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Money Magazine

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Laraine Herman selects and reads articles from current issues of Money, a Time Inc. personal finance magazine. Since 1972, its articles have covered the gamut of personal finance topics from investing, saving, retirement and taxes to family finance issues like paying for college, credit, career and home improvement.

Current Money Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Money Magazine - Jul, 2019"Dreaming of Buying a Second Home? Here are 6 Important Things to Know"; Advice for anybody who's considering buying a vacation home.Reader: Laraine Herman00:09:51
Money Magazine - Jul, 2019"From Ludacris' Chicken+Beer to Channing Tatum's Saints and Sinners, These Are the Best Celebrity-Owned Restaurants Tight Now", by Prachi BhardwajReader: Laraine Herman00:14:30
Money Magazine - Jul, 2019"Building an Investment Portfolio With ETFs Just Got Even Cheaper" by Rob Curran; "I Challenged Myself to a No-Spend Month -- and the Universe Laughed at Me" by Christine HennessyReader: Laraine Herman00:12:10
Money Magazine - Jun / Jul, 2019"Money Makeover!" by Kaitlin Mulhere; Domestic workers are in high demand, but the jobs have few protections and little pay. by Jennifer CalfasReader: Laraine Herman00:19:12
Money Magazine - Jul, 2019"These Real-Life Golden Girls Moved in Together in Retirement", by Alix Langone; "69-Year-Old Gloria Gaynor Has a Roommate, by Alix Lagone"Reader: Laraine Herman00:15:22
Money Magazine - Jun 2019"Money's Midyear Investor's Guide" - Five trends to bet on in 2019. "The Money Talk Chrissy Metz" The 'This Is Us' star is still learning how to bance a budget.Reader: Laraine Herman00:18:44
Money Magazine - Jun, 2019"Josh Altman's Million Dollar Guide to Buying Your Dream Home"; "This 32-Year-Old Coffee Business Pulls in $1 Million a year"; "Recession-Proof Your Retirement"Reader: Laraine Herman00:21:45
Money Magazine - June, 2019"The Best Sign-Up Bonus We've Seen in Years"-Chase; "A $2 Million Scam by a Former Vanguard Supervisor is Scaring Investors"; "My Teenage Dream Was to Live on a Boat"Reader: Laraine Herman00:10:55
Money Magazine - Jun, 2019"A Scholarship Guru Shares His Best Tips"; "Spirit Airlines Is Actually...Good?"; "Nervous About Stocks? Opportunities in Bond Market"; "Before You Retire"Reader: Laraine Herman00:15:42
Money Magazine - May, 2019"What Pro Athletes Can Teach Us About Retirement" by Alix Langone; "The MONEY Talk With Amy Sedaris" by Kristen BahlerReader: Laraine Herman00:13:49
Money Magazine - May, 2019"Here's How to Save $1 Million by 65 Based on How Old You Are Now"; "Meet the Record-Setting Olympian Who's Now a CFP", "401K Oversight"; "Avoid Burnout"Reader: Laraine Herman00:16:03
Money Magazine - May, 2019"The Debt Slasher" Broke Millennials Are Flocking to Financial Guru Dave Ramsey. Is His Advice Sound? by Kristen BahlerReader: Laraine Herman00:23:25
Money Magazine - May, 2019"Why You Should Never Tell Starbucks Your Birthday"; "How to Simplify Investments and Boost Returns"; Actively Managed Mutual Funds Getting Cheaper" "Best Banks for Seniors"Reader: Laraine Herman00:17:50
Money Magazine - Apr 2019Top 10 International Travel Destinations, by various authors. List Your House During May and Sell it For More, by Shaina Mishkin.Reader: Laraine Herman00:19:02
Money Magazine - Apr, 2019Best in Travel-top 10 domestic destinations. From dramatic beaches, ski-friendly mountains, to lively cities, we evaluate the ultimate in travel experiences.Reader: Laraine Herman00:14:43
Money Magazine - Apr, 2019"What's the Best Streaming Service for Your Money Now? by Brad Tuttle; "he Trap That Could Quietyly Kill Your Retirement" by Alix Langone, "Best in Travel"Reader: Laraine Herman00:18:46
Money Magazine - Apr, 2019"Want to Make Six Figures? Become a Plumber", "A Simple Way to Boost Your Retirement by As Much As $80,000"; "Rolling Into Retirement One State at a Time"Reader: Laraine Herman00:13:44
Money Magazine - Apr, 2019Meet the Teen Who Started a Million-Dollar Candy Business; A Great Way to 'Fail' at Work"; Stocks Look Cheap. But Are They Good. Money Talk with Jay LenoReader: Laraine Herman00:16:25
Money Magazine - Mar, 2019"What to Ask Your Robo-Advisor"-Money management in the digital age. by Paul Schrodt; "The Amazon Flex Wars", by Julia GlumReader: Laraine Herman00:20:00
Money Magazine - Mar, 2019"The Four Best Eco-Friendly Cities to Retire to Now"-Places that enhance our health and well-being. "The #GirlBoss Revolution"-first fail and then something greatReader: Laraine Herman00:24:45
Money Magazine - Mar, 2019Tax day is fast approaching. This year, thanks to the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, your tax return could be a lot different.Reader: Laraine Herman00:17:28
Money Magazine - Mar, 2019"A Venture Capitalist With Change in Mind; "Recession 2020? These Experts Say It's Possible"; "Stealth Medicare Enrollment Period"Reader: Laraine Herman00:16:31
Money Magazine - Feb 2019"How to Get a Better Job"-best tips for getting a new gig in 2019; "How to Get the Skills You Need for a New Career"; "Costco Tips From a Real Pro"Reader: Laraine Herman00:11:10
Money Magazine - Feb 2019My Trick to Beating Anxiety at Work by Kristen Bahler. These Credit Card Hackers are Traveling the World for Free by Alix Langone.Reader: Laraine Herman00:17:22
Money Magazine - Feb 2019Millennial Saving Challenge by Alix Langone. EMTs Say Pay Isn't Enough by Kristen Bahler. Amount of Stocks to Own vs. Age by Ian SalisburyReader: Laraine Herman00:21:45
Money Magazine - Feb 2019Moms Reveal How to Get the Best Deals at Target by Allana Akhtar. Professionals Reveal How Far This Bull Can Run by Sergei Klebnikov.Reader: Laraine Herman00:23:05
Money Magazine - Jan 2019Greek Hotel's $29K Secret, by Lindsay Silberman. Gamble on Beef Jerky, by Allana Ahktar. Career Reboot: How to Get a Raise, by Julia Glum.Reader: Laraine Herman00:10:47

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