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Please send us your links if you have a website, blog, facebook, myspace, whatever web presence. We'll pop them on this page. Just put our link on your site in return. We need the links from your site to help us with our search engine rankings, and by linking to you we do the same for you.


  • Albinism An informative site with links to articles on albinism and its effects on vision.
  • American Foundation for the Blind Expanding possibilities for people with vision loss.
  • Audio Eyes producers of excellent quality description that benefits media producers and the community.
  • Blind and Beyond Radio Show - The only national, commercial radio show for the blind and visually impaired. Tune in for talk, variety, fun, information, education and employment opportunities.
  • Blind Bargains - Is a fabulous website with loads of bargains and information for the blind and visually impaired.
  • Blind Stokers Club (BSC) pairs sighted and blind or visually impaired cyclists to ride tandem bicycles. Participants can reside anywhere in the United States.
  • Blindfold Games Marty Schultz has created this delightful website to satisfy the gaming instinct in the visually challenged. The website presents a number of fun and challenging audio games.
  • Blindness Support Services Inc. of Riverside, California dedicated to teaching those who are blind or have visual impairments to become more independent and adapt to the challenges they have.
  • Blind Planet Your one-stop resource for anything blindness related.
  • Braille Challenge Event Braille skills competition for children.
  • Braille Institute Empowering the visually impaired to live fulfilling lives.
  • CheapOAir Travel Accessibility Resources for the Disabled and Handicapped.
  • Retail Savings Guide for People with Disabilities.
  • Discovery Eye Foundation Support and education for people with impaired vision and total vision loss.
  • Dr. Bill Foundation Assistance for visually impaired children.
  • Eye-DAS, An organization dedicated to helping the visually impaired in the San Gabriel Valley.
  • FamilyConnect provides parents of visually impaired children a place to support each other, share stories and concerns, and link to local resources.
  • Foundation Fighting Blindness Making a difference for people with eye diseases.
  • Fully Accessible Guide to Home Loans for People with Disabilities The Simple Dollar's fully accessible guide to home loans for people with disabilities has vital information you need to know.
  • Guide Dogs of America An international guiding eyes program.
  • Guide Dogs of the Desert Mobility, companionship, the miracle of independence.
  • Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired Independent living through lifelong, distance education programs.
  • Home Adaptation For The Visually Impaired How to get home adaptations if you're blind or partially-sighted. And some of the best adaptations you can have.
  • Home Loan and Mortgage Guide for the Disabled Created to help individuals living with disabilities and their family members, to buy a home of their own.
  • Insightful Publications Creating state resource handbooks specifically designed for use by the blind and visually impaired.
  • Laser Eye Surgery Hubb Resources for Help in Adjusting to Low Vision or Blindness; for Youth, Parents and Educators; the Latest Medical Advances; Communication Technology; and Mobile Apps.
  • LINCS Community Teaching the art of cooking to people with special needs.
  • Main Menu A weekly program run on ACB Radio Main Stream about technology from a blindness perspective, featuring reviews and interviews. It's also available in podcast form.
  • Scheigert Scholarship Program The Fred Scheigert Scholarship Program Awards three students an individual prize of $3,000. This competitive scholarship is available to full-time college students with low vision, chosen from among those who meet the visual acuity and academic guidelines.
  • SeroTalk - Your portal to the accessible digital lifestyle.
  • SingleCare - Medication Management for People with Disabilities. This guide is designed to help people with vision impairment and other common disabilities properly handle prescriptions.
  • Social Security and Disability Resource Center Answers many questions concerning how to: apply for disability, appeal a claim if it's been denied, navigate the federal system, and avoid common mistakes made in filing for SSD or SSI benefits.
  • Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality A compendium of disability travel websites.
  • Test Partners, Ltd provide accessibility testing, training and consultancy services throughout the world.
  • The Real Deal How to save on adaptive equipment as you care for disabled or senior loved ones.
  • Touched By Fantasy Designs sponsors The Loving Touch Connection to create mugs and glasses with Braille inscriptions and awesome designs. A percentage of the proceeds are donated to organizations that assist the Blind and Visually Impaired.
  • Tips For Online Shopping With Disabilities How to set up your operating system so that you can make maximum use of online shopping. Help is provided for the hard-of-hearing as well as the visually impaired.
  • VisionAWARE The Self-help Resource Center for Vision Loss.
  • Wayfinder Family Services Helping the blind and visually impaired achieve independence.
  • The Xavier Society for the Blind provides free religious and spiritual services in braille and audio formats - and has for over a hundred years - primarily in the Roman Catholic tradition, but much of their material has a broader appeal.
  • Your Storage Finder Home organization for seniors with disabilities and the newly disabled.


  • Paul Harris - advises AIRSLA on Web design and operating techniques. He operates his own Web Design firm.
  • Former Board Member Anne Marie Howard - is an actress and voiceover artist.


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The Audio Internet Reading Service of Los Angeles serves those who are blind, sight impaired, print impaired, low vision, or have eye or other diseases that make it difficult or impossible for them to read. Our mission is to podcast to this group, a variety of news, information, and entertainment that's otherwise inaccessible. <a href="">Go to AIRSLA</a>.

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