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Health Connection

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Linda Thompson brings you this series of articles on general health issues as well as those specific to the vision-impaired. The articles are from a variety of newspapers, magazines and non-technical journals on health.

Current Health Connection Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
The Health Connection 07/17/2017Selections from Tech Chemical that mimics sunlight to give suntan may prevent skin cancer and slow aging. Broccoli and diabeties. Fathers and daughtersReader: Linda Thompson00:20:20
The Health Connection 07/10/2017Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: Protect yourself from tick-borne illness; Can Lyme be chronic?; Safeguard your pets too; Health questionsReader: Linda Thompson00:23:25
The Health Connection 06/19/2017Consumer Reports: 7 Ways to Stress Less, KFC to Cut Antibiotic Use. Health Wire: Quick Tips for Living Well.Reader: Linda Thompson00:19:37
The Health Connection 06/10/2017Child height vs milk consumption. Help for insomnia. MS control. Human sniffers rival dogs. Medical development in space.Reader: Linda Thompson00:22:49
The Health Connection 06/05/2017UCLA Healthy/Years: The benefits of osteoporosis treatment outweigh risks; Brain cancer vaccine, Alzheimer's biomarker, Shingles vaccineReader: Linda Thompson00:20:42
The Health Connection 05/19/2017From Fox News: Sunscreen better than umbrella at the beach; Morning coffee and dementia; Possible cure for baldness; Grandparents' old-school parentingReader: Linda Thompson00:20:42
The Health Connection 05/01/2017University of Berkeley Wellness Letter: Gardening without soil; Take the plunge: 5 great things about swimming; Bug off with permethrinReader: Linda Thompson00:20:46
The Health Connection 04/24/ A new yo-yo dieting danger: It can harm your heart, too; Daily dose of diet soda to triple risk of stroke; 14 Mistakes you make with your teethReader: Linda Thompson00:21:55
The Health Connection 04/17/2017Consumer Reports on Health: 6 Foods that keep you young; It's not just what you eat, it's when; Can these foods cost you years? Get flexibleReader: Linda Thompson00:23:00
The Health Connection 04/10/2017Consumer Reports on Health: Are surgery centers safe? 3 questions to ask about anesthesia, Make going home safer; Go fish, but wiselyReader: Linda Thompson00:22:29
The Health Connection 04/03/ Two-thirds of cancers caused by random mistakes. Surprising heart-healthy foods; Going gluten free may increase diabetes riskReader: Linda Thompson00:22:47
The Health Connection 03/26/2017From Consumer Reports on Health: The truth behind 6 big food myths; Is your doctor attentive?; On your mind - Health Q & A'sReader: Linda Thompson00:20:09
The Health Connection 03/13/ Yourng women are getting heart attacks; Owning a cat won't make you mentally ill; Stess and fat; Alzheimer's and sugar; Chips, toast, and cancerReader: Linda Thompson00:22:23
The Health Connection 03/06/2017Consumer Reports on Health: How to eat healthy; New heart-surgery risk; Health Wire: Quick tips for living well; Should you use a drug for bladder leaks?Reader: Linda Thompson00:23:22
The Health Connection 02/27/2017Snore no more; 4 Supplements to question; Beyond colds & flu; Health Q&A (colon cancer tests, microwaving in plastic, ambulance questions)Reader: Linda Thompson00:23:06
The Health Connection 02/20/ When not to go on a gluten-free diet; Toxic metals and gluten-free food? Any exercise cuts risk of death; Parent's weight affect child developmentReader: Linda Thompson00:24:01
The Health Connection 02/13/2017From Live Science: Weight loss: Whole grain foods help; Meditation really does lower body's stress signals; Sleep deprivation and Alzheimer'sReader: Linda Thompson00:21:38
The Health Connection 02/06/2017Consumer Reports on Health: How to cut your healthcare costs now; Will online docs help you save?; 4 Steps that can backfire; Arthritis tipsReader: Linda Thompson00:23:54
