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FSCast is Freedom Scientific's monthly podcast. Hosted by Jonathan Mosen, Vice President of Blindness Hardware Product Management, FSCast features news, interviews, and product demonstrations relating to Freedom Scientific products. FSCast is a great way to make the most of the products you have as well as learning about what's new and what's around the corner.

Current Freedom Scientific Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Dec 22 2020Our first Student Of The Month, Taylor Cox, and Mohammed Laachir - how he went from being an FSOpenLine caller to a JAWS developerJohnathan Mosen00:42:28
Dec 4 2020On the archive of FSOpenLine from November 2020, Your questions about a variety of issues with JAWS.Johnathan Mosen00:46:19
Nov 25 2020Christy Householter talks of Computers for the Blind and where to get a refurbished computer. Then we visit with scripting ninja Doug LeeJohnathan Mosen00:50:20
Oct 28 2020Rachael Bradley Montgomery talks about accessible escape rooms, and Ed Potter tells the story of Playback Magazine.Johnathan Mosen00:45:10
Sep 23 2020A demonstration of new features in JAWS and Fusion 2021, and David Kingsbury's new book WHEN ONE WEB BROWSER IS NOT ENOUGHJohnathan Mosen00:42:31
Sep 8 2020News of features coming in the first public beta of JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion 2021. Plus, your questions on a variety of topicsJohnathan Mosen00:51:23
Aug 26 2020Dan Clark, the long time voice of JAWS training, and Laura Wolk, the first blind woman to clerk for a Supreme Court JusticeJohnathan Mosen00:49:41
Jul 22 2020Blindness consultant Joe Strechay, a new Freedom Scientific Training podcast, and a demo of the JAWS feature to prevent speech cut offJohnathan Mosen00:35:36
Jun 23 2020A profile of musician and JAWS scripter Dave Leo Baker. Using Reaper for audio production. Features in the June product updates...Johnathan Mosen00:47:58
Jun 2 2020A preview of a new Braille & Text Viewer, plus a JAWS feature to prevent chopping off the beginning of words...Johnathan Mosen00:53:29
May 13, 2020Ed Summers, director of  accessibility at SAS, demos the SAS Graphics accelerator and discusses accessible SAS tools for statsJohnathan Mosen00:30:36
Mar 31, 2020FSCast 182, NFB president Mark Riccobono, and ACB president Dan Spoone on coping with the COVID-19 crisis.Johnathan Mosen00:52:56
Mar 9, 2020Freedom Scientific sessions at the CSUN technology conference, a power tip, and a discussion about the latest generation of ElBraille.Johnathan Mosen00:24:17
Mar 2, 2020Tips on listening to FSCast on your smart speaker, using TurboTax with JAWS, and your calls on a variety of topics...Johnathan Mosen00:57:27
Jan 21, 2020CSUN technology conference due in March, product updates due in February, and all about the new Chromium-based Microsoft EdgeJohnathan Mosen00:31:15
Dec 11, 2019A visit with Brian Hartgen, creator of J-Say, Leasey and other JAWS scripts.Johnathan Mosen00:41:08
Nov 25, 2019Chromium based Microsoft Edge. Making non-visual products more sighted friendly. JAWS Skim Reading. Office 2010 vs. 365.Johnathan Mosen00:50:14
Oct 25, 2019The 2020 versions of JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion release at the end of October, a JAWS Power Tip, and things you might not know...Johnathan Mosen00:29:48
Sep 25, 2019Details on using the new JAWS Scan cursor, part of the JAWS 2020 public beta. A reminder about bringing your SMA up to date.Johnathan Mosen00:46:20
Sep 16, 2019Eric Damery previews the first JAWS 2020 public beta, & retired Superior Court Judge David Szumowski previews his autobiography REACH FOR MORE.Johnathan Mosen00:39:41
Aug 5, 2019Software updates Release August 6, John Gassman wins Disney's highest award, and a book on formatting Word documents with a screen reader.Johnathan Mosen00:35:58
Jul 2, 2019We report progress on some suggestions made in previous FSOpenLines and take your calls on a variety of issues...Johnathan Mosen00:50:21
Jun 25, 2019Product discounts at the U.S. summer shows, a JAWS byte, and news of the Freedom Scientific APH partnership.Johnathan Mosen00:33:23
May 14, 2019Product Specials for at the July National Conventions for NFB and ACB. What's new in Software Updates. News About American Blind GolfJohnathan Mosen00:44:12
Apr 9, 2019Jonathan Mosen's work with AIRA. Terry Bray talks of being a JAWS beta tester. Larry Lewis on how JAWS Inspect visualizes screen reading.Johnathan Mosen00:40:37
Apr 1, 2019News about our free training webinars and other learning resources, a preview of improvements to student licenses, what's coming...Johnathan Mosen00:48:35
Mar 8, 2019Podcast transcripts, CSUN technology conference history, and previews of features coming in the March updates of JAWS, ZoomText, and FusionJohnathan Mosen00:33:52
Feb 5, 2019Streamlined installation of Vocalizer Expressive voices, new spelling error sounds in Word and Outlook, and our CSUN scheduleJohnathan Mosen00:31:41
Jan 16, 2019A JAWS Byte, stories from director of Beyond Vision Loss Elly Du Pre, and the tenacity of Desert Storm veteran George Tice.Johnathan Mosen00:44:04
