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This weekly podcast from Chicago features reviews, interviews, top 5 lists and insightful film talk. It's produced by Telegraph Road Productions, Inc. and stars Adam Kempenaar and Matty Robinson. Find out more at

Current Movie Reviews
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
FilmSpotting #841Top 5 Films of 1971: JOHN SHAFT, WILLY WONKA and MAUDE. Also, Josh recommends the new THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE, featuring star Jessica filmspotting.net01:40:36
FilmSpotting #840THE CARD COUNTER, a gambling movie that only Paul Schrader could make. A wrap of the World of Wong Kar Wai Marathon with THE filmspotting.net01:33:04
FilmSpotting #839The fall movie season includes: No Time To Die, Top Gun: Maverick, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Dune, and The French Dispatch, and filmspotting.net01:17:47
FilmSpotting #838Wong Kar Wai's IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE may be one of the great achievements of the 21st century. We revisit the film, and the Top 5 Romantic Gestures from filmspotting.net01:38:14
FilmSpotting #837French director Leos Carax's ANNETTE, an L.A. rock musical starring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard smells like a remake of A STAR IS filmspotting.net01:29:09
FilmSpotting #836Reviews of David Lowery's THE GREEN KNIGHT, THE SUICIDE SQUAD (one of the killshot comedy genre), and FALLEN ANGELS (Wong Kar Wai #4)feedback@ filmspotting.net01:27:59
FilmSpotting #835PIG director Michael Sarnoski got Nick Cage's most subtle and moving work in at least a decade. The Wong Kar Wai Marathon with CHUNGKING filmspotting.net01:16:40
FilmSpotting #834Inspired by M Night Shyamalan's OLD, we share our TOP 5 BEACH SCENES. Plus the second film in the World of Wong Kar Wai Marathon, 1990's DAYS OF BEING WILDfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:45:50
FilmSpotting #833A Clockwork Orange at 50 and still a cinephile rite of passage. Our thoughts about Roadrunner, a film about Anthony filmspotting.net01:50:38
FilmSpotting #832Marvel's BLACK WIDOW returns the MCU to theaters. Praise for Questlove's SUMMER OF SOUL. A review of Steven Soderbergh's new NO SUDDEN filmspotting.net01:50:48
FilmSpotting Rev.RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK gets the Sacred Cow Review treatment, plus The Top 5 Films of 1981, with a number one filmspotting.net01:16:31
FilmSpotting #831Are the Fast & Furious movies critique-proof? Listeners pick a car movie that needs a sequel. Our Top 5 F&F filmspotting.net01:41:21
FilmSpotting #830Pixar's LUCA. Seven From '76 Best Year Ever Awards. Edgar Wright's new doc, THE SPARKS BROTHERS "your favorite band's favorite band."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:44:29
FilmSpotting #829A review of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Tony-winning musical IN THE HEIGHTS. And we wrap up our '76—Best-Year-Ever series with cult comedy CAR filmspotting.net01:53:12
FilmSpotting #828Director Christian Petzold returns with UNDINE, a romance haunted by German history and politics and loosely inspired by a European fairy filmspotting.net01:23:21
FilmSpotting #827How A QUIET PLACE PART II delivers on the promise of the original and the ways it tests the limits of an audience's filmspotting.net01:39:25
FilmSpotting #826Summer Movie Preview. Tim Garland: BRUSH WITH THE LAW. Golden Brick-spotting: SHIVA BABY. R.I.P. Charles Grodin. 40s Noir Marathon filmspotting.net01:36:44
FilmSpotting #825The Underground Railroad / White Heat ('40s Noir #6)feedback@ filmspotting.net01:25:01
FilmSpotting #824We share our TOP 5 '70s MOVIE MOMS and continue the 7 From '76 - Best Year Ever series with Chantal Akerman's NEWS FROM filmspotting.net01:45:46
FilmSpotting #823Nikole Beckwith's TOGETHER TOGETHER. Orson Welles' noir THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI. The Soderberg-produced filmspotting.net01:19:55
FilmSpotting #822Will the Oscars see Chloé Zhao crowned Best Director for NOMADLAND? Does anyone have a chance against Chadwick Boseman for Best Actor?feedback@ filmspotting.net01:57:32
FilmSpotting #821We review ROCKY (from 1976) and end in a split decision. Plus, raves for the nasty '45 Noir DETOUR, winner of our Madness—Best of the ' filmspotting.net01:36:06
FilmSpotting #820With the new GODZILLA VS. KONG helping long-suffering theatre chains, we settle the question of which classic version is bestfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:27:36
FilmSpotting #819We do our Oscars Homework with Pieces of a Woman, U.S. vs Billie Holiday, and My Octopus filmspotting.net01:21:37
FilmSpotting #818Another of our 7 From '76 series with NETWORK. Plus, Otto Preminger's LAURA, the third film in the '40s Noir filmspotting.net01:55:27
FilmSpotting #817Inspired by the documentary THE TRUFFLE HUNTERS, we reveal our Top 5 Movie Meals. Plus thoughts on Marvel's filmspotting.net01:39:14
FilmSpotting #816We continue our 7 from '76 Best Year Ever with TAXI DRIVER. Plus, the second film in the '40s Noir Marathon, THIS GUN FOR filmspotting.net01:45:27
FilmSpotting #815We share our Top 5 Anthony Hopkins Performances, review THE FATHER, and share round 1 of our Madness - Best of the 80'sfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:45:59
FilmSpotting #814We dig into the technical sophistication - and the humanist touch - of Jonathan Demme's THE SILENCE OF THE filmspotting.net01:26:03
FilmSpotting #813Review of JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH plus the first film in the six-part '40s Noir Marathon, William Wyler’s THE LETTER, with Bette filmspotting.net01:23:45
FilmSpotting #812The first in our "7 Films From '76": ALL THE PRESIDENT'S MEN. Plus our review of the divisive MALCOLM & MARIE (new to Netflix)feedback@ filmspotting.net01:31:03
FilmSpotting #811With BOND 25 NO TIME TO DIE moving to October along with other high-profile releases, the movie year has a disappointing filmspotting.net01:25:45
FilmSpotting #810Memorable moments in movies that didn't crack their Top 10s - like PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN, DA 5 BLOODS, ON THE ROCKS and filmspotting.net01:43:38
FilmSpotting #809Reviews of a couple of late-2020 releases: the Tom Hanks western NEWS OF THE WORLD and Patty Jenkins' WONDER WOMAN filmspotting.net01:04:20
FilmSpotting #808FilmSpotting's Top Ten Films of 2020, Part filmspotting.net02:27:56
FilmSpotting #807FilmSpotting's Top Ten Films of 2020, Part filmspotting.net01:40:53
FilmSpotting #806With the deadline looming for the Chicago Film Critics Association Awards, we share our favorite performances of the filmspotting.net01:48:55
FilmSpotting #805Frances McDormand's latest performance in Chloe Zhao's soon to be released NOMADLAND. We discuss FilmSpotting's Top 5 McDormand Performancesfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:27:36
FilmSpotting #804David Fincher's biopic about CITIZEN KANE scribe Herman Mankiewicz, offers lots of pleasures, including Gary Oldman's title filmspotting.net01:22:32
FilmSpotting #803Previous winners of the our Golden Brick Award didn't just tell compelling stories; they told stories in vivid and surprising filmspotting.net01:40:37
FilmSpotting #801Review of David Lynch's DUNE. His TV series TWIN PEAKS celebrates 30th anniversary this filmspotting.net01:27:57
This is FilmspottingLearn more about your ad choices. Visit filmspotting.net00:01:32
FilmSpotting #800Top 5 questions about the Fall(ish) movie season plus the final film in the Overlooked Auteurs Marathon, Julie Dash's DAUGHTERS OF THE DUSTfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:59:45
FilmSpotting #799Reviews of Justin Simien's BAD HAIR and the Halloween-friendly THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW. Plus our Top 5 High Concept-Horror filmspotting.net01:31:16
FilmSpotting #798Reviews of Sofia Coppola's ON THE ROCKS, BORAT. SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM, and the Sundance award-winning documentary filmspotting.net01:23:33
FilmSpotting #797Reviews of David Byrne's AMERICAN UTOPIA, Aaron Sorkin's TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7, and Cooper Raiff's filmspotting.net01:33:46
FilmSpotting #796You need transcendent? Then Mozart's your man - Top 5 Movie Mozart Moments. An 8 From '84 review of the Best Picture-winning filmspotting.net01:51:24
FilmSpotting #795In Netflix's DICK JOHNSON IS DEAD, Kirsten Johnson invited her beloved father, showing early signs of dementia, to stage... his own deathfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:02:31
FilmSpotting #794Gregory Crewdson's exhibition, AN ECLIPSE OF MOTHS, inspires us to share our Top 5 Landscapes as Characters. Miranda July's KAJILLIONAIREfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:60:01
FilmSpotting #793We review THE NEST withCarrie Coon & Jude Law and the horror thriller ANTEBELLUM. Plus, the Overlooked Auteurs Marathonfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:41:58
FilmSpotting #792We pair our Top 5 Ennio Morricone musical Scores with 1984's ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, Sergio Leone's epic gangster filmspotting.net02:01:07
FilmSpotting #791Christopher Nolan's TENET and his breakthrough MEMENTO. Charlie Kaufman's I'M THINKING OF ENDING THINGS. The new BILL & TED sequelfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:36:41
FilmSpotting #790Director Armando Iannucci's farcical and fast-paced take on DAVID COPPERFIELD. Plus Czech New Wave pioneer Vera Chytilová's DAISIESfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:09:08
FilmSpotting #789Documentary maker Barbara Kopple tells how she made a film about the failed 1980 mission to rescue American hostages in Iranfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:33:34
FilmSpotting #788Smaller films continue to appear. We recommend a few of them: SHE DIES TOMORROW, BLACK IS filmspotting.net01:22:22
FilmSpotting #787We revisit Christopher Nolan's DUNKIRK, with masterful technique, a distillation of his obsessions with time, guilt, filmspotting.net01:40:40
FilmSpotting #786Kelly Reichardt's FIRST COW opened in March and was shut down by COVID-19. We interview her about the movie & her filmspotting.net01:07:53
FilmSpotting #785In Christopher Nolan's comedy PALM SPRINGS, Andy Samberg and Chritin Milioti have to navigate some quantum physics to save filmspotting.net01:26:33
FilmSpotting #784The biggest movie event of the summer isn't even a movie, but the debut, 18 months early, of Broadway phenomenon HAMILTON on Disney+feedback@ filmspotting.net01:26:26
FilmSpotting #783Adam and Josh share their Top 5 Films of 2020, and a 10th anniversary, revisit of INCEPTION, the 6th film in Christopher Nolan's "Oeuvre-view"feedback@ filmspotting.net02:08:39
Filmspotting #782We give the Spielberg classic JAWS the Sacred Cow treatment. And honor his movie-making by Ranking his 50 years of filmspotting.net01:47:40
