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AIRSLA is pleased to link you to Fresh Air from WHYY, the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues. It's one of public radio's most popular programs. Hosted by Terry Gross, it features intimate conversations with today's biggest luminaries.

Current Fresh Air Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Jean Smart / Remembering George WeinJean Smart is nominated for two Emmys - We revisit her May 2021 interview. George Wein created the Newport Jazz Festival in 1954 and spoke with Terry in 2003NPR00:46:17
Battle To Keep Local Journalism AliveIn 15 years, one in four U.S. newspapers has closed. We talk with Art Cullen about the challenges as news moves to free digital platforms...NPR00:45:04
Colson Whitehead On His Crime NovelHARLEM SHUFFLE is about a furniture store owner in Harlem whose sideline is fencing stolen goods. Whitehead has won two Pulitzer Prizes...NPR00:45:60
The Weird World Of Animal CrimesScience writer Mary Roach ('Stiff', 'Gulp') explores scenarios where animals are the ones committing "crimes" - and how society deals with it.NPR00:46:35
Banjo Player Béla FleckPerhaps the most famous banjo player in the world, he's taken that instrument out of its folk and bluegrass traditions to play pretty much any kind of music...NPR00:48:26
Rise And Fall Of Osama Bin LadenA new biography traces bin Laden's path from a shy, religious teenager to the leader of a global jihadist group dedicated to mass murder...NPR00:46:06
SCOTUS & The Future Of Roe V. WadeIan Millhiser says the Court's decision to uphold Texas' abortion law was a victory for abortion opponents. Maureen Corrigan reviews Sally Rooney's new novelNPR00:47:04
Remembering Michael K. WilliamsHe was best known for roles in THE WIRE and BOARDWALK EMPIRE and died Sept. 6 of a suspected drug overdose. David Bianculli reviews the reboot of Doogie HowserNPR00:47:04
Poet Laureate Joy Harjo / Historian Tiya MilesJoy has a memoir in which she tells her own story and one of the Trail of Tears. Tiya tells the story of an enslaved woman whose child was sold off...NPR00:47:42
Mavis Staples / Gladys KnightMavis performed with her family in the Staple Singers, led by her father, "Pops" Staples. One of Gladys's biggest hits: "Midnight Train to Georgia."NPR00:48:33
Abbey Lincoln / Max RoachWee continue Summer of Soul with archival interviews of singer Abbey Lincoln and drummer Max Roach. Both were featured in the 1969 Harlem Cultural FestivalNPR00:53:50
B.B. King / Hugh MasekelaWe're revisiting archival interviews with some of the musicians featured in the documentary 'Summer of Soul,' about the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival...NPR00:47:16
"Black Woodstock" With 'Summer Of Soul'We begin our series 'Summer of Soul', with archived interviews of performers in the documentary about the 1969 Harlem Cultural FestivalNPR00:45:29
Aretha Franklin, Queen Of SoulFor the debut of the biopic RESPECT, we listen to archival interviews with Aretha, Atlantic Records producer Jerry Wexler, and songwriter Dan Penn...NPR00:47:24
Sandra OhShe's English department chair at a university in the Netflix series THE CHAIR. She talks growing up in Canada, breaking barriers for Asian women in Hollywood, and...NPR00:46:11
Chuck Close, Joe Galloway, Charlie WattsWe remember an artist, a journalist and a musician, each of whom made significant contributions to their respective fields...NPR00:47:09
The Taliban & Afghan WomenClarissa Ward spent 3 weeks in Afghanistan in territory taken over by the Taliban. We'll talk about what she learned and what she experienced.NPR00:46:34
Neuroscience Of Pleasure, Pain And AddictionAnna Lembke's book, DOPAMINE NATION, explores the brain's connection between pleasure and pain. It also helps explain addictions - of all kinds...NPR00:46:31
Navy SEAL Eddie GallagherHe was arrested and accused of some shocking crimes. We talk with correspondent Dave Philipps, who covered Gallagher's trial and interviewed many witnessesNPR00:46:48
Schmigadoon! Songwriter Cinco PaulHe loves musicals; unlike his long-time writing partner, Ken Daurio, with whom he created Schmigadoon! Plus: Justin Chang reviews CODANPR00:45:56
Tony BennettThe singer Frank Sinatra called "the best in the business," is retiring at the age of 95. He has performed despite having Alzheimer's disease...NPR00:48:11
Our Failed Afghanistan MissionThe collapse of the Afghanistan government following Biden's decision to remove troop led to chaos. It has also left Afghans wondering what the future holds...NPR00:46:32
Who Is Doing Your Dirty Work?Eyal Press calls them "jobs of last resort" - slaughtering animals, working in prisons, engaging in remote drone combat - society needs them...NPR00:51:25
Tennis Legend Billie Jean KingShe's known for winning 20 Wimbledon titles and defeating Bobby Riggs in the "Battle of the Sexes." David Bianculli reviews a film about BroadwayNPR00:45:06
America's Colleges: Always UnequalAdam Harris explains how slavery, segregation and continuing racism prevented or stymied Black education and the important role Black Colleges have playedNPR00:46:47
Remembering NPR Host Neal ConanConan, who died Aug. 10, worked at NPR for 36 years, as a reporter, executive producer of ALL THINGS CONSIDERED and host of TALK OF THE NATION...NPR00:48:26
Election Result SubversionKatie Benner discusses the latest revelations about how former President Trump pressured the Justice Department to undermine results of the 2020 electionNPR00:47:31
Kenan Thompson On SNL And KENANThompson is currently nominated for two Emmys. He talks about some of his most memorable SNL sketches and playing the Bill Cosby character Fat Albert...NPR00:46:44
Trump Impeachment Witness Alexander VindmanThe retired Army officer who testified about President Trump's call to the president of Ukraine, talks about the experience and the price he paid.NPR00:47:19
Cecily Strong On 'SNL,' 'Schmigadoon,' And Her New MemoirShe's Emmy nominated for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and stars in the new show SCHMIGADOON, about a couple that ends up trapped in a town where life is...NPR00:45:04
The Hiroshima Cover-Up76 years ago, the U.S. dropped an atomic bomb on the city of Hiroshima. Historian Lesley M.M. Blume's book, FALLOUT, tells the story...NPR00:47:07
The 'Dark Money' Effort To Win ElectionsJane Mayer's latest investigation is about powerful conservative groups exploiting Trump's claims of election fraud in order to alter voting...NPR00:46:13
Osama Bin Laden's HideoutA new biography traces bin Laden's path from a shy, religious teenager to the leader of a global jihadist group dedicated to mass murder...NPR00:46:40
Working With SondheimJames Lapine collaborated with Sondheim on 3 musicals. "We're very, very different," he says. He's written a new book called PUTTING IT TOGETHERNPR00:44:29
Pulitzer Prize-Winner Katori HallHall is the writer and a producer of TINA: THE TINA TURNER MUSICAL "Any time I get an opportunity to lay my hands on a Black woman's story...NPR00:47:05
Actor Courtney B. VanceVance is nominated for an Emmy for his guest appearance in the HBO series LOVECRAFT COUNTRY. Then, we remember civil rights activist Bob MosesNPR00:47:39
Spyware LeaksCraig Timberg explains how military-grade spyware licensed to governments and police departments has infiltrated the iPhones of journalists...NPR00:45:57
MOONLIGHT Writer Tarell Alvin McCraneyAfter winning an Oscar he received a lot of opportunities, many of which he turned down. He's now creator of the TV series DAVID MAKES MANNPR00:46:13
Dr. Leana Wen On COVID & MandatesShe's an emergency physician. We talk of mask and vaccine mandates, the return to school and work, and the Delta variant. Her memoir is LIFELINES.NPR00:46:49
Jad AbumradCreator of RadioLab, which started as a series on science-related mysteries, but now investigates all kinds of stories...NPR00:45:46
Hugh Grant On THE UNDOINGHe's been nominated for an Emmy for his role in the HBO miniseries, in which he played an adulterous doctor suspected of murder...NPR00:47:51
GOP State Legislatures Remake U.S.Ron Brownstein says Republican state legislatures are taking a right turn, in a conscious backlash against Democratic control of Congress...NPR00:45:60
Questlove On 'Summer of Soul'He's exiting the pandemic a changed man. The co-founder of the Roots and music director of The Tonight Show did something he never thought he'd do...NPR00:47:08
Jeffrey Epstein InvestigationLong after he got a lenient sentence for sexual abuse, reporter Julie K. Brown identified 80 women who said they survived his abuse...NPR00:47:17
Growing Up In A Utopian CommunityAkash Kapur hass seen the idealism of people trying to remake human society and renounce materialism. He writes of reality of utopian communities...NPR00:46:12
Anthony Bourdain, 'Roadrunner'We revisit our 2016 interview with the culinary icon who died in 2018 by suicide while filming in France. ROADRUNNER, a new documentary about him...NPR00:46:57
Our Renewable Energy FutureNew York Times' Ivan Penn unpacks the debate over infrastructure: Do we fund huge wind and solar farms with new transmission lines, or...NPR00:46:51
MLB Pitcher C.C. SabathiaThe six-time All Star also struggled with alcoholism. He reflects on baseball and sobriety in the memoir, TILL THE END.NPR00:46:44
The 'Ugly Truth' About FacebookDisinformation, hate speech, and how Mark Zuckerberg knew "Stop the Steal" groups were planning a riot but didn't warn the presidentNPR00:46:15
'Startup Wife' AuthorTahmima Anam's novel is about a married couple who found a tech startup. We talk with her about how her real life boardroom experience...NPR00:46:57
Mindy Kaling On NEVER HAVE I EVERHer show is based on her own experiences as a nerdy, confident teen who pined for a boyfriend. The second season drops next week...NPR00:47:04
Freeing An Innocent ManAfter serving 7 years for armed robbery, Yutico Briley heard Emily Bazelon on Fresh Air and wrote her about his case. She got him an appeal.NPR00:46:58
Sex & Censorship In The Gilded AgeThe Comstock Act of 1873, virtually outlawed contraception. In 'The Man Who Hated Women,' Amy Sohn writes about the man behind the law.NPR00:46:50
Stories From The SkyT.J. Newman's new book, FALLING, is a thriller about a hijacking on a commercial flight. We talk with her about her book and 10 years in the skiesNPR00:47:17
Bandleader Jon BatisteThe bandleader of 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert' joins us from his home piano where he plays music he wrote for the Pixar movie 'Soul' and...NPR00:47:39
Bruce Springsteen Returns To Broadway"The Boss" spoke with Terry Gross at his New Jersey home studio in 2016 about masculinity, depression, and wishing he was his stage personaNPR00:48:46
Spy Trains ConservativesAdam Goldman describes an effort, led by a Trump supporter, that trained conservatives in espionage techniques and sent them to spy on progressivesNPR00:45:16
Global Sanitation & Transforming The ToiletThe United Nations estimates that 4.2 billion people - more than half of the world's population - live without any access to safely managed sanitationNPR00:46:44
Watergate, Tapes & Fall Of Nixon's White HouseHistorian and author Michael Dobbs reconstructs how the scandal gradually engulfed more administration officials, with operatives turning on each otherNPR00:46:09
Uzo AdubaAduba's breakout role was as "Crazy Eyes" in 'Orange is the New Black.' Now she stars in the HBO reboot of 'In Treatment.'NPR00:45:43
The Early Years Of The CIAIn his book, Scott Anderson profiles four daring and resourceful soldiers who became intelligence agents after World War II...NPR00:46:53
Battle Over Critical Race TheoryAn NBC News analysis finds at least 165 local and national groups are trying to disrupt or block lessons on critical race theory...NPR00:45:48
Megan RapinoeThe soccer star and activist spoke with Terry Gross about her World Cup wins, being openly gay, and solidarity with Black Lives MatterNPR00:46:47
Renee Elise Goldsberry On 'Girls5Eva'The comedy series was just renewed for season 2. It follows a 1990s band that reunites after a long stretch of obscurity...NPR00:46:60
Desus & MeroDesus Nice and The Kid Mero started out doing comedy together on Twitter, then created the 'Bodega Boys' podcast. They're in their third seasonNPR00:46:29
50th Anniversary Of The Pentagon PapersWe listen back to archival interviews with Ellsberg and Ben Bradlee of The Washington Post, who ran their own series on the documents.NPR00:47:38
Questions About COVID-19 Lab-Leak TheoryBiden asked experts to investigate the theory that Covid came from a lab in Yuhan, but Katherine Eban says there have been many roadblocksNPR00:45:43
Challenging The Myths Of The AlamoIn a new book, Bryan Burrough challenges the historical lore of the Alamo; including the story that Davy Crockett refused to surrender...NPR00:46:18
Ashley Ford On Her Memoir 'Somebody's Daughter'For most of her life, her father was incarcerated for rape. This was especially traumatizing for Ford, as she herself is a survivor of sexual assaultNPR00:47:36
Anthony Ramos: 'In The Heights' & 'Hamilton'Anthony Ramos says Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway musical 'In the Heights' filled him with hope about a life on the stage...NPR00:46:27
Catching Up With Stephen ColbertHe begins taping the The Late Show in front of a live audience again on Monday. We hear his interview with Terry about doing the show from home...NPR00:47:47
Inside The Ransomware IndustryMichael Schwirtz gained access to the dashboard of DarkSide, a ransomware operation that's pulled in more than $90 million since it began last AugustNPR00:46:06
