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Tim Simek reads selections from Esquire Magazine, a men's magazine that takes its content beyond fashion. Topics run a wide range - from beautiful women and interesting men - to sex, new music,and fascinating in-depth pieces on items of national interest.

Current Esquire Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Poll Watchers - Aug 2020Trump's threat to deploy law enforcement as election day poll watchers might target crucial swing states. By Jack HolmesReader: Tim Simek00:08:12
Lindsey Graham Re-Election - Aug 2020A Lot of People Want Graham Retired. Young, black, Yale-educated Democrat Jaime Harrison thinks he can do It. By Charles P. PierceReader: Tim Simek00:23:45
Underground Gym Scene - Aug 2020As COVID keeps gyms on lockdown, Los Angeles's trainers and gym rats are finding new ways to get their fix. By John McDermottReader: Tim Simek00:12:42
Uncrackable Cold Cases - Aug 2020From the death of a possible Cold War spy to missing planes & uncrackable cryptography - cases authorities just can't crackReader: Tim Simek00:23:49
Inside Rome's New Normal - Jul 2020Things are not as expected. A journey through Italy's capitol city one month after its Covid-19 lockdown ended. By Ben Munster.Reader: Tim Simek00:12:53
Sick Children & Teachers? - Jul 2020Trump wants schools to fully reopen next month, leaving parents and school districts with an impossible decision. By Dan SinkerReader: Tim Simek00:10:33
Margo Price Leaves Country Music - Jul 2020After struggling with sexism, giving birth, and fighting family illness, she's ready to release one of the best albums of the year.Reader: Tim Simek00:13:43
Remembering Action Park - Jul 2020For almost 20 years thrill-seekers flocked to Action Park New Jersey, a theme park where guests were injured nearly every hour.Reader: Tim Simek00:22:47
What Defund the Police Means - Jun 2020Historian Khalil Muhammad on the history of racist law enforcement and what change could look like. By Gabrielle BruneyReader: Tim Simek00:11:46
Someone Has to Clean It Up - Jun 2020After a weekend of daily liberation marches giving way to pockets of chaos, Monday morning for some means sweeping up broken glass.Reader: Tim Simek00:10:12
Jeffrey Epstein Documentary - Jun 2020Armed Guards & Death Threats: Lisa Bryant & Joe Berlinger discuss the millionaire sex offender's tactics. By Gabrielle BruneyReader: Tim Simek00:08:34
Catch-Up on Covid - Jun 2020We Have to Start Regularly Testing People Who Aren't Sick. We need widespread surveillance screening. By Jack Holmes.Reader: Tim Simek00:11:10
Another Pandemic Response? - May, 2020What Would the U.S. Pandemic Response Look Like If Someone Else were President? Bad leadership makes a difference. By Jack HolmesReader: Tim Simek00:11:58
Boeing Bailout? - Apr, 2020Boeing wants a bailout after years of bad corporate governance and without giving taxpayers anything in return. By Jack HolmesReader: Tim Simek00:10:30
Key to Slowing Coronavirus - Apr, 2020Loss of Smell Isn't Just a Coronavirus Symptom. It Could Be Key to Slowing the Spread of CoVid-10. By Jack HolmesReader: Tim Simek00:13:58
Best Podcasts of 2020 - Mar, 2020Podcasts have become extremely popular. Here's a list of the ten best podcasts so far for 2020. By Loren Cecil.Reader: Tim Simek00:09:15
Corona in Prison - Mar, 2020John J. Lennon sent this dispatch from Sing Sing on how the max security prison was preparing for the arrival of COVID-19.Reader: Tim Simek00:11:07
Vatican Corona Scare - Mar, 2020With the Pope sick and a case of COVID-19 confirmed in the Vatican, it has become a pressure cooker. By Ben Munster.Reader: Tim Simek00:11:40
Supreme Court on Obamacare - Mar, 2020The Supreme Court Obamacare Case Could Be a Weapon for Democrats If They Play It Right. By Jack Holmes.Reader: Tim Simek00:10:26
The Story of Huey Lewis - Feb 2020Suddenly the pop star lost his ability to hear. Now, from his Montana ranch, he's on a search for answers. by Dave HolmesReader: Tim Simek00:16:13
Cannabis Cafe - Jan, 2020Inside America's first weed restaurant, where you'll be paranoid for no reason - a West Hollywood trip! By Dave Holmes.Reader: Tim Simek00:10:25
Marijuana Industry - Jan, 2020The weed boom left thousands behind in jail. The Last Prisoner Project is trying to right that wrong. By Sarah Rense.Reader: Tim Simek00:15:50
Trump Meltdown - Jan, 2020The President melted down at a meeting with military leaders and called them dopes, babies and losers. By Jack Holmes.Reader: Tim Simek00:09:45