The Health Connection 01/30/2017No more flu shot? Injection in mice's ear with virus to help restore hearing; Hour-long naps may boost mental ability, From FoxNews.comReader: Linda Thompson00:22:34
The Health Connection 01/23/2017Consumer Reports on Health: Stay healthy this winter and beyond; Can being cold make you sick? Move over, kale; Reducing hospital risksReader: Linda Thompson00:22:57
The Health Connection 01/16/2017Selections from Mind-controlled robotic arm; Social support for better breast cancer outcomes; Choking hazard, grapes and kids and moreReader: Linda Thompson00:20:13
The Health Connection 01/01/2017selections from Live Science: Americans get happier in older age; Benefits of 'Kanagaroo Mother Care'; Marijauna use may weaken heart muscleReader: Linda Thompson00:21:41
The Health Connection 12/26/2016Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: Do genetic tests make sense for you?; Two tests to skip; Hold the antibiotics; if you are afraid of fallingReader: Linda Thompson00:21:43
The Health Connection 12/19/2016Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: Foods that help you heal-Superfood or super hype? Bye-bye garlic breath; Health wireReader: Linda Thompson00:25:01
The Health Connection 12/12/2016Selections from Optimistic women and mortality from cancer or heart disease; Clearing away old cells slow aging; and other topicsReader: Linda Thompson00:25:04
The Health Connection 12/05/2016Selections from Flu or flu vaccine, not tied to autism in kids; Nestle says will cut sugar in candy with new formulation; Statin checkReader: Linda Thompson00:24:42
The Health Connection 11/28/2016Selections from UCLA's Vital Signs: New law opens door to conversation about end-of-life issues; Easy fix for misshapen infant ears, News briefsReader: Linda Thompson00:23:55
The Health Connection 11/21/2016Selections from UCLA Health Vital Signs: Get treated for sleep apnea for better rest and a healthier heart; Opiod drugs; ImmunotherapyReader: Linda Thompson00:21:24
The Health Connection 11/14/2016Selections from Losing weight? 10 ways to do it cheaper; Paralyzed monkeys regain control of their legs; Vitamin D and breast cancerReader: Linda Thompson00:22:04
The Health Connection 11/07/2016Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: When you can't let go of your worries; Choose the healthiest tea; Through the mammography maze; Q&AsLinda Thompson00:23:28
The Health Connection 10/31/2016Selections from Fatal measles complication more common than thought; Infants should share bedroom; Steroid for lower backReader: Linda Thompson00:22:33
The Health Connection 10/23/2016Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: How to fight the flu this year; Are supplements safe?; Ease these 4 tummy troubles.Reader: Linda Thompson00:22:04
The Health Connection 10/17/2016Selections from Live Science: Does glucosamine really help joint paint?; Still good? 5-Second rule a myth; Feeding kids peanuts may reduce riskReader: Linda Thompson00:27:31
The Health Connection 10/10/2016Selections from The Berkeley Wellness Letter: how much, how intense; Slow down to burn more fat?; Fitness in a bottle; Vinegar virtuesReader: Linda Thompson00:21:04
The Health Connection 10/04/2016Selections from Patients over 65 may consider delaying flu shot; Activity trackers may not boost weight loss; Smoking bad for DNAReader: Linda Thompson00:22:10
The Health Connection 09/26/2016Selections from Live Science: 9 Healthy habits in 1 minute; FDA bans antibacterial chemicals in soaps; Drinkers-hit the gym; Mouse study and sleepReader: Linda Thompson00:22:56
The Health Connection 09/19/2016Selections from Hill Health: A fleeting worry vs. daily anxiety; Life's looking up with Downward Dog; Just breathe; Spice up your fallReader: Linda Thompson00:20:40
The Health Connection 09/12/2016Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: Are you getting too much caffeine?; The scoop on coffee flour; Make the exercise RX work for youReader: Linda Thompson00:23:05
The Health Connection 09/05/2016Selections from The new way to age well; Do symptoms change with age? 2 Things that may be less of a worry; Hypnotherapy, Hype?Reader: Linda Thompson00:22:11