The Space Race & Dangerous Early Days Of NASAIn Cape Canaveral on the morning of Feb. 20, 1962 there was real fear that astronaut John Glenn wouldn't survive the day...NPR00:47:06
Race, Sexuality & The Deadly 'Kissing Bug'When Daisy Hernandez was 5, her aunt had a mysterious illness that caused her large intestine to swell. Hernandez details her aunt's storyNPR00:45:25
Rita MorenoShe says her 'West Side Story' role is "the only part I ever remember where I represented Hispanics in a dignified and positive way."NPR00:45:45
Producing The Philly SoundThom Bell has arranged records by Joe Simons and The O'Jays; and wrote and arranged for The Stylistics, The Spinners, and The Delfonics...NPR00:47:21
Russia's Election Attack On BidenSimon Shuster says Ukranian Andriy Derkach gave misleading information to Rudy Giuliani to discredit Biden during the 2020 campaign.NPR00:46:41
Racist Roots Of The 2nd AmendmentCarol Anderson says the Second Amendment was designed to ensure slave owners could crush any resistance from those they'd enslaved...NPR00:45:34
The History Of SlaveryIn HOW THE WORD IS PASSED, writer and poet Clint Smith visits eight places central to the history of slavery in America...NPR00:46:16
50 Years Of Philadelphia International RecordsThey recorded The O'Jays, Patti LaBelle, Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Teddy Pendergrass, Billy Paul, McFadden and Whitehead, and more...NPR00:48:39
Two ConcertsThe music duo Rachael & Vilray perform songs from their debut album. We'll also hear from Loudon Wainwright III and Vince Giordano.NPR00:46:44
How States Make It Harder To VoteNick Corasaniti says Republican state legislatures are restricting voting and seizing power in running elections...NPR00:46:43
Exonerated Five Member Yusef SalaamOne of five boys wrongly convicted in the Central Park jogger case, he spent nearly 7 years behind bars and was exonerated in 2002NPR00:46:38
The History Of JuneteenthFormerly Emancipation Day or Jubilee, it celebrates the end of slavery in Texas. Annette Gordon-Reed studies the legacy of slavery...NPR00:44:48
OPAL & NEV Author Dawnie WaltonHis novel is a faux oral history about a '70s interracial rock duo. He was inspired by Grace Jones, Betty Davis, Elton John and Bowie...NPR00:46:38
Remembering Charles GrodinGrodin, of MIDNIGHT RUN and HEARTBREAK KID fame, died May 18. He was known for deadpan humor and making unpleasant characters likableNPR00:46:04
Inside India's COVID CrisisJeffrey Gettleman says the air in New Delhi has been filled with smoke from crematories and the health care system is collapsing...NPR00:45:56
Actor John BoyegaHe played Finn in the STAR WARS sequel trilogy and won a Golden Globe for his leading role in the anthology series SMALL AXE...NPR00:47:49
Seth RogenHe returns to talk of his memoir, YEARBOOK, filled with funny and surprising stories, starting with the first time he did stand-upNPR00:46:39
Failure In The Secret ServicePulitzer Prize-winning reporter Carol Leonnig's new book, ZERO FAIL, examines how the Secret Service is underfunded, overworked, and ...NPR00:47:21
Tom JonesJones, who became a pop star and sex symbol in the 1960s has a new album. He spoke with Terry Gross in 2003...NPR00:47:46
The Mysteries Of EndometriosisAbout one in 10 women experience endometriosis during their reproductive years. Many who have the disorder struggle to be properly diagnosedNPR00:46:27
Actor Jean SmartHer breakout role was on the '80s sitcom DESIGNING WOMEN. Now she stars in the HBO's MARE OF EASTTOWN and HACKS...NPR00:47:42
Writer Francisco GoldmanHe grew up mostly in working class suburbs of Boston. His novel, MONKEY BOY, draws on his own experiences, including physical abuse by his dadNPR00:47:11
Barry Jenkins On THE UNDERGROUND RAILROADHe says filming his series about an enslaved girl who escapes from a plantation was the toughest project of his career; it made him feel closer...NPR00:46:59
Celebrating MothersWe celebrate Mother's Day with stories of mom from past interviews with Daily Show's Trevor Noah, Martin Scorsese and Albert BrooksNPR00:48:34
How Systemic Racism Determines Black HealthThere's a 30-year gap in life expectancy of some Black and white Chicagoans. Linda Villarosa talks about the link between racism and health...NPR00:48:20
Secret To Superhuman StrengthAlison Bechdel's memoir is about her lifelong obsession with exercise. She says she has a predisposition of being extremely self-conscious...NPR00:45:17
The Social Lives Of TreesEcologist Suzanne Simard says trees are "social creatures" that communicate with each other in remarkable ways...NPR00:47:31
Former Pregnant Girl Helps Teen Moms SucceedIn her new memoir, PREGNANT GIRL, Nicole Lynn Lewis recalls feeling overwhelmed and isolated as a young mom in college...NPR00:46:23
Remembering Astronaut Michael CollinsWhile Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin made their historic walk on the moon, Collins orbited above in the Apollo 11 command capsule...NPR00:47:37
Novelist Imbolo MbueSet in a fictional African village in the 1980s, Mbue's latest novel, HOW BEAUTIFUL WE WERE, is a David and Goliath tale...NPR00:47:04
Susan Stamberg & Bill SiemeringNPR's ALL THINGS CONSIDERED debuted in 1971. Creator Bill Siemering and former co-host Susan Stamberg look back on the early yearsNPR00:48:37
Catching Up with Stephen ColbertHe tapes his show without a studio audience during Covid but he's not always alone. Sometimes his wife Evie is there. If she laughs...NPR00:47:56
Processed Food Companies Hook Us On JunkJournalist Michael Moss says processed foods can be as addictive as cocaine, heroin and cigarettes. Ken Tucker reviews Carsie Blanton's albumNPR00:47:13
Pete Docter & Kemp PowersTheir Oscar-nominated animated film SOUL imagines a place where souls are matched with unique passions...NPR00:46:30
Reducing Harm In PolicingYale professor Phillip Atiba Goff co-founded the Center for Policing Equity, which collects data on police behavior from 18,000 agencies...NPR00:48:21
Courtney B. VanceWe talk about his origin story and his recent roles as Aretha Franklin's father, Rev. C.L. Franklin, and as attorney Johnnie Cochran...NPR00:47:16
Growing Up In A CultLauren Hough was 15 when her family left the Children of God cult. Her collection of personal essays is LEAVING ISN'T THE HARDEST THINGNPR00:48:01
How To Be An AdultJulie Lythcott-Haims' new book is a handbook on adulthood, offering insights and strategies on education and career choices, building friendships...NPR00:49:14
Native Peoples' Long Fight For SurvivalLouise Erdrich's novel, THE NIGHT WATCHMAN, was inspired by her granddad, who fought Congress for moving indigenous people off their land...NPR00:47:52
On The Fight For Black LivesSaidu Tejan-Thomas Jr. lost a friend to police violence. His podcast, RESISTANCE, explores different aspects of the movement for Black livesNPR00:45:53
Secret History Of The Sackler FamilyThey own Purdue Pharma, and made billions selling OxyContin, an opiate painkiller stronger than morphine. They face more than 2,500 lawsuitsNPR00:47:05
Henry Louis Gates Jr. On The Black ChurchFINDING YOUR ROOTS host has a new book and PBS series called THE BLACK CHURCH. Maureen Corrigan reviews THE FINAL REVIVAL OF OPAL AND NEV.NPR00:48:13
Leslie Odom Jr.He is best-known for his role as Aaron Burr in 'Hamilton.' Now he stars as Sam Cooke in Regina King's film 'One Night in Miami.'NPR00:48:31
Prolific Background Singer Merry ClaytonShe did background vocals of the Rolling Stones' GIMME SHELTER but was anonymous until featured as backup singer in 20 FEET FROM STARDOMNPR00:48:23
Choreographer Twyla TharpTWYLA MOVES, a documentary by PBS American Masters, tells of the legendary choreographer and dancer who started out busking in the 60s...NPR00:48:30
Cookbook Author Reem KassisShe began gathering family recipes after the birth of her first child. The recipes, "could be the story of any and every Palestinian family."NPR00:48:26
Black Performance, Joy & PainHanif Abdurraqib's book, A LITTLE DEVIL IN AMERICA, traces the history of Black performance ... emphasizing the joy and excellence.NPR00:49:33
Brandi CarlileThe six-time Grammy winner got her start onstage as a kid, singing backup for an Elvis impersonator. Her new memoir, BROKEN HORSES...NPR00:48:46
Remembering Larry McMurtryRaised on a Texas ranch, McMurtry wrote about the West in the Pulitzer-winning novel LONESOME DOVE, which was later made into a miniseriesNPR00:48:58
Tackling Child Poverty Through COVID ReliefJason DeParle says a provision in the new COVID relief package has the makings of a policy revolution and would roughly cut child poverty in halfNPR00:46:07
Amazon's 'One-Click America'Alec MacGillis says a union vote by Amazon workers could determine what life will look like for workers in America in years to come...NPR00:47:41
LOVECRAFT COUNTRY Creator Misha GreenThe series takes the real horrors of the Black experience in the 1950s and adds to it the supernatural terrors of the horror genre...NPR00:47:55
Amazing Lives Of Migratory BirdsScott Weidensaul talks of the millions of birds flying unseen over our heads in the night sky, how the bar-tailed godwit can fly more than a week...NPR00:46:46
Actors Riz Ahmed & Kathryn HahnRiz plays a drummer who loses his hearing in SOUND OF METAL. Kathryn co-starin in WANDAVISION as a nosey and mysterious neighbor.NPR00:48:21
Threat Of Domestic TerrorismElizabeth Neumann says the Trump administration ignored the threat — and fanned the flames — of violent domestic extremism...NPR00:47:53
The Afterlife Of Mass IncarcerationSociologist Reuben Jonathan Miller researches how targeting people with criminal records affects their lives in HALFWAY HOME.NPR00:46:08
The Making Of Pixar's SOULThe Oscar-nominated film imagines a place where souls are matched with unique passions. Maureen Corrigan reviews THE LIFE OF THE MINDNPR00:40:02
Correcting Lady Bird Johnson's RecordShe's remembered as a genteel Southerner, but author Julia Sweig says archival records show she was a savvy political strategistNPR00:48:54
Country Icon Loretta LynnThe country music star's 50th studio album, STILL WOMAN ENOUGH, is out. Her 2010 interview on her memoir COAL MINER'S DAUGHTERNPR00:48:08
Trump Criminal Charges?Jane Mayer talks of Trump's guilt of tax, banking and/or insurance fraud. If convicted, he could be sentenced to prison...NPR00:46:18
Novelist Kazuo IshiguroThe Nobel Prize-winning novelist's book, KLARA AND THE SUN, is set in the future and has an artificially intelligent narrator.NPR00:49:10
'Futureproof' Yourself In An Automated WorldKevin Roose says we approach automation all wrong. "What we should be teaching do the things machines can't do" he saysNPR00:46:06
Rejection Of Hasidic LifeDeborah Feldman's memoir, UNORTHODOX, about leaving the Satmar Hasidic community in Brooklyn inspired the Netflix series...NPR00:47:19
Rise Of White Supremacy In Wilmington, N.C.David Zucchino tells the forgotten story of a murderous coup that led to a white supremacist takeover of a Southern city.NPR00:48:28
Musician Jon BatisteHe's been playing at Black Lives Matter protests, vaccination sites, and voter registration events. "We're all in this together," He saysNPR00:47:49
Sherry Turkle On The Burden Of Family SecretsSherry was 27 when she learned that her estranged father conducted psychological experiments on her when she was a child...NPR00:47:16
Inside The Right-To-Die MovementKatie Engelhart's book, THE INEVITABLE, follows people who plan to end their lives due to terminal illness or disabilities...NPR00:48:15
The Gene Editing RevolutionJennifer Doudna, subject of Walter Isaacson's biography THE CODE BREAKER, shared a Nobel Prize for developing CRISPR technology.NPR00:47:49
Novelist James McBrideHis novel DEACON KING KONG takes place in 1969, in a Brooklyn housing project. Justin Chang reviews Disney's RAYA AND THE LAST DRAGON.NPR00:47:35
What's Next For The Afghanistan War?We speak with New Yorker reporter Dexter Filkins about what he saw in Afghanistan while he was there in January.NPR00:47:02
Director Lee Isaac ChungBased on his own childhood, MINARI is about a Korean American family that moves to rural Arkansas to start a farm...NPR00:48:38
How Bellingcat's Web Sleuths Solve Global CrimesEliot Higgins is the founder of an online collective that picks apart conspiracy theories and investigates war crimes and hate crimes...NPR00:47:59
Magician Derek DelGaudioThe sleight-of-hand master explores themes of identity, honesty and the emotional cost of keeping secrets in the memoir, AMORALMANNPR00:47:42
Legacies Of Sam Cooke, Muhammad Ali & Malcolm XThe movie ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI, directed by Regina King, imagines the conversations between four Black icons in 1964...NPR00:47:18
Capitol Insurrection VideoJournalist Luke Mogelson followed a mob of MAGA supporters into the Capitol and filmed evidence for Trump's impeachment...NPR00:47:18
Fatherhood & The Burden Of VietnamWhen Tim O'Brien became a father, he feared parenthood would curtail his writing. Also, Maureen Corrigan reviews TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE.NPR00:47:54
The Ten Year War Over ObamacareIn his book, Jonathan Cohn examines the debate about the ACA, the compromises of the law itself, and how i's been functioning during the pandemicNPR00:47:59
Sacha Baron CohenA scary experience at a gun rights rally while filming BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM has led Cohen to stop his undercover comedy styleNPR00:47:59
"Black Radical" William Monroe TrotterKerri Greenidge tells the story of the Black newspaper editor who was a forceful crusader for civil rights in the early 20th century...NPR00:47:52
