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Good Housekeeping

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Sonni Paisley reads you her weekly selections from Good Housekeeping Magazine. Find out how to run an efficient, comfortable home by listening to a variety of timely articles on subjects ranging from saving money on common expenditures to keeping kids from tracking sand through the house.

Current Good Housekeeping Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
My Family Almost Drowned - Aug, 2018Fifty strangers stepped in and saved us. A deadly riptide renewed my faith in humanity. By Jonathan Small for Roberta Ursrey.Reader: Sonni Paisley00:08:29
Lost Little Boy - Nov, 2016Little Boy Lost... and Found. A country singer's lyric-worthy life story. As told to Ginny Graves.Reader: Judy Rubino00:10:26
Ups & Downs of Living With Downs - Oct, 2016Life isn't all rainbow tutus raising a child with Downs, but a sweet surprise in her daughter's backpack gives Hallie Levine unexpected joy.Reader: Judy Rubino00:12:39
The Angel Next Door - Aug, 2016I'd never met my neighbor until the day she held my son's lifeless body - and changed the course of our lives forever. By Amy Paturel.Reader: Judy Rubino00:10:08
Making of a Hero - Jul, 2016Mother-of-two Tamasa Loiselle found the courage to rescue drowning strangers. Training our brains to overcome our fears. By Peg Rosen.Reader: Judy Rubino00:15:01
Real Life - Apr, 2016Styling Up a New Future: Beauty Skills, by Laura Carney. A Charmed Life: Grandma's Trinkets Reveal a Treasure Trove, by Wade Rousse.Reader: Judy Rubino00:09:51
When Love Turns to Fear - Mar, 2016Even smart, strong women can fall victim to emotional manipulation that leaves them feeling helpless. Meet 6 survivors. By Ginny GravesReader: Judy Rubino00:19:12
Love After Heartbreak - Feb, 2016Some serious romance - just in time for Valentine's Day!Reader: Judy Rubino00:13:36
"Shifting Gears", "Saving Premies" - Jan 2016Jennifer Chen writes about women auto mechanics. Sarah Robbins describes an organization dealing with "premies"Reader: Judy Rubino00:10:30
"Beyond Heartbreak", "Heart to Heart" - Dec 2015Isabelle Allende seeks the light after loss. Laura Carney shares a life-changing momentReader: Judy Rubino00:10:12
The Change Makers - Nov, 2015Meet the next generation of trail blazing women. By various authors.Reader: Judy Rubino00:15:54
Real Life & Bookshelf - Oct, 2015Real Life: Every day heroes, etiquette and advice from a career coach. Your Bookshelf: Short reviews and the best new reads.Reader: Judy Rubino00:08:35
"Breast Cancer Awareness" - Oct 2015Stephanie Booth writes about four brave survivors who share their personal stories.Reader: Judy Rubino00:17:59
"Go West Young Man", "Heart to Heart" - Sep 2015A story of coming to grips with being transgender by Alex Myers, An exclusive essay by "Eat, Pray, Love" author Elizabeth GilbertReader: Judy Rubino00:15:14
Salon Therapy - Jul, 2015A Good Housekeeping essay contest finalist finds comfort in a haze of Acqua Net. By Alexis Calabrese.Reader: Judy Rubino00:11:21
"Can We Talk?" - May 2015Kristen Bell, the voice of "Frozen's" Anna, reveals why she is happier than ever. By Lori MajewskiReader: Judy Rubino00:15:51
"No One Ever Asked If He Had My Eyes" - May 2015Good Housekeeping contest winner opens up about raising a disabled son. By Gina D'AnnunzioReader: Judy Rubino00:13:36
Childhood Epilepsy - Apr, 2015How far would you go to save your Child? One mom's radical decision to use medical marijuana. By Ginny Graves.Reader: Judy Rubino00:15:26
