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The Humanist Hour (HH) Audio Podcast is a monthly one-hour talk show produced by the American Humanist Association. Every episode of the HH Audio Podcast explores a different area of humanist thought, from politics to pop culture. AIRSLA provides these links as part of its promise to provide a broad and unbiased spectrum of spiritual and religious thought.

Current Humanist Hour Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
THH #218: On Etta SempleShe was the founder of the Kansas Freethought Association and a leader of both that organization and the American Secular Union...American Humanist Association
THH #217: Humanists of HoustonEmbracing diversity and social justice, making volunteer opportunities for younger members, implementing a code of conduct, and adopting...American Humanist Association
THH #216: Secular History of Conversion"Susan Jacoby on the process of converting from one religion to another from the perspective of an atheist...American Humanist Association
THH #215: Humanists & Interfaith DialogueA panel discussion at the AHA's national conference in Chicago this past May told us that interfaith work is...American Humanist Association
THH #214: Anne Nicol Gaylor & FFRFIf anyone in today's secular movement should require no introduction, it's Annie Laurie Gaylor...American Humanist Association
THH #213: Growing Up HumanistToday's adolescent humanists in the U.S. aren't the first generation of young people to be raised in a nonreligious philosophy.American Humanist Association
THH #212: Skepticon & Rethinking ConferencesSkepticon meets many demographic and other challenges the secular and skeptical movements have identified. It's the largest conference...American Humanist Association
THH #211: Foundation Beyond BeliefIt's a secular nonprofit organization that provides a similar structure for those who've left religion or who never had it...American Humanist Association
THH #210: Sex Positivity - Teaching ConsentSex positivity sounds like a wonderful thing, but do you really know what it is? As a social movement, it's older than you might think...American Humanist Association
THH #209: Humanism and Social Justice WorkThe concept of social justice is enjoying a renaissance. That doesn't necessarily translate into action, however.American Humanist Association
THH #208: Changing Demographics Changing PoliticsToday's political fears reflect a voting population that is less white, less male, and less religious than it has ever been before.American Humanist Association
THH #207: Building Religion through StoriesWriter Kelly McCullough, despite being raised outside religion, often focuses on what it means to exist in a world where gods are real.American Humanist Association
THH #206: Politics of Racial ResentmentThe 2016 U.S. presidential election has turned into something that wasn't supposed to be able to happen anymore...American Humanist Association
THH #205: Honor Culture & Violence in IslamReactions to the news of honor killings demonstrates a lack of understanding of the ways in which they differ from domestic...American Humanist Association
THH #204: Gaytheist ManifestoCallie Wright, who runs The Gaytheist Manifesto podcast and the blog of the same name, talks about founding latest.American Humanist Association
THH #203: The Oasis NetworkFormer pastor Mike Aus started Houston Oasis to offer nonbelievers the kind of community he had known in the church...American Humanist Association
THH #202: Feminist Topics in PoliticsBeyond Hillary Clinton, there's plenty going on in current political discourse that's of interest to feminists...American Humanist Association
THH #201: Appignani Humanist Legal CenterOur Legal Center celebrates a decade of service. It provides legal assistance to defend the constitutional rights of...American Humanist Association
THH #200: Women in SecularismIn spring of 2012, the secular movement was a different place for women. We were grossly underrepresented on stage...American Humanist Association
THH #199: The Way of the HeathenGreta Christina does not propose a single path to a good atheist life. She offers questions to think about...American Humanist Association