How The Pandemic Hurts Working MomsClaire Cain Miller says working mothers have reduced hours or left the workforce due to the pandemic. It could have lasting effects...NPR00:47:19
What Racism Costs EveryoneHeather McGhee uses economic data to show discriminatory laws and practices targeting Blacks also negatively impact society at largeNPR00:47:36
Police Reform From The InsideRosa Brooks carried a badge and gun and worked for the DC police department on a voluntary basis. TANGLED UP IN BLUE isb about her experiencesNPR00:48:25
Spike Lee & Remembering Cloris LeachmanSam Sanders talks with Spike Lee about DA 5 BLOODS, and about working with Chadwick Boseman. Also, we remember Cloris Leachman...NPR00:48:06
Remembering Mary Wilson and Christopher PlummerOur 1986 interview of Mary Wilson on the early days of the Supremes. Also, we remember actor Christopher Plummer who died last FridayNPR00:46:23
Rashida JonesJones filmed ON THE ROCKS shortly after her son's birth and mom's death. She nearly turned down the role, and is glad she didn't.NPR00:45:54
Inside The Cyber Weapons Arms RaceNicole Perlroth explains how the U.S. went from having the world's strongest cyber arsenal to becoming so vulnerable to cyber attack.NPR00:48:42
How Humans Try To Master NatureElizabeth Kolbert on efforts to reverse some of the harm humans have done to the natural world. Her new book, UNDER A WHITE SKY, details...NPR00:48:18
'Women In Blue' DocumentaryIt follows four women working for the Minneapolis Police Department. We talk with director, Deirdre Fishel and one of the women profiled...NPR00:48:13
Biographer Vicki WickhamBritish singer Dusty Springfield's friend and manager Vicki Wickham co-wrote a biography of her. Also, we remember Hal Holbrook.NPR00:49:12
Dr. Anthony FauciLess than 3 weeks into the Biden administration, the infectious disease expert is encouraged by the president's approach to the pandemicNPR00:48:14
Biden's Economic PlanJim Tankersley talks of Biden's $1.9 trillion rescue plan for the economy amid the pandemic and the declining middle class...NPR00:48:22
Writer Russell ShortoHis grandfather was a mob leader in Johnstown, Pa. He writes about family havoc that resulted in his memoir, SMALLTIME...NPR00:47:59
The Folk Music RevivalEllen Harper runs the Folk Music Center in Claremont, Calif., and her son Ben Harper is a Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter.NPR00:48:46
Hank Azaria On The Simpsons & BrockmireHe plays a colorful baseball announcer in the IFC comedy series BROCKMIRE. He talks of sobriety, his flamboyant characters, and...NPR00:48:40
What's Next For QAnon?Craig Timberg suggests some in the QAnon movement will become even more extreme now that Trump, their 'messiah,' has left office...NPR00:47:33
Surveillance & Local Police: How Technology EvolvesJon Fasman says police departments can use powerful surveillance tools, often with little oversight. Is it worth the cost to our privacy...NPR00:48:37
The Human Factor & Middle East Peace NegotiationsA look at negotiations between Palestinian and Israeli leaders during the Clinton administration - before an assassin's bullet changed allNPR00:48:06
Exploring The Human VoiceWe talk with John Colapinto, author of THIS IS THE VOICE, about voices; how they evolved in our ancestors, how babies learn...NPR00:48:45
How Tragedy & Resilience Made Joe BidenEvan Osnos on Biden's long career in the Senate, how personal tragedy changed him, and some of the political missteps he made along the wayNPR00:49:01
Busting Myths About ExerciseDaniel Lieberman's book, EXERCISED examines why we run, lift and walk for a workout, when our ancestors didn't...NPR00:48:30
Biden's Climate AgendaTrump called climate change a hoax. Biden calls it an existential threat. How Biden might reverse Trump's environmental policies...NPR00:47:52
The Blackwell SistersJanice Nimura tells the story of the complicated, prickly 19th century medical trailblazers in her book THE DOCTORS BLACKWELL.NPR00:48:18
The FBI's Effort To Take Down MLKSam Pollard talks of his documentary MLK/FBI, based on declassified documents. Maureen Corrigan reviews AFTERSHOCKS by Nadia Owusu.NPR00:48:02
Remembering Michael Apted, William Link & Neil SheehanWe look back on the lives and careers of three people who have recently died. A filmmaker, a screenwriter, and a war correspondentNPR00:48:41
Paul Greengrass On NEWS OF THE WORLDIt's a Western set five years after the Civil War and stars Tom Hanks as a former Confederate captain who reads newspapers to folks...NPR00:48:20
'Black Radical' William Monroe TrotterA Black newspaper editor and civil rights crusader in the early 20th century. Reviews of PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN and PIECES OF A WOMANNPR00:48:44
Racist History Of Senate FilibusterAdam Jentleson traces the history of the filibuster, which started as a tool of Southern senators upholding slavery and then later became...NPR00:47:38
Humorist Fran LebowitzThe Netflix docuseries PRETEND IT'S A CITY features conversations with Martin Scorsese on many topics, Manhattan in particular...NPR00:47:36
Remembering Nature Writer Barry LopezHe wrote evocatively about nature, and shed light on truths about the human experience. Kevin Whitehead reviews Joshua Abrams' album...NPR00:48:15
America's Pandemic FailuresThe U.S. has 4% of the world's population but 20% of all COVID deaths. Lawrence Wright discusses America's "plague year.NPR00:48:03
Standing Up To Philippine PresidentMaria Ressa has faced criminal charges and death threats because of her coverage of the populist, authoritarian Rodrigo Duterte.NPR00:48:28
Life In China's Surveillance StateKai Strittmatter says China amassed a large amount of data on its citizens, which it uses to punish people even for minor offenses...NPR00:47:51
Dr. Sanjay Gupta On How To Keep SharpCNN's chief medical correspondent says it's never too late to develop new brain pathways. Even small changes can help optimize brain healthNPR00:47:13
Making THE GODFATHERFrancis Ford Coppola recalled the making of his masterpiece, THE GODFATHER, in a 2016 interview with Terry Gross.NPR00:49:52
Loudon Wainwright III & Vince GiordanoWe close the year with music from singer-songwriter Loudon Wainwright III and Nighthawks bandleader Vince Giordano...NPR00:50:28
Remembering Broadway Star Rebecca LukerLuker died last Wednesday of ALS, Lou Gehrig's disease. She was 59, had a beautiful singing voice, and received Tony nominations...NPR00:49:41
Stephen King / Sir. Patrick StewartKing understands why fans say COVID-19 feels like something out of his books. Stewart is back as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in a CBS series...NPR00:50:29
'Queen's Gambit' Co-Creator Scott FrankThe popular Netflix series is about an orphaned girl who becomes a chess prodigy, then a chess pro in a male-dominated world...NPR00:48:07
Christmas Concert: Rosemary Clooney & Rebecca KilgoreOn a Christmas without its familiar comforts and pleasures we turn to two singers whose performances have been a pleasure over the yearsNPR00:48:14
Pandemic Made The Rich RicherChuck Collins talks about how the richest Americans have profited from the pandemic, and his own relationship to generational wealth.NPR00:48:22
Angela BassettOne of the stars of the new Pixar animated film SOUL, she talks to Sam Sanders about her career, and being a Black woman in movies...NPR00:50:24
Michael J. FoxThe FAMILY TIES star was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's disease in 1991. His memoir is NO TIME LIKE THE FUTURE.NPR00:47:18
Elton John On Music, Addiction & FamilyHis new CD box set has rarities, demos, B-sides and fan favorites from his long career. Justin Chang reviews MA RAINEY'S BLACK BOTTOM...NPR00:49:08
COVID Vaccine Rollout & ResearchWe talk with Ed Yong about what the rollout process will be like, where COVID research fell short, and what to expect for 2021.NPR00:50:06
American Folk Music CuratorsThe Ledbetters talk of a new anthology - the flip sides of 78s Harry Smith chose for his Anthology of American Folk MusicNPR00:48:15
MC & Actor Riz AhmedHe plays a drummer who loses his hearing in SOUND OF METAL. To prepare for the role, he immersed in deaf culture. We discuss the film...NPR00:49:24
Remembering John Le CarréJohn worked for MI5 and MI6 early in his career and later drew on that experience in thrillers like THE SPY WHO CAME IN FROM THE COLD and...NPR00:48:20
Spiro Agnew's Bribery ScandalNixon's first vice president, Spiro Agnew, resigned over charges of bribery and tax evasion. Rachel Maddow and Mike Yarvitz wrote a book about itNPR00:47:59
Unpacking The Trump YearsMaggie Haberman talks of Trump's refusal to concede. He can't handle the label "loser" and never had a problem he couldn't sue or spin away...NPR00:49:34
The Mass Incarceration CrisisLawyer Brittany Barnett works on behalf of people sentenced to harsh sentences as a result of the war on drugs. John Powers with the year's best...NPR00:48:24
Rock & Roll Photographer Bob GruenHe photographed countless rock stars, including John Lennon, the Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry and Tina Turner. We talk about his friendships...NPR00:50:49
Kate WinsletWe talk about the role of a 19th-century paleontologist scaring her, and how her role in TITANIC changed her life...NPR00:48:35
Jazz Great Dave BrubeckWe celebrate his life and music. He was born 100 years ago. His album TIME OUT, released in 1959, was the first jazz album to sell a million copiesNPR00:49:39
National Security in Trump's Final WeeksWe talk with New York Times reporter Eric Schmitt about what Trump's recent actions may mean for American national security.NPR00:49:53
The Great American SongbookLoudon Wainwright and Vince Giordano collaborated on a new album, I'D RATHER LEAD A BAND, a collection of songs from the Great American Songbook.NPR00:48:47
Hugh GrantGrant co-stars in the HBO miniseries THE UNDOING. We talk about taking a break from playing nice guys, his activism about tabloid privacy...NPR00:50:26
Sen. Ted Kennedy & American LiberalismHe led a life marked by tragedy and scandal. Neal Gabler says Kennedy's career shaped the course of American liberalism...NPR00:47:50
Carol BurnettHer show won more than 20 Emmy Awards and is going to streaming services for the first time. David Bianculli interviewed her this year...NPR00:49:11
Conan O'BrienHe'll be starting something new at HBO. Here's a 2019 interview by Terry Gross. Kevin Whitehead reviews a newlrecording by Sonny Rollins.NPR00:49:52
Chef David ChangMomofuku chef and UGLY DELICIOUS host David Chang talks of fatherhood, mixing culinary traditions, and how depression led him to career risksNPR00:48:41
Vaccine Expert On COVIDDr. Peter Hotez is helping develop a low-cost COVID vaccine. He talks about vaccine development, the anti-vax movement, and the year ahead...NPR00:48:34
Rural American Sanitation CrisisCatherine Coleman Flowers grew up in Alabama, and spent 20 years on the problem of people living with no sanitary means of human waste disposal...NPR00:49:01
CIA's Mind Control ExperimentsStephen Kinzer's book, POISONER IN CHIEF, exposes how CIA scientist Sidney Gottlieb worked in the '50s and early '60s to develop mind control drugsNPR00:48:40
President Barack ObamaHe talks of birtherism and fake news, and what he misses most about being president. And why he still has faith in democracyNPR00:48:05
'Chicago 7' TrialA movie about The Chicago 7 anti-war activists charged with conspiracy to incite a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention.NPR00:48:16
GOP Identity Crisis Post-TrumpWe talk with Nicholas Lemann about the influence Trump might have on his party going forward, and how the GOP will deal with the changes he madeNPR00:48:01
Gillian Anderson On The CrownShe talks about playing Margaret Thatcher in the new season of THE CROWN, and then coaches Terry Gross on how to do the former prime minster's voice.NPR00:47:28
Jazz Pianist Keith JarrettOne of the most celebrated pianists in jazz — acclaimed for his emotionally intense and physically energetic improvisations.NPR00:48:41
Trump's Remaining Weeks In OfficeGarrett Graff lays out some of the norm-busting actions President Trump may take in the days remaining in his presidency.NPR00:48:25
The Science Of SmellHarold McGee on why things smell the way they do - and the ways different chemicals combine to create surprising odors.NPR00:48:01
Life With A Heart ConditionKatherine Standefer tells us about long QT syndrome and the implanted cardiac defibrillator that helps regulate her heart. It changed her lifeNPR00:48:43
Megan RapinoeThe USWNT soccer star and activist speaks of her World Cup wins, the ongoing fight for pay equality in women's sports, and taking a kneeNPR00:48:47
Jazz Singer Cécile McLorin SalvantHer repertoire includes jazz standards and forgotten early songs, show tunes, and originals. ?She'?s one of this year's MacArthur fellowsNPR00:49:17
Reconstructing The PresidencyIn his book, AFTER TRUMP, Jack Goldsmith says Trump exposed the presidency's vulnerability to excesses of authority and weaknesses in accountability...NPR00:48:17
Election - Stress Test Of Our DemocracyBarton Gellman discusses what this election reveals about our system's strengths and weaknesses, and about contesting electionsNPR00:48:45
Writer Jerald WalkerHe talks of growing up on Chicago's South Side, raising his sons in a mostly white suburb and preventing his essays from turning into cliches...NPR00:48:02
Aaron SorkinSorkin has a new film about the trial of the Chicago Seven. Ken Tucker reviews songs by Stevie Wonder, The Pretenders & Bruce SpringsteenNPR00:48:17
