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Monster Talk

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Presented by SKEPTIC magazine, MonsterTalk is a free audio podcast that critically examines the science behind cryptozoological (and legendary) creatures, such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and werewolves. Evidence is examined according to strict scientific principles.

Current Monster Talk Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Will O' The WispResearcher Jerry Drake examines and explains all manner of glowing monstrous and bizarre lucent phenomena.The Skeptic01:35:26
Monstrous with Carlyn BecciaShe has written a new book for kids that combines Monsters and Science! MONSTROUS: THE LORE, GORE AND SCIENCE BEHIND YOUR FAVORITE MONSTERSThe Skeptic01:04:31
Serial KillersWe're joined by Stacy Sharp, for a discussion on serial killers, their motivations, their methodologies and how to balance fascination with...The Skeptic01:51:28
Introducing IN RESEARCH OFIn our inaugural episode, we watch the TV Special IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS, a repackaged cut of a German documentary...The Skeptic01:55:05
200 - In Search Of...A look at the influential TV show IN SEARCH OF... hosted by Leonard Nimoy and featuring remembrances from Steven Novella, Lyle Blackburn...The Skeptic01:17:27
We Never Play Ouija BoredIs the Ouija Board a tool for talking to the dead? Or is it just a game from Hasbro? We dig into the history of Talking Boards with Robert Murch.The Skeptic01:16:12
The Grotesque 10Photographer and author Mathew M. Duman's new book visits ten American campuses with gothic architectural and artistic features...The Skeptic00:52:11
The FrightenersWhat's it like to be an ordained minster who loves the macabre? Is there a value to the morbid, horrific milieu beyond the financial?The Skeptic01:12:21
What Makes US TickThere are a lot of weird Tick stories in the news lately. Danielle Tufts, debunks some of the outright myths about ticks...The Skeptic01:01:33
Thomas Jefferson: Monster HunterIf you thought Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter was fun - wait till you hear the shocking true story of Thomas Jefferson, Monster Hunter!The Skeptic01:16:11
The Mapinguari Is Not The TerritoryAre the legends of the Mapinguari based on sightings of a Giant Sloth? Dr. Richard A. Farina helps us compare the lore to the fossil record.The Skeptic01:07:29
The Shaver Mysteries Part 2A brief overview of the history of Hollow Earth theories and a deep dive into the topic of The Shaver Mystery.The Skeptic01:43:10
The Shaver Mysteries Part 1A brief overview of the history of Hollow Earth theories and a deep dive into the topic of The Shaver Mystery.The Skeptic01:10:04
The Zana ProblemWe revisit the Almasti wild woman of Abkhazia - the subject of Bryan Sykes DNA research in his book THE NATURE OF THE BEAST.The Skeptic00:30:18
DragonsLearn about the origins of Dragon legends with Eric Mortensen of Guilford College. We also touche on Fairies and Yeti...The Skeptic01:13:04
Ghosts of the White HouseAn interview with Lindsay Chervinsky (of the White House Historical Association) about the ghostly legends of the White House.The Skeptic00:52:23
Larry BlamireLarry Blamire, the talented writer, artist and director of THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA joins us to talk monsters.The Skeptic00:47:20
Monsters of the MythosI'm joined by Chris Lackey and Chad Fifer of the incredible H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast to talk monsters of the mythos.The Skeptic01:10:07
Disputin' RasputinMyths and facts of the Russian Monk as described in Douglas Smith's book, RASPUTIN: FAITH, POWER AND THE TWILIGHT OF THE ROMANOVSThe Skeptic01:09:20
Hitler's MonstersThe role of the supernatural and occult in Nazi Germany. The rise of the Nazis and their strange relationship with the occult...The Skeptic01:30:26
Humans as MonstersDr. David D. Perlmutter talks about the ways humans can become monsters, and turn other humans into monsters. His book, VISIONS OF WAR.The Skeptic01:18:06
The Resurrection of Bob Lazar(us)We discuss the documentary and the legend of Bob Lazar. Some of his personal history deals with adult topics, so reader beware!The Skeptic01:03:04
Monstrous Medicine: DiseaseMike McRae, author of Unwell: What Makes a Disease a Disease? on the history of diseases which have a social component.The Skeptic00:56:14
Skinwalker Ranch DressingA deep dive into the Skinwalker Ranch mystery and a discussion of the new documentary, HUNT FOR THE SKINWALKER.The Skeptic01:28:53
Teaching with MonstersDr. Thor Hansen of Western Washington University uses monsters to teach science. You're going to enjoy what he's been up to.The Skeptic01:11:17