THH #198: Humanist Alliance Interviews, Part 1We recently announced the launch a new Black Humanist Alliance and the revamped and revitalized Feminist Humanist Alliance...American Humanist Association
THH #197: Art and ActivismArt has the potential to reach people in ways no simple argument can. As such, it's always been harnessed for activist pursuitsAmerican Humanist Association
THH #196: HB2, Public Facilities Privacy & Security ActOf all the recent "religious freedom" legislation passed around the country, perhaps none is so restrictive...American Humanist Association
THH #195: Corporate PersonhoodDavid Cobb favors a constitutional amendment to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings...American Humanist Association
THH #194: 75th Anniversary ConferenceTo celebrate our 75th year, our annual conference returns to the AHA's original home of Chicago...American Humanist Association
THH #193: SkepticsSkeptics Ross Blocher and Carrie Poppy are ready to experience it all (or almost all) for you and share all the best stories afterward.American Humanist Association
THH #192: Humanism of Star TrekThe Humanism of Star Trek, with Susan Sackett & Scott LohmanAmerican Humanist Association
THH #191: Building Social JusticeOn making changes to reflect commitment to social justice. They can be found in The Humanist magazine and the words of our leaders.American Humanist Association
THH #190: Getting "SciCurious"Dr. Bethany "SciCurious" Brookshire on effective strategies for convincing people of scientific truths...American Humanist Association
THH #189: Interviewing Presidential CandidatesWe talk to Justin Scott about his work to get politicians on record on the separation of church and state.American Humanist Association
THH #188: Black Nonbelievers: The Author's CircleA discussion with the authors who presented at the Black Nonbelievers fifth anniversary celebration in Atlanta last month.American Humanist Association
THH #187: Self-Help GenreDr. Michael Britt self-help books and programs, an $11 billion industry. The key is to be knowledgeable in this area and think criticallyAmerican Humanist Association
THH #186: How Culture Trumped Religion in US PoliticsDr. Mark Smith on his new book, SECULAR FAITH: HOW CULTURE HAS TRUMPED RELIGION IN AMERICAN POLITICS.American Humanist Association
THH #185: Sociology of ReligionAssociate Professor of Sociology Ryan T. Cragun. Are religious people more generous than the non-religious? Smarter? Better looking?American Humanist Association
THH #184: White Nights, Black ParadiseDr. Sikivu Hutchinson on her latest book, WHITE NIGHTS, BLACK PARADISE, and the state of race in America today.American Humanist Association
THH #183: Donít Sleep, There Are SnakesDr. Daniel Everett, an American author and academic best known for his study of the Amazon Basin's Pirah„ people and their language.American Humanist Association
THH #182: Secular Comedy with Stewart HuffThe joys and pains of performing liberal, secular comedy... especially in places that arenít so... liberal or secular.American Humanist Association
THH #181: Atheist Meditation and SpiritualityMark W. Gura, a Secular Buddhist, humanist, and freethinker on a "woo-free" version of mediation and spirituality.American Humanist Association
THH #180: Everybody is Wrong About GodJames A, Lindsay on his book, EVERYBODY IS WRONG ABOUT GOD. Kim Ellington with Derek Colanduno, director of the Skeptical track at DragonConAmerican Humanist Association
THH #179: Myths that Stole ChristmasDr. David Kyle Johnson on his new book, THE MYTHS THAT STOLE CHRISTMAS. Patty Traynor interviews Kevin Davis, of Young Skeptics.American Humanist Association
THH #178 Unintelligent DesignDr. Abby Hafer on her new book, "The Not-So-Intelligent Designer: Why Evolution Explains the Human Body and Intelligent Design Does Not"American Humanist Association
THH #177Amanda Knief on America's "Right to Know" and the "Atheist Voter."American Humanist Association
THH #176: LIVE at FREEFLO 2015Woo Jeopardy, featuring an all-star panel of contestants including Matt Dillahunty, Seth Andrews, and Sarah Morehead...American Humanist Association
