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Ernesto Sambrano reads you his selections from the definitive men's magazine, with style advice and tips, sexy women, entertainment and culture news, interviews, and more...

Current GQ Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
High School Reunion - Aug, 2021Machine Gun Kelly reunites the author of his very first review, by Wesley LoweryReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:16:14
Jason Sudeikis Paints His Masterpiece - Aug, 2021Jason Sudeikis discusses his wild ride of a year. by Zach BaronReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:26:22
"Pretty" Part 2 - Jul, 2021A$AP Rocky has been on a freewheeling journey of self-discovery, musical experimentation and love. by Samuel HineReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:15:39
"Pretty" Part 1 - Jul, 2021A$AP Rocky has been on a freewheeling journey of self-discovery, musical experimentation and love. by Samuel HineReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:15:36
Johnny Knoxville's Last Rodeo Part 2 - Jun, 2021With the fourth jackass movie on the horizon, Johnny Knoxville reflects on the last 20 years. by Sam SchubeReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:15:57
Johnny Knoxville's Last Rodeo Part 1 - Jun, 2021With the fourth Jackass movie on the horizon, Johnny Knoxville reflects on the last 20 years. by Sam SchubeReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:12:00
The Triumphant Career of Delroy Lindo - May, 2021Delroy Lindo hits his stride. by Mosi SecretReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:21:19
How Hermes Invented Hype - May, 2021The coolest brand of 2021 has been creating hype for 184 years. by Rachel TashjianReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:09:39
To Painter Sam McKinniss, With Love - Apr, 2021The author sends a letter of adoration to the New York artist who's turning celebrity on its head. by Rachel TashjianReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:10:15
Howl Like a Superwolf - Apr, 2021Matt Sweeney and Will Oldham's collaboration tale. by Chris HeathReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:19:10
Naked Grief - Mar, 2021The last year taught Mary H.K. Choi the true nature of intimacy, by Mary H.K. ChoiReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:18:00
The Perfect Couple - Mar, 2021Russell Wilson and Ciara realize perfection may not be possible but that will never stop them from trying. by Zach BaronReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:17:03
Better Sleep Starts With More Sunshine - Feb, 2021The path to getting enough sleep begins the moment you wake up. by Joe HolderReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:06:03
Zollywood - Feb, 2021Zendaya figures out who she really is when the cameras aren't rolling. by Hunter HarrisReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:12:09
The Anchor part 2 - mmm, 2021Trevor Noah helps us through a time of political polarization. by Wesley LoweryReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:12:25
The Anchor - Jan, 2021Trevor Noah helps us through a time of political polarization. by Wesley LoweryReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:13:45
con of the Year: George Clooney-Part 2" - Dec, 2020He's the one thing we can all agree on-at a time when we can't agree on anything, by Zach BaronReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:16:03
"Icon of the Year: George Clooney-Part 1" - Dec, 2020He's the one thing we can all agree on-at a time when we can't agree on anything, by Zach BaronReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:15:24
"The Great Cannonball Run" Part 2 - Nov, 2020Tales of conquering the fabled coast to coast drive in record time., by Alex W. PalmerReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:18:09
"The Great Cannonball Run" Part 1 - Nov, 2020Tales of conquering the fabled coast to coast drive in record time. by Alex W. PalmerReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:19:18
The Solace of My Suit Closet - Oct, 2020Antrim on Processing Grief Through Clothing, by Donald AntrimReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:15:42
Fantasy Pick - Oct, 2020Drew Magary Quizzes NFL Prince Christian McCaffrey, by Drew MagaryReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:21:30
Jason Lanier - Sep, 2020At home with one of Silicon Valley's forefather. by Zach BaronReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:28:51
Bubba Wallace - Sep, 2020Ride shotgun with one of NASCCAR's newest drivers. by Donovan X. RamseyReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:22:10
All the Right Moves, part 2 - Aug, 2020Patrick Mahomes reflects on the stellar start to his NFL career. by Clay SkipperReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:15:05
All the Right Moves, part 1 - Aug, 2020Patrick Mahomes reflects on the stellar start to his NFL career. by Clay SkipperReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:14:14