The Monkey's PawFor the Annual MonsterTalk Christmas Special, Blake Smith reads "The Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs.The Skeptic00:29:37
Ghosts, Gears, Gadgets and GolemsPeter Bebergal's book STRANGE FREQUENCIES chronicles ways people have sought to use technology to transcend the mundane to the numinous...The Skeptic01:12:02
Monsters and Folklore of the BalkansFrom ghosts and vampires to fairies and Baba Yaga, this region has been fractured by war but bound together with stories.The Skeptic01:18:10
The Bunyip Seal of ApprovalPaul-Michael Donovan gives a fascinating look at the legend of this famous chimeric creek critter from Australian folklore.The Skeptic01:16:13
Appalachian MonstersMonsters and folklore of Appalachia. A story about fictional witch Anna O'Brien draws from folklore of this region of the USThe Skeptic01:14:58
Big Footprints, Big Voice: Wild ThingNPR producer Laura Krantz. digs into the world of Bigfoot in the popular new podcast WILD THING. She tells what it's like to walk into the strange...The Skeptic00:48:50
Attack of the Killer TangentsOur third annual cross-over with the Archy Fantasies Podcast features our efforts to find movies highlighting familiar themes.The Skeptic01:20:44
Introducing BlackwoodThree teenagers set out to investigate the local legend of their small town, The Blackwood Bugman, and the mysterious disappearances...The Skeptic00:11:31
The Appeal of YureiDr. Chris Harding joins MonsterTalk to discuss Yurei - the ghosts of Japan.The Skeptic01:15:03
Smalltown MonstersSeth Breedlove's latest film is THE BRAY ROAD BEAST. Peculiarities of the creature some called a werewolf, a dog-man or a demonic entity.The Skeptic01:21:58
Jurassic SnarkThis weekend Darren Naish hosts TetZoo Con #5. We thought it would be fun to talk dinosaurs with a paleontologist. It was.The Skeptic01:05:29
Bigfoot PictographsWe interview archaeologist Ken Feder about the Tule River reservation Hairy Man pictographs, called evidence for Bigfoot.The Skeptic01:26:24
To Sleep, Perchance to ScreamWe interview Jeffrey Reddick about his recent horror film DEAD AWAKE, which combines fictional elements with the real-world...The Skeptic01:10:17
Seneca LegendsDavid Shango of the Seneca Nation Museum on legends and monsters of the Senecas. The first of a series on Native American lore.The Skeptic00:51:59
Guns & Goblins: CryptidCon 2018We discuss CryptidCon 2018 and research into the Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblins Case. See our 3 part previous coverage.The Skeptic00:57:14
Werewolves and ChangeWhen did full moons become required in werewolf lore? Could the beast of Gevaudan have been a Hyena? Discoveries in werewolf loreThe Skeptic01:04:53
Chained Heir: Gothic Horror in Glamis CastleGlamis Castle has secrets; one of them monstrous. Mike Dash talks about his research into its dark folklore...The Skeptic01:08:22
Jail Ghost Round TableA spirited discussion of haunted jails and prisons...The Skeptic01:13:46
Here Come The PERSONS In BlackStories of mysterious strangers questioning and intimidating UFO investigators have a strange, continuously evolving history.The Skeptic00:59:00
The Toll of A. BellBlake Smith reviews the career and impact of radio-host Art Bell who passed away on April 13, 2018 at the age of 72.The Skeptic00:36:00
Krampus in JulyKrampus is a hairy, horned winter monster of the Alps. We interview Al Ridenour, author of THE KRAMPUS AND THE OLD DARK CHRISTMAS.The Skeptic01:16:36
The Call of Tut-ThulhuJeb Card's new book, SPOOKY ARCHEOLOGY, is about many weird, spooky topics tied to the field of archaeology...The Skeptic01:37:57
The MegDoes a giant prehistoric shark lurk deep in the waters of the ocean... Dr. Craig McClain on the amazing animal Megalodon.The Skeptic01:05:35
Nessie UnlochedNeil Gemmell conducts eDNA research on lake monsters of Scotland, especially Nessie and Morag...The Skeptic00:35:41
Interview with Richard Hatem Part IIScreenwriter Richard Hatem's adaptation of John Keel's THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES for the 2002 motion picture.The Skeptic01:17:13
Interview with Richard Hatem Part IScreenwriter Richard Hatem's adaptation of John Keel's THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES for the 2002 motion picture.The Skeptic01:10:19
Sex, Drugs and Rocket PropulsionBy day Jack Parsons was a pioneer in the field of rocket propulsion whose work helped win WWII. By night he performed magic...The Skeptic01:19:09
The Greyfriars Kirkyard GhostWe interview City of the Dead tour-guide Fred Fogarty, discuss the history of the site, some of the stories...The Skeptic01:22:01
The Chicago MothmanAllison Jornlin is a paranormal researcher who's been diligently researching the recent Chicago Mothman sightings...The Skeptic01:14:27