Truth vs HollywoodJoin Film lovers David Chen and Joanna Robinson as discuss well known films and how similar they are to the actual filmspotting.net00:13:11
FilmSpotting #781Spike Lee's DA 5 BLOODS: We debate the effectiveness of a key performance, & some of his aesthetic choices; plus Top 5 Spike Lee Shotsfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:48:09
FilmSpotting #780Adam and Josh and Filmspotting listeners discuss how movies helped them come to terms with the ways racism shapes American filmspotting.net01:10:32
FilmSpotting #779A spoiler-filled review of Christopher Nolan's THE PRESTIGE. Recommendations for the VAST OF NIGHT and THE PAINTER AND THE filmspotting.net01:27:37
FilmSpotting #778Our Top 5 Trip Series Scenes with a trip to Greece With Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. Plus, thoughts on the late Lynn filmspotting.net01:37:55
FilmSpotting #777The 4th installment of the Christopher Nolan DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY. Massacre Theatre. A new Golden Brick nominee: Lara Gallagher's CLEMENTINEfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:38:45
FilmSpotting #776GHOSTBUSTERS versus GREMLINS (8 From '84. Bette Davis Marathon #4 - 1942's NOW, VOYAGER. Plus, THE PEEPERS, the Davis Marathon filmspotting.net01:54:44
FilmSpotting #775Adam and Josh look back over a lifetime of going to the movies with their Top 5 Moviegoing Experiences - from big screen introductions filmspotting.net01:33:41
FilmSpotting #774Christopher Nolan's INSOMNIA, follow-up to MEMENTO. Reviews of TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG, BLOW THE MAN DOWN & SELAH AND THE SPADESfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:27:35
FilmSpotting #773Top 5 Things We've Been Streaming During the Corvid-19 Quarantine / Bette Davis Marathon #3 - Dark Victoryfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:38:40
FilmSpotting #772Eliza Hittman's NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS. Christopher Nolan "Oeuvre-view." Filmspotting Madness: Best of the filmspotting.net01:53:45
FilmSpotting #771Christopher Nolan’s films are events: smart, ambitious and original. Listen to our Nolan "Oeuvre-view". Bette Davis in 1938's filmspotting.net01:37:55
FilmSpotting #770PURPLE RAIN was one of the highest-grossing films of 1984, but it hasn't aged as well as its music. The opposite is true of THIS IS SPINAL filmspotting.net01:20:05
FilmSpotting #769Chaplin, Cagney, Garbo and Grant all make Adam and Josh's 1930s "Starter Pack," 10 films to introduce you to the greatest movie filmspotting.net01:33:22
Guillaume RocheronHe describes challenges 1917's "single-shot" approach created, and how his team brought the film's memorable scenes to filmspotting.net00:19:33
FilmSpotting #768With FIRST COW, Kelly Reichardt returns to the 19th century Oregon Territory of her most acclaimed film, MEEK'S filmspotting.net01:25:22
FilmSpotting #767Top 20 Films of the Decade Part 2. Plus quick reviews of THE INVISIBLE MAN and WENDY, and Round 2 of Filmspotting filmspotting.net02:03:03
FilmSpotting #766Our countdown of the Top 20 Films of the last decade, Part 1. Plus, Filmspotting Madness filmspotting.net01:57:54
FilmSpotting #765Our Top 10 Performers of the 2010s. It was the decade we discovered Jennifer Lawrence, Adam Driver and Lupita Nyong' filmspotting.net01:60:44
FimSpotting #764Howard Hawks' RIO BRAVO at Chicago's Music Box Theatre. The new HARLEY QUINN: BIRDS OF PREY. Thoughts on PARASITE's big night at the filmspotting.net02:17:42
FilmSpotting #763The incredible variety of Jeff Bridges work. John Carpenter's STARMAN, featuring the Best-Actor nominated Bridges and Karen filmspotting.net01:57:40
FilmSpotting #762Michael Phillips joins us for a preview of the 2020 Oscars, with picks for who will win, who should win and who should have been filmspotting.net01:59:17
FilmSpotting #761New stuff from Christopher Nolan, Denis Villeneuve, Wes Anderson and other great directors. And we follow-up 9 From '99 to 8 From ' filmspotting.net01:11:11
FilmSpotting #760Our annual Wrap Party: Our picks for the best opening scenes of 2019. Reactions to this week's Oscar filmspotting.net01:48:10
FilmSpotting #759Adam, Josh, Michael Phillips, and Tasha Robinson talk through their consensus picks for the best films of filmspotting.net02:16:36
FilmSpotting #758This year's Best of '19 roundtable, the panel's "outlier" picks – films which only made a single Top filmspotting.net02:21:17
FilmSpotting #757Adam and Josh give THE RISE OF SKYWALKER a "still processing" review. Also: the four finalists for the 2019 Golden Brick filmspotting.net01:25:08
FilmSpotting #756Josh and Adam revisit THE PHANTOM MENACE, the final film in the 9 From '99 series. Plus, our awards to THE PLASTIC filmspotting.net01:36:22
FilmSpotting #755Greta Gerwig's LITTLE WOMEN adaptation & Marielle Heller's biopic A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD are among the filmspotting.net01:23:40
FilmSpotting #754We go through the shortlist for this year's Golden Brick Award, plus conversations with the creators behind two Brick filmspotting.net01:22:25
FilmSpotting #753Noah Baumbach's MARRIAGE STORY, about divorce stars Alan Alda, Laura Dern, Julie Hagerty, and Ray Liotta. / Our Top 5 Movies on filmspotting.net01:37:23
FilmSpotting #752Magnolia at 20 / Jojo Rabbit / The Report / The Kingfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:42:59
FilmSpotting #751Martin Scorsese's THE IRISHMAN considered in the context of his work, specifically his career-spanning gangster filmspotting.net01:24:38
FilmSpotting #750A discussion of Robert Eggers' THE LIGHTHOUSE and the effectiveness of his formal gambits. Plus 2017's OUR TIME WILL filmspotting.net01:24:01
FilmSpotting #749Review of Bong Joon-ho's PARASITE, the second film in our Chinese Marathon. Also 2014's THE MIDNIGHT AFTER from Hong Kong's Fruit filmspotting.net01:22:26
FilmSpotting #748We give the divisive Best Picture winner AMERICAN BEAUTY the closer look it asked for, but we don't always like what we filmspotting.net01:39:59
FilmSpotting #747THE JOKER has been called one of the best films of the year, but our opinions split on it. Chicago Film Festival filmspotting.net01:11:09
FilmSpotting #746Review of James Gray's AD ASTRA, with Brad Pitt. The Top 5 Steppenwolf Member Movie Performances. Oral history of Chicago filmspotting.net01:34:57
FilmSpotting #74550 years after her death we give our Top 5 Judy Garland Moments. Plus, HUSTLERS starring Jennifer Lopez and Constance filmspotting.net01:54:36
FilmSpotting #744The brilliance of Nicole Kidman's powerful scenes in 1999's EYES WIDE SHUT and the Top 5 Scenes from director Stephen filmspotting.net01:41:39
FilmSpotting #743We review the sequel to 2017's blockbuster IT; IT CHAPTER TWO. Plus, A Fall Movie Preview in the form of Top 5 Questions About filmspotting.net01:28:53
FilmSpotting #742BEING JOHN MALKOVICH at 20. A wrapup of our Marlene Dietrich- Josef Von Sternberg Marathon with 1934's THE SCARLET filmspotting.net01:50:57
FilmSpotting #741We review Richard Linklater's WHERE'D YOU GO, BERNADETTE. The 3rd film in the Dietrich-von Sternberg Marathon, SHANGHAI filmspotting.net01:30:28
FilmSpotting #740We review THE NIGHTINGALE. Dietrich in drag and Gary Cooper in 1930's MOROCCO, from the Dietrich von Sternberg filmspotting.net01:25:60
FilmSpotting #739THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT at 20 years. The first film in our Marlene Dietrich/Josef von Sternberg Marathon: 1930's THE BLUE filmspotting.net01:45:23
FilmSpotting #738Our review of HOBBS & SHAW, from "John Wick" co-director David Leitch. Revisit of 2015's Top 5 Fast & Furious filmspotting.net01:34:45
FilmSpotting #737We review our Top 10 Tarantino Characters and discuss the director's latest, ONCE UPON A TIME IN filmspotting.net01:56:28
Riley StearnsTHE ART OF SELF-DEFENSE is his second film. It shows his fascination with groupthink and charismatic leaders by moving the action filmspotting.net00:31:18
FilmSpotting #736We have a lively debate over of Ari Aster's MIDSOMMAR and describe our Top 5 Horror Movie filmspotting.net01:56:19
FS RevisitedOur Top 5 Classic Rock Moments in Movies with critic Steven Hyden, author of the new book TWILIGHT OF THE filmspotting.net01:06:47
FS RevisitedA reconsideration of PULP FICTION. And from there, we proceed to the Top Five films of filmspotting.net01:02:34
FilmSpotting #735Marvel is dominating the box office with AVENGERS ENDGAME & CAPTAIN MARVEL, but for the Top 5 Films of 2019 So Far, we dig a little filmspotting.net01:37:34
FilmSpotting #734Review of the Forky-tastic TOY STORY 4 and the Top 5 Toy Story Scenes with Griffin filmspotting.net02:17:32
FilmSpotting #733Jim Jarmusch and his new THE DEAD DON'T DIE. Golden Brick frontrunner THE LAST BLACK MAN IN SAN FRANCISCO. filmspotting.net01:36:02
FilmSpotting #732FIGHT CLUB, directed by David Fincher is considered one of the best films of the '90s. Our Top 5 Fincher filmspotting.net01:56:44
FilmSpotting #731Olivia Wilde's BOOKSMART follows its high-achieving heroines on a one-night odyssey. Top 5 Movies about female filmspotting.net01:29:03
FilmSpotting #730The Top Five Films of 1979, including those by directors Andrei Tarkovsky, Carol Ballard, Woody Allen and Jim filmspotting.net02:02:55
FilmSpotting #729The new JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3 - PARABELLUM. The TOP 5 KEANU MOMENTS. Our recommendation of the new doc OUR TIME MACHINEfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:36:56
FilmSpotting #728Chicago Critics Film Festival is a shortlist for Golden Brick candidates. Stanley Donen's TWO FOR THE ROAD. Plus, "The Fizzies" filmspotting.net01:42:20
FilmSpotting #727Our Top 5 Summer Movie Questions. Plus, we debate the third film in our Stanley Donen Marathon, 1963's filmspotting.net01:28:58
FilmSpotting #726A conversation on AVENGERS: ENDGAME. Beyonce's new HOMECOMING concert doc. Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams in FOSSE/ filmspotting.net01:43:21
FilmSpotting #725Alex Ross Perry's HER SMELL, the best film of the year so far. 1949's ON THE TOWN, the first in a four-film Stanley Donen filmspotting.net01:26:16
FilmSpotting #724Claire Denis is largely unknown in the U.S. Her latest: HIGH LIFE. The crowning of the 2019 Filmspotting Madness filmspotting.net01:23:45
FilmSpotting #723Top 5 Overlooked Films of the 2000s. The Madness championship matchup is revealed. A review of THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE filmspotting.net02:03:07
FilmSpotting #722Review of the remake of Dumbo. Final 4 matchups and the Top 5 Movie Circus Acts. Thoughts on HOTEL MUMBAI. 2019's first Golden filmspotting.net01:29:02
FilmSpotting #721Review & extended SPOILER conversation about US. Best of the 2000s Sweet 16 results and Elite 8 matchups. John Cassavetes Marathonfeedback@ filmspotting.net02:02:42
FilmSpotting #720Christian Petzold's latestfilm, TRANSIT. Our best films of the 2000s. Part 3 of the John Cassavetes filmspotting.net01:42:23
