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AIRSLA is pleased to link you to podcasts of Marketplace Money from American Public Media, a weekly hour-long program hosted by Tess Vigeland on the topics of personal finance, money, retirement, and health care.

Current Marketplace Money Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
9/17/21What can the Fed do about climate change? Plus: The Weekly Wrap, some background on that pesky computer chip shortage and drive-thru coffee shops.APM00:26:14
9/16/21Could the housing market be returning to normal? Rise of Portland's placeless restaurants. Lebanon's economic. Why home insurance doesn't cover floodsAPM00:26:43
9/15/21America's child care system is failing families. German struggle with its green ambitions. All about inflation. Shipping container consternationAPM00:26:46
9/14/21Poverty dipped in 2020 as the government boosted aid. Small businesses look to up prices amid supply chain woes. A look back at the Occupy movement...APM00:25:17
9/13/21For restaurants, fall 2021 brings with it a strong sense of deja vu. GDP growth. Retail spending in China. The history behind power grid problems in TexasAPM00:27:48
9/10/21Uncertainty is the economic legacy of 9/11. View on the ground in New Orleans. Examine how OSHA makes its rules. Recap the week in economic news.APM00:26:15
9/9/21A hot labor market won't close gaps in the economy. Airline earnings. Biden's vaccine mandates. A legacy of 9/11 at work you probably don't even noticeAPM00:25:32
9/8/21How will New York City enforce its vaccine mandate? Record-number job openings are met with a low number of hires. North Dakota aims to distribute rent relief...APM00:25:54
9/7/21Traveling nurses and short-staffed hospitals are in a vicious cycle...APM00:25:45
9/6/21As pandemic benefits end, unemployment for Black workers is on the rise...APM00:26:50
9/3/21Not a great jobs report. Should we have seen it coming? Securing a resilient New York subway system. Why Apple is relaxing its app store rules.APM00:25:45
9/2/21When the effects of the climate crisis hit home. Sex workers continue to protest discrimination against legal sex work. Competition for the stock ticker MEME...APM00:26:10
9/1/21Hiring Challenges: Power shifts to workers. Could the loss of power on the Gulf Coast have been prevented? How the Taliban might run the Afghan economyAPM00:27:06
8/31/21What next for the housing market? How Louisianans are surviving in the late-summer heat. Racial and ethnic disparity in specialty health care. Paying back PPP loans.APM00:27:55
8/30/21Infrastructure investment put to the test in Louisiana. How Ikea hopes to stop you from junking its wares. Marketing professor's take on the Taliban's association with Toyota.APM00:27:49
8/27/21The Supreme Court blocked Biden's eviction moratorium yesterday. Health care costs of wildfires. Outlook for companies that did well in the pandemic...APM00:25:40
8/26/21How to diversify manufacturing? Curbside pickup convenience and efficiency, drought declaration for western states, supply chain vulnerabilityAPM00:27:00
8/25/21Biden looks to fill cybersecurity jobs. Also: wind energy in the U.S., a strong durable goods report and a look at the on-demand warehouse industry...APM00:27:00
8/24/21Inequality on the Fed's agenda at Jackson Hole. Walmart's delivery service. Shipping behemoth invests in carbon neutrality. Failed effort to end Afghanistan opiumAPM00:25:22
8/23/21Full FDA approval of Pfizer vaccine clears way for employer mandates. What GMs' recall of the Chevy Bolt means for the electric vehicle industry...APM00:27:00
8/20/21Aid groups brace for flood of Afghan refugees. What happens once they arrive stateside. Toys R Us returns! Copper and the economy. How companies fully embrace empathyAPM00:27:00
8/19/21With COVID cases surging and remote work looking good, companies providing remote meetings are booming. Also: pandemic unemployment benefits, and the Federal Reserve slows bond buyingAPM00:27:00
8/18/21Why credits cards are taking so long to modernize. A summer slowdown in economic recovery. Delta variant hits Hawaii. Local food delivery servicesAPM00:27:00
8/17/21COVID surges mean staff and bed shortages again. How global economies might respond to the Taliban. The dip in July retail spending. Vacant downtown business districtsAPM00:27:00
8/16/21The new reality of Afghanistan's economy. Plus: a crackdown on the tutoring industry in China and some California farmers shift their business modelsAPM00:28:34
8/13/21COVID resurgence slashes consumer sentiment, especially for the vaccinated. City growth in the U.S. Why service workers face abuse from customers. NCAA's waning powerAPM00:27:37
8/12/21The Census Bureau on proposed congressional district borders. The Biden's appeal to OPEC. Public health and the economy. A child's flower businessAPM00:28:15
8/11/21School supply drives have two key impacts. Brexit impacts college enrollment. Infrastructure bill. Why expiration dates aren't accurateAPM00:28:20
8/10/21Senate Dems look to universal pre-K. Also: Wildfire prevention, negativism among small-business owners and Los Angeles' struggle with rent reliefAPM00:27:55
8/9/21U.N. climate crisis, commercial real estate - shared workspace partnership, the pause in student loan payments, racial discrimination in home appraisals...APM00:27:00
8/6/21Examining July's labor force participation, a boon for secondary markets and how homeownership can bring out the worst in people.APM00:28:00
8/5/21Biden's ambitious Electric Vehicle goal. Also: Textile mills face drought-induced setbacks, and how raising kids can be like running a small business...APM00:26:00
8/4/21Congestion in U.S. ports and surges in COVID-19 could slow economic growth. New York City's restaurant industry responds to vaccine mandates...APM00:28:00
8/3/21Beverage companies are racing to find the next big drink. Plus the slow recovery of business travel, how drought could expensive tomatoes...APM00:28:00
8/2/21Our labor force is short on construction workers, and we may have to invest in citizen training or issue more visas for temporary, foreign workers...APM00:28:00
7/30/21With surge of delta variant, will downtowns become ghost towns again? Also: consumer sensitivity to price hikes, long lines in Cape Cod and...APM00:28:00
7/29/21Why some builders are intentionally constructing fewer homes. Year of lost GDP. Grappling with the booze supply chain. The shoe many love to hateAPM00:28:00
7/28/21Hurdles for tenants behind on their rent. London financial center after Brexit, potential USA hunger crisis. Alaskan salmon industry resurgenceAPM00:28:00
7/27/21Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and co-founder of a digital financial company for women, discusses how COVID-19 exacerbated existing inequities between men and womenAPM00:28:00
7/26/21Why some towns may pay you to move there. Also: shipping bottlenecks in Chicago, the good some think inflation can bring and restaurant menu QR codesAPM00:28:00
7/23/21Correlation between business reopening and vaccination rates. Also when masks are on the back-to-school shopping list, and more...APM00:28:00
7/22/21One of the fastest-growing companies in the world revolutionizing fashion and apparel. Rental bidding wars. California's power-sharing predicament...APM00:28:07
7/21/21Shanghai's newsstands are disappearing. Why? Some say they may have outlived their use. Also environmental justice guidance from the White House...APM00:27:31
7/20/21The recent pandemic-induced recession only lasted only two months. We discuss why it feels like it's far from over for some...APM00:28:00
7/20/21The number of working teens has jumped. What do they do? Plus, the European Union's carbon tariff, the hot homebuilding market, and more...APM00:28:00
7/16/21Reinstating mask mandates could have impacts on local businesses. How the leisure travel surge spurred airline staff retraining, and...APM00:27:34
7/15/21Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo talks infrastructure, chips and the care economy. Plus: Foreclosures, stadium litter and the Chinese economyAPM00:28:17
7/14/21Low wages are burning out federal firefighters. The elements that go into a flight. The advertising impact of the 'no-fan' Olympics. Plus...APM00:28:08
7/13/21Child tax credit payments: How will Americans use them? A new report's findings on clean energy. What is a 'point' on the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P?APM00:28:00
7/12/21Optimism soars at the prospect of a bounce-back earnings season. Also, coffee price talk, the movement of BLM headquarters and where we stand on inflationAPM00:29:00
7/9/21Will the hearing aid market pick up Biden's monopoly message? States' cutoff unemployment benefits. Electric vehicles. Texas light pollutionAPM00:29:06
7/8/21How women and employers deal with resume gaps. Plus, the changing credit card industry and new laws that give renters legal counsel.APM00:28:00
7/7/21Do hiring practices signal a recovering economy or a struggle to hire? Plus, grocery supply chains, stockpiling and why America can't quit coalAPM00:28:09
7/6/21Weather Channel and Fox Weather begin fee-based streaming services. Plus Iceland's short workweek and the short-term training industry...APM00:26:10