THH #175: Regressive Left & Safe SpacesPeter Boghossian on the Regressive Left, safe spaces, trigger warnings, and an apparent alarming change in American university culture.American Humanist Association
THH #174: Good ThinkingGuy P. Harrison on his latest book, Good Thinking: What You Need to Know to be Smarter, Safer, Wealthier, and Wiser...American Humanist Association
THH #173: Chris Shelton Talks ScientologyFormer scientologist Chris Shelton at The Skeptics of Oz conference. Jenn Wilson on the practice of open science.American Humanist Association
THH #172: History of Humanism - Primer on EthicsMichael Werner on ethics from a secular perspective. Werner is a cofounder of SMART Recovery, a past president of the American Humanist ...American Humanist Association
THH #171: Disaster CapitalismAntony Lowenstein discusses his latest book, Disaster Capitalism, dealing with a broken political system in need of fixing.American Humanist Association
THH #170: A Better LifeChris Johnson, author of the book and movie 'A Better Life' talks about his experience creating these works and what it means ...American Humanist Association
THH #169: How to Defend the Christian FaithAuthor John Loftus on his new book, How to Defend the Christian Faith: Advice from an Atheist Ė the first book on Christian ...American Humanist Association
THH #168: The Story of GodChris Matheson about on his book, "The Story of God: A Biblical Comedy about Love (and Hate)."American Humanist Association
THH #167: DragonCon, Reason Rally, & GMOsA casual chat about several topics: some fun, some exciting, and some that can have a significant impact on humanity. Listen and enjoy!American Humanist Association
THH #166: Humanism via Science FictionAuthor Scott Burdick on how his travels led him to a humanistic world view, and how his latest novel, Nihala, explores humanistic issuesAmerican Humanist Association
THH #165: Humanistics in the Digital AgeKim Ellington speaks with Certified Forensic Examiner Derek Ellington on a host of issues in the digital age...American Humanist Association
THH #164: Sacred CowsSeth Andrews on his latest book Sacred Cows: A Lighthearted Look at Belief and Tradition Around the World...American Humanist Association
THH #163: Back to School AdviceAHA Legal Director David Niose on the issues humanist students can face in public school, and more importantly, what can be done about the issuesAmerican Humanist Association
THH #162: Lessons on Race, Atheism & White PrivilegeGreg Epstein, Humanist Chaplain at Harvard discusses his recent article in Salon, "Ta-Hehisi Coates woke me up..."American Humanist Association
THH #161: On the Historicity of JesusKim Ellington speaks with Dr. Richard Carrier about ... why Jesus was more likely just a literary figure than a real person.American Humanist Association
TH #160: The Art of DebateMatt Dillahunty, on aspects of debate and common Christian argument, along with some suggestions...American Humanist Association
THH #159: The Failed War on DrugsJournalist Johann Hari discusses the war on drugs, its history, and a proposed solution that has been tested.American Humanist Association
THH #158: Neuroscience & Science of SelfDr. Ginger Campbell, host of the Brain Science Podcast, on issues science can shed light on...American Humanist Association
THH #157: Atheist at Church DaySpeaking with Kile Jones, creator of the "Interview an Atheist at Church Day" project.American Humanist Association
THH #156: Creating Change Through HumanismRoy Speckhardt talks of his new book, "Creating Change Through Humanism".American Humanist Association
THH #155: On Being CertainNeurologist Robert Burton on what it means to be "certain." Wars have been fought and...American Humanist Association
THH #154: Humanistic PsychologyTom Greening on Humanistic Psychology: how it differs from modern day humanism...American Humanist Association
THH #153: Conference Interviews, Part IIMore talks on humanist issues. Andy Norman, Teresa MacBain, Sheila Malcolm, Richard Howse...American Humanist Association
THH #152: Conference Interviews, Part IWe hear from attendees on a variety of issues at the AHAís 74th Annual Conference.American Humanist Association
