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AIRSLA is pleased to link you to podcasts of Marketplace Money from American Public Media, a weekly hour-long program hosted by Tess Vigeland on the topics of personal finance, money, retirement, and health care.

Current Macworld Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
08-10-18In this hourlong special, we focused on three pillars of the economy: education, work and health care.APM00:49:29
08-03-18Pay equality for women. Changes in health care for children. Rescue dogs. What to wear in the office...APM00:49:42
07-27-18This week, we revisit the stories Weekend listeners liked the most and talk about workplace sexual harassment.APM00:49:44
07-20-18We visited three cities: Dalton, Georgia; Gillette, Wyoming; and Corvallis, Oregon and spoke to students and business ownersAPM00:47:40
07-13-18A lot happened in 2017, including one particular natural disaster that changed Puerto Rico from top to bottom...APM00:48:00
07-06-18How wellness has evolved, why it’s so hard to find mental health services that will take insurance, plus food crazes...APM00:49:38
06-29-18Storm chasing, rent-to-own housing, disability & hiring, advice on asking for vacation time, Lego engineering.APM00:49:48
06-22-18Roughly one in five Americans has a disability. We cover the economics of disability in an hourlong special.APM00:49:18
06-15-18Truck driver shortage. Being good at diplomacy. The World Cup - a multibillion-dollar business rife with corruption.APM00:46:39
06-08-18The economics of being a recent grad. Building credit, finding the right job, saving for a home...APM00:47:47
06-01-18The history and psychology of women robbers. How new tariffs affect the U.S.'s credibility with our trading partners...APM00:48:46
05-25-18Terms-of-service emails from companies, how to tell if bias trainings work, how entrepreneurs learn business...APM00:49:09
05-18-18A discussion of U.S. trade relationships. It's politics and social context. Who gained from open borders and who lost?APM00:48:08
05-11-18Why government tech lags private sector. Supreme Court rules on sports betting. Push for diverse romance novels.APM00:48:55
05-04-18Controlling our lives. Seasonal allergies. How one writer got more than lucky at poker. Who really makes internet rules?APM00:47:36
04-27-18Seven months after Hurricane Maria, life in Puerto Rico is still in the midst of rebuilding. We went back...APM00:48:45
04-20-18Favorite stories from the past year: what makes a food desert, how supply and demand works with rescue puppies, and...APM00:49:06
04-13-18What happens when welfare is tied to work? Primer on Russian internet usage. Accountant Q&A. Major League UmpiresAPM00:48:31
04-06-18The economic realities of being a teacher. How China's tariffs on U.S. exports will affect California's wine country.APM00:49:56
03-30-18Winning a trade war. Cheese ads. Maxwell House Passover Haggadah. Getting on the internet in China.APM00:48:23
03-23-18Policing the internet, school shooting insurance and the gig economy.APM00:47:41
03-16-18High U.S. health care costs, a Bear Stearns love story and an insider’s guide on how to be a toymaker...APM00:48:32
03-09-18Donald Trump's protectionism. A look at single-use plastic. Five things you need to know about daylight saving time...APM00:48:55
03-02-18How business owners with DACA status face an uncertain future, the money behind an evangelical Christian network...APM00:48:18
02-23-18Driving Zambonis at the Olympics. Costs of gun violence. Puerto Rico's future. Trump's cabinet. Planning your taxes.APM00:48:45
02-16-18Trump's financial holdings, our ethics laws and does it matter? Gender wage gap. Michelle Obama’s portrait dress...APM00:49:26
02-09-18A roundtable on the stock market. What it means to have a work spouse. The economics of streaming music...APM00:49:15
02-02-18A discussion of the important I's in life: immigration, ideas and, ice cream...APM00:49:33
01-26-18Proposed immigration policy. Funding schools based on poverty rates. Montecito after fires and mudslides...APM00:49:36
01-19-18What happens to federal contractors in the event of a government shutdown? And how would bond markets react?APM00:47:37
01-12-18A look at the role grocery store real estate deals have in creating food deserts. How to quit your job without...APM00:50:07
01-05-18The market's flooded with wellness products. But have they actually changed the way we feel or the money we spend?APM00:49:38
12-29-17The stories Weekend listeners engaged with the most. You yelled at them, you talked about them, you tweeted them...APM00:50:02
12-22-17Independent toy stores, the vintage band T-shirt market, film and TV industry and the real cost of fake snow...APM00:49:47
12-15-17Net neutrality, bitcoins and our autonomous futureAPM00:49:28