The Health Connection 08/29/2016Selection from Is it safe to wear contact lenses in the pool; CDC says pain drugs in pregnancy tied to kids behaviorReader: Linda Thompson00:22:05
The Health Connection 08/22/2016Selections from Artificial substances may boost appetite; Biological clock linked to infections; Simple eye test for Parkinson'sReader: Linda Thompson00:20:00
The Health Connection 08/15/2016Selections from The Los Angeles Times: Yoga may improve back function more than regular care; 7 kinds of coughs and they mean; Brain trainingReader: Linda Thompson00:22:01
The Health Connection 08/08/2016Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: How we test bug sprays; Hands-on help for necks and backs; Handle minor burns the right wayReader: Linda Thompson00:22:06
The Health Connection 08/01/2016Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: Avoid medication mix-ups; Be careful when you take these 3 medications; Quick tips for living wellReader: Linda Thompson00:22:26
The Health Connection 07/25/2016Selections from the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter: Midlife exercise, the gift to yourself; is your gut "leaky"? Wellness Made EasyReader: Linda Thompson00:20:13
The Health Connection 07/18/2016Selections from 'Pokemon Go' praise from health experts; Jet lag when flying east; Study finds fat kills; Lifting weights; HydrationReader: Linda Thompson00:22:07
The Health Connection 07/11/2016Selections from Interrupted sleep worse for mood than shortened sleep. Cocoa, sex may boost brain power. Pets and sleep, and moreReader: Linda Thompson00:21:20
The Health Connection 07/04/2016Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: 13 Tips for a healthy vacation; Finding care if you get sick; A mosquito-free trip; Health test errorsReader: Linda Thompson00:28:14
The Health Connection 06/27/2016Selections from Well-timed exercise might improve learning. Doctors and free meals. Parkinson's more common. Sleep. CoffeeReader: Linda Thompson00:22:58
The Health Connection 06/17/2016Health Wire: Quick tips for living well. What it means when moles change. Trusting skin cancer apps. Heat, sun & meds. Superhero salads.Reader: Linda Thompson00:22:47
The Health Connection 06/12/2016Expensive vs. cheap placebo; Early physical therapy for lower back pain; Tests on ex-NFL player brains; Aspirin postpones colon cancer...Reader: Linda Thompson00:22:33
The Health Connection 06/07/2016Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: Is your treatment outdated?; Does estrogen therapy ever make sense?; Your health info isn't privateReader: Linda Thompson00:20:42
The Health Connection 05/31/2016Selections from the LA Times: Nearly 8 in 10 public pools fail CDC inspections; Sunblocks fall short; Four things to reduce cancer deathReader: Linda Thompson00:24:00
The Health Connection 05/23/2016Selections from the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter: Hypnosis; Alcohol: different for women; Little seeds, big claims; Strength Training; Sodium lowdownReader: Linda Thompson00:21:56
The Health Connection 05/16/2016Selections from The Wall Street Journal ( Kissing your dog make you sick? Gluten-free diet may be bad for healthy kids. Other topicsReader: Linda Thompson00:23:42
The Health Connection 05/09/2016Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: Avoid 5 dangerous hospital mistakes; 3 keys to a safer stay; For best treatment do this; Hear betterReader: Linda Thompson00:22:01
The Health Connection 04/25/2016Selections from 7 Things to avoid on cruise; Wearing SPF30 reduces skin cancer; Coffee and reduction of MS, Gut worms and MSReader: Linda Thompson00:22:37
The Health Connection 04/18/2016Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: How to eat healthy now; Health Wire-Quick tips for living well; On your mind-health Q & AReader: Linda Thompson00:22:55
The Health Connection 04/11/2016Selections from Mind-body therapy helps ease low back pain; Quit smoking abruptly best, HPV rate in teen girls much lowerReader: Linda Thompson00:19:52