Spouting off about GargoylesThe nooks and crevices of Yale's gargoyles and grotesques with photographer and author Mathew Duman.The Skeptic00:59:52
Rampage: A Huge CrocDr. Paul Willis on crocodiles, alligators and the facts and myths surrounding these amazing but dangerous animals.The Skeptic01:01:41
The Great Beast 666A final discussion of Western Esotericism. Occultist Aleister Crowley, perhaps The Wickedest Man on Earth...The Skeptic01:12:52
Magic: Spiritualism and Theosophy, Part 2We continue our discussion about Western Esotericism: the origins of Theosophy, secret & occult societies...The Skeptic00:51:26
Winchester's CathedralColin Dickey, author of GHOSTLAND talks about the Winchester house and other fascinating places he covers...The Skeptic00:59:54
Magic: Spiritualism and TheosophyWe talk with John Crow about the birth of these movements and how they influenced 19th (and 20th) century thought.The Skeptic01:04:01
Ultraterrestrial HypothesisIt's been used to explain UFOs, mothman, bigfoot, fairies, dogman, ghosts and many others which defy science.The Skeptic01:19:09
Tail of the Lizard ManWe talk of the strange lizard man alleged to live in the South Carolina swamps outside Bishopville...The Skeptic00:59:29
The Open WindowFor the Annual MonsterTalk Christmas Special, Blake Smith reads The Open Window by H. H. Munro (Saki).The Skeptic00:11:26
Fermi to Know and UFO to Find OutWe interview Seth Shostak, chief astronomer for the SETI Institute, and host of the Big Picture Science podcast.The Skeptic00:58:59
UFOs, Chemtrails, AliensDon Prothero & Timothy Callahan discuss their new book: UFOS, CHEMTRAILS, & ALIENS: WHAT SCIENCE SAYS...The Skeptic00:59:01
Grimoires, Part 2We continue our interview with researcher Jerry Drake, and focus on the view of magic books in various magical traditions...The Skeptic01:12:17
Grimoires, Part 1The history of Grimoires in Western culture. Jerry Drake, PhD, on the history of magic books, magic writing and...The Skeptic00:49:36
The Crypto-KidWe interview cryptozoology enthusiast Colin Schneider about his research into animal exsanguination. A fun discussion!The Skeptic01:01:31
Haunted ObjectsJoin the Archeology Fantasies podcast crew to talk of "Haunted Objects" and a variety of other spooky topics...The Skeptic01:22:18
Witches, PleaseJust in time for Halloween, we begin our multi-episode coverage of "magic" by taking a look at the witch in Western...The Skeptic01:15:44
American Goblins - Part 3The final part of our three-part look at the Kentucky Goblins case of 1955.The Skeptic01:44:05
American Goblins - Part 2We continue our examination of the case of the Kentucky Goblins. Blake is joined by CSI investigator Joe Nickell...The Skeptic01:04:22
American Goblins - Part 1In August of 1955, a farm family in Kentucky found their home under attack by strange goblin-like monsters...The Skeptic00:28:02
DragonCon and CryptidConKaren and Blake discuss their participation in Dragon*Con and CryptidCon 2017.The Skeptic00:50:40
Science Behind MonstersThe convergence of science and monsters, by Blake Smith. What does science have to tell us about monsters?The Skeptic00:19:18
DropbearsAustralia is home to monsters both real and legendary: tiny toxic octopus, bird-eating spiders, Vegemite. Then there's the dropbears!The Skeptic00:58:10
Life & Afterlife of H. P. LovecraftAuthor Scott Poole joins us to talk about his new biography on American horror writer H. P. Lovecraft...The Skeptic01:18:58
Naming MonstersWhat’s in a name? More than you might imagine if you’re a scientist trying to officially name a new species...The Skeptic01:14:36
England's Most Haunted VillageIs the little village of Pluckley truly the most haunted village in England? We interview skeptical ghost hunter Hayley StevensThe Skeptic01:14:25
Minions, Mobs & MyrmidonsMonsters often get their assistance from mindless mobs of maleficent minions. Are they simply plot devices...The Skeptic01:04:37
Spooky GeologySharon Hill on skepticism, science communication and the mysterious Stone Tape theory of repetitive hauntings.The Skeptic00:45:41
Monster TrekBlake Smith interviews Joe Gisondi, author of 'Monster Trek: The Obsessive Search for Bigfoot', a tour of Bigfoot Hunter culture.The Skeptic00:59:42
Enfield Poltergeist Part 2 of 2Part 2 brings together interviews with Chris French, Joe Nickell and Deborah Hyde. Why skeptics are reluctant to accept poltergeists.The Skeptic01:11:53
Man's Best FiendAuthor Mark Norman discusses legends of black hounds. He's the author of Black Dog Folklore and the host of The Folklore Podcast.The Skeptic01:21:03
Crush, Crumble and ChompWe take on the biggest topic in monsters: Giant City-Destroying Kaiju! Guests are Ed Godziszewski and Michael Keller...The Skeptic01:32:34