12-08-17We talk taxes and answer questions from listeners and look into supply and demand - as it applies to rescue dogs...APM00:49:59
12-01-17The economics of disaster. Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Recovery in Texas. Florida during an influx of Puerto Ricans.APM00:50:13
11-24-17Five things you need to know about net neutrality, Changing trends in holiday shopping. A book about comic books...APM00:48:12
11-17-17A new look at some favorite stories we've covered this year - and what's happened since...APM00:49:16
11-10-17Connection between debt and mental health. Sexual harassment effect on stocks. Five things you should ask a financial planner.APM00:49:06
11-03-17Financial effect of workplace sexual harassment. GOP's new tax plan. The economics of boycotts. Hunt for Hamilton ticketsAPM00:48:50
10-27-17The Affordable Care Act. 401(k) Plans. The world of mature beauty tutorials on YouTube. Fashion subscription services...APM00:49:49
10-20-17Put your money where your mouth is. Netflix shafts suburban restaurants. Hearings to receive disability benefits...APM00:49:27
10-13-17The cost of cold and flu season. Trump's health care plans. Hacking attack on a Montana school district...APM00:49:23
10-06-17Congress on Children's Health Insurance. What it means for kids medical care. Gun violence prevention research...APM00:48:58
09-29-17In Puerto Rico, farmers start over from seeds. We talk reverse mortgages, tax reform, infrastructure and retirement planning....APM00:47:10
09-22-17Former Sen. Bill Bradley on tax reform. Rihanna’s new Fenty Beauty product line.APM00:47:16
09-15-17Outer space, identity theft and lots of bubbles.APM00:46:26
09-08-17Disaster preparation, DACA, and restaurants in the digital age.APM00:47:49
09-01-17More open, global trade has been sold as necessary for economic success. Can it last? Our initial coverage or Hurricane Harvey...APM00:49:19
08-25-17What if the way our infrastructure is designed could keep us safe from earthquakes, accidents and from terrorism?APM00:48:09
08-18-17The nuances of how businesses handle the First Amendment and their own ethics policies. Diversity in business. NAFTA debate.APM00:46:41
08-11-17What it costs to send your kid to school. The right to literacy and its value. Tax breaks for school supplies. Cost of college...APM00:49:11
08-04-17The key to sonic branding, wedding gift etiquette and the home health aide shortage. How special investigations work...APM00:48:30
07-28-17Silly questions plus health care and race in banking...APM00:48:01
07-21-17We look at the business of selling something you can get for free: water. A deep dive into the health insurance business...APM00:48:02
07-14-17A look at the true meaning of the unemployment rate. What it's like to work remotely while on a trip around the world...APM00:48:40
07-07-17Box office takes are dwindling and minimum wages are rising. The expanding electric vehicle market. Global health care. Student loan debtAPM00:47:29
06-30-17A look at Medicaid expansion in Ohio. "Invisible" hospitals. What the minimum wage is all about. Hot dogs (sandwich or no?)APM00:47:53
06-23-17All things energy this week, including coal, solar power and oil prices. Then, the latest on health care and Brexit...APM00:48:52
06-16-17What does it cost when the president faces legal action? We talk with a former White House insider about it.APM00:48:01
06-09-17Economics of recent graduation from building credit, to finding the right job, to saving for a home (or just paying the rent)APM00:47:53
06-02-17Developments after Trump pulled us out of the Paris Agreement. The importance of home cooking. The decline of typical teen jobs.APM00:48:30
05-26-17We revisit our stories on Dalton, Georgia; Gillette, Wyoming; and Corvallis, Oregon. How the economy is changing - and...APM00:47:58
05-19-17What it costs to send someone to prison. A professor and a woman whose brother was given a life sentence answer...APM00:47:35
05-12-17-Infrastructure woes. Los Angeles' metro expansion. What government investigations cost. Modern-day protests via social media...APM00:47:01
05-05-17A home health aide on her job. The systemic problems in home healthcare. Latest on the health care bill. Iranian elections...APM00:47:04
04-28-1718 - 24-year-olds feel pretty stressed about the economy. So we asked you to tell us what was giving you anxiety...APM00:47:53
04-21-17Trump's first 100 days. Should companies or consumers be responsible for online security. Are job interviews a waste of time?APM00:47:29
04-14-17A flight attendant tells what it's like working with travelers every day. Matt Rojanskyweighs in on the U.S. relationship with RussiaAPM00:47:44
04-07-17The 3rd installment of our mayor's series in Corvallis, Oregon. Molly Wood explains the latest on the FCC's internet privacy rules.APM00:46:02
03-31-17How Instagram florists are changing the floral industry. The economic power behind fandom...APM00:47:11
