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AIRSLA is pleased to link you to Fresh Air from WHYY, the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues. It's one of public radio's most popular programs. Hosted by Terry Gross, it features intimate conversations with today's biggest luminaries.

Current Fresh Air Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Bruce Springsteen"The Boss" spoke with Terry Gross at his New Jersey home studio in 2016, when his memoir came out, about masculinity, depression, and...NPR00:49:23
Actor Richard E. GrantGrant co-stars with Melissa McCarthy in CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME? about Lee Israel, a broke writer who makes money by forging literary letters...NPR00:49:27
From Convict To Criminal Justice ReporterKeri Blakinger speaks about surviving a suicide attempt, solitary confinement, and finishing her degree at Cornell before becoming a reporter...NPR00:48:29
Roots & Rockabilly Christmas ConcertJD McPherson pledged he'd never do an album of Christmas songs, but we're so glad he's broken that promise, performing live in-studio...NPR00:50:34
Driverless CarsWe talk about what driverless cars could mean for traffic, infrastructure and pedestrians. Critic Maureen Corrigan picks top 10 books of 2018.NPR00:47:16
Industrial MusicalsWhy would someone write a sentimental ballad about a bathroom? So the song can be used in an industrial sales meeting...NPR00:48:12
Actor Lucas HedgesBest known for his roles in MANCHESTER BY THE SEA and LADY BIRD, and now stars in the movie BEN IS BACK as a teenager in rehab...NPR00:50:33
Rock Hudson's Double LifeHe was a Hollywood heartthrob and a closeted gay man. Mark Griffin says his death from AIDS in 1985 was a turning point in public awareness...NPR00:48:13
Remaking JournalismIn BREAKING NEWS, former Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger reflects on the blockbuster stories he helped publish over the course...NPR00:50:21
Bradley Cooper On A STAR IS BORNBrad talks of writing, directing and starring in his remake. He had to learn how to direct and, sing and play guitar for his role...NPR00:49:07
Remembering Magician Ricky JayThe artist, actor, and writer died Saturday at the age of 72. Critic Justin Chang reviews ROMA, written and directed by Alfonso Cuaron.NPR00:48:40
'Widower's Notebook'When Jonathan Santlofer's wife died, he found sketching her portrait from old photographs helped him stay close to her.NPR00:50:36
Trauma Surgeon Takes On The NRAAfter the NRA tweeted "self-important anti-gun doctors" should "stay in their lane," Dr. Sakran mobilized doctors on gun safety...NPR00:47:12
Pelosi's Bid For SpeakershipRobert Draper talks about why Republicans love to attack Pelosi, challenges from her own party, and..NPR00:50:13
Power Of The Immune SystemDaniel Davis on medications to fight cancer, auto-immune conditions and other diseases and what affects the immune system.NPR00:48:31
Singer Cecile McLorin SalvantShe grew up in Miami as the child of a Haitian father and a French mother. She turned from classicalto jazz because it offered more range...NPR00:49:31
Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail LewisThey come from different generations, but both play the old style of country music. They performed in our studio in September...NPR00:49:24
Becoming Freddie MercuryActor Rami Malek sang at the top of his lungs while playing Queen's iconic lead singer in the new biopic BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY...NPR00:49:21
Free Climbing Yosemite's Dawn WallRock climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson talk about scaling the 3,000 foot sheer vertical face of Yosemite's El Capitan...NPR00:48:56
Filmmakers Joel & Ethan CoenThe Coen brothers pay homage to old Westerns with their new film, THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS, a collection of six unusual stories.NPR00:48:29
Learning From JonestownJim Jones led more than 900 to kill themselves by drinking cyanide-laced Flavor Aid at their Jonestown settlement in the jungle...NPR00:47:60
Russian Disinformation PlaybookRussia's role in spreading fake news, dating back to the '80s conspiracy theory that the AIDS virus was created by the U.S. military...NPR00:48:16
Sandi TanShe was 19 when she wrote and starred in a film directed by her 40-year old mentor. But then he disappeared and took the film with him...NPR00:49:10
Seduction In Old HollywoodKarina Longworth's new book SEDUCTION focuses on women who had relationships with Howard Hughes and the exploitation of actresses...NPR00:49:05
You're Never Home Alone"Every surface, every bit of air, every bit of water in your home is alive," says scientist Rob Dunn. His new book...NPR00:48:14
Queen Guitarist Brian MayTerry spoke with Queen lead guitarist Brian May in 2010 about the many vocals in BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY, and getting a PhD in astrophysics.NPR00:47:33
Humanitarian Crisis In Yemen14 million people in Yemen face starvation. Robert Worth says it's no longer a functioning state and that Americans share some of the blame...NPR00:48:53
Threat Of Far-Right Extremism?Janet Reitman says counter-terrorism strategists ignored far-right extremism; which enabled the movement to grow and become more dangerous.NPR00:48:48
The Fugitive Slave ActThe 1850 law paved the way for the Civil War by endangering the lives of both escaped slaves and free slaves in the North...NPR00:47:54
Why Religion?Elaine Pagels lost her son to terminal illness and her husband in an accident. Her book reflects on loss and faith...NPR00:48:43
Comic Hasan Minhaj"I'm an Indian-American-Muslim kid, but am I more Indian or am I more American?" Minhaj asks. The former 'Daily Show' correspondent has...NPR00:48:52
How Newt Gingrich Broke PoliticsMcKay Coppins says by the time Newt left Congress in 1999, he had enshrined a "combative, tribal, angry attitude in politics that would infect...NPR00:48:17
Is SCOTUS Too Powerful?David A. Kaplan warns the Supreme Court is becoming polarized and influential: "Why should nine unelected, unaccountable judges dictate...NPR00:48:23
Jonah HillHe always wanted to be a writer and director, but an unexpected complement in an acting class shifted him towards performing instead...NPR00:48:27
White Nationalism & Synagogue MassacreEli Saslow says white nationalism inspired the man who killed 11 at a Pittsburgh synagogue: "In the horrific hierarchy of white nationalist beliefs...NPR00:48:16
Lou Reed: A LifeAnthony DeCurtis, contributing editor for Rolling Stone, says he sought to write the biography that Lou Reed "deserved."NPR00:50:11
Corruption & Scandal in College BasketballA federal jury on Wednesday convicted three men of conspiring to use cash payments to recruit players to top basketball programs.NPR00:48:42
Actor Paul DanoThe LOVE & MERCY and LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE actor steps behind the camera for WILDLIFE, an adaptation of Richard Ford's novel about a boy whose parents separate.NPR00:48:36
