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Second Vision

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Second Vision host, Kristin Macdonald, spent many years working in production for the legendary Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent of Spelling Television. She is partially sighted as a result of retinitis pigmentosa, but manages to interview scores of people who have found amazing ways to overcome personal injuries and conditions, as well as leaders in medicine and scientific research, actors and inspirational speakers. Tune in as she applies her unique perspective to her guests' life-experiences.

The Latest Second Vision Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Second Vision 10/21/2021An interview with Sherry Sterling Hernandez, a rags to riches story in eight areas of Life Mastery, a study of the principles of success.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:29:30
Second Vision 10/13/2021An interview with Elle Hart author of Twin Flames Exposed, Love Exposed, Yes I can and Savvy SpiritualityHost: Kristin Macdonald00:29:50
Second Vision 09/13/2021An interview with Leonard Perlmutter author of "Your Conscience: The Key to Unlock Limitless Wisdom and Creativity and Solve All of Life's Challenges"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:30:44
Second Vision 08/19/2021An interview with Christopher Maclon of The Centering Of The MindHost: Kristin Macdonald00:36:57
Second Vision 08/06/2021An interview with Susan Miller internationally renowned astrologer, columnist, publisher and pioneer of the internetHost: Kristin Macdonald00:44:34
Second Vision 07/15/2021An interview with Lee Tomlinson, author of "Compassion Heals: From Self Care to Healthcare"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:32:58
Second Vision 05/27/2021An interview with Maria Espinosa author of "Suburban Souls"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:30:38
Second Vision 02/27/2021Dr. Mark Schillinger, combines personal growth, neuroscience, mindful stress management and tribal ancestral wisdom to help familiesHost: Kristin Macdonald00:30:19
Second Vision 02/15/2021An Interview with Penelope Jean Hayes and Carole Serene Borgens authors of "Do Unto Earth: It's Not To Late"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:35:23
Second Vision 02/12/2021An interview with Jonathon Goldman author of "The Gift of the Body A Multi-Dimensional Guide to Energy, Antimony, Grounded Spirituality and Living Through the Heart"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:37:31
Second Vision 02/01/2021An Interview with Mouna Saquaque Author of "Who Am I? From A Human Perspective"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:29:14
Second Vision 01/17/2021An interview with Janet-Lynn Morrison author of "Forever Is Today"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:25:03
Second Vision 01/04/2021An Interview with Dr. Susan Shumsky author of 14 books on meditation, prayer, affirtmation and intuition.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:32:48
Second Vision 12/11/2020An interview with Gary Salyer, author of "Safe To Love Again"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:42:01
Second Vision 11/22/2020An interview with Pat Alva-Kraker author of "Katherine's Quest what it is like to lead an empowered life. The healing power of new beginnings.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:25:35
Second Vision 10/04/2020An Interview with Robert Kline, Chairman of the California Stem Cell Research Treatment and Care InitiativeHost: Kristin Macdonald00:29:07
Second Vision 08/31/2020Kristin interviews Elliot Robertson on author of "Say Yes To Life"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:24:57
Second Vision 08/25/2020An interview with Theresa Cheung author of "The Sensitivity Code"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:38:25
Second Vision 08/14/2020An interview with Aaron McCormick author of "Unbounded Journey to Your Within"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:43:27
Second Vision 07/26/2020An interview with Michael McAdams author of "When The Student Is Ready The Teacher Will Appear"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:34:39
Second Vision 07/11/2020The Story of Rebecca B. Thompson author of "Rebecca Rising" and "Sunday at 8:30"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:28:38
Second Vision 06/11/2020An interview with Mel Scott founder of Blind Alive to provide accessible choices for everyone with eyes free fitness audio fitness programs.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:27:42
Second Vision 05/08/2020Guests Dr. Patrick Wanus and Chris Burres discuss what keeps people awake at night. What to do about peace of mind and the availability of a new molecule which can enhance sleep.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:42:59
Second Vision 04/26/2020An interview with Elliot Robertson author of "Say Yes To Life"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:26:42