03-24-17What if NAFTA never existed? What if you could edit your genes? What if you could visit the world's best museums...?APM00:48:54
03-17-17How the music industry mimics the economy. Long and short on this week's news. Health care update. Trump's proposed budget.APM00:49:10
03-10-17What the Gillette, Wyoming economy feels like post-election. Health care. Exploring the market for California raisins.APM00:48:32
03-03-17An interview of the CEO of Reddit, talk of for-profit colleges and middle skill vocational jobs, and...APM00:48:18
02-24-17Favorite stories from the recent past. Can your office make you sick? Interview with Emily Weiss, CEO of Glossier...APM00:50:48
02-17-17We go to Dalton, Georgia, to talk with its mayor to see how this manufacturing town deals with automation and...APM00:48:02
02-10-17Interviews with playwright Lynn Nottage and the CEO of Veggie Grill. Derek Thompson on what makes a hit.APM00:26:40
02-03-17Email, the travel ban and Canada. Automaker conference in Mexico City. The Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos.APM00:48:39
01-27-17Our federal workforce and what a hiring freeze means for them. The latest Affordable Care Act news. Dealing with Brexit.APM00:48:48
01-20-17What we can expect from Trump's first 100 days in office. How presidents make money once their term ends...APM00:48:43
01-13-17Obama's legacy as a job creator. Donald Trump's potential conflicts of interest. U.S./Russian economic and political relationshipAPM00:47:04
01-06-17Long on Mexican energy deregulation and short on McDonald's. Bringing vegan food to the masses...APM00:49:06
12-30-16What we're long and short on for 2017. Our favorite Marketplace quizzes. The student debt crisis.APM00:49:50
12-23-16Trade and millennials. Los Angeles chefs on holiday foods. Temporary closure of Big Ben. All about encryption.APM00:48:55
12-16-16The founder of Moon Juice on her budding business and online controversies. Nicole Sperling on awards season...APM00:49:15
12-09-16Lynn Nottage on her new play SWEAT. Iconic shopping destination tied up in politics. Surveillance from the podcast CODEBREAKER.APM00:49:15
12-02-16Donald Trump's cabinet picks and potential future policy. The Dakota Access Pipeline. Fracking. Office microbiomes.APM00:50:19
11-25-16How retailers gear up for cyber Monday. Tips on optimizing cyber security. Trump's conflicts of interest...APM00:49:29
11-11-16Donald Trump's election upset. The long and short of U.S. politics. Trump's potential policies. Impact on women's health care.APM00:49:31
11-04-16How politics influence the foods we eat, mayors on their local economies, & listener's questions on the economy before they vote.APM00:48:24
10-28-16Quentin Hardy & Jed Kim on sports & Christmas. Molly Wood on media consolidation. Haunted houses. Cheese vs. Avocado...APM00:48:41
10-21-16New menswear companies and GDP growth. A mom trying to go back to school. Halloween budgets. Why tech companies fix what isn't broken.APM00:48:43
10-14-16Latest findings in the Marketplace-Edison Research Poll; Halloween budgets; Making ends meet; Virtual reality technology...APM00:47:28
10-07-16St. Louis before the debate, currency and banking, Detroit's real estate market, the power of sonic branding...APM00:48:36
09-30-16Kimberly Adams and Sam Grobart discuss life on Mars, Lizzie O'Leary on student debt and for-profit education...APM00:48:46
09-23-16The Long and Short game. Making weapons, and keeping tabs on them. Questions about money. Flint schools begin...APM00:48:31
09-16-16Ikea and the makeup industry. UK's new power plant. Median household incomes. money and education. College affordability...APM00:48:27
09-09-16For-profit colleges, meal delivery boxes, Chipotle, travel to Cuba a Star Trek event in New York, Apple and headphone jacks...APM00:48:49
09-02-16A woman juggles multiple jobs to make ends meet. How listeners spend money on education. Why Chinese tourists flock to Vladivostok.APM00:49:17
08-26-16The Long and Short Game. Natalie Kitroeff explains how American workers could benefit from Mexico's manufacturing boom...APM00:50:41
08-19-16What our experts are bullish and bearish on. How a low-wage worker makes ends meet. Future of autonomous trucks. Gentrification...APM00:50:40
08-12-16Racial wealth inequality. Trump's and Clinton's economic proposals. Work-life balance. Refugees in the U.S. Lobstermen in Newport.APM00:49:38
08-05-16We discuss socioeconomics, health, water issues, athletic technology, and bribery at the Olymmpic Games.APM00:50:06
07-29-16The DNC hack, Bernie Bros, Hillary Clinton's poll numbers and the Republican party. Plus, reporting on Brexit...APM00:49:36
07-22-16The Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Political outsiders in Cleveland. How to make everyone happy...APM00:47:51
