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Enjoy articles from Forbes, a leading source for reliable business news, financial information, politics, and economics. Your host: Martin Grodt.

Current Forbes Magazine Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
The Price of Inspiration - Sep 5, 2017Vertex Pharmaceuticals' new $200,00-a-year cystic fibrosis drug could help 90% of patients breath. An amazing innovation, will they do it again?Reader: Martin Grodt00:17:54
Eyes on the Road - Sep 5, 2017How Velodyne's vision sensors are ushering in the self-driving-car revolution.Reader: Martin Grodt00:14:31
The Middleman of Middle America - Sep 5, 2017David Zalek never graduated from high school, but he could do the math: Making money from both sides of a home renovation loan.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:14
School of Quant - Sep 5, 2017As computers overtake investing, a small college in New Jersey is remaking itself as the preeminent training ground for Wall Street's financial engineers.Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:31
Puegot on the Go - Sep 5, 2017Carlos Tavares is taking on the global giants by gambling on bleeding-edge manufacturing techniques, that support other companies' cars.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:20
Hoarder Control - Sep 5, 2017With Amazon-like logistics, Clutter is disrupting the $30 billion self-storage industry. Eventually it wants to let you ship, rent, and sell your stuff.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:00
The Emperor's New Coin - Jul 27, 2017We're in the middle of the greatest bubble of the decade; $100 billion worth of cryptocurrency with little intrinsic value. By Laura ShinReader: Martin Grodt00:20:18
Artificial Intelligence-Battling Giants - Jul 27, 2017Clarifai's image-recognition AI can go toe-to-toe with those of Google, IBM and Microsoft. Now the startup must fight to stay competitive.Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:57
Bad Ideas Gone Good - Jun 29, 2017Sleazy Image, Smart Play (reverse mortgages); Gold Is for Cranks?; Milking Your Stocks (trading in options); Divide Your Home; Shrink Your SalaryReader: Martin Grodt00:28:10
Streaming Grows Up - Jun 27, 2017A gusher of dollars for the entertainment industry. "Music Goes Freemium"; "Netflix Zombies"; "If You Build It They Will Come"Reader: Martin Grodt00:16:31
Dial-A-Carvan - Jun 29, 2017Ride-sharing startup Careem is outdistancing Uber in the Arab world with superior cultural knowledge, better maps and more drive. By Parmy OlsonReader: Martin Grodt00:08:54
The Toll Collector May 17, 2017Bruce Flatt built one of the world's largest portfolios of office buildings, power plants and infrastructure projects. By Antoine Gara.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:42
Mattress Missionaries - May 17, 2017The Pearces launched a startup to make and sell mattresses. In just a year, they had $50 million in revenue, By Amy Feldman.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:43
Driven - May 17, 2017Brad Cordova started a company to combat distracted driving and tap into the new market for data-driven insurance. By Susan Adams.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:18
Killing Craigslist - May 17, 2017A smartphone-based alternative to Craigslist may replace the 22-year-old online dinosaur. By Ryan Mac.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:22
Salesman of the Subcontinent - Mar 28, 2017Indian luxury real estate is stalled, but Trump's partners are cashing in....slowly. By Naazneen KarmaliReader: Martin Grodt00:04:59
Locked In - Mar 28, 2017Trump's newest building, in left-leaning Vancouver, has been profitable for its Malaysian partners from the get-go. But they may already regret the deal.Reader: Martin Grodt00:05:15
The Donald of the Desert - Mar 28, 2017Master marketer Hussain Sajwani is betting he can still sell Trump in Dubai. By Abram BrownReader: Martin Grodt00:04:30
The President's Gambling Buddy - Mar 28, 2017Donald Trump famously failed in Atlantic City, but he's scored big in Vegas, courtesy of his partner, billionaire Phil Ruffin. By Dan AlexanderReader: Martin Grodt00:14:24
The Trump Clone - Mar 28, 2017Hary Tanosoedibjo shares more than luxury resorts with the 45th president. The Indonesian billionaire is laying groundwork to become his countrys president.Reader: Martin Grodt00:22:01
The World's Billionaires. In Trump They Trust - Mar 28, 2017Trumps network extends to a least 19 countries, and these guys (yes, they're all men) share a set of traits.Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:45
How To Cheat Death - Feb 28, 2017Craig Venter, the man who mapped the human genome, is back with a $25,000 physical he hopes can extend your life-and make him a billionaire.Reader: Martin Grodt00:18:42
Green Gas - Feb 28, 2017A revolutionary $150 million power plant promises to capture all its polluting carbon-and produce electricity at the same cost as a dirty facility.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:02
Yellon's Big Secret - Feb, 2017The CEO of one of the world's largest disaster-cleanup companies built a $320 million fortune with a helping hand from a reputed Mafia figures years ago.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:57
The Flip Turn - Jan 24, 2017By 30 he was the most decorated Olympian of all time. Now he seeks to translate his prodigious accomplishments into an everlasting brand.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:36
The Black Sheep - Jan 24, 2017At 25, James Proud has a quarter-billion riding on reinventing how you sleep. And this original Thiel Fellow is determined to do it his way.Reader: Martin Grodt00:18:17
A Bountiful Mind Jan 24, 2017If there were an 8 over 80, it would include Phillip Frost-doctor, investor, inventor-who globalized the generic-medicine and gives away billions.Reader: Martin Grodt00:20:29
Trash Tech - Jan 24, 2017Rubicon Global CEO Nate Morris is building the Uber of garbage collection, disrupting a $60 billion industry dominated by giants.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:39
Hardened Target - Jan 24, 2017Lockheed Martin will continue to thrive, because for the Pentagon and politicians alike, the world's biggest defense contractor well placed.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:10
Moderna's Mystery Medicines - Dec 30, 2016Backed by world-class science, a stealthy biotech has raised $1.9 billion by promising to change medicine forever.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:47
The Septuagenarian Whiz Kid - Dec 31, 2016Shaun McConnon has sold three tech startups for a total of $1 billion. Now he's building a cybersecurity business that could soon be worth a billion itself.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:50
Founder's Remorse - Dec 30, 2016Billionaire Chip Wilson, Lululemon's creator and largest individual shareholder, is also its loudest critic. By Abram BrownReader: Martin Grodt00:08:03
Trump the IRS - Dec 30, 2016The time to start positioning yourself for the coming tax cuts is right now. By William BaldwinReader: Martin Grodt00:10:46
Virtual Plan, Real Surgery - Dec 30, 2016Doctors in a New York hospital combine CT scans, MRI's and 3-D printing machines to map out and practice complex surgeries. By Leonard BrodyReader: Martin Grodt00:05:44
Uber's Bold Move - Dec 30, 2016While every startup compares itself to Uber, Travis Kalanick is positioning his $68 billion company more like Amazon. By Miguel HelftReader: Martin Grodt00:22:32
Big Bet Philanthropy - Dec, 2016As with venture capital, philanthropists are increasingly embracing an all-or-nothing ethos designed to solve-rather than chip away at social problems.Reader: Martin Grodt00:12:03
Home Shopping Networkers - Dec, 2016Open door bids for houses sight unseen and buys them fast. Sellers can get a fair price in cash for their property in as little as three days.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:24
Bitcoin's Blue Chip - Dec, 2016Four years ago the cryptocurrency startup Coinbase turned its back on the movement's anti-establishment mojo. No it has a $500 million valuation.Reader: Martin Grodt00:17:16
The New Intel - Dec, 2016Graphics-chip specialist Nvidia's almost accidental dominance of the market for artificial-intelligence processors propelled its stock to new heights.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:11
Ringmaster of the Universe - Dec, 2016By juggling the circus and a collection of other live-entertainment shows, Kenneth Feld has kept Ringling Bros. alive for the past 3 decades.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:16
The Tesla of Buses - Dec, 2016Proterra is looking at a huge market opportunity for its electric buses, if only it can make them more quickly. By Alan OhnsmanReader: Martin Grodt00:07:20
The Son-in-Law Also Rises - Dec 20, 2016Trump son-in-law, Jared Kushner, created a stealth data machine that leveraged social media and ran like a Silicon Valley startup. By Steven BertoniReader: Martin Grodt00:27:55
Looking Into Peer-to-Peer Loans - Nov 29, 2016Mortgage trader Perry Rahbar had a front-row seat during Bear Stearns' collapse. Now he wants to help investors avoid the same disaster with loans.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:43
Disruption Machine - Nov 29, 2016Top-secret startup Magic Leap has raised a record-breaking amount of money in pursuit of a radical concept: blending the digital and the physical.Reader: Martin Grodt00:23:21