Giuliani's Henchman - Jan, 2020Rudy Giuliani's Ukraine Henchman Lev Parnas Roped in Everybody, But the Funniest is Devin Nunes. By Jack Holmes.Reader: Tim Simek00:08:32
Facebook Ruins Bourbon - Dec, 2019The infamous social network's black markets completely changed the way we drank bourbon this decade. By Aaron GoldfarbReader: Tim Simek00:14:41
The Irishman - Dec, 2019In THE IRISHMAN, Scorsese Reaches a Bitter Conclusion about Mobsters. The hit man who killed Hoffa was a sociopath! By Dom Nero.Reader: Tim Simek00:14:12
Chopper Talk - Nov, 2019In a world without press briefings, reporters question the world's most powerful man over a helicopters roar. By Jack Holmes.Reader: Tim Simek00:26:46
Black Cowboys - Nov, 2019The Black Western aesthetic peaked in 2019, thanks to the album Old Town Road. It's been the American fabric for more than a century.Reader: Tim Simek00:12:58
Catherine the Great - Oct, 2019The Real Story Behind Her Mythologized Sex Life. Ahead of HBO's series, Esquire sorts through the legend. By Adrienne Westenfeld.Reader: Tim Simek00:10:23
Trump Gropes - Oct, 2019An excerpt from Karen Johnson's new book alleges Trump hid behind a tapestry to grope her. By Barry Levine & Monique El-Faizy.Reader: Tim Simek00:15:25
Disproving Conspiracy Theories - Sep, 2019Disproving 9 of the Biggest 9/11 Conspiracy Theories. After 15 years theorists are not convinced it was an inside job. By Jack HolmesReader: Tim Simek00:12:57
Neo-Nazi Troll Storm - Aug, 2019Tanya Gersh Was the Target of a Neo-Nazi Troll Storm. She sued, won $14 million and is ready to tell her story. By Kate Storey.Reader: Tim Simek00:16:09
Cop's Threat to AOC - Jul, 2019A Cop's threat to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shows propaganda is dangerous. Casting her as foreign agent has consequences. By Jack Holmes.Reader: Tim Simek00:07:18
N.A. Beer - Jul, 2019Non-Alcoholic Beer is for Everyone Now - Yes, Even You! It's expanding as more people approach sobriety. By Eve Peyser.Reader: Tim Simek00:12:34
Loving Heat & Climate Change - Jul, 2019Like 100-Degree Days? You'll Love Climate Change! If we don't decrease global emissions, It's going to be hell. By Jack Holmes.Reader: Tim Simek00:08:28
Pelosi's Leadership - Jul, 2019Pelosi's Leadership Shows Dereliction of Duty. She beefs with her caucus and fails to hold Trump's admin to account. By Charles PierceReader: Tim Simek00:04:50
U.S. Border Camps - Jun, 2019An Expert on Concentration Camps Says That's Exactly What the U.S. is Running at the Border. By Jack Holmes.Reader: Tim Simek00:28:53
Trump to Collude - Jun, 2019President Trump said in public he will betray the country and the Constitution by colluding in the 2020 election. By Jack Holmes.Reader: Tim Simek00:08:44
Central Park 5 Lawyer - Jun, 2019The lawyer who represented the Central Park Five verifies that Fairsten's claim is inaccurate. By Kate Storey.Reader: Tim Simek00:07:04
Central Park 5 Prosecutor - Jun, 2019Central Park Five Prosecutor Linda Fairstein responds to Netflix's WHEN THEY SEE US backlash. By Kate Storey.Reader: Tim Simek00:04:53
Central Park 5 - Jun, 2019A new NetFlix series WHEN THEY SEE US, tells the story of the 5 wrongly accused teens. By Gabrielle Bruney.Reader: Tim Simek00:06:00
Dr. Ruth: Sex Icon - Jun, 2019How she made a career of sex counselling and became a cultural icon. A New Hulu documentary "Ask Dr. Ruth." By Kate Storey.Reader: Tim Simek00:10:12
Morehouse Grad Loans Paid - May, 2019Billionaire Robert F. Smith announced he's paying the class of 2019's loans. A student shares what that means to him. By Kate Storey.Reader: Tim Simek00:07:50
Alabama's Abortion Ban - May, 2019Alabama's abortion ban isn't about the sanctity of life. Look at how the state treats its people! By Jack Holmes.Reader: Tim Simek00:10:00
William Barr Must Face the House - May, 2019He must face the House - then impeachment to get to the bottom of this administration's corruption. By Charles P. Pierce.Reader: Tim Simek00:07:20
Myths About Autism - Apr, 2019People with Autism are not just statistics or burdens. They are people with strength. By Justin Kirkland.Reader: Tim Simek00:08:51
What Columbine Taught America - Apr, 2019The horrific Columbine shooting 20 years ago set the template for what was to come. By Charles P. Pierce.Reader: Tim Simek00:06:08
Trump's Batman Campaign Video - Apr, 2019Trump used a song from "The Dark Knight Rises," for his 2020 campaign without permission from Warner Bros. By Matt Miller.Reader: Tim Simek00:03:41