07-15-16Austin TX reacts to the ouster of Uber and Lyft. What makes a good boss. German refugee integration...APM00:48:01
07-08-16Longs and shorts of this week's news. Brexit from Stuttgart. Our best and worst bosses ever. Moby takes the Marketplace QuizAPM00:49:17
07-01-16Lizzie O'Leary on Brexit. Stories from the UK. Locals talk about why they voted the way they did. How industry might fare...APM00:47:54
06-24-16A look at Britain's vote to leave the European Union:  what will it mean for the U.K. and EU and how will it impact...APM00:49:20
06-17-16History of shareholder value. Tips for living frugally with kids. Stephen Beard on ramifications of England leaving the E.U.APM00:50:05
06-10-16We interview former Fed President Narayana Kocherlakota. Traveling on a budget with kids. The changing landscape of retail.APM00:49:07
06-03-16How workplace communication is changing due email, texting and Slack. Esperanza Spalding takes the Marketplace QuizAPM00:49:28
05-27-16Wedding registries and gift giving, a Marketplace Quiz, LA's new Expo Line, and a lawsuit from David YanofskyAPM00:49:56
05-20-16Puerto Rico, the Roots remake, Steph Curry's haters, the Angry Birds movie, working at a tech startup in Silicon Valley...APM00:49:28
05-13-16Topics from the week's news. Funding to fight Zika. Robot assistants. Planning for death. The new podcast THE UNCERTAIN HOUR.APM00:49:26
05-06-16Topics from the news. Listeners experiences with wills. Planning wills. Stories from the Puerto Rico streets. Universal Basic IncomeAPM00:50:04
04-29-16What paid family leave means. David Wheelan on NAKED MONEY. Manhattan's Lowline park. The Uncertain Hour podcast.APM00:48:45
04-22-16Politics, Flint and Volkswagen. Tracey Samuelson talks trade and populism. Beyonce's new athlesiure line...APM00:49:36
04-15-16Our favorite stories from the past: A rap group who redefined success. What makes a boss a jerk. How women directors changing HollywoodAPM00:49:36
04-08-16Bloomberg Businessweek's Josh Eidelson on the $15 minimum wage. The Panama Papers. The profit empire of Harry PotterAPM00:50:09
04-01-16Why the "grass-fed" label is under scrutiny. Why YouTube stars move to movies. Why "man camps" in North Dakota are closing.APM00:49:49
03-25-16Bloomberg's Sam Grobart on how companies cashing in on 'basic bros.' Nova Safo on Chicago's education budget crisis...APM00:48:25
03-18-16On this Marketplace Weekend we take a look at the latest results from the Marketplace-Edison Research Economic Anxiety poll...APM00:48:21
03-11-16Ben Johnson on how tech influences amusement parks. Charles Duhigg's book, SMARTER FASTER BETTER. Why we're a nation of renters...APM00:53:22
03-04-16We play Long and Short. Nile River dams impact local residents. Launching a cable TV channel in the age of streaming.APM00:48:32
02-26-16Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on drug addiction in rural communities. L'Oreal's new wearable tech. The Marketplace Quiz.APM00:49:34
02-19-16Scott Tong on erratic oil prices & Venezuela. Brendan Francis Newnam preps for your Oscar party. Listeners on impulsive purchasesAPM00:49:17
02-12-16Apps designed for people in relationships. A pregnant woman tells what it's like in Brazil's Zika mess. Paul Reiser takes our QuizAPM00:49:02
02-05-16Tech featured in the Super Bowl. Colorado's troubled pension system. Writer Susan Orlean takes the Marketplace Quiz.APM00:49:23
01-22-16Lizzie O'Leary on the Flint water crisis. How capital controls in emerging markets work. The week that was in economic newsAPM00:26:00
01-16-16David Lazarus from the LA Times on China's economy. Ben Johnson on the new social media platform Peach. Davy Rothbart takes our economics-inspired questionnaireAPM00:49:38
01-08-16The merits of exercise 2.0 in an OrangeTheory class. Are listeners better off than they were 4 years ago? Pusha T takes the Marketplace QuizAPM00:49:43
01-01-16New Years resolutions that were successful. California's fight against the gender wage gap. Dave Ross takes the Marketplace Quiz.APM
12-25-15This weekend, just before the end of the year, we revisit our favorite segments from 2015.APM00:51:13
12/18/15Lizzie O'Leary on the Federal Reserve's interest hike. Codebreaker Ben Johnson on viral internet. Worst gifts ever!APM00:50:48
12/11/15Does the newest Star Wars have a hidden financial lesson? Improving traffic with counter-intuitive thinking...APM00:49:35
12/4/15The red carpet at the 2015 Gaming Awards. The band El Vy on buying vacation hats. Why Orlando, Florida attracts the young crowdAPM00:47:54
11/27/15Alicia Witt on tricking her father to save money. The band Future Islands on hitting it big. Big Freedia on learning to singAPM00:48:42
11/20/15Workplace social dynamics. Do jerks become bosses or bosses become jerks? Ben Johnson previews his next episode of CODEBREAKERAPM00:50:22