Body Parts on Demand - Nov 29, 2016With cheap 3-D bioprinters and free software, BioBots wants to democratize tissue-printing and spur a medical revolution. By Kathryn DillReader: Martin Grodt00:04:22
Oh, the Places You'll Go! - Nov 29, 2016Amy Norman and Stella Ma desperately wanted venture funding, so the pitched their kids'-travel-kit startup. Luckily they got zero offers.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:37
Biting the Hand That Feeds You - Nov 29, 2016Jim Musselman and Caelus Energy would be happy to help Alaska solve its fiscal crisis. If it would only let him. By Christopher HelmanReader: Martin Grodt00:06:22
Shark Tank's Toothless Deals - Nov 29, 2016ABC's hit business-pitch reality show, some entrepreneurs walk away with life-changing deals. But more often than not, those pacts don't stick.Reader: Martin Grodt00:05:55
The Alligator Wrestler and the Casino Boss - Nov 8, 2016How the Seminole Tribe of Florida went from being a band of outcasts living in the Everglades to the multibillionaire owners of an iconic brand.Reader: Martin Grodt00:22:01
Free Market Philanthropy - Nov 8, 2016GoFundMe is changing the way people give money to causes big and small, but it is not a charity or a foundation. It's a highly profitable company.Reader: Martin Grodt00:17:13
End of the Biological Clock - Nov 8, 2016Serial entrepreneur Martin Varavsky has a $200 million dollar war chest built around persuading women to freeze eggs while they're young.Reader: Martin Grodt00:17:25
Stepping Out of YouTube's Shadow - Nov 8, 2016Eric Huggers wants to make Vevo the top destination for online music videos. First he needs to outsmart the king of digital vider. By Shelby CarpenterReader: Martin Grodt00:08:14
A View From The Top - Oct 25, 2016As a child, Philip Anschutz had the mile-high ambition to own the lavish Broadmoor hotel in Colorado.Six decades later he bought it.Martin Grodt00:16:44
Bottle Royale - Oct 25, 2016Dick Yuengling built America's oldest brewery into a $550 million powerhouse, becoming a billionaire. Who will he pass the family business to.Martin Grodt00:18:24
Pain and Gain - Oct. 25, 2016John Kapoor companies sell an array of drugs, but now he has started selling one of the strongest narcotics in the world.Martin Grodt00:21:12
The American Dream Is Alive and Well...on the Forbes 400 - Oct 25, 2016Immigrants are taking a beating on tv, at political rallies, even on capitol hill. But on the Forbes 400 is a love story-over 10% born outside the US.Martin Grodt00:19:28
Glaxo Takes Its Medicine - Oct. 4, 2016Andrew Witty inherited a drugmaker sick with scandal and spent the next eight years patching up his patient they may finally be well again.Reader: Martin Grodt00:17:42
The Wizard of Apps - Oct 4, 2016The hottest stock in America, Twilio, is a company you've never heard of. It uses the cloud to put communications everywhere. By Miguel HelftReader: Martin Grodt00:22:08
Blade Runners - Oct 4, 2016Harry’s built an old-school shaving brand through online subscription boxes. Now it’s targeting a bigger market. By Steven BertoniReader: Martin Grodt00:07:15
Map Quest - Oct 4, 2016Smartphone navigation apps threatened to push Garmin off the road. It is catching up using wearables and decades of experience. By Alex KnappReader: Martin Grodt00:09:14
Rethinking Recycling - Oct 4, 2016Not all of your trash has value. By Christopher HelmanReader: Martin Grodt00:07:00
The Reinvention Factory - Sep 13, 2016James Dyson has built one of the world's most innovative companies by wooing young, talented engineers to the picturesque English countryside.Reader: Martin Grodt00:18:05
Nonstop Benioff - Sep 13, 2016In an age that celebrates manic entrepreneurs, none is more frenetic than the Salesforce founder, whom we rate as Americas most innovative CEO.Reader: Martin Grodt00:23:15
The Two-Wheeled Commuter Car? - Sep 13, 2016Already massive in China and popular in Europe, electric bikes are making inroads in the U.S. By Shelby Carpenter and Susan AdamsReader: Martin Grodt00:08:21
Solar Survivor - Sep 13, 2016Sungevity's asset-light, customizble approach is a lone ray of hope in a dreary industry. By Christopher HelmanReader: Martin Grodt00:08:06
From Rare To Great - Aug 23, 2016Biomarin became one of the world's most valuable biotechs by jettisoning costly distractions and focusing on the rarest diseases on the planet.Reader: Martin Grodt00:15:26
The Great Re-Write - Aug 23, 2016A profit motive for saving the world. By Leonard BrodyReader: Martin Grodt00:06:00
Instagram's Big Picture - Aug 23, 2016Instagram is emerging as Facebook's growth engine, turning Mark Zuckerberg's purchase into one of the greatest tech deals of all time.Reader: Martin Grodt00:20:19
The Fraud Detective - Aug 23, 2016Alex Algard risked everything he owned to turn his struggling business, Whitepages, into a fast-growing tech company.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:03
Find Me Here - Aug 23, 2016Billions more people could finally get home deliveries if the world adopts What3Words' clever address system. By Parmy OlsonReader: Martin Grodt00:07:09
Monster Game - Aug 23, 2016The inside story of how Pokemon Go was created by a Google exec who got lost within the giant search company and persuaded to let him go.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:03
Cannabis Capitalist - Jul 26, 2016Scotts Miracle-Gro has been helping gardeners keep their lawns green and pristine for decades. Now it is gambling $400 million on pot growers.Reader: Martin Grodt00:21:17
The Trillion Dollar Tech War - Jul 26, 2016As the data-intensive internet of things becomes a reality, the cloud is shaping up to be the biggest opportunity in a generation.Reader: Martin Grodt00:22:00
Digital Door-to-Door - Jul 26, 2016The house of the future is being sold in the most old-fashioned way imaginable; by pounding the pavement and working the phones.Reader: Martin Grodt00:16:28
Korea's Pop Export - Jul 26, 2016Bigbang, the first Korean act to land on our celeb 100, pulled in $44 million this year, offering a window into campy K-Pop genreReader: Martin Grodt00:07:56
Mr. Big Time - Jul 26, 2016Bob's Watches brought transparency to the fraud-filled market for used and vintage Rolexes-and is making millions. By Susan AdamsReader: Martin Grodt00:07:16
New Frame of Mind - Jul 26, 2016Michaels, the venerable arts-supplies store, has crafted one of retail's most unlikely comebacks by transforming its stores-ignoring e-commerce.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:15
Game Changers - Jul 26, 2016Thanks to cellphones and the app store, there's a new way to monetize fame. Meet the new moguls of gaming: Kim Kardashian, Ellen Degeneres, etc.Reader: Martin Grodt00:18:21
The Great Green Way? - Jun 29, 2016Hamilton may be a Broadway blockbuster, but most theater investors lose a lot of Benjamins. By Zack O'Malley Greenburg, Lee Seymour, Madeline HamiltonReader: Martin Grodt00:07:50
When You're 91 - Jun 29, 2016You're sharp enough now to follow Warren Buffett's advice, but someday you might not be. Here's how to protect yourself-or your parents.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:51
Google Is About To Change Everything-Again - Jun 29, 2016New CEO Sundhar is a brainy product guy who aims to reinvent the world's second-most valuable company-and pretty much every digital experience.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:48
Speeding Past Google - Jun 29, 2016Israel's Mobileye plans to leapfrog the tech giant and bring self-driving cars to the masses. By Joann MullerReader: Martin Grodt00:08:18
Skype Meets Cash - Jun 21, 2016The latest salvo in the war for the future of money: person-to-person currency transfers. A $1 billion startup, Transferwire can do it now.Reader: Martin Grodt00:14:44
Fashionista Moneyball - Jun 21, 2016Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake has turned her startup into a profitable $250 million retail disruptor by layering big data on high style.Reader: Martin Grodt00:18:52
War of Words - Jun 21, 2016Liz Elting founded one of America's leading translation companies with her boyfriend from business school. 20 years later an ugly fight.Reader: Martin Grodt00:24:53
How to Make $1 Billion in Your Spare Time - Jun 22, 2016Practicing dermatologists Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields have built a remarkable fortune with two hugely successful skin care brands. By Kate VintonReader: Martin Grodt00:19:12
The New Liquid Asset - Jun 21, 2016Three years ago HYT introduced innovative hydromechanical watches that were prized by collectors and disrupted the industry. By Roberta HaasReader: Martin Grodt00:06:39
Billions of New Connections - Jun 21, 2016Sigfox has developed a new kind of wireless technology that promises to finally make the internet of Things a reality. By Aaron TilleyReader: Martin Grodt00:08:10
Oil for Sale, Cheap - Jun 21, 2016How online autioneer EnergyNet helps bring liquidity, and recovery to America's busted oil patch, By Chris HelmanReader: Martin Grodt00:10:01
Vaporized - May 31, 2016E-cigarettes were supposed to save lives and revitalize the smoking industry. But anti-smoking zealots, regulators determined to snuff it out.Reader: Martin Grodt00:16:36
Inside Israel's Secret Startup Machine - May 31, 2016The Israel Defense Forces' clandestine Unit 8200 isn't just the mythical cyber-security and spy squad. It a great source of tech startups.Reader: Martin Grodt00:23:25