Remembering Billy Joe ShaverHis songs have been performed by Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley...NPR00:49:06
The Enduring Impact Of COVID-19Nicholas Christakis says "Everywhere you see the spread of germs, for the last few thousand years, you see right behind it the spread of lies."NPR00:47:39
Pro-Trump MilitiasMike Giglio profiles the Oath Keepers, a pro-Trump militia group composed of police, soldiers and veterans. What they might do on Election Day and after.NPR00:48:01
What Shaped Joe Biden?We talk of his long career in the Senate, how personal tragedy changed him, and some of the political missteps he made along the way.NPR00:48:40
Black People In U.S. Food HistoryChef Marcus Samuelsson's book, THE RISE, is a celebration of Black excellence in the culinary world and the many Black cooks who influenced American foodNPR00:48:60
Father Of The Psychedelic MovementIn his research, Timothy Leary introduced L.S.D. and other psychedelic drugs to many. We listen back to Terry Gross' 1983 interview.NPR00:48:43
SCOTUS Correspondent Nina TotenbergWidely regarded as the dean of legal journalists, we talk about the Anita Hill story, her friendship with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and her early careerNPR00:48:09
Novelist Sigrid NunezHer book, WHAT ARE YOU GOING THROUGH, is about a writer dying of cancer and the friend she asks to stay with her...NPR00:47:51
Free Speech In DisinformationEmily Bazelon on how lies and conspiracy theories sweeping through American media lead scholars to question our faith in free speech...NPR00:48:24
The Fight To End SlaveryHistorian H.W. Brands' book, THE ZEALOT AND THE EMANCIPATOR looks at two very different 19th century leaders, John Brown and Abraham Lincoln...NPR00:48:32
Women Left Out Of The Constitution?Heidi Schreck realized the Constitution had failed to protect women. Her award-winning Broadway play, WHAT THE CONSTITUTION MEANS TO ME...NPR00:49:18
Octopus FilmmakerCraig Foster watched an octopus in the sea near Cape Town, South Africa. He documents their unlikely friendship in MY OCTOPUS TEACHER on NetflixNPR00:48:09
Broadway Stars Grapple With IllnessMarried stars Danny Burstein and Rebecca Luker got COVID just as theaters went dark. They tell how their lives changed, and their hopes for the futureNPR00:49:01
Lessons For A Post-Pandemic WorldFareed Zakaria says in 10 or 20 years we could look back on the pandemic and say, This was the turning point. His book: TEN LESSONS FOR A POST-PANDEMIC WORLDNPR00:49:01
Undermining School IntegrationChana Joffe-Walt says progressive white parents may say they want their kids to go to diverse schools, but the reality tells a different story...NPR00:48:16
Remembering Bob GibsonOne of baseball's most intimidating pitchers. He died last week at the age of 84. We replay interviews with Gibson and slugger Reggie Jackson...NPR00:48:42
Affordable Health Care ActWe talk with Sarah Kliff about the state of the Affordable Care Act, after 10 years of assaults. Kevin Whitehead reviews the album GENERAL SEMANTICSNPR00:47:28
Novelist Rumaan AlamAlam's novel LEAVE THE WORLD BEHIND centers on two families, one Black and one white, who are sharing a vacation home during a mysterious disaster.NPR00:48:06
Lenny KravitzKravitz talks about growing up the son of a Jewish father and Black mother, finding his musical style, and how Lisa Bonet changed him as a songwriterNPR00:49:45
Ethan HawkeHawke plays abolitionist John Brown in the seven-part Showtime series, THE GOOD LORD BIRD. How stage fright made him a better actor...NPR00:49:54
A Cave Diver On The ThrillJill Heinerth shares some of her most dangerous and exhilarating diving experiences. David Bianculli reviews the Showtime's COMEDY STORENPR00:49:07
What If Trump Contests the Election?Barton Gellman says the 2020 election could trigger a constitutional crisis, and if the election is close, it could take weeks to finishNPR00:48:06
Filmmaker Faces Dad's MortalityHer Netflix documentary, DICK JOHNSON IS DEAD, enacts her dad's death from a series of imagined accidents. Justin Chang reviews a film...NPR00:48:34
Inside The Mueller InvestigationAndrew Weissmann shares his experience with the probe and its report on Russian interference in the 2016 election...NPR00:47:09
The Secret History Of Nuclear WarJournalist Fred Kaplan pulls back the curtain on how U.S. presidents, their advisers and generals have handled nuclear warNPR00:49:42
Feminist Activist Gloria SteinemThe new drama THE GLORIAS is based on the feminist activist's memoir MY LIFE ON THE ROAD, and follows Steinem from ages 20 to 40NPR00:48:27
Met Music Director Yannick Nézet-SéguinThe young, charismatic conductor talks about Verdi's Requiem, how he communicates suffering and hope through music...NPR00:48:30
Political Meddling With COVID-19Dan Diamond describes efforts by Michael Caputo to alter CDC reports and have scientists change their findings on the pandemicNPR00:48:31
Trump's Presidency BusinessDan Alexander examines Trump's sprawling business interests in his book, WHITE HOUSE, INC. Ken Tucker reviews Mickey Guyton's musicNPR00:48:41
Remembering RBG & Neurologist Oliver SacksJeffrey Toobin on how her work led to breakthroughs in the equal treatment of women. A new documentary, OLIVER SACKS: HIS OWN LIFENPR00:48:46
WATCHMEN Writer Cord JeffersonHis HBO series has scored 26 Emmy nominations; more than any other series. Justin Chang reviews the grim thriller THE DEVIL ALL THE TIMENPR00:47:33
Country Musician & Historian Marty StuartThe Grammy winning singer-songwriter is being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. He plays his music in this interviewNPR00:49:25
COVID On College CampusesThe tough decisions colleges are facing as they decide how to continue classes, test students, and quarantine the sick.NPR00:48:36
Data Science & ElectionsJill Lepore tells the story of the Simulmatics Corporation, whose predictive models have become popular with political campaignsNPR00:48:39
Ayad Akhtar On Blending Fact & FictionHis novel, HOMELAND ELEGIES, is about a Muslim man who, like Akhtar, grows up in Wisconsin, the son of Pakistani immigrants.NPR00:48:37
Donald Ray PollockHe worked in a paper mill and meatpacking plant 32 years before becoming a writer. He discusses his novel THE DEVIL ALL THE TIMENPR00:48:57
WWII Displaced PersonsDavid Nasaw tells of the concentration camp survivors, POWs and others who remained in Germany following the war.NPR00:47:56
Novelist Yaa GyasiShe drew on her own ?experiences growing up in a largely white community in Alabama for her book, TRANSCENDENT KINGDOM.NPR00:47:57
How Torture Derailed War On TerrorAli Soufan says torture caused subjects to stop cooperating or give bad information. David Bianculli reviews a new Peacock documentaryNPR00:47:57
Celebrating Sonny RollinsToday is the 90th birthday of the great tenor saxophonist and improviser Sonny Rollins. We celebrate by hearing some of his music...NPR00:49:07
RuPaul & Padma LakshmiRuPaul and Padma Lakshmi are nominated for Emmys in the best reality/competition category. Justin Chang reviews the live action MULANNPR00:48:26
Kerry Washington & Comic Ramy YoussefWe revisit some of our favorite recent entertainment interviews, as we approach the 2020 Emmys. Both guests are nominated for lead rolesNPR00:48:35
Protecting Trump From HimselfMichael Schmidt's book focuses on staffers who stood up to Trump: FBI Director James Comey and White House Counsel Don McGahnNPR00:48:01
Miscalculations In CIA Early YearsIn his book, THE QUIET AMERICANS, Scott Anderson tells of the CIA's ill-considered covert operations in Eastern Europe after WWIINPR00:48:16
Actor Cherry JonesShe's nominated for an Emmy for her role in the HBO series Succession as Nan Pierce, the head of a family-owned media empire...NPR00:49:12
Celebrating Jazz Legend Charlie ParkerParker created a totally new sound known as bebop, along with other virtuosos like Bud Powell, Dizzy Gillespie and Max Roach.NPR00:49:14
Why We Need Widespread Rapid COVID TestingAlexis Madrigal says millions of at-home COVID saliva tests could return life to normal even if they are less accurate.NPR00:47:05
How Reagan Changed ConservatismRick Perlstein spent studies the roots of American conservatism. His book, REAGANLAND, is about Reagan became a revered RepublicanNPR00:48:30
The 'Foxification' Of AmericaBrian Stelter says the Trump's cozy relationship with Fox News is like nothing he's seen before. His new book is called HOAXNPR00:48:33
Trump's Immigration ArchitectIn Jean Guerrero's book HATEMONGER, she describes the ideological arc of Stephen Miller's life and his role as Trump's advisorNPR00:47:31
Remembering FREEDOM SUMMERIn the summer of 64, student volunteers registered African Americans to vote in Mississippi. Justin Chang reviews TESLA with Ethan HawkeNPR00:48:29
Why QAnon Is ImportantThe conspiracy theory that claims Trump battles a child sex trafficking ring, is the subject of a new article by Adrienne LaFranceNPR00:47:56
The Hiroshima Cover-UpLesley Blume's book, FALLOUT, tells of John Hersey, a journalist whose reporting in Hiroshima exposed the devastation of nuclear weaponsNPR00:47:33
Carl Hiaasen On Florida LifeHis new novel, SQUEEZE ME, is a hilarious mystery set in Palm Beach. We also discuss politics, and voting in FloridaNPR00:48:21
ICE & Immigration In The U.S.Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau paint a portrait of our immigration system in their 6-part Netflix documentary series...NPR00:47:52
Sister Helen PrejeanShe's best known for her 1993 memoir, DEAD MAN WALKING, about her role as a spiritual adviser to a convicted killer on death row.NPR00:48:25
WATCHMEN Writer Cord JeffersonWATCHMEN uses sci-fi and action heroes to examine American racism. We also remember our longtime language commentator Geoff NunbergNPR00:48:07
How MLK & Malcolm X Influenced Each OtherThey are usually seen as opposing forces in the civil rights struggle, but Black Power scholar Dr. Peniel Joseph says the truth is...NPR00:47:53
GOP Strategist Takes On Trump'Stuart Stevens says the party's support for Trump reflects the abandonment of principles it long claimed to embrace, such as...NPR00:47:60
Director Gina Prince-BythewoodHer new movie, THE OLD GUARD, follows a diverse group of world-weary warriors who've been alive for centuries...NPR00:48:20
How Satchel Paige Helped Integrate BaseballWe hear from Larry Tye, author of SATCHEL: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF AN AMERICAN LEGEND. Maureen Corrigan remembers journalist Pete HamillNPR00:48:48
Remembering Journalist Pete HamillThe columnist helped convince his friend Robert Kennedy to run for president. When RFK was shot, he helped tackle the assassinNPR00:48:22
Tragedy Of The Mueller ReportJeffrey ?Toobin's new book, TRUE CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS,?? tells how? Trump and his team out-maneuvered special counsel Robert Mueller.NPR00:49:13
Isabel Wilkerson On Our Caste SystemShe examines the laws and practices that created a bipolar caste system in the U.S. and how the Nazis borrowed from it...NPR00:48:49
The Decline Of Local NewsSince 2004, more than 2,000 U.S. newspapers went out of business. Margaret Sullivan talks of the decline of local news coverage...NPR00:48:38
Remembering Regis Philbin & Annie RossRegis, who died July 24, spoke with David Bianculli about his memoir, HOW I GOT THIS WAY. Annie was best-known for the song TWISTED...NPR00:48:44
White Supremacy In American ChristianityRobert P. Jones talks of white supremacy in American Christianity. His new book: WHITE TOO LONG. Maureen Corrigan reviews two novels.NPR00:47:59
Tim Kurkjian On Baseball During COVIDChallenges facing Major League Baseball amid the pandemic. Kevin Whitehead reviews JUST COOLIN, by drummer Art BlakeyNPR00:47:51
Poet Natasha TretheweyWhen she was 19, her abusive stepfather killed her mother. In her memoir, MEMORIAL DRIVE, she revives her mother's memory and shares stories...NPR00:47:56
Mike Birbiglia & Jen SteinWhen they married, they agreed not to have kids. Then Jen changed her mind. In their book, Mike writes "painfully true" stories...NPR00:47:52
Remembering Christopher DickeyIn a career spanning four decades, he wrote 7 books and reported from more than 40 countries, covering war, conflict and espionage.NPR00:48:09
Mary Trump, The President's NieceShe was devastated when her uncle was elected president. Her book, TOO MUCH AND NEVER ENOUGH, describes him as a "belligerent" youth...NPR00:48:30
I May Destroy YouIn this HBO series Michaela Coel plays a writer who goes to a bar, is drugged & sexually assaulted. John Powers reviews INTIMATIONSNPR00:47:60
Jim McCloskey's MissionHe devoted 40 years to justice for innocent people. His memoir: WHEN TRUTH IS ALL YOU HAVE. Ken Tucker reviews WOMEN IN MUSIC IIINPR00:48:27
Remembering John LewisLewis grew up the son of sharecroppers and later became an associate of Martin Luther King Jr. He died July 17 at the age of 80.NPR00:47:07
Charlize Theron / Danny TrejoCharlize Theron stars in THE OLD GUARD on Netflix. INMATE #1: THE RISE OF DANNY TREJO reveals his journey from prison to stardomNPR00:48:39
Why Our Prisons Make Mental Illness WorseChristine Montross studied changes in the Norwegian prison system, and what we might learn from it. Her book WAITING FOR AN ECHONPR00:48:08
Trump Weakens Worker ProtectionsJane Mayer on weaker poultry industry health and safety regulations due to COVID-19. Her New Yorker article: TRUMP HELPS TYCOONS EXPLOIT THE PANDEMIC.NPR00:48:04
SNL's Colin JostSNL Weekend Update co-anchor and writer Colin Jost has a new memoir. Justin Chang reviews PALM SPRINGS starring Andy Samberg.NPR00:49:37