FilmSpotting #719Marvel's first female-led feature is also one its best. Indie duo Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck were a surprising choice to lead a Marvel filmspotting.net01:37:13
FilmSpotting #718In our Best of the 90s, the championship round had FARGO beating PULP FICTION. So what surprises await us in this year's contest?feedback@ filmspotting.net01:55:36
FilmSpotting #717Jessica Harper discusses WINNETKA, and joins us for the Top 5 Movies About Suburbia. The Cassavetes Marathon gets filmspotting.net01:34:44
FilmSpotting #716THE MATRIX and our Top 5 Slow-Motion Scenes (Since THE MATRIX)feedback@ filmspotting.net01:46:39
FilmSpotting #715VELVET BUZZSAW, a darkly satirical take on a Los Angeles subculture. Thoughts on Catherine Hardwicke's MISS filmspotting.net01:14:20
FilmSpotting #714M. Night Shyamalan's GLASS and his blockbuster THE SIXTH SENSE. Plus, a new poll question and news about the next Filmspotting filmspotting.net01:32:38
FilmSpotting #713We look ahead with our Top 5 Questions about 2019. Plus the good, the bad and the bewildering of this week's Oscar filmspotting.net01:26:12
FilmSpotting #712A Live 2018 Wrap Party with our favorite moments. The best opening scenes, music, funniest scenes, and moving filmspotting.net01:56:53
Best of 2018Ethan Hawke on parenting, raising daughters, falling in love. Interview of EIGHTH GRADE director Bo Burnham, who reflects filmspotting.net01:03:37
FilmSpotting #711Part 2 of our Top 10 of 2018. We debate Paul Schrader's FIRST REFORMED, Alfonso Cuaron's ROMA, Spike Lee's BLACKKKLANSMAN and filmspotting.net01:32:03
FilmSpotting #710Part 1 of our conversation about the best films of 2018 with our "outlier" picks - films that, for the most part, only made one of filmspotting.net01:40:47
FilmSpotting #709Reviews of IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK, from Barry Jenkins, and SHOPLIFTERS from Hirokazu Kore-eda, plus Golden Brick-worthy filmspotting.net01:23:23
FilmSpotting #708Our reviews of Alfonso Cuaron's ROMA and Yorgos Lanthimos's THE FAVOURITE – both films in the conversation for the best of filmspotting.net01:08:28
FilmSpotting #707The Netflix film THE BALLAD OF BUSTER SCRUGGS by the Coen brothers. Reviews of CREED II and Lee Chang-dong's filmspotting.net01:18:30
FilmSpotting #706Nominees for our Golden Brick Award. One nominee: MINDING THE GAP. Review of THE RIDER, another nominee and a standout filmfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:03:24
FilmSpotting #705Chicago-set heist thriller WIDOWS. WILDLIFE, staring Carey Mulligan and Jake Gyllenhaal. The new Queen biopic BOHEMIAN filmspotting.net01:25:17
FilmSpotting #704A remake of the Dario Argento cult horror classic SUSPIRIA. The Top 5 savvy uses of the cinematic color filmspotting.net01:36:05
FilmSpotting #703Jeremy Saulnier's latest, HOLD THE DARK, is an enigmatic thriller set in a remote Alaskan village. Skipping theaters entirely, it debuted on filmspotting.net01:33:29
FilmSpotting #702A Sacred Cow review of John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN. David Gordon Green's new HALLOWEEN sequel. The Filmspotting poll and filmspotting.net01:13:20
FilmSpotting #701Wunderkind director Damien Chazelle follows up his Oscar-winning LA LA LAND with FIRST MAN, a Neil Armstrong biopic that filmspotting.net01:43:54
FilmSpotting #700Bradley Cooper's A STAR IS BORN is the fourth adaptation of the tale; fifth if you count George Cukor's WHAT PRICE filmspotting.net02:37:44
FilmSpotting #699A Sacred Cow review of LOST IN TRANSLATION and a review of THE SISTERS BROTHERS, featuring Joaquin Phoenix & John C. filmspotting.net01:27:45
FilmSpotting #698A review of the new 70mm print of David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia. We reveal out Top 5 David Lean filmspotting.net01:33:60
FilmSpotting #697A review of THE PREDATOR. Reminiscing over Burt Reynolds movies such as DELIVERANCE, Smokey and the Bandit, filmspotting.net01:24:01
FilmSpotting #696A reappraisal of Ethan Hawke's long and varied career. The Top 5 Ethan Hawke Moments. BLAZE, his new biopic about Blaze Foleyfeedback@ filmspotting.net02:10:03
FilmSpotting #695Discussion of Kartemquin-produced films MINDING THE GAP, MADELINE'S MADELINE and JOHN MCENROE: IN THE REALM OF filmspotting.net01:41:48
FilmSpotting #694A Review of Crazy Rich Asians / Top 5 Things We've Learned Podcasting (About Movies).feedback@ filmspotting.net01:53:18
FilmSpotting #693A review of Spike Lee's BLACKkKLANSMAN and our Top 5 Spike Lee Shots. Listener feedback on episode filmspotting.net01:51:26
FilmSpotting #692THE DARK KNIGHT turns ten this summer. We give it our Sacred Cow treatment. Our Best Superhero Movie filmspotting.net01:50:10
FilmSpotting #691Mission: Impossible - Fallout Review. Our Top 5 Tom Cruise Performances (Revisited)feedback@ filmspotting.net01:36:22
FilmSpotting #690At the half-way point of the year in movies, we share some surprising and diverse picks to round out our Top filmspotting.net01:13:41
FilmSpotting #689A review of Bo Burnham's EIGHTH GRADE. Our Top 5 films about Struggling filmspotting.net02:08:19
FilmSpotting #688Review of SORRY TO BOTHER YOU. Our Top 5 Worst Movie Jobs. Review of ANT MAN AND THE filmspotting.net02:04:09
FS RevisitedWe give James Cameron's seminal TERMINATOR the Sacred Cow treatment. Plus, the Top 5 Films of filmspotting.net01:18:43
FilmSpotting #687We share our Top 5 Women in Westerns along with a review of DAMSEL, the oddball new western from the Zellner Brothersfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:26:05
FilmSpotting #686A Detailed review of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Top 5 Movie Stars Named filmspotting.net01:24:18
FilmSpotting #685Our Top 5 Pixar Performances plus a review of the new INCREDIBLES 2. Thoughts on the indie horror film HEREDITARYfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:36:12
FilmSpotting #684Joining Adam and Josh for their Top 5 Classic Rock Moments in Movies is writer and critic Steven filmspotting.net01:10:54
FilmSpotting #683Cameron Crowe's ode to '70s rock ALMOST FAMOUS. Steven Hyden's choice of good actor versus good filmspotting.net01:46:02
FilmSpotting #682Solo: A Star Wars Story / Paul Schrader / Deadpool 2feedback@ filmspotting.net01:53:41
FilmSpotting #681Lord of the Rings 15th Anniversary celebration. Plus the Top 5 Lord of the Rings Scenesfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:47:32
FilmSpotting #680Top 5: Too-Real Parenting Moments. Inspired by TULLY, the new film from Diablo Copy & Jason filmspotting.net01:52:25
FilmSpotting #679Sequels for JURASSIC WORLD, DEADPOOL, THE INCREDIBLES, etc. Reviews of YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE & THE RIDERfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:35:52
FilmSpotting #678Avengers: Affection for the characters / Infinity War / Top 5 Filmspotting filmspotting.net01:19:07
FilmSpotting #677Andrew Haigh's latest film LEAN ON PETE. We share our Top 5 Horse Scenes (horses on stage! horses in the jungle! filmspotting.net01:54:45
Minnelli Marathon Awards - The GarlandsWe roll out the red carpet for The Garlands, the Best of the Marathon filmspotting.net00:53:36
FilmSpotting #676John Krasinski's A QUIET PLACE / Top 5 Movie Quiet Scenes / FilmSpotting's 2018 Madness filmspotting.net01:41:25
Minnelli Marathon #6The director's SOME CAME RUNNING, based on James Jones's 1957 novel, is a great adaptation of a truly lousy filmspotting.net00:43:54
FilmSpotting #675Review of Spielberg's READY PLAYER ONE. The Top 5 Movie Homages to other movies. FilmSpotting Madness filmspotting.net02:01:42
Minnelli Marathon #5His 1956 Van Gogh biopic starring Kirk Douglas as the tortured artist is as bold and emotionally vivid filmspotting.net00:36:20
FilmSpotting #674Isle of Dogs / Top 5 Wes Anderson Scenes / FS Madness Final Fourfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:42:32
FilmSpotting #673Thoughts on Steven Soderbergh's psychological thriller UNSANE featuring Claire Foy, shot on an iPhone filmspotting.net01:03:23
Minnelli Marathon #4The 1953 musical THE BAND WAGON has Fred Astaire as a washed up song and dance man who gets filmspotting.net00:50:48
FilmSpotting #672The Coen Brothers densely plotted and impeccably cast third feature, MILLER'S filmspotting.net01:29:04
Vincente Minnelli #3In THE BAD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, he gets a charming and sinister performance from Kirk Douglasfeedback@ filmspotting.net00:41:21
FilmSpotting #671A WRINKLE IN TIME and Filmspotting Madness: Best of the 90's Edition (Round 2)feedback@ filmspotting.net01:26:16
Vincente Minnelli #2His first collaboration with future wife Judy Garland was the 1903-set MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS, the second filmspotting.net00:30:49
FilmSpotting #670Alex Garland's latest mind-bender, ANNIHILATION. Filmspotting Madness: Best of the '90s filmspotting.net02:25:02
Vincente Minnelli #1Filmspotting's six-film Minnelli Marathon kicks off with the director's 1943 debut CABIN IN THE filmspotting.net00:42:23
FilmSpotting #669As the '90s fade away, lesser-known films are at risk of being forgotten. Our Top 5 Overlooked '90s Moviesfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:46:38
FilmSpotting #668Black Panther Review / Top 5 Superhero-Director Combos (We'd Like To See)feedback@ filmspotting.net02:01:03
FilmSpotting #667We review Gary Oldman's turn as Winston Churchill in DARKEST HOUR and share Oldman's top 5 filmspotting.net01:33:04
FilmSpotting #666Top 5 films of 1983 plus a review of David Cronenberg's prescient techno-horror film, starring James filmspotting.net01:44:17
FilmSpotting #665Oscar Nominations: "Big Six" nominees / Revisiting Last Jedi / Best film of the new year: Paddington 2feedback@ filmspotting.net01:39:60
FilmSpotting #664Top 5 questions about the 2017 movie year. Thoughts on I, TONYA, THE GREATEST SHOWMAN and MOM AND filmspotting.net01:60:31
FilmSpotting #663A celebratory, post-Top 10 "Wrap Party," with a blissful recounting of our favorite movie moments of filmspotting.net02:06:57
FilmSpotting #662Part two of our Top 10 Films of 2017 countdown with consensus choices for the best films of the filmspotting.net01:53:56
FilmSpotting #661The Outliers: picks unique to each host's list of top films for 2017. Find out who has soft spots for filmspotting.net01:44:42
FilmSpotting #660THE LAST JEDI: Fresh, stylish & distinct entry in the saga. Review: CALL ME BY YOUR NAMEfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:22:54
FilmSpotting #659Our Top 5 Best Worst Movies / The Disaster Artist / The Shape of Waterfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:47:43
FilmSpotting #658We praise our estimation of the Top 5 Movie Years and review THERE WILL BE BLOOD, COCO, and filmspotting.net01:49:17
RevisitingRevisiting THE FORCE AWAKENS / THE LAST JEDI director Rian filmspotting.net01:46:29
FilmSpotting #657Lady Bird / Justice League / Top 5 Female-Directed Debutsfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:41:48
FilmSpotting #656Films from 3 great directors: Wonderstruck, Killing of a Sacred Deer, and Faces Places!feedback@ filmspotting.net01:10:49