11/13/15Listeners tell us the money lessons they think everyone should know. How pornography has driven innovation. The Smartest Man in the Worldtakes our quizAPM00:49:45
11/06/15This week listeners address next year's financial goals. Has Chipotle grown too big for its mission? Neko Case takes the Marketplace QuizAPM00:49:45
10/30/15What keeps you up at night? Musician Lisa Loeb on our changing career. Miranda July takes our money-inspired personality quiz.APM00:48:44
10/23/15What would it take for you to feel secure? There are few things more American than an old-fashioned argument. The band YACHT takes our personality quiz.APM00:50:18
10/16/15New York's expensive bail situation. Why your smartphone is killing your memory. Catherine Hardwicke on sexism in the film industryAPM00:49:45
10/09/15Money can empower us or limit us. Stories of choices people have had to make, ways we've adapted and what we've learned along the way.APM00:49:23
10/02/15How stopping effects our lives and the economy. Breaking bad financial habits. Why a Pennsylvania budget battle halts school fundingAPM00:49:35
09/25/15Comebacks in the economy. Bob Forrest on returning to the music industry after a drug addiction. Can Volkswagen make a comeback?APM00:49:05
09/18/15People trying to figure it out in the economy: from Congress to robots to tricking yourself into saving.APM00:49:26
09/11/15We explore borders in the news: Syria, Hungary, & the smaller ones that govern our everyday lives.APM00:49:41
09/04/15How oil plays a big role throughout our economy. America's reliance on oil, and why a gallon of gas costs what it does.APM00:48:45
08/28/15Uncertainty in the economy and stock market. Why China's fast growth is hitting choppy waters. Refugee Joseph Kim on life after fleeing North KoreaAPM00:49:48
08/21/15We head to the Crescent City to see how New Orleans has changed in the 10 years since Katrina.APM00:49:21
08/14/2015Creativity: We all consume some kind of art: Music, TV, theater, even a ceramic mug. The economics behind all that creativity.APM00:50:52
08/07/2015Guest host David Lazarus of the Los Angeles Times looks at the minimums in the economy: minimum wages, minimum renewable energy ...APM00:50:00
07/31/2015The economy of personal robots, the job market for drone pilots and the everyday robots that already surround us...APM00:52:07
07/24/2015A look behind the business of shelters: Homeless shelters and why gold is no longer the safe shelter it once was.APM00:49:33
07/17/2015Adventures in the economy. Using tech for a virtual scavenger hunt. Business behind skydiving...APM00:49:24
07/10/2015We explore the idea of legacy, in the international economy, music, high-tech and art.APM
07/03/2015We celebrate our first anniversary with discussions of major financial and personal anniversaries.APM00:49:59
06/26/2015A learned discussion of opportunity in our jobs, personal finances and the global economy.APM00:49:33
06-19-2015The wedding industry. Wedding costs. Cultural wedding traditions. Elopements. Marriage equality.APM00:48:52
06-12-2015Guest host David Lazarus explores migration in the global economy, tech, and even underwater.APM
06-05-2015Obama interview. Changing transgender landscape. Online communities. Adventures in naked travelling...APM00:50:09
05-29-2015All about generations from the Greatest Generation to Generation Z: how they live with money...APM00:49:49
05-22-2015Building an exclusive bar. Changing landscape of healthcare. Maintain a good credit score...APM00:49:57
05-15-2015Trade deals in Congress. Buying sodas with Apple Pay. High fees for payday loans & check cashing...APM00:50:15
05-08-2015Workplace gender equality. Using "stingrays" to track phones. Best accounts for personal finance goals...APM00:48:27
05-01-2015Economic divides in Baltimore. Principle of Universal Design. Astronaut Chris Hadfield on space travel...APM00:51:30
4-24-2015Ivisibility in the economy and personal finance. The latest treatments for phantom limb pain...APM00:49:48
04-17-2015Speed in our economy - in the market, in retail, in fast food and even in music...APM00:48:40
04-10-2015Dollar dominance and U.S. currency. Working for Homeboy. Renovations. Wedding finances...APM00:49:08
04/03/2015We explore cycles in the economy, including the oil market, advertising, and, of course ... bicycles!APM00:47:34
03/27/2015The economics of waiting. Financial advantages of procrastination. The wait for Greek economy collapseAPM00:48:30
03/20/2015The United States role in the global economy. What's the American dream, and how can we get ahead? ...APM00:48:47
03/13/2015From the Chinese economy to mysteries of Scientology. Secrets behind a great first impression: body languageAPM00:50:03
03/06/2015India's economic growth. Complaining to your city. New delivery service. Plus more...APM00:48:39
02/27/2015How Brazilians feel about their economy. Listeners on moving up the economic ladder. Snapchat. House of cardsAPM00:49:40