Dec 17, 2018News about December updates, last chance to renew SMAs at 2018 prices, Microsoft's revamp of the Edge web browser...Johnathan Mosen01:00:05
Dec 6, 2018New Hosts John and Larry Gassman Introduce themselves. Eric Damery discusses December Updates. A chat with Curtis Chong.Johnathan Mosen00:48:01
Nov 8, 2018Hal Knight with stories from his broadcast radio career, and Rob Santello talks ham radio accessibility.Johnathan Mosen00:37:58
Oct 29, 2018The October edition of FSOpenLine, Freedom Scientific’s global call-in show, keeps you informed of new developments and answers questions...Johnathan Mosen00:38:12
Oct 3, 2018What's new in JAWS 2019 beta 2, a demonstration of our new Home Annual licensing portal, and Jonathan Mosen says goodbye.Johnathan Mosen00:49:25
Sep 28, 2018The September edition of FSOpenLine, Freedom Scientific's global call-in show, keeps you informed of new developments...Johnathan Mosen00:45:34
Sep 16, 2018Eric Damery unveils JAWS 2019, Stuart Lawler talks Sight and Sounds expansion to Ireland...Johnathan Mosen00:45:13
Aug 31, 2018A recording of the first FSOpenLine session. Topics: Our move, New JAWS features, Webinar software accessibility...Johnathan Mosen00:51:49
Aug 23, 2018Announcing FSOpenLine, JAWS support for Skype 8, scholarship winner Kenia Flores, and Cricket BidlemanJohnathan Mosen00:55:31
Jul 21, 2018New software releases, listener comments, and an extended interview with Isaac Lidsky...Johnathan Mosen00:51:12
Jun 20, 2018Convention info & specials, Sight Village Central & specials, Focus Blue scratchpad & book reader...Johnathan Mosen00:58:04
May 17, 2018US national conventions, May software updates, listener feedback, Mark Nelson from Digital Apex, Douglas Gerry.Johnathan Mosen00:53:07
Apr 18, 2018Spring Creators Update & April update of JAWS. Miguel Abdo discusses changes in licensing & how we publish FSCastJohnathan Mosen00:57:46
Mar 12, 2018New features and fixes in the March JAWS update. Jack Mendez from the Louisiana Center for the Blind...Johnathan Mosen00:54:58
Feb 16, 2018Eric Damery talks about the JAWS February 2018 update, ZoomText 2018 and Fusion 2018.Johnathan Mosen00:20:55
Feb 12, 2018CSUN 2018 sessions, hours and prizes. Group Training offerings. Making Firefox compatible with JAWS...Johnathan Mosen00:34:49
Jan 5, 2018Speech and Sound Scheme in JAWS, Jeanne Hink and Carli Metze from Keystone Blind Association on employment optionsJohnathan Mosen00:00:00
Dec 6, 2017Renew Software Maintenance Agreement online. New JAWS, ZoomText & MAGic releases. New features in JAWS 2018...Johnathan Mosen00:48:27
Nov 17, 2017Special PEARL pricing, Rachel Flowers produced her latest album with JAWS, justice themed interviews.Johnathan Mosen00:57:10
Oct 17, 2017Microsoft to release Windows 10 Fall Creators Update this week. Glen Gordon, discusses access to Microsoft Edge...Johnathan Mosen00:34:36
Oct 5, 2017Eric Damery brings us Software News, Michael Arbitman - a ZoomText user who hunts software vulnerabilities.Johnathan Mosen00:48:40
Aug 29, 2017Eric Damery and Jonathan Mosen describe and demonstrate what's new in JAWS 2018. Learn and participate in our public beta.Johnathan Mosen00:50:35
Aug 18, 2017Winners of SMA upgrade competition, new generation Focus 40 Blue refreshable Braille display, support for Microsoft Edge...Johnathan Mosen01:05:19
Jun 15, 2017Win one of 3 free upgrades, specials available at summer shows, and a complete demonstration of ElBraille 14.Johnathan Mosen00:59:03
May 24, 2017New visual tracking feature for JAWS and ZoomText Fusion is unveiled.Johnathan Mosen00:42:48
Apr 27, 2017JAWS 18 and Microsoft Edge working together, Office 365, Windows Insider Program, JAWS Byte demonstrating Touch Cursor.Johnathan Mosen01:02:41
Mar 16, 2017Essential updates to JAWS, MAGic and ZoomText required for Windows 10 Creators update, JAWS Byte on key labels...Johnathan Mosen00:58:28
Feb 21, 20172017 CSUN, Glen Gordon on Microsoft Edge support in VFO Products. Ron Miller on next-generation ElBraille, JAWS powered notetakerJohnathan Mosen00:41:19
Jan 27, 2017Bill McCann of Dancing Dots helps make music on PCs. He's at Summer Music Academy sessions at Enchanted Hills Camp near Napa...Johnathan Mosen00:56:41
Dec 7, 201610 years of - Andrew Zeman gets his wish from Make a Wish Foundation, Ryan Jones talks about his 10,000 light Christmas displayJohnathan Mosen01:16:59
Nov 22, 2016Jonathan Mosen shows how to export & backup settings in JAWS 18. Entrepreneurs running their businesses with the help of JAWS.Johnathan Mosen00:48:38
Oct 24, 2016With the imminent release of version 18 of JAWS, we hear a demonstration of new Vocalizer Expressive voices from Nuance...Johnathan Mosen01:01:01
Sep 30, 2016Eric Damery and Jonathan Mosen continue their look at what's new in version 18 of our JAWS screen reading software.Johnathan Mosen00:38:58
6 Sep, 2016Just ahead of the release of the first public beta, Eric Damery discusses some new features in our JAWS 18 screen reader.Johnathan Mosen00:35:56