THH #151: Soul BeliefsProfessor Dan Ogilvie on the concept of the soul and how to teach it to secular and religious students.American Humanist Association
THH #150: On Being Openly SecularJohn Davidson holds forth on his long career, religion, and being good looking in his seventies.American Humanist Association
THH #149: Feminism, Religion, & ScienceListener feedback, plus Matthew Facciani on his work in feminism, religion, and science communicationAmerican Humanist Association
THH #148: Addiction Education and SMART RecoveryJoe Gerstein and Bill Abbott on a secular approach to addiction education and recovery via the SMART programAmerican Humanist Association
THH #147: Dr. Michael BrittMichael Britt, of The Psych Files podcast on critical thinking and anti-intellectualism - why itís a problemAmerican Humanist Association
THH #146: Lisa Montoya, Seminary StudentA conversation with organizational development coach, current seminary student and soon-to-be minister...American Humanist Association
THH #145: Graphic Non-FictionBo Bennett speaks with Sean Michael Wilson, author of the graphic non-fiction "Goodbye God?"American Humanist Association
THH #144: Recovering From ReligionSarah Morehead of 'Recovering From Religion' on her personal journey from religion...American Humanist Association
THH #143: Gaining From Losing My ReligionWe interview Mr. 'Godless in Dixie,' Neil Carter on the benefits that come with living the secular lifeAmerican Humanist Association
THH #142: Having Fun with SuperstitionsWe talk to former AHA board member Margaret Downey about humanistic issues & her anti-superstition partiesAmerican Humanist Association
THH #141: What Is Polyamory All About?We interview Susan Porter and Rose McDonnell onthe practice of having multiple simultaneous sexual partnersAmerican Humanist Association
THH #140: Awkward Moments in the BibleBo Bennett interviews Horus Gilgamesh, author of "Awkward Moments (not found in your average) Children's Bible"American Humanist Association
THH #139: Faith Beyond BeliefBo Bennett interviews Margaret Placentra Johnston, author of the book 'Faith Beyond Belief.'American Humanist Association
THH #138: Intentional InsightsDiscovering meaning and purpose with Gleb Tsipursky, co-founder and chief insights officer at Intentional InsightsAmerican Humanist Association
THH #137: The Good Side of PrejudiceWe interview Yale professor Dr. Paul Bloom on the upside of prejudice and the secular side of morality.American Humanist Association
THH #136 Social Justice & Private PartsAdvocate Sam Killermann speaks on gender issues, feminism, humanism, and intolerance.American Humanist Association
THH #135: Scientific Paranormal InvestigationBenjamin Radford discusses his book, "Scientific Para-normal Investigation: How to Solve Unexplained Mysteries"American Humanist Association
THH #134: How "God" WorksBo Bennett interviews author Marshall Brain about his book, "How 'God' Works: A Logical Inquiry on Faith".American Humanist Association
THH #133: Jeff Rasley on Being Godless...His book, "Godless..." proposes a cure for the pathology of fanatical religious beliefs and political ideologiesAmerican Humanist Association
THH #132: Truth About Sunday AssemblyWe interview Ian Dodd and Amy Boyle from the Sunday Assembly in Los Angeles. They talk how it got started, what it is...American Humanist Association
THH #131: Positive HumanismA live episode of a presentation to the Concord Humanists on positive humanism, by Bo Bennett.American Humanist Association
THH #130: The Complexity of Ferguson (Part 2)In this episode, Kim Ellington interviews Sincere Kirabo, continuing the conversation from last week.American Humanist Association
THH #129: The Complex Issues of FergusonJames Croft, Leader in Training at the Ethical Culture Society of St. Louis on the events unfolding in Ferguson, MO.American Humanist Association
THH #128: Scammers and SkepticsBrian Brushwood lectures on hands-on experiments, psychic surgery, and the secrets TV psychics DONíT want you to knowAmerican Humanist Association
THH #127: Critical ThinkingBo Bennett interviews Kevin deLaplante, philosophy and religious studies professor at Iowa State University.American Humanist Association