Matthew RhysHis version of attorney Perry Mason is more hardboiled than the one Raymond Burr played: "He's a man who lives on whiskey and cigarettes"NPR00:48:14
MOONLIGHT Actor André HollandHis parents were voting rights activists and his father a preacher. He'll star in a radio version of Shakespeare's RICHARD IINPR00:48:43
Chaos & Healing In The ERIn her memoir, THE BEAUTY IN BREAKING, Michele Harper describes discovering evidence of child abuse as well as trauma in her own lifeNPR00:47:21
White Evangelicals Worship TrumpSarah Posner says while Trump may not speak the language of Christian values, he speaks the language of grievance, giving voice to legal...NPR00:48:16
Senator McCarthy & TrumpLarry Tye says both are bullies who exploit fears and point fingers when attacked. Maureen Corrigan reviews the novel WANT.NPR00:46:35
Padma LakshmiIn her new series, TASTE THE NATION, TOP CHEF host and executive producer explores the cultures that contribute to American cuisineNPR00:48:38
Remembering Carl ReinerWe listen to our interview with Reiner, & hear excerpts of interviews with Mary Tyler Moore & longtime friend & collaborator Mel BrooksNPR00:48:13
Patrick Stewart On STAR TREK: PICARDHe's back as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in the CBS All Access series. "I am not averse to risk-taking and I don't judge myself."NPR00:49:22
The Militarization Of PoliceJournalist Radley Balko says police departments across America are increasingly using military equipment on peaceful protestors.NPR00:48:13
A Doctor Confronts Medical ErrorErrors are common, yet many in medicine don't speak up. In her book, When We Do Harm, Dr. Ofri looks into the flaws in the system...NPR00:48:44
HAMILTON Creator Lin-Manuel MirandaA 2016 film of HAMILTON begins streaming on Disney+ July 3. Miranda says the production is as timely as ever...NPR00:50:02
LGBTQ Activist Cleve JonesAfter the AIDS epidemic hit San Francisco, Cleve co-founded the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and started the AIDS Memorial Quilt...NPR00:49:05
Actor Christine BaranskiShe started her career in theater and now stars as a progressive lawyer in THE GOOD FIGHT. She talks of singing & her grandmother...NPR00:47:35
Nikole Hannah-Jones On The Wealth GapThe Pulitzer-winning journalist says slavery and legalized segregation robbed Black Americans of the ability to accumulate wealth.NPR00:47:43
Lifelong Struggle With Eating DisordersFor nearly 30 years, Susan Burton kept her binge eating secret. "As long as I was bingeing, I didn't have to think. I didn't have to...NPR00:48:38
Treating PTSD With PsychedelicsDr. Julie Holland has used psychedelic-assisted therapy to treat patients with post-traumatic stress disorder. Her book is GOOD CHEMISTRYNPR00:47:23
Singing Slave NarrativesRhiannon Giddens' album FREEDOM HIGHWAY includes songs based on slave narratives. She notes the banjo comes from the African akonting...NPR00:49:06
Parenting Without PerfectionKristen Howerton talks about how raising two white biological daughters and two black adopted sons helped her understand white privilegeNPR00:47:50
Assessing COVID-19 Risk As The U.S. ReopensWe talk with University of Minnesota epidemiologist Michael Osterholm about the safety concerns in terms of protests, indoor gatherings...NPR00:48:14
Lasting Effects Of AbortionDr. Diana Greene Foster says "95 percent of women who receive an abortion later report that it was the right decision for them."NPR00:48:06
1919 Chicago Riots To TodayPoet Eve Ewing looks back on a century-old riot in Chicago, set off after a black teen drowned while being stoned by white people...NPR00:48:51
Black Athletes & Social JusticeInterview with James Baldwin, Raoul Peck & Howard Bryant, author of a book on African American athletes standing for social justiceNPR00:48:50
'The King Of Staten Island'The film draws on Pete Davidson's real life experience losing his own father, a 9/11 First Responder. Justin Chang reviews DA 5 BLOODSNPR00:47:32
Rethinking American PolicingJamiles Lartey says "?Policing wasn't always this way. It wasn't always this big. It wasn't always this bureaucratic..."NPR00:47:41
The Trump's Response To DC ProtestsMatt Zapotosky talks about Attorney General Barr's role in White House's forceful response to largely peaceful protests in DC.NPR00:48:34
Texas Ranger HistoryTheir exploits are portrayed in movies and TV, but Doug Swanson says they have a dark history of abuse and racial oppression...NPR00:48:18
Unresolved Legacy Of ReconstructionEric Foner analyzes how the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments affect current issues of voting rights, mass incarceration and reparations...NPR00:48:33
Why GOP Backs Trump's 'Cult'Anne Applebaum says Trump built a proto-authoritarian cult in the White House, with little to no dissent from the GOP...NPR00:47:26
Wes Moore On Freddie Gray & George FloydIn his book FIVE DAYS, Wes chronicles the 2015 Baltimore uprising after Freddie Gray's death. "We're... reliving history right now"NPR00:48:29
The Migration Of Living ThingsSonia Shah, author of THE NEXT GREAT MIGRATION says the "invaders" are just following biology. She talks of human, animal & plant migrationNPR00:47:26
George Floyd Protests & Police ReformBrooklyn Borough President Eric Adams On police reform and the protests against brutality and systemic racism happening across America.NPR00:48:15
Margo Price & Larry KramerSinger-songwriter Margo Price spoke with us when her album ALL AMERICAN MADE was released. Remembering AIDS activist Larry KramerNPR00:48:53
Burying New York City's DeadIn just a two month period, New York City had 20,000 COVID deaths. What happens to the bodies? W.J. Hennigan answers...NPR00:47:24
How Breathing Affects Sleep, Anxiety & ResilienceJames Nestor: why breathing through the nose beats breathing through the mouth, snoring, and how breath work can affect overall health.NPR00:48:16
Comic Hannah GadsbyHer autism diagnosis, growing up in Tasmania, and her new special, DOUGLAS. We review Nancy McKinley's ST. CHRISTOPHER ON PLUTO.NPR00:49:06
Winston Churchill's Fearless LeadershipIn THE SPLENDID AND THE VILE, Erik Larson details Churchill's first year in office, when England endured a Nazi bombing campaign...NPR00:48:04
Beatles Photographer Astrid KirchherrAstrid Kirchherr, who died May 12, took the very first publicity photos of the then little-known Liverpool band, The Beatles...NPR00:48:55
Pandemic Reveals Gender InequalityFor many couples, the women take on twice as much housework and childcare as their male partners, even when both are home full time...NPR00:48:21
Breaking The Edward Snowden StoryBarton Gellman shares a Pulitzer for reporting on former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and the government's secret surveillance programNPR00:47:57
Meditation Can Ease Pandemic AnxietyDan Harris credits meditation with helping him work through his anxiety over a panic attack. It lets people "relax into the uncertainty."NPR00:47:19
Janelle MonaeShe stars in the series HOMECOMING as a veteran who wakes up in a rowboat and is can't remember who she is or how she got there.NPR00:47:56
Remembering Jerry Stiller & Cellist Lynn HarrellActor and comedian Jerry Stiller spoke to us in 1993. We also remember award-winning cellist Lynn Harrell from an interview in 1987NPR00:47:28
Learning From The 1918 PandemicJohn Barry's 2004 book about the 1918 influenza pandemic is a current bestseller. Barry talks about the relevent parallels...NPR00:47:31
Self-Curing Doctor With Rare DiseaseDavid Fajgenbaum was diagnosed with Castleman disease. In CHASING MY CURE, he recounts crowd-sourcing his own treatment with a global networkNPR00:48:08
Writer Michael ArceneauxHe graduated with more than $100,000 of student loan debt. His essay I DON'T WANT TO DIE POOR recounts how that shaped his lifeNPR00:48:02
How Pandemic Affects Voting?Emily Bazelon focuses on the financial and political obstacles that are likely to prevent many Americans from voting by mail...NPR00:48:41
Steve MartinWe revisit our interview with comic Steve Martin from 2008. He tells of his years as a stand up comic—and why he ended that...NPR00:48:38
Saving The Restaurant IndustryThe TOP CHEF judge speaks about broken food supply chains, food waste, and what the restaurant industry might become post COVID-19.NPR00:47:54
Understanding Nancy PelosiMolly Ball says the key to the speaker's success is her mastery of the inside game in politics — building relationships, counting votes...NPR00:49:22
Exploring Depression With John MoeIn his podcast, THE HILARIOUS WORLD OF DEPRESSION, he talks with his guests (mostly comics) about their experiences with mental illness.NPR00:48:34
Fashion Guru Tim GunnHe talks about his new series, MAKING THE CUT, how to give constructive feedback, and why he's moved to tears by beautiful things.NPR00:49:25
Remembering Bollywood Icon Irrfan KhanIrrfan, one of India's most beloved film stars, and internationally known SLUMDOG MILLI0ONAIRE, LIFE OF PI and others died this week.NPR00:47:49
Who's Benefiting?Jesse Drucker on how the economic rescue package benefits the rich. French guitarist Stephane Wrembel on jazz great Django Reinhardt...NPR00:49:17
Learning From China's Approach To COVIDDonald McNeil points to China as a model of how to stop a fast moving pandemic in its tracks. John Powers reviews Hulu's NORMAL PEOPLE.NPR00:49:08
One Family's Marijuana BrowniesAlia Volz's family ran a weed brownie business. Her memoir is HOME BAKED. Maureen Corrigan reviews two great books...NPR00:48:48
Mindy KalingHer Netflix show, NEVER HAVE I EVER, is based on her own experiences as a nerdy, confident teen who pined for a boyfriend...NPR00:48:57
Remembering Brian DennehyBrian died April 15. He spoke with us in 1999. Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead shares a remembrance of saxophonist Lee Konitz...NPR00:49:21
Trump's 'Enabler-In-Chief'Jane Mayer talks about how Mitch McConnell has thrown his support behind the President, and allowed him to diminish congressional power...NPR00:48:54
Notes From An ApocalypseMark O'Connell on bunkers in South Dakota, Mars as a "backup planet," and catastrophy tourism. John Powers on sheltering bingeing...NPR00:49:04
Author Jennifer Finney BoylanShe came out as transgender in her 40s. She describes her book, GOOD BOY, as a memoir of masculinity, kind of told the way an expatriate might...NPR00:47:36
Actor Zoe KazanShe stars in HBO's THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA, in which Charles Lindbergh defeats Roosevelt in the race for the presidency, moving the U.S. to fascismNPR00:48:35
Singer-Songwriter Iris DeMentShe describes herself as very shy, but says when songs started coming to me, I felt I didn't have the option to hide and avoid the stageNPR00:48:25
How Dr. Fauci Changed MedicineMichael Specter on Fauci's work during the AIDS epidemic, why Trump can't fire him, and the structural changes and research...NPR00:46:31
Truth About Our 'Deep State'David Rohde refutes Trump's claims of a deep state and says he's creating a parallel shadow government of like-minded loyalistsNPR00:48:27
Jason BatemanHe stars in the Netflix series OZARK as a financial manager who has become the money launderer for Mexico's second biggest drug cartel.NPR00:48:38
The Big Business Of InequalityNelson Schwartz, author of THE VELVET ROPE ECONOMY, says special privileges for the super-rich are dividing America...NPR00:48:12
Remembering John PrineLegendary songwriter, singer and guitarist John Prine died Tuesday from complications of the coronavirus and prior cancers. He was 73.NPR00:49:14
Jail Population Amid COVID-19San Francisco's D.A. Chesa Boudin is working to reduce incarcerations. Since January, he's reduced county jail population by nearly 40%.NPR00:48:60
Stephen KingAs author of a 1978 pandemic novel, he understands why fans have said the COVID-19 pandemic feels like something out of his books...NPR00:49:14
Cooking Alongside Covid-19Former New York Times food editor Sam Sifton says the resurgence of family meals is one of the "precious few good things" from the pandemic.NPR00:47:44
Kerry WashingtonIn the Hulu series LITTLE FIRES EVERYWHERE, she co-stars opposite Reese Witherspoon as Mia Warren, a bohemian artist single mom with...NPR00:48:43
Remembering Three MusiciansThey died this week of COVID-19. Jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli, bandleader/writer Adam Schlesinger, and pianist/educator Ellis MarsalisNPR00:51:17
Stories From The Front LineTrauma surgeon Dr. David Nott has spent decades volunteering in war and disaster zones all over the world. Now he advises doctors on COVID-19.NPR00:48:45
Masks, Vaccines & How COVID-19 Might EndTwo years ago, Atlantic science writer Ed Yong predicted a global pandemic and our unpreparedness. Now that it's come true, he's been covering...NPR00:48:06
The Origin Of Heaven And HellBart Ehrman says the notion of eternal rewards and punishments isn't in the Old Testament or the teachings of Jesus...NPR00:47:37
Winston Churchill: Fearless LeadershipIn THE SPLENDID AND THE VILE, Erik Larson details Churchill's first year in office, during which England endured a Nazi bombing campaign...NPR00:48:54
Stephen Sondheim - Part 2Sondheim, who turned 90 on March 22, composed the music and wrote lyrics for 'Sweeney Todd,' 'Into the Woods,' 'Company' and others...NPR00:53:54
Trump's War On The PresidencyJournalist Benjamin Wittes spoke with Terry Gross about how President Trump has changed the presidency fundamentally...NPR00:47:34
Michael Pollan On CaffeineOMNIVORE'S DILEMMA author Michael Pollan talks about his audiobook, CAFFEINE: HOW COFFEE AND TEA CREATED THE MODERN WORLD...NPR00:49:17
