles over her father's ashesThe Moth00:19:24
May 12, 2015Four Mothers Day stories, including Molly Ringwald in the principal's office with her daughter.The Moth00:54:32
May 5, 2015Retired pickpocket's memories. Being a Mormon in New York City. Stabbing victim faces attacker in courtThe Moth00:51:47
Apr 28, 2015A party for mom. Cancer patient credits his mentors. A boy visits his dad at the police stationThe Moth00:56:35
Apr 21, 2015A food security advocate reassess her relationship to food, an idealist learns to really listen...The Moth00:54:35
Apr 14, 2015Ijeoma Oluo's mother teaches her how to handle bad situations. April Salazar goes to a pro-choice rally...The Moth00:18:46
Apr 7, 2015A jazz bassist, is put to the test by Freddie Hubbard; Adam Gopnik on his daughter’s imaginary friend...The Moth00:54:36
Mar 31, 2015Molly re-creates a moment for an album cover. Stevie Long has a tough conversation with her dad.The Moth00:15:53
Mar 24, 2015A comedian in court over a joke. Irish shop worker on apartheid. Young man stands up to bullies...The Moth00:53:32
Mar 17, 2015Starlee Kine waits in line to see 'The Artist is Present' on its last day.The Moth00:15:11
Mar 10, 2015Avid skier saves the day. Caretaker and a 19th Century poet. A clothes-optional spa...The Moth00:53:57
Mar 3, 2015Actor, writer, and director Andre Gregory tells the story of falling in love for the first timeThe Moth00:11:03
Feb 24, 2015A woman finds what she hopes is a love letter and a man goes to Comic Con with his girlfriend.The Moth00:15:55
Feb 17, 2015High school guidance counselor keeps students safe. Woman stops blaming herself. Astronaut prepares...The Moth00:54:30
Feb 10, 2015Blind man goes on an adventure to test his senses. Woman navigates widowhood. Humanitarian breaks the rulesThe Moth00:53:43
Feb 3, 2015A man enters a cartoon contest. A student is asked to do a special project. Girl from Queens learns to think big...The Moth00:55:14
Jan 28, 2015A high schooler encounters racism at the prom. A woman fears telling her grandmother she's gay...The Moth00:54:55
Jan 20, 2015A woman with cancer sees if she's a wig or a scarf person. Magazine editor confronted by Foxy Brown. A mother deals with her son's injuriesThe Moth00:54:43
Jan 13, 2015A special live edition of The Moth Radio Hour from the 2014 World Science Festival in New York City.The Moth00:54:02
Jan 6, 2015A gambler with a destructive streak tells himself he can beat the odds one last time.The Moth00:16:13
Dec 30, 2014Grace Lee Boggs tells how civil rights leader A. Philip Randolph inspired her to get involved...The Moth00:10:23
Dec 23, 2014Simon Doonan decorates the White House for Christmas. A man is hesitant to work with a ‘Hollywood’ style church...The Moth01:03:46
Dec 16, 2014A woman finds a new family when she adopts a son. A bad soldier learns to write from personal loss. Disaster at a nuclear power plantThe Moth00:55:26
Dec 9, 2014A teenager reviews an Iggy Pop album & gets an unexpected response. Another teen adjusts to a new familyThe Moth00:17:56
Dec 2, 2014A man inherits a big statue. A child feels responsible for her dad’s troubles. A filmmaker obsesses over someone else's dream.The Moth00:55:20
Nov 25, 2014A young woman makes a hard decision when her mother decides to move. A high school student takes a risk to make a friendThe Moth00:13:55
Nov 18, 2014A world champion boxer discovers how to harness his fears.The Moth00:13:07
Nov 11, 2014After returning from the Middle East, a marine searches for meaning. A 97 year old woman describes training young men for combat...The Moth00:55:23
Nov 4, 2014A reporter sits on a friend's secret and a huge story.The Moth00:13:40
Oct 28, 2014The daughter of a gay man adjusts to her new town's intolerance. A hike in Ireland goes right by going wrongThe Moth00:17:46
Oct 21, 2014An activist finds himself at an awkward meal, a woman recalls her first kiss, and a Vietnam vet battles with her identityThe Moth00:54:40
Oct 14, 2014A woman makes a series of discoveries about her family's past.The Moth00:16:19
Oct 7, 2014A young cadet is entrusted with vital records, visiting two mysterious aunts, and a civil rights activist is imprisonedThe Moth00:56:20
Sep 30, 2014A mother and daughter start "the conversation" and a boy realizes that his family is poor.The Moth00:16:59
Sep 23, 2014After losing her mom a woman makes a tough decision. Undertaker tells how he was called to the job. Heart broken by an Elvis ImpersonatorThe Moth00:55:17
Sep 16, 2014A young boy grows up with the influence of a tough stepfather figure.The Moth00:15:49