Second Vision 04/11/2020A discussion with Scott and Sandra Smith on alternative medicine and staying healthyHost: Kristin Macdonald00:41:07
Second Vision 03/12/2020An interview with Susan Shamsky author of "Third Eye Meditation"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:26:44
Second Vision 02/21/2020An interview with Lisa Erickson author of "Chakra Empowerment For Women" self guided techniques for healing trauma, owning your power & finding wellnessHost: Kristin Macdonald00:24:35
Second Vision 01/19/2020An interview with Neal Grace author of "Fresh Eyes Upon The World"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:31:09
Second Vision 12/16/2019An interview with Kathy Rose author of "Claiming Your Voice"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:23:54
Second Vision 12/05/2019An Interview with authors Catherine Weissenberg and Joselyn Montanaro of the book "Beyond Ever After"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:41:44
Second Vision 10/11/2019"An interview with Dr. Gary Salyer author of "Safe To Love Again"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:35:56
Second Vision 08/08/2019An interview with Dr, Gordon Pederson, author of the book "The Silver Miracle" on the subject of Silver in today's medicine.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:37:08
Second Vision 07/27/2019An interview with Julie Renee author of Your Divine Human BlueprintHost: Kristin Macdonald00:37:51
Second Vision 06/21/2019An interview with Anna Gatmon, author of "Living A Spiritual Life in A Material World-Four Keys to Fulfillment and Balance"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:36:27
Second Vision 05/23/2019An Interview with Maryl Petreccia autor of "GPS To Joy"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:22:54
Second Vision 05/09/2019An interview with Yolanda Nova, author of Journey Through The Dark-The experience of losing sight.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:39:38
Second Vision 04/26/2019An interview with Robyn Firtel, marriage and family therapist, who specializes in love addictions such as codependency and childhood trauma.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:31:32
Second Vision 04/22/2019An interview with Gabriella Mascala author of "Everyday Magnificent"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:24:25
Second Vision 03/15/2019An interview with Whitney Vosburgh author of "Work the Future Today"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:32:14
Second Vision 03/11/2019An Interview with Linda Kelly author of "Finding Your Coach Diving Deep Within"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:28:57
Second Vision 02/15/2019An interviw with author Sandra Biskind on codes in your DNA which influence energy, zest for life, success, and general well being.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:31:26
Second Vision 12/23/2018An interview with Daniel Levin, the author of the book "The Mosaic".Host: Kristin Macdonald00:44:00
Second Vision 12/16/2018Binge Eating-An interview with Glen Livingston author of "Never Binge Again"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:33:48
Second Vision 11/03/2018Kristin interviews Kevin Murphy, author of "The Three Rooms."Host: Kristin Macdonald00:27:08
Second Vision 10/12/2018Guest Layne Delphin, Founder of the Dream Interpretation Center in Montreal discusses the interpretation of dreamsHost: Kristin Macdonald00:38:02
Second Vision 05/25/2018An interview with Carolyn Hauser Carlson author of Blossom "7 Steps to Sexual Healing" and upcoming book "The Pleasure IQ"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:27:33
Second Vision 04/04/2018An interview with recording artist Kaliyani on the passion and spirit of her new music video "Tears for Inanna"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:33:08
Second Vision 03/02/2018The Formula For Miracles - Where Science Reveals The Secrets of Spirit, An Interview with Bestselling Author Brent Michael PhillipsHost: Kristin Macdonald00:34:20
Second Vision 02/23/2018Kristin interviews Lily Sanders, author of "A Spiritual Guide to Finding Your Truth. She is a noted author, columnist and life coach.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:38:27
Second Vision 02/01/2018An Interview with Mitra Houshmand PhD, Director of Scientific Programs, Americans for Cure Foundation about stem cell researchHost: Kristin Macdonald00:27:04
Second Vision 11/11/2017An Interview with Don Reed, Author of "Stem Cell Battles Proposition 71 and Beyond"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:32:17
Second Vision 10/16/2017An interview with Douglas Noll on the Art of Calming an Angry Person In 90 SecondsHost: Kristin Macdonald00:35:57
Second Vision 09/08/2017Unlocking the Mysteries of Your Soul and Decoding the Life of Hope and Happiness. An interview with Robert Clancy.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:32:12