Mobilize In A PandemicMax Brooks became an expert on disaster preparedness through researching for his books, WORLD WAR Z, GERM WARFARE and DEVOLUTION...NPR00:47:34
Comic Marc MaronMaron named his new Netflix comedy special END TIMES FUN before the COVID-19 pandemic started; but now the title feels eerily apt.NPR00:48:44
Happy Birthday Stephen SondheimBroadway is dark because of the virus, but that doesn't need to stop us from celebrating the 90th birthday of Broadway's best living composer and lyricistNPR00:49:11
An Orchestra Played OnThe Philadelphia Orchestra closed because of the pandemic. Conductor Yannick Nezet-Seguin reflects on their final performance in an empty hallNPR00:49:15
Abolishing The Electoral CollegeJesse Wegman says the Electoral College's winner-take-all rule is not mandated by the Constitution: There's nothing keeping us from changing it.NPR00:49:54
Actor Hank AzariaHank plays a colorful baseball announcer in the IFC comedy series BROCKMIRE. He speaks about sobriety, his flamboyant character and...NPR00:48:41
Octavia SpencerSpencer stars in the new Netflix limited series SELF MADE as Madam C.J. Walker, America's first female self-made millionaire...NPR00:49:03
The Plot Against AmericaPhilip Roth's novel is an alternative history which imagines Nazi sympathizer Charles Lindbergh beats FDR in the 1940 presidential election...NPR00:48:13
Trump's Mismanagement of Coronavirus?Dan Diamond says dysfunction within the White House, infighting and the need to flatter Trump have slowed response to the new pandemic.?NPR00:48:51
Saudi Crown PrinceBen Hubbard says Mohammed bin Salman is full of contradictions. Hubbard's book, 'MBS,' tells the story of the enigmatic leader...NPR00:48:60
RuPaulRuPaul describes his drag persona as "one-part Cher, two-parts David Bowie, one-part Diana Ross and two heaping spoonfuls of Dolly Parton."NPR00:50:36
Writer James McBrideMcBride's new novel, DEACON KING KONG, takes place in 1969, in a Brooklyn housing project like the one he grew up in...NPR00:48:51
Biographer Robert CaroPulitzer Prize-winner Robert Caro was never interested in only telling the stories of great men. "I wanted to use their lives to show..."NPR00:48:46
CIA's Secret-Stealing OperationCrypto AG, a Swiss company owned by the CIA and German intelligence, sold encrypters that let them spy on those who bought them.NPR00:49:18
Native Peoples' Fight For SurvivalLouise Erdrich's new novel, THE NIGHT WATCHMAN, was inspired by her grandfather, chairman of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa...NPR00:48:28
Father Searches For SonThe son of Roman Dial vanished in the Costa Rican wilderness. Dial talks about his frantic search for his son - and for answers...NPR00:49:17
Hardship & Hope After PrisonFormer New Orleans parole officer Jason Hardy says the parole and probation system fails the most vulnerable...NPR00:47:55
Aidy Bryant On SHRILLBryant co-writes and stars in the comedy series based on Lindy West's book about identifying as fat and a feminist. Interview of guitarist Marty Grosz.NPR00:49:39
Understanding Trump's Hit ListReporter Jonathan Swan says Trump has crossed a psychological line since impeachment, developing a list of disloyal officials to oust...NPR00:50:09
Actor Ben Mendelsohn On THE OUTSIDERIn the HBO series, Ben plays a detective trying to solve a murder - and resisting the idea that the killer is supernatural...NPR00:49:34
Facebook: The Inside StoryWired Editor Steven Levy reflects on Facebook's enigmatic leader and its reckless drive for expansion in his new book, FACEBOOK: THE INSIDE STORYNPR00:48:31
A More Unjust AmericaIn his book, Adam Cohen asserts that the Supreme Court has been a right-wing court for 50 years. Kevin Whitehead reviews LIFE GOES ON.NPR00:47:59
Mother's Secret GamblingGrowing up, Bridgett M. Davis' mother booked and banked bets from their home in Detroit. She writes about her experience...NPR00:49:24
Claire DanesShe has played CIA agent Carrie Mathison on Homeland. As the last season begins, she looks back on the series and her teenage years.NPR00:48:49
Trump's Secrets At Deutsche BankIn his book DARK TOWERS, David Enrich traces Deutsche Bank's shadowy practices, and also talks about it's long relationship with Donald Trump.NPR00:49:03
Rachael & Vilray SingThe music duo perform Swing Standard songs from their self-titled debut album, which draws on the music of the '30s and '40s.NPR00:48:18
Trump's Testing Of AmericaCarol Leonnig and Philip Rucker discuss presidential rages, erratic decision-making and other troubling tendencies of the Trump presidency.NPR00:49:14
Nick Hornby & Ladysmith Black MambazoHornby's novel, HIGH FIDELITY, is the basis of a new Hulu series. Remembering Joseph Shabalala, frontman of the African a capella group.NPR00:48:44
Amazon & the Jeff Bezos Rise & ReignThe new FRONTLINE PBS documentary AMAZON EMPIRE investigates their business practices and questions about privacy, surveillance & regulation.NPR00:47:57
The Watergate ProsecutionJill Wine-Banks' memoir, THE WATERGATE GIRL, is about confronting Nixon White House insider witnesses, enduring courtroom sexism and ...NPR00:48:49
The 2020 Disinformation WarThe Trump campaign is planning to spend $1 billion and a lot will go towards disinformation and propaganda. McKay Coppins reveals how.NPR00:48:26
Caffeine Addiction & WithdrawalOMNIVORE'S DILEMMA author Michael Pollan talks about his new audiobook about a drug we use every day without thinking of it as a drug...NPR00:47:21
Todd Phillips & Kirk DouglasJOKER director Todd Phillips tells how he disguised his film as a comic book movie. We remember SPARTACUS actor Kirk Douglas...NPR00:48:10
A New Frontier Of AssassinationAdam Entous says we could face more Iranian retaliation for General Soleimani's death: "They take a long time to strike back."NPR00:47:52
Coronavirus, Animal Infections, PandemicsScience writer David Quammen talks about the new virus in China, what we learned from SARS, and how viruses travel from animal to animal to humans.NPR00:49:13
Grief, Guilt & A Secret AddictionEilene Zimmerman's memoir, SMACKED, shows how her former spouse, a wealthy attorney, hid his addiction and depression from her and their children.NPR00:48:40
AMERICAN FACTORY DocumentarySteven Bognar and Julia Reichert's Oscar-nominated documentary goes inside a Chinese-owned automotive glass factory in Ohio.NPR00:49:07
Antonio Banderas On PAIN AND GLORYHe earned his first Oscar nomination for his role in Pedro Almodóvar's film. Critic John Powers reviews the Netflix TV show GIRI/HAJI.NPR00:48:37
Upheaval In The Middle EastKim Ghattas' book BLACK WAVE is about MidEast extremism and violence since the 70s. Searching London's River Thames for items lost to history.NPR00:47:49
What If There's An Election MeltdownLaw professor Rick Hasen considers various catastrophes in his book, ELECTION MELTDOWN. Ken Tucker reviews THE NEON SKYLINE by Andy Shauf.NPR00:48:27
Singer-Songwriter Amy RigbyShe talks of touring with her baby, her manifesto, and meeting her husband, Wreckless Eric. Justin Chang reviews the indie movie THE ASSISTANT.NPR00:48:49
Secret History Of Nuclear WarIn his book, THE BOMB, Fred Kaplan tells how our presidents, their advisers and generals planned for, and sometimes narrowly avoided, nuclear war.NPR00:49:10
Inside Trump's Den Of DestructionCarol Leonnig & Philip Rucker's book, A VERY STABLE GENIUS, details presidential rages, erratic decision-making and other troubling tendencies...NPR00:50:11
The Horrors Of AuschwitzAuschwitz was liberated 75 years ago. We revisit archival interviews with survivor Elie Wiesel and historian Laurence Rees.NPR00:48:20
Barr's Support Of TrumpDavid Rohde says Barr is the most feared, criticized and effective member of the Trump's cabinet. David Bianculli reviews STAR TREK: PICARD.NPR00:48:06
In Trump's 'Den Of Destruction'Reporters Carol Leonnig & Philip Rucker based their book A VERY STABLE GENIUS, on over 200 interviews with administration insiders.NPR00:49:24
Actor Tim RothTim is in the Tarantino films RESERVOIR DOGS, THE HATEFUL EIGHT and PULP FICTION, and the new movie THE SONG OF NAMES.NPR00:49:49
Our Racist Past & PresentAttorney Bryan Stevenson says "We need to create institutions in this country that motivate more people to say Never again."NPR00:48:18
Why Religion?Religion scholar Elaine Pagels' book, WHY RELIGION?, combines memoir and biblical scholarship to reflect on loss and faith...NPR00:48:20
Iran's Secret InfluencesJames Risen says new documents show Iran embedded itself in the politics of Iraq. General Soleimani oversaw proxy wars in Iraq and Syria.NPR00:48:04
Martin ScorseseHis film, THE IRISHMAN, is up for 10 Academy Awards. He spoke with Terry Gross about death, redemption and his biggest flop...NPR00:49:09
'Fixers' That Created President TrumpJoe Palazzolo & Michael Rothfeld's book 'The Fixers: The Bottom-feeders, Crooked Lawyers, Gossipmongers, & Porn Stars Who Created the 45th President'...NPR00:48:17
Coup of 1898 & Rise of White SupremacyWilmington, N.C. White supremacists plotted a bloody purge around the 1898 election. David Zucchino tells the story in his new book...NPR00:49:40
Remembering Buck HenryHenry, who died Jan. 8, co-wrote the film GET SMART with Mel Brooks and made regular appearances as a guest host on Saturday Night Live...NPR00:49:03
America's Contest With ChinaEvan Osnos says China is building up its military, and Pentagon analysts believe it could defeat U.S. forces in a confrontation along its borders.NPR00:48:47
The Trumps & KushnersAndrea Bernstein, author of the book AMERICAN OLIGARCHS talks with Terry Gross about the family histories of the Trumps and the Kushners...NPR00:48:14
Boys & SexPeggy Orenstein's book is based on extensive interviews with more than 100 college and college-bound boys between the ages of 16 and 22...NPR00:48:33
Director Todd PhillipsJOKER is an origin story for the villain in the Batman series, but director Todd Phillips says it's not a comic book movie.NPR00:49:16
Jordan Peele/Francis Ford CoppolaWe close out our 'Best of the Decade' series with two of our favorite film directors...NPR00:50:05
Patti Smith/Bruce SpringsteenOur Best of the Decade series continues with two music icons. Patti Smith spoke on JUST KIDS, & Bruce Springsteen on BORN TO RUN.NPR00:47:30
Ta-Nehisi Coates/Toni MorrisonOur Best of the Decade series continues with two of the most influential writers of our time...NPR00:48:51
In ConcertThree music interviews. String band Carolina Chocolate Drops, Jazz singer Catherine Russell and bandleader Jon Batiste.NPR00:47:59
Howard Stern/Joan RiversOur Best of the Decade series continues with two irreverent New Yorkers. Stern on his early shock-jock days & Rivers, a pioneer woman in comedy.NPR00:50:43
Anthony Bourdain/David CarrOur Best of the Decade series continues with media giants lost too soon. Chef-turned-travel-host Anthony Bourdain & columnist David Carr.NPR00:48:57
Meryl Streep/Carrie FisherThis week, we are listening back to some of our favorite interviews from the past decade, with Meryl Streep and Carrie Fisher...NPR00:51:15
Rosemary Clooney In ConcertTo celebrate Christmas, we listen back to a concert given by the late singer and actress in 1997...NPR00:50:25
A Roots & Rockabilly Holiday ConcertSinger-songwriter JD McPherson and his band perform live in studio from SOCKS. Ken Tucker reviews Tyler Childers' album, COUNTRY SQUIRE.NPR00:49:53
2019 In TV & FilmTV critic David Bianculli and film critic Justin Chang sit down with Terry Gross to share their top 10 lists and talk about larger themes...NPR00:49:31
Hoffa's DisappearanceJack Goldsmith's memoir IN HOFFA'S SHADOW is about his investigation of his stepfather's involvement in the disappearance of labor leader Jimmy Hoffa...NPR00:47:52
Adam Sandler & The Safdie BrosSandler plays a jewelry store owner who's deep in debt in a new thriller by writer/directors Josh and Benny Safdie.NPR00:48:52
The War In AfghanistanThe Washington Post obtained information that reveals U.S. officials misled the public about the course of the war.NPR00:49:54
Julie Andrews & Her DaughterAndrews talks about her career and family life and her eldest daughter reflects on what it was like growing up with Mary Poppins...NPR00:50:32
Charlize TheronTheron has direct experience with what she calls the "psychological damage" of sexual harassment. Her new film, BOMBSHELL.NPR00:48:60
Comic Wanda SykesBefore she became a comic, she worked at the NSA and had top security clearance. Now she takes on the president in her Emmy-nominated Netflix special.NPR00:49:21
Medicare For All, ExplainedSarah Kliff talks about the costs and challenges of switching to a universal healthcare system and what it might mean to eliminate private insurance...NPR00:50:15
Conan O'BrienHe recently switched up the format of his late-night show, and has launched the second season of his podcast, CONAN O'BRIEN NEEDS A FRIEND...NPR00:48:45
Trump & His GeneralsPeter Bergen reflects on Trump's soured relationships with Generals Mattis, McMaster and Kelly. A bunch of yes men supporting a one-man show?...NPR00:50:32
Actor Alex BorsteinHe's won back-to-back Emmys for playing a tough, street-wise talent manager on the Amazon series, THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL...NPR00:49:15
Conductor M. Tilson ThomasTilson Thomas will receive the Kennedy Center Lifetime Artistic Achievement award. He spoke with Terry Gross in 1995 and 2012.NPR00:48:58
Ukraine's President on TrumpAfter 6 months in office, Volodymyr Zelensky is "quite cynical" and feels "there are no reliable allies," journalist Simon Shuster says.NPR00:50:06
