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Low Vision Technology

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Dr. Bill Takeshita tells you how to get the most from PC's and other gadgetry that can help those with low vision get along.

Current Low Vision Technology Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Jaws, Jaws, Jaws 04/05/2018Christine Chaikin continues the tutorial on how to navigate to the start menu, the desktop and how to change the rate of voice response and volumeHost: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:16:36
Jaws, Jaws, Jaws 03/30/2018Christine Chaikin tells how to open programs using the Windows key, how to search for other programs, and how to print.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:17:47
Low Vision Tech 02/05/2016Dr. Bill interviews the founder and CEO of NuEyes, Mark Greget. The company produces an exciting new assistive technology for the partially sighted.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:34:36
Low Vision Tech 09/17/2015The latest in vision technnology- E Sight, eye glasses which allow the visually impaired to see 20/20.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:40:34
Low Vision Tech 08/13/2014Dr. Bill and Dr. Brett Nagatani review the new upgraded and improved Prodigi Video Magnifier able to to magnify text, enhance, and speak text.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:31:28
Low Vision Tech 08/01/2014The Enhanced Vision Smart Reader. Dr. Bill and Dr. Brett Nagatani review a device able to read letters, and documents on a portable screen.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:31:28
Low Vision Tech 02/14/2014Dr. Bill and Kevin Hughes discuss Humanware's latest video magnifier Prodigi. The features of the Prodigi Desktop and the Prodigi Duo provide several interesting features.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:36:59
Low Vision Tech 08/31/2013Blind Comcast executive is developing a talking TV channel guide. By Bob Fernandez, The Philadelphia InquirerReader: Max Flehinger00:06:05
Low Vision Tech 08/07/2012"iDevice Apps for the blind and visually impaired, Part 1 of 2" from AppAdvice.comReader: Joe Jurca00:14:00
Low Vision Tech 07/10/2012"AIRSLA application for iPhone" AIRSLA has listened to your request and is producing an application to listen to AIRSLA podcasts from your iPhone and iPad, available this fall.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:03:00
Low Vision Tech 07/03/2012"I Heart Radio application." Dr. Bill discusses an application allows you to listen to your favorite songs and artists on the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry cell phones.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:07:25
Low Vision Tech 06/26/2012"ZoomText Screen Magnification Version 10" Dr. Bill discusses the latest version of ZoomText with speech.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:07:03
Low Vision Tech 06/19/2012"Apple's new operating system." Apple announced improvements to their operating system for the iPhone, iPad and Ipod Touch.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:05:59
Low Vision Tech 06/05/2012"Windows 8 Operating System" Dr. Bill informs listeners about the latest operating system that will be released by Microsoft. The program is called Windows 8 and Dr. Bill informs listeners how they can try it.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:05:20
Low Vision Tech 05/29/2012The Enhanced Vision Merlin HD. Dr. Bill describes the new features of the Enchanced Vision Merlin with high definition. This is a video magnifier that will help many people with low vision read, write, and see small details.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:05:35
Low Vision Tech 05/22/2012Screen Reader for the Blackberry Curve Cell Phone. Research in Motion has announced the release of a free screen reading application for people who use the Blackberry Curve.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:03:31
Low Vision Tech 05/15/2012Special offers from Humanware. Dr. Bill shares the latest special promotions from Humanware for those who are interested in purchasing the BrailleNote Apex or the Trekker GPS system.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:05:39
Low Vision Tech 05/08/2012The Enhanced Vision DaVinci Acrobat. Dr. Bill shares information about the latest video magnifier from Enhanced Vision. This video magnifier focuses both far, near, and also scan your books and read them aloud.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:04:05
Low Vision Tech 05/01/2012"The Braille Plus 18" - Dr. Bill discusses a new portable device made by the American Printing House that allows users to e-mail, write documents, record lectures, read books and more.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:06:33
Low Vision Tech 04/24/2012"The Grasshopper Telephone System" - Dr. Bill tells about a helpful telephone system that will allow you to establish a local or 800 telephone number and receive messages for your business.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:06:20