The Health Connection 04/04/2016Selections from UCLA Health Vital Signs: Zica Virus; Female gladder problems; Talk depression with primary-care doctor, ACL injuries and repairReader: Linda Thompson00:21:50
The Health Connection 03/28/2016Selections from Cane for the blind; Exercise and mental decline; TB decline stalled; Cat owner rage; Signs of vitamin deficiencyReader: Linda Thompson00:23:39
The Health Connection 03/21/2016Selections from the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter: Actinic keratoses: spot-on advice; Ask the ExpertsReader: Linda Thompson00:25:45
The Health Connection 03/14/2016Selections from Neanderthal DNA and modern depression risk; Aspirin use tied to reduced colon cancer; Peanuts; Brain fitnessReader: Linda Thompson00:20:24
The Health Connection 03/07/2016Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: Health Wire, Quick Tips for living well; The truth about portion control; Do yo have a sleep disorder?Reader: Linda Thompson00:20:10
The Health Connection 02/29/2016Selections from Consumer: When to say 'No' to testing; 6 Tests you really need; Thyroid cancer epidemic?; Need eyeglasses? Don't overlook thisReader: Linda Thompson00:22:32
The Health Connection 02/22/2016Small warnings of cardiac arrest; Why rest is crucial after concussion; 7 Steps to a better caregiver; Cancer-fighting spicesReader: Linda Thompson00:22:03
The Health Connection 02/08/2016Selections from US News & World Report: Cold and Flu Myths, Habits Killing Your Teeth, Sugar-Free Drinks and Healthy Teeth Don't Go TogetherReader: Linda Thompson00:20:52
The Health Connection 02/01/2016Selections from 5 Reasons you don't need to swear off bacon, CT scanning and DNA damage, Food and exerciseReader: Linda Thompson00:22:35
The Health Connection 01/25/2016Selections from the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter: All about gout; In a pickle; Do you need to vent?; Ask the expertsReader: Linda Thompson00:24:30
The Health Connection 01/18/2016From Various new findings about glaucoma-Leafy vegetables and other foods, avoid certain exercises, marijuana misperceptionsReader: Linda Thompson00:20:16
The Health Connection 01/11/2016Experts ranked 38 of the most popular diets, The let-down effect: Why you might feel bad after the pressure is off. U.S. News & World ReportReader: Linda Thompson00:28:33
The Health Connection 01/04/2016Selections from : 6 Fun ways to sharpen memory; Most cancer cases due to lifestyle choices, study suggests; Coffee lower death riskReader: Linda Thompson00:20:59
The Health Connection 12/28/2015Selections from 10 of the lowest calorie cocktails you can drink; What red wine is really doing (and not doing) to your body.Reader: Linda Thompson00:21:53
The Health Connection 12/21/2015Selections From Scan Club: Are holidays happy--or a hassle?, Three Things to do now, Resisting sweets, Fitness, Alzheimer's, Health historianReader: Linda Thompson00:19:30
The Health Connection 12/14/2015Selections from the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter: Land of Oz, Balance matters, Wellness made easy, Claims that don't hold waterReader: Linda Thompson00:19:52
The Health Connection 12/07/ Infant deaths and crib bumpers; Music is good for the body; 4 ways your pet makes your life better; How to protect your pet from the fluReader: Linda Thompson00:21:10
The Health Connection 11/30/2015Consumer Reports on Health: Stronger bones: Advice for women and men; Don't worry, be happy; Exercise guidance; Is that stress test necessary?Reader: Linda Thompson00:24:28
The Health Connection 11/23/2015Selections from No 'one size fits all' diet, Moderate coffee drinking and lower death risk, Curran thinking, Walking speed and heart healthReader: Linda Thompson00:23:19
The Health Connection 11/16/2015Treat early-stage cancer? Carbs from whole grains, unsaturated and heart disease; allergenic foods to ward off serious allergies, Wall Street JournalReader: Linda Thompson00:19:42
The Health Connection 11/09/2015Selections from The Wall Street Journal: Coffee talk, Oreo addiction, Sleep study, Mint and migraines, Antibiotics and weight, Toxic nail polishReader: Linda Thompson00:23:32