Enfield Poltergeist Part 1 of 2An interview with Guy Lyon Playfair, one of the original investigators into perhaps the most famous British poltergeist case...The Skeptic01:16:28
MonsterTalk Essay 001The Skeptic00:09:32
Psychic Soldiers and Imperilled SilverwareRay Hyman's personal recollections about magic, skepticism and the mysterious claims of a famous psychic named Uri Geller.The Skeptic00:57:37
One Rogue PlanetPart 2 of our coverage of Zecharia Sitchin and "Planet-X" aka "Nibiru" by talking with astronomer Stuart Robbins...The Skeptic01:04:59
Thing in the CellarBlake Smith reads THE THING IN THE CELLAR as 2016’s annual Christmas special. We'll return to normal science and skepticism in 2017.The Skeptic00:13:22
Bitchin' 'bout SitchinAncient Aliens theorists seem to love the work of Zecharia Sitchin. He proposed that mysterious space beings called Anunnaki...The Skeptic01:12:58
Achievement Unloched - Morar NessWriter and researcher Mike Dash returns to talk about the less famous Scottish lake monster alleged to live in Loch Morar.The Skeptic01:02:55
Science and Sea MonsterWhat do you get when you combine a love for statistics, a love for biological maritime mysteries and a relentless curiosity?The Skeptic01:09:45
ArchyFantasies CrossoverThe cast of archaeologists from the Archaeological Fantasies podcast join us to talk about fairies, how they’ve evolved culturally...The Skeptic01:20:48
YetipaloozaOur first-ever dedicated Yeti talk, as well as our first-ever live streamed show, which aired on YouTube on Sunday, October 23, 2016.The Skeptic00:59:14
MonsterTalk Meets The Lovecraft GeekRobert Price returns to give us a raw dripping sample of his podcast The Lovecraft Geek, a kind of secular version of...The Skeptic01:06:54
Demon DollsWe look into the history of one of America’s most famous creepy playthings: Robert the Doll.The Skeptic01:06:01
Frauds, Hoaxes & Splendor in the PastKen Feder returns to talk about his new book Ancient America: Fifty Archaeological Sites to See for Yourself.The Skeptic01:34:48
Folklore and Urban LegendsHeather Joseph-Witham talks about folklore as an academic field, urban legends, the nature of culture and story, and much more.The Skeptic01:10:23
The Best Laid PlansKaren and Blake thank listeners for their amazing support, and discuss upcoming episodes in the works.The Skeptic00:38:40
Tell Me Strange ThingsBrian Regal discusses his research into this fascinating and controversial figure of occult studies, Montague Summers.The Skeptic01:16:31
Broadcasting for a SpellJames "The Amazing" Randi joins us to discuss his work on the Long John Nebel "Party Line," a late-night AM radio show...The Skeptic01:27:09
Skeptics Talking About MonstersDeborah Hyde, editor of The Skeptic, on a variety of topics including vampires, werewolves, ghosts and movies.The Skeptic01:06:22
Conspiracy TheoriesRob Brotherton joins us to discuss the psychology of conspiracies.The Skeptic01:01:32
The Beast of Boggy CreekLyle Blackburn joins us to discuss the history and impact of THE BOGGY CREEK MONSTER on the small town of Fouke, Arkansas.The Skeptic01:04:38
Bigfoot SkepticismEugenie Scott discusses Bigfoot, science promotion, and thinking about monsters in honing critical thinking skills.The Skeptic01:05:42
Bad UFOsJoin us as we interview UFO researcher Robert Sheaffer about Bad UFOs.The Skeptic01:11:20
A Serpent's TalePrepare to recoil in horror as we talk about giant snakes with John C. Murphy, co-author of his book "Tales of Giant Snakes."The Skeptic01:00:56
Skepticism 101Find out the true meaning of Skepticism in this special episode featuring Dr. Steven Novella.The Skeptic01:03:45
Hunting MonstersDr. Darren Naish on his book, a cryptozoology overview: "Hunting Monsters: Cryptozoology and the Reality Behind the Myths"The Skeptic01:14:51
Pickman's ModelIn this Christmas Special, Blake Smith reads PICKMAN’S MODEL, a story by H.P. Lovecraft and gives a brief update on our podcastThe Skeptic00:32:55
ConclusionsIn the 100th episode, DNA researcher Bryan Sykes discusses the research behind his landmark book.The Skeptic01:08:28
Let's Get This Off Our ChestBrian Sharpless tells how science explains legends like the incubus, the succubus and the old hagThe Skeptic01:02:27
Doctor AtlantisDr. Kenny Feder returns to talk about the legend of Atlantis: It's not what most people think!The Skeptic00:57:15
Shame on the Lizard PeopleWe talk with Jon Ronson about his experiences with conspiracy theorist David Icke.The Skeptic00:39:09
Fear ItselfWhy do we fear? What is fear? Dr. Kerry Ressler joins us to talk about the neurological basis of fearThe Skeptic00:42:24
The Satanic Panic & Role-Playing GamesThe late 70s and 80s saw the rise of a new kind of game some feared was a gateway to Satanic ritual...The Skeptic01:03:21
A Fear of SpidersLynne Kelly tells of her transition from arachnophobia to spider enthusiast.The Skeptic01:14:45