FilmSpotting #655Review of director Taika Waititi’s THOR: RAGNAROK. We go shopping for post-Halloween discounts with our Top 5 Superhero filmspotting.net01:37:16
FilmSpotting #654The first cheesy horror flick, Night Of The Living Dead (1968) / Top 5 Horror Debuts In filmspotting.net02:02:34
FilmSpotting #653The Meyerowitz Stories / Top 5 Noah Baumbach filmspotting.net01:35:34
FilmSpotting #652Sean Baker's new film, THE FLORIDA PROJECT, is set among the "Hidden Homeless" of Disney-adjacent filmspotting.net01:03:04
Blade Runner 2049Thirty-five years after the original, the highly anticipated sequel has finally arrived. We review it!feedback@ filmspotting.net00:33:32
FilmSpotting #651In American Made, Tom Cruise plays an 80s-era pilot who ends up working for the CIA - and a Columbian drug filmspotting.net01:41:11
FilmSpotting #650We review "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" and interview Kogonada, director of "Columbus."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:21:21
New Argentine Cinema #5Damian Szifron's "Wild Tales" proves to be a perfect and entertaining bookend to a marathon that started with Mariano Llinas' filmspotting.net00:18:22
FilmSpotting #649mother! / Top 5 Aronofsky Scenes / Kogonada's FS Fivefeedback@ filmspotting.net01:47:09
New Argentine Cinema #4Adam and Josh discuss Lucrecia Martel's gift for inviting the audience to find empathy with an often unsympathetic filmspotting.net00:26:49
FilmSpotting #648There are 2 Stephen King movie adaptation this year. We share King-induced childhood traumas with the Top 5 Stephen King Movie filmspotting.net01:54:11
FilmSpotting #647A Sacred Cow review of Ridley Scott's seminal sci-fi noir Blade Runner. Plus our Top 5 Films of filmspotting.net02:05:34
New Argentine Cinema #3Lucrecia Martel's celebrated debut film from 2001 abounds in fetid unease and the dread of impending filmspotting.net00:24:52
FilmSpotting #646We assemble our Top 5 Fall Movie Questions. Plus, a review of Steven Soderbergh's NASCAR heist movie, LOGAN LUCKY, filmspotting.net01:48:57
New Argentine Cinema #2Jacques Tati and Hal Hartley are offered as possible reference points for Alejo Moguillansky's Samuel Beckett-inspired CASTRO from filmspotting.net00:29:20
FilmSpotting #645The Trip to Spain / Safdie Brothers (Good Time) / The Glass Castlefeedback@ filmspotting.net01:48:12
New Argentine Cinema #1We open our New Argentine Cinema Marathon with Mariano Llinas's epic and intricately plotted 2008 filmspotting.net00:24:59
FS RevisitedWhen RESERVOIR DOGS came out 25 years ago, we were movie geek teenagers. A Sacred Cow review plus our Top 5 Films of filmspotting.net01:18:60
FilmSpotting #644A review of DETROIT, plus news on a new Filmspotting Marathon. We share our Top 5 films of the landmark film year of ' filmspotting.net01:37:11
FilmSpotting #643We review VALERIAN, the most expensive film ever made in France. This week's Top 5: Alien filmspotting.net01:21:51
FilmSpotting #642A review of Dunkirk / Top 5 Films of 2017 (So Far) / War For The Planet of the Apesfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:40:01
FilmSpotting #641Spidey’s back again and we review it. Also some contrarian thoughts on BABY DRIVER and raves for A GHOST STORYfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:30:09
FilmSpotting #640THE BEGUILED is a Sofia Coppola remake of a 1971 film set during the Civil War. Our Top 5 Sofia Coppola filmspotting.net01:11:13
Kumail NanjianiHis funny and moving THE BIG SICK should make him a familiar face. Co-written with his wife Emily V. Gordon, it filmspotting.net00:42:15
Ana Lily AmirpourShe got lots of attention for her 2014 Iran-set vampire movie "A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night." She's back this filmspotting.net00:27:50
FilmSpotting #639Writer/director Trey Edward Shults comes to the multiplex with IT COMES AT NIGHT. We share our Top 5 Movies About filmspotting.net01:42:01
FilmSpotting #638The first superhero movie directed by and starring a woman, Wonder Woman / Top 5 Movie Religious Experiences / Trey Shultsfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:60:42
FilmSpotting #637War Machine: General McChrystal Revisited / Our Top 5 Movie Military filmspotting.net01:38:60
FilmSpotting #636Our Top Five Films of 1984 / We give James Cameron's seminal sci-fi thriller, The Terminator, the Sacred Cow filmspotting.net01:42:58
FilmSpotting #63579-year-old Ridley Scott finds himself back aboard a doomed spacecraft with ALIEN: COVENANT / Our Top 5 Alien filmspotting.net01:42:36
FilmSpotting #634Top 5 Jonathan Demme Moments to commemorate his passing away / Discussion of his "Something Wild"feedback@ filmspotting.net01:37:52
Varda Marathon #6A conversation about the 2008 memoir THE BEACHES OF AGNES, followed by "The Cleos" - their awards for the series' best performancesfeedback@ filmspotting.net00:38:08
FilmSpotting #633Review of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 / Top Five Summer Movie Previewfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:21:12
FilmSpotting #632Top Five Movie Expeditions (We'd Sign Up For) / The Lost City of Zfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:24:21
Varda Marathon #5She has long displayed a curiosity about people who live on society's fringes. In her 2000 doc "The Gleaners and I," the filmspotting.net00:20:58
FilmSpotting #631A review of The Fate of the Furious, episode 8 in the franchise / Top 5 Fast & Furious filmspotting.net01:14:31
FilmSpotting #630Wes Anderson's Rushmore / Our 2017 Madness Champion / Charlie Siskel (American Anarchist) Interviewfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:35:12
FilmSpotting #629The Discovery (now on NetFlix) / FilmSpotting Madness Final Four / Agnes Varda #4 - Vagabondfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:27:56
FilmSpotting #628Guest host Michael Phillips on Casablanca / FilmSpotting Madness Final Fourfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:15:21
FilmSpotting #627Top 5 Kristen Stewart Scenes / FS Madness / Varda #3 - One Sings, The Other Doesn'tfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:48:45
FilmSpotting #626With Danny Boyle: Top 5 Boyle Characters / FS Madness / Varda #2 - The Creaturesfeedback@ filmspotting.net02:22:21
FilmSpotting #625Logan / Filmspotting Madness / Varda #1 - La Pointe filmspotting.net01:38:49
FilmSpotting #624Filmspotting Madness / Get Out / Top 5 Pantheon Contendersfeedback@ filmspotting.net02:01:26
FilmSpotting #623This year’s Oscar ceremony is bound to get political, but how might Oscar voters send a message with their ballots?feedback@ filmspotting.net01:21:36
FilmSpotting #622Comments on the original John Wick and John Wick: Chapter 2. Thoughts on the Lego Batman filmspotting.net01:25:44
FilmSpotting #621Top 5 Political Resistance Movies / The Battle of Algiers / Bunuel #5 - Tristanafeedback@ filmspotting.net01:50:04
FilmSpotting #6202017 Movie Preview / Oscar Talk / Bunuel #4 - Diary of a filmspotting.net02:05:04
FilmSpotting #619+Is LA LA LAND the spoiler? We review it. Plus Barry Jenkins' critically aclaimed filmspotting.net01:23:05
FilmSpotting #619Most memorable movie moments of 2016. Live Massacre Theatre. Winner of the 2016 Golden filmspotting.net01:46:15
FilmSpotting #618Discussions of Paterson & Fences, Plus the Top 5 Denzel Washington Performances (Revisited)feedback@ filmspotting.net01:30:17
FilmSpotting #617What are 2016's greatest films? Scott Tobias and Genevieve Koski join Adam and Josh for part two of the Top 10 Films of 2016feedback@ filmspotting.net01:60:17
FilmSpotting #616What are 2016's greatest films? Scott Tobias and Genevieve Koski join Adam and Josh for part one of the Top 10 Films of 2016feedback@ filmspotting.net01:55:51
FilmSpotting #615Review of the Star Wars update, Rogue One / We share 2016's Best Performances (documentaries, music and more)feedback@ filmspotting.net01:13:28
FilmSpotting #614A review of Damien Chazelle's La La Land / Top 5 Musical Numbers / Golden Brick filmspotting.net01:52:43
FilmSpotting #613The Edge of Seventeen / Top 5 Teen Girl Movies Directed By Women with Marya E. Gatesfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:53:07
FilmSpotting #612Live at Chicago Podcast Festival / Top 5 Movies That Console and Restore Hopefeedback@ filmspotting.net01:08:11
Golden Brick Preview SpecialSome of the year's best overlooked movies. Interview of director James Solomon. July's review of THE filmspotting.net01:20:52
FilmSpotting #611We review ARRIVAL, a new sci-fi film from Denis Villeneuve, plus thoughts on Jeff Nichols' LOVING and Mel Gibson's HACKSAW filmspotting.net01:12:10
FilmSpotting #610Barry Jenkins and Naomie Harris (Moonlight) / Doctor Strange / Tower / Bunuel Marathon #3feedback@ filmspotting.net01:29:02
FilmSpotting #609Top 5 Childhood Movie Scares with guest Ti West. Plus, a Sacred Cow review of 1984's NIGHTMARE ON ELM filmspotting.net01:43:05
FilmSpotting #608Kelly Reichardt's new film CERTAIN WOMEN and reviews of his other films. / CIFF Roundup / Bunuel Marathon #2feedback@ filmspotting.net01:47:15
FilmSpotting #607Steve James films THE NEW AMERICANS, BILLBOARD, SHOVELS & ROPE, and THE LAST HAWK are filmspotting.net00:54:45
FilmSpotting #606A review of THE BIRTH OF A NATION / Preview of the Chicago Film filmspotting.net01:27:31
FilmSpotting #605Top 5 Denzel Performances with W. Kamau Bell / The Magnificent Seven / Bunuel Marathon #1feedback@ filmspotting.net01:36:59
FilmSpotting #604Top 5 Oliver Stone Scenes with Matt Zoller Seitz. Born on the Fourth of filmspotting.net01:50:31
FilmSpotting #603We review the Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks film SULLY, as it sparks a debate. Coverage of the Nordic Cinema Marathon filmspotting.net01:24:52
FilmSpotting #602Top 5 Comedies of the 21st Century. A Sacred Cow review of one of the century’s great comedies, YOUNG filmspotting.net02:12:41
FilmSpotting #601Comic drama MORRIS FROM AMERICA. The Obama-first-date movie SOUTHSIDE WITH YOU. Cannes-winner filmspotting.net01:40:19
FilmSpotting #600Film historian and writer Chuck Klosterman on the Top 5 Movies Future Historians Will Remember. Memories from our first 11 yearsfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:52:40
FilmSpotting #599Fall of 2016 Movie Preview / Hell or High Water / Nordic #6 - 1001 Gramsfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:37:09
FilmSpotting #598We review Taika Waititi's coming of age story HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE. Plus, the Top 5 Directors We'd filmspotting.net01:49:46
FilmSpotting #597Review of SUICIDE SQUAD. Our Top 5 Women Comic Book Characters (Done Right). The Jason Bourne Seriesfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:12:33
FilmSpotting #596Director Anna Rose Holmer's THE FITS. A 'Review Roundup' with thoughts on Michel Gondry's MICROBE & GASOLINE, and filmspotting.net01:54:29
FilmSpotting #595We review the Paul Feig-directed GHOSTBUSTERS reboot, interview James Solomon, and review Susanne Bier's IN A BETTER filmspotting.net01:50:19
