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Mens Health Magazine

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Men's Health, published by Rodale Inc., is the world's largest men's magazine brand, with 40 editions in 47 countries, and is the best-selling men's magazine on U.S. newsstands. In addition to men's health, it covers lifestyle topics such as fitness, nutrition, fashion, and sexuality. Selected articles are read to you by Steve West.

Current Mens Health Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Death to Calories - Jan, 2018There's a far smarter approach to eating your way to a better body and a longer, healthier life. By Sam KaplanReader: Keith Langhorn00:18:15
Win the battle of the bugs - Jan 2018Here's your three part plan to avoid disease, boost immunity, and stay healthy all year long. By Steven WrightReader: Keith Langhorn00:12:15
Curry, Questions, Leading & Workouts - Nov 2015Stephen Curry, by Bill Stieg. Life's Questions, by Staff. Leading at the Speed of Sound, by Clint Carter. Tough Workouts, by T.R. FoleyReader: Steve West00:18:44
Cancer, Sex & Muscle - Nov, 2015F--- the Big C, by Julie Stewart. Fire in the Bedroom, by Anna Breslaw. Build Max Muscle, by Andrew HeffernanReader: Steve West00:19:00
Hemp, Gyms & Jobs - Oct 2015Best non-dairy Milks, by Julie Steward. America's Wackiest Gym, by Michael Easter. How to Land the World's Best Jobs, by Matt McCueReader: Steve West00:20:49
The Best Sex She's Ever Had - Nov 2014We asked seven women to describe their hottest hookups. By Jennifer MillerReader: Keith Langhorn00:14:24
Secrets - Sep 2014Secrets: are yours slowly killing you? By Bryan SmithReader: Keith Langhorn00:13:07
Weed is Legal - Jul 2014Legalization is fueling a revolution in more potent, easily consumable marijuana. The problem? Nobody seem to know if it is ok. By Joel WarnerReader: Keith Langhorn00:07:10
When killings a game - Jun 2014In real life killing is a traumatic experience. But in video games, it can happen a hundred times a minute. By Keith LanghornReader: Keith Langhorn00:18:51
Monster Muscle - Apr 2014How to build monster muscle. By Eric SpitznagelReader: Keith Langhorn00:13:14
Sleep - Apr 2014Doctor: How did you sleep last night? Patient: How would I know, I was asleep! By T.D. Holt MDReader: Keith Langhorn00:25:04
Jacked - Mar 2014Jacked, By Joe KitaReader: Keith Langhorn00:18:26
Only the Fit Survive - Feb 2014Every summer for more than 650 years, the best wrestlers in Turkey gather to battle for the title of champion, by Trevor ThiemeReader: Keith Langhorn00:21:08
Cook Like a Man - Dec 2013Magnus Nilsson is one of the world's most renowned and fearless chefs, by Matt GouldingReader: Keith Langhorn00:18:32
The Condom Conundrum - Nov 2013Whatever you call them ... a man's relationship with condoms is complicated. By Jim Thornton.Reader: Keith Langhorn00:20:07
The Real Paleo Diet - Nov 2013A simple & effective system for reducing calories without starving or depriving yourself of nutrients. By Lou Schuler & John WilliamsReader: Keith Langhorn00:12:50

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