7/5/21How commercial space flight is wide open when it comes to rules... Colleges in Maine see increase in out-of-state students. World's oldest sweet shop...APM00:25:05
7/2/21Burnout is rampant in this workforce, and the quit rate is accelerating. This morning's jobs report and the last mile of economic recovery.APM00:29:07
7/1/21The semiconductor chip shortage forced Ford to slow production. Recruiting nexgen venture capitalists. Surging propane prices and...APM00:28:04
6/30/21Obama and Trump administration policies on corporate competition. Post-pandemic career changes. Free Obamacare. Trade promotion authorityAPM00:28:04
6/29/21The disparity between mental and physical health benefits. How a 'beer game' illustrates the workings of supply chains. The art of car hagglingAPM00:25:35
6/28/21Can Pacific Northwest infrastructure adapt to heat. Extended child tax credit's effect on poverty. Fed's housing market tightrope...APM00:25:39
6/25/21ore than 70% of workers want the option to work remotely, but that doesn't necessarily mean they want to spend all their time working from home.APM00:27:51
6/24/21Why first-time jobless claims are higher than pre-pandemic. The four-day workweek. Training lots of new employees. Can Congress regulate Big Tech?APM00:25:43
6/23/21The FAA's $8 billion grant to help airports recover. Summer movie season gets underway. GDP growt. House flippers are priced out of the marketAPM00:25:37
6/22/21Why joblessness is higher among Black and Hispanic workers. Changes coming to the meatpacking industry. Logistical challenges to vaccination...APM00:25:18
6/21/21How Amazon Prime Day emphasizes global supply chain quirks. Supply chain shortages. Racial disparity in access to unemployment benefits...APM00:28:29
6/18/21What needless Covid cleaning costs businesses. Inflation and wages, along with a live wrap-up of the biggest news of the week...APM00:27:00
6/17/21How consumers make sense of inflation talk. Is automation is to blame for stagnating wages? How it works when a CEO is also board chairman...APM00:27:55
6/16/21We look at how Covid factors can create a less predictable back-to-work economy. What's driving the housing shortage. And more...APM00:27:09
6/15/21How Covid changed the labor market. Why retail sales are down. The US-EU truce on airplane subsidies. Lower Medicare eligibility ageAPM00:28:09
6/14/21Why inflation can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Why restaurants say they need more financial aid. Companies are investing in cyber insuranceAPM00:28:07
6/11/21Do confidence in the economy and rising prices change how people spend their money? Also a look at how consumer demand changes when products are scarceAPM00:28:09
6/10/21What makes inflation so worrying. Why 5 million Americans still receive extended unemployment benefits. Challenges of wind energy production...APM00:27:46
6/9/21What's next for U.S. - EU tariffs. Senate allocates $250 billion to technology R&D. Work requirements for SNAP benefits don't lead to more people workingAPM00:28:06
6/8/21How the gap between appraisals contributes to racial inequality. The Biden strategy to strengthen supply chains. Labor & supply shortages...APM00:28:09
6/7/21What it would take to get to a global minimum tax. Why some states have a tax revenue surplus. Bringing foreign investors back to U.S.APM00:27:49
6/4/21Why Americans aren't reentering the workforce. Why Facebook decided to suspend Trump for two years. Why used car prices surge...APM00:27:53
6/3/21The long-term challenges of long-term unemployment. How the airline industry sees the future. Ally Bank's decision to end overdraft fees...APM00:27:35
6/2/21Mismatch between available jobs and wanted jobs. How small business deals with supply chain issues. Videoconferencing changes workplaceAPM00:27:40
6/1/21Taking the labor market temperature. Biden tackles racial inequality in home appraisals. Reclaimed lumber. Pandemic & restaurants.APM00:27:40
5/31/21Businesses in South Dakota prepare for a busy season. Restaurants are struggle to attract workers. Rent relief efforts in Houston and more...APM00:27:51
5/28/21More than a year into the pandemic, rent relief is finally reaching those who need it. Also, what's in store for consumer spending and more...APM00:27:37
5/27/21What's driving rental car prices so high? Nearly half our states are cutting federal jobless benefits. Corporate governance and climate changeAPM00:28:34
5/26/21One woman's struggle to overcome long-term unemployment. Amazon buys MGM Studios for $8.45 billion. Dow Jones Industrial Average 125th birthday.APM00:28:35
5/25/21Why Black entrepreneurship surged during Covid. Overcoming fear as a first-time homebuyer. How Covid changed city streets. And more...APM00:27:45
5/24/21Have businesses kept their promises for racial justice? Memorial Day movie industry test. How the vaccines affect consumer spending. And more...APM00:28:09
5/21/21The Federal Reserve is thinking about a digital dollar - kind of like Bitcoin. What shoe sales say about economic recovery. And more...APM00:27:47
5/20/21History of long-term unemployment in the U.S. Businesses are now the most trusted institution. Expanding Medicaid could produce more jobs...APM00:27:52
5/19/21How disaggregated data leads to better policy. The semiconductor chip shortage. Getting women back into the workforce. Rise of social trading appsAPM00:28:31
5/18/21Is reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 doable? What needs to happen. Also: Zoom happy hour has mixed reviews, housing starts were down...APM00:28:30
5/17/21Pipeline companies are trying to avoid regulation, despite major hack.APM00:27:27
5/14/21What inflation, retail sales and relief payments are telling us about the economic recovery.APM00:28:41
5/13/21Labor shortage + desperate employers = rising wages.APM00:28:38
5/12/21Consumer prices jumped higher than expected.APM00:28:39
5/11/21Why small-business owners' outlook is surprisingly glum. Simon Property Group bets on its tenants. Broadway is coming back. Food gets pricierAPM00:27:28
5/10/21States begin to drop out of federal pandemic unemployment programs. The benefits are too generous, and they discourage people from working.APM00:28:02
5/7/21Making sense of April's jobs numbers. Juicing the jobs market. Why the Federal Reserve is pointing to risks in the current economy...APM00:28:25
5/6/21Why the current labor shortage is unusual. Biden administration backs temporary waiver on COVID patents. What a flexible work future looks like...APM00:28:20
5/5/21How the labor market is recovering from the pandemic. Small businesses may never reopen. Scarcity of minerals for green energy, and...APM00:28:17
5/4/21A look at the many Americans drastically changing their career paths. Manufacturers have hiring trouble. Used car shortages...APM00:27:50
5/3/21Bipartisan support for Biden's phasing out hydrofluorocarbons. More homeowners are paying mortgage bills. Verizon is selling Yahoo and AOL...APM00:27:52
4/30/21Jobs may take a while to recover. How New York businesses get ready to reopen. Incentivizing vaccinations. Reclaiming U.S. rare-earth mantle.APM00:28:15
4/29/21Do we even want to go back to a pre-pandemic economy? Child care industry issues, reparations for house building, variable minimum wagesAPM00:28:21
4/28/21How demand for a break might shape up. Voting rights legislation prompts political fundraising. What new consumer spending numbers could meanAPM00:28:52
4/27/21Why a Baltimore church is pledging half a million dollars in reparations. Plus, shipping containers are increasingly getting lost at sea...APM00:28:36
4/26/21Biden's investment in education and child care. Apple's plan for a new campus in North Carolina. Why older single women are buying camper vans.APM00:28:24
4/23/21Stock market freakout yesterday. Homebuyers waive contingencies in a hot housing market. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles leavesb Nike...APM00:28:03
4/22/21Evolving the world economy to solve climate change & pandemics. Why home construction costs are exploding. USDA extends free lunch programAPM00:28:21
4/21/21Stay-home economy changes at pandemic end. Stopping the new European soccer league plan. Semiconductor shortage and more...APM00:28:31
4/20/21China's bullet trains. Commercial construction faces rocky year. Apple bets users will opt to be tracked. Hotel food business recovers from COVIDAPM00:28:11
4/19/21How businesses that have made it in the pandemic are doing, why lumber prices are rising and why there's little affordable housingAPM00:28:04
4/16/21Community pharmacists face challenges in vaccine rollout. Three community pharmacists share their experience giving out COVID-19 vaccines.APM00:27:26
4/15/21Evidence that walk-in clinics can help reduce racial vaccination disparities. Data points to a strong economic recovery this year, and more!APM00:27:57
4/14/21Will company culture return after Covid? Retailers hire tens of thousands, why some companies didn't push back against Georgia's new voting lawAPM00:28:31
4/13/21We visit the Zoom town capital of California. Plus, why inflation numbers will be wonky for a while, the surge in retail investors and...APM00:28:24