The Filmspotting ReviewsReviews for the four Abbas Kiarostami films we've discussed on the show over the filmspotting.net01:01:40
FilmSpotting #594We've stocked our Top 5 of 2016 with a number of films that had trouble finding an audience during their original filmspotting.net01:47:08
FilmSpotting #593Review of SWISS ARMY MAN with Daniel Radcliffe as a flatulent corpse. The Top 5 'Body' Movies. Abbas Kiarostami filmspotting.net02:20:06
FilmSpotting #592Josh and guest Tricia Bobeda from WBEZ's Nerdette Podcast review Spielberg's THE BFG and share Top 5 Children's Book Adaptationsfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:28:39
FilmSpotting #591A conversation with Nicolas Winding Refn & Elle Fanning, director & star of THE NEON DEMON. A review of DE filmspotting.net01:42:49
#590: BlindspottingIn anticipation of the new doc DE PALMA, We do some homework and catch up with the deranged 1984 erotic thriller BODY filmspotting.net01:42:49
FilmSpotting #589Wes Anderson's THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS 15 years later. Our Top 5 Non-Kids Movies You Should Show Your filmspotting.net02:20:25
FilmSpotting #588Adam and Josh propose their Top 5 Movies Rivalries, plus a review of the latest from Terence Davies, SUNSET SONGfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:41:24
FilmSpotting #587We review THE LOBSTER, and the 2015 Cannes award-winner from DOGTOOTH's Yorgos Lanthimos, plus an interview of Rebecca Millerfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:44:27
FilmSpotting #586The buddy crime picture NICE GUYS reviewed. Relive the glory days of MANNEQUIN (and LETHAL WEAPON) with our Top 5 Films of '87feedback@ filmspotting.net01:34:55
FilmSpotting #585Jacques Tardi's animated film APRIL & THE EXTRAORDINARY WORLD. Roy Andersson's SONGS FROM THE SECOND FLOOR. Plus much filmspotting.net01:27:33
FilmSpotting #584We review CIVIL WAR and ask their Top 5 Summer Movie Questions. Plus, some thoughts on Key, Peele's KEANU and JUNGLE BOOKfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:43:32
FilmSpotting #583A review of Jeremy Saulnier's GREEN ROOM. The Top 5 Single Location filmspotting.net01:28:59
FilmSpotting #582Review of Ridley Scott's classic ALIEN. GREEN ROOM writer/director Jeremy Saulnier. 2016 Filmspotting Madness champfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:37:44
FilmSpotting #581A review of Richard Linlaker's EVERYBODY WANTS SOME! Our Top 5 Linklater Scenes. The championship round of Filmspotting Madnessfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:29:47
Marathon Awards & Blind CamelsThe Elaine May Marathon Awards. Peter Labuza also returns to offer his choices for THE BLIND filmspotting.net00:36:43
FilmSpotting #580Jeff Nichols' MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. The Filmspotting Madness Final Four. The much-maligned ISHTAR, the final film in our Elaine May Marathonfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:35:19
Interview: Tom Hiddleston & Marc AbrahamAdam talks accuracy in true stories... with the star and writer/director of the Hank Williams biopic I SAW THE filmspotting.net00:20:54
FilmSpotting #579Batman vs. Superman. The Top 5 Batman-Superman Moments. The FS Madness Elite filmspotting.net01:49:36
FilmSpotting #578A review of 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE. The Top 5 Terrence Malick Images. Plus, the Filmspotting Madness Sweet 16 is revealed!feedback@ filmspotting.net01:59:15
FilmSpotting #577Terrence Malick's KNIGHT OF CUPS is his latest - starring Christian Bale. The third Elaine May Marathon movie, MIKEY AND NICKYfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:36:59
FilmSpotting #576CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON: Can the magic be restored? Our Top 5 Wuxia filmspotting.net01:25:02
FilmSpotting #575We discuss Elaine May's THE HEARTBREAK KID and continue our discussion of the May Marathon and the Top 5 Films of filmspotting.net01:39:21
FilmSpotting #574A chat about the 17th century horror film THE WITCH and potty-mouthed superhero DEADPOOL. Plus 2016's most baffling Oscar filmspotting.net01:18:36
FilmSpotting #573Our Top 5 Coen Brothers "Funny Looking" Characters. A review of HAIL, CAESAR!, Massacre Theatre and more!feedback@ filmspotting.net01:36:03
FilmSpotting #572A look at the work of comedy legend Elaine May. A review of A NEW LEAF with May and Walter Matthau. Top 5 Comedies About the Richfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:47:47
FilmSpotting #571The Top 5 Movie Questions of 2016. Plus, a review of the Oscar-nominated 45 YEARS and Josh's thoughts on SON OF filmspotting.net01:52:27
FilmSpotting #570We review Quentn Tarantino's THE HATEFUL EIGHT and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's THE REVENANT. The Top 5 Most Anticipated Films of filmspotting.net01:49:25
FilmSpotting #569An All-Star roster of special guests share their favorite moments from the year in film. Plus, an epic musical edition of Massacre filmspotting.net01:56:18
Filmspotting Fix: ANOMALISAOne of the most acclaimed movies of 2015 is about an ordinary encounter between two strangers in a Cincinnati hotel filmspotting.net00:35:20
FilmSpotting #568Our Top 10 Films of 2015 roundtable, Part 2 - For the first time in nine years no single film made it onto all our filmspotting.net01:46:43
FilmSpotting #567Our Top 10 Films of 2015 roundtable, Part 1 - and ok, a little Star Wars filmspotting.net01:41:42
Star Wars: The Force AwakensJosh and Adam review STAR WARS: EPISODE VII - THE FORCE AWAKENS. Then they have a spoiler-free filmspotting.net00:30:38
FilmSpotting #566A review of THE BIG SHORT starring Steve Carell. Our Top 5 Discoveries of 2015. Larsen Recommends filmspotting.net01:33:10
FilmSpotting #565Interview of HITCHCOCK/TRUFFAUT director Kent Jones. Plus, we reveal our Top 5 Film filmspotting.net01:32:19
Blindspotting: The Wrong Man1956's THE WRONG MAN with Henry Fonda is an often overlooked title in the Hitchcock filmography. Plus the Top 5 Film filmspotting.net00:24:17
FilmSpotting #565A look back at the year in film. Reviews of favorite under-seen movies of 2015. This year’s Golden Brick filmspotting.net01:20:58
FilmSpotting #564We review HUNGER GAMES series finale, MOCKINGJAY – PART 2. Top 5 Dramatic Ensemble Movies. Thoughts on Tom McCarthy's SPOTLIGHTfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:31:35
FilmSpotting #563We review Daniel Craig’s fourth and latest outing as Bond, SPECTRE. We also review and share our Top 5 Bond filmspotting.net01:25:50
FilmSpotting #562Our Top 5 winners of the Cannes Best Director prize and review this year's winner: THE ASSASSIN. Plus, thoughts on filmspotting.net01:24:08
FilmSpotting #561Adam and Josh share their Top 5 Films of 1990, plus a "Blind Cow" review of Tim Burton's cult classic EDWARD filmspotting.net01:16:39
FilmSpotting #560Reviews of CRIMSON PEAK and Steven Spielberg's BRIDGE OF SPIES. Top 5 Cold War filmspotting.net01:24:05
FilmSpotting #559Most legendary directors have made two great films in a row, hence our Top 5: Back-To-Back Movies. A review of Danny Boyle's STEVE filmspotting.net01:30:43
FilmSpotting #558We sort through the Chicago Film Festival's titles. Plus, a likeable review of Ridley Scott's likeable THE filmspotting.net01:16:53
FilmSpotting #557A review of SICARIO with Emily Blunt and Benicio del Toro. Top 5 Breaking Up the Boys' Club filmspotting.net01:28:59
FilmSpotting #556Johnny Depp as infamous Boston gangster Whitey Bulger in BLACK MASS. Top 5 Neighborhood Movies. Toronto International Film Festivalfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:31:49
FilmSpotting #555We assess whether M. Night Shyamalan has changed his luck with the low-budget horror film THE VISIT. Top 5 Movie House Guestsfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:29:55
FilmSpotting #554The Top 5 Films of 1988, plus Depp v Depp (v Depp) and a review of Alex Ross Perry's QUEEN OF filmspotting.net01:22:38
FilmSpotting #553A double dose of Top 5's this week: Most Anticipated Fall Movies and Questions About the Season. Plus 4 filmspotting.net01:36:22
FilmSpotting #552We review Greta Gerwig & Noah Baumbach's MISTRESS AMERICA, and revisit our Top 5 Desert Island filmspotting.net01:41:40
FilmSpotting #551We review Joshua Oppenheimer's THE LOOK OF SILENCE, and revisit our Top 5 Haunted Past filmspotting.net01:35:55
FilmSpotting #550We review THE END OF THE TOUR, about an interview of writer David Foster Wallace and revisit our Top 5 Movies About filmspotting.net01:26:23
FilmSpotting #549A Blindspotting review of David Lean's 1965 epic DOCTOR ZHIVAGO. Top 5 Small Moments in Big filmspotting.net01:45:32
FilmSpotting #548A review of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION. Top 5 Exciting Movie Trends. Some thoughts on the new indie THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENTfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:13:34
FilmSpotting #547The Top 5 Things We Learned At The Dissolve. Reviews of SOUTHPAW with Jake Gyllenhaal and filmspotting.net00:57:55
FilmSpotting #546Review of the Judd Apatow-directed TRAINWRECK. Plus the Movies' Top 5 Comedy Ensembles filmspotting.net01:14:29
FilmSpotting #545The Top 5 Films of 2015 (So Far). Plus a few thoughts on LOVE & MERCY and THE filmspotting.net01:30:14
FilmSpotting #544Review of DOPE, a hit at this year's Sundance. David Gordon Green's latest starring Al Pacino, filmspotting.net01:25:05
FilmSpotting #543Review of Pixar's new INSIDE OUT. Josh and guest Michael Phillips revisit Top 5 Actor-Director Pairsfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:22:53
FilmSpotting #542Jurassic Park #4. Top 5 Movie Locations. Melissa McCarthy in SPYfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:26:57
FilmSpotting #541Comparing director Cameron Crowe's first & last films. Top 5 Movies of 1989 (Revisited).feedback@ filmspotting.net01:49:41
FilmSpotting #540Director Brad Bird on TOMORROWLAND. We share our Top 5 Streaming Sci-Fi filmspotting.net01:41:42
FilmSpotting #539Mad Max is back with Tom Hardy as the road warrior. Adam recommends PITCH PERFECT 2. Top 5 Car Scenesfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:38:12
FilmSpotting #538We review Sundance winner SLOW WEST and Michael Fassbender's latest. Plus our Top 5 Movie Postersfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:41:36
FilmSpotting #537We review AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON and share their Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies of Summer filmspotting.net01:14:10
FilmSpotting #536Does RESERVOIR DOGS hold up more than 20 years later? Plus, the Top 5 Films of filmspotting.net01:48:46
FilmSpotting #535Josh and Adam share their Top 5 Movie Houses. Plus, Massacre Theatre and filmspotting.net01:34:58
FilmSpotting #534Our Top 5 Midlife Crisis Movies. A review of WHILE WE'RE YOUNG. The Chicago Critics Film filmspotting.net01:48:33
FilmSpotting #533Review of FURIOUS 7. Our Top 5 Fast & Furious Moments. The Filmspotting Madness filmspotting.net01:49:00