THH #126: David Niose: "Fighting Back the Right"Former President of the American Humanist Association, his new book speaks to Reclaiming America from the Attack on ReasonAmerican Humanist Association
THH #125: John Figdor, Atheist Mind, Humanist HeartJohn Figdor, coauthored with Lex Bayer, the book "Atheist Mind, Humanist Heart: Rewriting the Ten Commandments ...American Humanist Association
THH #124: James Woods, Too Sensible to Be ElectableJames Woods, openly-atheist congressional candidate in Arizona lost, but helped pave the way for other openly secular candidatesAmerican Humanist Association
THH #123: Humanist Preacher with PassionBart Campolo, Humanist Chaplain at U.S.C., who recently left Christianity and became a "preacher of reason."American Humanist Association
THH #122: Psychology of the ParanormalWe interview Dr. Susan Blackmore about near death experiences, the paranormal, consciousness, and memes.American Humanist Association
THH #121: On Death with DignityGeorge Eighmey, of the Death with Dignity National Center, discusses the Oregon Death with Dignity ActAmerican Humanist Association
THH #120: Should Humanists Criticize Islam?A discussion on criticizing Islam and analyzing some of the recent comments made by people in the public eye.American Humanist Association
THH #119, An Interview with Kurt VonnegutDan Moran shares his 1992 interview with the late Kurt Vonnegut, an American writer of noted works.American Humanist Association
THH #118: Openly Secular with Todd StiefelBo and Kim discuss the Openly Secular campaign with the chairman of the campaign, Todd Stiefel.American Humanist Association
THH #117: Roy and Maggie: Up Close and PersonalBo Bennett has the honor of getting to know Maggie Ardiente and Roy Speckhardt from the American Humanist AssociationAmerican Humanist Association
THH #116: From Fundamentalism to RealityJason Eden: about as "Christian" as a Christian can get, recently left Christianity for atheism...American Humanist Association
THH #115: Live at Dragon ConDr. Steven Novella is interviewed on a variety of topics, but mostly what being a good skeptic is all about!American Humanist Association
THH #114: Humanist Politics with Senator RaskinAn Interview of Maryland State Senator Jamie Raskin about being a Humanist in politics.American Humanist Association
THH #113: The Gray Area of BeliefJeremy Chappell, on his "spiritual" journey from fundamentalist Christianity to... wherever.American Humanist Association
THH #112: The Camp Quest ExperienceCamp Quest, the secular summer camp, is a place for fun, friends, and free thought for kids ages 8-17.American Humanist Association
THH #111: What You Should Know About the BibleDr. Robert M. Price discusses the 10 things everyone should know about the Bible.American Humanist Association
THH #110: Public Speaking (Secular Style)Bo Bennett interviews Pat Johnson, DTM, Past International President for Toastmasters InternationalAmerican Humanist Association
THH #109: Critical Comedy with Ian HarrisWe interview comedian Ian Harris. He gives a skeptics take on common beliefs with incredibly smart, charged comedyAmerican Humanist Association
THH #108: Coming Out Ex-MuslimMuhammad Syed and Hiba Krisht, of Ex-Muslims of North America - a group of people dedicated to supporting ex-MuslimsAmerican Humanist Association
THH #107: On Being a "Faithiest"In this episode, Bo interviews Chris Stedman: interfaith leader, author, and humanist.American Humanist Association
THH #106: Black NonbelieversAn interview of Mandisa Thomas, Founder and current President of Black Nonbelievers, Inc.American Humanist Association
THH #105: Humanistic Parenting & CharityBo interviews Dale McGowan, Executive Director of Foundation Beyond Belief, a humanist charitable foundation based in AtlantaAmerican Humanist Association
THH #104: David Silverman: Mr. Atheist PantsInterview of David Silverman, President of American Atheists and creator & Producer of the 2012 Reason RallyAmerican Humanist Association
THH #103: The Myth of Gay Reparative TherapyDr. Michael LaSala on attempts to convert primarily gay men and lesbian women to heterosexuals.American Humanist Association