4/12/21We hear from an Asian business owner in Oakland, California, about her experience. Plus, growing pushback against vaccine passports, and more...APM00:27:35
4/9/21Amazon workers vote against unionization. Why more countries examine foreign acquisitions of companies, Texas plumbers are still flush...APM00:28:00
4/8/21Pros and cons of infrastructure spending. 2 in 5 Americans delayed a financial milestone due to Covid. Uber and Lyft try to get drivers backAPM00:28:07
4/7/21A federal effort to vaccinate essential ag workers, Spending relief checks to pay debt, Striking a global corporate tax deal, and...APM00:27:16
4/6/21Reining in Amazon, The pandemic is making people rethink careers, Transmigrante traffic may boost Texas' economy, Toddlers feel pandemic stressAPM00:27:44
4/5/21We’re not all getting out of the pandemic at the same time, and that may leave lasting damage. Patients get access to all their medical records...APM00:27:36
4/2/21Restrictive voting laws. All about that good jobs report. How side hustles increase peer-to-peer payment app...APM00:27:14
4/1/21How consumers shop post-vaccination. Jobless claims are up but so are job listings. Landlords and tenants at odds over evictions...APM00:27:30
3/31/21Why Biden is taking a broad view on infrastructure. How it could relieve port backlogs. Apple's platform for musician copyrights...APM00:26:51
3/30/21Inflation isn't just about higher prices. Home prices rise fast. Businesses struggle with tax forms. Diaper banks struggle with demand...APM00:28:19
3/29/212 decisions by CDC - the pandemic is NOT over. Future of US-China trade war. How remote workers are adapting. Biden spends big on scienceAPM00:27:16
3/26/21Co-working company WeWork uses a SPAC to go public. Democrats are not very aggressively undoing Trump administration regulations...APM00:27:27
3/25/21Struggling theaters compete with streaming. Restaurants struggle with recruitment. Another micro business making it through the pandemicAPM00:27:56
3/24/21Fragility of the global supply chain. Durable goods orders dip. Why businesses push Congress to expand paid family & medical leaveAPM00:28:10
3/23/21The challenges of reaching herd immunity and reopening. Plus, appliance shortages are holding up home improvement and construction...APM00:27:41
3/22/21American consumerism is back. Movies are reopening without their biggest moneymaker. Consequences of maintaining vaccine borders. And more...APM00:26:36
3/19/21Moving into the relief-spending stage. Plus, Disney faces complaint of pay secrecy, Amazon and NFL finalize a streaming deal and...APM00:28:14
3/18/21Remember the trade war Trump started with China? All those tariffs? Well, it doesn't seem like things will change all that much under Biden.APM00:28:10
3/17/21The outlook for the economy highly uncertain. Small businesses having trouble finding workers. Shipping container shortages...APM00:28:37
3/16/21The post-pandemic travel industry. Plus, Asian Americans experience much long-term unemployment, a steel market check and more...APM00:27:53
3/15/21What full employment means to policymakers. Also, a new infrastructure bill, why economists think peer-to-peer payment apps will grow...APM00:27:42
3/12/21Goldman-Sachs will commit $10 billion toward opportunities for Black women. Restaurant relief money distribution. Earmark comebacks...APM00:28:34
3/11/21A year into the pandemic, a look back at unemployment numbers. Optimism about 2021, expanded access to Obamacare & being a remote internAPM00:28:28
3/10/21The complications of resuming in-person learning, a look at a bill that would extend union protections and conversation with Lee Isaac ChungAPM00:28:03
3/9/21Will an expanded child tax credit solve the "she-cession"? Plus, a virtual SXSW festival, why Unilever will stop using the word "normal"...APM00:28:08
3/8/21How the port of Los Angeles backup could affect business hiring. Plus, crude oil prices rise, and Biden rebuilds federal workforceAPM00:28:00
3/5/21Long-term unemployment hits highest level in 9 years. An update on the COVID-19 relief package and full retail recovery chances.APM00:27:47
3/4/21What it's like to run a microbusiness in the pandemic economy. Plus some manufacturers are having difficulty filling jobs...APM00:28:25
3/3/21New job data are below expectations. We look at the pandemic labor market. Plus, Texas is reopening, people rebuild after a tornado...APM00:28:18
3/3/21What does it mean for workers to have a seat at the table when it comes to trade policy? Plus, schools reopen safely, & GameStop moviesAPM00:27:30
3/1/21How high-income taxpayers help some states through COVID-19. Plus, Texas' largest electricity co-op goes bankrupt, and rental relief delaysAPM00:27:50
2/26/21Economists are predicting a big shift back to spending on services as COVID-19 cases decline. That's good news for our service economy...APM00:27:54
2/25/21People are getting ready for COVID-19 recovery. Economists expect pent-up demand. New York's reopening plans, winterizing Texas plus...APM00:28:06
2/24/21Securing U.S. supply chains and insuring our future competitiveness. Getting back to full employment, the child tax credit proposal...APM00:27:34
2/23/21How new PPP eligibility requirements are hurting some small businesses. What the bond market is signaling about recovery...APM00:27:54
2/22/21How making federal jobless benefits automatic would work. The impact of a $15 hourly minimum wage. Mortgage rates creep up...APM00:27:57
2/20/21Hazard pay for essential workers has quietly disappeared. Status of efforts to replace it. Inflation in energy, shelter and food...APM00:27:30
2/19/21The Biden administration is unveiling an immigration bill with a path to citizenship. What that could mean for the economy...APM00:27:00
2/17/21How short selling works (and what it does to the economy). Plus, more fallout from the freeze in Texas, Puerto Rico's coffee industry...APM00:27:00
2/16/21Why Texas' power grids couldn't meet demand. We look at why. Plus: Life in North Dakota's oil fields, YOUNG ROCK and "employment"APM00:27:00
2/15/21The administration plans to spend $50 million to get more people to sign up for health insurance via the Affordable Care Act...APM00:27:38
2/12/21Today's the delayed start of the tax-filing season, and it's likely to be an especially stressful one for IRS employees and filers alike.APM00:27:52
2/11/21Research shows 66% of unemployed U.S. adults seriously considered changing their occupation. We hear from people trying to make that switch.APM00:28:12
2/10/21Where the economy might be when the relief money starts getting out. Plus, how mothers are particularly penalized in the workplace, and more...APM00:28:02
2/9/21Why Biden's economic team would rather go too big on COVID relief. Plus how the end of slavery led to two different minimum wages...APM00:28:14
2/8/21How pooled testing can help keep schools open. Plus, the risk of inflation from COVID-19 financial relief, and more...APM00:27:54
2/5/21All about jobs: The growing concern of long-term unemployment, what counts as a small business, unspent money, and a story of job huntingAPM00:27:57
2/4/21Even the economy is becoming politically polarized. Plus how Democrats plan to take on tech megafirms, Big Oil's big losses, and investing...APM00:28:12
2/3/21Jeff Bezos steps down as CEO, the U.S. isn't as innovative as it used to be, and a florist preps for Valentine's Day this year...APM00:27:41
2/2/21How our economy will probably look a lot different after Covid. Plus, a look at China's manufacturing rise and a California goat ranch...APM00:26:45
2/1/21The Americans who fell into the unemployment benefits gap. Plus: Silver is not the next GameStop and the "afterlife" of mass incarceration.APM00:27:08
1/29/21We try to make sense of the week. Plus, unprecedented congestion at America's ports and how the pandemic has changed bartending.APM00:27:06
1/28/21Experts urge the public to start wearing better masks. Plus, the bonkers GameStop stock situation and pandemic-inspired home renovationAPM00:27:19
1/27/21What's going on with GameStop. A new study on the deadliest jobs during Covid. How government policies can lead to economic discriminationAPM00:27:08
1/26/21What we learned in the past decade about letting an economy run hot. Plus, 71% of working parents have kids who are attending school in person...APM00:27:38
1/25/21Biden's executive order promises federal dollars will be used to buy American-made products. Why is it so hard to keep that promise?APM00:28:40
1/22/21The strange way we hand over government control, Biden moves to raise federal workers' minimum wage and complications of giving vaccine shotsAPM00:26:46
1/21/21Biden joked that Lin-Manuel Miranda should write a musical about Janet Yellin. Indie rapper Dessa and her collaborators did it. Here it is:APM00:27:34
1/20/21Biden's first steps: a sweeping immigration bill, a $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan, extended unemployment benefits, workplace discrimination...APM00:29:29
1/19/21We examine the unemployment pictures in Hawaii, Nebraska and South Florida and discuss economic challenges facing Biden.APM00:25:02
1/18/21$25 billion in emergency rental assistance is on the way plus Biden proposes $25 billion more. But will the money come soon enough?APM00:27:03