An Inhabitant of CarcosaBlake Smith reads the story by Ambrose Bierce which has still has an impact on American horror literature.The Skeptic00:14:00
Fangs That Go Bump in the NightRichard Sugg returns to talk about his fascinating research into historic vampire cases.The Skeptic01:08:28
Demonically Possessed CatsCan a domesticated cat be a monster? What if it can talk, fly, predict the future and grow to enormous size?The Skeptic00:51:21
The Robot ApocalypseWhen robots take over, will we be forced to speak bocce? Daniel Wilson discusses the risk of a robot apocalypseThe Skeptic01:05:59
VampiraBlake conducts a pop-culture interview with historian Scott Poole on the first monstrous horror movie host, VampiraThe Skeptic01:07:02
City Lion, Country LionWas an African lion wandering the streets of Los Angeles? The case of the Norwalk Lion is solved beyond reasonable doubt...The Skeptic00:14:29
More BrainssssWhat can a shambling zombie teach us about the human brain? According to Brad Voytek and Tim Verstynen, quite a lotThe Skeptic01:07:43
Slenderman and TulpasProfessor of religious studies Joe Laycock and doctoral student of Tibetan studies Natalia Mikels discover the truth about TulpasThe Skeptic01:07:06
Alienable RitesParanormal researcher psychologist Dr. Chris French joins us to discuss the psychology of demonic possession and exorcismsThe Skeptic00:53:28
New MT on the BountyA review of The 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty television contest. Did science win the day?The Skeptic00:45:47
Cures of the Mummy's TombDr. Bob Brier on the history of mummies and Dr. Richard Sugg on the history of mummies as medicineThe Skeptic00:44:10
The Mongolian Death WormIts name conjures up images of fantastic beasts like the sand worms in Dune or the creatures from the film TremorsThe Skeptic00:57:21
A Tiger by the TaleAre big cats stalking the wilds of Australia? David Waldron discusses his research on alien big cats down underThe Skeptic01:00:07
A Wolf in the FoldDid it take a silver bullet to kill the beast of Gvaudan? Is that where Curt Siodmak got the idea for his film The Wolfman?The Skeptic00:33:39
Plesiosaur ParentingBlake interviews Junior Skeptic author/artist Daniel Loxton on the final book in his prehistoric animal thrillogyThe Skeptic00:47:06
Demons, Ghosts and Gary IndianaBlake and Karen talk about how skeptics evaluate the Gary Indiana Demon caseThe Skeptic00:43:54
Skeptics On BigfootThe recent history of Bigfoot bodies, from bigfoot steaks to Russian slavers. Time to catch up on Sasquatch newsThe Skeptic00:46:45
Nature's Rich BountyIf Bigfoot is real, would a $10,000,000 bounty bring him down? That's the premise of a new show on Spike TVThe Skeptic00:55:27
Zombies, Cults, and DemonsA familiar voice returns as Dr. Karen Stollznow joins us to discuss her new book, 'God Bless America'The Skeptic01:07:34
Christmas Special: Casting the RunesBlake Smith reads the M. R. James classic 'Casting the Runes', the basis for the 1957 film, 'Curse of the Demon'The Skeptic00:46:41
Cryptozoologicon: Volume IDarin Naish discusses his book, which takes three looks at monsters, with fantastic illustrations by John Conway and C. M. KosemanThe Skeptic00:59:38
Speak of the DevilBible scholar Robert M. Price discusses the biggest and most well known villain in Western culture: Satan.The Skeptic01:02:42
Special #003: Seeing is BelievingMemory expert Elizabeth Loftus and psychologist Richard Wiseman explain how what we see may not be trueThe Skeptic00:17:29
The Warren OmissionWas 'The Conjuring' the true story of how Ed and Lorraine Warren fought demonic forces in Rhode Island?The Skeptic01:18:24
The Jersey DevilKean University History Professor Brian Regal tracked the Jersey Devil back to its astonishing historical rootsThe Skeptic00:52:21
More Map MonstersAsa Mittman discusses the kinds of monsters that populate medieval maps, and ...The Skeptic00:57:43
Legend of the Map MonstersJoin author Chet Van Duzer for a fascinating look at the mysterious sea monsters that decorated medieval maps.The Skeptic00:49:58
Abominable Science!Guests Donald Prothero and Daniel Loxton introduce their book 'Abominable Science!: ...Yeti, Nessie, & Other Famous Cryptids'The Skeptic00:55:49
MonsterTalk Special #002Host Blake Smith, paleontologist Darren Naish and artist John Conway introduce this Tetrapod Zoology PodcastThe Skeptic01:42:57
MonsterTalk Special #001We bring you breaking news about Ben Radford's monstrous new project 'Undead Apocalypse', a board game featuring zombies, vampires and other horrorsThe Skeptic00:42:33
What's Good for the MongooseA lonely hilltop was home to a family of farmers struggling to make ends meet. One day, from up in the attic they began to hear whispers...The Skeptic01:07:10
