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FSCast is Freedom Scientific's monthly podcast. Hosted by Jonathan Mosen, Vice President of Blindness Hardware Product Management, FSCast features news, interviews, and product demonstrations relating to Freedom Scientific products. FSCast is a great way to make the most of the products you have as well as learning about what's new and what's around the corner.

Current Freedom Scientific Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Sep 15 2021Betas of JAWS, ZoomText and Fusion released, home annual licenses are now available in Canada, and memory leaks on computers running Dell Waves AudioJohnathan Mosen00:48:46
Aug 31 2021FSCast 203, Eric Damery with news about new 2022 JAWS product features (ZoomText, and Fusion 2022), and a visit with Cory Jackson.Johnathan Mosen00:49:41
Jul 28 2021FSCast 202, Financial Educator Chris Peterson, Plus Emoji Accessibility with Garreth Tigwell and Benjamin Gorman...Johnathan Mosen00:58:22
Jun 23 2021FSCast 201, Judy Dixon discusses her new book about audio description, and a visit with blind math professor Betsey Doane.Johnathan Mosen00:54:49
Jun 10 2021Best way to fast forward YouTube videos, remote control of a PC, JAWS problem with email and recognizing Braille displays...Johnathan Mosen01:00:31
May 26 2021Glen Gordon's speech at National Coding Symposium, and Spanish Localizer Rocio CasatiJohnathan Mosen00:54:26
Apr 28 2021How GLAS Education developed an accessible astronomy curriculum, and a visit with GPS pioneer Mike May...Johnathan Mosen00:59:11
Mar 25 2021FSCast 197, Manuel Cortez, creator of TWBlue, and Michael Hudson, Director of accessibility Services at MSUJohnathan Mosen00:50:00
Mar 11 2021Highlights of February software updates, improved compatibility of JAWS with AVG/Avast antivirus, and question on a variety of topicsJohnathan Mosen00:52:15
Feb 24 2021Civil rights activist Ever Lee Hairston, and O&M instructor Lil Deverell on mental mapping and its impact on how we navigate the worldJohnathan Mosen00:50:47
Jan 27 2021Braille Transcriber Matthew Horspool on using JAWS Speech & Sound. Joe Sullivan on creating Duxbury Braille TranslatorJohnathan Mosen00:45:32
Dec 22 2020Our first Student Of The Month, Taylor Cox, and Mohammed Laachir - how he went from being an FSOpenLine caller to a JAWS developerJohnathan Mosen00:42:28
Dec 4 2020On the archive of FSOpenLine from November 2020, Your questions about a variety of issues with JAWS.Johnathan Mosen00:46:19
Nov 25 2020Christy Householter talks of Computers for the Blind and where to get a refurbished computer.†Then we visit with scripting ninja Doug LeeJohnathan Mosen00:50:20
Oct 28 2020Rachael Bradley Montgomery talks about accessible escape rooms, and Ed Potter tells the story of Playback Magazine.Johnathan Mosen00:45:10
Sep 23 2020A demonstration of new features in JAWS and Fusion 2021, and David Kingsbury's new book WHEN ONE WEB BROWSER IS NOT ENOUGHJohnathan Mosen00:42:31
Sep 8 2020News of features coming in the first public beta of JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion 2021. Plus, your questions on a variety of topicsJohnathan Mosen00:51:23
Aug 26 2020Dan Clark, the long time voice of JAWS training, and Laura Wolk, the first blind woman to clerk for a Supreme Court JusticeJohnathan Mosen00:49:41
Jul 22 2020Blindness consultant Joe Strechay, a new Freedom Scientific Training podcast, and a demo of the JAWS feature to prevent speech cut offJohnathan Mosen00:35:36
Jun 23 2020A profile of musician and JAWS scripter Dave Leo Baker. Using Reaper for audio production. Features in the June product updates...Johnathan Mosen00:47:58
Jun 2 2020A preview of a new Braille & Text Viewer, plus†a JAWS feature to prevent chopping off the beginning of words...Johnathan Mosen00:53:29
May 13, 2020Ed Summers, director of† accessibility at SAS, demos the SAS Graphics accelerator and discusses accessible SAS tools for statsJohnathan Mosen00:30:36
Mar 31, 2020FSCast 182, NFB president Mark Riccobono, and ACB president Dan Spoone on coping with the COVID-19 crisis.Johnathan Mosen00:52:56
Mar 9, 2020Freedom Scientific sessions at the CSUN technology conference, a power tip, and a discussion about the latest generation of ElBraille.Johnathan Mosen00:24:17
Mar 2, 2020Tips on listening to FSCast on your smart speaker, using TurboTax with JAWS, and your calls on a variety of topics...Johnathan Mosen00:57:27