Wall Street's Unstoppable Force - May 31, 2016After every crisis for the past three decades, Blackstone's Stephen Schwarzman has come out a winner. Inside the mind of a market master.Reader: Martin Grodt00:20:59
Rx for Success - May 31, 2016Want to succeed in biotech? Donâ??t be incremental. Try to change everything. By Matthew HerperReader: Martin Grodt00:11:44
Toyota Recharges - May 31, 2016Two decades after the Prius jump-started the green car revolution, Toyota lost its eco-mojo to Tesla. Now they will roll out the Mirai.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:10
Prescription for Disaster - May 10, 2016In less tha a year, Valean Pharmaceuticals has lost 87% of it value-some $80 billion. The story reveals a pressure cooker that was ready to explode.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:15
How To Beat Amazon - May 10, 2016Coupang's blitz into same-day online retail is all but keeping Jeff Bezos out of South Korea-and making CEO, Bom Kim, a very rich man.Reader: Martin Grodt00:17:02
The Prince of Podcasting - May 10, 2016Norm Pattiz founded radio giant Westwood One and turned it into a $4 billion company. Now he's dialing up the same formula for podcasting.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:24
Manna From Heaven - May 10, 2016How D.E. Shaw and a politically connected attorney persuaded Rhode Island to build America's first-ever offshore wind farm.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:15
The God Pill - May 10, 2016A brilliant Turkish-American billionaire thinks he can heal arthritis, cure baldness and erase wrinkles. And that�s just the start.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:43
First, Don't Kill Your Employees - Apr 19, 2016America's best employer isn't a left coast tech firm with a climbing wall and beanbag chairs but an old-line energy giant facing real problems.Reader: Martin Grodt00:12:54
Eight And A Half X - Apr 19, 2016Along with Madonna manager Guy Oseary, Ashton Kutcher he's backed by some of the world's best known billionaires. Funded Uber, Airbnb, Skype.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:07
The World's Most Audacious Real Estate Project - Apr 19, 2016Columbian businessman Jaime Gilinski is turning the former Howard Air Force Base into a brand new city. He has already made $1.4 billion.Reader: Martin Grodt00:23:13
The Lone Prospector - Apr 19, 2016Steve Anderson works alone out of a former children's photo studio. He's become the second-best venture capitalist in the world.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:39
Saving America From Hacker Blackouts - Apr 19, 2016Robert Lee spent years watching nations attack one another online. His startup aims to be a new line of defense. By Thomas Fox-BrewsterReader: Martin Grodt00:08:30
Dashboard Wars - Apr 19, 2016Would you rather plug your smartphone into your car or have your car be the smartphone? Harman is betting billions on the latter. By Joann MullerReader: Martin Grodt00:07:59
The Donald of Dubai - Mar 21, 2016Hussain Sajwani has transformed the desert skyline with luxury apartments and lavish mansions using outrageous marketing strategies.Reader: Martin Grodt00:14:31
Africa's Sam Walton - Mar 21, 2016From shirts to furniture to groceries, Christo Wiese sells billions in low-cost goods to a continent clamoring for them. America could be next.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:45
Shadow Banker - Mar 21, 2016Secretive John Grayken debuts on the Forbes billionaire's list with the second-biggest fortune in private equity. He is ruthless and selfish.Reader: Martin Grodt00:21:27
The President of Coffee Nation - Mar 21, 2016Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz doesn't want to run for the white house. However, the billionaire wants to use his perch to change American discourse.Reader: Martin Grodt00:24:46
Moving Saga - Feb 29, 2016Joe Shoen grabbed control of U-Haul from his father, escalating a family feud into all-out civil war. By Luisa Kroll and Alex MorrellReader: Martin Grodt00:23:47
The Robot-Powered Internet - Feb 29, 2016Kik Messenger is a huge hit with teens-and a sudden threat to Facebook in the race to create the world's mobile operating system.Reader: Martin Grodt00:12:05
Gap Year For Boomers - Feb 29, 2016Harvard and Stanford are helping high-powered retirees find themselves-new social impact careers. How you can find a new vocation after retiring.Reader: Martin Grodt00:12:05
Richie Rich Roths - Feb 29, 2016Too wealthy to contribute directly to a Roth IRA? Here are six other ways to build a tax-free kitty. By Ashlea EbelingReader: Martin Grodt00:09:03
Rev Up Your Retirement - Feb 29, 201611-step guide to drawing income in retirement could save you a bundle on taxes. By William Baldwin, 10 Rules For The New RetirementReader: Martin Grodt00:19:27
The Global Mogul - Feb 29, 2016Billionaire Thomas Tull is about to sell his comic-driven movie studio to China's richest man. By Natalie RobehmedReader: Martin Grodt00:19:56
Building A Better Startup - Feb 8, 2016Cue Ball Group went looking for the next Starbucks and found a fresh approach to venture capital-one that emphasizes entrepreneurs over exits.Reader: Martin Grodt00:16:54
Solving Pharma's Shkreli Problem - Feb 8, 2016The most hated entrepeneur in America did a public service in some ways: He revealed a flawed system that threatens the entire industry.Reader: Martin Grodt00:20:24
Doubling Down - Feb 8, 2016Lawrence Ho is betting $3.2 billion that he can make Macau more like Las Vegas, By Muhammad CohenReader: Martin Grodt00:12:38
Land of Opportunity - Feb 8, 2016Deals in 7 years for $7 billion, press-shy wildcatter Trevor Rees-Jones is better equipped than anyone to pick through the oil and gas bust.Reader: Martin Grodt00:22:21
Nothing Happens Until Somebody Cries - Feb 8, 2016Tor George Cloutier and his team of turnaround counsultants, the problem is rarely the diagnosis; it's getting the owner to take action.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:00
The Digital Money Changer - Feb 16, 2016Amsterdam's Adyen has found a $50 billion opening in the thicket of online international transactions. By Steven BertoniReader: Martin Grodt00:08:00
Technology: He Solved Facebook - Feb 16, 2016Sprinklr is cleaning up by helping big brands make sense of the maelstrom in social media. By Alex KonradReader: Martin Grodt00:10:46
Cashiers of the Internet - Jan 18, 201630 Under 30 alums John and Patrick Collison have built Stripe into a $5 billion mobile payment juggernaut. By Miguel HelftReader: Martin Grodt00:12:53
The Revivalist - Jan 18, 2016Having breathed new life into classic properties in the Midwest and the Caribbean, hip hotleier Ben Weprin has a new vision for New Orleans.Reader: Martin Grodt00:15:07
Rebel In Chief - Jan 18, 2016Chris Fiedland bases his online retailer out of sleepy Chico, California. He hires at Burning Man. He has turned into a success story.Reader: Martin Grodt00:15:07
The New Hedge Fund King - Jan 18, 2016Amid a sea of dismal performances, a surfer dude with Einstein smarts is redefining the terms of quant trading. By Narthan VardiReader: Martin Grodt00:17:27
Kickstarting A Business Model - Jan 18, 2016Peak Design, a creative maker of outdoor gear, uses crowdfunding not just to finance its products but also to market them. By Robb MendelbaumReader: Martin Grodt00:06:22
Strategies-Autos: The Future Is the Past - Jan 18, 2016The entire auto industry is betting on self-driving cars-except Mazda's Masamichi Kogai, who believes lots of people love to get behind the wheel.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:20
Real Estate of the Ages - Dec 28, 2015Life-stage investing is the latest buzz phrase on financial marketers' lips. Harris Street Capital is proving that it really works.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:47
Pay Less Tax - Dec 28, 2015Five (legal) ways opportunities to end-run the IRS. Tax-Free Transfer-Move wealth to the next generation before interest rates rise.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:04
Cloudy Security - Dec 28, 2015Your financial planner, CPA and lawyer are joining the tech revolution. Be afraid. Are they keeping your data secure? By Kelly Phillips ErbReader: Martin Grodt00:04:16
Financial Nagging - Dec 28, 2015Pensions are out. Employee financial wellness advice is in. Hellowallet provides it on the cheap. By Samantha SharfReader: Martin Grodt00:08:00
2016's Boldest Bet - Dec 28, 2015Russia is an economic basket case, but a few brave investors think this will be the year of the Russian bear turns to a raging bull.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:07
Retirement Bogeyman - Dec 28, 2015It may seem dead now, but inflation could wreck your golden years. What's your insurance policy? By William BaldwinReader: Martin Grodt00:09:00
High on the Hog - Dec 28, 2015Once Michael Milken's buddy at Drexel, Chris Andersen has thrown himself into raising the kobe beef of swine. By Susan AdamsReader: Martin Grodt00:11:11
Subprime Supremo - Dec 14, 2015Don Hankey has become a billionaire charging sky-high interest on subprime car loans. Now he's moving into partnering with Uber.Reader: Martin Grodt00:17:17
The Last Days of Marissa Mayer - Dec 14, 2015The Yahoo CEO was viewed as a savior back in 2012. But insiders say she now leads a company without a vision. Are her days numbered?Reader: Martin Grodt00:17:37
The First Woman of Women - Dec 14, 2015Melinda Gates is exerting her influence over the richest charity foundation. She is also becoming the most powerful advocate for women and girls.Reader: Martin Grodt00:22:08