The Zombie AntpocalypseWhat if your will were not your own? We interview entomologist David Hughes about host behavior modification by parasitic organisms.The Skeptic00:47:13
Weak Are The Champ PunsRobert E. Bartholomew joins us to discuss his latest book, "The Untold Story of Champ: A Social History of America's Loch Ness Monster."The Skeptic00:52:54
ArachnophiliaSome people have a fear of bugs and creepy crawlies. Here, we discuss giant spiders, common misconceptions and the entomologists' experience on the TV show MonsterQuest.The Skeptic01:01:51
Hop Springs EternalLondon of the 1830s was terrorized by an astonishing figure - we talk with historian Mike Dash about the legendary figure known as Spring Heeled Jack.The Skeptic01:22:40
Witch You Talkin' About?A discussion of the legend from the early 1800s, that the farm of John Bell of Tennessee was terrorized by a supernatural assailant who came to be known as The Bell WitchThe Skeptic00:50:44
2012-The Year in MonstersTo wind up 2012, we welcome back Sharon Hill, founder of the Doubtful News website, to talk us through a year's worth of monstrous topics.The Skeptic01:15:59
Sasquatch: Ketchum If You CanIn this episode we interview Todd Disotell on the recent press release regarding Melba Ketchum's Sasquatch DNA research.The Skeptic01:26:33
YEC and Beowulf: It's verse than you thinkDoes the epic poem Beowulf help prove that the earth is very young and that the monsters in the poem were dinosaurs? Humanities researcher Eve Siebert discusses these surprising questions.The Skeptic00:41:19
Yokai Attack!We interview Matt Alt and Hiroko Yoda, authors of Yokai Attack! The Japanese Monster Survival Guide, a book which details many folkloric monsters of Japan.The Skeptic00:53:46
The Blair Fish ProjectFor thousands of years, people have reported creatures that appeared to be half-human and half-fish. This week, we interview museum curator (and mermaid-model expert) Paolo Viscardi.The Skeptic01:05:53
Assault and Giant BatteryFor decades, legends of a giant sexually-assaulting bat-creature have trickled out of Zanzibar. We interview Ben Radford about his investigation of the creature.The Skeptic01:00:44
Skeptics are RedoubtableThe latest in monster news trends, and the James Randi Educational Foundation's annual meeting of skeptical scientists, researchers, artists, performers, teachers, etc.The Skeptic01:16:19
Qu'est Que C'est?Remorseless killers are the stuff of countless films. Author Jon Ronson joins us to discuss the condition of psychopathy.The Skeptic00:51:15
Onan the Jar BuryingToday the homunculus refers to various models of the human mind, but in medieval times it was quite different. Join us for a fascinating interview with prof. William R. Newman, of Indiana University.The Skeptic00:52:07
ThylaCinema and Nocturnal SubmissionsAn interview with Daniel Nettheim, director of a new film about a man hunting for thylacines.The Skeptic00:26:15
What the Bigfoot market will bearIn the forests of Pennsylvania, a trail-cam took a series of controversial pictures. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) still claims they show a juvenile Bigfoot.The Skeptic00:54:47
Hell Hath No Furry!We visit a small English village in the 1570s where a morning church service is interrupted by a horrific storm which heralds, perhaps, the appearance of Satan himself in the form of a huge black hound.The Skeptic01:18:32
Internet Video Hoaxes: A Mammoth UndertakingDid you see the Internet video that allegedly showed a mammoth crossing a river? You probably figured it was a hoax, but we decided to investigate.The Skeptic01:25:46
Monsters in AmericaWe interview the author of "Monsters In America," Dr. Scott Poole. His book chronicles the history of monsters from colonial America to modern times.The Skeptic01:11:49
Something Wiccan This Way ComesTwo skeptics interview a witch about how to battle evil with magic. Emily Carlin is a magical instructor at The Grey School. Is magic the best defense against evil monsters?The Skeptic01:05:26
Squatching with The KrampusBy popular demand, we take a brief aside into fantasy to talk with one the more sinister figures associated with the Winter Holidays: The Krampus.The Skeptic01:38:29
Unbottling some JinnIf you think Genies are funny like in Aladdin, or sexy like in I Dream of Jeannie, get ready to have your assumptions challenged.The Skeptic01:07:29
Psychic Dogs, Ghosts and Silly VoicesWe talk with psychologist Richard Wiseman about his new book "Paranormality: Why we see what isn't there."The Skeptic00:42:38
Crypt O'Zoology: Dinosaurs in Africa!To Alley Oop and The Flintstones fans, the idea of dinosaurs and humans living together is intriguing. But is there a population of sauropod dinosaurs living in Africa in modern times?The Skeptic00:54:25