19 Aug, 2016Jonathan Mosen speaks with Tom Tiernan, the new CEO of VFO. We learn about his experience as a leader in tech companies...Johnathan Mosen00:22:53
26 Jul, 2016Microsoft Mail and Office Accessibility Improvements. Jonathan then demonstrates JAWS with Microsoft Mail.Johnathan Mosen00:56:39
Jun 24, 2016If you're attending NFB, ACB or Sight Village, learn about some incredible pricing on VFO products for conference registrantsJohnathan Mosen00:24:30
Jun 15, 2016Jonathan Mosen speaks with David Wu, former CEO of Ai Squared and current VFO Vice President of Software Business.Johnathan Mosen00:16:49
Jun 2016US summer convention offers, Maarten Bosch - of VFO Group, Brian Hargen on J-Say, J-Dictate and more.Johnathan Mosen00:56:05
May 2016Larry Skutchan from APH on his career in assistive technology. Dennis Godin from our Technical Support department.Johnathan Mosen00:53:04
Apr 2016Using JAWS Tandem to provide technical support, Seeing Eye's 8th online auction and "The blind history lady".Johnathan Mosen00:58:20
Mar 2016New Student editions of JAWS and MAGic; ElBraille Windows 10 based notetaker; JAWS bytes; Windows 10 virtual desktops.Johnathan Mosen00:48:41
Mar 2016alerts by Jonathan Mosen. A preview of the CSUN conference. An update of our OpenBook scanning & recognition softwareJohnathan Mosen00:35:57
Feb 2016A preview of an upcoming feature of JAWS 17 that makes it easier to keep up-to-date with FSCast. A look ahead at the March CSUN ConferenceJohnathan Mosen00:26:05
Feb 2016Ryan Jones on his fascinating hobby - a synchronised Christmas light show he operated with the help of JAWS.Johnathan Mosen00:35:41
Jan 2016Jonathan Mosen speaks with Jim Ellsworth, a familiar voice to many who have called our Technical Support over the years...Johnathan Mosen00:54:50
Dec 2015Blind Joe, played by Brian Hartgen, one of the stars of this season's "The Voice", discusses the latest version of Leasey.Johnathan Mosen01:03:53
Nov 2015Jonathan Mosen speaks with Freedom Scientific CEO, John Blake, about the merger of FreedomScientific and Optelec.Johnathan Mosen00:18:01
Nov 2015George Calvert recently became blind. Our Travel Log section takes you to Seattle and Finland. JAWS Byte demonstrating how to set up voice profilesJohnathan Mosen00:48:04
Oct 2015JAWS 17 Smart Navigation. Craig Moore on his work at NASA. Ashleigh Piccinino on changing the JAWS forms mode sound.Johnathan Mosen00:45:07
Sep, 2015Eric Damery and Jonathan Mosen bring you the second of two podcasts on new features in version 17 of our JAWS screen reading softwareJohnathan Mosen00:25:36
Sep, 201Eric Damery and Jonathan Mosen bring you the first of two podcasts on new features in version 17 of our JAWS screen reading softwareJohnathan Mosen00:48:38
Aug 2015Matt Ater explains how Freedom Scientific and IBM make the world a more accessible place. Jonathan speaks with Maribel Steel.Johnathan Mosen00:35:15
Jul 2015Jonathan recaps all the news from the summer conventions in Orlando and Dallas.Johnathan Mosen00:08:40
Jul 2015A preview of our offerings at the NFB and ACB national conventions.Johnathan Mosen00:23:53
Jul 2015Summer convention specials, Hartgen Consultancy specials, Windows 10 & why it's vital to be JAWS-readyJohnathan Mosen00:58:22
Jun 2015Special pricing at NFB convention. Mark Riccobono, President of NFB. A Canadian JAWS user.Johnathan Mosen01:01:20
May 2015Listener Comments. Keyboard Support for Facebook with JAWS v16. J-Dictate Demo. Leasey software introJohnathan Mosen01:08:49
Apr 2015The latest news, listener comments, JAWS for Windows anniversary video, interview with Joe StephenJohnathan Mosen00:52:04
Mar 2015Jonathan Mosen's interview with Ted Henter, who founded Henter-Joyce and created the JAWS screen reading software. Part 2Johnathan Mosen00:57:54
Mar 2015Jonathan Mosen's interview with Ted Henter, who founded Henter-Joyce and created the JAWS® screen reading software. Part 1Johnathan Mosen00:46:07
Feb 2015CSUN Summary, JAWS for Windows 20th anniversary. Nas Campanella. Larry and John Gasman, JAWS beta testers.Johnathan Mosen00:57:59
Jan 2015JAWS 20th anniversary video, the ATIA and CSUN conferences, our Technical Support and the Microsoft Accessibility Answer DeskJohnathan Mosen01:01:15
Dec 201420th anniversary of JAWS for Windows, Braille selection feature, Windows tablets running JAWS 16 and iTunes 12 with JAWSJohnathan Mosen01:00:15
Nov 2014In this our 100th episode, host Jonathan Mosen offers a few reflections on over the years.Johnathan Mosen01:10:11
Oct 2014We demonstrate the new Math ML features in JAWS 16, and a forthcoming webinar where you can learn more.Johnathan Mosen00:31:01
Sep 2014The new JAWS timed license. Also some of the new tablet computers on which people now run JAWSJohnathan Mosen00:19:14
Sep 2014Jonathan Mosen and Eric Damery discuss more new features in JAWS 16 screen reading software, due for beta release.Johnathan Mosen00:24:40
Sep 2014More on JAWS 16. Read image-based PDF files that were previously inaccessible.Johnathan Mosen00:14:53
Sep 2014More on JAWS 16. JAWS command search, an easy way to find the JAWS feature you want.Johnathan Mosen00:16:52