THH #102: 73rd Annual ConferenceOur guest is Dr. Eugenie Scott, former Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education.American Humanist Association
THH #101: Exploring NaturalismWe talk to Tom Clark from and research associate at the Institute for Behavioral Health at BrandeisAmerican Humanist Association
THH #100: Trying On AtheismRyan J. Bell, former pastor and adjunct professor has taught subjects from intercultural communication to bioethicsAmerican Humanist Association
THH #99: Humanistic Values of Taylor MuseWe interview the songwriter & musician for the band Quiet Company, known for their energetic live shows...American Humanist Association
THH #98: How Jesus Became GodInterview of Dr. Bart Ehrman, author of 'How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee'American Humanist Association
THH #97: Science and SkepticismWe interview Michael Shermer, founding publisher of Skeptic magazine...American Humanist Association
THH #96: A Better LifeChris Johnson, author of "A Better Life: 100 Atheists Speak Out on Joy & Meaning in a World Without God."American Humanist Association
THH #95: Greta Christina on Coming Out AtheistWe interview Greta Christina, author of "Coming Out Atheist: How to Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why"American Humanist Association
THH #94: Skepticism & ReasonWe interview Guy P. Harrison, author of "Think: Why You Should Question Everything"American Humanist Association
THH #93: Jamila BeyTodd and Kim interview Jamila Bey, journalist and communications director for the Secular Student Alliance.American Humanist Association
THH #92: Anthony B. PinnTodd and Kim interview Humanist leader, professor and author Dr. Anthony B. Pinn.American Humanist Association
THH #91: Sanderson JonesTodd and Kim interview Sanderson Jones, co-founder of The Sunday Assembly.American Humanist Association
THH #90: Dr. Peter BoghossianTodd and Kim interview Dr. Peter Boghossian, philosopher and the author of A Manual for Creating AtheistsAmerican Humanist Association
THH #89: Four Humanist authorsTodd and Kim interview four Humanist Press authors, discovering the diversity of books offered.American Humanist Association
THH #88: Nikki SternIn this month's podcast, Todd and Kim interview author, speaker and humanist advocate Nikki Stern.American Humanist Association
THH #87: Dr. Marty KleinTodd and Kim interview author and sex therapist Dr. Marty Klein.American Humanist Association
THH #86: Dan SavageIn this month's podcast, Dan Savage, 2013 Humanist of the Year, is interviewed by Dr. Marty KleinAmerican Humanist Association
THH #85: Katha PollittTodd Stiefel and Jamila Bey welcome Katha Pollitt, recipient of the American Humanist Association's 2013 Humanist Heroine AwardAmerican Humanist Association
THH #84: Dr. Sean M. CarrollTodd Stiefel welcomes Maggie Ardiente and Dr. Sean M. Carroll, keynote speaker at the American Humanist Association Annual ConferenceAmerican Humanist Association
THH #83: Julia GalefTodd Stiefel and co-host Amanda K. Metskas interview Julia Galef, the president of the Center for Applied RationalityAmerican Humanist Association
THH #82: A. C. GraylingTodd Stiefel's co-host is Kim Ellington. Together they interview A. C. Grayling.American Humanist Association
THH #81: The Clergy ProjectIn this month's podcast, Todd Stiefel and Margaret Downy interview three members of The Clergy Project.American Humanist Association
THH#80: AHA President Rebecca HaleTodd Stiefel interviews Rebecca Hale, the newly elected president of the American Humanist Association.American Humanist Association
THH Special: Cecil BothwellIn this THH Web Special, Todd and Jes speak with Cecil Bothwell about his experience as an atheist politician in Asheville, NC.American Humanist Association
THH#79: Evolution of ComedyTodd and Jes speak with comedians Ian Harris and Jason Resler about their show, the Evolution of Comedy: Intelligently Designed Humor.American Humanist Association
THH#78: Gloria SteinemJennifer Bardi, editor of the Humanist, interviews world famous author and activist Gloria Steinem, the 2012 Humanist of the Year.American Humanist Association
THH#77: Nonbeliever NationJes and Todd interview AHA President, freethought activist, blogger and author David Niose, about his book, Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans.American Humanist Association
