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Childrens Hour

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A delightful series of entertaining children's tales and books from around the world. Your children, their friends and your children's children will pass many happy hours listening to these stories.

Childrens Hour Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
The Wizard of OzThe Wizard of Oz, chapters 3 & 4, by L. Frank BaumReader: Jennette Lovelace00:21:41
The Wizard of OzThe Wizard of OZ, chapters 1 & 2, by L. Frank BaumReader: Jennette Lovelace00:21:05
The Fiddler and the Fairy RingAn old Irish tale about Magic and Music as told in Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewning' collection Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales.Reader: Jennette Lovelace00:14:21
Tongue TwistersEnjoy and memorize these tricky tongue twisters to impress your friends.Reader: Jennette Lovelace00:05:38
RumpelstiltskinA tale spun of magic - as told by the Brothers Grimm and found in Yang's Blue Fairy Book.Reader: Jennette Lovelace00:08:47
Little Red Riding HoodA scary tale about why you shouldn't talk to strangers from Andrew Lang's Blue Fairy Book.Reader: Jennette Lovelace00:06:33
Maiden of the Green ForestA Welsh fairy tale full of magic, from William Elliot Griffis' CollectionReader: Jennette Lovelace00:11:47
Prince Hyacinth and the Dear PrincessA story of love and magic and seeing things as they are. From Andrew Lang's Blue Fairy Book as told to Madame Leprince de BeaumontReader: Jennette Lovelace00:18:18
Hansel and GretelA scary story filled with family, mean stepmothers, wicked witches, and candy houses. By the Brothers GrimmReader: Jennette Lovelace00:17:42
The Frog PrinceA magical tale filled with promises, spells, and... a frog. By the Brothers Grimm.Reader: Jennette Lovelace00:09:13
The Shoes That Were Danced to PiecesA story by the Brothers Grimm about secrets, dancing - and shoes!Reader: Jennette Lovelace00:12:06
ThumbelinaA tale by Hans Christian Anderson about a girl no bigger than your thumb and her adventures.Reader: Jennette Lovelace00:28:00
The Emperor's New ClothesA silly tale about a King who cares more about how he looks than running his kingdom. By Hans Christian AndersonReader: Jennette Lovelace00:14:06
The True PrincessAn original adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen story "The Princess and the Pea." by Jennette LovelaceReader: Jennette Lovelace00:11:50
Peter Pan - Chapter 17 The Final ChapterWhat will happen when the Lost Boys come to live on the mainland, and Peter and Wendy meet again when she is all grown up?Reader: CC00:26:41
Peter Pan, Chapter 16Wendy and her brothers fly home, but Peter and Tinkerbell have arrived first! Will Peter bar the window to prevent the reunion with their beloved parents?Reader: CC00:22:04
Peter Pan, Chapter 15The Lost Boys battle against the pirates, and the final fight occurs between Peter Pan and Hook...who will win?Reader: CC00:24:24
Peter Pan, Chapter 14The Lost Boys and Wendy are held captive on Hook’s pirate ship! Who will save them?Reader: CC00:18:15
Peter Pan, Chapter 13What happens when Wendy and the Lost Boys are discovered by the pirates... and Hook and Peter Pan come face-to-face?Reader: CC00:22:30
Peter Pan, Chapter 12What happens to the Lost Boys and Wendy when Hook and his pirates discover them?Reader: CC00:13:08
Peter Pan, Chapter 11Listen to Wendy's exciting story. Will Peter and the Lost Boys leave Neverland with Wendy and her brothers?Reader: CC00:20:33
Peter Pan, Chapter 10Enjoy a joyful, cozy adventure in the home under the ground with Peter, Wendy and the Lost Boys.Reader: CC00:18:15
Peter Pan, Chapter 9Will Peter survive on the lone rock in the ocean? Ask the Never Bird!Reader: CC00:11:39
Peter Pan, Chapter 8Find out what happens when Hook and Peter Pan meet face to face!Reader: CC00:29:16