Inside the Nightmare Voyage of the Diamond Princess pt 2 - Jul, 2020Come aboard the first cruise ship to feel the effects of the Coronavirus, by Dough Bock ClarkReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:25:38
Inside the Nighmare Voyage of the Diamond Princess pt 1 - Jul, 2020Come aboard the first cruise ship to feel the effects of the Coronavirus, by Dough Bock ClarkReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:21:08
The Big Buscemi - Jun, 2020Steve Buscemi opens up during a rare interview. by Gabiella PaiellaReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:19:26
Meet Your Favorite Athletes Favorite Life Coach - Jun, 2020Eric Thomas knows how to squeeze greatness out of guys who are already on top of the world. by Leslie ThomasReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:14:32
The Eruption of Instagram Island, Pt 2 - May, 2020The day that New Zealand's White Island turned into a catastrophic scene. by Joshua HammerReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:17:33
The Eruption of Instagram Island, Pt 1 - May, 2020The day that New Zealand's White Island turned into a catastrophic scene. by Joshua HammerReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:18:22
How to Travel Far Without Falling Apart - Apr, 2020Fitness columnist Joe Holder why focusing on wellness rather than fitness when traveling is the key to treating your body right. by Joe HolderReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:08:29
Live From New York, It's Bowen Yang - Apr, 2020How Bowen Yang's life has transformed since becoming Saturday Night Live's first Chinese American cast member, by Chris GayomaliReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:08:52
You Are Now Browsing Dream Car Heaven - Apr, 2020The website that is upending the car world. by Johnathan WildeReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:11:00
The Great Buenos Aires Bank Heist-Part 2 - Mar, 2020It was the perfect bank robbery...until it wasn't, by Josh DeanReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:20:21
The Great Buenos Aires Bank Heist-Part 1 - Mar, 2020It was the perfect bank robbery...until it wasn't, by Josh DeanReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:19:54
"How To Run Your Way Into Better Shape" - Feb, 2020Joe Holder gives on how to make running a part of your fitness routine., by Joe HolderReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:09:21
"The Great Indoors" - Feb, 2020Alex Honnold helps rock climbing become 2020's most emblematic sport. by Caroline McCloskeyReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:17:14
"Muccia Prada" - Jan, 2020The thinking person's designer transcends the influencer age. by Rachel TashjianReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:10:45
"Tyler the Creator" - Jan, 2020The strange world of Tyler the Creator picks up steam. by Carrie BattanReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:24:03
Superhero: Man of the Year 2019 - Dec, 2019Megan Rapinoe's year of victory. by Mari UyeharaReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:11:03
Breakout of the Year: Lil Nas X - Dec, 2019Lil Nas X is having himself a heck of a year. by Caroline McCloskeyReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:10:28
Male fashions loosen up - Nov, 2019"How Gucci Designer Alessandro Michele Kick-Started Fashion's Genderless Revolution" by Steff YorkReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:09:16
"Radical" - Nov, 2019The norm-shattering Iggy Pop is back. by Chris HeathReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:08:27
"Phoebe Bridgers Has Auspicious Astrology" - Oct, 2019Phoebe Bridgers style is one of a kind. by Gabriella PaiellaReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:10:06
"Fashion Inferno" - Oct, 2019How Michael Kors conquered fashion. by Jessica PresslerReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:19:14
"Baker Mayfield is Feeling Dangerous" - Sep, 2019Baker Mayfield has helped turn the woebegone Cleveland Browns into one of the league's most talked about teams. by Clay SkipperReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:19:04
"Monsieur Jones" - Sep, 2019Dior Men's Artistic Director takes on his grandest project yet. by Thom BettridgeReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:15:31
Fitness Tips - Aug, 2019Meet GQ Fitness Columnist Joe Holder, "Creative Director of Your Better Self" - Fitness tips from a fitness guru. by Joe HolderReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:07:35
"The End of Straight" - Aug, 2019"The End of Straight"-A memoir by Gabriel MacReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:24:38
Mike Tyso Smokes the Toad - Jul, 2019Get the inside scoop on Mike Tyson's Weed resort, by Alex PappademasReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:39:45
"George Michael's Style Legacy" - Jun, 2019Go back in time to see how ahead George Michael's fashion was. by Alex FrankReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:03:22