Second Vision 08/31/2017Moving From Fear to Love - The Power of Humanity - An interview with Robert L. WilliamsHost: Kristin Macdonald00:42:00
Second Vision 08/04/2017Alcohol Addiction-How it affects a family member, an interview with Jodee ProuseHost: Kristin Macdonald00:28:45
Second Vision 07/13/2017An interview with Don and Mary Hulnick on the perception of "why you are on this planet and what your life's purpose really is"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:29:35
Second Vision 06/22/2017Michel Pascal is an author, meditation teacher, singer, filmmaker, & photographer. His book, Meditation for Daily Stress, came out this yearHost: Kristin Macdonald00:41:17
Second Vision 06/05/2017Prema Lee Gurreri discusses her book, "Your Sacred Wealth Code" about the key to unlock your path to wealth.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:32:39
Second Vision 05/18/2017The Wisdom Behind Yoga Science Explained and Applied-Leonard Perlmutter considered one of the West's foremost guides to Yoga.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:32:18
Second Vision 11/04/2016Rico Racosky author of "Just 2 Choices...It Is Your Life." Dreams + Action = Reality. It's the habit pattern that relates to the concept of choice.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:28:05
Second Vision 09/04/2016Pamela Miles offers 7 tips to build boundaries offering salvation for those who never could say no.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:38:00
Second Vision 08/27/2016An interview with Glen Cornish on his life and his handbook "Citified Energetics"-Ancient Healing Techniques for Modern Day LivingHost: Kristin Macdonald00:42:51
Second Vision 07/28/2016An interview with Darlene Tipton of, who talks her Karma Cards which acknowledges an act of kindness or disregard for others.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:29:41
Second Vision 07/15/2016An interview with author Will Schneider on his book Lucifer's Game.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:32:17
Second Vision 05/21/2016Kristin Macdonald interviews Pouline Middleton, author of the book "One Woman and Three Men"Host: Kristin Macdonald00:25:13
Second Vision 05/12/2016Cammie Ritchie discusses her story-Courage to Confidence-A story of an abusive relationship and her way out.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:31:24
Second Vision 02/05/2016Beverley Golden-Trust your intuition, even when no one sees your point of view, is her mantraHost: Kristin Macdonald00:36:35
Second Vision 01/14/2016Sandy Alemian acts as a bridge between heaven and earth connecting loved ones with the other side.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:29:42
Second Vision 12/18/2015Tracy Frieson helps to manifest a life one always dreamed by releasing what isn't working for themHost: Kristin Macdonald00:30:27
Second Vision 12/04/2015Judy O'Biern talks about cancer in her life and the publishing of "Unwavering Strength".Host: Kristin Macdonald00:31:44
Second Vision 11/21/2015Seven years ago Sharon's life changed with a horse riding accident. She now shares her journey.Host: Kristin Macdonald00:30:34
Second Vision 11/11/2015Rodney Flowers, author of 'Getup, I Can't, I Will, Here's How!' shares empowering principles with us.Host:: Kristin Macdonald00:30:21
Second Vision 06/15/2012Holly Peppe, PhD, Managing Director of Peppe Communications, is a Global PR Consultant, book editor, and poetry scholar who traveled the world as Public Affairs Director for ORBIS International,the flying eye hospital. She shares her story reinventing her life after a car accident.Host: Kristin Macdonald, Guest: Holly Peppe, PhD00:23:58
Second Vision 05/31/2012Michael Sylver spent years studying Phytotherapy in the Amazon Rain Forest; said to be Nature's pharmacy. He has investigated its health benefits and worked to save the Amazon. He founded "Just Like Sugar, Inc." to produce healthy sweeteners.Host: Kristin Macdonald, Guest: Michael Sylver00:21:18
Second Vision 05/24/2012Kristin's guest today, Dr. Leonard Caldwell, NMD, PhD, is an alternative doctor specializing in cancer treatment. He is also a self-empowerment speaker and author of the best-selling book, "The Only Answer to Cancer."Host: Kristin Macdonald, Guest: Dr. Leonard Caldwell00:30:22
Second Vision 05/10/2012Kelly Kloepping is the Assistant Vice President for Special Olympics Southern CA. She has been with the organization for almost 12 years. The Special Olympics Southern California empowers individuals with intellectual disabilities and works to improve the lives of the athletes.Host: Kristin Macdonald, Guest: Kelly Kloepping00:22:52
Second Vision 04/12/2012Sharon L. Nash is someone you love the moment you meet her. She motivates, inspires and encourages others to be true to themselves despite the obstacles present. Sharons second book "Live The Life You Choose" is written for women stuck in bad relationships. Get to know Sharon at .Host: Kristin Macdonald, Guest: Sharon L. Nash00:25:36

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