Peter Pan, Chapter 7Wendy and her brothers experience what a fun life is like, living under the ground with Peter.Reader: CC00:18:36
Peter Pan, Chapter 6Wendy and her brothers arrive on the island and meet the Lost Boys. With Peter, they build a new home.Reader: CC00:21:25
Peter Pan, Chapter 5Neverland comes alive with the arrival of Peter, including his enemy, Hook!Reader: CC00:26:00
Peter Pan, Chapter 4Join the children and Peter Pan on their memorable flight to Neverland.Reader: CC00:22:24
Peter Pan, Chapter 3Wendy and Peter's magical meeting, and the first flight of the children ... away!Reader: CC00:30:31
Peter Pan, Chapter 2Peter's magical shadow ... foreshadows the grand adventure!Reader: CC00:22:53
Peter Pan, Chapter 1Join J. M. Barrie's classic story from the very beginning!Reader: CC00:23:22
The Tailor of Gloucester - Part 2 of 2The memorable conclusion of Beatrix Potter's tale of how the tailor magically finishes the mayor's beautiful coat.Reader: CC00:10:55
The Tailor of Gloucester - Part 1 of 2A touching tale about a poor tailor, and a special coat he wishes to make for the mayor. By Beatrix Potter.Reader: CC00:12:47
The Tale of Mr. Tod - Part 2 of 2The exciting conclusion of Beatrix Potter's tale of how Peter, Benjamin and Mr. Tod unknowingly work together to rescue the baby rabbits from the dangerous badger, Tommy Brock!Reader: CC00:21:02
The Story of Mr. Todd - Part 1 of 2Beatrix Potter's thrilling tale of Benjamin and Peter's search for the missing baby rabbits!Reader: CC00:19:13
The Tale of Pigling Bland - Part 2 of 2The conclusion of Pigling Bland's adventures and how he and a girl pigling outsmart some grown - ups!Reader: CC00:15:11
The Tale of Pigling Bland - Part 1 of 2Join the adventures of smart little pigling brothers, and the friends they encounter, on the way to market.Reader: CC00:17:54
The Tale of Samuel Whiskers (Part 2 of 2)The conclusion of Beatrix Potter's entertaining tale of Tom Kitten and two mice who wish to roll him into a pastry.Reader: CC00:11:45
The Tale of Samuel Whiskers (Part 1 of 2)A fun, suspenseful tale by Beatrix Potter, of hide and seek between a cat named Tabitha and her children.Reader: CC00:13:47
The Tale of Mrs. TittlemouseBeatrix Potter's enjoyable story of the persnickety Mrs. Tittlemouse.Reader: CC00:12:12
The Tale of Johnny Town-MouseAdventures ensue when a country mouse and a city mouse visit each other's houses. By Beatrix Potter.Reader: CC00:12:38
The Tale of Ginger and PicklesBeatrix Potter's joyful tale of dog and cat shopkeepers, and how they cope with credit!Reader: CC; Engineer: Barry McCarten00:12:03
The Tale of Timmy-Tip-TopsThe Tale of Timmy-Tip-Tops: Beatrix Potter's winsome story of conflicts and friendships between squirrels and chipmunks.Reader: CC; Engineer: Barry McCarten00:13:47
The Tale of the Flopsy BunniesThe Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies. Find out what happens in Beatrix Potter's humorous tale of a family of bunnies outsmarting Mr. McGregor, the farmerReader: CC; Engineer: Barry McCarten00:11:15
The Tale of Jemima Puddle-duckBeatrix Potter's adventurous story of a courageous duck and a wiley fox.Reader: CC; Engineer: Joe Jurca00:12:44
The Tale of Tom KittenBeatrix Potter's story of three kittens in fancy clothes having fun and causing mischief in a garden.Reader: CC00:09:52
The Tale of a Fierce Bad RabbitBeatrix Potter's little tale of a memorable, unique meeting between a nice rabbit and a fierce one.Reader: CC; Engineer: Joe Jurca00:06:05
The Tale of Mr. Jeremy FisherBeatrix Potter's adventurous story about a frog fishing in an unpredictable lake.Reader: CC00:10:35
The Pie and the Patty PanBeatrix Potter's enchanting tale of a pie party with Ribby the cat and Duchess the dog.Reader: CC; Engineer: Joe Jurca00:18:17
The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-WinkleBeatrix Potter's sunny tale of a little girl who stumbles upon the delightful creature called Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle.Reader: CC; Engineer: Kayvan Taherpour00:15:18