The Health Connection 11/02/2015Selections from Sugar confusion; Worst time of day to eat; Marriage and better outcomes after heart surgery; Parkinson's detectionReader: Linda Thompson00:20:43
The Health Connection 10/26/2015Diets on trial; Gluten 101; How to eat well at an American diner; Bulletproof coffee; From Step Up health newsletter. Meggitt Corp.Reader: Linda Thompson00:24:39
The Health Connection 10/19/2015Antioxidant supplements and melanoma spread; Weight-loss surgery linked to increased suicide risk; Too much protein; Canker sores, FoxNews.comReader: Linda Thompson00:20:30
The Health Connection 10/12/2015Calcium Supplements. Loud Noises & Heart Disease. Veggies For Weight Loss. Shaving With a Laser? Late Sleep Increases BMI. Wash Dishes!Reader: Linda Thompson00:19:36
The Health Connection 10/05/2015UC Berkeley Wellness Letter-When statins are a pain; Statins: other potential problems; Whats on the menu?; Grapefruit + drugs = a bad mixReader: Linda Thompson00:23:09
The Health Connection 09/29/2015This year's flu is different, Vitamin D deficiency causes dementia in old age, Link between diabetes, napping, # Square meals? FoxNews.comReader: Linda Thompson00:24:30
The Health Connection 09/21/2015Recommendations for those at risk of aortic aneurysms; Pneumonia vaccine for older adults; New drug for lung cancer, Autism, Obesity, By UCLAReader: Linda Thompson00:23:16
The Health Connection 09/14/2015Sight and food, 4 dangerous fashion trends, E-cigarettes and marijuana, Midlife obesity and risk for Alzheimer's, By FoxNews.comReader: Linda Thompson00:18:48
The Health Connection 09/07/2015Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: Diabetic? Exercise is good medicine; 2 Health tips; Help for urinary-tract infectionsReader: Linda Thompson00:21:35
The Health Connection 08/31/2015Autistic traits and creative problem solving; Sleep-deprived kids; Most ground beef contaminated; Women's sitting linked to cancer, By FoxNews.comReader: Linda Thompson00:22:10
The Health Connection 08/25/2015Unhealthy working more than 55 hours a week; Overeating; Foot blisters; Right pet for allergies; Titanium rings in ER; Skin cancer; FoxNews.comReader: Linda Thompson00:21:48
The Health Connection 08/17/2015Scan Club Newsletter: Too hot to handle; Getting a good night's rest; Freedom to leave the house; Keep your brain fit; When to stop a medicationReader: Linda Thompson00:21:12
The Health Connection 08/10/2015Birth order has no meaningful effect on personality or IQ; New analysis of smoking and schizophrenia suggests causal link; and more from FoxNews.comReader: Linda Thompson00:23:09
The Health Connection 08/03/2015Various articles on health, From The AcornReader: Linda Thompson00:21:49
The Health Connection 07/26/2015Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: The new and improved pharmacy; Drug resistant bugs; Don't let fear sabotage your healthReader: Linda Thompson00:21:43
The Health Connection 07/13/2015Selections from Pain relievers warning; Lifestyle and heart failure; Anxious people and pickles; Cancer-fighting spices; and moreReader: Linda Thompson00:23:58
The Health Connection 07/06/2015Selections from UCLA Health Vital Signs: Cup of joe; Treatment options for breast cancer; Breast cancer myths and facts; Liver damageReader: Linda Thompson00:18:02
The Health Connection 06/29/2015Working out in the heat; Sunscreen confusion; Fasting benefits; 1 hour of TV and kids weight; Taking sleep seriously; New ovarian cancer screeningReader: Linda Thompson00:23:42
The Health Connection 06/22/2015Should you be tested for Alzheimer's? Muscle in a bottle? Wellness Made Easy: assorted health facts. From the U.C. Berkeley Wellness LetterReader: Linda Thompson00:21:29
The Health Connection 06/15/2015Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: To your health? 5 truths about alcohol; The latest egg advice; Your genes; Test or not?Reader: Linda Thompson00:21:52
The Health Connection 06/08/2015Selections form Small diet changes-big loss; Contact lenses and bacteria; Expert panel Mammograms; Tattoos can be dangerousReader: Linda Thompson00:20:11