Jan 21, 2020CSUN technology conference due in March, product updates due in February, and all about the new Chromium-based Microsoft EdgeJohnathan Mosen00:31:15
Dec 11, 2019A visit with Brian Hartgen, creator of J-Say, Leasey and other JAWS scripts.Johnathan Mosen00:41:08
Nov 25, 2019Chromium based Microsoft Edge. Making non-visual products more sighted friendly. JAWS Skim Reading. Office 2010 vs. 365.Johnathan Mosen00:50:14
Oct 25, 2019The 2020 versions of JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion release at the end of October, a JAWS Power Tip, and things you might not know...Johnathan Mosen00:29:48
Sep 25, 2019Details on using the new JAWS Scan cursor, part of the JAWS 2020 public beta. A reminder about bringing your SMA up to date.Johnathan Mosen00:46:20
Sep 16, 2019Eric Damery previews the first JAWS 2020 public beta, & retired Superior Court Judge David Szumowski previews his autobiography REACH FOR MORE.Johnathan Mosen00:39:41
Aug 5, 2019Software updates Release August 6, John Gassman wins Disney's highest award, and a book on formatting Word documents with a screen reader.Johnathan Mosen00:35:58
Jul 2, 2019We report progress on some suggestions made in previous FSOpenLines and take your calls on a variety of issues...Johnathan Mosen00:50:21
Jun 25, 2019Product discounts at the U.S. summer shows, a JAWS byte, and news of the Freedom Scientific APH partnership.Johnathan Mosen00:33:23
May 14, 2019Product Specials for at the July National Conventions for NFB and ACB. What's new in Software Updates. News About American Blind GolfJohnathan Mosen00:44:12
Apr 9, 2019Jonathan Mosen's work with AIRA. Terry Bray talks of being a JAWS beta tester. Larry Lewis on how JAWS Inspect visualizes screen reading.Johnathan Mosen00:40:37
Apr 1, 2019News about our free training webinars and other learning resources, a preview of improvements to student licenses, what's coming...Johnathan Mosen00:48:35
Mar 8, 2019Podcast transcripts, CSUN technology conference history, and previews of features coming in the March updates of JAWS, ZoomText, and FusionJohnathan Mosen00:33:52
Feb 5, 2019Streamlined installation of Vocalizer Expressive voices, new spelling error sounds in Word and Outlook, and our CSUN scheduleJohnathan Mosen00:31:41
Jan 16, 2019A JAWS Byte, stories from director of Beyond Vision Loss Elly Du Pre, and the tenacity of Desert Storm veteran George Tice.Johnathan Mosen00:44:04
Dec 17, 2018News about December updates, last chance to renew SMAs at 2018 prices, Microsoft's revamp of the Edge web browser...Johnathan Mosen01:00:05
Dec 6, 2018New Hosts John and Larry Gassman Introduce themselves. Eric Damery discusses December Updates. A chat with Curtis Chong.Johnathan Mosen00:48:01
Nov 8, 2018Hal Knight with stories from his broadcast radio career, and Rob Santello talks ham radio accessibility.Johnathan Mosen00:37:58
Oct 29, 2018The October edition of FSOpenLine, Freedom Scientificís global call-in show, keeps you informed of new developments and answers questions...Johnathan Mosen00:38:12
Oct 3, 2018What's new in JAWS 2019 beta 2, a demonstration of our new Home Annual licensing portal, and Jonathan Mosen says goodbye.Johnathan Mosen00:49:25
Sep 28, 2018The September edition of FSOpenLine, Freedom Scientific's global call-in show, keeps you informed of new developments...Johnathan Mosen00:45:34
Sep 16, 2018Eric Damery unveils JAWS 2019, Stuart Lawler talks Sight and Sounds expansion to Ireland...Johnathan Mosen00:45:13
Aug 31, 2018A recording of the first FSOpenLine session. Topics: Our move, New JAWS features, Webinar software accessibility...Johnathan Mosen00:51:49
Aug 23, 2018Announcing FSOpenLine, JAWS support for Skype 8, scholarship winner Kenia Flores, and Cricket BidlemanJohnathan Mosen00:55:31
Jul 21, 2018New software releases, listener comments, and an extended interview with Isaac Lidsky...Johnathan Mosen00:51:12
Jun 20, 2018Convention info & specials, Sight Village Central & specials, Focus Blue scratchpad & book reader...Johnathan Mosen00:58:04
May 17, 2018US national conventions, May software updates, listener feedback, Mark Nelson from Digital Apex, Douglas Gerry.Johnathan Mosen00:53:07
Apr 18, 2018Spring Creators Update & April update of JAWS. Miguel Abdo discusses changes in licensing & how we publish FSCastJohnathan Mosen00:57:46

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