THH#76: Cenk UygurJes and Todd interview the Young Turks main host and co-founder Cenk Uygur about the relationship between humanism, the media, and politics.American Humanist Association
THH#75: America's War on SexJes and Todd interview Marty Klein, Ph.D., who suggests a humanist approach to healthy sexuality.American Humanist Association
THH#74: Bad ReligionTodd Stiefel and guest co-host, Scott Burdick, interview Bad Religion lead vocalist, Greg Graffin, and bassist, Jay Bentley backstage at the Reason Rally.American Humanist Association
THH#73: the Reason Rally (part 2)Experience more of the Reason Rally with Eddie Izzard, Cristina Rad, the Amazing James Randi, author Richard Dawkins, and Todd Stiefel.American Humanist Association
THH#72: the Reason RallyExperience the Reason Rally, the largest gathering of the secular movement in the world.American Humanist Association
THH#71: On location in Cranston, Rhode IslandLocal residents, students, and teachers voice their opinion about the Cranston High School West prayer banner.American Humanist Association
THH#70: Humanist Community ProjectJes and Todd speak with Harvard's Humanist Chaplain, Greg Epstein, about the Humanist Community Project.American Humanist Association
THH#69: Freethought MixtapeJes and Todd interview satirical musician Roy Zimmerman, Australian freethought singer/songwriter Shelley Segal, and rational rocker Bruce Harris.American Humanist Association
THH#68: Serving the Humanist CommunityJes and Todd interview Rabbi Binyamin Biber about his services to the community as a Humanist Celebrant and Humanist Chaplain at American University.American Humanist Association
THH#67: Reason RallyJes and Todd interview American Atheists' president, David Silverman, about the largest secular event in world history-the Reason Rally.American Humanist Association
THH#66: Steve Wozniak and American teenage atheistsTodd interviews Apple's Co-Founder, author, and 2011 recipient of the American Humanist Association's Isaac Asimov Science award, Steve Wozniak.American Humanist Association
THH#65: Hemant Mehta, the Friendly AtheistJes and Todd talk to Hemant Mehta, the Friendly Atheist, about his activism in the freethought movement.American Humanist Association
THH#64: Matthew Chapman and The LedgeJes and Todd interview writer, director, and producer, Matthew Chapman about the release of his film, The Ledge and Science Debate 2012.American Humanist Association
THH#63: Sex and SecularismJes and Todd interview organizational psychologist, Darrell Ray, about his recent empirical study, called Sex and Secularism: What Happens When You Leave Religion?American Humanist Association
THH#62: Candace Gingrich-Jones: Humanist PrideJes and Todd reflect on the AHA 70th Annual Conference, highlighting the acceptance speech by Candace Gingrich-Jones, the first ever awardee of the LGBT Humanist Pride Award.American Humanist Association
THH#61: Rebecca Goldstein, Humanist of the YearJes and Todd reflect on the AHA 70th Annual Conference, highlighting the acceptance speech by Humanist of the Year, Rebecca Goldstein.American Humanist Association
THH#60: Shining the Light of ReasonJes and Todd interview Fred Edwords of United Coalition of Reason, debate the concept that vegan priorities are humanist priorities with surprise special guest, Jason Torpy.American Humanist Association
THH#59: Introducing Todd StiefelListen to Jes Constantine interview her new co-host, Todd Stiefel. Todd lives in Raleigh, NC and is a secular humanist, atheist and full-time freethought activist.American Humanist Association
THH#58: Soldier Spiritual Fitness, Rock Beyond Belief, and Darwin DayJes and guest interviewer, Todd Stiefel, speak with Justin Griffith about his experience as an atheist in the U.S. Army and, more specifically, about failing the Spiritual Fitness component of the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness test.American Humanist Association
THH#57: Jean Shepherd, In God We TrustJean Shepherd, reads an excerpt from his 1966 book, "In God We Trust (All Others Pay Cash)", which originally appeared in the December 1965 edition of Playboy.American Humanist Association