The Health Connection 06/01/2015Selections from Hill Health magazine: Hobby happiness; The right exam for youReader: Linda Thompson00:18:53
The Health Connection 05/25/2015Selections from Many Americans not using sunscreen; Vitamin B and skin cancer; Myths about sagging face; and other articlesReader: Linda Thompson00:20:06
The Health Connection 05/18/2015Selections from the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter: Ask the experts; Health Q & A; Straight talk about the plank; Chew on thisReader: Linda Thompson00:20:00
The Health Connection 05/11/2015Boost your metabolism; Grocery lists and a healthier diet; Beard swabs; Adequate sleep tied to women's sexual function, from FoxNews.comReader: Linda Thompson00:19:33
The Health Connection 05/04/2015Diet supplements: slim pickings; What's in the bottle-from stimulants to "fat blockers"; Wound care essentials; Yoga: it's got your backReader: Linda Thompson00:22:50
The Health Connection 04/27/2015MMR vaccine not linked to autism; 3 diet soda myths; 6 Ways to cure constipation; Hormonal link between dogs and humans, FoxNews.comReader: Linda Thompson00:21:55
The Health Connection 04/20/2015Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: Fat facts and fat fiction; On your mind - Health QAs; Patients who try doctors' patienceReader: Linda Thompson00:22:04
The Health Connection 04/13/2015Selections from the LA Times: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig most reliable for weight loss; Skipping breakfast might do a dieter good; and moreReader: Linda Thompson00:22:38
The Health Connection 04/06/2015Selections from Men and women sense things differently; 6 Worthless foods; Relationships can affect your health; Ice tea kills manReader: Linda Thompson00:24:22
The Health Connection 03/30/2015Selections from Consumer Reports on Health: What really works for weight loss; Quick tips; Harming the healthy; Ankle sprain; Q&AReader: Linda Thompson00:20:50
The Health Connection 03/23/2015Selections from Hill Health magazine: How to spring forward, fall back; How to get engaged; Weight & aching joints; 3 Secrets to aging wellReader: Linda Thompson00:21:17
The Health Connection 03/16/2015Selections from Can ultrasound fight Alzheimer's?; Brain-training, exercise, diet keep elderly decline at bay and other storiesReader: Linda Thompson00:21:53
The Health Connection 03/09/2015Selections from Menopausal whales; Spider venom and new painkillers; Gout and Alzheimer's disease; Early-onset Alzheimer'sReader: Linda Thompson00:22:30
The Health Connection 03/02/2015Special Supplement of the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter-Preventing Cancer: Strategies that can reduce your riskReader: Linda Thompson00:23:07
The Health Connection 02/23/2015Selections from Fox for weight loss; Smoking cessation with nicotine addiction pill; clot removal saves brain function, and moreReader: Linda Thompson00:22:40
The Health Connection 02/16/2015Coffee and cancer risk; Exercise and diet may not be enough to treat obesity; Mistakes make with kids' teeth; Teatment for knee pain; SmokingReader: Linda Thompson00:22:41
The Health Connection 02/08/2015Selections from the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter: Think more, eat less; No kidneying around; Out, age spots; DecongestantsReader: Linda Thompson00:20:56
The Health Connection 01/25/2015Selections from Couples health goal setting; 15 Things nobody tells you about losing weight; Too much sitting; Long eyelashesReader: Linda Thompson00:23:25
The Health Connection 01/19/2015Selections from the UC Berkeley Wellness Letter: Probiotics-pros and cons; Wellness Fact-Vitamin D, Smoking, Energy DrinksReader: Linda Thompson00:21:05
The Health Connection 01/12/2015E-cigarettes may be gateway drug; Fast food is still bad for you; Wisdom teeth debate; Whole grains can help you live longer, LA TimesReader: Linda Thompson00:23:59
The Health Connection 01/05/2015Severe flu season; Can't stand on one leg?; Smartphone and brain's plasticity; and other articles from FoxNews.comReader: Linda Thompson00:23:26

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