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AIRSLA is pleased to link you to Fresh Air from WHYY, the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues. It's one of public radio's most popular programs. Hosted by Terry Gross, it features intimate conversations with today's biggest luminaries.

Current Fresh Air Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Actor Jonathan GroffGroff stars in the crime-thriller series MINDHUNTER, now in its second season on Netflix. He also talks about his roles for HBO.NPR00:49:23
Hannah Shaw: Kitten LadyShe rescued hundreds of kittens. Her book about fostering: TINY BUT MIGHTY. Remembering saxophonist & clarinetist Bob Wilber.NPR00:47:56
Janet Mock On POSEMock made history as the first trans woman of color to write and direct an episode of TV for her work on Ryan Murphy's FX series POSE.NPR00:48:12
Secret History Of Koch IndustriesIn his new book, KOCHLAND, journalist Christopher Leonard chronicles how the Koch brothers planned to remake the Republican Party.NPR00:48:55
Sister Helen PrejeanBest known for her 1993 memoir, DEAD MAN WALKING, about her role as a spiritual adviser to a convicted killer on death row...'NPR00:49:28
Remembering Toni MorrisonThe Nobel laureate and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of BELOVED, THE BLUEST EYE, SULA, SONG OF SOLOMON, and other novels, essays and...NPR00:49:33
Disinformation & The Murder Of Seth RichIn July 2016, DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered in D.C. Michael Isikoff tells how the murder was turned into a conspiracy theory.NPR00:49:11
Sex Discrimination In HollywoodThe documentary THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING explores how women in Hollywood push for more representation in front of and behind the camera.NPR00:48:36
Jia Tolentino On Feminism...She writes about how social media shapes identity, public discourse and political engagement, particularly for millennials like herself.NPR00:48:42
Visually Impaired ArtistsFilmmaker Rodney Evans is still making movies, despite having lost much of his vision. His new documentary, VISION PORTRAITS.NPR00:48:25
Polar Photographer Paul NicklenHe has spent decades documenting the Arctic, Antarctic and the effects of climate change. He talks about some of the dangerous situations he's been in.NPR00:48:43
Comic Wanda SykesSykes talks about coming out publicly at an LGBTQ rally, her double mastectomy, and her career before comedy; working for the NSA.NPR00:48:14
Tech Company SpyingGeoffrey Fowler tells how browsers, phone apps, & smart speakers track users, even when they're asleep.NPR00:48:26
Crime Novelist Laura LippmanLippman talks about her experience as a reporter, deciding to become a mother in her 50s, and losing her friend Rob Hiaasen...NPR00:48:13
Why We Need InsectsBiologist Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson warns that the world's insect population is on the decline which may have serious consequences...NPR00:49:18
Ranky TankyGullah band Ranky Tanky and their album GOOD TIME. Justin Chang reviews Quentin Tarantino's ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD.NPR00:46:57
Jane Mayer On Al FrankenShe recently dove into the accusations of sexual misconduct that forced Franken to resign in 2017. She says the chief accuser's story is full of holes.NPR00:48:14
Lulu Wang's film THE FAREWELLWhen her grandmother was diagnosed with terminal cancer the family flew to China to see her, but decided not to tell her the prognosis.NPR00:48:55
Sleep Disorders & The Nocturnal BrainGuy Leschziner, author of THE NOCTURNAL BRAIN, says sleep is not a binary state, and the brain can be in multiple stages of sleep at once.NPR00:48:56
Breakthroughs In Heart HealthDr. Haider Warraich on advancements in treating and preventing heart failure, and explains how the understanding of healthy blood pressure...NPR00:48:35
Moon Landing 50th AnniversaryWe listen to archival interviews with Michael Collins, Alan Shepard, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield; and test pilot Chuck Yeager.NPR00:49:18
The Border Protection AgencyIt built its ranks by recruiting Rambo, when actually what the border patrol needs is Mother Teresa. Justin Chang reviews THE LION KING.NPR00:49:09
Satirist Randy RainbowHe writes and performs satirical songs about President Trump set to melodies of show tunes. "I always considered song parody kind of cheap..."NPR00:48:34
Novelist Colson WhiteheadHis book, THE NICKEL BOYS, is based on the true story of a notorious Florida reform school where many boys were beaten and sexually abused.NPR00:49:31
TV Critic Emily NussbaumEmily talks about the art of "terrible men" in the #MeToo era, TV's revolution (from low to high brow), and "the bad fan."NPR00:48:10
Remembering Pitcher Jim BoutonMLB pitcher Jim Bouton, who died Wednesday, spoke to Fresh Air in 1986 about his 1970 tell-all memoir, BALL FOUR....NPR00:48:58