"I Survived a Secret Hell", "Love in the Bank" - Mar 2015Ada Calhoun writes about a sex-trafficking survivor. Nikki Moustahi relates the value of the time spent with her grandfather.Reader: Judy Rubino00:15:47
"There's Something About Mindy" - Feb 2015From shy kid to sassy TV star by Monica Corcoran HarelReader: Judy Rubino00:11:20
"Heart to Heart" - Feb 2015Three writers share lessons they've learned from love.Reader: Judy Rubino00:13:16
"How She Does It", "In Your Words" - Jan 2015Danielle Dietz-Livolsi writes of one mom's nutty million dollar business idea, Kamara Manthe tells a heartbreaking storyReader: Judy Rubino00:19:59
"The Biggest Winner" - Jan 2015Beth Janes writes about how you can get the life you want with Jillian Michaels' number one secretReader: Judy Rubino00:15:52
"Your Body" - Dec 2014"News You Can Use", "That's Genius", "Health Breakthrough", "Eat and Drink - Don't Gain Weight"Reader: Judy Rubino00:15:02
"Happy Tears" - Dec 2014Cathy Free writes about two families celebrating the gift of lifeReader: Judy Rubino00:11:30
"Real Life" Section - Nov 2014"How She Does It" by Rachel Bowie, "In Your Words" by Paula McLainReader: Judy Rubino00:12:34
"Your Bookshelf" - Nov 2014New releases we love this month plus three clever kids' audiobooksReader: Judy Rubino00:12:40
"The New Face of Heart Disease" - Nov 2014Amanda Ross writes about the health checklist that could literally save your life.Reader: Judy Rubino00:13:10
"What's Cooking With Eva" - Nov 2014Lori Majewski writes about Eva Longoria's kitchen secrets and moreReader: Judy Rubino00:14:52
"How I Lost 90 Pounds" - Oct 2014The author, Lisa Davis, has a slim-down strategy that really works.Reader: Judy Rubino00:11:52
3 Articles - Oct 2014"Light Bulb Moments With Amy Poehler", "How They Do It: Making the News Fun", "I Swallowed My Pride to Feed My Family"Reader: Judy Rubino00:13:14
How Betty White Changed my Life - Oct 2014How the author, at age 20, finally realized that home was where her heart was - by Mashaw McGuinnisReader: Judy Rubino00:14:28
Fight Like a Girl - Sep 2014When a deadly infection attacked Kali Hardig's brain her astonishing recovery proved that modern miracles do happenReader: Judy Rubino00:19:54
My Mother's Secret - Sep, 2014An exclusive excerpt from Jodi Picoult's new novel "Leaving Time." A daughter's quest to find the truth.Reader: Judy Rubino00:22:52
At Home With Katie - Sep 2014The former "Grey's Anatomy" star tackles her next big role. By Jennifer Graham KizerReader: Judy Rubino00:19:17
Blessings section: May 2014"First Helping' by M Thorne, "My Dad Takes the Cake" by E Juska, "Beach Bound" by T Mirvis, "On my Daughter's Shoulders" by J BoldrinReader: Judy Rubino00:15:15
Feel Good Section - Aug, 2014How To Tell If Foods are 'Real' or 'GMO' by Sari Harrar; It Started As a Headache: A Mom's Recovery From a Stroke by Rebecca WebberReader: Judy Rubino00:17:04
Where Her Heart Is - Aug, 2014Good Housekeeping gets a front-row view of Sheryl Crow's life and home outside Nashville.Reader: Judy Rubino00:21:11
Happy Mommy Pills - Aug, 2014A wacky way to avoid postpartum depression. By Kathleen Founds.Reader: Judy Rubino00:16:15
Appetite for Change - Jul, 2014Katie Couric tackles the obesity epidemic, by Jane Francisco; Three people with a passion for feeding kids, by Alice OglethorpeReader: Judy Rubino00:13:31
Meet the Bean Sisters - Jul 2014One woman found a friend/bandmate/lifesaver on Craig's List - by Rebecca MeiserReader: Judy Rubino00:14:05
Independence Day - Jul, 2014As couples gather for a barbecue, one guest braces for a bumpy night. By Alison Jean Lester.Reader: Judy Rubino00:20:30