Aug 2014Introducing our JAWS 16 screen reading software. Today we talk about the beta process, and editions...Johnathan Mosen00:15:25
Aug 2014Dan Clark and Dusty Voorhees discuss new features in V 13 of our MAGic screen magnification software...Johnathan Mosen00:54:37
Jul 2014We have a new website. Ryan Jones discusses its new features. New version of Typeability. Plus JAWS Byte.Johnathan Mosen00:56:08
Jun 2014A summary of what attendees have to look forward to at the national conventions of NFB and ACB.Johnathan Mosen01:01:05
May 2014Ron Miller on Power 123, a new feature in our Focus Blue refreshable Braille displays.Johnathan Mosen01:01:58
Apr 2014Brian Hartgen on j-Say v 12, providing JAWS users comprehensive access to Dragon Naturally SpeakingJohnathan Mosen01:01:47
Mar 2014Jonathan talks with Christopher Toth, a blind developer who has written apps that work well with JAWSJohnathan Mosen00:52:20
Feb 2014The CSUN conference is fast approaching. Learn about our exhibits, giveaways and educational seminarsJohnathan Mosen00:53:30
Jan 2014Dan Clark and Jonathan Mosen talk about making the most of the DAISY books and webinars availableJohnathan Mosen00:57:56
Dec 2013Jonathan Mosen speaks with Bryan Carver; how to make the most of your interactions with tech supportJohnathan Mosen00:46:36
Nov 2013We discuss the future of and Freedom Scientific's imminent arrival on social media.Johnathan Mosen00:57:56
Oct 2013Michelle McQuigge, a blind journalist in Canada tells how she uses JAWS in her jobJohnathan Mosen00:41:08
Sep 2013John Blake, Freedom Scientific's new President and CEO, talks about his background and our futureJohnathan Mosen00:38:22
Aug 2013Eric Damery joins Jonathan Mosen to unveil all the new features in our JAWS screen reading softwareJohnathan Mosen01:10:17
Jul 2013Jonathan Mosen speaks with Jim Bond, an Australian with Dyslexia whose life was changed by our WYNN literacy softwareJohnathan Mosen00:37:08
Jun 2013Jonathan Mosen talks with Luis Pena, a blind clinical psychologist in Colombia. John Martin demonstrates OneNote BlindJohnathan Mosen00:56:35
May 2013Karen McCall discusses Microsoft Office 2013; its new features, accessibility changes, and helping you decide whether to upgradeJohnathan Mosen00:55:45
Apr 2013Jonathan and Debee Armstrong reveal tips and tricks that will improve efficiency and productivity with JAWS screen reading softwareJohnathan Mosen00:48:38
Mar 2013Ron Miller discusses Freedom Scientific's new Focus 80 Blue refreshable Braille display, including how to choose the right model for youJohnathan Mosen00:49:46
Feb 2013New features in J-Say, a tool for using JAWS with Dragon Naturally Speaking professional. JAWS scripts for music services, including Spotify, Rhapsody and iTunes.Johnathan Mosen01:06:17
Jan 2013Part 2 of our demonstration of iTunes 11 with Freedom Scientific's JAWS screen reading software.Johnathan Mosen00:52:20
Dec 2012iTunes is used to buy, play, and organize digital media, and manage Apple mobile devices. This is part one of an updated two-part series on using iTunes 11 with JAWS 14.Johnathan Mosen01:02:10
Nov 2012Jonathan Mosen talks to Dr. Amy Bower, physical oceanographer at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, about her field of study and how she's helped by our JAWS and MAGic softwareJohnathan Mosen00:35:29
Oct 2012Jonathan Mosen speaks with JAWS user Cheryl Echevarria. She became blind as an adult. Aided by assistive technology, she runs her own travel agency.Johnathan Mosen00:30:40
Sep 2012Eric Damery introduces, and Jonathan Mosen demonstrates, the new Flexible Web feature coming in beta 2 of our JAWS 14 screen reading software.Johnathan Mosen01:01:48
Aug 2012Eric Damery joins us to talk about new features in our JAWS 14 screen reading software.Johnathan Mosen00:46:13
Jul 2012Jonathan Mosen speaks with Sue Martin. Blinded as the result of a suicide attempt, she put her life together and became a successful professional.Johnathan Mosen00:47:45
Jun 2012Discussion of JAWS Version 14 and Microsoft Windows 8 and the MAGic screen magnification software, Version 12.Johnathan Mosen00:50:18
May 2012We discuss the new Focus 40 Blue and Focus 14 Blue refreshable Braille displays. Earlene Hughes shows how to develop a functional, attractive Web site using JAWS.Johnathan Mosen00:56:34
Apr 2012Jonathan Mosen speaks with Gretchen Preston, an author who writes children's books with the assistance of our JAWS screen reading software.Johnathan Mosen00:40:46
Mar 2012This month, we focus on Freedom Scientific in the community. Jonathan Mosen speaks with Jim Kutsch, President of The Seeing Eye, and Mark Arnold from the American Blind Golf Association.Johnathan Mosen00:50:25
Feb 2012We summarize Freedom Scientifc-related activities at the CSUN Conference. Brad Davis on the new TOPAZ XL HD High Definition video magnifiers. Travis Smith on a board game he wrote for the PAC Mate Pocket PC.Johnathan Mosen00:45:32
Jan 2012Bryan Smart of Dancing Dots demonstrates using Freedom Scientific's JAWS with Sonar, a music production software suite, with the aid of the Cake Talking scripts.Johnathan Mosen01:33:10