FilmSpotting #532IT FOLLOWS, the new indie horror movie. Top 5 21st Century Horror Movies. Writer Mark Harris on what scares us nowfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:47:34
Ray Marathon #5: The Lonely WIfe & The MitrasSatyajit Ray rated THE LONELY WIFE as his best film. Plus The Mitras, our award for the marathon's Best Picturefeedback@ filmspotting.net00:53:31
FilmSpotting #53130th anniversary of John Hughes' THE BREAKFAST CLUB. Plus, Top 5 Films of filmspotting.net01:48:05
FilmSpotting #530We discuss CINDERELLA with Lily James and Cate Blanchett. Top 5 Movies About Royalty. Matchups for FS Madnessfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:49:07
Ray Marathon #4: The Big CityFilmspotting's Satyajit Ray Marathon continues with a discussion of 1963's THE BIG filmspotting.net00:35:53
FilmSpotting #529We share our Top 5 Characters on the Fringe. Plus, a review of BUZZARD, a new indie filmspotting.net01:50:08
FilmSpotting #52810th Anniversary show. Review of David Cronenberg's MAPS TO THE STARS. Top 10 Blind filmspotting.net01:55:45
FilmSpotting #527We review the new mock documentary WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS and share our Top 5 Mockumentary filmspotting.net00:28:20
Ray Marathon #3We discuss Satyajit Ray's first non-Apu film, 1958's THE MUSIC filmspotting.net00:28:20
FilmSpotting #52650 SHADES OF GREY. Top 5 Movies We HAD To Review. Recommended: SONG OF THE SEA & MATT SHEPARD IS A FRIEND OF MINEfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:28:59
FilmSpotting #525We go back a couple of decades for a Sacred Cow review of Clint Eastwood's UNFORGIVEN. Plus, we handicap the 2015 OSCARSfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:50:11
Ray Marathon #2We finish our look at Satyajit Ray's "Apu Trilogy", and then explore Ray's THE UNVANQUISHED (1957) and THE WORLD OF APU (1959)feedback@ filmspotting.net00:33:34
FilmSpotting #524We share our Top 5 Rescue Scenes. Review of JUPITER ASCENDING. Our trip to the Sundance Film filmspotting.net01:38:44
FilmSpotting #523We review Michael Mann's BLACKHAT, present Part 2 of our 2015 Movie Preview, and discuss GOODBYE TO LANGUAGE 3Dfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:27:26
Ray Marathon #1: Pather PanchaliThe first film in our Satyajit Ray Marathon - His breathtaking and heartbreaking 1955 debut, PATHER PANCHALIfeedback@ filmspotting.net00:22:52
FilmSpotting #522Clint Eastwood's AMERICAN SNIPER. The (woefully misguided) Oscar nominations. Our favorite films of filmspotting.net01:27:15
FilmSpotting #521Our Top 5 Historic Event Movies. Plus, a review of the new M.L.K. movie filmspotting.net01:37:40
FilmSpotting #520Our Oscar ballots are in for the Top 5 performances of 2014. Plus, a review of Mike Leigh's MR filmspotting.net01:36:20
FilmSpotting #519Part two of our Top 10 Films of 2014. Five more picks by four critics, including Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) filmspotting.net01:26:30
FilmSpotting #518Part one of our Top 10 Films of 2014 countdown, featuring special guests Michael Phillips & Scott Tobiasfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:29:30
FilmSpotting #517Filmspotting covers all its end-of-year bases with the Top 5 "Best of the Rest." Plus, a review of INHERENT VICEfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:34:37
FilmSpotting #516FOXCATCHER review. Top 5 Discoveries of 2014. Actors, directors and others who made a fine first impression this filmspotting.net01:30:15
Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1Filmspotting gets meta and gives Jennifer Lawrence the movie star treatment in this review of the first part of Mockingjayfeedback@ filmspotting.net00:18:53
2014 Golden Bricks PreviewWe revisit overlooked movies of 2014 and a short list of candidates for the Golden Brick filmspotting.net01:15:36
FilmSpotting #515A friendly review of Christopher Nolan's INTERSTELLAR, plus, the Top 5 Movie filmspotting.net01:38:42
FilmSpotting #514Josh & Dissolve's Tasha Robinson reveal their Top 5 Culture Clash Comedies, and review the new film DEAR WHITE PEOPLEfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:16:47
FilmSpotting #513Our Top 5 Nocturnal Movies, and a discussion of Jake Gyllenhaal's creepy turn in writer/director Dan Gilroy's NIGHTCRAWLERfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:19:47
FilmSpotting #512The Top 5 Movie Costumes we'd ACTUALLY WEAR for Halloween. Plus, a review of BIRDMAN, starring Michael filmspotting.net01:24:09
FilmSpotting #511We share our top Mentor-Proteges, and review a movie about a drummer in pursuit of musical perfection - WHIPLASHfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:38:58
FilmSpotting #510Top 5 Movie Narcissists, plus a conversation with Alex Ross Perry and Jason Schwartzman about their movie LISTEN UP PHILIPfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:43:24
FilmSpotting #509Inspired by David Fincher's use of the letter in GONE GIRL, we share our Top 5 Movie filmspotting.net01:22:16
Gone Girl (Spoiled)It's a Fimspotting spoiler special! We go long on director David Fincher's GONE GIRL. Spoilers begin near 19 minute markfeedback@ filmspotting.net00:44:20
FilmSpotting #508We highlight some films from the Chicago Independent Film Festival plus our Top 5 CIFF filmspotting.net01:14:20
FilmSpotting #507Josh and Michael Phillips countdown their Top 5 Movie Manimals, review Kevin Smith's TUSK, and recap the Toronto International Film Festivalfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:33:51
FilmSpotting #506It's Sociopath Week. Top 5 David Lynch Scenes. A discussion of his debut film ERASERHEAD & a review of THE SKELETON TWINSfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:40:54
FilmSpotting #505Our Top 5 Movie Prisoners. Plus, a review of the acclaimed new UK prison drama STARRED filmspotting.net01:30:47
FilmSpotting #5042014 Fall Movie Previews: THE ONE I LOVE, THE CONGRESS, THE TRIP TO ITALY, THE DOG and THE ZERO filmspotting.net01:44:07
FilmSpotting #503Top 5 (Fictional) Movie Bands. Reviews of FRANK, starring Michael Fassbender, & SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FORfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:38:31
FilmSpotting #502Celebrate the life of Robin Williams with a review of 1989's DEAD POETS SOCIETY. Plus, Top 5 Robin Williams Scenesfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:48:30
FilmSpotting #501Top 5 Pre-CGI Scenes. Plus, discussion of Brendan Gleeson in CALVARY, and Marvel's GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXYfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:51:27
FilmSpotting Fix: BoyhoodRichard Linklater's BOYHOOD was twelve years in the making... We gave it well more than 12 minutes for this FilmSpotting Fixfeedback@ filmspotting.net00:47:18
FilmSpotting #500Top 5 Films of the Film Spotting Era. Live!feedback@ filmspotting.net01:41:31
FilmSpotting #499Top 5 Magic Realism Moments in movies. Michel Gondry's MOOD INDIGO. Review of Bong Joon-ho's filmspotting.net01:36:44
FilmSpotting #498We discuss DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, TAMMY and the Top 5 Actors of the Future (2014 class)feedback@ filmspotting.net01:40:57
FilmSpotting #497Get a Sacred Cow review of Tim Burton's BATMAN, plus the Top 5 Films of filmspotting.net01:40:43
FilmSpotting #496Top 5 Movies of the Year So Far. A review of David Michod's bleak THE ROVER, with Guy Pearce & Robert Pattinsonfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:30:53
FilmSpotting #495We review Kelly Reichardt's NIGHT MOVES, and do location scouting for this week's Top 5 Pacific Northwest Moviesfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:44:00
FilmSpotting #494An exploration of immigration in the movies. A review of James Gray's THE IMMIGRANT. Plus our Top 5 Immigrant Moviesfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:31:38
FilmSpotting #493Our Top 5 Disney Villains. Plus Angelina Jolie's interpretation of a classic Disney villain, MALEFICENTfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:09:41
FilmSpotting #492X-Men: Days of Future Past. Cannes Festival Recap. Our Top 5 Movie filmspotting.net01:15:49
FilmSpotting #491A raving review of GODZILLA. This week's Top 5 Movie Tattoos (that we'd get). THE DOUBLE, starring Jesse Eisenbergfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:13:31
FilmSpotting #490Our Top 5 Car Scenes plus, a review of LOCKE starring Tom Hardy... and his filmspotting.net01:23:59
FilmSpotting #489Most Anticipated Summer Movies, plus Steve Prokopy previews the Chicago Critics Film Festival and the revenge thriller BLUE RUINfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:14:39
FilmSpotting #488The Top 5 Films of 1991. Gus Van Sant's MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO. Thoughts on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 & CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIERfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:32:34
FilmSpotting #487Top 5 cinematic Destroyers From Space. Reviews of UNDER THE SKIN, and Jim Jarmusch's ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVEfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:26:50
FilmSpotting #486Top 5 Acting Performances by Non-Professionals. Review of David Gordon Green's latest, filmspotting.net01:36:09
FilmSpotting #485The Top 5 Desert Island Directors. JOE, a new film with Nicolas Cage. UNDER THE SKIN with Scarlett Johanssonfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:56:55
FilmSpotting #484Top 5 Sex-Obsessed Characters, inspired by the new film from director Lars Von Trier, NYMPHOMANIACfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:15:01
FilmSpotting #483The Top 5 Movie Boats, plus Noah's Ark, which returns to movies in Darren Aronofsky's NOAH with Russell filmspotting.net01:14:50
FilmSpotting #482A review of the psychological thriller ENEMY, Denis Villeneuve's follow-up to PRISONERS, starring Jake filmspotting.net01:17:34
FilmSpotting #481The Top 5 Wes Anderson scenes. He's the talented director of THE GRAND BUDAPEST filmspotting.net01:28:00
FilmSpotting #480Harold Ramis left an indelible mark on movie comedies. We honor him with our Top 5 Ramis Momentsfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:23:54
FilmSpotting #479Kyle Buchanan, editor at New York Magazine, gives the inside scoop on this weekend's Academy filmspotting.net01:36:10
FilmSpotting #478We discuss THE LEGO MOVIE and the latest film from Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki, THE WIND RISESfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:31:07
FilmSpotting #477"Be honest and unmerciful." We share lines from the Top 5 Philip Seymour Hoffman Scenesfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:25:44
FilmSpotting #476Top 5 Movies About Fame. Thoughts on the documentary about Roger Ebert. Tragic passing of Philip Seymour Hoffmanfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:38:54