1/15/21How Biden's Rescue Plan could impact economic recovery. Plus, big banks are doing well & conversation with FCC Chairman Ajit PaiAPM00:26:24
1/14/21Economic recovery depends on your wage bracket. Economic significance of last week's insurrection. China one year after it's first lockdownAPM00:26:54
1/13/20How people use their $600 checks. How baby bonds could close the racial wealth gap. Why Netflix plans to release a new movie every weekAPM00:27:24
1/12/21On today's show: the business world outlook. Plus, a look at systemic racism in farming and the pandemic's continued impact on working mothersAPM00:26:55
1/11/21Corporations are starting to stand up to Trump. The economic fallout of a failed insurrection and how recovery might look...APM00:27:06
1/8/21Worsening pandemic will continue to slow jobs recovery. How rural vaccine rollout is going. D.C. restaurant workers can get vaccinated...APM00:26:36
1/7/21A look at the disconnects between the markets, the economy and our democracy. Plus, social media platforms put restrictions on the president...APM00:27:53
1/6/21Extreme supporters of President Donald Trump gathered for protests at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, which turned violent...APM00:27:26
1/5/21How the pandemic altered small business owners' plans and lives. Plus, health care is a hard system to change, Biden's plans for COVID testing...APM00:26:53
1/4/21Economists predict wages will stagnate for returning service workers. Plus, Google's employees unionize, & a check on small business owners...APM00:27:27
1/1/21A look at how bumping up the $600 checks might play out with a new Congress and a new administration in the White House...APM00:26:06
12/31/20We look back at the year that was, and how the problems of 2020 will continue in 2021...APM00:26:51
12/30/20Advice on $600 relief "checks". Plus, Congress finally bans surprise medical bills and how 2020 became the year of the hobby.APM00:26:49
12/30/20Americans will soon be getting $600 checks. We show how Americans are likely to spend their stimulus on necessities right away...APM00:26:30
12/28/20Trump finally signed the COVID-19 relief bill but it's unclear if people will end up receiving crucial unemployment benefit payments this week...APM00:27:40
12/25/20With the COVID-19 relief bill still in limbo, we talk about how people working from home are attempting to take care of their mental healthAPM00:25:08
12/24/20States are now fighting over which should receive workers' income taxes as state and local budgets crumble due to the coronavirus.APM00:27:00
12/22/20Will the Covid-19 relief package be enough? How to get caught doing economic espionage. The insurance industry in the climate change gameAPM00:27:19
12/21/20Impact of the coming relief money. Plus, when teachers should get the Covid vaccine & why a lender wants youth to stay on her reservationAPM00:27:11
12/18/2025% of US doctors are considering retiring early, according to a new survey, and 8% have already closed their practices because of COVID-19.APM00:27:52
12/17/20Congress is reportedly nearing a deal on the second round of COVID-19 relief, eight months after the first and only pandemic-aid package.APM00:27:20
12/16/20How the pandemic affects retailers and consumers alike. What the SolarWinds hack could mean for the economy. Why fewer Americans are movingAPM00:27:12
12/15/20The CEO of GoFundMe on how people relied on it during the COVID economic downturn. How home work models affect real estate...APM00:27:26
12/14/20How United Airlines handled the pandemic. Plus, economies that controlled the virus are doing better and a look at the U.S.-China relationship...APM00:28:09
12/11/20COVID relief expiration. Who qualifies as an essential worker for vaccine administration. How liability protections hold up relief talksAPM00:27:04
12/10/20The racial wealth gap will make pandemic recovery for Black Americans hard. Plus, the case for extending unemployment benefits...APM00:27:35
12/9/20The U.S. government sued Facebook today, alleging it bought or killed off its competition. What that means for today's tech giants...APM00:27:26
12/8/20A look at the bipartisan business of political lobbying. Plus, Nielsen catches up with the streaming era and why Ikea is axing its catalogAPM00:27:20
12/7/20COVID-19 could lead to 300 to 500 thousand fewer births next year. And that could mean big economic consequences for the workforce in the futureAPM00:27:59
12/4/20In more normal times, adding 245,000 jobs in November would be great. But hundreds of thousands are leaving the workforce. We do the numbers...APM00:27:00
12/4/20A medical system at its breaking point, an unpredictable retail landscape and the possibility of a double-dip recession...APM00:27:00
12/2/20We ask a few economists how the next round of relief money should be spent. Plus, understanding post-pandemic recovery, and Covid vaccine distributionAPM00:27:38
12/1/20Federal Reserve and Treasury inconsistencies could make passing COVID-19 aid harder. Plus: Most states underpay pandemic unemployment benefits...APM00:28:02
11/30/20A look at how Biden's economic team is shaping up. Plus, a Wall Street data merger, COVID-19 in food deserts and what's up with 5GAPM00:27:08
11/27/20The pandemic caused a shift to online holiday shopping as people try to stay home and stay safe. A delivery crunch could be coming...APM00:26:54
11/26/20We talk to workers who'll be celebrating the holidays from their home offices. Plus, being a senior on fixed income during the pandemic.APM00:26:29
11/25/20Millions of Americans are about to go over a fiscal cliff. Plus, how the pandemic affected our helium supply and toy drives are navigating COVIDAPM00:27:11
11/24/20Bleak outlook for small business. We check restaurants preparing for lockdowns, the future of the Housing Department & dating app popularityAPM00:27:32
11/23/20A look at what Janet Yellen's appointment as Treasury secretary would mean for the shaky U.S. economy. Plus hospital staffing shortages...APM00:27:25
11/20/20Treasury Secretary Mnuchin wants $455 billion from the CARES Act back. How the Fed was using that money and what it could do for the pandemicAPM00:27:17
11/19/20The coming rental crisis. A conversation with the president of the New York Fed. Why Starbucks and Home Depot are raising employees' wagesAPM00:27:43
11/18/20Can we fix the unemployment system in the U.S.? Boeing's 737 Max planes have been approved for takeoff. Hackers rebrand themselvesAPM00:27:10
11/17/20China and 14 other countries just signed a trade deal covering a third of the global economy. The U.S. is on the outside looking in.APM00:27:31
11/16/20We check in with small businesses preping for more lockdowns. Cardboard boxes in high demand. Free trade agreement between U.S. & U.K.APM00:27:25
11/14/20Who's taking charge of economic recovery? Why kayaks are sold out. Where 2020 campaigns learned to spend their money.APM00:27:31
11/12/20A moment of normalcy for vulnerable students. What a skinny COVID-19 relief package means. Why steady consumer prices might not be a good thingAPM00:27:17
11/11/20Hospitals struggle to meet demand during Covid. Two small businesses that received PPP loans. Skyrocketing baseball card value.APM00:27:26
11/10/20Finding work during COVID-19. An explanation of market distortion. An Iowa farmer tells how a Biden presidency could affect herAPM00:28:16
11/9/20Biden's plans for COVID and the economy. Transparency & diversity in Pfizer's vaccine trials. Fossil fuels & a Biden presidencyAPM00:27:38
11/6/20The business of calmness, the tie between health insurance and employment, and why jobs recovery is losing momentum.APM00:27:42
11/5/20Updaing the COVID economy: fluctuating consumer spending, continued unemployment claims & the Fed's outlook. COVID spread & gender bias in city designAPM00:28:22
11/4/20Election results and their impact on coronavirus and the economic outlook. Florida's fight for $15 minimum wage. California gig worker propositionAPM00:27:52
11/3/20A check on airlines and movie theaters, conversations with artists and artisans here and abroad, and economic context for the electionAPM00:27:29
11/2/20We explore why many Americans are wary of contact tracing. How Covid changes restaurants. Thousands asked to pay back unemployment benefits.APM00:27:30
10/30/20Women work more at home because of the pandemic - a problem for the whole economy. We look at the ripple effects. Plus: Netflix's price hikeAPM00:27:21
10/29/20The U.S. economy grew last quarter at a 33.1% annual rate, not enough to dig out of the coronavirus recession. Today, we dive into the output gapAPM00:27:00
10/28/20The Market cratered today with cases up and no relief package in sight. We zoom in on Boeing and Thursday's GDP numbers...APM00:27:00
10/27/20We'll hear from businesses in China about what they're predicting and how they'll respond to a Biden presidency or a second Trump term.APM00:27:00
10/26/20Our parks need TLC to keep from deteriorating. Dunkin's potential sale, shrinking homes and COVID's ripple effect on the HVAC business.APM00:27:40
10/23/20Many will have a smaller Thanksgiving turkey this year. A look at the turkey economy. Plus: why QR codes are making a comeback and where the economy stands 11 days before Election DayAPM00:27:51