Low Vision Tech 04/17/2012Dr. Bill reminds listeners who use screen magnification programs and video magnifiers of the benefits of wearing glasses that are designed to focus on the distance of your computer monitor.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:07:50
Low Vision Tech 04/10/2012The Sapphire portable video magnifier. Freedom Scientific has upgraded their popular Sapphire video magnifier and reduced the price. Dr. Bill discusses all the great features of this excellent portable video magnifier.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:04:42
Low Vision Tech 04/03/2012Enhanced Vision Pebble. Dr. Bill talks about a new portable magnifier. This is the most compact portable video magnifier from Enhanced Vision with excellent optics.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:04:52
Low Vision Tech 03/27/2012Tech for low vision: "Looktel Recognizer Application" - Dr. Bill talks about a great application that will allow low vision users of the iPhone to identify objects of virtually any size and shape.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:05:51
Low Vision Tech 03/20/2012"The Apple Accessibility Help Line. Apple has just produced a new telephone help line to let people with disabilities learn to use their Apple products."Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:03:17
Low Vision Tech 03/13/2012Dr. Bill talks about the new I Pad that was recently announced by Apple. This portable device has many features that will be most helpful for people with low vision and for those who are blind.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:08:18
Low Vision Tech 03/06/2012"Optelec Compact 5 HD Video Magnifier" - Optelec has just released a new portable video magnifier. Dr. Bill discusses its fantastic features.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:07:01
Low Vision Tech 02/14/2012Facebook: Dr. Bill shares helpful tips for accessing Face Book with a screen reader and talks about some iPhone applications.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:10:24
Low Vision Tech 02/07/2012The iPad 2 can be an affordable and effective tool for the blind and partially sighted. Dr. Bill discusses its features.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:11:27
Low Vision Tech 01/31/2012The Freedom Scientific Topaz XL HD Video Magnifier. Dr. Bill describes the benefits of this excellent new desktop video magnifier.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:08:07
Low Vision Tech 01/24/2012Dr. Bill shares helpful tips to prevent the loss of important data from your computer.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:07:19
Low Vision Tech 01/17/2012The CC Solar Observer Emergency Radio. Dr. Bill describes a great emergency radio with AM and FM, weather band, a flashlight, solar array, and a wind-up generator.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:05:16
Low Vision Tech 01/10/2012Financial Aid For Assistive Technology. Dr. Bill describes an Association for Blind Citizens program where the legally blind can get up to half of their technology paid for.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:04:56
Low Vision Tech 01/03/2012The Echo Smart Pen. Dr. Bill talks about a new pen that allows you to record lectures and interviews and locate specific content by tapping the notepad with the pen.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:05:01
Low Vision Tech 12/27/2011Dr. Bill tells of the Look Tel Currency Identification App for the iPhone. It will quickly and accurately identify paper money for you.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:04:48
Low Vision Tech 12/20/2011The HIMS SenseView Portable Video Magnifier. Dr. Bill discusses this portable video magnifier with up to 22x magnification and adjustable brightness controls.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:08:26
Low Vision Tech 12/06/2011HIMS introduces the LifeStyle, a new 22-inch High Definition video magnifier. An excellent tool to help the visually impaired read, write, view photos and perform other tasks.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:11:03
Low Vision Tech 11/29/2011CamCorders. Dr. Bill encourages those with low vision to consider a portable video camera to help them see distant objects. They provide a high magnification range at an affordable price.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:09:27
Low Vision Tech 11/22/2011Many with low vision can benefit from the speech technology available on today's computers. Dr. Bill shares tips that will help you to get the most from these programs that read text aloud.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:12:20
Low Vision Tech 11/15/2011Optelec 5HD Portable Video Magnifier. This hand-held video magnifier has a high definition 5-inch screen with many fantastic features.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:06:54
Low Vision Tech 11/01/2011The Amazon Kindle Fire. This electronic book reader will convert books into large print, play music, movies and television programs. It also lets you surf the internet!Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:07:07