The Tale of Two Bad MiceBeatrix Potter's superb and silly tale of two mice stumbling into a dolls' house.Reader: CC; Engineer: Kayvan Taherpour00:12:15
Tale of Benjamin BunnyBeatrix Potter's Superb tale of two rabbits who meet a cat in Mr. Mcgregor's gardenReader: CC; Engineer: Kayvan Taherpour00:13:55
The Tale of Squirrel NutkinThe funny tale by Beatrix Potter about a silly squirrel who teases a wise old owl one too many times.Reader: CC; Engineer: Kayvan Taherpour00:15:40
The Tale of Peter RabbitThe classic tale of Peter Rabbit's adventures in Mr. McGregor's garden.Reader: CC; Engineer: Joe Jurca00:12:17
Little MonkeysThis fun Brazilian folktale follows two monkeys through the sun and the rain, and a house called Tomorrow.Reader: CC; Engineer: Kayvan Taherpour00:07:44
A Whale of a TaleFind out how an Eskimo boy tries to fit back into his igloo after eating too much!Reader: CC; Engineer: Joe Jurca00:11:39
Batis! Batis!In this folktale from France a family and their pig discover creative ways to outsmart a wolf.Reader: CC; Engineer: Jerry Nankin00:16:25
Old One-EyeIn this Southern folktale, how does an old woman trick three robbers with a one-eyed fish?Reader: CC00:12:21
The Rich Man Seeks a Daughter-in-LawIn this folktale from Thailand, the smart young woman who can answer the fish riddle, wins the prince!Reader: CC00:09:02
Coyote's Crying SongIn this folktale with Hopi Indian roots, Little Dove tries to teach Coyote to sing, with funny results!Reader: CC00:11:04
The Girl Who Wore Too MuchWhat happens when a girl named Aree tries to wear everything she owns to a dance? Find out in this fun folktale from Thailand.Reader: CC, Engineer: Cagri Ceylan00:14:30
Parley Garfield and the FrogsHow does Parley cross the creek to get to the other side? With the help of the frogs of course!Reader: CC, Engineer: Cagri Ceylan00:07:55
Punia and the King of the SharksIn this folktale from Hawaii, a boy named Punia finds a way to outsmart ten sharks in the Bay of Kohala.Reader: CC00:13:51
Sunshine StoriesThis classic by Hans Christian Andersen is about a swan who gives many magical gifts.Reader: CC00:14:49
'Twas the Night Before ChristmasEnjoy this classic Christmas tale about a visit from St.Nicholas.Reader: CC00:09:37
The Elephants and the BeesHow did elephants receive their long trunks? Find out in this folktale from Thailand.Reader: CC00:12:25
Roly Poly Rice BallIn this folktale from Japan, a kind old man discovers a beautiful mouse country underneath the ground.Reader: CC00:14:04
The Hare Who Married a PrincessHow does a clever rabbit win a competition of many suitors to marry the princess? Find out in this Fon folktale from Benin, Africa.Reader: CC00:12:51
Udala TreeListen to this folktale from Africa about an Orphan Boy who plants a tree that grows higher and higher the more he sings.Reader: CC00:13:28
Groundhog DanceIn this revised Cherokee folktale, a clever Groundhog creates a singing game to try to outsmart a pack of hungry wolves.Reader: CC00:09:28
The Magic FoxA boy named Zuiten discovers a fox with magic powers in this folktale from Japan.Reader: CC00:12:54
Little Boy Frog and Little Boy SnakeThis Ekoi folktale shows how two known enemies become memorable friends.Reader: CC00:10:55
Hide and SeekListen to this story about wonderful winged creatures in the forest as they play this fun familiar game with a twist!Reader: CC00:06:38
Pickin' PeasThis folktale from Alabama is about a Little Girl and Mr. Rabbit who try to outsmart eachother. Who will win?Reader: CC00:11:59
The Ghost with One Black EyeEnjoy this silly, spooky Halloween tale about a baby who scares a ghost!Reader: CC00:09:48
The World's Biggest Pizza Pie from Blinkety BlyeBarney Marcello and his town work together to make a 50 foot pizza filled with all their favorite things.Reader: CC00:10:30