10/22/20What millions who're out of work are doing to the economy. Plus: savings plans, permanent work-from-home & transgenders coming out.APM00:27:45
10/21/20What happened to Quibi, the well-funded streaming service that's shutting down after six months. Plus: robots taking our jobs...APM00:27:52
10/20/20The antitrust lawsuit against Google was a long time coming, but our tech correspondent says a more robust case might have taken a little longerAPM00:28:24
10/19/20Today, we'll dig into China's post-coronavirus economy. Plus: how the pandemic is changing pharmacies, the lithium rush and rising housing insecurityAPM00:27:37
10/16/20According to Polls, more than 25% of Americans have moved or are considering moving, wanting to work from anywhere or be closer to family...APM00:27:37
10/15/20A poll shows nearly half of Americans would find a $250 expense hard to cover. More on polling data, household responsibilities and changes to MedicareAPM00:27:00
10/14/20The unemployment benefit system is complicated. Enter PEUC, (Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation). We explain it. Plus more.APM00:27:48
10/13/20It's been 5 years since China ended its one-child policy, but last years births was the lowest since 1961. We look at why. Plus: Google without Chrome...APM00:25:00
10/12/20Supply chain issues drive retailers to start holiday sales before Halloween. Airline cash burn rates. Pay adjustments for remote jobs...APM00:28:22
10/9/20The coronavirus relief bill negotiations, the state of play in Washington, IBM's pivot to the cloud, Yelp's attempts at fighting racism and...APM00:28:01
10/8/20A new coronavirus vaccine needs a vast infrastructure of storage and labor. We examine its logistics and costs. Plus: workplace coronavirus testing...APM00:27:13
10/7/20The cost of Trump's try at negotiations for a piecemeal pandemic relief bil, after pulling the plug hours before. Plus: holiday shopping in a pandemic...APM00:28:06
10/6/20Trump announced there'd be no additional coronavirus relief talks until after Election Day - he wants the Senate to focus on the Supreme Court.APM00:26:55
10/5/20We check some small businesses looking for PPP loan forgiveness. Plus: movie delays, college admissions and why the luxury watches are popular nowAPM00:27:14
10/2/20The effect of a slowdown in adding jobs and the unemployment rate. Plus: women leaving the labor force, H-1B visas and BrexitAPM00:27:30
10/1/20Unemployed workers face an uncertain winter. What happens to a local economy when a major industry shuts down. The warehouse business...APM00:27:51
9/30/20We examine "V-shaped and K-shaped" economic recoveries. Plus: Massive layoffs at Disney parks, learning pods and taking back LA streetsAPM00:27:16
9/29/20How college students are doing. Suspending admissions to doctoral programs for 2020. Consumer spending. The flower business and AmtrakAPM00:27:37
9/28/20We discuss bailout terms that allow airlines to cut tens of thousands of jobs. Race and the economy with Atlanta Fed President BosticAPM00:27:00
9/25/20China pledged to be carbon neutral by 2060. How might that work? California gas ban, piped-in crowd noise, and voter supression historyAPM00:27:34
9/24/20The 300,000 ship workers stranded at sea. Plus: free speech online, socially distanced Fashion Week, Hollywood's comebackAPM00:27:00
9/23/20Florida's struggle to allow formerly incarcerated people to vote. Plus: homeschooling, the FinCEN Files, airline bailouts & PPP fraudAPM00:27:34
9/22/20The current pandemic death toll, fires in the West, storms in the South, RBG's replacement, TikTok, & the holiday shopping seasonAPM00:28:04
9/21/20What we know (and what we don't) about the TikTok deal with Oracle and Walmart to take over U.S. operationsAPM00:27:00
9/18/20The ripple effects on consumers, businesses, U.S.-China relations and the broader internet of Trump's banning of TikTokAPM00:27:56
9/17/20Investment between U.S. & China falls. The LGBTQ economy. Gyms going out of business. Chuck E. Cheese destroys prize ticketsAPM00:27:00
9/16/20Behavioral economics in a pandemic today, retail sales, all the movies being pushed back and the latest from Fed Chair Jerome PowellAPM00:27:27
9/15/20The hiring slowdown in restaurants. The rise of online-only grocery stores. N95 mask laws. Election money, dentists and college esportsAPM00:26:31
9/14/20The meaning of the saga over the Chinese video app TikTok. Stories of volunteer firefighters, frequent fliers and Black women...APM00:27:55
9/11/20We check how things are going with our personal economies, with the stalled federal relief plan, with Brexit and more...APM00:27:55
9/10/20What labor market churn can tell us about this economy, voting at arenas, wildfire insurance and why homeowners fare better than rentersAPM00:28:20
9/9/20How the COVID-19 pandemic has changed all kinds of businesses, like trans-Pacific trade, luxury retail, petroleum barges and takeout.APM00:26:52
9/8/20Reed Hastings on his vision for Netflix, its path to dominance and where it's going next. Plus Angela Merkel's economic legacy.APM00:27:07
9/7/20Should stay-at-home workers get reimbursed for extra expenses? Hotels still struggle in the pandemic. Talking to kids about moneyAPM00:27:18
9/4/20Our progress in job creation, home refinancing, Campbell's soup and a children's entertainer in the age of Zoom birthday partiesAPM00:26:23
9/3/20The Bureau of Labor Statistics revised seasonal adjustment. Farmers' economic outlook. Racial inequities in health. Running a mallAPM00:27:00
9/2/20Workers who were temporarily furloughed face permanent layoffs and long-term unemployment. E-scooters are back. Manufacturing is surgingAPM00:27:01
9/1/20How to rebuild the economy to be more equitable and fair. But first: the economics of K-pop, weighting blankets and Walmart vs. AmazonAPM00:27:00
8/31/20Credit card balances were down last quarter. Banks try to entice clients via cash back on groceries, wine, & perks for takeout...APM00:26:56
8/28/20How schools handle student mental health during Covid. Personal incomes rise in July. A retail bankruptcy. Trucking & economic recoveryAPM00:26:11
8/27/20As pro athletes decline to play because of police brutality, we discuss their leverage. Plus how small businesses are copingAPM00:27:00
8/26/20Testing in Washington state. Latest durable goods numbers. Economic impact of storm evacuations. Conversation with a Black bankerAPM00:27:00
8/25/20Consumer confidence, now at a six-year low. Why consumers are feeling worse, and what it means for the economic outlook...APM00:27:13
8/24/20Millions of Americans left out of the stock market high. Trump's second term agenda. The Zoom outage. A black-owned breweryAPM00:27:13
8/21/20How the pandemic is changing consumer habits, especially at the supermarket. Plus, the cybersecurity risks of online college...APM00:27:50
8/20/20We discuss market gains, unemployment numbers that seem to be moving backward & what political fundraising looks like in a recessionAPM00:27:35
8/19/20Retailers pledge to sell products of Black-owned companies, Soul City, falling rents in New York, and tuition refunds for on-line classesAPM00:27:42
8/18/20Why federal Pandemic Unemployment Assistance is hard to get, the changing pizza market, Walmart's big earnings report and...APM00:26:40
8/17/20How pension obligations and congressional pressure have squeezed the USPS, remote learning for disabled students, rolling blackouts...APM00:27:00
8/14/20Why black women earn so much less than white men, and the toll the pandemic takes on mental health and parts of the retail sectorAPM00:26:41
8/13/20Lessons learned by companies cutting costs in the pandemic. The latest unemployment claim numbers and city budget shortfallsAPM00:27:30
8/12/20Post Office changes are causing mail to slow down. Bankruptcies are on the rise. The perils of industrial farming and the risk to foodAPM00:26:47
8/11/20Black Women Build is closeing the gap between black and white homeownership; converting some of Baltimore's abandoned buildings...APM00:27:49
8/10/20Trump's payroll tax deferral has serious flaws. What the consumer price index means for your wallet. How airports are suffering...APM00:27:24
8/7/20The economy added many jobs last month, but jobs aren't returning equally. Trump's ban on Chinese apps. Why Kodak helped coronavirus...APM00:27:39
8/6/20How jobless numbers are compiled, exploiting Black recording artists, decline in household debt and how robots help distance learningAPM00:27:28
8/5/20Structural economic racism, CFIUS and what it has to do with TikTok, the market for caregivers who survived COVID-19...APM00:27:00
8/4/20Black-owned businesses have had trouble during the pandemic, and a lot comes from relationships with banks. We look at why...APM00:27:00
8/3/20Losing the $600 per week unemployment benefit. Economy pressures from inflation & deflation. The White House, Microsoft & TikTokAPM00:27:00
7/31/20The U.S. and E.U. struck deals for Covid vaccines. We explore fears of vaccine nationalism, the economy and labor organizing in pandemicsAPM00:28:08
7/30/20What continuing unemployment claims means for the economy. The economics of the NBA's Florida bubble and Rebuilding ParadiseAPM00:28:44