Beating Health & Self-Image - Jun, 2014How Tabitha Antoniak Dropped 165 Pounds, Beat Multiple Sclerosis and Found Love. By Catherine Clifford.Reader: Judy Rubino00:09:55
The Blind Spot - Jun, 2014This mom suffered from a gradual loss of vision. She hid her disease until she no longer could. From a book by Nicole C. Kear.Reader: Judy Rubino00:17:26
Suitcase of Secrets - Jun, 2014What's more intriguing than a mystery package? An excerpt from a novel by Beatriz Williams.Reader: Judy Rubino00:23:40
Feel Good Section - May, 2014"The Facts of Lyme,"by Sari Harrar. New studies and findings on Lyme disease. Other health news.Reader: Judy Rubino00:11:59
People Don't Get Me - May, 2014Jakie Mercurio carries a secret that will change the life of her misfit boy.Reader: Judy Rubino00:27:39
My Most Amazing Terrible Day - May, 2014By Robin Roberts; in an excerpt from her new book, the GMA anchor opens up about her brush with a life-threatening illness.Reader: Judy Rubino00:16:40
Short Articles - Jan 2014"Running the Stove" by Paula Darrow, "Good Vows Keeping" by Daniel Jones, "The List" by Anna Quinlan, "The Surprise Gift' by Jean H. CorlissReader: Judy Rubino00:14:19
Short Articles - Apr, 2014"Go With the Flow,"by Judith Orloff, M.D.;"Tossing In the Trowel,"by Taffy Brudesser-Aker;"Spring Cleaning!"by Alice Garbarini HurleyReader: Judy Rubino00:20:11
When a Wrong Turn Takes You to the Right Place - Apr, 2014By Amanda Robb; meet 3 ordinary women who reached the end of their rope and came back thriving.Reader: Judy Rubino00:20:41
Is Our Drug Habit Killing Us? - Apr, 2014Richard Laliberte, If we don't stop overdosing on antibiotics, even a simple scrape could be fatal. How to get out of a medical mess.Reader: Judy Rubino00:20:40
Delicious! - Apr, 2014By Ruth Reichl: Taste this month's most buzzed-about literary debut by a former editor in chief of Gourmet Magazine.Reader: Judy Rubino00:19:19
Personal & Home Tips - Mar, 2014"Happiness Habits. Change your life in an hour!" by Gretchen Rubin; "How to Return Almost Anything," by Carmen Wong UlrichReader: Judy Rubino00:11:40
Could Your Marriage Survive This? - Mar, 2014By Ginny Graves: What do you do when life intervenes? 3 couples hard won lessons for keeping and enriching their marriages.Reader: Judy Rubino00:19:28
Like Son, Like Mother - Mar, 2014By Katherine Griffin: Seeking help for her injured child, a mom learned why her own life had been such a struggle.Reader: Judy Rubino00:13:14
Glitter & Glue - Mar, 2014By Kelly Corrigan. My mother once said: "Your father's the glitter, but I'm the glue." It took me 30 yrs. to get what that meant.Reader: Judy Rubino00:22:19
Short Articles - Feb, 2014"How to Live Richer," by Betsy Rapoport; "Back to the Barre," by Laura Amann; "Don't Get Scammed!," by Leah IngramReader: Judy Rubino00:16:56
Sisters, Lost and Found - Feb, 2014By Abigail Pesta. Disaster tore 5 siblings apart, decades later, thru the internet and kindness of strangers, an amazing reunion took place.Reader: Judy Rubino00:24:49
Midlife Bride - Feb, 2014by Joyce Maynard. After 25 yrs. as a single woman, being alone felt more natural than being on a date: until it didn't.Reader: Judy Rubino00:17:28
Short Articles - Jan, 2014"Letting go of being perfect and stop at my kids." Rachel Mary Stafford; "Get Luckier in 2014," Betsy Rapoport; "Life Less Cautious," Ellen WeltyReader: Judy Rubino00:15:44
The Lost Boy- Jan, 2014By April Smith. An excerpt from the soon to be pulblished novel, "A Star for Mrs. Blake."Reader: Judy Rubino00:25:51