"Rogen-omics" - Jun, 2019Spend some time getting to know Seth Rogen. by Caroline McCloskeyReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:24:52
The Man Who Sparked the Watch Boom - May, 2019Aurel Bacs shares his passion for classic timepieces, by Cam WolfReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:23:27
Tee Time In Calabasas - May, 2019Hitting the links with Schoolboy Q, by Jeff WeissReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:07:34
Florida Man - Apr, 2019Harmony Korine gives insight on his life and newest movie project. By Zach Baron.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:22:52
Bad Bunny - Apr, 2019"Good Times With Bad Bunny" - Bad Bunny goes home to Puerto Rico. By Isabelia Herrera.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:11:33
Why Does Fame Keep Sticking to Cole Sprouse - Mar, 2019Child Star Cole Sprouse is making a second lap in Hollywood. by Molly LambertReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:06:09
New Devils - Mar, 2019Duke Basketball's Killer Quartet, by Devin GordonReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:14:01
"Switching Lanes With St. Vincent" - Feb, 2019A peek inside St. Vincent's shape-shifting music and daring performances. by Molly YoungReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:12:59
"Frank Ocean is Peerless" - Feb, 2019A rare interview with one of the most powerful voices in popular music. by Emmett Cruddas and VegynReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:12:09
Truth Teller: Ronan - Jan, 2019Ronan Farrow helps start a movement. by Jason ZengerieReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:02:58
A Star Is Torn - Jan, 2019Austin Clay took down Trump's Hollywood star, by Jesse BaronReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:03:58
Tour de F#ck It I Got This - Jan, 2019Lawson Craddock finished the Tour de France after fracturing his shoulder blade on the first day. by Sam SchubeReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:05:19
Henry the First - Feb, 2019Leading man Henry Golding tells us what he wants to do next. by Michelle LhooqReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:09:08
Is This Your King? - Dec, 2018Michael B. Jordan updates us on the scale of his ambitions. by Allison P. DavisReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:16:59
Jonah's Arc - Dec, 2018With his directorial debut Jonah Hill proves that he's as sharp as a filmmaker as he is an actor. by Zach BaronReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:22:05
The Kid Who Fell to Earth - Nov, 2018Kid Cudi discusses Kanye West and new music. by Mark Anthony GreenReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:05:41
Madam Trailblazer - Nov, 2018Christine Hallquist is a Vermont candidate hoping to become the country's first transgender govenor. by Julia LoffeReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:16:33
Puerto (VERY) Rico - Oct, 2018How post-Maria Puerto Rico has become the preferred hangout of America's 1 percent. By Jesse Barron.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:23:26
Cohabitation - Oct, 2018"Let Us Now Cohabitate" - Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen help un-complicate moving in together. By various staff members.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:12:10
Sperm Count Zero - Sep, 2018Daniel Noah Halpern investigates if we are cruising for Sperm Count Zero.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:20:22
Rowdy Partner - Sep, 2018John C. Reilly clowns around with Sam Schube.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:16:40
Spike Lee Just Made the Movie of the Year - Aug, 2018A sit down with Spike Lee. by Zach BaronReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:17:48
The 21 Podcasts That Are Better Than Any Summer Playlist - Aug, 2018Our favorite podcasters recommend their favorite podcasts, by Anna PeeleReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:14:18
Attack on Skull Island - Jul, 2018Max Marshall follows Kong director Jordan Vogt-Roberts as he tracks down the gangsters who nearly beat him to death in VietnamReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:25:07
In Praise of Being Washed - Jul, 2018Zach Baron explores the benefits of being washed.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:11:27
Kate McKinnon - Jun, 2018SNL pop extrovert keeps her cards close to her vest. Amy Wallace gives us a new look at the sketch-comedy master. By Amy Wallace.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:18:32
9 Lives of Kat Williams - Jun, 2018For years he's been the king of club comedy - brash and beloved and a little bit berserk. By Devin Friedman.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:15:34
Why I Wear What I Wear - Apr, 2018We asked six stylish dudes what the hell is going on in their heads when they get dressed in the morning.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:09:13
