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Money Magazine

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Brandon Meeks selects and reads articles from current issues of Money, a Time Inc. personal finance magazine. Since 1972, its articles have covered the gamut of personal finance topics from investing, saving, retirement and taxes to family finance issues like paying for college, credit, career and home improvement.

Current Money Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Money Magazine - Aug, 2013Small home repair jobs with big payoff. Maintaining a home is like eating a healthy diet. by Josh GarskofReader: Brandon Meeks00:08:06
Money Magazine - Aug, 2013Does college still pay off? Michael Crow, president of Arizona State University, answers the question of whether a college education is worth its high cost. by Pat RegnierReader: Brandon Meeks00:08:23
Money Magazine - Jul, 2013Want a more fulfilling job? Lean out! Sheryl Sandberg showed how women can advance to leadership positions at work. By Elaine PofeldtReader: Brandon Meeks00:19:08
Money Magazine - Jun 2013The Massachusetts Health Care Experiment. The heated debate has lost most of its steam... By Amanda Gengler.Reader: Brandon Meeks00:28:21
Money Magazine - May 2013"Your heart attack bill: $3300 in Arkansas, $92,000 in California. Widely differing rates - same procedure" by Chris IsidoreReader: Brandon Meeks00:05:10
Money Magazine - Apr, 2013"Selling Your Home? The cards are in your favor" Six years after the collapse, housing begins its climb. By Beth BravermanReader: Brandon Meeks00:06:13
Money Magazine - Dec, 2012"5 Things to Know About Vaccines" by Michelle Andrews; "Don't Tap Your Home Too Hard" by Beth BravermanReader: Bob Jordan00:06:12
Money Magazine - Nov, 2012"5 Things to Know About Foot Pain" by Walencia Konrad; "Tighten Up Your Holiday Spending" by Karen CheneyReader: Bob Jordan00:06:54
Money Magazine - Oct, 2012"Dodge the Draft" by Sarah Max; "Trim the Risk of Tree Ownership" by Josh GarskofReader: Bob Jordan00:07:52
Money Magazine - Sep, 2012"The Best Handy Man for the Job" by Josh Garskof; "Things to Know about Dental Implants" by Walecia KonradReader: Bob Jordan00:05:20

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