Queen of Courage - Jan, 2014By David A. Keeps. How Queen Latifah weathered a tragic loss, rediscovered her faith, and emerged more joyful than ever.Reader: Judy Rubino00:12:26
Short Articles - Sep, 2013A Series of Articles on attitude, love, loss and Christmas. By Suzan Colon, Katy Butler, Anne Lamott, & M. P. DunleavyReader: Judy Rubino00:15:31
The Root of All Things - Dec, 2013How shared family stories and memories create a bond with the people you love, build resilience, and boost happiness. By Frances LefkowitzReader: Judy Rubino00:15:02
Last Chance Christmas - Dec, 2013Down on her luck, a single mom is stranded on a road. It looks as if her baby might have to spend the night in a manger. By Hope RamsayReader: Judy Rubino00:28:32
From The Good Company Section- Nov, 2013"Baker's Secret" by Joyce Maynard: Where there's pie, there's love; "Best Money-Saving Sites" by Carmen Wong Ulrich: cut financial costs.Reader: Judy Rubino00:11:49
From the Good Company Section - Nov, 2013"Thirty Things to Be Thankful For" by Kate McColl; "Make a Tough Decision Easier" by Gretchen RubinReader: Judy Rubino00:11:42
Last Hope - Nov, 2013Looking as is doctors could do nothing more, these patients and their families didn't give up: they raced straight to the edge of science.Reader: Judy Rubino00:17:31
The Unopened Box - Nov, 2013by Jonathan Miles: A holiday errand sends a widow back to the day that changed her life and marriage forever. From the new novel "Want Not."Reader: Judy Rubino00:31:05
Good Company Section - Oct, 2013"The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin, "My Nanny Dog" by Alice Hoffman, "Pay This, Not That!" by Carmen Wong UlrichReader: Judy Rubino00:16:26
The Other Story - Oct, 2013In this exerpt from "Longbourn," a new novel by Jo Baker, a young maid dares to imagine life and love beyond the scullery.Reader: Judy Rubino00:26:41
Making the Shift - Oct, 2013With her TV career in peril, Good Morning America's Tory Johnson created a new kind of diet. Now 62 pounds lighter, she shares the secret.Reader: Judy Rubino00:15:13
No Complaints, No Excuses - Oct, 2013That's how Michael J. Fox tackles every day - and his starring role in a new TV series. An interview by Rosemary Ellis.Reader: Judy Rubino00:21:25
Good Company Section - Sep, 2013"Are You Adrift?" by Gretchen Rubin, "Worth the Wait" by Caroline Hwang, "Save $200+ On Your Car Costs" by Alice Garbarini HurleyReader: Judy Rubino00:14:07
Find More Time and Energy - Sep, 2013"Find More Time and Energy" by Ginny Graves; It doesn't involve yoga, vitamins, or getting more zzz's.Reader: Judy Rubino00:17:13
Rev Up Your Metabolism! - Sep, 2013Sure it slows as you get older. But who says you have to take that sitting down? Article by Sarah Mahoney.Reader: Judy Rubino00:16:54
Labor Day - Sep, 2013Her husband finally home from the war, Marie undergoes her own trial by fire. From National Book Award winner Alice McDermott's latest.Reader: Judy Rubino00:24:51
35 Pounds Lighter- Sep. 2013"35 Pounds Lighter" by Amanda Robb; how Trisha Yearwood created her own diet plan and finally got the body she always dreamed of.Reader: Judy Rubino00:22:06
Good Company Section - Aug. 2013"Pictures of Happiness," by Gretchen Rubin, "Taking the Plunge," by Jane Juska, "How Money-Smart Are You?" by Carmen Wong UlrichReader: Judy Rubino00:18:19
The Blessings Section - May - Aug, 2013Four articles from the Blessings Section from the May - Aug issues by authors: Amity Gaige, Frances Lefkowitz, Abby Sher and Kyran PittmanReader: Judy Rubino00:15:58
The King's Wish - Aug. 2013by Aimee Bender. A modern spin on a French fairy tale, an apprentice must fill a tall order: create a gown the exact color of courage.Reader: Judy Rubino00:25:04