Dec 2011Jonathan Mosen speaks with Bill McCann, president and founder of Dancing Dots, a company that has changed the way blind people make music - with the help of a range of software tools and Freedom Scientific products.Johnathan Mosen00:55:05
Nov 2011Freedom Scientific's Focus 40 Blue refreshable Braille display with Apple's iOS5 operating system. We meet Timothy Rigby, who became blind and with the help of JAWS, built a business.Johnathan Mosen00:42:23
Oct 2011Jonathan Mosen speaks with John Martin, who became blind just three years ago, yet he has mastered the JAWS scripting language to the extent that he has written powerful scripts for iTunes and Rhapsody.Johnathan Mosen00:56:13
Sep 2011Eric Damery introduces us to the new features in our JAWS 13 screen reading software.Johnathan Mosen00:50:12
Aug 2011Jonathan Mosen continues his demonstration of the PLEXTALK Pocket portable DAISY player, focusing on its powerful recording capabilities. Learn how to create your own DAISY content, then build a DAISY book using the PRS Pro software for Windows.Johnathan Mosen00:54:46
Jul 2011This month, Jonathan Mosen demonstrates the PLEXTALK Pocket, describing many of its powerful playback, recording, and WiFi featuresJohnathan Mosen01:14:25
Jun 2011We summarize our presence at the national conventions of the National Federation of the Blind and the American Council of the Blind and speak with Judy Redlich, totally blind host of the Internet talk show, "Embrace your Vision."Johnathan Mosen00:47:10
May 2011This month, we hear Jonathan Mosen's presentation from the CSUN 2011 conference on the Focus 40 Blue Braille display.Johnathan Mosen00:37:42
Apr 2011Eric Damery tells us about the Update 1 release of our JAWS 12 screen reading software and the JAWS Certification Program. Glen Gordon, demonstrates using JAWS 12 with Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2010. Show Host: Jonathan MosenJohnathan Mosen01:05:24
Mar 2011This month, we take you to the 2011 CSUN Conference, where Dan Clark from our Training Department delivers a presentation on Freedom Scientific's webinars, a great way to learn online. Show Host: Jonathan MosenJohnathan Mosen00:52:47
Feb 2011We begin with a summary of Freedom Scientific-related events at the 2011 CSUN conference. Dusty Voorhees tells of the new MAGic Large Print Keyboard. Brian Hartgen from T and T Consultancy describes the new features in JTools 4.0. Show Host: Jonathan MosenJohnathan Mosen00:50:30
Jan 2011This month, we bring you part two of our two-part demonstration of using Apple's iTunes® with our JAWS® 12 screen reading software. Show Host: Jonathan MosenJohnathan Mosen00:50:23
Dec 2010This month, we bring you part one of our two-part demonstration of using Apple's iTunes with our JAWS 12 screen reading software.Johnathan Mosen01:04:16
Nov 2010Jonathan speaks with Dusty Voorhees about Freedom Scientific's SaraCE, the new camera edition of our scanning and reading appliance. Dominic Burdick, Director of Localization, talks about the process of localization.Johnathan Mosen00:39:28
Oct 2010Jonathan speaks with Joe Monks, a totally blind film director. We learn about how he does what he does, and how our JAWS screen reading software helps him on the job.Johnathan Mosen00:22:25
Sep 2010Jonathan Mosen reviews the new features in PAC Mate 6.5, the software for our PAC Mate Omni Accessible Pocket PC. If you have a device running Apple's iOS4, such as the iPhone or iPod Touch, Freedom Scientific's Focus 40 Blue is the perfect companion. Jonathan demonstrates pairing Focus 40 Blue with iPhone 4, then navigating and entering text from the Braille keyboard.Johnathan Mosen00:54:07
Aug 2010This month, Jonathan Mosen and Eric Damery unveil many of the new features in our JAWS 12 screen reading software, which will be available for download in public beta shortly. Show Host: Jonathan Mosen.Johnathan Mosen01:00:09
Jul 2010Jonathan speaks with Tim Cordes, M.D., one of only two qualified medical doctors in the United States who are blind. Tim tells us his story, overcoming the scepticism of those who say a blind person can't be a doctor, and about the technology he uses to get the job done.Johnathan Mosen00:34:49
Jun 2010This month, learn how planned events can introduce you to technology that can improve your quality of life. If you've been looking for an accessible accounting package for your home or business, Accomplish CashManager, accessible through JAWS, may be worth a look.Johnathan Mosen00:55:01
May 2010This month, Dusty Voorhees discusses the dual monitor support coming to the MAGic® screen magnification software. He also demonstrates Dropbox, a tool for synchronisation, backup, and collaborating with others. Mark Arnold from American Blind Golf discusses this year's Ohio Blind Golf tournament.Johnathan Mosen00:47:00
Apr 2010Jonathan Mosen speaks with Dusty Voorhees about the upcoming release of OpenBook™ scanning and reading software 9.0. He'll also discuss the revolutionary new PEARL™ portable reading solution, Braille displays, and how Focus 40 Blue™ can be used with a range of devices.Johnathan Mosen01:01:00