FilmSpotting #475Best Foreign Language film nominee THE BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN, Plus, Pt. 2 of Filmspotting's 2014 Movie Previewfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:37:16
FilmSpotting #474A showdown between THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and AMERICAN HUSTLE. 5 Most Anticipated Movies of filmspotting.net01:48:04
FilmSpotting #473We take a final look at the year in film, live from Mayne Stage in filmspotting.net01:42:59
FilmSpotting Fix: Two ReviewsReviews of Spike Jonze's HER and the Coen Brothers' latest, INSIDE LLEWYN filmspotting.net00:56:37
#472 Top 10 Films, part 2Guests Scott Tobias (The Dissolve) and Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) round out our Top 10 Films of 2013feedback@ filmspotting.net01:26:41
#472 Top 10 Films, part 1Top 10 Films of 2013, a roundtable with Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune and Scott Tobias of The Dissolvefeedback@ filmspotting.net01:19:34
FilmSpotting #471Filmspotting's 2013 Surprises & Disappointments, a review of OUT OF THE FURNACE, and finalists for the Golden Brick Awardfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:26:12
FilmSpotting #470Time for a new batch of potential stars as Adam & Josh name their Top 5 Discoveries of 2013feedback@ filmspotting.net01:30:48
2013 Golden Brick PreviewOur candidates for the Golden Brick Award. Reviews of under-the-radar films, including STORIES WE TELLfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:14:13
FilmSpotting #469Top 5 Movies With Places In the Title, a review of NEBRASKA, and the finale to A TALE OF TWO SISTERSfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:17:57
FilmSpotting #468Inspired by the ultra-slimmed down Matthew McConaughey and a transgendered Jared Leto, Josh and Adam review DALLAS BUYERS CLUB and share their Top 5 Actor filmspotting.net01:14:23
FilmSpotting #467A review of this year's Palme d'Or winner - BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR, Plus our Top 5 Sexual Awakening Moviesfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:16:49
FilmSpotting #466One of the year's most acclaimed films, 12 YEARS A SLAVE, inspires this week's Top 5 Movies Set in the filmspotting.net01:53:10
FilmSpotting #465A discussion of 1973's THE EXORCIST, which turns 40 this year. Also, the Top 5 Terrifying Characters from last fallfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:22:14
FilmSpotting #464Adam and Josh discuss Captain Phillips, from director Paul Greengrass, plus their Top 5 Hostage Moviesfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:13:55
FilmSpotting #463Musical heavyweights battle for top 5 primacy this week - with movie score fanatic Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribunefeedback@ filmspotting.net01:33:35
FilmSpotting #462Josh and Adam preview the Chicago International Film Festival by sharing their Top 5 Most Anticipated CIFF filmspotting.net01:12:31
FilmSpotting #461The Top 5 Films of 1993, part of our year-by-year countdown series. Plus, a review of the new indie drama SHORT TERM 12feedback@ filmspotting.net01:44:26
FilmSpotting #460Our listeners reveal their favorite Sam Rockwell performance, and a chat with the actor on his movie, "A Single Shot"feedback@ filmspotting.net01:30:35
FilmSpotting #459The Sacred Cow review of '2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY'. Plus, the Top 5 Stanley Kubrick filmspotting.net01:17:10
FilmSpotting #458Top 5 Most Anticipated Fall Movies. Plus, a review of the new martial arts biopic THE filmspotting.net01:31:08
FilmSpotting #457A tribute to Elmore Leonard, whose work inspired great movie adaptations like "Get Shorty" and "Out of Sight"feedback@ filmspotting.net01:16:20
FilmSpotting #456This week's Top 5: Nature Movies. Plus, a discussion of PRINCE AVALANCHE, starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirschfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:21:45
Review: The Act of KillingA standalone discussion of Joshua Oppenheimer's powerful new documentary about Indonesian death squad filmspotting.net00:21:13
FilmSpotting #455Inspired by ELYSIUM, give our Top 5 Dangerous Missions, plus, our take on the aptly named THE SPECTACULAR NOWfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:31:41
FilmSpotting RevisitedAdam & Josh disagree over "Prometheus", "Argo" and "The Impossible"feedback@ filmspotting.net00:54:02
FilmSpotting #454This week's Top 5: Supporting Players in Lead Roles. i.e. Frances McDormand in Fargo. Plus a review of Woody Allen's latestfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:54:20
FilmSpotting #453Filmspotting Top 5: Movie Robots. Plus, it's Kaiju vs. Jaeger in Guillermo del Toro's "Pacific Rim"feedback@ filmspotting.net01:37:20
FilmSpotting #452Matt Singer and Alison Willmore invite 10 filmmakers to make their own short movies about each one of their Top 5 Anthology Filmsfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:10:49
FilmSpotting #451Adam does his best James Franco as he and Josh reveal their Top 5 Films of 2013 (So Far). Plus, the worst films of the filmspotting.net01:34:59
Blaxploitation RevisitedWe revisit our recent six-week Blaxploitation Marathon, including discussions of "Shaft" and "Superfly"feedback@ filmspotting.net01:08:05
FilmSpotting #450Michael Phillips sits in for Adam for a discussion of "Man of Steel" and a countdown of the Top 5 Movie Christ Figuresfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:03:20
Sight & Sound Top 10With Adam and Josh on vacation, we repeat 2012's Top 10 Greatest Films, with help from Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune)feedback@ filmspotting.net00:54:25
FilmSpotting #449Josh and Adam stumble off a train together to see where things go with discussions of 'Before Midnight' & the Top 5 Americans Abroadfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:35:34
Best Film You've Never SeenAdam talks to Chicago writer Robert K. Elder about his new book, "The Best Film You've Never Seen"feedback@ filmspotting.net01:26:56
FilmSpotting #448The quirky star of Noah Baumbach's black & white film "Frances Ha" - Greta Gerwig. Plus, Top 5 Contemporary B&W Filmsfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:19:00
FilmSpotting #447Filmspotting boldly reviews "Star Trek Into Darkness", the sequel to 2009's successful relaunch of the franchisefeedback@ filmspotting.net01:23:28
Stories We TellFilmspotting discusses Sarah Polley's autobiographical documentary "Stories We Tell."feedback@ filmspotting.net00:25:09
FilmSpotting #446Inspired by Jay Gatsby's return to the silver screen, Adam and Josh share their Top 5 Movies About the Rich and Baz Lurhmann's re-imagining, of the novel by Fitzgeraldfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:29:46
FilmSpotting #445Inspired by the brilliant mind of Tony Stark, Filmspotting crunches the numbers to come up with the Top 5 Movie Geniuses. Plus, a review of co-writer/director Shane Black's "Iron Man 3"feedback@ filmspotting.net01:30:25
FilmSpotting #444Josh and Adam reveal their Top 5 Most Anticipated Summer Movies. Plus, a review of "Mud," and the latest from "Take Shelter" writer/director Jeff Nicholsfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:46:24
FilmSpotting #443Michael Phillips and Tasha Robinson decide whether "Oblivion" was worth all the resources put into it. Plus, they weigh in on their Top 5 Futuristic Movie Jobsfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:23:15
FilmSpotting #442This week's episode with Filmspotting's Top 5 Malick Scenes and a review of "To the Wonder" was recorded entirely at the magic hour. Plus, the final Max Ophuls Marathon movie, 1955's Lola filmspotting.net01:37:05
FilmSpotting #441This week's Filmspotting Top 5: Neo-Noirs. Plus, a review of Danny Boyle's art-world thriller "Trance" and a tribute to the late, great Roger Ebertfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:52:02
FilmSpotting #440Josh, Adam and the Chicago Tribune's Michael Phillips discuss Filmspotting Top 5: Tracking Shots. Plus, a Sacred Cow review of Sam Raimi's 1981 horror classic "The Evil Dead"feedback@ filmspotting.net02:07:51
FilmSpotting #439Top 5 Turning Over a New Leaf Movies. Some are even better than "Scarface," which I got on repeat. Constantly, y' filmspotting.net01:43:12
FilmSpotting #438Filmspotting kisses the ring of their Top 5 Movie Religious filmspotting.net01:44:54
FilmSpotting #437Top 5 Movie Locations We Wish We Could Visit. Plus, a review of director Sam Raimi's latest trip over the rainbow, "Oz the Great and Powerful."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:39:22
FilmSpotting #436This week's Top 5 Movie Mother-Daughters - a list not inspired by "Carrie," but by the new thriller "Stoker" from Korean auteur Park Chan-wookfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:18:40
FilmSpotting #435Josh and Adam share their Top 5 Unseen Characters. Plus, a review of Abbas Kiarostami's latest puzzler, "Like Someone In Love," and the debut of Ask filmspotting.net01:36:43
#434 Bonus: Marx Bros. AwardsMichael Phillips continues his comedy education of Filmspotting during "The Gookies," the Marx Brothers Marathon Awards including Best Groucho One-Liner, Gag and filmspotting.net00:18:02
FilmSpotting #434The Chicago Tribune's Michael Phillips joins Adam and Josh for a special Oscars edition of Filmspotting to discuss who will win - and lose!feedback@ filmspotting.net01:30:32
FilmSpotting #433In honor of Valentine's Day, it's the Lloyd Dobler Memorial List of the screen's Top 5 Romantic Gestures. Plus, Steven Soderbergh's "Side Effects."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:35:15
FilmSpotting #432Adam and Josh countdown the Top 5 Directors Who Need a Comeback. Plus, a review of Roman Coppola's first film in 12 filmspotting.net01:36:14
FilmSpotting #431Filmspotting joins Tyler Durden in exploring their primal selves with a countdown of the Top 5 Survival filmspotting.net01:39:08
FilmSpotting #430In 1988, our action heroes looked like Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger... then we met a barefoot Bruce Willis. Now we review "A Good Day to "Die Hard".feedback@ filmspotting.net01:18:47
FilmSpotting #429Josh and Adam reveal their Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies of 2013. Plus, love hurts in Michael Haneke's "Amour."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:20:26
FilmSpotting #428Michael Phillips from the Chicago Tribune, helps Adam and Josh reveal their favorite performances, scenes and more from the past year in moviesfeedback@ filmspotting.net02:12:37
FilmSpotting #427Quentin Tarantino's ode to Spaghetti Westerns "Django Unchained" brought Josh and Adam together over the holidays. Was it a fortuitous turn of events?feedback@ filmspotting.net01:28:55
FilmSpotting #426 Part 2Filmspotting assembles the film critic Avengers - Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) and Scott Tobias (A.V. Club) - to finish off the Top 10 film filmspotting.net01:30:23