The Stuff You DonateYour average thrift store in the U.S. only sells about one third of the stuff on its shelves, Adam Minter says. The rest...NPR00:49:09
Living Between Life & DeathBJ Miller's experience led him to pursue a career in end-of-life care and palliative medicine. His book is A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO THE END.NPR00:50:54
Actor David HarbourHarbour talks of working with teen actors in STRANGER THINGS, & his bipolar disorder. Remembering cartoonist Gahan Wilson.NPR00:49:19
Telling Kids The TruthMarielle Heller says. Her film, A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, centers on Fred Rogers' unlikely friendship with a cynical journalist.NPR00:48:32
Prince's Posthumous MemoirPrince died in 2016, leaving behind an unfinished memoir. Dan Piepenbring, his co-writer, recalls the moment he knew he could make...NPR00:50:06
Actor Edward NortonHe wrote, directed and stars in the film noir MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN. He talks about his film and his grandfather's legacy.NPR00:48:15
Inside the Steele DossierDuring the 2016 campaign former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele investigated Donald Trump's involvement with Russia...NPR00:49:06
College Behind BarsA new PBS documentary follows prisoners earning college degrees via the Bard Prison Initiative while in maximum security.NPR00:48:24
Leonard CohenHe died in 2016, leaving behind many unpublished poems and lyrics. His son Adam Cohen discusses his finest works and the way he worked.NPR00:46:23
Foreign Influence On U.S. PoliticsExpert Ben Freeman says that in 2020 we are going to see a level of foreign influence on our election that's even higher than in 2016.NPR00:48:24
Telling Kids The TruthMarielle Heller's film, A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD, centers on Fred Rogers' unlikely friendship with a cynical journalist.NPR00:48:31
Russian Assassination ProgramHeidi Blake found evidence connecting Russian hitmen to 14 deaths in the UK. They attracted little interest from British authorities.NPR00:48:25
Actor Robert PattinsonAfter becoming a success in big box office films, he pivoted to indie art house films, like his new one, THE LIGHTHOUSE...NPR00:50:01
THE CROWN Creator Peter MorganSeason 3 of the the historical drama about Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family begins Sunday. We listen back to our interview...NPR00:48:56
Reese WitherspoonFrustrated by the lack of leading roles for women, she started her own production company. Her new project, THE MORNING SHOW...NPR00:48:19
Actor Willem DafoeHe's played villains, soldiers, van Gogh and Jesus. He talks about being a good bad guy. Ken Tucker reviews DaBaby's album KIRK...NPR00:49:28
Online ExtremistsAndrew Marantz spent years with far-right online extremists watching them spread false news by exploiting social media.NPR00:49:08
Judd Apatow On Garry ShandlingJudd talks about his late mentor, stand-up legend Garry Shandling, and the personal trauma that formed him...NPR00:47:29
The Fugitive Slave ActAndrew Delbanco says the 1850 law paved the way for the Civil War by endangering the lives of escaped slaves and free blacks in the North...NPR00:48:06
A President And Congress Go To WarEmily Bazelon explores what it really means to be held in contempt of Congress these days. In the past, you could be jailed...NPR00:47:16
How We Fight For Our LivesSaeed Jones, a former culture editor and LGBTQ editor at BuzzFeed, talks about his search for identity and being "mad as hell and gay as hell."NPR00:49:06
Hearing In A Deafening WorldDavid Owen talks about why it's hard to follow conversation in a loud restaurant, the cause of tinnitus, and breakthroughs in hearing aid technology.NPR00:49:36
Musician Allison MoorerHer memoir and album (both titled BLOOD) are about her father murdering her mother and her road to healing.NPR00:47:49
Remembering Robert EvansHe ran Paramount Studios from the late '60s to early '70s and brought CHINATOWN, ROSEMARY'S BABY, & THE GODFATHER to the big screen.NPR00:49:01
Impeachment DramaAndrew Kramer says impeachment puts Ukrainian President in a tough spot: He may be dealing with President Biden next year, or maybe Trump.NPR00:48:12
Mr. Robot Creator Sam EsmailIn college, he shied away from parties and instead took refuge in the the computer lab, where he experimented with hacking...NPR00:48:50
Living With Tourette'sFor novelist Kevin Wilson, talks about his experience with Tourette's and how writing gives him a reprieve from his tics.NPR00:48:45
Prince's Posthumous MemoirPrince died in 2016, leaving behind an unfinished memoir. Dan Piepenbring, his co-writer, recalls the moment he knew he could...NPR00:50:32
Tom Perrotta On MRS. FLETCHERIt tells the story of Eve, a single mother whose only child, Brendan, has left for college. It was inspired by his own kids moving out.NPR00:48:31
Actor Kathryn HahnHahn stars in the HBO series MRS. FLETCHER as a divorced mom whose son goes away to college. Kevin Whitehead reviews the album GOOD HOPE.NPR00:48:43
Mosul & The Fall of ISISJames Verini gives an account of the 2017 battle to drive ISIS from Mosul, the second-largest city in Iraq. The fighting left thousands deadNPR00:48:14
The Syrian Civil WarWashington Post Beirut Bureau Chief Liz Sly discusses Trump's decision to withdraw U.S. forces and her experience reporting in war zones.NPR00:48:19
Janis JoplinBiographer Holly George-Warren describes Joplin as a bookworm who worked hard to create her "blues feelin' mama" persona...NPR00:47:41
Jazz Singer Anita O'DayO'Day inspired the so-called cool jazz singers of the '50s. We remember actor Robert Forster who died last Friday at 78...NPR00:47:53
Climate Change & Coastal LandGilbert Gaul says federal subsidies encourage developers to build on the coasts despite increasing risks from climate change...NPR00:48:42
Attica LockeHer novel, HEAVEN, MY HOME, centers on a black Texas ranger searching for the missing son of an Aryan Brotherhood leader...NPR00:49:02
Ronan FarrowHe talks about the systemic ways in which top institutions aid and abet powerful people accused of crimes, silence witnesses, and...NPR00:46:58
Elton JohnHe talks about his volatile childhood, addiction, and fame. His memoir is called ME. Lloyd Schwartz reviews a documentary on Maria Callas.NPR00:48:33
Breaking Bad Sequel El CaminoWe review the movie, which Netflix dropped and talk with series creator and writer Vince Gilligan and actor Aaron Paul.NPR00:48:07
The Westboro Baptist ChurchGrowing up in the notorious church, Megan Phelps-Roper was told that God killed soldiers as punishment for America's sins and...NPR00:47:19
Trump's Impeachment PerilHow Trump fell for a media campaign that was designed to help him. Maureen Corrigan reviews the new memoir HOW WE FIGHT FOR OUR LIVES.NPR00:49:28
Whistleblower Christopher WylieHe exposed Cambridge Analytica's role in Brexit and the Trump campaign. His new book: MINDF*CK... THE PLOT TO BREAK AMERICA.NPR00:49:05
Anthony Roth CostanzoCostanzo is a countertenor, about to star in the Metropolitan Opera's production of 'Akhnaten,' by Philip Glass...NPR00:48:24
Claire TomalinAfter writing biographies, she turned to memoir. A LIFE OF MY OWN tells of her child conflict, work, infidelity and finding herself.NPR00:48:48
Trump's Border ProposalsJulie Hirschfeld Davis & Michael Shear's book chronicls Trump's attempts to upend the nation's immigration system.NPR00:48:44
Conan O'BrienRecently changed the format of his show, and is about to launch the second season of his podcast, CONAN O'BRIEN NEEDS A FRIEND.NPR00:49:12
Jimmy Hoffa's DisappearanceJack Goldsmith's memoir investigates his stepfather's involvement in the 1975 disappearance of mob-connected labor leader Hoffa.NPR00:48:57
Actor Antonio BanderasHe stars in Pedro Almodóvar's new film PAIN AND GLORY as a screenwriter and director suffering with physical pain, and pain of the soul.NPR00:49:31
Captive Animal SpeciesJoel Sartore's mission is to document each captive animal species in the world. His book: VANISHING: THE WORLD'S MOST VULNERABLE ANIMALS.NPR00:48:09
Piety & PowerTom LoBianco describes Mike Pence as a man of faith who's willing to put political ambition ahead of his beliefs. His book: PIETY & POWER.NPR00:48:31
Singing CowboysMusician Doug Green talks of a largely forgotten chapter of music history, the singing cowboy. He's featured in Ken Burns' new PBS series.NPR00:49:29
Ta-Nehisi Coates On THE WATER DANCERHis book is set in slave times and re-imagines the Underground Railroad's leaders as having a magical power to teleport people out of slavery.NPR00:49:29
Tegan And SaraThe music duo revisit their teen years and early music in a new memoir, HIGH SCHOOL, and companion album, HEY, I'M JUST LIKE YOU.NPR00:49:41
Julian Fellowes & Maggie SmithAs DOWNTON ABBEY opens in theaters, we listen back to our interviews with the series creator Julian Fellowes and star Maggie Smith.NPR00:49:04
Edward SnowdenHe talks about his first hack, why he decided to leak documents, and his 40 days detained in Moscow. His new book is PERMANENT RECORD.NPR00:48:10
NBC Journalist Andrea MitchellShe looks back on her career in journalism. She's receiving a lifetime achievement Emmy later on Sept. 24. Review of HEAVEN, MY HOME.NPR00:48:24
Reconstruction & The ConstitutionEric Foner on how current issues of racial inequality, voter suppression and mass incarceration relate to the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments.NPR00:48:46
Investigating Brett KavanaughIn their new book Kate Kelly & Robin Pogrebin investigate allegations against Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh...NPR00:48:43
Singer Linda RonstadtThe singer spoke with Terry Gross in 2013 about her career and her Parkinson's diagnosis. The new documentary, THE SOUND OF MY VOICE.NPR00:48:27
Where Does Recycling Go?Now that China isn't taking our recycling, where will it go? Environmentalist Kate O'Neill discusses the global politics of waste.NPR00:47:42
Tan France Of QUEER EYEThe son of Pakistani immigrants, says the thought of being one of the very first openly gay South Asian men on a major show was hard to handle.NPR00:47:53
The Weinstein InvestigationHow Weinstein prevented investigation, actors speaking on the record, and the final showdown at the 'NYT' before publishing.NPR00:48:60
The CIA & Mind ControlStephen Kinzer's book, Poisoner in Chief, exposes how the CIA worked in the 50s and 60s to develop mind control drugs and deadly toxins...NPR00:49:04
THE DEUCEMaggie Gyllenhaal produces and stars in the HBO series. The show centers on porn, organized crime, politics & feminism in 1970s New York.NPR00:49:33
Trump's Conflicts Of InterestDavid Fahrenthold says in the past, an honor system helped keep presidents from using the office to benefit themselves. Not Trump!NPR00:48:31
Fentanyl & The Dark WebAuthor Ben Westhoff says the synthetic opioid, while useful in hospitals, is killing more Americans as a street drug than any other in history.NPR00:48:21
Elvis' Guitarist James BurtonHe went pro at 14, played in Ricky Nelson's band, and on hundreds of recordings, including those by Frank Sinatra and Johnny Cash.NPR00:49:24
Emmys Week 5Raphael Bob-Waksberg's Emmy-nominated series BOJACK HORSEMAN.? Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle's series PEN15.NPR00:49:60
Emmys Week 4Billy Eichner's Emmy-nominated series, BILLY ON THE STREET. Randy Rainbow's satirical songs about Trump to the melodies of show tunes.NPR00:49:20
Emmys Week 3Interviews of Natasha Lyonne (Russian Doll starring & writing) and Christina Applegate (Dead to Me starring).NPR00:49:35
Emmys Week 2We talk with Ava DuVernay, director of the Netflix series WHEN THEY SEE US, and Michael K. Williams, who performs in the series.NPR00:48:47
Emmys Week 1We talk with nominees Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Ben Stiller, and Patricia Arquette about their features...NPR00:48:27
Bill Hader & John MulaneyHader is Emmy nominated for acting in and writing the HBO series, BARRY, and Mulaney for his SNL episode.NPR00:48:53
Remembering Peter FondaFonda spoke to Terry Gross in 1998 about ULEE'S GOLD, EASY RIDER & his acting philosophy of "doing less and making more of it."NPR00:48:38
Direction Of The Opioid EpidemicScott Higham says evidence shows the drug industry shipped large quantities of pills to certain communities in pursuit of greater profits.NPR00:48:31
Character Actor Stephen RootHe got an Emmy nomination for his role in the HBO series BARRY. Kevin Whitehead reviews the album BEGIN AGAIN from pianist Fred Hersch...NPR00:49:31
How We Think About Race & GenderIn GODS OF THE UPPER AIR, Charles King tells of Franz Boas, Margaret Mead and other anthropologists who challenged outdated notions...NPR00:48:14
Exploring Underwater CavesDiver and photographer Jill Heinerth talks about some of her most dangerous and exhilarating experiences underwater...NPR00:49:12
Actor Jonathan GroffGroff stars in the crime-thriller series MINDHUNTER, now in its second season on Netflix. He also talks about his roles for HBO.NPR00:49:23
Hannah Shaw: Kitten LadyShe rescued hundreds of kittens. Her book about fostering: TINY BUT MIGHTY. Remembering saxophonist & clarinetist Bob Wilber.NPR00:47:56
Janet Mock On POSEMock made history as the first trans woman of color to write and direct an episode of TV for her work on Ryan Murphy's FX series POSE.NPR00:48:12
Secret History Of Koch IndustriesIn his new book, KOCHLAND, journalist Christopher Leonard chronicles how the Koch brothers planned to remake the Republican Party.NPR00:48:55
Sister Helen PrejeanBest known for her 1993 memoir, DEAD MAN WALKING, about her role as a spiritual adviser to a convicted killer on death row...'NPR00:49:28