Bad WolfA Canadian geological engineering student's remains were found in the woods. Valerius Geist discusses the true cause of death. Some think he was killed by a bear - more likely he was killed by a myth.The Skeptic00:25:28
The Big Bad WolfHow does one reconcile the idea that dangerous wolves are a myth with the many myths and fairy tales which feature wolves as the villain? Our discussion may surprise you.The Skeptic01:10:22
Dead Men Are a Ghoul's Best FriendGhouls and their real world counterpart: cannibals. Carole A. Travis-Henikoff, author of "Dinner With A Cannibal: The Complete History of Mankind."The Skeptic00:54:57
A Connecticut Haunting in a Keen Author's CourtAuthor Ray Garton discusses his book "In A Dark Place: The Story of a True Haunting". The shocking tale appears to contain a terrifying case of a demonic and ghostly attack on a family, but...The Skeptic00:50:01
Ancient Alien Astronauts: Interview with Ken FederDid ancient humans gain their technological achievements through the assistance of creatures from other planets? Dr. Feder, a professor who has taught a course on this, shares his thoughts.The Skeptic01:20:50
Hayley Stevens Lake Monster MysteriesThere are very few people who make their living hunting monsters. For most of us it's a labor of love. We talk with amateur investigator Hayley Stevens about lake monster mysteries.The Skeptic00:39:14
Searching For SasquatchIs cryptozoology science or pseudoscience? Do scientists ever really study cryptozoology, or merely ignore the field entirely? This week we focus on the search for America's most famous cryptid: Sasquatch.The Skeptic01:00:13
The Zombie AutopsiesWe interview Harvard medical doctor Steven Schlozman, author of "The Zombie Autopsies" and get inside the walking dead to discuss a plausible mechanism for the zombie apocalypse.The Skeptic00:50:57
Tracking the ManbeastsRenowned investigator Joe Nickell returns to discuss his latest book "Tracking the Man-beasts: Sasquatch, Vampires, Zombies, and More" - a survey of a human-like monsters that runs the gamut.The Skeptic00:51:44
Resurrecting the ExtinctPlenty of people have hypothesized about being able to bring back an extinct animal, but today's guest, Dr. Andrew Pask and his team have actually done it.The Skeptic00:44:09
Is The Skookum Fair Dinkum?In 2000 startling claims of a body cast of a Bigfoot emerged from Washington State. We interview Bigfoot researcher Daniel Perez about the facts behind this contentious artifact.The Skeptic01:02:41
Tracking the ChupacabraCo-host Benjamin Radford discusses his newest book, "Tracking the Chupacabra". This book may provide an actual solution to these mysterious humanoid sightings.The Skeptic00:41:06
Tracking the Chupacabra (exclusive preview)An audio preview from Ben Radford's latest book "Tracking the Chupacabra". This 32 minute selection contains material which provides the solution to the mysterious bloodsucking beast.The Skeptic00:34:23
Unmasking the NinjaShould ninjas be considered monsters? They come out at night, have mysterious powers and use fear and lethality to wreak havoc. But to be sure, we Ask a Ninja!The Skeptic00:51:24
Ethnobiology - A Lizard's TaleDr. Tony Russell, professor at the University of Calgary discusses the uses and limitations of this mode of research, as well as the remarkable features of the lizards that he studies.The Skeptic01:07:38
A Bestiary of CreaturesAuthor Christopher Dell has collected an astonishing array of art from around the world depicting many obscure and mysterious creatures in his new book "Monsters: A Bestiary of Devils, Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, and Other Magical Creatures."The Skeptic00:58:40
The Iceman GoethLate in the 1960s, fairgoers in Minnesota were confronted with a marvel: a hairy, primitive-looking humanoid frozen in a block of ice. Was it an anthropological relic? Was it a sasquatch?The Skeptic01:12:07
On MonstersStephen Asma, Professor of Philosophy at Columbia College, speaks about his comprehensive book surveying Western monster-lore.The Skeptic00:54:20
The Rise of Bat BoyIn the pantheon of American monsters, only one truly dominated the newspapers of the 1990s. Checkout lines everywhere were haunted by the bald-headed, wide-mawed visage of Bat Boy.The Skeptic00:59:03
Dragon*Con's Skeptrack 2010Recorded before a live studio audience at Dragon*Con's Skeptrack 2010, hosts Ben Radford and Blake Smith bravely faced questions from listeners.The Skeptic01:00:22
Just Scratching the SurfaceToday, we consider a real creature, one that preys on humans and their closest animal companions. It is often invisible, drinks blood to survive, and, is responsible for many chupacabra sightings.The Skeptic01:12:22
Cryptozoology & Science, Part 2The intersection between science and cryptozoology. We interview Dr. Donald Prothero and Daniel Loxton, who are working on a book that will give a deep overview of the field of cryptozoology.The Skeptic00:32:47