America's Nuttiest Power Couple - Nov 22, 2015Stewart and Lynda Resnick, the billionaire couple behind Fiji Water and POM Wonderful, are profiting off pistachios and almonds. By Chloe SorvinoReader: Martin Grodt00:18:29
The Coors Family Branches Out - Nov 23, 2015But more of its wealth now comes from a secretive ceramics company that is redefining how a family business operates. By Dan AlexanderReader: Martin Grodt00:16:00
Sturdy Boots on Unsteady Ground - Nov 23, 2015Political turmoil? Corruption? Civil unrest? Meet the honey badger of global private equity, Dubai's Abraaj Group. By Elizabeth MacbrideReader: Martin Grodt00:12:41
Master Chief - Nov 23, 2015How Master Chief Became Microsoft's R&D Chief. The games business doesn't make a lot of profit, but that's not the point. By David M. EwaltReader: Martin Grodt00:07:34
Shape of Things to Comes - Nov 23, 2015Carbon 3D is the latest hype-beast in 3-D printing, but it has the best chance yet to to reinvent manufacturing. By Aaron TilleyReader: Martin Grodt00:07:31
Everyday Renewable Energy - Nov 23, 2015Wal-Mart, is making one of their long-held dreams a reality: affordable green energy deployed on an industrial scale. By Chistopher HelmanReader: Martin Grodt00:06:59
The Cold Warrior - Nov 23, 2015Columbia Sportswear CEO Tim Boyle brought his company out of a deep freeze thanks to new high-tech outerwear - and one tough mother.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:28
Alibaba and the 40,000 Thieves - Nov 23, 2015The world's biggest online retailer courses with an unprecedented torrent of counterfeit and sham goods, the brands, U.S., and China can't do much.Reader: Martin Grodt00:25:38
The $8 Million Pocket Watch - Nov 2, 2015It weighs 2 pounds, contains 57 separate functions and took Vacheron Constantin eight years to create. Meet the world's most complicated timepiece.Reader: Martin Grodt00:05:56
Ford's Fresh Face - Nov 2, 2015The new CEO of America's most successful car company must navigate a hypercompetitive future with threats from reinvigorated traditional rivalsReader: Martin Grodt00:19:46
Food Fight - Nov 2, 2015Blue Apron is selling dinner kits at a rate of $40 million a month and is valued at $2 billion. And others even more. Here are the details.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:50
The Unicorn Boom Has Begun? Hardly. - Friday Nov 6, 2015Yes, many $1 billion startups are overvalued. But there are still many substantial opportunities. By Miguel HelftReader: Martin Grodt00:11:31
Math-Sters of the Universe - Oct 19, 2015A mathematician and a computer scientist are quietly translating these secrets - into the newest great hedge fund fortune.Reader: Martin Grodt00:23:02
Main Street Mogul - Oct 19, 2015Rather than let Cox Enterprises succumb to extinction or sell it, Jim Kennedy reshaped this sleepy Atlanta newspaper into a $30 billion business.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:33
The Jock Versus the Geeks - Oct 19, 2015Under Armour's Kevin Plank spent almost $1 billion on fitness apps to outdo silicon valley. He's under a lot less pressure than they are.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:02
Koch on KIoch - Oct 19, 2015As he approaches 80, Charles Koch still wants to "change the trajectory" of U.S. politics away from welfare, subsidies and crony capitalismReader: Martin Grodt00:14:37
What the 2016 Candidates Are Really Worth - Oct 19, 2015The Mystery of Hillary's Mission Millions. What the 2016 Presidential Candidates are Worth. By Dan Alexander and Augustino FontevecchiaReader: Martin Grodt00:07:00
For Friends and Family - Oct 19, 2015A unique window into what makes the most paradoxical presidential candidate in a generation tick. By Randall LaneReader: Martin Grodt00:22:46
World War Uber - Sep 26, 2015The ride-hailing app steamrolled America, but the easy-win days are over. Well-financed and battle-hardened rivals know how to beat it.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:17
Boy in the Bubble (Cover story) - Sep 26, 2015As the biotech market boils over, prodigy Vivek Ramaswamy is engineering a flurry of deals that rescue drugs forgotten by the big firms.Reader: Martin Grodt00:20:13
Money's New Operating System -Sep 26, 2015Bitcoin isn't about enabling libertarian techno-hippies to buy weed online. It may be better way to move money around the world, By Laura ShinReader: Martin Grodt00:25:35
Black Arts - Sep 7, 2015Elisa Stephens and her family built an $800 million fortune converting student loans into questionably valuable art degrees.Reader: Martin Grodt00:22:43
The Man vs. The Machines - Sep 7, 2015A bestseller about predatory high-speed trading made Brad Katsuyama a folk hero. His new platform, IEX, is poised to make him millions.Reader: Martin Grodt00:14:08
Tesla's Secret Formula - Sep 7, 2015Elon Musk has inherited Steve Jobs' mantle as the cult favorite CEO. An inside look at how his electric car company has grabbed Apple's creative crown.Reader: Martin Grodt00:18:35
NIMBY Nation - Aug 17, 2015Cries of "not in my backyard" are quietly costing the United States economy trillions. The ability for America to flourish is at stake.Reader: Martin Grodt00:18:09
Sharing That Song Inside Your Head - Aug 17, 2015As app development explodes on campuses, three Tufts undergrads may have just created an Instagram for music lovers. By Denali TietjenReader: Martin Grodt00:08:11
Debt and Deceit - Aug 17, 2015The hucksters who once preyed on underwater mortgage holders have a new set of victims - those sinking under student loans.Reader: Martin Grodt00:13:30
The $48,000 Oven - Aug 17, 2015Fast-growing retailer Pirch leverages gimmicks like in-store showers, gourmet chefs and secret entrances to sell high-end appliances. By L ChenReader: Martin Grodt00:09:02
Megabyte Mogul - Aug 17, 2015Millions of smartphone owners in poor countries can't afford to get online, so Nathan Eagle gives them data for free. By Parmy OlsonReader: Martin Grodt00:10:57
Thanks, Jeff Bezos! - Aug 17, 2015Turning an endless supply of trash into an endless supply of boxes, billionaire Anthony Pratt is the beneficiary of online retailing.Reader: Martin Grodt00:06:17
Revenge of the Philosophy Majors - Aug 17, 2015In silicon Valley brilliant coding and engineering is a given The real value added, comes from the people who can sell and humanize.Reader: Martin Grodt00:21:19
Guess How To Blow $1.5 Billion? - Jul 20, 2015The Marciano brothers made Guess the sexiest name in jeans and themselves a $2.7 billion fortune. Today the family and business are in tatters.Reader: Martin Grodt00:15:33
Cuba's Tech Revolutionaries - Jul 20, 2015There's virtually no internet access in Cuba, but that isn't stopping young entrepreneurs (and U.S. companies like AIRBNB and GOOGLE).Reader: Martin Grodt00:17:02
Film's Future Face - Jul, 2015Brawny, brainy and racially ambiguous, Vin Diesel is exactly what global movie audiences want to see these days. By Natalie RobehmedReader: Martin Grodt00:05:32
Ramsay's Rule - Jul 20, 2015Vituperative British chef Gordon Ramsay has become Fox's biggest reality star - the best marketing plan ever for a global restaurant empire.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:15
Big Bucks for Big Brother - Jul 20, 2015Jackie Chan is the most powerful person in the Chinese film industry. By Zack O'Malley GreenburgReader: Martin Grodt00:11:06
Woman of the World - Jul 20, 2015Katy Perry earned $135 million this year - more than any other entertainer on Earth. By Zack O'Malley GreenburgReader: Martin Grodt00:16:55
Investing - Real Estate - Land Rush - Jul 20, 2015Wild, Wild West. You could get rich, or enter the wrong saloon and lose your shirt. By Stephanie FitchReader: Martin Grodt00:07:51
The Lionness of Brazil - Jul 20, 2015One of its savviest financiers, Fernanda de Lima, thing a real comeback is in the making. By Kenneth RapozaReader: Martin Grodt00:10:06
Entrepreneurs - From Farm to Dog Bowl - Jul 20, 2015Lucy Postins' human-grade dog food proves there's no limit to what Americans will spend on their pets. By Brian SolomonReader: Martin Grodt00:07:14
The Guru and the Felons - Jun 29, 2015A prominent life coach in America, Lee Brower, raised $60 million to play the investment game, it devolved into a fiasco. By Nathan VardiReader: Martin Grodt00:13:24
Is Quiznos Toast? - June 29, 2015The sandwich chain is attempting yet another turnaround, but it may be too late. By Karsten StraussReader: Martin Grodt00:08:32
Trouble Brewing - Jun 29, 2015As crowdfunding has exploded, the IRS has remained mum on its tax consequences, leaving entrepreneurs to guess and worry. By Phillips ErbReader: Martin Grodt00:07:03
Stop! Thief! - Jun 29, 2015Revenue-hungry states are grabbing CDs, IRAs and other accounts that aren't really abandoned. Watch your mail. By Kelly Phillips ErbReader: Martin Grodt00:05:18
Various articles - Jun 29, 2015What to Do With A $100,000 Windfall. Here are five better ways to get your hands on $100,000. By William BaldwinReader: Martin Grodt00:16:58
The Great American Supercar - Jun 15, 2015With a rich racing history and classic design, the Ford GT has been steadily increasing in value - and a new model is on track for 2017.Reader: Martin Grodt00:06:37
Painting Silicon Valley Red - Jun 15, 2015China's three tech giants are plowing billions into America's hottest startups. Their goal: slit each other's throats back home...Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:25