Hugh Jackman Interview - Aug, 2013"Hugh Jackman's Recipe for Romance" interview.Reader: Judy Rubino00:19:51
3 Articles Jul, 2013"Why It Feels So Good..."by Val Frankel; Happiness Proj. Series "How to Handle Criticism..."by Gretchen Rubin;"Hands of Clay"by Beth KephartReader: Judy Rubino00:15:58
"Weight-Loss Wonderwomen" - Jul, 2013Six women motivated by milestone life events to reach a goal weight; collectively lost an amazing 407 pounds and kept it off. By Amanda RobbReader: Judy Rubino00:14:31
"Dance With Me" - Jul, 2013"Dance With Me" : Under a Kentucky moon, a coming of age, a falling-out, and moments of magic. A short story by Bobbie Ann Mason.Reader: Judy Rubino00:14:01
"Got Calcium?" - Jun, 2013"Got Calcium?" by Susan Ince. The supplement you take may not be as necessary - or as safe - as you think. Here's what to know and do now.Reader: Judy Rubino00:11:49
"Feel Good Section" - Jun, 2013Health News: Sun Smart research. "How I Finally Wised Up About the Sun (but only after I had Skin Cancer)" by Jenny HanlonReader: Judy Rubino00:10:55
Good Company Section - Jun, 2013"The Happiness Project: When to Say "Never""by Gretchen Rubin;"Slow Love"by Pari Chang;"Why Don't I Have More Money?"by Carmen Wong-UlrichReader: Judy Rubino00:18:13
"Meredith 'Fesses Up" - Jun, 2013Good Housekeeping's Editor in Chief Rosemary Ellis conducts a revealing interview with Meredith Vieira.Reader: Judy Rubino00:18:46
The Holladay Girls - Jun, 2013When Mother takes off to "find herself," Bean and her sister embark on their own adventure. From the new novel "The Silver Star."Reader: Judy Rubino00:23:04
3 Articles from the "Good Company" Section - May, 2013"25 Ways to Reawaken Your Inner 25 Year Old"by Katie McColl;"The Happiness Project"by Gretchen Rubin;"Wiggle Room" by Taffy Brodesser-AknerReader: Judy Rubino00:16:20
"Good Wife, Good Life" - May, 2013Saying so long to single life and ger perfectionist streak, Julianna Margulies finds her happily-ever-after. Here's what changed her world .Reader: Judy Rubino00:22:38
Travels With My Mother - May, 2013"Of all the things she gave me, a taste for wandering has been the greatest gift." by Mary MorrisReader: Judy Rubino00:13:09
"Nothing To Sneeze At" - May, 2013"Nothing To Sneeze At" by Daryn Eller: Allergies are more common, and flare-ups worse. Here's why; and new ways to weather the change.Reader: Judy Rubino00:14:12
"How To Be a Friend To a Friend Who's Sick"- Apr, 2013What she secretly wishes you knew about helping, talking, and just being there. By Letty Cottin PogrebinReader: Judy Rubino00:13:18
"The Engagement Party" - Apr, 2013At the soiree of the decade, whispers and doubts circulate... - A delicious excerpt from Chitra Divakaruni's new novel "Oleander Girl."Reader: Judy Rubino00:25:31
Jan thru Apr, 2013"That Touch of Mink" by Alex Witchel; "A Girl Named Sue" by Jeff Bridges; " Cabin Fever" by Leigh Newman; "Lady Chats" by Jane JushaReader: Judy Rubino00:14:43
"The Biggest Winner" - Mar, 2013Alison Sweeney has 2 super kids, 2 amazing TV shows, 1 adoring husband; and a plan to drop weight and keep it off. By Monica Corcoran Harel.Reader: Judy Rubino00:20:28
"Live Like You Mean It" - Mar 2013Frances Lefkowitz writes about five women who found their true calling.Reader: Judy Rubino00:16:08
"You Bet" - Mar 2013Ruth Palmer writes about three friends who set out to beat the house in Atlantic City.Reader: Judy Rubino00:20:46
"Simple Ways to Nurture a Loving Partnership", "Money and Your Honey" - Feb 13Gretchen Rubin writes about keys to happy marriages, Carmen Wong Ulrich discusses combining cash in a marriage.Reader: Judy Rubino00:13:17
