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The Los Angeles Weekly runs counter to the trend in many newspapers, to cut investigative journalism to cut costs. This weekly series of articles will give you the inside scoop on important local and national issues.

Current LA Weekly Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
February 28, 2013"L.A. Sales Tax Hike: Will $211 Million Fix City's Problems?" by Hillel Aron; "Review of the Movie 'Stoker'" by Nick SchagerReader: Joe Jurca00:18:26
February 21, 2013"Council District 13 Primary." by Patrick Range McDonald; "Schindler House Transforms Into a Visitors Center" by Catherine WagleyReader: Joe Jurca00:23:17
February 14, 2013"Sheriff Lee Baca and the Gun-Gift Connection." by Gene Maddaus; "Slate Mailer Sleaze in L.A." by Hillel Aron.Reader: Joe Jurca00:20:51
February 7, 2013"The Deep Throat Sex Scandal Celebrates a Famous First Amendment Victory But Ignores the Bigger Issue." by Steven Leigh Morris.Reader: Joe Jurca00:11:35
January 31, 2013"Kevin Lives on Our Couch. 'Aged out' of foster care, L.A. teens are put on the streets." by Catherine Green.Reader: Joe Jurca00:17:08
January 24, 2013"How Debt Collectors Get Away With Terrorizing Consumers - With the Blessing of Public Officials." by Denise Grollmus.Reader: Joe Jurca00:30:35
January 17, 2013"Hermosa Beach: Why meter maids make up to $95K." by Paul Teetor; "Five Good Reasons to Not Visit LA." by Matthew MullinsReader: Joe Jurca00:17:28
January 10, 2013"Army Corps' Eco-Disaster in Valley" by Beth Barrett; "Christmas Police Pursuit Tragedy in Pasadena" by Brandon Lowrey.Reader: Joe Jurca00:21:00
January 3, 2013"Kevin James' Mayoral Dreams Get Legs" by Hillel Aron; "A Look Back at 1920's Hollywood Starlet Clara Bow" by Nick PinkertonReader: Joe Jurca00:19:55
December 27, 2012"Kevin Eastman & The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" by Gendy Alimurung; "Five-Star Restaurant Rating System" by Besha Rodell.Reader: Joe Jurca00:21:49
December 20, 2012"Victim Finds Hit-and-Run Driver." by Hillel Aron; "10 Tips for Surviving the Apocalypse." by Rob KutnerReader: Joe Jurca00:15:36
December 13, 2012"The Hunt for Jose 'Smiley' Saenz." by Brandon Lowrey; "Fili Lamas's Family Tragedy." by Jessica OgilvieReader: Joe Jurca00:20:30
December 6, 2012"Andrea Alarcon's Rise and Fall." by Richie Duchon; "LAUSD Rubber Rooms Crowd Up." by Hillel Aron.Reader: Joe Jurca00:21:28
November 29, 2012"Bad Dogs Die in L.A.'s Pound." by Hillel Aron; "The NASA Engineer Who Wants Your Guitar to Sound Dirty." by Brian McManus.Reader: Joe Jurca00:18:08
November 15, 2012"Jackie Lacey Steps Out of Steve Cooley's Shadow" by Gene Maddaus; "Can Kate Anderson Fix LAUSD?" by Hillel Aron.Reader: Joe Jurca00:19:25
November 8, 2012"Bye-Bye to LA's 100 LED Billboards?" by Richie Duchon; "Southern Cooking, Animal-Style." by Besha Rodell.Reader: Joe Jurca00:20:24
November 1, 2012"Will Betsy Butler's Sex Pervert Vote Kill Her Political Career? by Patrick Range McDonald; "Why Arizona?" by Maynard James KeenanReader: Joe Jurca00:16:38
October 25, 2012"Prop 3: Genetically Modified Food Fight." by Tessa Stuart; "Your Holiday Party, My Apocalypse: Deals at Costco" by Emily Dwass.Reader: Joe Jurca00:17:38
October 18, 2012"Richard Riordan Pension Reform Surprise" by Hillel Aron; "Garbage Monopolies Coming to L.A.?" by Hillel Aron.Reader: Joe Jurca00:23:25
October 11, 2012"Bitter Battle Over Larchmont." by Whitney Friedlander; Movie Review: "Argo" by Karina Longworth.Reader: Joe Jurca00:18:05
September 27, 2012"The Gaslamp Killer Confronts Tragedy and Finds His Way Forward." by Jeff Weiss; Movie Review: "Looper" by Andrew Schenker.Reader: Joe Jurca00:21:39
September 20, 2012"The Villaraigosa Hangover. Union-caused deficits." by Gene Maddaus; "Woman Loses on 'Starbucks Diet'" by Samantha Bonar.Reader: Joe Jurca00:14:23
September 13, 2012"Did Scott Barker Knife Rich Kid?" by Patrick Range McDonald; Movie Review: "The Master" by Karina Longworth.Reader: Joe Jurca00:20:15
September 6, 2012"Medical Weed's Stay of Execution in L.A." by Hillel Aron; "iPhone App Leads Cops to Girlfriend Stabber" by Dennis Romero.Reader: Joe Jurca00:11:49

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