The Modest Tycoon - Jun 15, 2015SHI International, the largest woman-owned business in America, has made Thai Lee a billionaire. She'd rather you not call her that.Reader: Martin Grodt00:15:53
Natural Woman - Jun 15, 2015Jessica Alba has built a personal $200 million fortune, and she's done it the hard way, in a field that has nothing to do with showbiz.Reader: Martin Grodt00:15:26
Pondemonium! - Jun 15, 2015Greg Wittstock pretty much invented the backyard-pond industry, but with family conflicts and poor sales, his life sounds like reality TV.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:22
Merchants of Parallel Worlds - Jun 15, 2015They invented a new way to simulate almost any complex system in software. Warriors, gamers and economists are extremely interested.Reader: Martin Grodt00:06:59
Drone Wars - May 25, 2015At 34 Frank Wang has turned his dream of flying robots into the world's biggest drone company. Now a colleague is competing.Reader: Martin Grodt00:21:30
OK Robot - May 25, 2015Here are six companies where robot training is well under way and the humans are getting valuable tech skills in the bargain.Reader: Martin Grodt00:06:27
Moving At The Speed of Money - May 25, 2015While overhyped Bitcoin grabs all the attention, Visa CEO Charlie Scharf has put a $6.8 trillion stranglehold on commercial transactions.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:47
Ready For Takeoff - May 25, 2015A revolutionary Honda engineer named Michimasa Fujino is making his 29-year dream of a new kind of business jet a reality in North Carolina.Reader: Martin Grodt00:17:32
An Imminent Disaster For Bondholders? - May 25, 2015Loomis, Sayles' Dan Fuss has almost $5 billion positioned for a credit market tornado. Read this before putting money into bonds.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:35
The Six-Minute Loan - May 25,, 2015Banks still aren't making enough small-business loans, so Kabbage is quickly filling the void - at crazy high interest rates. By Darren DahlReader: Martin Grodt00:09:45
The Google for the Broken Web - May 25, 2015If you could expose every flaw on every website, all at once, wouldn't that be a good thing? Not everyone agrees. By Thomas Fox-BrewsterReader: Martin Grodt00:07:27
Magic Touch - May 25, 2015A dozen years ago touchscreen pioneer David Caldwell missed a chance to revolutionize consumer electronics. Can his latest bring redemption?Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:50
Bill Ackman 2.0 - May 25, 2015Activism gets the headlines on Wall Street, but its boldest practitioner, Bill Ackman, is quietly pivoting to a second act.Reader: Martin Grodt00:22:37
Revenge of the Record Labels - May 4, 2015While Jay Z's streaming service grabs headlines, music's majors are quietly hijacking the multibillion-dollar digital revolution.Reader: Martin Grodt00:13:56
The All-Seeing Eye - May 4, 2015A father-son duo came from out of nowhere with a more clever idea to protect networks from hackers-and now have a $1.75 billion startupReader: Martin Grodt00:11:04
Manufacturing Innovation - May 4, 2015To spur breakthroughs, industrial giant Parker Hannifin let a maverick boss unleash his own brand of Silicon Valley startup culture.Reader: Martin Grodt00:18:34
All-In on Oil - May 4, 2015America's richest and most successful banker, Andy Beal, is flush and ready to pounce on distressed oil and gas frackers. By Nathan VardiReader: Martin Grodt00:09:26
Going Nuts - May 4, 2015For Jeff Braverman, doubling the sales of his family's nut business isn't enough. Can he turn into a household name? By Ian MountReader: Martin Grodt00:10:11
Tesla Meets Vespa - May 4, 2015A startup is selling Asia's urban millions on a smartphone-sleek electric scooter to replace an ocean of dirty motorbikes. By Aaron TilleyReader: Martin Grodt00:10:26
Pill Pusher - May 4, 2015A New Hampshire startup is revolutionizing the way millions of patients take their daily medicines. By Sarah HedgecockReader: Martin Grodt00:06:39
The Twinkie Miracle - May 4, 2015Billionaire C. Dean Metropoulos and Apollo Global's Andy Jhawar rescued one of America's most beloved snacks. By Steven BertoniReader: Martin Grodt00:21:34
Fashion's Hottest Based in Maine - Apr 13, 2015While Lands' End and other rivals struggle, 102-year old L.L. Bean is thriving, thanks to a trendy boot - and doesn't cut corners.Reader: Martin Grodt00:13:52
Apple. Google. Cyanogen? - Apr 13, 2015A brazen startup has a very real shot at busting up the world's smartphone duopoly. By Miguel HelftReader: Martin Grodt00:17:13
Fan Boy - Apr 13, 2015Having created the market for Big Ass industrial fans, Carey Smith tries to go small ass. By Karsten StraussReader: Martin Grodt00:08:00
The Blame Game - Apr 13, 2015Asbestos lawyers were milking billions from American industry by allowing clients to misrepresent their exposure.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:02
Venture Cowboy - April 13, 2015Chris Sacca came from nowhere to assemble a great portfolio - Twitter, Uber, Instagram - and he's ticked off a lot of people along the way.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:32
The Face of France's Future - Mar 23, 2015As the world's biggest scaffolding mogul, new billionaire Mohed Altrad frames Europe's skylines.Reader: Martin Grodt00:15:22
Beat At His Own Game - Mar 23, 2015Korea's greatest entrepreneur started the global mobile-messaging gold rush five years ago. Now he's a surrounded underdog. What happened?Reader: Martin Grodt00:17:26
Back From The Dead - Mar 23, 2015Iceland's richest person, Thor Bjorgolfsson, was fingered as the man who wrecked the economy. A case study on a turn around.Reader: Martin Grodt00:16:15
The Gatekeeper of Growth - Mar 23, 2015Nigeria is Africa's emerging economic giant. And Aliko Dangote, the continent's richest person, is the key to unlocking Nigeria.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:01
Life After God - Mar 23, 2015With Minecraft, Markus Persson became a deity to millions in his virtual world. Then he abruptly took $2.5 billion and walked away.Reader: Martin Grodt00:22:11
Daughter Knows Best - Feb 9, 2015Every family goes through messy moments. Few do so with billions on the line. The saga surrounding 84 Lumber stars a reformed party girl.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:47
The Four Horsemen of Russia's Apocalypse - Feb 9, 2015Not all Russians are reeling from the effects of plummeting oil, rampant inflation and Vladimir Putin's grand strategy in Ukraine.Reader: Martin Grodt00:12:29
Is Vanguard Too Successful? - Feb 9, 2015A provocateur says that passive investing has become too much of a fad. By William BaldwinReader: Martin Grodt00:14:13
The Next Cult Cabernet Is...Beef Jerky? - Feb 9, 2015Inspired by his parents' experience in the wine business, Jon Sebastiani is giving a downscale snack a makeover. By Karsten StraussReader: Martin Grodt00:07:51
The Guinea Pig Economy - Feb 9, 2015Websites, wearables and apps are running experiments on us every day to make them more money and make us healthier, happier and smarter.Reader: Martin Grodt00:24:08
Wall Street's Drug Dealer - Feb 9, 2015Brent Saunders generated $25 billion in value for investors by flipping drug companies rather than discovering new drugs. Is this the future?Reader: Martin Grodt00:18:53
Saving Us From the Snoops - Feb 9, 2015Stealthy startup Ionic Security has attracted large sums and praise for its software, which can encrypt data against hackers and the NSA.Reader: Martin Grodt00:06:58
Jet Fooled - Feb 9, 2015Delta Air Lines, the smartest carrier in the business, thought it could cut costs by buying its own oil refinery. Boy, was it wrong.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:24
The Steve Jobs of China - Jan 19, 2015Xiaomi's Lei Jun built one of the most valuable private tech companies by mimicking the iPhone. Now he's going directly after Apple itself.Reader: Martin Grodt00:12:38
Defying Reality - Jan 19, 2015Palmer Luckey's Oculus Rift has legitimized virtual reality. Palmer Luckey sold his company to Facebook for $2 billion. By David M. EwaltReader: Martin Grodt00:24:15
Reinventing the Pizza - Jan 19, 2015Sometimes even the most saturated industries are ripe for disruption. Especially when a nuclear submarine commander focuses on comfort food.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:40
No Truck? No Luck - Jan 19, 2015Plunging gas prices have pickups and SUV's flying out of U.S. dealerships again, creating a boom for automakers. Well, not all automakers.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:45
Fantasy Sports, Real Money - Jan 19, 2015Nigel Eccles used a loophole in online sports gambling laws to build a billion dollar startup. FanDuel. By Steven BertoniReader: Martin Grodt00:07:53
Spend to the End, Smartly - Dec 31, 2014How many funds should you own in a diversified portfolio? A dozen, according to one Utah professor. By William BaldwinReader: Martin Grodt00:07:39
The Magic Number - Dec 31, 2014How many funds should you own in a diversified portfolio? A dozen, according to one Utah professor. By Laura ShinReader: Martin Grodt00:04:51
Mattress-Money Fund - Dec 31, 2014Don't expect stellar returns with FPA New Income fund. But maybe you can stay one step ahead of inflation. By Steve SchaeferReader: Martin Grodt00:09:30
Open-Source Stock Picking - Dec 31, 2014Taking a cue from the tech world she trades in, fund manager Cathie Wood is long transparency - and disruption. By Samantha SharfReader: Martin Grodt00:10:51