02/20/2015Nigeria, Africa's largest economy. Unveiling government secrets. A bartender tells about people who tell him everythingAPM00:47:52
02/13/2015Six Routes to Riches with the BBC. Succeeding in the German economy. Early education and future economic mobilityAPM00:48:18
02/06/2015Cheating: One of the biggest accounting scandals in history. Why we cheat. How hackers cheat...APM00:48:48
01/30/2015What happens when a country crashes. Homelessness. Tech bubbles and bursts. Cheating.APM00:49:35
01/23/2015Wage growth explained. Greek voters. Biggest tech leaps in history. From nun to civilian.APM00:49:55
01/16/2015Gaps in our economy, our psychology, and our finances. Income gaps. Gap between desire and fulfillment. And others...APM00:49:14
01/09/2015This weekend, we focus on inheritance. How to retire out of debt, digital inheritance, inheritance within families...APM00:49:40
1/02/2015This weekend we discuss renewal in 2015. Child soldiers in Congo. Prices. Entertainment & piracy. Getting a new job...APM00:48:54
12/26/2014This weekend, we focus on indulgence, and all the things you can't live without.APM00:49:47
12/19/2014This weekend, we focus on algorithms in business, love, and crime.APM00:49:39
12/12/2014This weekend, we focus on creation, in the job market, our moneys, and our lives.APM00:49:22
12/05/2014The York & Fig project. How Whole Foods chooses locations. Understanding gentrification with Google Maps...APM00:49:45
11/28/2014Gentrification. Security on Cyber Monday. Sustainable protein from crickets? Balance charity and your financial needsAPM00:50:13
11/21/2014Gen Z economic ambitions. Coming out at work. How to make Thanksgiving work for your budget...APM00:50:00
11/14/2014How data impacts education. Walkable cities for an ageing population. Wage stagnation & online shopping...APM00:49:24
11/7/2014The midterm elections. The fate of Amazon. Recent space incidents. A mobile DNA-testing truck...APM00:48:22
10/31/2014Financial guilty pleasures. 2014 midterm elections. Connecting with voters through music...APM00:47:08
10/24/2014Liberians coping with Ebola back home. News via smart phones. Chris Black's tips.APM00:49:21
10/17/2014Why do we live where we live? The business of high school sports. Faster internet speeds. What's next in business?APM00:47:18
10/10/2014Comedy industry supply & demand. Gulf Coast grouper fish. More venues are banning cell phonesAPM00:49:26
10/03/2014 SecurityWhat life is like for residents of Iraq. Americans missing meals. The social network Ello. Doctors' new disclosures.APM00:49:50
09-26-2014This week’s top stories. The history of women’s pockets. Student loan burden. Corporate stock repurchasing. Women and tech startupsAPM00:50:19
09-19-2014Rise of data in education. What we lose due to tech's constant connection. What about 'slow money?' & more!APM00:49:42
09-12-2014Life in Portland, OR. The TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco. The unglamorous side of space travel.APM00:51:05
09-05-2014Ebola effects on Sierra Leone. Last 40 years wage growth. Money lessons from grandma. Fitness Tech. Pet expenses...APM00:51:39
08-29-2014European vacuums. Catholic recruiting problems. Wearing one too many office hats. Last week in news...APM00:50:46
08-22-2014How upbringing impacts money use. Ferguson, Missouri experiences. Rising cost of school supplies...APM00:50:30
08-15-2014US housing recovery. The Affordable Care Act. The website Fiverr. The NCAA antitrust lawsuit.APM00:50:18
08-08-2014The massive drought. 77 million people face collections. David Lazarus explore what you can do to get back on your feetAPM00:50:40
08-01-2014Argentine debt crisis. Messaging apps. Impact of sanctions. Lowering child care costs. Kale, the latest food fad.APM00:50:42
07-25-2014ObamaCare appeals. Relatives living in your basement. Israeli-Palestinian war affects business.APM00:51:14
07/18/2014Russian sanctions. Immigration protests in Murietta. When love and money don't work. Congress shuts the Export-Import Bank?...APM00:50:22
07/11/2014Privacy in the EU. Penny stock CYNK. Highway Trust Fund shortfall. Tech internships. Money regrets. Corporate inversionAPM00:50:56
07/03/2014Conversation with President Obama. How transgend women fare in the workforce? Decoding the fine print. The changing NBA...APM01:04:20
06/27/2014What's next for Aereo. What does middle class mean. Obama's paid family leave...APM00:50:46
06/20/2014How to navigate your health care bill. Spending small and dreaming big. How to be smarter money managers.APM00:50:46
06/13/2014Pre marital money talks. Be indispensable at your job. Shopping for a job. Winning your World Cup office poolAPM00:50:45
06/06/2014Data brokers. The fall and rise of home-equity loans. Public vs. private schools. Tackling student loans...APM00:52:46