Republican Voter Suppression24 states implemented voting restrictions disproportionately affecting minorities. Ari Berman on the ongoing fight for voter rights.NPR00:48:53
Melissa McCarthyShe's not interested in playing pleasant characters. "There's nothing to sink your teeth into. ... The people I love and like are...NPR00:49:03
Addiction & Recovery Father & SonDavid Sheff and his son Nic wrote memoirs about Nic's addition. These are the basis of the film, Beautiful Boy...NPR00:49:32
Trump's Tax Schemes ExplainedSusanne Craig and David Barstow say the president received 413 million 2018 dollars from his dad's real estate empire...NPR00:47:38
BOJACK HORSEMAN CreatorRaphael Bob-Waksberg's animated comedy series for Netflix satirizes Hollywood using a mix of human and animal characters...NPR00:48:60
Graphic Memoirist In HEY, KIDDOJarrett J. Krosoczka's graphic memoir is about growing up with a mother addicted to heroin. "I feel I owe it to my readers to put myself..."NPR00:47:56
Comic Phoebe RobinsonShe's co-host of 2 DOPE QUEENS, a live comedy show with comedians from a variety of different backgrounds; a series of four HBO specials.NPR00:48:43
John Waters, Pope Of TrashThe 'Pink Flamingos' filmmaker made a name for himself by setting new lows in bad taste. Now, a new retrospective of his work is...NPR00:49:06
Rethinking Sex, Power & ConsentVanessa Grigoriadis says one of the challenges when it comes to handling sexual assault cases on college campuses is...NPR00:49:13
Director Damien ChazelleThe Oscar-winning director (LA LA LAND) talks about his new film, FIRST MAN, which stars Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong...NPR00:48:12
Weaponization Of Social MediaP.W. Singer and Emerson Brooking say social media has been manipulated to fuel popular uprisings and affect the course of...NPR00:48:46
Poet, Writer, And FatherLeonard Cohen died in 2016, leaving behind many unpublished poems and lyrics. His son Adam Cohen discusses THE FLAME, a collection...NPR00:49:34
Ballet Dancer Wendy WhelanThe documentary RESTLESS CREATURE, on Netflix, chronicles her recovery from hip surgery and her final performance...NPR00:48:26
Can Zuckerberg Fix Facebook?Evan Osnos tells how Facebook became vulnerable to spreading disinformation, how Zuckerberg is attempting to combat fake news, ...NPR00:49:28
Couple Struggles With InfertilityFilmmaker Tamara Jenkins drew on her own effort to have a child for her new film PRIVATE LIFE. It stars Kathryn Hahn and Paul Giamatti...NPR00:48:14
Michael Lewis On THE FIFTH RISKThe author of MONEYBALL and THE BIG SHORT, examines the energy, agriculture and commerce departments under President Trump.NPR00:48:50
Reporting In The Trump EraGreg Miller talks about breaking news, anonymous sourcing, and lies vs falsehoods. David Bianculli on the Kavanaugh hearings...NPR00:47:33
Robert RedfordHe has announced he's retiring from acting, and that his role in the new film THE OLD MAN AND THE GUN, will be his last.NPR00:49:11
Is Democracy Dying?Anne Applebaum says changes taking place in Poland mirror whats happening in the US. David Bianculli reviews MURPHY BROWN.NPR00:48:44
Colbert's Late Show Band LeaderJon Batiste tells Terry Gross about his influences - from Thelonious Monk to Bach. His new album is HOLLYWOOD AFRICANS.NPR00:48:11
Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail LewisThey are from different generations, but both play the old style country music - her brother is Jerry Lee Lewis.NPR00:48:50
Former White NationalistDerek Black once promoted a racist agenda. His change of heart is the subject of a book, RISING OUT OF HATRED, by Eli Saslow.NPR00:47:60
The Life Of Muhammad AliJonathan Eig's biography of Ali draws on hundreds of interviews and previously unreleased FBI and Justice Department files...NPR00:48:53
Maggie GyllenhaalShe stars in the HBO series THE DEUCE as Candy, a sex worker who becomes a porn actress and then porn director in 1970s New York...NPR00:47:36
Paul Manafort's Guilty PleaKen Vogel says Manafort engaged in illegal tactics in his campaign to burnish the image of Russian-backed Ukrainian president...NPR00:48:22
Evangelical Purity MovementIn her book PURE, Linda Kay Klein reflects on the deep, long-lasting shame caused by churches that claim women and girls are...NPR00:47:28
Astrophysics & The MilitaryIn his new book, Accessory to War, Neil DeGrasse Tyson argues that people who work in his field are often complicit to...NPR00:48:26
John Green On OCDGreen is the author of popular young adult novels such as TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN, about a teenage girl with OCD...NPR00:48:24
Colin Jost & Michael CheThe SNL writers talk with Terry Gross about doing 'Saturday Night Live' in the Trump era, Twitter, and hosting...NPR00:47:22
Claire Tomalin: A LIFE OF MY OWNAfter writing biographies of Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, and Mary Wollstonecraft, she turned to memoir...NPR00:48:04
Journalist Bob WoodwardHe's written books on every U.S. president since Richard Nixon. He says he's never encountered a president like Trump...NPR00:48:32
Feed Puerto RicoWhen Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in September 2017, Chef Andres and his team sprung into action...NPR00:46:56
A Trucker's StoriesThe memoir THE LONG HAUL is filled with insights about a trucker's life on the road. Remembering Burt Reynolds.NPR00:48:18
Obama's Former Ethics CzarNorm Eisen's new book, THE LAST PALACE, is about his years as America's ambassador to the Czech Republic and...NPR00:47:01
John KerryThe former secretary of state reflects on the 2004 Presidential campaign and on the current state of American politics.NPR00:48:29
Activist Khalida BrohiShe speaks of several honor killings of women in her village in Pakistan. Maureen Corrigan reviews LAKE SUCCESS.NPR00:48:27
Three Emmy NomineesIssa Rae, co-creator HBO's INSECURE, Peter Morgan, creator of the Netflix's THE CROWN, Trevor Noah of THE DAILY SHOWNPR00:49:33
Two Emmy NomineesAlec Baldwin is nominated for playing Trump on SNL. Brian Tyree Henry for his role as Alfred ATLANTA. Remembering Paul TaylorNPR00:49:08
Jake Tapper, W. Kamau Bell, Stephen ColbertEmmy nominee interviews recognize a live interview with Kellyanne Conway, the star of UNITED SHADES OF AMERICA, and LATE SHOW hostNPR00:49:37
Scott Frank & Allison JanneyScott Frank put women in charge of the town in GODLESS. Allison Janney: what it's like being the tallest woman in the room.NPR00:48:55
John Oliver & Neil SimonThis week we're replaying interviews with 2018 Emmy nominees. Today, John Oliver & Neil Simon who died Sunday.NPR00:49:03
Remembering John McCainThe former prisoner of war, who died Saturday, says: "My experiences have made me so appreciative of the opportunities that I've been given."NPR00:49:40
THE RIDERFollowing a rodeo accident, Brady Jandreau refused to quit riding and training wild horseseven it if meant risking his life.NPR00:50:24
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict & FAUDAReporter, Avi Issacharoff co-created an action series about an elite Israeli military unit... FAUDANPR00:50:01