7/29/20We discuss the grilling Apple, Google, Facebook & Amazon CEOs got from congress. Plus the latest from the Federal ReserveAPM00:28:25
7/28/20The new COVID-19 relief package and its flaws. Plus: The behavioral economics of wearing a mask.APM00:27:55
7/27/20What a surge in gold price means for confidence in this economy. China's live-streaming marketplace and reopened box office.APM00:28:39
7/24/20What resuming evictions and halting unemployment benefits means. Plus politics, lack of hazard pay, city cooling centers and stay-at-home ordersacAPM00:27:00
7/24/20In a career spanning four decades, he wrote 7 books and reported from more than 40 countries, covering war, conflict and espionage.NPR00:48:09
7/23/20How slowing down COVID-19 could cripple the global economy. Merger of two clickbait companies. Virus relief for minority businessesAPM00:27:56
7/22/20Next week, millions may lose an extra $600 a week in unemployment benefits. A few days later, rent is due. We examine the impact...APM00:28:01
7/21/20Hiring private educators to tutor your kids. How the system could work. The new COVID-19 tracking site & the coronavirus relief billAPM00:27:35
7/20/20Americans may lose unemployment benefits at the end of July if Congress and the White House can't agree to extend them...APM00:29:00
7/17/20How COVID treatments could be priced, the upcoming tsunami of evictions, viral hot spots on the border & food deliveryAPM00:27:00
7/16/20How that extra $600 per week unemployment benefit, set to disappear this month, is keeping a bad economic outlook from getting worse...APM00:27:31
7/15/20We examine debt Americans have accumulated and how they're coping. Plus: More streaming services, more money in electric cars and health crisis via racismAPM00:26:42
7/14/20The history of activism and fashion and where they intersect. Plus: the latest economic picture, new demand for Black therapists...APM00:27:27
7/13/20We examine ripple effects in textiles, trade, the global economy, earnings season, marketing masks & the fracking sand marketAPM00:26:55
7/10/20COVID cases are on the rise, and reopenings are facing renewed shutdowns. Plus: the Goya boycott, college sports and school shoppingAPM00:26:45
7/9/20Uncertainty of school reopenings has many families facing indefinite double duty, which could effect their job security. Plus more...APM00:26:31
7/8/20Baltimore's deadly vacant housing has become a deadly problem. Plus: How states start to close the racial pay gap...APM00:27:00
7/7/20How one business spent its $90,000 Paycheck Protection Plan money; why test shortages persist; what fall holds for foreign students...APM00:27:08
7/6/20McDonald's has had a strange relationship with unrest and Black Americans. Today, we explore what they have and haven't done...APM00:26:32
7/3/20Cheap gas & uncertain air & rail travel during COVID-19 has vacationers turning to their cars. But car travel is complicated...APM00:27:00
7/2/20We do the numbers on New York real estate and what might happen to the rest of the country. The ongoing ad boycott at Facebook...APM00:26:51
7/1/20The Bureau of Labor Statistics said it might be undercounting furloughed workers. We dig into their survey and what you should make of itAPM00:28:19
6/30/20Benefits to jobless workers on unemployment are set to expire. If Congress lets it, things could get ugly. Plus conversation with Visa CEO Al KellyAPM00:27:00
6/29/20Virus cases are surging. Hospitals are overwhelmed with patients. We discuss protective gear and the latest PPP deadlineAPM00:28:19
6/26/20We're looking at a huge source of the wealth gap between Black and white Americans: homeownership. Plus: Facebook's about-face on ads...APM00:27:08
6/25/20We talk with Gary Hoover about why he folds race into his intro courses. First state to mandate COVID workplace safety measures...APM00:25:53
6/24/20As COVID cases surge, reopenings could become reclosings. The IMF's grim forecast, unemployment data as sound and 'The Great Indoors.'APM00:26:32
6/23/20A look at the ways the White House's new restrictions on H-1B visas could ripple through this economy, leading to more offshoringAPM00:25:39
6/22/20Online groups are taking credit for spamming reservations and driving down attendance at Trump's campaign rally...APM00:25:43
6/19/20What could happen to our economy if Congress allows CoVid-19 aid to expire. Plus: How companies decide which holidays to observeAPM00:26:21
6/18/20We look at the role Dreamers play in this economy. Plus: Checking the financial health of historically black colleges and universitiesAPM00:27:22
6/17/20Movies and TV produced during a pandemic will look a little different. Plus Racism in tech, unemployment in the U.K. and debt vs. deficit.APM00:26:48
6/16/20We talk with the CEO of Grand Prairie Foods about how they're managing, and a Black business owner in Utah who's seeing a boomAPM00:27:00
6/15/20We talk with Raphael Bostic about what's next for the economy. Plus, today's Supreme Court ruling on LGBTQ workplace discriminationAPM00:27:22
6/12/20The national outcry over systemic racism has pushed employers big and small to examine their own failings in diversity and inclusion.APM00:26:53
6/11/20Small businesses struggling with the pandemic. We follow two businesses to see how they're managing. Cops on TV, Zoom in China and...APM00:27:00
6/10/20Research labs across the country are looking to reopen. Today, we'll look at what that means. Plus: Hollywood inequality past and present...APM00:26:55
6/9/20We look at business strategies of slaveholders, and the legacy of those strategies today. Defining a recession & racial wage gaps...APM00:27:00
6/8/20How reallocating cities' police budgets can work. Why the jobs report needed correction & child care during a pandemic.APM00:28:03
6/5/20We talk with experts & analysts about what to make of the May jobs report, its effect on PPP loans & the effect on the economyAPM00:26:30
6/4/20A week after the death of George Floyd, businesses are declaring solidarity with Black Lives Matter. We go beyond the PR of it...APM00:27:00
6/3/20Communities are coming together to clean up after protests over the death of George Floyd. But some are better equipped to recover...APM00:27:00
6/2/20We talk of the racial economic divide in the U.S., states of emergency, & the disconnect between Wall Street & Main StreetAPM00:26:47
6/1/20As protesters ask for justice for George Floyd, people are showing support by donating to bail funds, known as bail activism...APM00:26:00
5/29/20More than 40 million Americans filed for unemployment insurance since mid-March. Many might never return to their jobs.APM00:26:58
5/28/20About 55% of tose losing jobs last month are women, a contrast from the last financial crisis. We'll look at the dynamics...APM00:27:00
5/27/20NYU's Shanghai campus could provide an example of how to reopen mid-pandemic. The PPP extension. A literal economic slowdown and...APM00:27:00
5/26/20Will the pandemic push more workplaces to make the switch to a 4-day workweek? Plus: what it's like to quarantine in an RV...APM00:27:22
5/25/20Business owners are navigating the uncertainty around those rules as they try to determine which apply to their businesses...APM00:25:49
5/22/20A talk with contributors and historians about the state of the economy and the historical context. Plus: China abandons GDP targets...APM00:26:38
5/21/20We explain the 2 ways the government measures joblessness. Plus: how emerging markets are faring, why evictions could surge in Texas...APM00:27:00
5/20/20We look at how an Atlanta Vietnamese restaurant tries to keep customers safe. Plus: How Americans spent their relief checks...APM00:25:16
5/19/20Home improvement and animation are up, commercial rent is down. How remote work in oil and gas ... works.APM00:27:00
5/18/20We dig into the auto supply chain, examine how banking has changed and get a preview of the new season of The Uncertain Hour.APM00:27:00
5/15/20Long-term effects of this economic crisis. New retail sales numbers. Travel in China. Americans avoid hospitals even when needing careAPM00:27:00
5/14/20Many college grads are looking for their first job in a very different world than they planned for just a couple months ago...APM00:27:00
5/13/20Fed Chairman Jay Powell warned of a prolonged recession due to COVID-19. We'll break down his remarks and what Congress might do about it.APM00:27:00
5/12/20Over 200 economists have signed a letter asking Trump not to impose his "Buy American" restrictions on medical supplies...APM00:27:00
5/11/20Fear of the pandemic, might give the public more demand shock. Should those who lost jobs last month be optimistic about getting their jobs back?APM00:27:00
5/8/20Unemployment is at 14.7% for April. We discuss how furloughs are counted, what this means for people trying to make rent and what the...APM00:27:00
5/7/20Today the NASDAQ closed for the year. We'll also review Chinese trade & small business loan forgiveness. Plus: How are you sleeping?APM00:27:00
5/6/20In our latest Research Poll, we found a third of people have lost work, while about one-sixth of them are working more hours. Why?APM00:27:00
5/5/20More than four in 10 Americans say they couldn't pay for an unexpected $250 expense. Plus, how the health care system is changing...APM00:27:00