05/30/2014Narcissism and growing up in a recession. World of technology. Shopping deals. Debt consolidation loansAPM00:51:25
05/23/2014Overspending on kids’ sports. Financial Q&A. Maximize frequent flyer rewards. How LinkedIn differs from a resumeAPM00:50:09
05/16/2014Fraudulent credit charges. Income inequality overseas. Buying luxury goods. Ending unpaid internships...APM00:51:07
05-09-14How Target will keep your info secure. Hiring a financial adviser. Why HSA's can be good for saving...APM00:50:19
05-02-14The rise of female breadwinners in America. Advice for parents of college kids. Debit card fees. Money lessons growing upAPM00:49:48
04-25-14What parents should know about college financial aid. 0% credit offers. How to handle unexpected medical expenses...APM00:49:50
04-18-14Budgeting when you're broke. Questions from our listeners. Money & mobile technology...APM00:50:29
04-11-14Tax advice for last-minute filers. Final days of Windows XP. Impact of food inflation on prices...APM00:49:42
04-04-14When being cheap costs you more. When spending can help you save. The Tyranny of tiny tasks.APM00:51:45
03-28-14Personal finance issues for young workers, gender discrimination changing professions & being of retirement ageAPM00:50:02
03-21-14Listeners' questions about money. Culture and gentrification. Effects of minimum wage hikes. Who do you tip and why?APM00:51:22
03-11-14Affordable Care Act rollout. Protecting personal info in an age of data breaches. Aggressive OTJ personalityAPM00:50:44
03-07-14The impact of Obama's budget proposal. The latest Tech in money. Questions about saving & spending...APM00:51:00
02-28-14How to talk to kids about money at every age. Oklahoma adds high-school financial courses...APM00:50:58
02-21-14How students pay more for student loans than they did just four years ago, and how the debt affects their lives...APM00:51:34
02-14-14Obamacare news; The volatile currency Bitcoin; Taxes and refunds & Our social media conversations.APM00:51:48
02-07-14Latest news on consumer data breaches. What you can do to protect yourself while shopping...APM00:51:12
01-31-14The experience of being out of work and knowing your last unemployment benefits payment is on the wayAPM00:51:53
01-24-14A crash course on credit with a look at consumer spending, credit reporting and more.APM00:51:31
1-18-14The aftermath of consumer data breaches, how to not get hacked, ObamaCare, & retirement savings rulesAPM00:51:19
1-10-14Publicizing tense employer-employee relations online - why workers make quitting a job public and the implicationsAPM00:51:45
1-03-14Important financial resolutions for 2014. Plus new software employers use to screen applicants and how to work around itAPM00:51:43
12-27-13We revisit the stories from 2013 that affected our wallets and help you with end-of-year tax planning tips...APM00:50:29
12-20-13Tips on holiday tipping, donating to charities, rules for presents, student debt & online coupon dealsAPM00:50:44
12-13-13Carmen Wong Ulrich on why new car sales are soaring and what that means for the used car inventory and consumers...APM00:50:41
12-06-13Carmen Wong Ulrich explores the psychology of self-control leading up to the time of year when people make resolutionsAPM00:50:60
11-29-13This weekend; some usual, and unusual questions about how family and finances mix during the holiday seasonAPM00:50:23
11-22-13The New Math of Healthcare - a special collaboration with The New York TimesAPM00:50:33
11-15-13Carmen Wong Ulrich calculates the cost of homeownership with a first time home buyer.APM00:50:53
11-08-13Paying off debt, buying a home, and starting a small business. A roundtable on the relationship between money and religionAPM00:50:12
11-01-13Our new host Carmen Wong Ulrich with personal-finance headlines and how secrets about money affect relationshipsAPM00:49:19
10-25-13Money Secrets: Secret bank accounts. Hidden credit cards. Hard to find investments. Your partner's bank accounts.APM00:51:58
10-18-13Financial Health. Money can motivate us in all sorts of ways. Change your job. Pick one house over another...APM00:51:17
10-11-13We take a look at one area where the Federal Reserve matters: interest rates and housing in light of the new Fed ChairAPM00:51:08
10-04-13Isn't the idea of economic mobility central to who we are as Americans? So what does it mean now?APM00:50:42
09-27-13What type of college savings account works best? Roth IRA vs 529 savings plans. When to buy? Hidden costs.APM00:50:51
09-20-13The American Dream. Experts helped us build a financial roadmap: from where you are now to where you want to beAPM00:50:19
09-13-13This week: health insurance. Not having it, not having enough, or not understanding what's out there for you...APM00:51:36
09-06-13A look at retirement. How we save. How we live and spend after we retire. And investment options at any ageAPM00:51:26