Little SparkyWhat is it like being a sparkly girl, in a sparkly world?Reader: CC00:07:16
A Dog's DayJoin Ben and his dog Molly for a magical summer day of adventures!Reader: CC00:08:55
Nathan's WishCarol Henault from Reading Is Fundamental of Southern California is a surprise guest! Today's story is about a special boy named Nathan who makes a wish come true.Reader: CC00:17:15
Pricilla the Pirate PrincessWhat happens when an independent princess makes her own rules, and inspires all the girls in the kingdom to do the same?Reader: CC00:09:21
The Magical Tree and Musical WindA touching tale about how the tree and the wind make beautiful music together.Reader: CC00:10:05
Boogaloo, Fifi and the FairiesHow will two trolls befriend the fairy sprites? What is the magical key to their friendship?Reader: CC00:13:45
Grandfather Bear is HungryDiscover how Chipmunk receives the stripes on his back in this friendship folktale from Siberia.Reader: CC00:09:16
Anansi and the TurtleAnansi the spider tries to trick Miss Turtle, but has found his match when she teaches him a valuable lesson.Reader: CC00:15:25
Marshall and His Green High-topsMarshall the mouse finally receives the shoes he has always wanted... with surprising results!Reader: CC00:09:45
The Squeaky DoorFind out how Grandma creatively helps her grandson from becoming scared in the dark.Reader: CC00:10:44
"The Miss of Wish"Join the journey of little Frances and Corky as they visit the magnificent Miss Wish!Reader: CC00:10:13
Baby Rattlesnake's First RattleFind out what happens in this fun Pawnee folktale when Baby Rattlesnake wants his prized present too early, learning a valuable lesson from the Chief's daughter.Reader: CC00:11:18
Jack and The RobbersA folktale about how Jack and his tribe of animal friends outsmart a few robbers and find their fortune along the way.Reader: CC00:10:45
"The Big Man Drum"A Dai folktale from China about how a man makes his dreams come true with the help of a few creative monkeys.Reader: CC00:12:08
The Barking MouseA folktale from Cuba - "The Barking Mouse". Find out what makes a mouse act like a dog in this silly story. Some Spanish words too!Reader: CC00:12:01
El ConejitoAn interactive folktale in English with a few Spanish words, "El Conejito" (The Little Bunny Rabbit). This musical tale reveals how El Conejito discovers a creative way to outsmart larger animals with his imagination on the way to visit his Auntie Monica.Reader: CC00:14:36
Tom Kinney Reads a SpongeBob SquarePants and a Dr. Seuss Story"Trouble at the Crusty Crab," a SpongeBob Story and "The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins," by Dr. Seuss. Ages 5 to 11.Reader: Tom Kinney, the voice of SpongeBob SquarePants00:40:34
The Happy LionA friendly lion walks out of his cage to an adventure in the town. Ages 4 to 10.Author: Louise Fatio, Reader: Peter Husmann00:08:45
Bouncin' BobbyBobby finds he doesn't need his great bouncing skills to be liked by the other children. Ages 4 to 9.Author: Julie Williams, Reader: Julie Williams00:07:24
Amos and BorisA mouse and a whale rescue each other from danger and become the best of friends. Ages 5 to 10.Author: William Steig, Reader: Tamara Zook00:15:23
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad DayI'll bet you've never had a day as bad as Alexander, even if you live in Australia! Ages 4 to 10.Author: Judith Fyorst, Reader: Bob Beuth00:05:23
The Story of FerdinandFerdinand, the bull, just loves to sit under his cork tree and smell the flowers, but some men from the big city have other plans. Ages 3 to 9.Author: Munro Leaf, Reader: Scott Lawrence00:05:26
The Naughty ShoesDid you ever wonder what your shoes do after you've gone to sleep? Find out how naughty they can be in this charming story, translated from the Dutch by Celia Amidon. Ages 3 to 9.Author: Paul Biegel, Reader: Annie Potts00:06:49

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