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Good Housekeeping

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Brandi DuCote reads you her weekly selections from Good Housekeeping Magazine. Find out how to run an efficient, comfortable home by listening to a variety of timely articles on subjects ranging from saving money on common expenditures to keeping kids from tracking sand through the house.

Current Good Housekeeping Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Reclaim "Me Time" - Dec 2020Eight expert-backed ways to reclaim "Me Time" and personal space at home. By Sarah Digiulio.Reader: Brandi DuCote00:11:34
Couples Fighting Fair - Dec 2020Eleven techniques successful couples use when they argue, according to relationship therapists. By Hannah JeonReader: Brandi DuCote00:16:57
Truth About Sugar Substitutes - Nov 2020Finding the right natural sugar alternative is actually more complex than you might think. By Kaitlyn Pirie.Reader: Brandi DuCote00:10:52
Facts About Sugar - Nov 2020All the nutritional facts you need to know about sugar, including health benefits & risks. By Alyssa JungReader: Brandi DuCote00:08:08
Killing Corona Virus - Oct 2020The Right Way to Kill Coronavirus Germs, According to Cleaning Experts. By Lynn Redmile.Reader: Brandi DuCote00:06:53
Podcast Benefits - Sep 2020How listening to podcasts can benefit your brain, by Hannah Malach. The 45 best podcasts of 2020 (so far) by Lizz Schumer.Reader: Brandi DuCote00:07:44
Sugar Detox - Sep 2020A Sugar Detox May Help Reset Your Dietary Health In 7 Days. Or you can commit to a longer 21-day challenge. By Zee KrsticReader: Brandi DuCote00:10:34
7 Signs of Covid - Aug 2020Signs you may have had CoVid-19 without realizing it. Pay attention to any lingering symptoms from that "bad cold", by Korin MillerReader: Brandi DuCote00:14:06
Tiredness - Sep 2020Experts explain why you may feel constantly exhausted. Sleep isn't the only part of the equation. By Zee Krstic.Reader: Brandi DuCote00:17:41
Jojoba Oil - Aug 2020How (and why!) you should use jojoba oil in your beauty regimen. Meet your new hair and skin savior. By Dori Price.Reader: Brandi DuCote00:11:57
Healthy Foods - Jul 20207 surprising health benefits of tomatoes by Kaitlyn Pirie. 40 tasty foods that can help you lower your cholesterol by Jaclyn London.Reader: Brandi DuCote00:19:22
Benefits of Older Friends - Jun 2020There are huge benefits to having much older friends (younger ones too). Intergenerational friendships can be more supportive, with less competition.Reader: Brandi DuCote00:09:30
Pen Pals & Staying Connected - Jul 2020North Carolina senior center starts a pen pal program for lonely residents. Helping senior living residents stay connected.Reader: Brandi DuCote00:08:23
Avocados & Eggs - Jul 2020The health benefits of avocados, by Stefani Sassos & Caroline Walder. Nutritional experts share info on eggs, by Zee KrsticReader: Brandi DuCote00:22:18
Hair Coloring - Jul 20206 Easy ways to lighten hair naturally from home. 10 Best temporary hair color products, according to professional colorists.Reader: Brandi DuCote00:13:48
Managing Rheumatoid Arthritis - Jun 2020How 3 Women with R A Manage Their Symptoms. Don't let the pain and stiffness stop you from living your life. By Alice OglethorpeReader: Brandi DuCote00:07:07
Fight Against Racial Injustice - Jun 2020How to be an ally to the Black Lives Matter Movement, now and moving forward. By Hannah Jeon.Reader: Brandi DuCote00:09:58
Exercise At Your Desk - Jun 2020Whether you are sitting or standing, your abs, back and neck will thank you for these moves. By Adele Jackson-Gibson.Reader: Brandi DuCote00:09:30
Walking For Weight Loss - May, 2020You can absolutely burn fat and improve your overall health by walking. Eight tips for you to follow. By Stefani Sassos.Reader: Brandi DuCote00:09:19
Deal With Difficult People - May 2020Experts share the best techniques and tactics to end the emotional tug-of-war, once and for all. By Lizz Schumer.Reader: Brandi DuCote00:08:23
Thanksgiving Mystery - Nov, 2019What day is Thanksgiving in 2019? Why so late? Here's why Thanksgiving is so late this year. By Tiffany Blackstone.Reader: Justin Whitelock00:05:02
Sweet Potatoes - Nov, 2019All of the nutritional facts and health benefits of sweet potatoes, including whether or not they're better for you than white potatoes.Reader: Justin Whitelock00:09:28
Weighted Blankets - Sep, 2019What you should - and shouldn't - expect from weighted blankets.Reader: Justin Whitelock00:08:43