Remembering Toni MorrisonThe Nobel laureate and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of BELOVED, THE BLUEST EYE, SULA, SONG OF SOLOMON, and other novels, essays and...NPR00:49:33
Disinformation & The Murder Of Seth RichIn July 2016, DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered in D.C. Michael Isikoff tells how the murder was turned into a conspiracy theory.NPR00:49:11
Sex Discrimination In HollywoodThe documentary THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING explores how women in Hollywood push for more representation in front of and behind the camera.NPR00:48:36
Jia Tolentino On Feminism...She writes about how social media shapes identity, public discourse and political engagement, particularly for millennials like herself.NPR00:48:42
Visually Impaired ArtistsFilmmaker Rodney Evans is still making movies, despite having lost much of his vision. His new documentary, VISION PORTRAITS.NPR00:48:25
Polar Photographer Paul NicklenHe has spent decades documenting the Arctic, Antarctic and the effects of climate change. He talks about some of the dangerous situations he's been in.NPR00:48:43
Comic Wanda SykesSykes talks about coming out publicly at an LGBTQ rally, her double mastectomy, and her career before comedy; working for the NSA.NPR00:48:14
Tech Company SpyingGeoffrey Fowler tells how browsers, phone apps, & smart speakers track users, even when they're asleep.NPR00:48:26
Crime Novelist Laura LippmanLippman talks about her experience as a reporter, deciding to become a mother in her 50s, and losing her friend Rob Hiaasen...NPR00:48:13
Why We Need InsectsBiologist Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson warns that the world's insect population is on the decline — which may have serious consequences...NPR00:49:18
Ranky TankyGullah band Ranky Tanky and their album GOOD TIME. Justin Chang reviews Quentin Tarantino's ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD.NPR00:46:57
Jane Mayer On Al FrankenShe recently dove into the accusations of sexual misconduct that forced Franken to resign in 2017. She says the chief accuser's story is full of holes.NPR00:48:14
Lulu Wang's film THE FAREWELLWhen her grandmother was diagnosed with terminal cancer the family flew to China to see her, but decided not to tell her the prognosis.NPR00:48:55
Sleep Disorders & The Nocturnal BrainGuy Leschziner, author of THE NOCTURNAL BRAIN, says sleep is not a binary state, and the brain can be in multiple stages of sleep at once.NPR00:48:56
Breakthroughs In Heart HealthDr. Haider Warraich on advancements in treating and preventing heart failure, and explains how the understanding of healthy blood pressure...NPR00:48:35
Moon Landing 50th AnniversaryWe listen to archival interviews with Michael Collins, Alan Shepard, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield; and test pilot Chuck Yeager.NPR00:49:18
The Border Protection AgencyIt built its ranks by recruiting Rambo, when actually what the border patrol needs is Mother Teresa. Justin Chang reviews THE LION KING.NPR00:49:09
Satirist Randy RainbowHe writes and performs satirical songs about President Trump set to melodies of show tunes. "I always considered song parody kind of cheap..."NPR00:48:34
Novelist Colson WhiteheadHis book, THE NICKEL BOYS, is based on the true story of a notorious Florida reform school where many boys were beaten and sexually abused.NPR00:49:31
TV Critic Emily NussbaumEmily talks about the art of "terrible men" in the #MeToo era, TV's revolution (from low to high brow), and "the bad fan."NPR00:48:10
Remembering Pitcher Jim BoutonMLB pitcher Jim Bouton, who died Wednesday, spoke to Fresh Air in 1986 about his 1970 tell-all memoir, BALL FOUR....NPR00:48:58
U.S. - Mexico Border CrisisCaitlin Dickerson talks about the squalid conditions at the Clint, Texas, border patrol center, where toddlers were living for weeks...NPR00:49:04
Yiddish 'Fiddler On The Roof'A Yiddish version is currently off-Broadway. Steven Skybell, who plays Tevye, and Joel Grey, director, explain why it still resonates.NPR00:48:08
Gerrymandering, Census & Voter SuppressionAri Berman says recent Supreme Court decisions on redistricting and the 2020 census will determine which party wins in the next decade.NPR00:49:10
Bioethicist vs. OpioidsTravis Rieder became opioid dependent after an accident that crushed his foot. His book IN PAIN draws on his insights as a patient...NPR00:48:59
Willie NelsonAt 86, he's is still going strong - touring and has a new record, RIDE ME BACK HOME. We'll listen back to two interviews with him.NPR00:52:25
LizzoLizzo talks about collaborating with Prince, feminism, and using music to help people find a positive place within themselves.NPR00:49:32
Sarah Jessica ParkerShe's best-known for her role as the iconic single New Yorker Carrie Bradshaw on SEX AND THE CITY. She speaks of growing up poor...NPR00:48:55
The Story Of ChernobylJournalist Adam Higginbotham has spent years investigating the causes of the accident and the dramatic efforts to contain the damage.NPR00:48:54
The Toll On Facebook ModeratorsThey determine what material can be posted to Facebook. Many are traumatized by the images of hate and violence they see.NPR00:48:14
Novelist John Green On OCDHis latest novel, TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN, is about a teenage girl with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.NPR00:48:25
Female Crew Sails Round The WorldTracy Edwards set out on what was thought of as an unthinkable journey for a woman; to sail the 33,000 mile Whitbread Round The World Race.NPR00:49:19
The First AIDS WardThe new documentary 5B tells the story of America's first hospital unit for people with AIDS. We interview two of its founders.NPR00:49:38
Comic Ramy YoussefIn the semi-autobio Hulu series RAMY, he plays a Muslim American who follows some, but not all, of the rules of his religion.NPR00:47:50
Jehovah's Witness LeavesAmber Scorah was a third generation Jehovah's Witness. As a teenager she was shunned for having sex with her boyfriend...NPR00:48:58
John PrinePrine was recently inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. David Bianculli reviews FX's LEGION & Netflix's JESSICA JONES.NPR00:46:33
Bill Hader On BARRYHe talks with Terry Gross about writing BARRY with Alec Berg, struggling with anxiety while on SNL, and his love of old movies.NPR00:47:19
When They See UsAva DuVernay's Netflix series tells the story of how five black and brown boys were manipulated into confessing to a brutal rape.NPR00:46:48
America's First Black Sports HeroMajor Taylor broke barriers by becoming our fastest cyclist. Michael Kranish tells his story in the book, THE WORLD'S FASTEST MAN.NPR00:48:06
Rethinking ElderhoodGeriatrician Dr. Louise Aronson treats patients who are in their 60s as well as those who are older than 100. Saxophonist Stan Getz.NPR00:48:30
I Wrote This Book Because I Love YouTim Kreider admits that the longest relationship of his adult life was with the stray cat that became his companion for 19 years.NPR00:48:47
Hacker Threat To CitiesCybersecurity expert Nicole Perlroth says hacking tools developed by the NSA were stolen, posted online and are now being used...NPR00:48:58
Ordinary People Got Us To The MoonThis summer marks 50 years since the first Apollo moon landing. Journalist Charles Fishman's new book ONE GIANT LEAP focuses it.NPR00:48:38
Inside Kim's North KoreaAnna Fifield visited North Korea and interviewed many of its citizens including members of Kim Jong Un's family for her new book about the country.NPR00:48:48
Actor Damian LewisThe classically-trained British actor plays a ruthless hedge-fund manager on Showtime's BILLIONS, which recently ended its fourth season.NPR00:48:25
Remembering Dr. JohnHe died yesterday at 77. He was known for his raspy voice and hits such as RIGHT PLACE, WRONG TIME and SUCH A NIGHT.NPR00:47:56
Trump & The EmiratesWe talk with David Kirkpatrick about how Prince Mohammed bin Zayed became one of the most influential foreign voices in Washington.NPR00:47:38
Actor Christina ApplegateShe speaks about her own experience with grief and loss, her double mastectomy, MARRIED WITH CHILDREN, and SWEET CHARITY on Broadway.NPR00:48:57
The Case Against R. KellyPop music critic Jim DeRogatis on R. Kelly's alleged sexual abuse of underage girls. His new book SOULLESS.NPR00:48:36
The Future Of FoodEnvironmental journalist Amanda Little talks about efforts to create a global food supply for a world that will be hotter, drier...NPR00:47:50
A Return To DEADWOODThe HBO series about a lawless mining town in 19th century South Dakota is the basis of a new film. David Bianculli shares his review.NPR00:49:15
SCOTUS And AbortionAdam Liptak talks on how Trump's appointees might change the Supreme Court - including its direction on abortion...NPR00:48:34
Sara Berman's ClosetSara's daughter, children's book author Maira Kalman and grandson, designer Alex Kalman, tell her story in a new book accompaniment...NPR00:48:15
College Mental HealthDr. Anthony Rostain notes college students experience inordinate anxiety - much centered on surviving college and doing well.NPR00:46:53
Sir Elton JohnThe new biographical musical film ROCKETMAN is based on his life story. He spoke with Terry Gross in 2013 about his fear of...NPR00:49:54
Michael Pollan On PsychedelicsHe discusses the history of psychedelic drugs, including LSD and magic mushrooms, and explains how they're currently being used...NPR00:48:55
LizzoThe flute-playing pop star celebrates self-love on her latest album, CUZ I LOVE YOU. She talks about collaborating with Prince, feminism...NPR00:49:15
Power Struggle Within The NRADanny Hakim on conflicts in NRA's leadership, its lawsuit against its advertising & PR company, & what leaked documents reveal...NPR00:48:17
New Approach To DementiaWhile caring for her mother, who had dementia, bioethicist Tia Powell began imagining a different way to approach the disease.NPR00:48:44
John Waters On Being A Filth ElderThe cult filmmaker has plenty of ideas about what older people should and shouldn't do. "You can't be trying too hard to rebel..."NPR00:49:18
Exploring Sexuality & RelationshipsStephen McCauley's novel, MY EX-LIFE, is a comedy about a couple whose marriage ended years ago when the husband came out as gay.NPR00:48:56
Dark Side Of Generic DrugsKatherine Eban says most generic meds sold in the U.S. is manufactured overseas; sometimes with questionable quality control.NPR00:49:12
Howard Stern: Part 2Stern talks about his 2017 cancer scare, his thoughts on retirement, and his mother's depression. Also, we remember Doris Day.NPR00:49:07
Howard Stern: Part 1The self-proclaimed "King of All Media" speaks with Terry Gross for the first time. How therapy changed his show, what makes him cringe...NPR00:49:31
Phoebe Waller-BridgeShe writes female characters who are flawed, reckless, unpredictable and real - women not typically seen onscreen...NPR00:48:18
Celebrating HBO's VEEPWe listen to archival interviews with showrunner David Mandel, star Julia Louis-Dreyfus and co-star Tony Hale.NPR00:48:59
Deutsche Bank & Donald TrumpThe bank was Trump's partner on countless investments when most of Wall Street shied away. It has a trove of information about him.NPR00:48:33
The Immigration Act of 1924Daniel Okrent says the eugenics movement informed the Act, which restricted entrance to the U.S. of Jews, Italians, Greeks and other...NPR00:48:10
Shedding Light On Domestic ViolenceCrisis center CEO Suzanne Dubus and journalist Rachel Louise Snyder talk about identifying risk factors in abusive relationships...NPR00:47:51
The Awkwardness Of Middle SchoolIn Hulu's PEN15, Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle play 13-year-old versions of themselves in the year 2000 - even though they're in their early 30s.?NPR00:48:39
Remembering John SingletonFilm director John Singleton died Monday at the age of 51. He debuted in 1991 with the semi-autobiographical movie BOYZ N THE HOOD.NPR00:47:50
Bolton's Aggressive Use Of U.S. PowerDexter Filkins says Trump's National Security Adviser John Bolton's world view often contrasts with Trump's isolationist tendencies...NPR00:49:37
How Crooks Stash FortunesJournalist Oliver Bullough's book MONEYLAND describes foreign leaders' & oligarchs' secretive transnational world.NPR00:48:07
Erin Lee Carr, Daughter Of David CarrThe writer and documentary filmmaker talks of her parents' drug addiction and what it was like to have her father as a mentor...NPR00:48:48
Actor Patricia ArquetteShe's won awards for her performances in ESCAPE AT DANNEMORA, BOYHOOD & MEDIUM. She currently stars in THE ACT...NPR00:48:13
The Zombies & Roxy MusicThe 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees include the Zombies and Roxy Music. We listen back to archival interviews with them...NPR00:49:27
Mueller Report Revelations & RedactionsRosalind Helderman notes what's new in the report, the questions left unanswered, and how encrypted texts and witnesses stymied...NPR00:47:36
How Psychiatry Used Drugs For Mental IllnessThe new book MIND FIXERS examines psychiatry's search for understanding of mental illnesses, like depression and bipolar disorder.NPR00:48:21
Glenda Jackson Is King LearThe 82-year-old British actor is currently playing Shakespeare's famed tragic figure on Broadway; a role traditionally played by a man.NPR00:47:57
How The Navy Failed Its SailorsOutdated equipment and crew shortages contributed to two collisions involving Navy destroyers in 2017 - 17 sailors were killed.NPR00:47:26

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