Actor Andre HollandHe stars as a death row lawyer on the Hulu series CASTLE ROCK. Many of his characters wrestle with ...identity...NPR00:49:15
Dispatches From A Dopesick AmericaBeth Macy's book takes an intimate look at cops, judges, drug dealers, young heroin users and their long-suffering parents...NPR00:37:31
CRAZY RICH ASIANS AuthorKevin Kwan thought the adaptation of his bestselling novel might be a small independent film; instead it's been hailed...NPR00:48:42
John Le CarreHe was a spy early in his career. His novel A LEGACY OF SPIES came out in 2017. Ken Tucker on Aretha Franklin.NPR00:48:45
Remembering Aretha FranklinShe died today at 76. When she spoke with Terry Gross in 1999, she told stories behind some of her greatest recordings...NPR00:48:44
Consequences Of Climate ChangeSomini Sengupta discusses the dire consequences of rising temperatures, such as drought, famine, disease, war and...NPR00:48:55
Secret Missile RangeIn A GIRL'S GUIDE TO MISSILES Karen Piper describes how her parents designed weapons, but she didn't understand how...NPR00:47:21
Seymour Stein & Jim GavinStein tells of starting in the music business as a teen. Gavin on why he likes to write characters who are fools...NPR00:48:09
David Sedaris DiariesHe pulls from his decades-old diaries in THEFT BY FINDING. Film critic Justin Chang reviews Spike Lee's new film BLACKKKLANSMAN.NPR00:47:08
How ICE Went RogueFranklin Foer says President Trump has "radicalized" ICE, opening the door for the agency to deport any...NPR00:47:12
Childhood Sexual AbuseTHE TALE, a film about how Jennifer Fox survived 8th grade sexual abuse stars Laura Dern...NPR00:45:48
Undermined Democracy In EgyptDavid Kirkpatrick says Obama watched Arab democracy fall and now Trump embraces Egypt's autocratic president...NPR00:46:02
Reduce Mass Incarceration?Alternatives to jail, including community service, social services and even personal essays. Ken Tucker reviews HIVE MINDNPR00:47:12
Better Call SaulWe mark the return of the BREAKING BAD spinoff by listening to archival interviews with star Bob Odenkirk...NPR00:48:50
Documenting Hate In AmericaA.C. Thompson warns white power groups in the U.S. increasingly view themselves as paramilitary organizations.NPR00:49:28
Spying On WhalesPaleobiologist Nick Pyenson says today's whales are absolutely the largest vertebrate animals to have ever evolved...NPR00:49:15
Tony ShalhoubThe former MONK star recently won a Tony for his role in THE BAND'S VISIT and is up for an Emmy for...NPR00:46:44
Kidnapped By PiratesJournalist Michael Scott Moore tells how he was beaten & considered suicide before being released for ransom.NPR00:47:51
Stephen KingThe new Hulu horror series CASTLE ROCK is based on his fictional town in Maine. Justin Chang reviews MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT.NPR00:48:53
Pro-Putin Views In The U.S.Rosalind Helderman on Maria Butina's political connections, NRA relationship & involvement in our election...NPR00:48:14
Gay Conversion TherapyTHE MISEDUCATION OF CAMERON POST is a film about a girl sent to a Christian gay conversion therapy center...NPR00:48:28
The Value Of MeatIs it possible to slaughter animals and eat meat in an an ethical way? That's the question Camas Davis answers.NPR00:47:50
Why We SleepSleep scientist Matthew Walker says sleep deficiency is associated with problems with concentration, memory and...NPR00:48:23
Russia, Trump & BrexitCarole Cadwalladr's investigation of Cambridge Analytica's role in Brexit led her to connect Russia and the Trump campaign.NPR00:47:57
Bo BurnhamThe former YouTube star explores coming of age online in his new film EIGHTH GRADE. He talks of living with anxiety...NPR00:48:47
Wisconsin Political BattleDan Kaufman says the state experienced a conservative transformation in recent years... Geoff Nunberg on Brit vs US English.NPR00:49:16
Viv AlbertineShe was guitarist and lyricist for The Slits, one of the first all-women British punk bands. She talks of her early days...NPR00:49:57
Cartoonist John CallahanHe was a paraplegic and recovered alcoholic who poked fun at people like himself. Remembering Actor Tab Hunter.NPR00:48:33
Fox News & Trump White HouseGabriel Sherman says the president is in regular contact with Fox News host Sean Hannity: "They speak almost daily..."NPR00:45:27
Anti-Abortion RegretAfter decades in the militant anti-abortion movement, Rev. Rob Schenck had a change of heart. His memoir: COSTLY GRACENPR00:45:56
Mental Illness TreatmentAlisa Roth says half of inmates are mentally ill. Her book is INSANE. Maureen Corrigan reviews a novel by Ottessa Moshfegh.NPR00:46:57
Fish Oil SupplementsPaul Greenberg says harvesting tiny fish for omega-3 supplements is having a ripple effect, leading to less healthy...NPR00:45:54
Revolutionizing BreakfastA century ago, the Kellogg brothers took the world by storm with their mass-produced boxed cereal...NPR00:47:01
State Of The Supreme CourtAdam Liptak says the court's conservative justices have increasingly based their decisions on the foundation of free speech.NPR00:47:39
Traditional Music Legend Doc WatsonHe was a pioneering bluegrass, country and folk guitarist and singer who changed the way people thought about mountain music.NPR00:48:25
Russia And AmericaMichael McFaul, former ambassador to Russia, talks of the upcoming Trump-Putin summit. His memoir: FROM COLD WAR TO HOT PEACE.NPR00:47:35
Filmmaker And Rapper Boots RileyHis film SORRY TO BOTHER YOU is a social and political satire inspired by life as a telemarketer. Lost John Coltrane recordings...NPR00:48:51
Remembering Poet Donald HallHe wrote about farm work and his wife, Jane Kenyon, in a 1993 memoir LIFE WORK. David Edelstein reviews LEAVE NO TRACENPR00:48:57
Crisis At The BorderJonathan Blitzer has met women there who cry so violently they can barely speak. Ken Tucker reviews EVERYTHING IS LOVE.NPR00:47:45
Comic W. Kamau BellHe talks of his ancestry, hanging with Anthony Bourdain, and the #MeToo movement. His Netflix specia: PRIVATE SCHOOL NEGRONPR00:48:22
Why Families Can't Afford AmericaAlissa Quart argues that the costs of housing, child care, health care and college are outpacing salaries and threatening...NPR00:49:01
Exposing The Flint Water CrisisDr. Mona Hanna-Attisha faced a backlash: The state accused her of causing near hysteria. Her book: WHAT THE EYES DON'T SEENPR00:48:25
Government BunkersIn RAVEN ROCK, Garrett Graff describes bunkers designed to protect U.S. leaders in the event of a catastrophe.NPR00:49:14
Inside America's First FamilyJournalist Emily Jane Fox focused on Trump's three marriages and five children when writing her new book...NPR00:47:07
Novelist Stephen McCauleyHis book, MY EX-LIFE, is a comedy about a couple whose marriage ended ... when the husband came out as gay...NPR00:48:01
David SangerHe says US officials worry that foreign powers have malware that could take down critical infrastructure.NPR00:48:42
John PrineThe singer, songwriter and guitarist underwent surgeries in 1996 and 2013 that affected his throat and voice...NPR00:48:54