Sep 9, 2014A woman follows love to a campsite. A man marries, divorces and remarries. A guy guides a blind man in a MarathonThe Moth00:55:17
Sep 2, 2014A woman plays the most high-stakes poker game of her life, live on camera.The Moth00:19:18
Aug 26, 2014Astronaut Michael Massimino details his high stakes mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope.The Moth00:19:18
Aug 19, 2014Moth founder George Dawes Green recalls playing poker with his dearest friends.The Moth00:16:25
Aug 12, 2014A boy gets a bad haircut, and a preacher's kid steals collection plate money from his grandfatherThe Moth00:14:19
Aug 5, 2014A little boy’s dreamy childhood comes to a screeching halt on a North Carolina highway.The Moth00:14:03
Jul 29, 2014A woman revisits her divorce; Freedom Rider shares night in jail; unexpected pregnancy pressures a marriageThe Moth00:56:14
Jul 22, 2014A man begins high stakes gambling. Family tragedy turns into a stand-off with cops. Neuroscientist searches for clues of God's existence.The Moth00:55:44
Jul 15, 2014A cellist makes a disturbing discovery.The Moth00:16:14
Jul 8, 2014A white collar son makes peace with his blue collar father.The Moth00:22:41
Jul 1, 2014A woman flees her religious community and reconnects with her past in an unexpected way.The Moth00:15:26
Jun 24, 2014A Bar Mitzvah video goes viral, and a woman is reunited with a high school crush.The Moth00:14:19
Jun 17, 2014A teen takes her brother on a goose chase; a young man wants to meet his father; a grandma shows her boxing moves...The Moth00:54:59
Jun 10, 2014The Rubber Stamp: A woman tries to figure out how to pay for college.The Moth00:15:34
Jun 3, 2014A writer is sent to locate poisonous snakes. Two child refugees arrive in America. A hippie kid seeks father's approvalThe Moth01:05:28
May 27, 2014A chef figures out what to do with a problematic boar.The Moth00:18:21
May 20, 2014Fashionista auditions for The Devil Wears Prada; Tough father vs. sensitive son. Expectant mother gets unsettling newsThe Moth00:55:51
May 13, 2014Andrew Solomon describes his circuitous route to becoming a dad.The Moth00:16:49
May 6, 2014A boy confronts his stepfather; an executive's descent into deceit; a young stroke victim tries a hospital escapeThe Moth00:55:51
Apr 29, 2014Boy dates grandma; mom intercepts romantic letter; teen faces a wild deer; quest for perfect first kiss; middle school pencil case mystery.The Moth00:54:57
Apr 22, 2014Encyclopedia Brown in the courtroom; Bible Bucks at Sunday school; a corporate speech writer...The Moth00:55:45
Apr 15, 2014A climber attempts to reach the top of Mount Everest.The Moth00:24:09
Apr 8, 2014A man struggles through a divorce after 20 years of marriage.The Moth00:14:47
Apr 1, 2014A secret finally catches up with a suburban mother.The Moth00:16:10
Mar 25, 2014A writer and her daughter move to a poor community; A lonely man befriends an orphaned monkey; An actress is horrified by her photoThe Moth00:55:22
Mar 18, 2014A life-changing email from a stranger; a single man enters a gay bar; an adoptee fears rejection by her birth family...The Moth00:54:39
Mar 11, 2014A man is working at a nuclear power plant when disaster strikes.The Moth00:19:21
Mar 4, 2014A man sets out on a mission to fulfill a childhood desire.The Moth00:17:02
Feb 25, 2014A father finds the internet a scary place; a woman appreciates her strict minister grandfather; and a man strives to forgiveThe Moth00:53:51
Feb 18, 2014Runs with bulls; Complex bicycle shopping; Warning signs on a date; Woman meets long lost brother; Survivor's recipe for healingThe Moth00:55:58
Feb 11, 2014A literary woman falls for a New York City fireman; growing up in a Kentucky bourbon family; & a father/son guilt talkThe Moth00:55:50
Feb 4, 2014Monitoring a teen's internet use; preacher's husband feels love of community; & a fisherman in a deadly stormThe Moth00:55:14
Jan 28, 2014Tough cop gets a dog; Student tries dumpster diving; Mom changes birth plan; Surfer handles wife's depressionThe Moth00:55:52
Jan 21, 2014A boy and his grandma attend a wrestling match; a prisoner is contacted by his daughter; a principal helps a student in need...The Moth00:54:25
Jan 14, 2014A scientist stops his meds, an actor lands a big part, and a woman goes home to political unrestThe Moth00:54:53
Jan 8, 2014Road rage lands a new mom in jail, and a college dropout finds himself in an unlikely place.The Moth00:17:22

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