Books You Don't Have to Read Before You Die - Apr, 2018Ditch the Great Books-those dutiful tomes from the canon-and read these instead, as chosen by our favorite un-dutiful writers.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:17:16
World of Weed - Mar, 2018Navigate the New World of Weed - We answer questions like: Can you be stoned while parenting? And how many brownies are too many?Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:09:41
Pop-Ups - Mar, 2018Why Pop-ups Are Popping Off - Ryan Bradley eats his way through the fastest-moving craze in food. By Ryan Bradley.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:12:49
Sacred Cows - Feb, 2018Red meat is all carbon monoxide emissions and heart attacks. But it's so tasty. Mark Bittman helps reconcile our principles with our appetites.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:09:42
Seriously Funny - Feb, 2018Jimmy Kimmel spoke up during the health-care debate. And now America's looking to him to be serious-and funny-voice of reason.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:25:45
King of Louis - Feb, 2018Mark Anthony Green hits Paris with Louis Vuitton's Kim JonesReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:08:20
Kevin Durant - Jan, 2018Zach Baron joined KD for his summer celebration tour as the NBA champ and finals MVP reckoned with a new reality: Life at the top is as hard as getting there.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:23:52
Gal Next Door - Dec, 2017Wonder Woman has something on her mind. Caity Weaver hits the beaches of Tel Aviv with Israel's most famous ex-soldier.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:13:10
The Un-Quiet American - Dec, 2017James Clapper claps back, Mattathias SchwartzReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:17:36
The First Fifty - Nov, 2017"These athletes didn't just win-they did it on the biggest stages. We whittled down the greats who are still with us till."Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:31:49
The World's Fifty Greatest Living Athletes - Nov, 2017"He's been basketball's best player for the better part of 14 years. Now he has plans to become just as consequential of the court. By Mark Anthony GreenReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:19:09
The Sweater Abides - Oct, 2017Jeff Bridges-the Dude himself-is back in classic patterned cardigans, the extra-toasty kind the Big Lebowski turned into a legit fall classic.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:09:27
How to Calm the F#@% Down - Oct, 2017Dealing with your anger in the age of fire and fury, By Drew MagaryReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:13:32
Super Rich & Super Naked - Aug, 2017Davy Rothbart strips down to visit an luxury nude resort.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:28:26
20 Books to Help You Survive the Trump Era - Aug, 2017Novels, histories, and activist manifestos to guide you through the next four years.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:08:29
Yes, We Ken - Jul, 2017The (plastic) all-American male. By Caity WeaverReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:23:58
America Thirst - Jul, 2017All the ways we're making the world's best beer.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:10:49
Gods of Comedy - Jun, 2017In depth interview with Louie Anderson, By Amy WallaceReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:20:29
Gods of Comedy: Norman Lear - Jun, 2017A look at why Norman Lear will always be with us. By Michael PaternitiReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:24:15
Steph Curry - May, 2017An interview with the reigning MVP. By Andrew CorselloReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:22:55
The Realest Face in 'Fake News' - May, 2017In the age of lies, how does Jake Tapper make truth telling so damn entertaining? By Taffy Brodesser-AknerReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:16:34
The 80-Year-Old Chinese Runway Model - Apr, 2017Does the man known as Hottest Grandpa hold the secrets to eternal youth? By Michael ParernitiReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:21:58
Welcome Back to Twin Peaks - Apr, 2017David Lynch returns to the surreal television universe he left 25 years ago. By Sean O'NealReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:21:03
Patrick Stewart Will Look Great Forever - Mar, 2017The knighted British thespian wear the season's handsomest new coats, By Caity WeaverReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:11:24
The Born-Again Scoundrel - Mar, 2017Eighties televangelist Peter Popoff is making a comeback, By Mark OppenheimerReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:29:02
Barack Obama's Third Term - Feb, 2017Barack Obama's Third Term. With those maniacs in the White House, Barry's retirement will have to wait. By Jason Zengerle.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:18:43