A North Philly FamilyJonathan Olshefski spent nearly 10 years filming a family running a recording studio in a working-class neighborhood.NPR00:48:29
Remembering Jill Ker ConwayA women's history scholar and the first female president of Smith College, died June 1. She fought for women's equality...NPR00:49:03
Politics Of PatriotismHoward Bryant discusses the history of social protest among African-American athletes. His new book, THE HERITAGE...NPR00:47:41
Paul Schrader & Ethan HawkeSchrader wrote and directed FIRST REFORMED, which stars Hawke, TAXI DRIVER and RAGING BULL...NPR00:48:43
HeredityCarl Zimmer's new book, SHE HAS HER MOTHER'S LAUGH, is about the broader implications of genetic research and testing...NPR00:47:32
Remembering Anthony BourdainHe traveled the world, sampling local cuisine and meeting people along the way. We listen to his interview from 2016...NPR00:49:29
Nick OffermanAfter making a career playing colorful cranks, he plays a different, more nuanced character in HEARTS BEAT LOUD.NPR00:47:33
Twitter To Fight TerrorismClint Watts developed online relationships with terrorists and their sympathizers to undermine terror networks...NPR00:47:49
Ben RhodesSpeechwriter & adviser to Obama on some intense moments with him & Russian interference in the 2016 electionNPR00:48:28
Keith HernandezHis memoir about learning baseball and being his own worst enemy is I'M KEITH HERNANDEZ. Kevin Whitehead reviews STRANGER DAYSNPR00:47:33
Author Tom PerrottaHis new book, MRS. FLETCHER, tells the story of a single mother whose only child has left for college...NPR00:47:24
André Leon TalleyThe former Vogue Editor felt like a misfit growing up until he stumbled upon a copy of the iconic fashion magazine...NPR00:48:46
Fight For Freedom In Modern IranMasih Alinejad discusses her campaign against a law requiring Iranian women and girls to cover their heads with a hijab.NPR00:48:03
David SedarisHe talks about his hobby picking up roadside trash, the secret to being in a long relationship, and his new...NPR00:48:48
Rodgers & Hammerstein: RevolutionariesTodd Purdum's book, SOMETHING WONDERFUL, is about their creative partnership and strained personal relationship...NPR00:47:22
Philip Roth, Part IIWe continue our tribute to literary giant Philip Roth with excerpts of interviews about his novels...'NPR00:49:15
Philip Roth, Part IThe influential novelist won almost every major literary award, but still found the writing process was full of discovery.NPR00:47:51
Ronan FarrowHe won a Pultizer Prize for his reporting on the allegations against Harvey Weinstein. His new book is WAR ON PEACE.NPR00:47:28
Science & Culture Of PregnancyAngela Garbes explains the importance of the placenta, breast milk... Ken Tucker reviews TELL ME HOW YOU REALLY FEEL...NPR00:48:03
Michael Chabon On FatherhoodHe writes about his relationship with his father and his own experiences as the parent of four...NPR00:49:13
Remembering Tom WolfeHe began experimenting with nonfiction writing techniques in the 1960s. Also, a 2014 interview with author Edward St. Aubyn.NPR00:48:43
Trump's War On The 'Deep State'Evan Osnos says hundreds of non-partisan civil servants... have been marginalized or pushed out of government entirely.NPR00:47:05
Comic Tig NotaroHer new special is HAPPY TO BE HERE. Film critic Justin Chang reviews FIRST REFORMER.NPR00:48:26
PsychedelicsMichael Pollan talks about his new book, HOW TO CHANGE YOUR MIND. It covers the history of psychedelic drugs...NPR01:07:17
Robin Williams BiographyWriter Dave Itzkoff examines Williams' comic brilliance and struggle with addiction in the biography ROBIN.NPR00:47:25
Crime & Punishment In Black AmericaJames Forman Jr. says African-American leaders... often support policies disproportionately targeting blacks.NPR00:47:24
Annette BeningShe spoke with Terry about her transition from stage to screen, her stop-and-start approach to show business, and...NPR00:48:35
Secret Inner Workings Of The EPAEric Lipton says... Scott Pruitt and his staff have gone to great lengths to keep the public and media at a distance...NPR00:47:45
Jay & Mark DuplassThe filmmaker siblings' short film, THIS IS JOHN, made for $3 on a VHS tape, went to the Sundance Film Festival...NPR00:46:54
Chef Lidia BastianichShe grew up eating farm-to-table meals with her Italian family. She drew on that in opening her first restaurant.NPR00:47:26
Lynching In AmericaThe new National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Ala., honors the victims of lynching and racial terrorism...NPR00:49:25
Singer-Songwriter Tracey ThornShe sings about the different stages of women's lives on her new solo album, RECORD.NPR00:48:28
Making Sense Of Present PoliticsJon Meacham historical times when the nation was divided can help shed light on "the politics of the moment."NPR00:47:41
Comic Michelle WolfIn an exclusive interview after the White House Correspondents' Dinner, Wolf addresses the backlash to her set...NPR00:47:27
Journalist Alex WagnerCBS News contributor Alex Wagner was curious about the roots of her mixed-race ancestry. Her book is FUTUREFACE.NPR00:47:07
Remembering Bob DoroughBobdied this week at 94. He was best known for songs he wrote for SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK, like MY HERO, ZERO...NPR00:49:28
Jake TapperHe talks of his heated interview with Trump adviser Stephen Miller, being parodied on 'SNL,' cartooning and his novel...NPR00:47:40
America's White Power MovementHistorian Kathleen Belew's book is BRING THE WAR HOME. Critic Ken Tucker shares some new hip-hop tracks...NPR00:48:03
The Pope Who Would Be KingPius IX saw progress and freedom of speech as anti-Catholic and instituted the doctrine of Papal infallibility...NPR00:49:15
Poet Gregory PardloHis memoir AIR TRAFFIC chronicles his complicated relationship with his father, his brief time in the Marines, and...NPR00:48:37
Milos FormanHe was known for the films ONE FEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST, AMADEUS, & THE PEOPLE VS. LARRY FLYNT...NPR00:47:29
Who's 'Behind @realDonaldTrump?Robert Draper tells Terry Gross how Dan Scavino edits many of the president's tweets and his possible ties to Russia.NPR00:47:55
Brian Tyree HenryHe plays Alfred Miles,on the Emmy winning FX series 'Atlanta.' He talks about his life, and education...NPR00:47:41
James ComeyThe former FBI director tells Terry Gross that he wants to sound the alarm about the "forest fire" of the Trump presidency...NPR00:47:38
The Future Is TexasLawrence Wright predicts the largest red state will eventually turn blue and change the nation's politics...NPR00:46:09
Jon Bon JoviThe rock icon is being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this week. Review: YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE.NPR00:46:51
America's Eviction CrisisThere were 2.3 million evictions filed in the U.S. in 2016 - about four per minute. Review of THE TREE OF FORGIVENESS.NPR00:46:04