"I've Found My North Star" - Feb 2013An interview with Drew Barrymore by Marshall HeymanReader: Judy Rubino00:19:20
"Other People's Love Letters" - Feb. 2013Elise Jusks writes that her grandparents showed her that true love is not a fairy tale.Reader: Judy Rubino00:18:22
"Two Little Words" - Feb 2013Janice Kaplan writes why gratitude is crucial for health and happinessReader: Judy Rubino00:22:42
He Still Makes Me Feel Sexy - Jan 2013Kyra Sedgwick shares how she is re-inventing her life. by Sheila Weller.Reader: Judy Rubino00:18:29
Still Awake at 3 A.M.?Tips/products/strategies that will work for you. by Denise FoleyReader: Judy Rubino00:20:59
The Aviator's Wife - Jan 2013An excerpt from a new novel about the courtship of Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow. by Melanie BenjaminReader: Judy Rubino00:24:24
A Little Bit Divorced - Jan, 2013"It was a crazy idea: Would acting divorced strengthen our marriage? It was worth a try." by Rachel Zucher.Reader: Judy Rubino00:18:16
Blogs - Sep. Oct. Dec. 2012, "Girlfriends" - Dec. 2012"Summer's Last Chore" by Dominique Browning, "Pajama Game" by Jenny Allen, " The Fortuneteller's Gift" by Joyce Maynard, "Girlfriends" by Elizabeth BergReader: Judy Rubino00:19:46
"Top Dog" - Dec 2012Mother of nine was rescued just before Christmas. By Melissa Faye Green.Reader: Judy Rubino00:19:30
Blessings - Sep, 2012"Goodbye Girl"; "Dancing With My Dad"; "Patty, In the Kitchen"; "The Year of Almost no Christmas" by various authors.Reader: Judy Rubino00:16:15
Could a Petri Dish Save Your Life? - Nov, 2012New stem cell treatment methods - by Amanda RobbReader: Judy Rubino00:33:09
Joyous Moments & Emotional Eating - Nov, 2012"How to culltivate daily moments of joy" by Gretchen Rubin; "Why you over-eat and how to stop" by Denise Foley.Reader: Judy Rubino00:16:12
Praying With Enemies - Nov, 2012"Is it not written somewhere that a truly loving person will pray even for people she doesn't like?" by Kate BraestrupReader: Judy Rubino00:16:26
Michelle Obama & Ann Romney - Nov 2012Editor-in-Chief Rosemary Ellis interviews Michelle Obama and Ann RomneyReader: Judy Rubino00:23:15
"Does This Church Make Me Look Fat?" - Oct 2012"How meeting Mr. Right led a skeptic to give love and faith another chance." by Rhoda JanzenReader: Judy Rubino00:22:41
It's Time For a Change - Oct, 2012"Why is actress and children's book author Jamie Lee Curtis smiling? She's just tackled one of her biggest fears!" by Cortney Pellettieri.Reader: Judy Rubino00:20:03
Bringing in Finn - Oct, 2012"How one brave 60-year-old found a way to make her daughter's deepest wish come true." by Amanda Robb.Reader: Judy Rubino00:20:29
Is Cheating Contagious? - Oct, 2012"Keeping your marriage strong when others are falling apart." by Jane Wilde.Reader: Judy Rubino00:18:34
"Help I'm Losing My Hair!" - Sep, 2012"It takes time and patience, but you can reverse hair loss." by Janet CarlsonReader: Judy Rubino00:13:27
"Hotter Sex? Yes. Yes. Yes!" - Sep, 2012"Make love like you used to - with advice from relationship pros and reviews of bedroom products." by Ginny GravesReader: Judy Rubino00:16:02
Only Make Believe - Sep, 2012"When tragedy touches her family, a young actress learns the true power of pretend." by Emma Straub.Reader: Judy Rubino00:28:13
Welcome Back, Katie - Sep, 2012"As her new talk show launches, Katie Couric shares her midlife lessons." by Jenny Allen.Reader: Judy Rubino00:18:56

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