Mar 2010Eric Damery discusses the forthcoming update to our JAWS screen reading software. Tom Wlodkowski joins us from America Online to tell us how well JAWS works with new social networking features, in the AIM 7.2 Instant Messaging client.Johnathan Mosen00:48:50
Feb 2010Jonathan speaks with Brian Hartgen of T and T Consultancy about updates to two of their products for JAWS. J-Tunes now includes enhanced support for the Twinbox Twitter client, dictation support with Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred, and much more.Johnathan Mosen00:53:10
Jan 2010Jonathan speaks with Karen Petrou, C.E.O. of Federal Financial Analytics in Washington D.C. about her use of F.S. technology to get the job done. Next, he interviews Vicky Cardona and Rusty Kelly of our Test Department about their role in the release of new hardware and software.Johnathan Mosen00:58:33
Dec 2009Glen Gordon speaks with Jonathan Mosen about growing up in New Zealand and his career before coming to Freedom Scientific.Johnathan Mosen01:00:52
Nov 2009We demonstrate some of the new functionality in the latest JAWS 11 screen reader. We then turn our attention to the 10th annual Braille Challenge, which Freedom Scientific is proud to sponsor. We speak with Nancy Niebrugge, Assistant VP of Braille's Programs and Services and 10-year-old participant, Cricket Bidleman, who won a PAC Mate accessible pocket PC.Johnathan Mosen00:39:45
Oct 2009Oct marks the release of Freedom Scientific's JAWS 11 screen reading software and Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 7. JAWS 11 offers a number of feature enhancements to improve accessibility with this new operating system, and Microsoft itself has made many changes. We are joined by J. R. Westmoreland, an experienced technology user.Johnathan Mosen00:48:11
Sep 2009This month, we continue to profile the new features in Freedom Scientific's JAWS® 11 screen reading software.Johnathan Mosen01:02:27
Aug 2009This month, Jonathan is joined by Eric Damery, our Vice President of Software Product Management, to unveil what's new in our JAWS® 11 screen reading software. JAWS 11 will be in public beta starting the week of Aug 31.Johnathan Mosen01:00:21
Jul 2009This month's introduces three new products from Freedom Scientific. Charlie Madsen joins us to describe our RUBY handheld video magnifier. Ron Miller introduces Focus 40 Blue, our portable 40-cell braille display with Bluetooth technology. And Ron also demonstrates StreetTalk VIP, our powerful GPS solution for PAC Mate Omni.Johnathan Mosen00:45:41
Jun 2009This month, we invite you to visit Freedom Scientific at the conventions of the American Council of the Blind, the National Federation of the Blind, and Sight Village in the UK. Jonathan Mosen then speaks with award winning science fiction author Robert J Sawyer. The first of his WWW Trilogy was released in Apr. Its main character is a JAWS® user who spends plenty of time on the Web. Rob talks about the trilogy, its characters, and some important philosophical questions raised in the books.Johnathan Mosen00:57:13
May 2009This month's discusses the use of the social networking site Twitter in conjunction with JAWS screen reading software and PAC Mate Omni accessible Pocket PC. Jonathan Mosen speaks with authorities on the use Twitter with Freedom Scientific products. They discuss what Twitter is, how to sign up, and some third party applications and services they use to make the most of it.Johnathan Mosen01:04:19
Apr 2009This month, Jonathan speaks with Dusty Vorhees about new features in Freedom Scientific's MAGic screen magnification software version 11 and new features of our OpenBook scanning and reading software. Brian Hartgen tells us about T & T Consultancy's new version of Say MAGic, a powerful interface between MAGic and Dragon Naturally speaking. Version 4 of Skype has a completely new user interface. Doug Lee has written popular Skype scripts for use with Freedom Scientific's JAWS. He reveals the pros and cons of the new Skype version.Johnathan Mosen01:08:19
Mar 2009This month we begin with a summary of Freedom Scientific-related activities at the 24th Annual CSUN International Technology Conference. We then speak with Tom Wlodkowski, Director of Accessibility at AOL™, who talks about his role at AOL and invites feedback on the accessibility of AOL software and services. Tom also describes the DHTML Style Guide and shows how it helps make Web 2.0 applications keyboard friendly by demonstrating an accessible version of AOL Mail.Johnathan Mosen01:05:51
Feb 2009In this month's FSCast, learn about new Freedom Scientific Training workshops to assist you in using JAWS® screen reading software, MAGic® screen magnification software, and other Freedom Scientific products and get information on new interactive Webinars for online training from your home or office. We also speak to Henry Oliu, a blind Tampa Bay Rays baseball color commentator and Freedom Scientific access technology user.Johnathan Mosen01:12:55