Cryptozoology & Science: Part 1Is it science or folklore? Does it make predictions? In part 1 of a 2-part series, we examine cryptozoology as a field,The Skeptic01:04:56
The Columbus PoltergeistIn 1984, objects began to fly around the room in the presence of a Columbus Ohio teen named Tina Resch. James Randi tells the our hosts the outcome of this case.The Skeptic00:50:40
Cthulhu RisesWe venture into a dark domain that can be called fiction: the monstrous, genre-defining oeuvre of horror writer Howard Philips Lovecraft with noted Lovecraft scholar Robert M. Price and biologist PZ Myers.The Skeptic01:16:26
Bringing Light to a MothCommittee for Skeptical Inquiry investigator Joe Nickell joins us for a look into the West Virginian legend of Mothman - allegedly a human-sized creature with wings and glowing red eyes.The Skeptic00:46:33
Monsters from the LabGenetics and creatures created in the laboratory. Dr. Marcus C. Davis joins us to discuss what constitutes a "monster."The Skeptic01:11:43
Historical Ghost Investigations Part IISinking the Watertown. Blake Smith describes his investigation into a famous photo that allegedly shows two dead sailors floating off the side of a 1920's oil tanker.The Skeptic00:59:29
Historical Ghost Investigations Part IHow does one do a scientific paranormal investigation? We review two past ghost investigations, Kimo Theater Ghost and Waverly Hills SanatoriumThe Skeptic01:00:10
Ghost BirdWhat happens when a creature thought to be extinct is spotted alive in the swamps of Arkansas? Can such a creature have survived? Can scientists verify the story?The Skeptic01:05:16
Getting into the Spirit of ThingsWhat does neuroscience have to say about the possibility of consciousness or mind existing outside the body - or continuing on after the body has died? Neurologist Dr. Steven Novella shares his insights.The Skeptic01:06:46
Suitable for FramingGreg Long, author of the book "The Making of Bigfoot", maintains that a famed Bigfoot film shows nothing more than a man in a modified gorilla suit. And he may have found the man who wore it!The Skeptic00:59:01
Bigfoot: First ImpressionsIn the world of Bigfoot, good evidence is hard to come by. Anecdotes and blurry photos keep the documentaries coming, but most skeptics agree that a body or a living specimen are needed...The Skeptic01:19:16
Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum!Giants appear in cultures around the world. They all have one thing in common: enormous monsters. Archeologist Dr. Ken Feder discusses giants, biblical archeology - and one of the biggest hoaxes in American history.The Skeptic01:13:22
I'm Gonna Get You, Goat Sucker!The most famous of the Latin American cryptids is El Chupacabra, the goat sucker. Benjamin Radford examines the lore behind this slinking, sinister, blood-sucking creature.The Skeptic00:50:55
They Came From Outer Space!Are creatures from other planets visiting the earth, trampling our crops to create cryptic messages, violating people in their sleep, and doing terrible things to our livestock?The Skeptic00:51:49
Horrifying HybridsWe examine monsters that genetically blend humans with "the other", the plausibility of alien-human hybridizations, the real science of genetics, and consider ethical questions involved.The Skeptic01:05:28
Darwin vs. the WolfmanIt's Halloween and we venture into the realm of werewolves and ask what Charles Darwin's Origin of Species implies for this fearsome monster's plausibility. Guest Dr. Brian Regal.The Skeptic01:04:30
PterosaursPaleontologist Dr. David Martill talks about prehistoric flying reptiles and his visit to Papua New Guinea with the TV show MonsterQuest to search for the legendary Ropen.The Skeptic00:50:19
The Plesiosaur HypothesisIs there a mysterious prehistoric living fossil lurking beneath the waters of Loch Ness? We found an expert to answer some of our questions, Dr. Adam Stuart SmithThe Skeptic01:05:11
Fins & Fossil FootprintsDid a Japanese fishing vessel catch the body of a prehistoric aquatic dinosaur? We interview Glen Kuban to discuss the 1977 case of the Zuiyo-Maru and why so many creationists want to find living dinosaurs.The Skeptic00:56:56
Anatomy of a BeastWe interview Michael McLeod, a writer, producer, and director who has created documentaries for national venues. His book "Anatomy of a Beast" is an in-depth look at the origins of the Bigfoot mythology.The Skeptic00:55:45
Bigfoot DNAOur panel interviews Professor Todd Disotell, to examine potential Bigfoot and Yeti DNA. We ask him about the science of DNA analysis, his thoughts on cryptid-TV, and what he's found in his studies.The Skeptic01:11:05

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