Can Democracy Survive Global Capitalism?Robert Kuttner on the escalating trade dispute between the U.S. and China and the possible consequences...NPR00:46:55
A Wounded CowboyFollowing a rodeo accident, Brady Jandreau refused to quit riding and training wild horses even it if meant risking his life.NPR00:44:59
Rodgers & HammersteinTodd Purdum's book is about the creative partnership and strained personal relationship behind hit shows...NPR00:48:31
The Forgotten Osage MurdersOsage Indians in the 20's were killed in mysterious and disturbing ways... David Bianculli's movie reviews.NPR00:48:16
'Legion' Actor Dan StevensStevens talks about wearing a motion capture suit in the live action 'Beauty and the Beast.' Plus music & film reviews.NPR00:48:35
Mark Oliver Everett (Eels)Four years ago, the Eels founder decided to take a break from music. Now he's back, with a new album, THE DECONSTRUCTION.NPR00:48:42
Madeleine AlbrightThe former secretary of state calls Trump the most anti-democratic leader I have studied in American history...NPR00:47:29
Steven Bochco & Siamese TwinsThe 'Original Siamese Twins' who eventually fathered 21 children. Remembering TV Producer Steven Bochco, who died recently.NPR00:49:17
Obama White House StaffersComic Bill Hader's latest project is the HBO series 'Barry.' Alyssa Mastromonaco on six years working for the president.NPR00:48:53
The Mueller InvestigationDavid Kirkpatrick on the connection between the investigation and efforts by the Arabs to influence U.S. policy.NPR00:48:06
Growing Up UndocumentedSara Saedi was two when her parents fled Iran and moved to California. Her memoir, AMERICANIZED describes her path...NPR00:45:09
Doctors' Bias Against WomenMaya Dusenbery says medicine has a systemic and unconscious bias against women from what they learn in medical school.NPR00:47:42
'Hidden' Civil Rights MovementsAdam Winkler says for 200 years businesses have claimed constitutional rights originally intended for people.NPR00:46:44
Singer-Songwriter Margo PriceShe pawned her wedding ring - and her husband sold their car - to pay for her 2016 debut album...NPR00:48:01
Trump's Business & Politics In IndiaAnjali Kamat discusses his business deals in India. David Bianculli reviews THE ZEN DIARIES OF GARRY SHANDLINGNPR00:46:07
Correspondent Roy Wood Jr.He was the son of a civil rights journalist in Birmingham, Ala., and joined 'The Daily Show' in 2015, after working...NPR00:49:12
The Triumph Of ChristianityBart Ehrman says the early spread of Christianity transformed the history of the West - for better or worse...NPR00:47:39
Jewish In The Age of TrumpJonathan Weisman's new book Semitism tells how he became the target of neo-Nazi trolls and the connection...NPR00:46:37
Adding Words To The DictionaryIn 2017 binge-watch, humblebrag, photobomb, NSFW, truther, face-palm and listicle were among the new additions...NPR00:47:16
AI EvolutionCade Metz discusses how computers can learn, their limitations, and the dangers of their mistakes...NPR00:46:42
Actor Danny TrejoHe made a career playing menacing tough guys, from BREAKING BAD to MACHETE. He says his days in San Quentin prepared him for actingNPR00:48:38
Trump Russia ConnectionMichael Isikoff and David Corn's new book, RUSSIAN ROULETTE, attempts to put all the pieces of the story together...NPR00:48:21
Wartime SyriaRania Abouzeid has been covering Syria since 2011. In her book, NO TURNING BACK, she writes about rebel fighters, and...NPR00:48:29
Writer Mohsin HamidHis novel, EXIT WEST, is about knowing when it's time to flee your country, and what happens when you migrate...NPR00:46:29
Remembering Barry CrimminsHe mentored Bobcat Goldthwait when they were up-and-coming comics in the '80s. They spoke with Terry Gross in 2015...NPR00:46:55
Host John OliverOn LAST WEEK TONIGHT, He dives into often obscure stories, like NRA TV and the laws that govern televangelism.NPR00:46:47
The Trump-Russia DossierJane Mayer tells of ex-spy Christopher Steele, the man behind the unverified dossier with Trump's ties with Russia.NPR00:45:55
Mexican-American WriterLuis Alberto Urrea Finds Inspiration In Family, Tragedy & Trump. His book had a dramatic rewrite after Trump...NPR00:48:16
Paul Thomas AndersonHis film PHANTOM THREAD, was inspired by fashion icons like Christian Dior and Cristobal Balenciaga...NPR00:48:34
Nick Kroll & John MulaneyThe indignities of puberty in the animated Netflix comedy series BIG MOUTH. The duo host the Independent Spirit AwardsNPR00:48:27
LGBTQ Activist Sarah McBrideWhen she spoke at the 2016 Democratic Convention, She was the first trans person to speak at a major party convention.NPR00:48:24
Effects Of Psychotropic DrugsLauren Slater says "As a nation, we're gobbling them down." Kevin Whitehead reviews two by Nina Simone...NPR00:47:19
Unconventional RelationshipsTim Kreider admits that the longest relationship of his life was with a stray cat - his companion for 19 years...NPR00:48:49
The Making Of Pixar's COCOLee Unkrich and Adrian Molina spent six years creating their Oscar-nominated animated film about the Day of the Dead...NPR00:48:56
Russia's Troll FactoryScott Shane discusses Robert Mueller's indictment of 13 Russians who allegedly participated in a complex...NPR00:48:16
Richard JenkinsHe began his career on the stage, and didn't get a movie role until his 30s. Kevin Whitehead reviews Teddy Wilson'NPR00:47:46
Survivalist Childhood To CambridgeTara Westover's memoir, EDUCATED, tells how she defied her parents, and made her way to college and graduate school...NPR00:48:15
Mister Rogers & The Fish ManMister Rogers 1984 interview with Terry Gross. Doug Jones tells of playing the fish man in the film THE SHAPE OF WATER.NPR00:48:46
Kumail Nanjiani & Emily V. GordonThe real-life couple co-wrote the romantic comedy THE BIG SICK, which is based on their own relationship.NPR00:47:11
Trump & The Immigration DebateJonathan Blitzer accuses Trump of portraying immigrants as criminals. A review of BLACK PANTHERNPR00:47:09
Long Haul Trucker on The RoadFinn Murphy has logged over a million miles. His book, THE LONG HAUL, insights of the trucker subculture.NPR00:47:18
Steve Bannon on #MeTooAfter he was ousted from the White House, Josh Green was the first journalist he called. Green's book: DEVIL'S BARGAIN...NPR00:47:40
Living 'Scan To Scan'Kate Bowler's memoir, Everything Happens For A Reason,' is about how her illness has affected her faith.NPR00:47:59
Remembering John MahoneyBest-known for his role in FRASIER, he joined Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre shortly after he began acting at the age of 37...NPR00:49:06
Who Is Watching You?Robert Draper talks about state-of-the-art surveillance, from closed-circuit TV to drones — and the consequences...NPR00:48:14
Jordan KlepperWe interview the host of the Comedy Central show THE OPPOSITION. Maureen Corrigan reviews SELF-PORTRAIT WITH BOY.NPR00:47:01
Afghanistan War StalematePulitzer Prize-winning journalist Steve Coll warns that there is no end in sight to America's longest war...NPR00:47:53
Brushes With DeathMaggie O'Farrell has survived terrifying episodes. Her memoir I AM, I AM, I AM, details 17 near-death experiences...NPR00:48:60