Jan 2009This month's focuses on Web 2.0. Thanks to Freedom Scientific's JAWS® for Windows® and an emerging technology known as ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Application), Web sites using the latest technologies are becoming more accessible. Freedom Scientific's Chief Technical Officer Glen Gordon explains ARIA and its benefits. Jonathan Mosen then demonstrates some applications with ARIA enabled for improved accessibility.Johnathan Mosen01:03:55
Dec 2008On this month's FSCast, a beta version of our JAWS® for Windows® screen reading software is announced for the 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows Vista®. Guest: Eric Damery, Vice President of Software Product Management. International Product Specialist Oleg Shevkun talks about growing up in the Soviet Union and the remarkable story that led him to Freedom Scientific.Johnathan Mosen01:11:40
Nov 2008This month's looks at Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for the blind with VoIP specialist Patrick Perdue. Patrick, who uses Freedom Scientific technology, discusses the advantages of using the Internet, rather than a telephone services carrier. You'll also learn about easy control of VoIP services with a Web browser and JAWS® for Windows® screen reading software, and you can sit in as we make actual calls using JAWS and the PAC Mate Omni™ Accessible Pocket PC for the blind.Johnathan Mosen00:56:06
Oct 2008This month's with Jonathan Mosen features the new SAPPHIRE™ portable video magnifier for low vision -less than 2 lbs., flexible, and foldable for magnification of flat documents and 3D objects - as well as for writing. Guest: Brad Davis, Freedom Scientific Vice President of Hardware Management. J-Tools - a set of JAWS® screen reading software scripts that add productivity and efficiency features for the blind. Guests: Brian Hartgen and Sue MartinJohnathan Mosen01:13:60
Sep 2008This month, Eric Damery returns to talk about the next public beta of JAWS® 10. Not only have we made changes in response to your feedback, but there are exciting new features to show you. We'll demonstrate the powerful out-of-the-box access JAWS users can now enjoy with iTunes® 8. Plus, we unveil a significant new feature that will change the way many JAWS users receive support and assistance. This is an you won't want to miss.Johnathan Mosen01:09:45
Aug 2008This month, unveils JAWS® 10, as Jonathan Mosen speaks with Eric Damery, Freedom Scientific's Vice President of Software Product Management. In advance of the first public beta, Eric will demonstrate a wide range of new features that provide unparalleled access to Windows®.Johnathan Mosen01:18:02
Jul 2008This month, Jonathan Mosen introduces PAC Mate Omni™ 6.1, a free upgrade for all PAC Mate Omni users that puts this accessible Pocket PC even further ahead of the pack. Get information about several exciting new features including: full support for contracted braille input, the new Reader Mode which provides access to PDF files, and the addition of new Navigation Quick Keys. In addition, learn about the new upgrade path that enables users to keep their data and installed applications in tact when the firmware is updated.Johnathan Mosen00:48:20
Jun 2008This month, Jonathan Mosen speaks with Olga Espinola from Freedom Scientific's scripting department. Olga has been a user, trainer, and influential force in assistive technology for a quarter of a century. She discusses her fascinating career, reminisces about the evolution of assistive technology, and offers some advice to people considering a career in technology. We also summarize Freedom Scientific-related events at this year's Sight Village exhibition in the UK.Johnathan Mosen00:58:33
May 2008In this month's FSCast, we tell you about new releases of JAWS® and MAGic®, announce the return of our Open Plan notetaker trade-in offer, and take you through the schedule of Freedom Scientific events at the forthcoming conventions of the National Federation of the Blind, and American Council of the Blind. During this episode you can also listen to a recording of "PAC Mate Omni™, Beyond the Basics", a presentation delivered at the CSUN 2008 conference by Jonathan Mosen.Johnathan Mosen01:29:36
Apr 2008This month, Jonathan Mosen speaks with several users of Freedom Scientific's MAGic® screen magnification software. We learn how MAGic is used stand-alone, in conjunction with speech and braille, in situations where scripting can help productivity, and in complex network installations. We also tell you about our free MAGic trial, allowing you to try MAGic at absolutely no cost until the end of Aug.Johnathan Mosen01:07:41
Mar 2008This month's features some presentations given in conjunction with the CSUN Conference. Eric Damery talks about JAWS® 9 and demonstrates the seamless integration between JAWS and MAGic. Dusty Voorhees discusses some of the new and unique features in MAGic 11. David Pinto of Yes Accessible introduces us to version 3.0 of Typeability, with new lessons covering JAWS keystrokes.Johnathan Mosen02:14:56