25 Years of Guaranteed Income - Dec 31, 2014Build a do-it-yourself annuity that you can leave to heirs. By William BardwinReader: Martin Grodt00:07:36
The $1 Trillion Opportunity - Dec 31, 2014The smart money is betting that student debt is not only a Millennial burden but also a new asset class. Here is how to benefit.Reader: Martin Grodt00:13:54
Panning for Gold on the Silver Screen - Dec 31, 2014It's never been easier to make the ultimate alternative investment: financing films. Here's how - but tread carefully.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:40
Gone Flat - Dec 31, 2014Rockstar energy drinks took off like a rocket. Today it's stuck in low orbit - and the problem seems to be billionaire founder Russ Weiner.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:48
The King of Online Gambling (is 34) - Dec 15, 2014David Baazov went from sleeping on Montreal park benches to an $800 million personal fortune with a brazen bet on internet poker.Reader: Martin Grodt00:20:40
The Waltons Go to School - Dec 15, 2014Sam Walton's granddaughter Carrie Walton Penner is the most influential force in public education that you've never heard of. By Luisa KrollReader: Martin Grodt00:15:52
My Weakness Died on That Day - Dec 15, 2014Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai was shot by the Taliban for going to school. They targeted the wrong girl.Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:03
Speaking in Tongues - Dec 15, 2014Smartling is riding a wave of global expansion by helping companies quickly translate their websites and apps. By Brian SolomonReader: Martin Grodt00:08:23
Killing the Office Landline - Dec 15, 2014Google has a new secret weapon in its fight against Microsoft Office: a startup of ex-Googlers really good at reinventing the telephone.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:29
The Virtual Doctor - Dec 15, 2014How data networks are extending the reach of medical care in the digital age.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:11
Capitalist Communes - Nov 24, 2014WeWork is one of the most valuable startups in America by combining the savvy of a real estate developer with the soul of a kibbutz.Reader: Martin Grodt00:21:49
Counting Her Chickens - Nov 24, 2014Popeyes is crushing rivals with a mix of upscale marketing and greasy comfort food that customers - and investors - can't resist.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:45
The Golden Elephant - Nov 24, 2014In an exclusive interview Cargill's new CEO, David MacLennan, outlines his plans to make the world's biggest agribusiness bigger.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:52
Please, Tase Me, Bro - Nov 24, 2014Taser's new growth strategy: Become the Dropbox for cops. By Kashmir HillReader: Martin Grodt00:08:23
Lightening Ford's Load - Nov 24, 2014The secret ingredient that could turn the new F-150 pickup into an industry breakthrough? Novelis, the world's largest aluminum recycler.Reader: Martin Grodt00:06:30
Sex, Lies & iPhones - Nov 24, 2014In creating Tinder, the world's hottest dating app, Sean Rad has changed how people mate and how Wall Street views Barry Diller. By Steven BertoniReader: Martin Grodt00:21:46
Roth Road to Riches - Nov 3, 2014If you make over $600,000 a year, you have two choices: Read this article and cut your taxes, or needlessly flatten Uncle Sam.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:48
Shale-Elujah! - Nov 3, 2014Bad timing and the financial meltdown almost killed Dow Chemical. And then Daniel Loeb put a Bull's-eye on CEO Andrew Liveris.Reader: Martin Grodt00:13:20
The Oil Patch Prince - Nov 3, 2014Six years ago Bryan Sheffield had no energy experience. Today he's on track to become a billionaire before his 40th birthday.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:03
Inventure Foods. The Money In Munchies - Nov 3, 2014Once a kettle chip company, Inventure has branched out into healthier snacks with higher margins. Where does it go from here? By Karsten StraussReader: Martin Grodt00:09:26
Proto-Labs. Factory of the Future - Nov 3, 2014Vicki Holt is turning the manufacturing process on its head - and making Proto Labs a pure tech play. By Hollie SladeReader: Martin Grodt00:08:41
Social Media's New Mad Men - Nov 3, 2014Facebook monetizes the past. Twitter the present. Pinterest, the future. That's a model worth $5 billion for the social network.Reader: Martin Grodt00:22:08
The Exterminators - Oct 20, 2014It took the Rollins family 50 years to build the $8 billion Orkin Pest Control dynasty-and how greedy, bitter days to poison it.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:30
Welcome to Gilbertville - Oct 20, 2014Dan Gilbert's billion-dollar makeover of Detroit is more than just corporate do-goodism. It's the most ambitious hr project in US business.Reader: Martin Grodt00:20:08
Victoria's Other Secret - Oct 20, 2014The man who has a hammerlock on undergarment industry shuns the spotlight. He explains the retail formula that paved the way for Steve Jobs.Reader: Martin Grodt00:17:33
How Employee Number 30 Got So Much Microsoft - Oct 20, 2014Steve Ballmer negotiated a sweet deal back in the hectic early days of Microsoft. By George AndersReader: Martin Grodt00:03:48
Steve Ballmer is His Own Man (Finally) - Oct 20, 2014After decades in Bill Gates' shadow the former Microsoft CEO has a seven-point plan to reinvent himself. By George AndersReader: Martin Grodt00:19:16
Jerry Yang's Revenge - Oct 20, 2014The Yahoo founder made the most huge bet in tech history...and then he got fired. His $50 billion success with Alibaba. By Parmy OlsonReader: Martin Grodt00:23:39
The Electric Bike Wars - Sep 29, 2014How Harley-Davidson, Energica, Zero and other green machine manufacturer are battling to become the Tesla of motorcycles. By Hannah ElliottReader: Martin Grodt00:06:43
A Tale of Two Bad Guys - Sep 29, 2014In the battle over the Market Basket grocery chain, the roles of two cousins with the same seemed clear: the victim vs the heel. By Hollie SladeReader: Martin Grodt00:13:24
Living in a New Material World - Sep 29, 2014Fungus buildings. Algorithmic chairs. Germ-fighting iPhone cases. Autodesk and others present a revolution in materials. By Aaron TilleyReader: Martin Grodt00:06:08
Bright Lights, Big Profits - Sep 29, 2014Streetlights everywhere are going digital, cleaning up the night skies, saving billions in wasted energy. By Ucilia WangReader: Martin Grodt00:14:31
Medicine's Manhattan Project - Sep 29, 2014Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong is using a multi-million dollar war chest and huge amount of data to fix health care and cure disease. By Matthew HerperReader: Martin Grodt00:22:07
The King of Calculus - Sep 29, 2014Where are all the superstars in online education? A math teacher has become a global sensation. By George AndersReader: Martin Grodt00:06:42
Football Stadiums of the Future - Sep 8, 2014How a robust, high-performance communication infrastructure is becoming integral to successful stadiums.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:38
America's Car Capital Will Soon Be...Mexico - Sep 8, 2014More bad news for Detroit. Wise free trade policies south of the border have created the global auto industry's factory floor. By Joann MullerReader: Martin Grodt00:15:29
Genetics' Engineer - Sep 8, 2014DNA sequencing is aiding the diagnosis and treatment of a range of from cancer to Down syndrome, changing health care forever. By Matthew HerperReader: Martin Grodt00:18:46
The Billion Dollar Dress - Sept 8, 2014Rent the Runway's Jennifer Hyman hooked millenials on a catch-and-release couture, but the logistics platform is sophisticated. By Steven BertoniReader: Martin Grodt00:15:35
Card Sharks - Aug 18, 2014Have an unwanted gift card you'd like to sell-or want to buy cheap? Talk to Marc Ackerman and Wlliot Bohm, By Karsten StraussReader: Martin Grodt00:08:59
The $5000 Bourbon - Aug 18, 2014Kentucky's Buffalo Trace Distillery has found the right ingredients for making some of the world's finest whiskeys. By Abram BrownReader: Martin Grodt00:09:23
The Greatest Deal of All Time - Aug 18, 2014Billionaire financier Len Blavatnik's bet on Lyondell Bassell has netted him a personal profit of nearly $8 billion. By Nathan VardiReader: Martin Grodt00:19:46
The Dream Factory - Aug 18, 2014Georgia-based Southwire staffed a plant with troubled teams, who proved that hard work can overcome hard knocks. By Christopher HelmanReader: Martin Grodt00:08:29
Grabbing for Green - Jul 21, 2014NRG Energy is one of the nation's biggest operators of carbon-belching power plants, CEO David Crane leads the way. By Christopher HelmanReader: Martin Grodt00:10:41
How to Blow $9 Billion - Jul 21, 2014It took the Stroh family over a century to build the largest private beer fortune in America. And a few bad decisions to lose it. By Kerry DolanReader: Martin Grodt00:12:50
Sky Scrappers - Jul 21, 2014The new World Trade Center is about to open. Risks abound for everyone, except the billionaire Durst family. By Erin CarlyleReader: Martin Grodt00:19:15
Manor Born Entrepreneurs - Jul 21, 2014Most of America's Gilded Age fortunes have dissipated over time. Yet the Mellon family worth is $12 billion. By Alex MorrellReader: Martin Grodt00:14:23
Bootstrapping to the Stars - Jun 30, 2014XCOR proves you don't have to be a billionaire to break into the space tourism. Some clever lease-financing skills will do. By Alex KnappReader: Martin Grodt00:07:32