5/4/20We look at how long Paycheck Protection Program money will last amid a new surge of applications. Plus, what's going on with Texas oil...APM00:27:00
5/1/20We look at office life post-coronavirus. Plus fiscal vs. monetary policy, the crush of customer service calls & where those $1200 checks go.APM00:27:00
4/30/20When we get unemployment numbers for April, the unemployment rate will likely be far below March. So what gives?APM00:27:00
4/29/20Just how much damage the pandemic is doing to the economy. Plus: Why businesses don't see the point in applying for emergency loans...APM00:27:00
4/28/20We look into Chinese supply chains. Plus, how Hollywood productions might work around COVID-19 and a conversation with the CEO of GoFundMeAPM00:27:00
4/27/20How are applications for the $320 billion in new emergency payroll protection loans going? Plus: The view from Shanghai...APM00:27:00
4/24/20Throughout the economy, you're seeing businesses pivot in response to COVID-19. Congressional Budget Office report predictions.APM00:27:00
4/23/20With 27 million jobs vaporized in five weeks, economists are realizing quarterly and monthly economic data isn't cutting it anymore.APM00:27:00
4/22/20How's your savings account? According to the data, not great. But it's not your fault. A look at why Americans are bad at savingAPM00:27:00
4/21/20Home health care workers fight COVID-19 by trying to keep their clients out of emergency rooms, which sometimes means quarantining with themAPM00:27:00
4/20/20U.S. crude oil prices plunged into negative territory today for the first time, falling to minus $37.63 per barrel...APM00:27:00
4/17/20China's first-quarter GDP contracted and a new survey shows more American executives seeing the two countries decoupling economically.APM00:27:00
4/16/2020 million filed for unemployment insurance this month. But the real number is much higher. Today, we look at who isn't counted.APM00:27:00
4/15/20The SBA's emergency lending program approved more than 1.3 million loan applications. We'll check in on the state of the program...APM00:27:00
4/14/20Now that tax day is delayed three months, there's a different kind of chaos unfolding for accountants. Plus: a new IMF outlook...APM00:27:00
4/13/20Whether it's TP or a Nintendo Switch, if you've had trouble finding an item recently, it all comes back to the supply chain...APM00:27:00
4/10/20As state after state encourages people to stay home, therapists and psychiatrists have moved their practices onto the internet and the phone.APM00:27:00
4/9/20Predicting how high unemployment might go by summer, how food banks cope with Covid-19 and how credit markets indicate recession.APM00:27:00
4/8/20People of color are being hit hard by the pandemic, in part because they are a large part of frontline workers. Today, we do the numbers...APM00:27:00
4/7/20With so many essential workers putting themselves at risk, hazard pay has become a national topic of debate. Today, we find what it is...APM00:27:00
4/6/20A report from the American Enterprise Institute offers a roadmap - today we'll talk with a co-author. Consumer spending drop-off...APM00:27:00
4/3/20What happens when millions of people can't make loan payments? We'll dig into the economic ripple effects. Plus, small businesses...APM00:27:00
4/2/20Many workers who still have their jobs are now doing them for reduced pay. We ask how those pay cuts might ripple through the economy.APM00:27:00
4/1/20States and FEMA are competing for ventilators, which is driving prices up to $20,000. We look at the market forces at work...APM00:27:00
3/31/20Today a group of historians talk of economic crises of the past, and why it's unlikely Covid-19 will look like the Great Depression.APM00:27:00
3/30/20How deep will this recession get, how Americans confront the bills due this week and a conversation with rapper, singer and writer Dessa.APM00:27:00
3/27/20Lawmakers have finally passed a $2 trillion COVID-19 relief package. When it comes to saving small businesses, will the aid be enough?APM00:27:00
3/26/20Ventilators, masks, gloves and other supplies American hospitals need are foreign made, putting us at a disadvantage in the Covid-19 fightAPM00:27:00
3/25/20Is this country ready for 2.5 million jobless claims in a week? Tomorrow's first-time unemployment claim numbers are expected to be sky high.APM00:27:00
3/24/20When you're losing work because of COVID-19, it might not feel like there's much difference between getting laid off and furloughed...APM00:27:00
3/23/20Ben Bernanke on saving the American economy. When you're staring down a financial crisis, you want to talk to someone who's been there before.APM00:27:00
3/20/20How will we know when the coronavirus crisis is over? We can predict the virus end pretty well, but the economic impact? Not so much.APM00:27:00
3/19/20The New York Stock Exchange moves to electronic trading only. We discuss how that works and why markets are still open at all...APM00:27:00
3/18/20In just a few weeks, coronavirus has completely reshaped the way Americans are working. Today, we look at the layoffs, housebound workers and...APM00:27:00
3/17/20Trump said the economy may be headed toward a recession. Is that just the coronavirus, or is it the one economists have been predicting?APM00:27:00
3/16/20What did the Fed do this weekend, and what would happen to the global economy if the U.S. shut down? China's students learn at home...APM00:27:00
3/13/20Your coronavirus questions, answered. What it's like to run a movie theater now and the risks for millions of homeless Americans.APM00:27:00
3/11/20Stocks had their worst day since 1987 and the economy is experiencing uncertainty unseen since 2008. Today, we’ll help you understand...APM00:27:00
3/11/20With the market in bear territory and stimulus proposals under consideration, the COVID-19 pandemic might flash you back to the crisis of 2008...APM00:27:00
3/10/20As COVID-19 spreads across the U.S., it's clear the economy will take a serious hit. Trump floats ideas to prevent a recession...APM00:27:00
3/9/20COVID-19: We'll look to Austin, Texas, which is reeling from the cancellation of SXSW, and to Shanghai, where...APM00:27:00
3/6/20The COVID-19 outbreak virtually shut down the movie industry in China, and that's having ripple effects for big blockbusters...APM00:27:00
3/5/20Coronavirus is hitting America's Port - Los Angeles. We talk with the port's executive director about what's going on and why it matters.APM00:27:00
3/4/20Today we discuss what the equity index futures market is and how you can read the futures. Plus, how airlines and OPEC react to COVID-19...APM00:27:00
3/3/20Today, the Fed cut interest rates by half point. But rates are already low, and in a COVID-19 outbreak, what if the economy needs more?APM00:27:00
3/2/20As COVID-19 spreads to the United States, more workers here are staying home and boosting telecommuting stocks. Jack Welch's legacy at GE...APM00:27:00
2/28/20Today we talk about stocks, bonds and why millennials are so into astrology. Mortgages are getting cheape. What fines mean to big wireless carriers.APM00:27:00
2/27/20COVID-19 fears have driven stocks down 10% from a 52-week high, putting us officially in a market correction. We'll talk about what it all means...APM00:27:00
2/26/20The CDC had good advice during the COVID-19 outbreak: wash your hands and stay home when you're sick. The latter is easier said than done...APM00:27:00
2/25/20How office life has changed in Shanghai after the outbreak of coronavirus. Market reaction to it and another installment of United States of Work.APM00:27:00
2/24/20The Dow dropped more than 1,000 points as COVID-19 continued its spread. We look at why consumer confidence is still so high. Plus...APM00:27:00
2/21/20We talk with Steve Fields, a Kansas City trucker who sees a lot of this country; and sees economic changes down the road, too.APM00:27:00
2/20/20Rule of Law is getting attention from Trump's Justice Department interactions. It's the foundation of the legal system and the economy.APM00:27:00
2/19/20What it's like to be a service worker right now. Sinking toy sales. New producer price index numbers. What it's like to build your own house.APM00:27:00
2/18/20The United States of Work. How the COVID-19 outbreak affects Apple & Nintendo earnings. The booming market for hard seltzer.APM00:27:00
2/17/20Real estate sites like Zillow have attracted a swelling audience of millennials looking to take a peek into the real estate market.APM00:25:24
2/14/20The number of private bathrooms per American has doubled in 50 years. Doubled! Why we have so many toilets and what that says about us...APM00:27:00
2/13/20Congress' Budget Office says we will forgive over $200 billion in student loans over the next decade. We examine how the program works...APM00:27:00
2/12/20What makes songs successful? We discuss streaming, memes and chart success. Fake coronavirus news. Unemployment insurance cuts...APM27:38:00
2/11/20Thanks to a tight labor market, more and more Americans are changing jobs, and faster. Where does that leave the customary two-week notice period?APM00:27:00
2/10/20What the Chinese might do with Americans' personal data from the Equifax hack. Plus, Trump's budget & the economies of early primary states...APM00:27:00