Republican Healthcare Plan - Apr, 2019Trump's Choice of Rick Scott to Build a Republican Health Care Plan Shows the Hen House is Full of Foxes. By Charles P. Pierce.Reader: Tim Simek00:04:30
International Terrorist Threat - Mar, 2019Stretching from Christchurch to Pittsburgh, attacks in the name of white supremacy is growing. By Charles P. Pierce.Reader: Tim Simek00:04:59
On Michael Leaving Neverland - Mar, 2019Dancer & Choreographer, Wade Robson, reveals sexual abuse by Michael Jackson years later. By Kate Storey.Reader: Tim Simek00:09:53
The Apple Store of Weed - Feb, 2019Despite MedMen's rapid rise, it has a lot to prove before becoming the biggest marijuana company in America. By Justin Kirkland.Reader: Tim Simek00:08:54
My Name Is Ted Bundy - Jan, 2019One journalist recounts his disturbing encounters with one of the most infamous serial killers in history. By Kate Storey.Reader: Tim Simek00:12:21
What a Stranger Taught Me About Love - Jan, 2018At an airport restaurant... I almost didn't go home for Christmas. But then I did, because of Susan. By Justin Kirkland.Reader: Tim Simek00:09:46
Facebook Revelations - Dec, 2018If the Latest Facebook Revelations Won't Get You to Delete It, What Will? Time to untangle yourself from the platform. By Dan Sinker.Reader: Tim Simek00:06:56
First Dates - Dec, 2018What Not To Do On A First Date. Real Women on their biggest turnoffs. By Cassie Shortsleeve.Reader: Tim Simek00:05:19
Robert Mueller Investigation - Nov, 2018If evidence isn't clear, Republicans can wiggle out of another scandal on the basis "it's too complicated." By Charles P. Pierce.Reader: Tim Simek00:06:43
Trump on Racism & Violence - Oct, 2018Trump Laments That Racist & Anti-Semitic Violence Hurts His Momentum. He Wants to Talk About The Caravan. By Jack Holmes.Reader: Tim Simek00:05:17
Boygenius: Great Album - Oct, 2018The all-female supergroup debuts with a stunning collection of relatable and thought-provoking songs. By Madison Vain.Reader: Tim Simek00:05:19
Matthew Shepard At Peace - Oct, 2018With his interment announced on Coming Out Day, there's much to be thankful for as we remember his life 20 years after his tragic death.Reader: Tim Simek00:08:49
Fleetwood Mac - Oct, 2018After 50 Years, Fleetwood Mac Is Still a Total Mess. Lindsay Buckingham is suing the band after getting fired from their upcoming tour.Reader: Tim Simek00:04:04
Willie Nelson: Conservative? - Sep, 2018Fans are outraged that Willie, a lifelong Democrat, is supporting Beto O'Rourke. He's doing what's true to his heart. By Matt Miller.Reader: Tim Simek00:04:15
Cannabis Coke? - Sep, 2018Coca-Cola is in talks to make a cannabis beverage. You won't get high, but it will be an innovative endeavor. By Sarah Rense.Reader: Tim Simek00:04:15
All Alcohol is Bad - Aug, 2018A new study seems to reveal that no alcohol is best for long life. It depends on gender and quantity consumed. By Sarah Rense.Reader: Tim Simek00:03:37
Low Carb Diets - Aug, 2018A Low-Carb Diet Could Cut 4 Years Off Your Life, So Just Eat the Damn Pasta! Keto dieters, be warned. By Sarah Rense.Reader: Tim Simek00:03:28
I Lived Through Watergate - Aug, 2018The Cohen and Manafort developments could be a fatal to the Trump presidency and Brett Kavanaugh's nomination. By Charles Pierce.Reader: Tim Simek00:07:42
Portland Is For Punk Rock Weirdos - Aug, 2018The Man's John Gourley, found a home in Portland and he thinks you might too. As told to Nate Erickson in Portugal.Reader: Tim Simek00:05:57
Stephen King's Son Solves Murder? - Aug, 2018Writer Joe Hill believes he's solved a 44-year-old Cape Cod murder. He presents his theory. By Rose Minutaglio.Reader: Tim Simek00:11:51
Jimmy Fallon - Dec, 2015Fallon Angel - Get It? Slow to warm to Jimmy Fallon, Scott Raab now wants to hug him. An interview by Scott Raab.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:27:09
Gifts & "Stuck" - Dec, 2015Gratitude for Gifts. Stuck: A Brit takes a stab at solving U.S. political, financial and social problems, by Richard V. Reeves.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:28:03
Man At His Best - Nov, 2015Where's Black Rocky? Boxing is a sport filled with non-white stars, so why aren't there any in boxing movies? By Greg Howard.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:06:12
E.S.Q.& A. - Nov, 2015An interview of Gloria Steinem about her new book, Feminism's New Wave, Bill Gates, and Saying No. By Scott Raab.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:13:37