Low Vision Tech 10/25/2011The new Transformer. Enhanced Vision has made some beneficial changes to their Transformer distance and near-focusing video magnifier. Dr. Bill discusses them.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:05:54
Low Vision Tech 10/18/2011The Humanware Brailliant Refreshable Display. This new refreshable Braille display allows users to connect to their cell phone, iPad and computers to read and write.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:04:56
Low Vision Tech 10/11/2011The New iPhone 4s. Dr. Bill talks about some of the new features of the new Apple iPhone 4s that can help people with low vision.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:07:36
Low Vision Tech 09/27/2011The C-Desk Computer System for people with low vision. This helpful tool comes with standard features that will help you by scanning books and mail and more!Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:10:16
Low Vision Tech 09/20/2011Freedom Scientific's Magic 11 Magnification Program and the Magic Computer Keyboard. Dr. Bill describes the outstanding features of the Magic screen magnification program and the new Magic keyboard.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:09:54
Low Vision Tech 09/13/2011Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows. Here are some quick and easy shortcuts. You won't have to use your mouse as much and you'll be much more efficient.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:08:37
Low Vision Tech 09/06/2011The New Freedom Scientific Ruby. Dr. Bill describes the latest features of the very popular Ruby portable video magnifier.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:05:25
Low Vision Tech 08/30/2011Dr. Bill talks about the most popular desktop video magnifiers that can help students to see the chalkboard as well as their books and worksheets in the classroom.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:09:15
Low Vision Tech 08/23/2011Speed Up Your PC. Dr. Bill shares his experience changing to a larger, faster hard drive for his laptop. You too can stretch your dollars by improving the PC you already have.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:06:36
Low Vision Tech 08/16/2011iPad Versus the Netbook. This information will help students trying to decide which of these computers to buy.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:10:36
Low Vision Tech 08/09/2011How to select a desktop video magnifier. Dr. Bill shares some helpful tips to consider when shopping.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:16:54
Low Vision Tech 08/02/2011Dr. Bill discusses the benefits of using a digital voice recorder to record memos, phone numbers, and even interviews.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:08:33
Low Vision Tech 07/26/2011GW Micro announces release of the first video magnifiers that can scan an image and read text aloud, the Vocatex and the Orabis.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:06:13
Low Vision Tech 07/19/2011GW Micro has released the Read-It Wand, a new optical character recognition software program and camera that can scan text in less than 3-seconds, read it aloud, and display it in large print.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:05:43
Low Vision Tech 07/12/2011The HIMS Book Sense With Voice Recognition. This is the first Daisy book and music player with voice recognition. If you own a Book Sense XT, you can upgrade it!Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:04:27
Low Vision Tech 07/05/2011The Milestone 312 Digital Book Player and Audio Recorder. - Dr. Bill discusses the unique features and benefits of this small but powerful multi-functional digital audio player and recording device.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:06:48
Low Vision Tech 06/21/2011Macintosh Computers for people with low vision. Dr. Bill discusses benefits of an Apple Macintosh computer for people with vision impairments.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:09:08
Low Vision Tech 06/14/2011Freedom Scientific has reduced the price of its most popular portable video magnifier, the Ruby. Dr. Bill describes its features and tells who will benefit from this fantastic device.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:05:08
Low Vision Tech 06/07/2011Tools to Record Podcasts: Podcasts are audio recordings that can be downloaded from the Internet and listened to on your computer and favorite players. Here's information to get you started.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:08:54
Low Vision Tech 05/31/2011The Touch Memo Labeling System. This device lets you label items with sticker it creates. It's small and pen-shaped and the stickers adhere to almost anything.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:04:26
Low Vision Tech 05/24/2011The Acrobat 24-inch Video Magnifier. This Enhanced Vision product will help those with low vision see distant details, books, and mail. It even functions as a magnified mirror to aid in grooming!Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:09:49