'Lady Bird' & 'Mudbound'We revisit interviews with award-winning filmmakers Greta Gerwig and Dee Rees. A review of 'On Body and Soul'...NPR00:48:09
Mueller's Reputation In WashingtonWe talk with journalist Garrett Graff about his leadership style, reputation in Washington, and what might happen...NPR00:46:51
Israel's Targeted AssassinationsRonen Bergman says that while Israel's targeted assassinations were tactical successes, they were diplomatically harmful.NPR00:46:43
Hollywood Blacklist & High NoonGlenn Frankel's book is about the Hollywood Blacklist and the classic film HIGH NOON, a parable about it.NPR00:48:15
The Plot Against AmericaFranklin Foer says Paul Manafort became entangled in the world of dictators, oligarchs and dirty money.NPR00:47:38
Sam BakerIn 1986 he was injured on a train in Peru. Somehow, during his long recovery, songs started coming to him...NPR00:47:46
Shaping Federal PolicyFormer Anti-Abortion, Anti-LGBTQ Activists Are shaping Health and Human Services policies.NPR00:47:48
The Oldest OldJohn Leland followed six people above the age of 85 for one year. That inspired his book, HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE YOU MAKE.NPR00:48:09
Phantom ThreadSet in 1950s London, Paul Thomas Anderson's new film features Daniel Day-Lewis as a renowned and obsessive fashion designer.NPR00:47:52
How Democracies DieSteven Levitsky & Daniel Ziblatt warn that American democracy is in trouble. Ken Tucker reviews Charli XCX's new album...NPR00:47:44
Remembering Joe FrankFrank, who died this week, created the radio drama series WORK IN PROGRESS and was known for his intimate monologues...NPR00:47:52
Former Neo-Nazi Helps OthersChristian Picciolini was a white power skinhead. He eventually withdrew and founded a nonprofit to help extremists disengageNPR00:46:50
A Danger Within UsJeanne Lenzer warns that implanted medical devices are approved with far less scrutiny and testing than pharmaceuticals...NPR00:47:38
Peter MorganHis Netflix series, 'The Crown', now in its second season, centers on a young Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family.NPR00:47:31
Melba Pattillo BealsOne of the Little Rock Nine, she's written a new book called 'I Will Not Fear,' about her childhood...NPR00:49:07
Comic Pete HolmesHis HBO show 'Crashing' is based on his real life, after his wife left him and he struggled to find his voice onstage.NPR00:48:13
Lena WaitheShe made history as the first black woman to win an Emmy for outstanding comedy writing, for her work on MASTER OF NONENPR00:47:60
The Making Of Pixar's COCOA film about the Day of the Dead, the Mexican holiday for remembering dead loved ones. It just won the Golden GlobeNPR00:49:02
Patrice BanksShe left a six-figure salary to pursue her dream of owning an auto shop, and in 2016 opened Girls Auto Clinic.NPR00:47:30
The Opioid Epidemic +German Lopez details the scope of the opioid epidemic. Bobby Allyn on the potential Philadelphia safe injection site.NPR00:48:49
Jordan Peele On GET OUTIt tells the story of a young black man whose white girlfriend takes him to meet her parents for the first time.NPR00:47:46
Can Trump Stop Mueller?Neal Katyal lays out the legal issues that could arise if Trump tries to interfere with the Mueller investigation...NPR00:47:13
Making China Great AgainEvan Osnos talks about how China learned to use President Trump to its advantage...NPR00:47:06
Fight Against Alzheimer'sJoseph Jebelli's book THE PURSUIT OF MEMORY, is about Alzheimer's. Maureen Corrigan on mystery writer Sue Grafton.NPR00:46:08
Actor Jonathan GroffOur Best of 2017 series comes to an end with actor Jonathan Groff, star of Netflix's Mindhunter...NPR00:47:37
Hasan Minhaj & Seth MeyersOur Best of 2017 series continues with Daily Show correspondent Hasan Minhaj and Late Night host Seth Meyers.NPR00:47:23
Spy Novelist John Le CarréOur Best of 2017 series continues with best-selling novelist John Le Carré. His latest book is A LEGACY OF SPIES.NPR00:47:42
Comic Patton OswaltAfter the sudden death of his wife, he felt his life slipping away. He talks about grief, returning to comedy, and...NPR00:47:38
Lin-Manuel MirandaThe man behind HAMILTON discusses his prize-winning project, and his role in the Disney film MOANA...NPR00:47:15
Remembering Keely SmithSmith, who just died, was discovered by Louis Prima as a teenager. She married him, and they became a popular Las Vegas actNPR00:49:35
All Things ConsideredHost Robert Siegel will retire in January after 41 years. David Bianculli shares his picks for best shows of 2017.NPR00:47:40
'Quest' Follows A FamilyJonathan Olshefski spent 8 years filming Christopher Rainey and his family, who run a recording studio in North PhillyNPR00:48:43
Sex & American PoliticsR. Marie Griffith writes about how battles around sex, gender and sexual orientation became part of American politics...NPR00:47:58
MiscellanyBarton Seaver gets folks excited about fish. Justin Chang's top movies of 2017. Jennifer Egan's MANHATTAN BEACH...NPR00:47:51
Katharine Graham & Ben BradleeThe new Spielberg film THE POST tells their story as they defy a federal judge by publishing the Pentagon Papers...NPR00:49:48
Spike LeeA new Netflix series features a young artist from Lee's debut film who avoids committed relationships.NPR00:48:41
Rethinking InfidelityEsther Perel's new book focuses on couples dealing with infidelity. We remember Smithereens' lead singer Pat DiNizio...NPR00:48:24
Ranky TankyThree members of Ranky Tanky perform songs from their debut album. Maureen Corrigan picks her best books of 2017NPR00:48:55
'Godless' Creator Scott FrankHe says 'Godless' was inspired by old Southwestern towns where women took over after the men died in an accident...NPR00:47:16
Racial Cleansing in GeorgiaIn 1912, white mobs set fire to black churches and businesses in Forsyth County. BLOOD AT THE ROOT, tells the storyNPR00:50:33
Mueller InvestigationCNN chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin discusses the Mueller investigation and the approach Trump's legal team is taking.NPR00:47:19
James FrancoHis new film, THE DISASTER ARTIST, is a behind-the-scenes take on the a cult classic THE ROOM, (the CITIZEN KANE of bad movies)NPR00:48:58
Golden Age Of Sunday ComicsCullen Murphy grew up the son of a cartoonist who drew the Prince Valiant strip. His new memoir is 'Cartoon County.'NPR00:47:56
A Nuclear War PlannerDaniel Ellsberg, of Pentagon Papers fame has a new memoir, 'The Doomsday Machine,' about his years as a security analyst...NPR00:48:53
LGBTQ Activist Cleve JonesFor World AIDS Day we repeat our 2016 interview of Cleve Jones. Reviews of 'The Astaire Story' & 'The Disaster Artist.'NPR00:47:05
Anita Hill & Sexual HarassmentJournalists Jane Mayer and Rebecca Traister look back on Clarence Thomas' 1991 Supreme Court confirmation hearings...NPR00:46:48
'The President Show'A new Comedy Central series is set up like a late night talk show, hosted by President Trump with Vice President Pence as his sidekick.NPR00:46:17