Bin Laden & Women - Oct, 2015Bin Laden, Osama: Two vivid portraits of the terrorist. Norman Mailer and Nora Efron discuss the sweet sex, by Lisa TedeoReader: Carolyn Branson00:08:29
Zuckerberg - Oct, 2015A Zuckerberg Kind of Love. An intimate portrait of the Facebook founder and C.E.O. By Tom Junod.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:28:33
Search for Malasia Air 370 - Oct, 2015Plane at the Bottom of the Sea. A wild ocean ride in a search for the missing Boeing 777 - Malasia Air Flight 370, By Buck McMahon.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:44:46
Keith Richards -Sep, 2015Scott Raab interviews Keith Richards about his new album "Crosseyed Heart."Reader: Carolyn Branson00:14:08
Rye Whiskey & Ted Danson - Sep, 2015The Rye craze isn't a craze anymore, by David Wondrich. A Profile of TV legend Ted Danson, by Matt Goulet &Ted Danson.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:13:05
What We Wear - Sep, 2015An investigation into the power of the uniform, by Tom Chiarella.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:25:18
Miles Teller - Sep, 2015Miles Teller and the Quest for Greatness. It's hard to be young & talented and not give a rat's ass what others think. By Anna PeeleReader: Carolyn Branson00:13:53
Television, Bill Maher - Aug, 2015The Allure of non-Cable TV Service by Jennings Brown. Watch TV Like an American by Tom Junod. What I've Learned by Bill MaherReader: Carolyn Branson00:15:06
Climatologists - Aug, 2015Ballad of the Sad Climatologists. When the end of human civilization is your day job, it can be hard to sleep at night. By John H. RichardsonReader: Carolyn Branson00:37:41
ESQ & A Dwayne Johnson - Aug, 2015Scott Raab interviews the former football player, former wrestler and today's action movie star.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:19:38
Anna Kendrick - Jun, 2015Anna Kendrick is a woman we like (or love) a lot. "But Who's Got Some Work to Do on Herself." An interview by Tom Chiarella.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:10:13
White Sneakers - Jun, 2015The next step in white sneakers. How they went from workouts and weekends to the whole wide world. By Joshua David Stein.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:08:37
Pop Music - Jun, 2015Bow Down. How Beyonce and Taylor Swift conquered the world with popular music. By Tom Junod.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:10:10
Weddings - Jun, 2015The Esquire Manual: Number 72. Weddings. Advice regarding single man comportment. By staff writers.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:07:44
Jason Stratham - Jun, 2015From hustling on the streets of London to outgunning The Rock to become an action hero, the man knows how to sell... By Tom ChiarellaReader: Carolyn Branson00:17:28
Vi - Intelligent Assistant - May, 2015How much better can we stand to be? The guys who made Siri are on the verge of releasing Vi... By John H. Richardson.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:34:39
Charlize Theron - May, 2015The Warm Embrace of Charlize Theron. Scott Raab spends an exhausting but invigorating day with the South African star.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:22:25
Occidental Justice - Apr, 2015Drunk freshman boy meets drunk freshman girl at Occidental College. Who raped whom? By Richard Dormant.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:59:53
Us and Them - Apr, 2015Scott Raab interviews Nick Offerman and Chelsea Handler on marriage and dating with more sexual details than you need to hear.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:18:30
Carrot Top in Exile - Mar, 2015Chris Jones writes of Scott Thompson (Carrot Top). In Las Vegas, he's still the funniest man alive.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:34:38
Will Smith - Mar, 2015"I am a river to my people", says Will Smith. Scott Raab interviews him about basketball, kids, career, dreams, and re-defining love.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:23:56
Aging - Jan, 2015The fully updated Esquire guide to aging: 14 ways to make the long march even longer. By staff writers.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:10:09
White Shirts - Jan, 2015The Hunt For the Great White Shirt. How it became the Harry Dean Stanton of our closets. By Joshua David Stein.Reader: Carolyn Branson00:10:28

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