Low Vision Tech 05/17/2011Freedom Scientific SARA CE. This amazing scanning system cn scan your documents and read them aloud in less than 3 seconds. It's easy to use and doesn't require a computer.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:07:59
Low Vision Tech 05/10/2011The Optelec Clear Reader Plus Portable Scanner. Have you ever wished you had a scanner you could take with you to read books, documents and memos? This new system can also read them to you!Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:05:36
Low Vision Tech 05/03/2011Dr. Bill discusses Freedom Scientific's latest upgrades to their popular desktop video magnifier - the Topaz.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:08:14
Low Vision Tech 04/26/2011C-Desk software for easy use of your computer. C-Desk magnifies images on your computer screen, scans documents, reads them aloud. It makes using a Windows PC very easy.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:08:22
Low Vision Tech 04/19/2011Android Mobile Accessibility. Dr. Bill discusses Code Factor's new software for Android cell phones that makes them accessible for people who are blind and visually impaired.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:09:45
Low Vision Tech 04/12/2011Freedom Scientific Large-Print Keyboard - Dr. Bill discusses a new computer keyboard designed to improve productivity for Magic screen magnification software and JAWS screen reader software users.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:04:35
Low Vision Tech 04/05/2011The Book Port Plus Digital Book Player - Dr. Bill discusses a very easy-to-use digital multimedia player for the visually impaired. It reads books and plays music and podcasts.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:13:09
Low Vision Tech 03/29/2011New applications for the iPhone 4 - Dr. Bill discusses two applications for the iPhone 4 - one for identifying currency and the other to convert the iPhone into a magnifier and scanning reader.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:04:31
Low Vision Tech 03/22/2011The Bose QC 16 Headphones - Dr. Bill reviews the Bose QC 16 noise cancelling headphones designed for high quality music and for use on an airplane.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:06:17
Low Vision Tech 03/15/2011The Humanware Trekker Breeze GPS System - Humanware has upgraded their popular GPS to let users enter addresses. Dr. Bill describes the features of this system.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:07:58
Low Vision Tech 03/08/2011Mobile Access for Android Smart Phone Users - Code Factory has just released a program that will allow the blind to access many features with their Android cell phones.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:06:09
Low Vision Tech 03/01/2011A new electronic implant for the eye. Doctors in Germany have implanted electronics into the eyes of 3 adults to restore vision.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:05:48
Low Vision Tech 02/22/2011New scanning systems for Mac users - ABiSee has two systems that will allow a person to scan text in less than 3 seconds on the Macintosh computer.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:05:49
Low Vision Tech 02/15/2011The New Braille Note Apex. Humanware has just released the latest version of the Keysoft 9.0.2 software for the popular Apex notetaker. Dr. Bill describes some of its great features.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:08:50
Low Vision Tech 02/08/2011Enhanced Vision's New 'Transformer': Dr. Bill discusses this new video magnifier that can focus on both distant and near objects so you can view them on your computer.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:05:30
Low Vision Tech 02/01/2011Learn about a new portable video magnifier: the Sense View Lite. It's very portable and uses the latest LED technology to magnify print.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:05:56
Low Vision Tech 01/25/2011How to select a desktop video magnifier. These are probably the most valuable low vision aid. They enable you to read, write, and view photographs.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita00:10:15
Low Vision Tech 01/18/2011Ergonomic tips for using video magnifiers and PCs. Many people with low vision must lean forward to to read the print on their computer screen and video magnifiers. Dr. Bill provides solutions to prevent neck and back strain.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita, Engineer: Brett Takeshita00:13:01
Low Vision Tech 01/11/2011Kurzweill Teams With ABiSee: The Kurzweil 1000 OCR software can now use ABiSee Eye Pal and Zoom Ex cameras to scan and read a page in less than 3 seconds.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita, Engineer: Brett Takeshita00:09:00
Low Vision Tech 01/04/2011Amazon Kindle. There is a new thinner, lighter version of the most popular electronic book reader, the Kindle. Dr. Bill discusses how to use it to read books and documents, listen to music, and more.Host: Dr. Bill Takeshita, Engineer: Brett Takeshita00:15:43

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