U.S. - Mexico Border CrisisCaitlin Dickerson talks about the squalid conditions at the Clint, Texas, border patrol center, where toddlers were living for weeks...NPR00:49:04
Yiddish 'Fiddler On The Roof'A Yiddish version is currently off-Broadway. Steven Skybell, who plays Tevye, and Joel Grey, director, explain why it still resonates.NPR00:48:08
Gerrymandering, Census & Voter SuppressionAri Berman says recent Supreme Court decisions on redistricting and the 2020 census will determine which party wins in the next decade.NPR00:49:10
Bioethicist vs. OpioidsTravis Rieder became opioid dependent after an accident that crushed his foot. His book IN PAIN draws on his insights as a patient...NPR00:48:59
Willie NelsonAt 86, he's is still going strong - touring and has a new record, RIDE ME BACK HOME. We'll listen back to two interviews with him.NPR00:52:25
LizzoLizzo talks about collaborating with Prince, feminism, and using music to help people find a positive place within themselves.NPR00:49:32
Sarah Jessica ParkerShe's best-known for her role as the iconic single New Yorker Carrie Bradshaw on SEX AND THE CITY. She speaks of growing up poor...NPR00:48:55
The Story Of ChernobylJournalist Adam Higginbotham has spent years investigating the causes of the accident and the dramatic efforts to contain the damage.NPR00:48:54
The Toll On Facebook ModeratorsThey determine what material can be posted to Facebook. Many are traumatized by the images of hate and violence they see.NPR00:48:14
Novelist John Green On OCDHis latest novel, TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN, is about a teenage girl with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.NPR00:48:25
Female Crew Sails Round The WorldTracy Edwards set out on what was thought of as an unthinkable journey for a woman; to sail the 33,000 mile Whitbread Round The World Race.NPR00:49:19
The First AIDS WardThe new documentary 5B tells the story of America's first hospital unit for people with AIDS. We interview two of its founders.NPR00:49:38
Comic Ramy YoussefIn the semi-autobio Hulu series RAMY, he plays a Muslim American who follows some, but not all, of the rules of his religion.NPR00:47:50
Jehovah's Witness LeavesAmber Scorah was a third generation Jehovah's Witness. As a teenager she was shunned for having sex with her boyfriend...NPR00:48:58
John PrinePrine was recently inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. David Bianculli reviews FX's LEGION & Netflix's JESSICA JONES.NPR00:46:33
Bill Hader On BARRYHe talks with Terry Gross about writing BARRY with Alec Berg, struggling with anxiety while on SNL, and his love of old movies.NPR00:47:19
When They See UsAva DuVernay's Netflix series tells the story of how five black and brown boys were manipulated into confessing to a brutal rape.NPR00:46:48
America's First Black Sports HeroMajor Taylor broke barriers by becoming our fastest cyclist. Michael Kranish tells his story in the book, THE WORLD'S FASTEST MAN.NPR00:48:06
Rethinking ElderhoodGeriatrician Dr. Louise Aronson treats patients who are in their 60s as well as those who are older than 100. Saxophonist Stan Getz.NPR00:48:30
I Wrote This Book Because I Love YouTim Kreider admits that the longest relationship of his adult life was with the stray cat that became his companion for 19 years.NPR00:48:47
Hacker Threat To CitiesCybersecurity expert Nicole Perlroth says hacking tools developed by the NSA were stolen, posted online and are now being used...NPR00:48:58
Ordinary People Got Us To The MoonThis summer marks 50 years since the first Apollo moon landing. Journalist Charles Fishman's new book ONE GIANT LEAP focuses it.NPR00:48:38
Inside Kim's North KoreaAnna Fifield visited North Korea and interviewed many of its citizens including members of Kim Jong Un's family for her new book about the country.NPR00:48:48
Actor Damian LewisThe classically-trained British actor plays a ruthless hedge-fund manager on Showtime's BILLIONS, which recently ended its fourth season.NPR00:48:25
Remembering Dr. JohnHe died yesterday at 77. He was known for his raspy voice and hits such as RIGHT PLACE, WRONG TIME and SUCH A NIGHT.NPR00:47:56
Trump & The EmiratesWe talk with David Kirkpatrick about how Prince Mohammed bin Zayed became one of the most influential foreign voices in Washington.NPR00:47:38
Actor Christina ApplegateShe speaks about her own experience with grief and loss, her double mastectomy, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, and SWEET CHARITY on Broadway.NPR00:48:57
The Case Against R. KellyPop music critic Jim DeRogatis on R. Kelly's alleged sexual abuse of underage girls. His new book SOULLESS.NPR00:48:36
The Future Of FoodEnvironmental journalist Amanda Little talks about efforts to create a global food supply for a world that will be hotter, drier...NPR00:47:50
A Return To DEADWOODThe HBO series about a lawless mining town in 19th century South Dakota is the basis of a new film. David Bianculli shares his review.NPR00:49:15