FilmSpotting #426 Part 1Josh and Adam tackle the Promethean task of counting down their Top 10 Films of 2012 with the help of some special guest filmspotting.net00:57:40
FilmSpotting #425Filmspotting's eight Golden Brick nominees for 2012. Plus, an unexpected journey with "The Hobbit" and an early review of "Zero Dark Thirty."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:27:22
FilmSpotting #424Josh and Adam discuss the H.I. McDonnough Memorial List of the Top 5 Inept Movie Criminals, inspired by the new Brad Pitt crime drama "Killing Them Softly."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:30:48
Filmspotting #423Is manic depression a frustrating mess, or a fascinating one? It's a November release round-up as Adam and Josh discuss "Silver Linings Playbook," plus "Skyfall" and "Anna Karenina."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:53:21
Golden Bricks Preview SpecialDuring Thanksgiving week we look back at some of the under-the-radar cinematic gems that Adam and Josh are most grateful for this filmspotting.net01:00:14
FilmSpotting #422Michael Phillips drops by to select the Top 5 Spielberg Scenes and review his latest, "Lincoln." Plus, a discussion of Spielberg's classic "Close Encounters.."feedback@ filmspotting.net02:00:38
FilmSpotting #421Here's a countdown of the Top 5 Dramatic Performances by Comic Actors. Plus, Adam's conversation with one such filmspotting.net01:24:49
FilmSpotting #420Filmspotting crosses continents and generations with a discussion of "Cloud Atlas." Plus, a countdown of the Top 5 Multiple Role filmspotting.net01:28:14
FilmSpotting #419Michael Phillips joins Filmspotting for a Sacred Cow discussion of "The Shining." Plus: Theories about the theories in the new documentary "Room 237."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:56:34
Filmspotting #418Inspired by their discussion of Ben Affleck's "Argo," Adam and Josh countdown the Top 5 Movies Directed by Their filmspotting.net01:31:53
FilmSpotting #417Adam's conversation with writer/director Martin McDonagh about his latest dark comedy, "Seven Psychopaths," starring Colin Farrell, Christopher Walken and a Shih Tzu named filmspotting.net01:29:12
FilmSpotting #416Adam and Josh present their Vertigo Memorial Top 5 Doppelganger Movies. Plus, discussion of the time-travel thriller "Looper" and Chicago's International Film filmspotting.net01:24:25
FilmSpotting #415"The Master" tells us that "Good science, by definition, allows for more than opinion." Adam and Josh mostly prove to be good scientists as they go in-depth on the filmspotting.net01:34:27
FilmSpotting #414The sun shines and the land may be cheap, but if you've seen L.A. Confidential - or just about any movie set in LA - you know it's a town with a dark filmspotting.net01:24:47
FilmSpotting #413Michael Phillips plays the role of Belloq for this 'Sacred Cow' discussion of Spielberg's classic "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Plus, the Top 5 Films of filmspotting.net01:54:19
FilmSpotting #412This show featurs the Pulp Fiction Memorial Top 5 Dance Scenes. Plus, Adam and Josh put down their $5 milkshakes to discuss the new film "Alps."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:27:50
Compliance & Sleepwalk With MeAdam talks to Craig Zobel about his provocative new film "Compliance," and with comedian Mike Birbiglia about his new film "Sleepwalk With Me."feedback@ filmspotting.net00:43:19
FilmSpotting #411Adam and Josh stop their limo ride through downtown Chicago long enough to commend David Cronenberg's bizarre "Cosmopolis" and reveal their 5 Most Anticipated Fall filmspotting.net01:44:21
FilmSpotting #410The Top 10 Greatest Films of All Time Part 2 with guest Michael Phillips. Writer/director Jeff Nichols calls in to discuss his official Sight & Sound filmspotting.net01:13:41
FilmSpotting #410Inspired by Sight & Sound's 2012 Greatest Films Poll, Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) joins Josh and Adam to discuss their Top 10 Films of All filmspotting.net01:14:17
FilmSpotting #409Filmspotting reveals its Top 5 Cinema Spies (James Bond Memorial). Don't forget to take your chems before listening to discussions of "The Bourne Legacy" and "Fireworks Wednesday."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:28:10
Dark Knight Rises SpoiledYou've heard Filmspotting's take, now it's the listeners' turn to reckon with "The Dark Knight Rises" in this spoiler edition filmspotting.net00:41:13
FilmSpotting #408Adam and Josh break a leg, avoid mention of 'The Scottish Play' and depend on the kindness of strangers to reveal their Top 5 Play filmspotting.net01:17:29
FilmSpotting #407Adam and Josh express affection for their Top 5 Movies About Writers, and discuss the new film written by and starring Zoe Kazan, "Ruby Sparks."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:15:04
FilmSpotting #406Which battle is more bloody and brutal: Batman vs. Bane or Michael Phillips vs. A.O. Scott? Adam and Josh discuss "The Dark Knight Rises."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:38:01
FilmSpotting #405Sometimes a bad movie idea is just a bad movie idea. But sometimes it results in cinema excellence. Adam and Josh share their Top 5 'Seemed Like a Bad Idea' filmspotting.net01:14:40
FilmSpotting #404Adam and Josh discuss Seth Macfarlane's feature directing debut "Ted." Plus, the Top 5 Performances of 2012 (So Far).feedback@ filmspotting.net01:20:36
FilmSpotting #403Filmspotting welcomes the Chicago Tribune's Michael Phillips to debate Channing Tatum's talents on display in Steven Soderbergh's latest. Plus, we look back on the half year in filmspotting.net01:32:34
FilmSpotting #402Josh and Adam reveal their Top 5 Screen Redheads and discuss Pixar's latest "Brave." Plus, the contemporary Iranian film, "Children of Heaven."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:20:10
Interviews: Mark Duplass & Lynn SheltonActor-director Mark Duplass on how he and his brother found they were not the next Coen Bros. Writer-director Lynn Shelton tells how directing "Mad Men" changed her filmmaking filmspotting.net00:36:30
FilmSpotting #401Adam and Josh countdown their Top 5 Movie Crackpots and celebrate Mark Duplass week with reviews of two new movies featuring everybody's favorite "Humpday" star: "Your Sister's Sister" and "Safety Not Guaranteed."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:44:19
Filmspotting: SVU #10"I learned the facts of life from watching The Facts of Life! Oh God!" Matt and Alison discuss "The Cable Guy" and fill up your queue with notable films from actors turned filmspotting.net00:58:41
FilmSpotting #400Special guests Michael Phillips (Chicago Tribune) and Dana Stevens ( join Adam and Josh for their most introspective top 5 list yet. Plus, reviews of "Prometheus" and "Moon".feedback@ filmspotting.net01:56:20
FilmSpotting SVU #9Matt Singer and Alison Willmore discuss Sarah Polley's new film "Take This Waltz", share their Top 5 Infidelity Movies, plus a Listener's Choice discussion of Gus Van Sant's "Drugstore Cowboy."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:03:06
FilmSpotting #399Adam and Josh reveal their Top 5 Haunted Past Movies. Plus, a weekend with Richard Linklater's "Bernie," and contemporary Iranian film, "A Moment of Innocence."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:21:21
FilmSpotting #398Adam and Josh reveal their Top 5 Directors of the Future, and discuss the new film starring talented newcomer Brit Marling, "Sound of My Voice."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:23:48
Filmspotting: SVU #8 - Search For The Brain Bug EditionMatt and Alison discuss Paul Verhoeven's cult classic "Starship Troopers" and offer up some of their favorite Movie Dystopias currently available via filmspotting.net01:00:46
FilmSpotting #397Adam and Josh recount the Top 5 Actor-Director Collaborations That Need To Happen. Should Johnny Depp and Tim Burton collaborate again after "Dark Shadows?"feedback@ filmspotting.net01:21:55
FilmSpotting #396Filmspotting discusses the latest Marvel universe installment "The Avengers." Plus, we give you an early look at the lineup for Filmspotting Fest, a celebration of overlooked cinematic gemsfeedback@ filmspotting.net01:23:13
Filmspotting: SVU #7This episode's secret word is: "Fidelio." Matt and Alison discuss Julia Leigh's 2011 film "Sleeping Beauty" and share some of their favorite unsexy movies about sex that you can see via filmspotting.net00:56:30
FilmSpotting #395Contributor Michael Phillips sits in for Filmspotting's Summer Movie Preview, and helps Adam and Josh reconsider the 1962 classic "To Kill a Mockingbird" in honor of its 50th filmspotting.net01:39:19
FilmSpotting #394Gaze into Filmspotting's crystal ball as they reveal the stars of tomorrow! Josh and Adam reveal their Top 5 Up-and-Coming Actors and Actresses (Class of 2012), and discuss the new meta-horror flick "The Cabin in the Woods."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:25:19
Filmspotting: SVU #6Matt and Alison discuss Billy Wilder's cynical 1951 film "Ace in the Hole" starring Kirk Douglas, and investigate some of the most compelling journalism movies available via filmspotting.net00:59:23
Interviews: Edward Burns & Kimberly PierceWith Josh and Adam enjoying a little spring break, we present two filmmaker Q&As: Adam's conversation with Edward Burns about "Newlyweds," and Robert K. Elder's chat with Kimberly Pierce ("Boys Don't Cry")feedback@ filmspotting.net00:54:44
FilmSpotting #393Adam and Josh take you on a big adventure with their Top 5 Bicycle Scenes. Plus, the latest film from the Dardennes, "The Kid With a Bike," and filmspotting.net01:20:42
Filmspotting: SVU #5Matt and Alison examine successful book-to-screen transfers available via streaming, and discuss the recent adaptation of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged: Part 1."feedback@ filmspotting.net00:58:31
FilmSpotting #392Filmspotting hosts battle each other about "The Hunger Games," and take on the thought police with their Top 5 Movie filmspotting.net01:13:03
FilmSpotting #391Michael Phillips, Josh and Adam reveal their Top 5 Movie Phone Calls. Plus, reviews of the 2011 Cannes Grand Jury Prize co-winner "Once Upon a Time in Anatolia" and "Jeff, Who Lives at Home."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:18:36
Filmspotting: SVU #4Matt and Alison return from the South by Southwest Film Festival to share some of their favorite SXSW alumni. They also discuss Nicolas Roeg's "The Man Who Fell to filmspotting.net00:56:14
FilmSpotting #390Inspired by this week's Top 5 Films of 1994, Adam and Josh revisit Quentin Tarantino's classic "Pulp Fiction." Plus, the penultimate Bresson Marathon film, "Au Hasard Balthazar."feedback@ filmspotting.net01:28:19
FilmSpotting #389Filmspotting finds out what was on Andrew Stanton's mind when making his first live-action film "John Carter." Stanton helps Adam and Josh countdown their Top 5 traditionally-animated filmspotting.net01:21:00

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