2/7/20Uber's path to profitability. Growth is not a problem but profitability is another matter. We tell why. Coronavirus, Brexit brain drain and...APM00:27:00
2/6/20Billions of dollars are in unused gift cards. Starbucks and Walmart together have about $3.5 billion. Where is that money sitting?APM00:27:00
2/5/20How the sinking ship known as Reddit righted itself. Ripple effects from cutting down flights to China. Casper's IPO and more...APM00:27:00
2/4/20Former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said America's debt is unsustainable. YouTube's earnings report. How AI could track coronavirus.APM00:27:00
2/3/20Near bankrupt fashion giant Forever 21 is selling itself to a group that includes two large mall owners. We examine why...APM00:27:00
1/31/20Netflix's documentary series brings new attention to the world of competitive cheerleading and Varsity, the company that monopolizes the sport.APM00:27:00
1/30/20Britain will finally exit the E.U. They have 11 months to finalize a trade deal. We look at what comes after Brexit day. Plus...APM00:27:00
1/29/20How retailers are contend with lack of afternoon sales. Warren Buffet gets out of newspapers. Results of the Fed meeting. One man fights LA's homelessness.APM00:27:00
1/28/20GDP numbers are out later this week. We look at products that impact GDP. 3M's job cuts, Huawei's role in the UK's 5G network...APM00:27:00
1/27/20Chinese workers are staying home because of coronavirus. Jennifer Pak reports from the streets of Shanghai. New tariffs & the start of tax season.APM00:27:00
1/24/20Some workers haven't recovered from government shutdown. New York subway system head quits. AMERICAN DIRT controversy. China deals with coronavirus.APM00:27:00
1/23/20Low inflation is still a mystery. We try to answer the question "What's going on?" Plus: P&G's earnings, bricklaying robots and...APM00:27:00
1/22/20The business of TV in 2020. How Netflix measures its shows' success. The latest on auto tariffs, Boeing and Venezuelan refugees in Chile.APM00:27:00
1/21/20At the World Economic Forum, Trump says we're in a blue-collar boom. AI at the movies. New retail closures. China leads the world in solar, wind and & coalAPM00:27:00
1/20/20Microsoft takes a $1 billion shot at climate change! Swiss World Economic Forum. Ireland's housing crisis. Perceptions of female CEOs.APM00:27:17
1/17/20While the trade war hurts U.S. farmers, the executive VP of the largest garlic producer in the country wants people to know it's helped others.APM00:27:05
1/16/20Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission let corporations spend money on politics. We examine our elections have changed...APM00:27:00
1/15/20The U.S. and China signed a phase one trade deal this morning. Today we're answering more of your trade questions...APM00:27:00
1/14/20The trade saga with China has gone on for almost two years. Now it might just be at the end, with Trump set to sign a phase one deal...APM00:27:00
1/13/20Iranian journalists reported having their Instagram profiles suspended after they posted about Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani's death...APM00:27:31
1/10/20A big electric scooter firm, Lime, is laying off 14% of its staff and pulling out of 12 cities. A look at the competitive landscape of scooting...APM00:27:00
1/9/20Anime: Services like HBO Max, Hulu and Netflix are inking big deals with the premier Japanese animation studios...APM00:27:06
1/8/20There are some signs that tensions between the U.S. and Iran could be de-escalating, but there’s more than just a physical war to worry about...APM00:27:00
1/6/20We're going to dig into how unpredictability riles markets and what it means for events to be priced in...APM00:28:27
1/6/20Former Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke sparked chatter in economic circles by saying the Fed should not rule out using negative interest rates...APM00:26:31
1/3/20A U.S. airstrike in Iraq early Friday morning killed Qassem Soleimani, a powerful Iranian military leader. Iran has vowed retaliation...APM00:27:15
1/3/20The U.S. dollar rose for most of last year, until September hit. Since then, it has lost about 2.6%. Should we worry about the dollar's drop?APM00:27:15
12/30/19A tweet from presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg about making the East Room in the White House an open office plan set the internet ablaze...APM00:28:31
12/30/19If the 2000s were about the growth of the internet, the 2010s were about learning how to use it. By 2030, will phones will be no longer?APM00:27:08
12/10/19Former Federal Reserve Chair Paul Volcker died today. We examine his impact on the economy, and recall the time he raised interest rates to 21.5%APM00:26:49
12/05/19UPS and FedEx caught in the holiday hustle and bustle. Rand Paul's proposal for student loan debt. Will 5G live up to the hype?APM00:27:30
12/05/19Where the money from food stamps is going. Twitter's junk bonds. e-Book effect on libraries. Unexpected costs to treat rare cancers.APM00:28:57
12/04/19Who gets to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange? We explore that tradition, who gets to ring the bell and how they do it.APM00:25:50
12/02/19America is short more than 60,000 truckers, and that number is expected to double in the next decade. Also currency and trade wars...APM00:27:15
11/30/19Consumer spending is still one of the primary drivers of this economy. Today, we look at the outlook for this holiday season...APM00:27:37
11/28/19Thanksgiving air travel is expected to mean a lot of sitting around at airports. But there might be alternatives this year...APM00:26:10
11/27/19NBA games are still banned from China's state-run TV. How long can China's economic grudges last? We look at how the lock-outs affect companies.APM00:25:37
11/27/19The job market is strong, holiday spending expectations are up, so why is consumer confidence down for the fourth straight month?APM00:27:44
11/25/19How the shopping season changed. Why companies split chairman and CEO. Who actually pays tariffs and how cryptocurrency works.APM00:27:04
11/22/19The US produces about 2.7 billion pounds of tomatoes per year. Why are so many tomatoes on grocery store shelves so bad?APM00:28:06
11/22/19How Chinese censorship changed TOP GUN (and the rest of Hollywood). They're using their influence to effectively censor...APM00:28:26
11/20/19How do employee-owned companiesy work? The NFL's latest efforts to attract women. The latest Federal Reserve meeting minutes.APM00:28:27
11/20/19We visit the Port of Los Angeles, which handles half the shipping between the US & China. How does the trade war affect that?APM00:25:26
11/19/19Ford CEO Jim Hackett on his vision for the company after a tough year. Trump backs off fight against vape products...APM00:27:37
11/15/19We look at how companies staff up for the Holiday rush. Plus, the Trump administration's push for transparent hospital pricing.APM00:25:50
11/15/19Survivors of last year's Wildfires need financial help. A conversation with the head of the Atlanta Fe. Changing real estate market.APM00:27:50
11/14/19Recession is less likely now. but current fiscal policy and national debt isn't ready for a downturn. The rise of Porch Pirates.APM00:28:02
11/12/19The unemployment rate is at near-record lows, but if that changes, it will mostly fall to states to pay unemployment benefits...APM00:25:23
11/11/19The town of Paradise is still trying to recover from a deadly Fire a year ago, killing 85 people and destroying about 13,000 homes.APM00:25:18
11/09/19WeWork head Adam Neumann got a $1.7 billion payout when forced out of the company. Employees are organizing to make demands of management.APM00:28:10
11/07/19The risk of a possible recession appears to have died down. So what happened? Are business owners & consumers feeling better about the economy?APM00:27:32
11/06/19Productivity was down 0.3% last quarter, which isn't a seismic change, but it's part of a downward trend. We look into it. Plus more!APM00:27:43
11/06/19The trade war today: The falling U.S. trade deficit, how farmers are dealing with income losses. Plus carpooling, VCs & the future of banking.APM00:25:30
11/04/19"Streamlined" health care plans. Government concern over TikTok, Apple's affordable housing play, and the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.APM00:25:39
11/01/19Deadspin was a go-to website for sports, culture and news. What happens when private equity and digital media collide....APM00:27:00
10/31/19Chrishelle Palay never expected to be living in a historically black neighborhood still struggling with the legacy of segregation.APM00:27:40
10/30/19Retail may be changing, but so are consumers. That's why we're launching HOW WE SHOP, a new series looking at how, what and why we buy.APM00:27:21
10/29/19Who's setting expectations on Wall Street? But what exactly are expectations and who makes them? NCAA opens up to athletes making moneyAPM00:25:14
10/28/19California's wildfire season is becoming more intense and expensive every year. Who pays for these disastrous wildfires?APM00:25:33
10/25/19Shanghai, a city of 24 million - their progress in recycling the 33,000 tons of refuse they generate each day.APM00:25:24

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