08-30-13College and student loans, affordability and family conversations about choices. Saving for college and managing debtAPM00:51:22
08-23-13Home ownership under a microscope. What should you know before you buy? Is owning a home right for you?APM00:48:59
08-16-13This week, a guide to talking about money with your family. Don't let the conversation make you squirm!APM00:49:39
08-09-13What to do when vacation plans are thwarted by a travel alert, using social media to improve customer service...APM00:50:09
08-02-13Today, we look at one of your most important money relationships: your life with credit and debt...APM00:49:14
07-26-13This week we tackle investing: Knowing the terms, setting limits on risk, and finding your time horizonAPM00:48:54
07-19-13This month is devoted to the basics - banking, investing, and credit. This week, how we save, strategies on savings and moreAPM00:50:57
07-12-13This week, we're devoting the show to money, how we interact with it, and what the future of money looks likeAPM00:50:14
07-05-13Interest rates on new federal student loans are rising. Learn about forgiveness for these loans. Also, bond prices, prepaid debit cards and yard salesAPM00:47:59
06-28-13A fight over wasting too much energy, food costs, and whether your spouse should go back to workAPM00:50:01
06-21-13The L.A. Times' David Lazarus on asserting consumer rights. Interest rates on the rise. Affordable summer camp for kidsAPM00:48:41
06-14-13What we spend our money on, what we save it for, and who we give it to. A look at America's worst charities. Plus - dollar storesAPM00:49:02
06-07-13Retirement planning in this day and age. Meredith Whitney on an economic power shift in the U.S. Preview of the movie 'The Internship'APM00:48:46
05-31-13Deciding to purchase in the housing market and how to make workplace relationships betterAPM00:49:24
05-24-13We talk with a young man wanting to leave his parents' home and explore the financial burden parents face when their adult children live at homeAPM00:50:31
05-17-13Debt. Don't let it ruin your life. Even if you're swimming in student loans or can't get ahead of the credit card companies, we've got some adviceAPM00:50:16
05-10-13We talk about how your money trickles away on little things as well as big ticket items, like medical procedures, share tips for how to save and offer adviceAPM00:49:32
05-03-13Does paying for getaways get you down? We welcome the challenge of finding the best summer travel deals and we're passing on some expert advice to youAPM00:50:12
04-26-13Scams are all around us! We're here to help you recognize when you're dealing with a con artist and help you steer clear of swindlersAPM00:49:27
04-19-13Helping Boston bombing victims; Clean out your financial portfolio and tidy up your budgets; and what you're really getting for your money when you buy 'Made in the U.S.A.'APM00:50:24
04-12-13We combine taxes and poetry in celebration of National Poetry Month. Enjoy our listener-submitted tax poems. Plus, have you ever wondered how U.S. taxes compare to other countries?APM00:50:18
04-05-13Tips on how to get a job and how to keep and enjoy it once you're successful.APM00:50:36
03-29-13What role do your emotions play when it comes to making financial decisions?APM00:50:40
03-22-13Congratulations! You've just won a "foreign lottery," which means you've also won a chance to be scammed out of your savings and your safety.APM00:49:22
03-15-13Facts about immigration. The challenges of throwing a wedding when the bride and groom come from different culutres. Atlanta's hot real estate market.APM00:49:27
03-08-13Wall Streeters are high-fiving each other, but what does a record high mean for you?APM00:49:29
03-01-13Sequester. Sequester. Sequester. We have everything you want to know about government spending cuts and some sound advice for planning your sequester survival strategy.APM00:50:59
02-22-13Is a diamond really forever? We look at what determines the worth of diamonds on the open market and share tips on buying and selling that special jewel.APM00:49:59
02-15-13The Federal Trade Commission says more than a quarter of credit card-carrying Americans have at least one "potentially material error" in their credit report data.APM00:48:26
02-08-13How is snowstorm Nemo affecting the Northeast? One store owner tells us what's flying off the shelves as people prepare for the blizzard.APM00:49:09
02-01-13Just when you thought there were no more possible credit card fees, a new one is in our midst. Does bailing out underwater homeowners help the housing market recover faster?APM00:49:50
01-25-13Housing is making its way back into the headlines, and most of the news is good. We take a look at whether the real estate market is making a comeback.APM00:50:13

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