Why Do Men Pay for Sex? - Feb, 2017Why Do Men Pay for Sex? And Can They Be Stopped? Brooke Jarvis reports on an experiment to end prostitution.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:22:11
I Surrendered My Wardrobe - Jan, 2017Fashion hoarder Sean Hotchkiss throws out all his clothes and starts over, By Sean HotchkissReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:13:37
Your Boss Is Gonna Love Your New Drug Habit - Jan, 2017In his quest to hack the productivity craze, Josh Dean tries micro-dosing LSD. By Josh DeanReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:14:01
Comeback Kid - Dec, 2016Eighteen years after Bulworth, he's got an Oscar contender, By Amy WallaceReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:20:44
The Gawker Stalker - Dec, 2016One lawyer teaches the press manners, By Jason ZengerieReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:14:42
Confidence Man - Nov, 2016Could Russell Westbrook be the best player in the NBA? By Daniel RileyReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:19:58
Stairmaster to Heaven - Nov, 2016The highest tier at Equinox requires a retinal scan and can cost $30k per year. What kind of gym is this, anyway? By Carrie BattanReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:17:32
The Shooter & the Saint - Oct, 2016Two New Orleans football players-a beloved pro and a striving amateur-bumped into each other one night this spring. One killed the other.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:23:54
How to Never Go Out of Style - Oct, 2016Kurt Russell-he of the hall-of-fame squint-is one of our all-time favorite action stars, By Chris HeathReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:13:16
Cam Newton Won't Stop - Sep, 2016The reigning MVP has a lot to say about the Super Bowl-and no apologies. By Zach BaronReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:25:53
Enter the Ninja Dad - Sep, 2016Everyone who watches American Ninja Warrior imagines how they'd do if they got a shot. Drew Magary actually found out.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:10:06
The Life of Abloh - Aug, 2016Virgil Abloh discusses streetwear's transition to the major leagues of fashion. By Zach BaronReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:13:14
The Man Who Reset the Table - Aug, 2016Yotam Ottolenghi and his cookbooks have turned us all into unsuspecting vegetable lovers. Michael Paterniti digs in with the chef.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:22:13
Various articles - Jul, 2016The Secret Life of America's Greatest Swinger-Couples on ice can see a therapist, or they can see Dave. By John H. RichardsonReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:27:48
Trump's Improbable Hope - Jul, 2016How did Hope Hicks, a 27-year-old publicist from Greenwich, become a major operative in Trump's campaign? By Olivia NuzziReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:16:29
Reefer Moments - Jun, 2016Is Weed Kosher? Taffy Brodesser-Akner gets high with her Hasidic mom. By Taffy Brodesser-Akner.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:22:40
Will Violence Save Football? - Jun, 2016The saving grace of America's favorite sport? Even more brutality! By Chuck Klosterman.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:18:39
The Restaurant List That Ate the Food World - May, 2016A Best Restos list that has chefs quaking in their clogs. By Brett MartinReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:17:36
The Emancipation of Selena - May, 2016With a sensual new album and big movie roles, Selena Gomez is fully post-Disney. By Zach BaronReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:22:10
Finally, an Airport Worth Vacationing In - Apr, 2016Singapore's Changi Airport is amenity-loaded and sane-making. So Andrew Blackwell moved in.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:11:44
"#ThisHoboLife" - Apr, 2016Drew Magary rides the bus with a new wave of Wi-Fi-chasing hobosReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:18:07
The Secret Wizard of the Far Right - Mar, 2016Give consultant Rex Elsass a small-business owner and he'll give you a Tea Party candidate. By Jason ZengerleReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:17:50
26.2 to Life - Mar, 2016It's called the San Quentin Marathon - 105 laps around the yard at California's oldest prison. By Jesse KatzReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:16:07
How Early Can You Spot the Next LeBron - Feb, 2016Drew Jubera goes inside the hyper-precocious, ultra-branded world of...middle-school baskeball.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:13:06
Huge News for Men! - Feb, 2016If we offered you a silicone penis implant, would you..Well don't answer that. Exploration of new developments. By Amy WallaceReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:20:40
J.R. Smith Is Always Open - Jan, 2016A visit with Cleveland's supreme goofball. By Devin FriedmanReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:15:11