Manufacturing's Singular Revolution - Jun 30, 2014A Michigan engineer's radical idea--to build parts one at a time--could overturn a century of factory work and save billions. By Joann MullerReader: Martin Grodt00:06:36
CSI Bordeaux - Jun 30, 2014Michael Egan helped solve a multimillion-dollar wine fraud involving Bill Koch. Now the Wine Detective is out on new cases. By Richard NalleyReader: Martin Grodt00:10:56
Big Ambitions - Jun 30, 2014Boston Scientific co-founder John Abele has built a second career as a philanthropist, in pursuit of a 'change the world' idea. By Ashela EbelingReader: Martin Grodt00:12:09
Outwitting the NIIT - Jun 30, 2014Get divorced, flee the country and ten less extreme ways to avoid the complicated new 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax. By Kelly Phillips ErbReader: Martin Grodt00:08:32
The Second Coming - Jun 30, 2014Alt-investing has arrived on Main Street, and there's no better salesman than newly minted REIT billionaire Nick Schorsch, By Erin CarlyleReader: Martin Grodt00:13:18
Winning an Insider's Game - Jun 30, 2014Charles Biderman has an interesting theory about the casino on Wall Street. By William BaldwinReader: Martin Grodt00:06:47
Bet Against Human Nature - Jun 30, 2014Behavioral finance has identified the many ways investors defeat themselves. But can it make you money? By John F. WasikReader: Martin Grodt00:10:07
House Calls - Jun 16, 2014As more of the population ages and tries to avoid nursing homes and hospitals, fast-growing Right at Home fills this niche. By Carol TiceReader: Martin Grodt00:08:35
Utility Player - Jun 16, 2014Other than cutting costs and strengthening capital, Brian Moynihan has no grand plans for Bank of America. Amen to that. By Halah TouryalaiReader: Martin Grodt00:18:20
The Future of Smoking - Jun 16, 2014Philip Morris International is developing a new cigarette that could replicate the smoking experience, while killing fewer. By Daniel FisherReader: Martin Grodt00:18:29
Power Shift - Jun 16, 2014Mary Barra made history by working her way into Detroit's car-guy club. Can she fix General Motors? By Joann MullerReader: Martin Grodt00:23:34
Watching You Watch TV - May 26, 2014Thanks to new partnerships with Google and Facebook, Nielsen can now track everything you view. By Dorothy PomerantzReader: Martin Grodt00:07:08
Wild Ride - May 26, 2014The Herschend brothers have built the largest amusement park company you've never heard of - and a $1 billion fortune. By Abram BrownReader: Martin Grodt00:15:04
Amazon's Wholesale Slaughter - May 26, 2014Jeff Bezos' stealthy foray into the unsexy world of B2B distribution has his competitors running scared. By Clare O'ConnorReader: Martin Grodt00:16:39
Will This Man Cure Cancer - May 26, 2014With a radical new treatment, Joseph Jimemez is dedicating Novartis to vanquishing cancer. By Matthew HerperReader: Martin Grodt00:24:10
The Billionaire and the Prime Minister - May 5, 2014Narenda Modi is poised to become the next leader of India. With a reputation as an economic fixer, how does it square with his sweetheart deals? By Megha BahreeReader: Martin Grodt00:12:02
Lego High-Rise- May 5, 2014The future of affordable housing is being snapped together in Brooklyn, one apartment at a time. By Erin CarlyleReader: Martin Grodt00:05:50
Welcome to Cummins - May 5, 2014The Indiana enginemaker believes deeply in the anachronistic idea that investing in it community is smart business. By Joann MullerReader: Martin Grodt00:15:18
Fueling America's Recovery - May 5th, 2014Harold Hamm has transformed the U.S. oil industry like no one since John D. Rockefeller, By Christopher HelmanReader: Martin Grodt00:17:46
Can This Man Feed the World - Apr 14, 2014Harry Sine built an obscure $3 billion empire by breeding a better soybean seed. Now he will attempt to revolutionize corn. By Alex MorrellReader: Martin Grodt00:19:12
Monster Move - Apr 14, 2014Pro wrestling billionaire Vince McMahon and his direct-to-fans WWE Network. By Michael Solomon and Daniel FisherReader: Martin Grodt00:18:18
The Innovation Factory - Apr 14, 2014Apple, Google, Oracle, Cisco, Yahoo... Sequoia Capital dominates Forbes' 2014 Midas List. By George Anders, Alex KonradReader: Martin Grodt00:24:58
House Advantage - Mar 24, 2014James, the son of legendary Kerry Packer has hit the jackpot by owning casinos, and is rolling the dice on Hollywood. by Lucinda Schmidt and Dorothy PomerantzReader: Martin Grodt00:16:43
Otto vs. Amazon - Mar 24, 2014The world's second-largest online retailer is losing ground to the cutthroat web tycoons hell-bent for customers. by Adam TannerReader: Martin Grodt00:15:06
Ukraine: Olgarch in the Middle - Mar 24, 2014As Russian troops roll in, Ukraine's second-richest man, Victor Pinchik, must choose between his head and heart. by Kayua SoldakReader: Martin Grodt00:17:50
Calling the American Dream - Mar 24, 2014Jan Koum came to the U.S. with nothing. Twenty years later Mark Zuckerberg is giving him $6.8 billion. by Parmy OlsonReader: Martin Grodt00:25:53
Technology: Security: Mercenary Hackers - Mar 2, 2014Endgame wants to rewrite its reputation as a cyberwar arms dealer-without apologies. by Andy GreenbergReader: Martin Grodt00:08:13
Technology: Gadgets - Mar 2, 2014The Case Against Wearables, smartwatches and bracelets are all the rage, but troubles lie ahead with the mass market. by Parmy OlsonReader: Martin Grodt00:09:49
Reinventing America: The Invention Machine - Mar 2, 2014John Nottingham and John Spirk are the most successful inventors you've never heard of. by Dan AlexanderReader: Martin Grodt00:09:07
The $15 Trillion Gold Rush: Wallet Wars - Mar 2, 2014Paypal is in the center of two battles: One for control of every transaction on the planet, the other for control of its own destiny. by Steven BertoniReader: Martin Grodt00:22:06
The New Rail Boom - Feb 14, 2014The relic of the 19th century will become the most important logistics system of the 21st century - and it's making billions for Warren Buffett and others. by Z Greenburg, J Muller, C HelmanReader: Martin Grodt00:19:53
The Once & Future King -Feb 10, 2014Michael Steinhardt forged the model for making hedge fund billions before exiting the game. With Wisdom Tree, he's back to upend Wall Street again, with the little guy-investor. by Michael NoerReader: Martin Grodt00:25:07
China Bites into Bitcoin - Jan 20, 2014A speculative frenzy turned Bobby Lee's BTC China into the world's biggest bitcoin exchange. Then Beijing dropped the boom. Easy come, easy go. by Kashmir HillReader: Martin Grodt00:08:53
Inside a Beating Silicon Heart - Jan 20, 2014Designers have used computers for years to build elaborate machines. But what about modeling complex experiences. by Joann MullerReader: Martin Grodt00:09:49
Now You See Them - Jan 20, 2014Evan Spiegel 23, and Bobby Murphy 25, have turned Snapchat and its disappearing photos into the hottest app for teenagers. by J.H. CoaloReader: Martin Grodt00:25:18
Upside in Underwater Mortgages - Dec 16, 2013William Erbey built a $2.8 billion fortune by figuring what makes subprime borrowers tick, and how to keep them paying, by Liyan ChenReader: Martin Grodt00:09:44
Backdoor Profits From Fracking - Dec 16, 2013The boom has driven up prices of companies with drilling rights - but there's money to be made on infrastructure plays, by Daniel FisherReader: Martin Grodt00:09:41
Economics of Cyber Security - Oct 16, 2013Malicious cyber activity: hacking, identity fraud & intellectual property theft, is growing in the global economy, by Peter MillsReader: Martin Grodt00:10:17
Hearts of Africa - Dec 2, 2013Meet six trailblazing philanthropists using their problem-solving skills to help lift a continent out of poverty.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:16
A Grand Experiment - Dec 2, 2013Can entrepeneurial market-based philanthropy fix one of the poorest spots on Earth? by Randall LandReader: Martin Grodt00:13:24
The Anti-Paris Hilton - Dec 2, 2013Liesel Pritzker Simmons sued her father to access her inheritance. What she's done with the money is far more interesting. by Erin CarlyleReader: Martin Grodt00:14:57
Mexican Revolutionary - Nov 18, 2013Despite the drug war and immigration morass, Mexico is on the cusp of a great economic transformation, thanks to president Enrique Pen Nieto. by Christopher Helman and Augustino FontevecchiaReader: Martin Grodt00:20:31
Michael Bllomberg - Nov 18, 2013Will the soon-to-be-former mayor of New York City become even more powerful out of office? by Monte BurkeReader: Martin Grodt00:12:42
Michael Dell - Nov 18, 2013After a battle to take his eponymous PC maker private, Dell now answers to no one. That he says will prove the company's salvation. by Connie GuglielmoReader: Martin Grodt00:23:56
The Sinking Feeling - Oct 28, 2013Battered by p.r. disasters and shrinking margins, Micky Arison, the billionaire chairman of Carnival, brought in an agricultural executive to right the ship. Now investors are headed for the lifeboats.Reader: Martin Grodt00:14:06
Darwin's Digital Darlings - Oct 28, 2013Some dinosaurs form Web 1.0 that you probably thought were long dead have surged back onto Forbes' annual list of America's Best Small Companies. Here's how the survived - and thrived.Reader: Martin Grodt00:12:28
Can Twitter Save TV? (and Can TV Save Twitter - Oct 28, 2013On the eve of its fervently hyped IPO, the micromessaging service has a radical plan for nabbing the ad dollars it needs to thrive: Helping TV networks survive the digital media revolution. by Jeff BercoviciReader: Martin Grodt00:19:57