THH#56: Onward Christian AthletesOnward Christian Athletes author, Tom Krattenmaker, presents his book to AHA's 69th Annual Conference attendees.American Humanist Association
THH#55: Barefoot rEVOLUTION?Jes interviews Daniel Lieberman, professor of Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard and Dr. Daniel Howell, author of The Barefoot Book about the benefits of barefoot living.American Humanist Association
THH#54: Q+A with Bill NyeJes plays another clip from AHA's 69th Annual Conference, which took place earlier this summer in San Jose, CA.American Humanist Association
THH#53: Bill Nye the Science GuyJes and guest co-host Jennifer Bardi introduce and discuss clips from AHA's 69th Annual Conference, in which Bill Nye the Science Guy accepts our Humanist of the Year award.American Humanist Association
HNN#52: Humanist HeroinesJes and guest co-host Jennifer Bardi introduce and discuss clips from AHA's 69th Annual Conference. Listen to clips of Meg Bowman and Annie Laurie Gaylor accepting our Humanist Heroine award.American Humanist Association
HNN#51: Wendy Liu, Humanist PioneerJes introduces clips from AHA's 69th Annual Conference.American Humanist Association
HNN#50: Special Anniversary ShowJende Huang, Jes Constantine, and a special guest host discuss some of their favorite moments from the past 49 episodes of the Humanist Network News podcast.American Humanist Association
HNN#49: Foundation Beyond BeliefJende and Jes speak with Dale McGowan, founder and executive director of the Foundation Beyond Belief.American Humanist Association
HNN#48: Ethical FocusJende and Jes visit the Ethical Culture Society of Bergen County in Teaneck, NJ and are the speakers at the society's Sunday platform.American Humanist Association
HNN#47: Sebastian Velez in HaitiJes and Jende interview Sebastian Velez about his recent experiences in Haiti, following the earthquake that struck on Jan 12, 2010.American Humanist Association
HNN#46: The HEADS MeetingJende drops in on the HEADS meeting and speaks to some leaders from across the movement about their upcoming plans for 2010.American Humanist Association00:00:01
HNN#45: Good without GodJende speaks with Harvard Humanist Chaplain Greg Epstein about his new book "Good without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe."American Humanist Association00:00:03
HNN#44: HumanLightJende speaks with Patrick Colucci, the vice chair of the HumanLight committee about this humanist holiday, now in its 8th year of celebration.American Humanist Association00:00:00
HNN#43: AAI Darwin Legacy ConventionJende attends the Atheist Alliance International Convention in Burbank, CA, and hears from an assorted number of conference attendees who make up our movement.American Humanist Association00:00:00
HNN#42: Unscientific AmericaChris Mooney and Sheril Kirshenbaum, co-authors of the recently released "Unscientific America", speak with Jennifer Bardi, editor of the Humanist magazine.American Humanist Association00:00:00
HNN#41: Crossing the StreamsHumanist Network News airs its final installment from the American Humanist Association's 68th Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ.American Humanist Association
HNN#40: Popularizing ScienceHumanist Network News offers even more footage from the American Humanist Association's 68th Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ.American Humanist Association
HNN#39: Neil deGrasse TysonHumanist Network News travels to Phoenix, AZ and takes part in the 68th annual conference of the American Humanist Association. Hear remarks from noted astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.American Humanist Association
HNN#38: Meet the American Humanist AssociationJes Costantine and new co-host Jende Huang are in Washington D.C. to interview staff members of the American Humanist Association.American Humanist Association
HNN#31: HNNHighlightsA special promotional show recorded for the World Humanist Congress of the International Humanist and Ethical Union which will be held in Washington DC from June 5-8, 2008.American Humanist Association

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