Feb 2008In this month's FSCast, we'll tell you about all the Freedom Scientific presentations you can attend at this year's CSUN conference in Los Angeles. You'll also hear about our special CSUN reception where you can meet many familiar names from Freedom Scientific and enjoy some great hospitality. Jonathan Mosen then speaks with David Pinto of Yes Accessible. With no programming background but a natural gift of being able to share knowledge, David began developing a range of JAWS for Windows® scripts. CakeTalking and Sibelius Speaking are sold in the US by Dancing Dots. Typeability, which we demonstrate later in the podcast, is available directly from Yes Accessible.Johnathan Mosen01:18:36
Jan 2008This month, we discuss how JAWS can help you to manage content on your MP3 player. Technology author Anna Dresner joins us to discuss taking your music on the go and, in particular, working with Apple® iPods® and iTunes®. We also feature a demonstration of J-Tunes from and T Consultancy, which allows JAWS users to buy music from the iTunes store, listen to iTunes Radio, manage their iPods, create playlists and more.Johnathan Mosen00:57:22
Dec 2007This month, Jonathan Mosen speaks with Brad Davis about Freedom Scientific's low vision hardware, including the TOPAZ™, ONYX™, and OPAL™. They also will demonstrate the SARA™, the Scanning and Reading Appliance, which has features of interest to both blind and low vision users. The PAC Mate Omni™ is now shipping. Ron Miller joins Jonathan to discuss how you can upgrade your existing PAC Mate to this latest technology.Johnathan Mosen01:13:37
Nov 2007This month, Jonathan Mosen demonstrates working with RSS and podcast feeds using Internet Explorer® 7 and JAWS® 9.0. Then we speak with Mark Arnold of the US Blind Golf Association. Mark tells us about how blind golf is played and discusses his experiences as a JAWS and MAGic® user.Johnathan Mosen01:00:38
Oct 2007In this edition of FSCast, Jonathan Mosen speaks with Dusty Voorhees about two exciting software updates. OpenBook™ 8.0 scanning and reading software is so much more than an optical character recognition package. Find out about the many enhancements that make OpenBook a powerful way to convert printed documents or graphic-based text into an electronic text format using accurate optical character recognition and quality speech.Johnathan Mosen01:17:55
Sep 2007In this month's FSCast, Jonathan Mosen talks with Eric Damery, as we unveil the many exciting new features in JAWS 9.0.Johnathan Mosen01:07:37
Aug 2007This month, Jonathan Mosen speaks with Glen Gordon, Freedom Scientific's Chief Technology officer. Glen tells us a little about himself, talks about writing the first versions of JAWS for Windows®, and examines some of today's technological challenges.Johnathan Mosen01:13:03
Jul 2007Jonathan Mosen demonstrates the PAC Mate™ Omni.Johnathan Mosen01:36:29
Jun 2007On this month's FSCast, Jonathan Mosen speaks with Eric Damery regarding the latest release of JAWS 8.0 and a few hints about what's coming in JAWS 9.0. Jim Snowbarger (AKA the Snowman) talks about his range of scripts available for purchase on the Snowman Web site, as well as his free Hotspot Clicker utility that makes it easy to configure difficult applications.Johnathan Mosen01:01:37
May 2007This month, we speak with Dr. Lee Hamilton, President and CEO of Freedom Scientific. Lee has been with Freedom Scientific now for five years. In this interview, we find out a little about him and answer some commonly-asked questions.Johnathan Mosen00:13:39
Apr 2007This month on FSCast, we speak with Dan Clark of our Training Department. Learn about all of the training resources we produce to help you get the most out of your Freedom Scientific products, as well as training courses you can attend. Doug Lee has written free JAWS scripts that make Skype™ more convenient to use with JAWS. With the free Skype software, computer users can talk to other Skype users. Skype also offers premium services letting you make telephone calls from your PC. Doug talks about the scripts for JAWS.Johnathan Mosen01:14:22
Mar 2007This month, we talk about the PAC Mate™ accessible Pocket PC and Focus braille displays. Ron Miller, whose voice will be familiar to users of the PAC Mate audio tutorial, joins us to talk about these products. He demonstrates the forthcoming StreetTalk™ 2.0 GPS solution, as well as our ScanTalker™ accessible barcode scanner for PAC Mate.Johnathan Mosen01:07:59
Feb 2007This month, features an interview with Dusty Voorhees, one of our product managers at Freedom Scientific. We'll talk about MAGic® screen magnification software. You'll hear what makes MAGic unique, what's new in the MAGic 10.5 release, and learn about an exciting new edition of MAGic. Dusty also has great news for OpenBook™ users, as he updates us on the OpenBook development cycle.Johnathan Mosen01:20:05
Jan 2007This month, Jonathan Mosen speaks with Glen Gordon and Eric Damery about Microsoft's new operating system, Windows Vista. We discuss what's new in Vista, demonstrate JAWS running on a Windows Vista machine, and outline how JAWS will work with Windows Vista.Johnathan Mosen01:09:00

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