Are Potatoes Healthy? - Oct, 2019Potatoes aren't just filled with carbs, they've got plenty of nutrients. The Nutrition Facts of Everyone's Favorite Starchy Vegetable.Reader: Justin Whitelock00:06:42
Halloween - Sep, 2019The Best Pumpkin Patch Near Me in Every State. Prepare to choose your future jack-o-lantern at one of these farms. By Blake Bakkila.Reader: Justin Whitelock00:35:31
Raw Beef Recall - Sep, 2019The USDA found 24,000 lbs of raw beef was contaminated, deemed it unfit for human consumption and issued a recall. By Samantha Holender.Reader: Justin Whitelock00:05:58
Dining Room Makeovers - Aug, 2019Thirty Stunning Dining Room Ideas That'll Make Every Week Night Dinner Special. By Lauren Smith and Caroline Picard.Reader: Justin Whitelock00:13:01
My Family Almost Drowned - Aug, 2018Fifty strangers stepped in and saved us. A deadly riptide renewed my faith in humanity. By Jonathan Small for Roberta Ursrey.Reader: Sonni Paisley00:08:29
Lost Little Boy - Nov, 2016Little Boy Lost... and Found. A country singer's lyric-worthy life story. As told to Ginny Graves.Reader: Judy Rubino00:10:26
Ups & Downs of Living With Downs - Oct, 2016Life isn't all rainbow tutus raising a child with Downs, but a sweet surprise in her daughter's backpack gives Hallie Levine unexpected joy.Reader: Judy Rubino00:12:39
The Angel Next Door - Aug, 2016I'd never met my neighbor until the day she held my son's lifeless body - and changed the course of our lives forever. By Amy Paturel.Reader: Judy Rubino00:10:08
Making of a Hero - Jul, 2016Mother-of-two Tamasa Loiselle found the courage to rescue drowning strangers. Training our brains to overcome our fears. By Peg Rosen.Reader: Judy Rubino00:15:01
Real Life - Apr, 2016Styling Up a New Future: Beauty Skills, by Laura Carney. A Charmed Life: Grandma's Trinkets Reveal a Treasure Trove, by Wade Rousse.Reader: Judy Rubino00:09:51
When Love Turns to Fear - Mar, 2016Even smart, strong women can fall victim to emotional manipulation that leaves them feeling helpless. Meet 6 survivors. By Ginny GravesReader: Judy Rubino00:19:12
Love After Heartbreak - Feb, 2016Some serious romance - just in time for Valentine's Day!Reader: Judy Rubino00:13:36
"Shifting Gears", "Saving Premies" - Jan 2016Jennifer Chen writes about women auto mechanics. Sarah Robbins describes an organization dealing with "premies"Reader: Judy Rubino00:10:30
"Beyond Heartbreak", "Heart to Heart" - Dec 2015Isabelle Allende seeks the light after loss. Laura Carney shares a life-changing momentReader: Judy Rubino00:10:12
The Change Makers - Nov, 2015Meet the next generation of trail blazing women. By various authors.Reader: Judy Rubino00:15:54
Real Life & Bookshelf - Oct, 2015Real Life: Every day heroes, etiquette and advice from a career coach. Your Bookshelf: Short reviews and the best new reads.Reader: Judy Rubino00:08:35
"Breast Cancer Awareness" - Oct 2015Stephanie Booth writes about four brave survivors who share their personal stories.Reader: Judy Rubino00:17:59
"Go West Young Man", "Heart to Heart" - Sep 2015A story of coming to grips with being transgender by Alex Myers, An exclusive essay by "Eat, Pray, Love" author Elizabeth GilbertReader: Judy Rubino00:15:14
Salon Therapy - Jul, 2015A Good Housekeeping essay contest finalist finds comfort in a haze of Acqua Net. By Alexis Calabrese.Reader: Judy Rubino00:11:21
"Can We Talk?" - May 2015Kristen Bell, the voice of "Frozen's" Anna, reveals why she is happier than ever. By Lori MajewskiReader: Judy Rubino00:15:51
"No One Ever Asked If He Had My Eyes" - May 2015Good Housekeeping contest winner opens up about raising a disabled son. By Gina D'AnnunzioReader: Judy Rubino00:13:36
Childhood Epilepsy - Apr, 2015How far would you go to save your Child? One mom's radical decision to use medical marijuana. By Ginny Graves.Reader: Judy Rubino00:15:26
"I Survived a Secret Hell", "Love in the Bank" - Mar 2015Ada Calhoun writes about a sex-trafficking survivor. Nikki Moustahi relates the value of the time spent with her grandfather.Reader: Judy Rubino00:15:47
"There's Something About Mindy" - Feb 2015From shy kid to sassy TV star by Monica Corcoran HarelReader: Judy Rubino00:11:20
"Heart to Heart" - Feb 2015Three writers share lessons they've learned from love.Reader: Judy Rubino00:13:16
"How She Does It", "In Your Words" - Jan 2015Danielle Dietz-Livolsi writes of one mom's nutty million dollar business idea, Kamara Manthe tells a heartbreaking storyReader: Judy Rubino00:19:59
"The Biggest Winner" - Jan 2015Beth Janes writes about how you can get the life you want with Jillian Michaels' number one secretReader: Judy Rubino00:15:52

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