The Curious Case of the Homesick Bank Robber - Jan, 2016The ex-con who stole his way back to jail. By Kathy DobieReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:25:49
The Martian - Dec, 2015Elon Musk is trying to change the world-even if that means leaving it. By Chris HeathReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:16:26
Quentin's Quest - Dec, 2015Quentin Tarantino can't stop making great films - and he knows it. By Zach BaronReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:13:48
Fashion's BFF - Nov, 2015Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing's plan for world domination at the expense of fashion's fusty establishment, By Jessica PresslerReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:16:10
The Guy Who Could Beat Hillary - Nov, 2015Representative Trey Gowdy - might be the most influential man in the presidential race, By Jason ZengerleReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:15:06
Sneaker Wars - Oct, 2015Adidas, for years the little brother to $86 billion titan Nike, is coming for the king. By Matthew ShaerReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:21:34
Today's Game is Brought to You By...Irony - Oct, 2015Irony Man has made his name off making fun of himself but has overstayed his welcome? By Byard DuncanReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:08:02
Searching for Sugar Daddy - Sep, 2015Taffy Brodesser-Akner investigates the online transactional-love economy.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:22:23
The Soho House Plan for World Domination - Sep, 2015The members-only Soho House is expanding worldwide and has its eyes set on all you "creatives." By Alice GregoryReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:18:13
The King of Momedy - Aug, 2015Transparent marks Jeffrey Tambor's third role of a lifetime. Amy Wallace talks to the man behind the woman. By Amy WallaceReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:19:19
How to Get a Superhero Body in 90 Days or Less - Aug, 2015Joel Stein tries the leading man workout that gives guys like Seth Rogen and Tobey Maguire six packs. By Joel SteinReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:18:19
Dinner: The Toughest Ticket in Town - Jul, 2015Dining out goes the way of StubHub, Brett MartinReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:18:29
Your Doober Is Arriving! - Jul, 2015Legal weed: Say hello to the on-demand app economy, By Dan LyonsReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:14:35
Jurassic Pratt - Jun, 2015Gone is the hard-partying, laugh-chasing fat guy. Say hello to the new Chris Pratt: a dinosaur-fightin' bona fide movie star. By Chris HeathReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:21:18
Silicon Valley is a Big Fat Lie - Jun, 2015Sam Biddle blows up the seven myths that sustain the tech world's self-delusion. By Sam Biddle.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:20:08
I Can Feel It Coming in the Air Tonight - Jun, 2015Air Sex: It's like air guitar, but with...Well, you get the idea. By Taffy Brodesser-AknerReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:14:34
Sex advice from the sexier sex - May, 2015That Was Good...But You Know What Would Be Better?Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:12:15
My Life as a Rent A Gent - Apr, 2015Davy Rothbart goes undercover as a date-for-hireReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:16:15
The 25 Biographies Every Man Should Read - Apr, 2015These are the true stories-the triumphs, mischief, and hard-earned lessons-you need to read to believe.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:17:05
The Secret to Success Is Saying "I Quit" - Mar, 2015Sometimes quitters do win. Here's how to say "Enough!" to everything from a troubled marriage to the Chicago CubsReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:17:29
Are You Man Enough for the Men's Rights Movement? - Mar, 2015For a certain kind of guy, feminism marks the darkest moment in modern times. Jeff Sharlet spends a weekend with the men (and a few ladies).Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:27:15
The Long, Strange Purgatory of Casey Kasem - Feb, 2015America's favorite deejay passed away last year. Through his last days and beyond, his body was caught up in a bizarre family feud.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:29:57
This is the End - Feb, 2015After thirty-three years, Motley Crue are calling it quits. Drew Magary bears witness to the last round of hair spray and pyrotechnics.Reader: Ernesto Sambrano00:25:03
Mainline Street - Jan, 2015How one dealer from the heartland ran a flush heroin business. By Sean FlynnReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:28:36
Does This Watch Make Me Look Like a Dick? - Jan, 2015Cyborg-in-training Jon Wilde test the latest wearable tech and predicts what'll stick. By Jon WildeReader: Ernesto Sambrano00:12:44

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