AnesthesiaDr. Henry Jay Przybylo's memoir 'Counting Backwards.' Jesmyn Ward on her book 'Sing, Unburied, Sing.'NPR00:47:30
Comic Patton OswaltAfter his wife's death, he felt his life slipping away. But over the past year, things took a turn: He fell in love again...NPR00:47:17
Loudon Wainwright IIIHe details his life as a husband, father, son, philanderer and musician in the memoir 'Liner Notes.'NPR00:47:57
Jimmy FallonHe talks with Terry Gross about parenting, being entertaining in times of tragedy, and the biggest thing he learned...NPR00:48:03
Margo PriceShe pawned her wedding ring, and her husband sold their car to pay for her 2016 debut album, 'Midwest Farmer's Daughter.'NPR00:48:28
How Russia Helped TrumpGuardian reporter Luke Harding's new book is 'Collusion.' Film critic David Edelstein reviews 'Call Me By Your Name.'NPR00:48:29
Inside The Panama PapersThe Panama Papers detail the offshore tax havens of the super rich. John Powers reviews the book 'The Dawn Watch.'NPR00:48:04
Mindy Kaling & Liz Smith'The Mindy Project' has ended after six seasons. We remember the late New York Daily News columnist Liz Smith.NPR00:49:14
Greta Gerwig On 'Lady Bird'The co-writer and star of 'Frances Ha' and 'Mistress America,' is making her directorial debut with the new film 'Lady Bird.'NPR00:48:39
Breaking The Weinstein StoryHow Jodi Kantor & Megan Twohey broke the New York Times story of Harvey Weinstein's sexual harassment allegations.NPR00:48:07
Filmmaker Dee Rees'Mudbound' follows two families, one black and one white, in the WWII era. "sequel" to the Netflix series STRANGER THINGS...NPR00:49:12
New Lives For Gang MembersHomeboy Industries founder Father Greg Boyle has spent 30 years working in LA with gang members and young people...NPR00:49:01
Vietnam War Turning PointMark Bowden, author of BLACK HAWK DOWN, talks about a turning point in the Vietnam War, the ferocious battle for...NPR00:49:18
Understanding BitcoinTech writer Nathaniel Popper says major banks are looking at the possibilities of its decentralized network...NPR00:47:45
Lou Reed: A LifeAnthony DeCurtis writes about the darker side of Reed's life, including addiction and domestic abuse...NPR00:48:60
Obama White House PhotographerPete Souza held the job for eight years. He spoke with Terry Gross about capturing the mood and emotion of everything...NPR00:48:20
Trump Changes Federal Gov'tPresident Trump's picks to lead federal agencies and the consequences... Lloyd Schwartz reviews a recording by Nelson Freire.NPR00:47:37
A World Of SmellIn her book, Alexandra Horowitz explores the mysteries and mechanics of canine noses. Reviews of 'Alias Grace,' & 'Lady Bird.'NPR00:48:47
Antibiotics & Modern AgricultureMaryn McKenna explores how many chickens have been fed antibiotics, which can lead to serious infections in humans.NPR00:46:57
Feminist Writer Lindy WestShe talks about leaving Twitter, abortion, and how Internet trolls influenced the Trump campaign. Ken Tucker reviews Bob Dylan.NPR00:48:43
Actor Jonathan GroffHe stars in the new Netflix series 'Mindhunter' as an FBI agent trying to understand the minds of serial killers...NPR00:47:20
Humorist John HodgmanHe talks of growing up an only child, the death of his mother, and his time as a contributor on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.NPR00:47:50
How To Train Your CatFeline behavior specialist Sarah Ellis explains how to train your cat to come on command, take medicine and stop waking you up...NPR00:48:44
Technology's Frightful FiveFarhad Manjoo warns that Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook are collectively more powerful than many governments...NPR00:47:35
Fighting Extremism In AfricaAlexis Okeoto interviewed teens abducted by Joseph Kony's Lord's Resistance Army, and a girl who escaped from Boko Haram...NPR00:48:48
Rising Seas & Sinking CitiesAuthor Jeff Goodell says American cities are under threat from extreme weather, rising sea levels and lax enforcement of...NPR00:48:33
Life And Death Of Eric GarnerJournalist Matt Taibbi's book, 'I Can't Breathe,' argues that 'broken windows' policing is to blame for Garner's death.NPR00:48:59
Anthony BourdainThe 'Parts Unknown' host talks about starting out as a dishwasher, finding his writing voice, and the only food...NPR00:49:31
Author John GreenHis new novel Turtles All The Way Down, is about a teen girl with OCD. David Bianculli reviews a new Hulu documentary...NPR00:48:57
'The Danger Of President Pence'Though Trump ran as an outsider, Jane Mayer describes his Pence as "the connective tissue" between Trump and the billionaire...NPR00:47:39
Amy Tan: 'Where The Past Begins'She explores the contradictions of her upbringing in the memoir. Maureen Corrigan reviews 'Death in the Air.'NPR00:49:11
Why We SleepMatthew Walker says sleep deficiency is associated with problems in concentration, memory, immune system & shorter lifespans.NPR00:49:12
Systemic School SegregationJournalist Nikole Hannah-Jones says school segregation will continue to exist in America "as long as individual parents...NPR00:48:19
Jimmy FallonTalks with Terry Gross about his new children's book, being entertaining in times of tragedy, and the biggest...NPR00:48:60
Director Noah BaumbachHis new film 'The Meyerowitz Stories' revolves around three adult siblings whose father is a self-absorbed sculptor...NPR00:50:24
Rex Tillerson - Breaking PointWriter Dexter Filkins says Tillerson is a diplomat in an administration that doesn't value diplomacy; a sober, steady guy...NPR00:49:08
Stalin's War On UkraineIn the 1930s Stalin created a famine to suppress an uprising in Ukraine, as described in a new book 'The Red Famine.'NPR00:48:53
The Platinum Age Of TVDavid Bianculli's book revisits the best of the small screen; from 'I Love Lucy' to 'The Walking Dead.'NPR00:48:42
NRA-Backed Gun LawsMike Spies says the NRA is normalizing gun carrying as much as possible in public life. David Edelstein reviews Blade Runner 2049NPR00:49:21
Life Of Muhammad AliJonathan Eig's new biography draws on hundreds of interviews and previously unreleased FBI and Justice Department files...NPR00:49:19
Remembering Tom PettySinger and guitarist Tom Petty, who died Monday, spoke with Terry Gross in 2006 about launching his Hall Of Fame career.NPR00:47:47
Roz Chast & Daniel MendelsohnChast has a new book of cartoons. Mendelsohn's book is 'An Odyssey: A Father, A Son, and an Epic.'NPR00:47:28
Larry David / Hugh HefnerLarry David's 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' returns after a six year hiatus. Terry Gross' 1999 conversation with Hugh Hefner.NPR00:48:07
Lobbying In Trump's WashingtonNicholas Confessore explains how Trump's election was a boon to those with access to the president...NPR00:48:33
David Simon & George PelecanosSimon and Pelecanos talk about their new HBO series 'The Deuce,' which takes place in 1971 New York City...NPR00:47:53
How Churchill Became Hero Of The EmpireAuthor Candice Millard argues that Churchill's escapades during the Boer War were turning points in his life...NPR00:49:05