The Joker, Stewart Rahr - Oct 7, 2013What happens when a man has more cash than he can ever spend and no rules on how to spend it? His answer: an unhinged hedonistic bender. by Steven Bertoni and Caleb MelbyReader: Martin Grodt00:24:47
Sports Medicine's Rich Little Secret - Oct 7, 2013The man who powers the world's orthopedic surgeons has built a $2.5 billion fortune by clobbering anyone in his way. by Susan AdamsReader: Martin Grodt00:17:29
The Art of Redemption - Oct 7, 2013The black sheep of the four Wal-Mart heirs, Alice Walton has finally found her purpose: bringing art to the Ozarks - and ticking off the East Coast elite. by Clare O'ConnorReader: Martin Grodt00:15:20
Billionaires and Well-Grounded Heirs - Oct 7, 2013How do those have achieved great financial scuccess avoid raising spoiled brats? Members of the Buffets, the Pritzkers and the Carlsons - show the way. by Kerry A. DolanReader: Martin Grodt00:15:28
City Surgeon - Sep 23, 2013Can heart doc turned Cleveland Clinic CEO Delos Cosgrove resuscitate his hometown? by Matthew HerperReader: Martin Grodt00:16:16
Where the Glass is Always Half Full - Sep 23, 2013Corning always comes up with the glass inventors like Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs need to conquer new markets. by Connie GuglielmoReader: Martin Grodt00:19:44
Love that Giant Sucking Sound - Sep 23, 2013While H. Ross Perot Sr, famously railed against free trade and government debt, his namesake has built another family empire by leveraging them both. by Chistopher HelmanReader: Martin Grodt00:21:06
The Shortest Road to Riches - Sep 2, 2013Isabel dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa, the continent's youngest billionaire - and the daughter fo Angola's president. by Kerry A. Dolan and Rafael Marques de MoraisReader: Martin Grodt00:22:35
The Miracle Workers - Sep 2, 2013How an entrepreneur, a research genuis and an industry legend built this century's most inventive new drug company. by Matthew HerperReader: Martin Grodt00:18:27
Big Brother's Brain - Sep 2, 2013How a self-decribed "deviant" philosopher turned Palantir into a terrorist-tracking, all-seeing, multibillion-dollar data-mining machine. by Andy Greenberg and Ryan MacReader: Martin Grodt00:26:32
The Wal-Mart Slayer - Aug 12, 2013"Family-run Publix is both the largest employee-owned company and the most profitable grocer in America." by Brian SolomonReader: Martin Grodt00:15:44
Track Me If You Can - Aug 12, 2013"The NSA spying scandal is fueling consumer and investor obsession with online cloaking tools like Disconnect." by Kashmir HillReader: Martin Grodt00:08:44
Digital Carjackers - Aug 12, 2013"a pair of Pentagon-funded hackers prove it's possibe to take control of your car with a few keystrokes." by Andy GreenbergReader: Martin Grodt00:07:35
Peace Through Profits - Aug 12, 2013"As Israeli and Palestinian politicians lurch toward talks, entrepreneurs have been quietly taking action." by Richard BeharReader: Martin Grodt00:27:24
Home-Flipping Huckster - Jul 15, 2013"Is a real estate bubble storming back? Armando Montelongo will make $50 million this year leading borrow-and-buy seminars." by Adam BrownReader: Martin Grodt00:13:25
GE's Last Frontier - Jul 15, 2013"The industrial giant is trying to do business in just-opened Mynamar where the need stuff, so why is GE struggling?" by Simon MontlakeReader: Martin Grodt00:15:32
China's Rust Belt Laboratory - July 15, 2013"Toledo Mayor Michael Bell has a message for foreign investors: We're open for business. Detroit are you listening?" by Joann MullerReader: Martin Grodt00:07:31
Cowboy Capitalist - Jul 15, 2013"Country superstar Toby Keith has some of the most loyal fans in music to bring his earnings to $500 million." by Zack O'Malley GreenburgReader: Martin Grodt00:16:00
Landlord Inc. - Jun 24, 2013"Billionaires and big institutional investors have been snapping up single-family rental homes on an industrial scale - now individual investors are being invited along for the ride." by Morgan BrennanReader: Martin Grodt00:15:54
Patty Stonesifer's Third Act - Jun 24, 2013"The former Microsoft and Gates Foundation exec is living the boomer fantasy: meaningful work that keeps the neurons firing." by Kerr HannonReader: Martin Grodt00:10:55
Patty Stonesifer's Third Act - Jun 24, 2013"MicroVentures has automated equity crowdfunding to the point that you can place your bets with with just a couple of clicks." by J.J. ColaoReader: Martin Grodt00:09:09
The Madoff of Munis - Jun 24, 2013"The tale of Rita Crundwell, quarter horse owner and embezzler extraodinaire, should worry bond investors. Taxpayers have already felt the pain." by Francine McKennaReader: Martin Grodt00:14:07
Innovator Who Almost Killed Saddam Hussein - Jun,10, 2013"Doron Kempel is one of Boston's most successful tech entrepreneurs. His background is one of the best-kept secrets in Israeli military history - and American business. Until now." by Nathan VardiReader: Martin Grodt00:20:42
Robots - "Peace Dividend" - Jun 10, 2013"The end of iRobot's military boom focused it on figuring out how to make money off civilians." by Brian SolomonReader: Martin Grodt00:08:58
Reluctant Savior of Hewlett Packard - Jun 10, 2013"Two years into an epically challenged tenure, Meg Whitman may yet emerge as the best CEO HP has had since the founder days of Bill and Dave." by George AndersReader: Martin Grodt00:21:30
Is This the Fastest-Growing Game Company Ever - May 6, 2013"In less than a year Supercell has launched tow of the biggest apps in Apple's history. It's now growing $70 million - - a month." by Karsten StraussReader: Martin Grodt00:07:44
The Apprentices - May 6, 2013"Enstitute takes a novel approach - giving (mostly) college droputs two-year job with well-known founders." by Meghan CasserlyReader: Martin Grodt00:09:00
The Revenge of Kim Dotcom - May 6, 2013"The FBI and the movie studios executed his last company. His new startup - with 3 million users in less than three months - won't be so easy to kill." by Andy GreenbergReader: Martin Grodt00:17:29
Who Gets the Gas? - May 6, 2013"Cheniere Energy wants to turn the U.S. natural gas boom into a new American export. Chemical company CEOs have allied with Washington regulators to hamper its cause. So much for free markets." by Christopher HelmanReader: Martin Grodt00:12:41
Ryan Kavanaugh's Risky Business - May 6, 2013"Tinseltown's boy wonder, now backed by Ron Burkle, is betting he can transform Relativity Media from a film financier into a global entertainment powerhouse." by Dorothy PomerantzReader: Martin Grodt00:20:01
When I Was 25 - Horrible Bosses - Apr 15, 2013"I owe my career to two men who tried to stanch my intiative - and proved its importance in the process." by Mark CubanReader: Martin Grodt00:08:57
Trump Card - Apr 25, 2013"With her personal and professional life humming, Ivanka Trump has never been more important to her family's business." by Monte BurkeReader: Martin Grodt00:19:24
Armed & Dangerous - Apr 15, 2013"Cover feature article. Freed from investors and flush with cash, Carl Icahn is targeting companies by the dozen. The bigger, the better (just ask Michael Dell). by Steven Bertoni and Nathan VardiReader: Martin Grodt00:23:19
The Capital of Water - Apr 15, 2013"How to turn around a struggling industrial city like Milwaukee? Become the global technology hub for a resource they know better than anyone." by Joann MuellerReader: Martin Grodt00:07:43
Sound Judgment - Apr 15, 2013"Paul Reed Smith knows he can't outsell Gibson and Fender. So he's trying to turn the humble guitar into a Stradavarius." by Karsten StraussReader: Martin Grodt00:07:27
The Cookie Crumbles - Apr 15, 2013"Stragtegies...Consumer Products: Irene Rosenfeld blew up Kraft promising to spark gowth. Six months and two underwhelming quarters later investors are still waiting." by Jenna GoudreauReader: Martin Grodt00:08:16
From Oligarch to President - March 25, 2013"Mikhail Prokhoros is a tycoon in Russia, Jay-Z's partner in Brooklyn- and a strong candidate to eventually replace Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, a prospect the billionaire is turning into his full-time job." by Katya SoldakReader: Martin Grodt00:19:16
Diesel Power - Mar 25, 2013"Renzo Rosso made his first billions by bringing a sexy Italian touch to the ultimate American icon, bule jeans. How he's building an international fashion conglomerate that could one day rival LVMH." by Clare O'ConnorReader: Martin Grodt00:15:41
The Rise of Saigon - Mar 25, 2013"Nearly four decades after the communists declared victory, it turns out capitalism won the Vietnam War. The proof: Pham Nhat Vuong, the country's first billionaire." by Lan Anh NguyenReader: Martin Grodt00:12:34
The Last Frontier - Mar 4, 2013"A trek through Ethiopia's Omo Valley, where one of the world's final undeveloped places is about to disappear." by David HochmanReader: Martin Grodt00:09:03
Software's Boy Wonder - Mar 4, 2013"Box cofounder Aaron Levie has a humble goal in mind: beat Microsoft and Oracle, among others, in the most lucrative game in software. With over $300 million in venture money raised, the 28-year old has a fighting chance." by Victoria BarretReader: Martin Grodt00:21:59
The World's Biggest Gusher - Mar 4, 2013"Chevron is unloved by investors and by the residents of its home base. No matter: John Watson has built a cash laden profit machine that's poised for the greatest oil strike in the history of energy." by Christopher HermanReader: Martin Grodt00:20:36

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