SCOTUS And AbortionAdam Liptak talks on how Trump's appointees might change the Supreme Court - including its direction on abortion...NPR00:48:34
Sara Berman's ClosetSara's daughter, children's book author Maira Kalman and grandson, designer Alex Kalman, tell her story in a new book accompaniment...NPR00:48:15
College Mental HealthDr. Anthony Rostain notes college students experience inordinate anxiety - much centered on surviving college and doing well.NPR00:46:53
Sir Elton JohnThe new biographical musical film ROCKETMAN is based on his life story. He spoke with Terry Gross in 2013 about his fear of...NPR00:49:54
Michael Pollan On PsychedelicsHe discusses the history of psychedelic drugs, including LSD and magic mushrooms, and explains how they're currently being used...NPR00:48:55
LizzoThe flute-playing pop star celebrates self-love on her latest album, CUZ I LOVE YOU. She talks about collaborating with Prince, feminism...NPR00:49:15
Power Struggle Within The NRADanny Hakim on conflicts in NRA's leadership, its lawsuit against its advertising & PR company, & what leaked documents reveal...NPR00:48:17
New Approach To DementiaWhile caring for her mother, who had dementia, bioethicist Tia Powell began imagining a different way to approach the disease.NPR00:48:44
John Waters On Being A Filth ElderThe cult filmmaker has plenty of ideas about what older people should and shouldn't do. "You can't be trying too hard to rebel..."NPR00:49:18
Exploring Sexuality & RelationshipsStephen McCauley's novel, MY EX-LIFE, is a comedy about a couple whose marriage ended years ago when the husband came out as gay.NPR00:48:56
Dark Side Of Generic DrugsKatherine Eban says most generic meds sold in the U.S. is manufactured overseas; sometimes with questionable quality control.NPR00:49:12
Howard Stern: Part 2Stern talks about his 2017 cancer scare, his thoughts on retirement, and his mother's depression. Also, we remember Doris Day.NPR00:49:07
Howard Stern: Part 1The self-proclaimed "King of All Media" speaks with Terry Gross for the first time. How therapy changed his show, what makes him cringe...NPR00:49:31
Phoebe Waller-BridgeShe writes female characters who are flawed, reckless, unpredictable and real - women not typically seen onscreen...NPR00:48:18
Celebrating HBO's VEEPWe listen to archival interviews with showrunner David Mandel, star Julia Louis-Dreyfus and co-star Tony Hale.NPR00:48:59
Deutsche Bank & Donald TrumpThe bank was Trump's partner on countless investments when most of Wall Street shied away. It has a trove of information about him.NPR00:48:33
The Immigration Act of 1924Daniel Okrent says the eugenics movement informed the Act, which restricted entrance to the U.S. of Jews, Italians, Greeks and other...NPR00:48:10
Shedding Light On Domestic ViolenceCrisis center CEO Suzanne Dubus and journalist Rachel Louise Snyder talk about identifying risk factors in abusive relationships...NPR00:47:51
The Awkwardness Of Middle SchoolIn Hulu's PEN15, Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle play 13-year-old versions of themselves in the year 2000 - even though they're in their early 30s.?NPR00:48:39
Remembering John SingletonFilm director John Singleton died Monday at the age of 51. He debuted in 1991 with the semi-autobiographical movie BOYZ N THE HOOD.NPR00:47:50
Bolton's Aggressive Use Of U.S. PowerDexter Filkins says Trump's National Security Adviser John Bolton's world view often contrasts with Trump's isolationist tendencies...NPR00:49:37
How Crooks Stash FortunesJournalist Oliver Bullough's book MONEYLAND describes foreign leaders' & oligarchs' secretive transnational world.NPR00:48:07
Erin Lee Carr, Daughter Of David CarrThe writer and documentary filmmaker talks of her parents' drug addiction and what it was like to have her father as a mentor...NPR00:48:48
Actor Patricia ArquetteShe's won awards for her performances in ESCAPE AT DANNEMORA, BOYHOOD & MEDIUM. She currently stars in THE ACT...NPR00:48:13
The Zombies & Roxy MusicThe 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees include the Zombies and Roxy Music. We listen back to archival interviews with them...NPR00:49:27
Mueller Report Revelations & RedactionsRosalind Helderman notes what's new in the report, the questions left unanswered, and how encrypted texts and witnesses stymied...NPR00:47:36
How Psychiatry Used Drugs For Mental IllnessThe new book MIND FIXERS examines psychiatry's search for understanding of mental illnesses, like depression and bipolar disorder.NPR00:48:21
Glenda Jackson Is King LearThe 82-year-old British actor is currently playing Shakespeare's famed tragic figure on Broadway; a role traditionally played by a man.NPR00:47:57
How The Navy Failed Its SailorsOutdated equipment and crew shortages contributed to two collisions involving Navy destroyers in 2017 - 17 sailors were killed.NPR00:47:26

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