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AIRSLA: Audio Internet Reading Service of Los Angeles

Welcome to AIRSLA

The Audio Internet Reading Service helps those who are blind, sight-impaired, reading-impaired, low-vision, or who suffer diseases that make it difficult or impossible for them to read. Our mission is to provide podcasts (audio recordings) of news, information, and entertainment that's otherwise inaccessible to them.

Our current programs include selections from magazines, store ads, voter information, vision research news, theater reviews, consumer product information, and much more, all geared to the needs of the print-impaired community and all offered free-of-charge. The sample podcasts at the left will give you some idea of the variety of content we offer.

To access these great programs, we only ask that you join up by clicking the Sign Up for AIRSLA link at the top and filling in a short questionaire that will help us to serve your listening needs. Once you've done that, we'll email you a password that will enable you to log into our website. You'll only need to do that once for each browser you use to listen to our programs.

Support for AIRSLA

AIRS can't do it alone. We need your help and we are pleased and grateful to receive donations in any amount - or for your help as a volunteer. Watch our YouTube video on volunteering and Contact Us via Email if you can help. Thank you!

To donate via PayPal, just click on the button at the left and fill out a short form. You can use any popular credit card and PayPal will send you a receipt for tax purposes. AIRS has a 501(c)(3) tax free non-profit designation from the IRS. This means your donations are tax-deductible!

To Shop through iGive: After you join iGive, by simply shopping at any of the 680 brand name stores on the iGive website, a portion of each purchase will be donated to AIRSLA! You must join iGive to participate.

Privacy Policy

The information we ask you to provide when you apply for a password is used to allow us to reach you occasionally via Email, to learn what your preferences for audio content are, to derive statistics that we use when applying for charitable grants and to make it easier for us to get permission to read certain publications to you.

The statistical data we derive for grant applications are not traceable to any individual. We do not share your name, Email address, visual condition, gender, age, state of residence or career status with anyone - ever.

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