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Foundation Fighting Blindness

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The Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB), has an extensive program of seminars and special events that benefits our listeners far beyond the day of the event. Recently, the Foundation has made recordings of medical seminars on vision loss and their fantastically successful VISIONWALK fundraising event available to AIRS.

Current Foundation Fighting Blindness Lectures and Seminars
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
The Latest in Eye Related Research"Ben Shaberman, Senior Director Scientific Research and Community Engagement Foundation Fighting Blindness tells us about latest eye research"Ben Shaberman01:00:08
Discussion of services provided by Braille Institute"Ben Pomeroy, Director of Digital Programs, talks about the services provided by the Braille Institute"Ben Pomeroy00:26:59
Reseach UpdatesStephen Rose, PhD provides Research UpdatesDr. Steve Rose00:53:18
Argus 2 updateDuane gives an update on the Argus 2 from Second Sight Medical ProductsDuane Tsutsui00:49:24
Latest on AGTC Gene TherapyLatest updates on AGTC Gene TherapyKatie Beasley, PharmD00:46:20
Retinal Disease ResearchMichael Hill discusses the latest retinal research by his company-Spark TheraputicsMichael Hill00:36:50
California Institute for Regenerative MedicineThe work of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)Jonathon Thomas (JT) PhD, JD00:54:35
Clinical TrialsDr. Schoen discusses the latest in clinical trials dealing with eye researchTimothy J. Schoen, BS, MS, PhD00:56:51
Argus II Implant - 9/19/15Doctor Lisa C. Imos de Koo from the USC Eye Institute offers an overview of the Argus II implantLisa C. Imos de Koo, M.D., M.B.A.00:34:09
SoCal Vision Seminar - Lens Treatment for M.D. - 1/24/2015After an introduction by Donna Cohen, Dr. Wade discusses the use of a telescopic lens implant for treatment of macular degeneration.Dr. Matthew Wade00:34:31
Overview of Adaptive Technology - 1/24/2015Steve, access technology specialist & braille instructor at the Braille Institute, overviews adaptive technology options for the blind.Steve Bauer00:39:09
R.P. Treatment via Retinal Progenitor Cells - 1/24/2015Dr. Klassen's Retinal Progenitor Cell treatment is entering a promising preclinical stage. Here, he explains the treatment.Dr. Henry Klassen00:56:42
Dr. Knatbi discusses the latest in gene therapy - 9/13/14Latest research of gene therapy to treat diseases of the retina and other eye conditions. Reviews the use of stem cells, and implants.Azadeh Knatbi, MD (Arroyo Vision Group)00:43:46
Clinical studies related to Macular Degeneration and Nutrition - 09/13/2014Discussion of how these studies correlate with genetic testing and insights of which vitamins and minerals are helpful for those with AMD.Kent Small, MD00:45:08
Age Related Macular Degeneration and RP - 09/13/2014Dr. Laio offers a general overview of the anatomy and physiology of vision and how the disease affects vision. He discusses advancementsDavid Laio, MD00:48:20
So Cal Vision Seminar Sep, 2013 - 10Dental Care for the Visually ImpairedBruno Azevedo, D.D.S., MS00:19:06
So Cal Vision Seminar Sep, 2013 - 9The EYE in Amputation Prevention - Eye Foot SyndromeLawrence Harkless, D.P.M.00:22:47
So Cal Vision Seminar Sep, 2013 - 8Medication Management for the Visually ImpairedKeri Hurley, Pharm.D.00:07:36
So Cal Vision Seminar Sep, 2013 - 7Reframing DiabetesAndrew Pumerantz, D.O.00:19:04
So Cal Vision Seminar Sep, 2013 - 6Vision Rehabilitation: Impact on Quality of LifeLinda Pang, O.D.00:17:06
So Cal Vision Seminar Sep, 2013 - 5Retinal Progenitor Cells for Treatment of Retinal DegenerationHenry Kassen, M.D., PhD00:19:31
So Cal Vision Seminar Sep, 2013 - 4Updates in Retinitis PigmentorsaDavid Laio, M.D., PhD00:25:12
So Cal Vision Seminar Sep, 2013 - 3Updates in Age Related Macular DegenerationMichael Davis, M.D.00:17:26
So Cal Vision Seminar Sep, 2013 - 2Updates in Diabetic RetinopathyNathan Rudometkin, M.D.00:19:37
So Cal Vision Seminar Sep, 2013 - 1Implantable Mini Telescope: Another Treatment for Age Related Macular DegenerationSumit Garg, MD00:15:15
So Cal Vision Seminar 2013 - 1Retinal research advancements.Timothy Schoen, PhD00:52:19
So Cal Vision Seminar 2013 - 2Stem cell research. Regenerative strategies to treat diseases of the retina, optic nerve, and retinal pigment epithelium.Henry Klassen, Md, PhD00:50:29
So Cal Vision Seminar 2013 - 3The Second Sight Medical Products Inc., ARGUS II Retinal ProsthesisJim Little, VP of Research00:20:42
Stem Cells for Treatment of Retinal Diseases"Stem Cells for Treatment of Retinal Diseases."Speaker: Henry J. Klassen, M.D., Ph.D.00:53:29
An Update on Retinal Degenerations"Update on Treatments of Inherited Retinal Diseases."Speaker: David Liao, M.D., Ph.D.00:52:34

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