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History Magazine

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History Magazine opens a window on the past, providing compelling stories about how our world came to be what it is today. Read to you by Sascha Rose.

Current History Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
History Magazine 05/2003The Untouchables, Romancing the Mob-Though Public Enemy No. 1 died in 1947, his legend lives on. By Kathy MonahanReader: Sascha Rose00:08:06
History Magazine 07/2003What's out there? From Vasco da Gama to Neil Armstrong, inquiring minds have always wanted to know. By Libby Haight O'ConnellReader: Sascha Rose00:10:33
History Magazine Oct, 2003The Tale of the Swamp Fox. Good timing, good soldiering, and a popular biography helped create and enduring legacy. By Tim BradyReader: Sascha Rose00:14:34
History Magazine 11/07/2017Muscle Shoals (America's Unsung Music Mecca)-In 1960, above the City Drug Store, a small recording studio give birth to the Muscle Shoals Sound.Reader: Sascha Rose00:14:35
History Magazine 10/13/2017Double Agent Who Dared-During the Cuban missile crisis a little-known Soviet colonel gave the West secret intelligence that may have saved the world.Reader: Sascha Rose00:21:26
History Magazine 10/13/2017I Feel Bully-Theodore Roosevelt was a 'Bully' President-vigorous, assertive, ushered the age of big government, and US commitments abroad.Reader: Sascha Rose00:11:32
History Magazine 09/25/2017The U.S. Postal Service Helped Define America. By David HawleyReader: Sascha Rose00:12:16
History Magazine 09/09/2017The Men Who Built America: Profiles of men whose imagination-daring, foresight-and some shenanigans-made the US an economic power.Reader: Sascha Rose00:17:21
History Magazine 08/24/2017Cecil B. DeMille. Started as a small-time theater actor and playwright who came to Hollywood and made Big films. By Rick ShefchikReader: Sascha Rose00:11:09
History Magazine 08/09/2017A Family Divided. Ben Franklin's illegitimate son's allegiance to the British Crown was more than he could bear. By David Mahoney.Reader: Sascha Rose00:15:13
History Magazine 07/24/2017The Devil's Own Day. Shiloh can mean 'a place of rest', but for two days in April 1862, it was anything but. By Tom & Gena MetcalfReader: Sascha Rose00:17:35
History Magazine 07/06/2017The Pride of Belfast. We know the end. The state-of-the-art Titanic's birth held nothing but hope and aspiration. By JoAnn Greco.Reader: Sascha Rose00:13:29
History Magazine 06/19/2017Ellis Island: Isle of Hope Isle of Tears. From 1892 to 1924 it was the primary entryway to America. By Molly Petrilla.Reader: Sascha Rose00:15:55
History Magazine 06/08/2017Characters, Curiosities & Coincidences - The history of the Civil War is peppered with little-known stories. By Rick Beyer.Reader: Sascha Rose00:15:44

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