Former Obama Speechwriter David LittWriting speeches and jokes for Obama was often a delicate task. His new memoir: 'Thanks, Obama: My Hopey, Changey White House Years'NPR00:48:39
Billie Jean KingJohn Powers remembers the monumental 'Battle of the Sexes' match between tennis players King and Bobby Riggs...NPR00:48:35
'The Vietnam War'The 10-part PBS series uncovers never-before-seen footage from the War, telling the story from multiple perspectives...NPR00:48:05
Life And Times Of Michael A.Danielle Allen mourns the death of her cousin, and denounces the prison system in her new book...NPR00:48:10
One Nation After TrumpJournalists believe the Trump presidency and this period of national soul-searching could lead to an era of Democratic renewal.NPR00:48:40
Hillary Rodham ClintonShe talks of her loss to Donald Trump, former FBI Director James Comey, and whether she would question the legitimacy of...NPR00:48:53
Bruce SpringsteenThe Boss spoke with Terry Gross last year about masculinity, New Jersey, and why he wishes he was his stage persona...NPR00:48:50
Jazz Pianist Fred HerschHe began his jazz career in the closet, but nearly 30 years ago, he identified himself as gay and HIV positive...NPR00:47:18
Nuclear War With North Korea?Evan Osnos visited North Korea in August to understand what they really mean when they talk about nuclear war.NPR00:48:40
Katy Tur On The Trump CampaignHer new memoir about the campaign is 'Unbelievable.' Book critic Maureen Corrigan reviews Claire Messud's novel, 'The Burning Girl.'NPR00:47:49
9/11 First Responder John FealFive days after the Sept. 11 attacks, while working at ground zero, an 8,000 lb. piece of steel fell on Feal's foot, crushing it...NPR00:48:19
Pamela Adlon On 'Better Things'Her FX series (starting Sept 14) is based on her own experience raising three girls as a single mom.NPR00:49:07
Mike White On 'Brad's Status'In his new film, a father starts to experience status anxiety while taking his son on a college tour - a universal situation...NPR00:48:43
Loudon Wainwright IIIHe's written remarkable songs about family, and how we hurt and heal each other. His new memoir 'Liner Notes.'NPR00:48:55
John Le CarreThe 85-year-old novelist spent time as a spy. His new book is 'A Legacy of Spies.'NPR00:48:21
Billy BraggThe British singer-songwriter writes about skiffle, a music movement inspired by American roots music, in his new book...NPR00:50:34
30th Anniversary #6Joey Ramone, lead singer of The Ramones. John Waters on Hairspray. In the wake of Harvey.NPR00:48:15
30th Anniversary #5Drummer Max Roach. Singer Anita O'Day made it big singing with Gene Krupa. Pianist Jay McShann and his sideman Charlie Parker.NPR00:49:20
30th Anniversary #4Paul Schrader: writer of Taxi Driver, Raging Bull... John Updike: novelist. Tobe Hooper: Texas Chain Saw Massacre director.NPR00:49:40
30th Anniversary #3Ronnie Spector of the '60s girl group The Ronettes. Ben E. King of The Drifters. Otis Williams of The Temptations.NPR00:50:26
30th Anniversary #2We continue our 30th anniversary celebration. Elia Kazan on directing Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront, Kirk Douglas on directing Spartacus...NPR00:50:18
30th Anniversary #1Interviews from our beginning as a daily, national show. Patty Duke, Carl Reiner, Antonio Carlos Jobim, etc.NPR00:49:31
The 'Invisible Injuries' Of WarMarine Sergeant TJ Brennan suffered memory loss and PTSD in Afghanistan. Finbarr O'Reilly captured it on film. Their book: 'Shooting Ghosts.'NPR00:48:41
Armed Militias & The New Protest LandscapeMark Pitcavage, researcher at the Anti-Defamation League, on America's militia movement, what it stands for, and how it has evolved...NPR00:49:47
Decoding The Unabomber's WritingJames R. Fitzgerald says Ted Kaczynski's writings helped cracked the case that confounded the FBI for more than 17 years...NPR00:48:45
Remembering Jerry LewisIn 2005, Lewis told Terry Gross about his partnership with singer Dean Martin and how he honed his comic skills...NPR00:49:59
Billy Eichner & Julie KlausnerThey play two snarky, pop culture obsessives in New York City in the Hulu series 'Difficult People.' Justin Chang reviews 'Patti Cake$.'NPR00:49:34
Bridget Everett & John ChoBridget (seen on 'Inside Amy Schumer') talks about her raunchy act. John talks about 'Columbus,' clashes with his parents...NPR00:48:33
Regulated Become The Regulators'Eric Lipton says lobbyists now working for the government lead a regulatory roll back benefiting industries they used to representNPR00:48:39
Max Brooks On DoomsdayHis stable childhood with parents Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft stands in contrast to wild stories he tells in novels like World War ZNPR00:48:41
Life In A Colony For The DisabledMolly McCully Brown, in her new collection of poems, imagines life inside the colony. Kevin Whitehead reviews the Bill Evans Trio.NPR00:48:20
Broadway Legend Barbara CookCook, who starred in Broadway shows like 'The Music Man' and 'Candide, died Tuesday at 89. She spoke with Terry in 2016NPR00:49:49
JFK's Assassination: UnfoldingPhilip Shenon tells of newly-declassified documents which shed light on Lee Harvey Oswald's trip to Mexico weeks before the assassination.NPR00:49:47
Should I Help My Patients Die?Dr. Jessica Nutik Zitter is grappling with when to implement her state's new End of Life Option Act...NPR00:49:50
The Kellogg BrothersA century ago, two brothers revolutionized breakfast with mass-produced boxed cereal. Howard Markel chronicles their relationshipNPR00:48:21
Why Buddhism Is TrueScience journalist and author Robert Wright says that Buddhist meditation might help counteract our natural tendency towards...NPR00:49:28
Remembering Jeanne MoreauAn icon of French New Wave cinema, died on Monday at 89. She starred in the films 'Jules and Jim' and 'The Lovers.'NPR00:49:28
Bill Moyers52 years ago, he witnessed firsthand the political maneuvering that resulted in the landmark passage of Medicare...NPR00:47:40
Former VP Al GoreHis documentary, 'An Inconvenient Sequel,' seeks to build bipartisan consensus to address climate change...NPR00:48:45
Ariel Levy On Love And LossHer memoir 'The Rules Do Not Apply,' explores her loss of identity as a wife and mother, and how writing saved her...NPR00:48:23
Author Tom PerrottaHis previous books 'Election' and 'Little Children' were made into films, and 'The Leftovers' became an HBO series...NPR00:47:37
Jazz Pianist Dave Frishberg...Frishberg has a new memoir. Ray Manzarek talks about coming up with his keyboard part. David Edelstein reviews 'Detroit.'NPR00:50:12
Covering President TrumpNew York Times correspondent Peter Baker says Trump has crossed so many boundaries "it's easy to become inured to it."NPR00:48:56
The 'Great Quake'Henry Fountain says the deadly quake that shook Alaska in 1964 Changed Our Understanding Of The Planet.NPR00:48:53
Jessica WilliamsThe '2 Dope Queens' co-host talks about growing up in a religious family, landing a job on 'The Daily Show' at 22, and ...NPR00:48:28

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