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Derek Ross reads his article selections from ESPN, your premier source of sports previews, game simulations and predictions, rumors, and analysis to keep you on top of your game.

Current ESPN Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
ESPN - Nov 13, 2017Story of how the NFL and players forged a shaky alliance over the national anthem as owners navigated financial worries and social activism.Reader: Derek Ross00:30:16
ESPN - May 29, 2017Speak I Into Being-No, LaVar Ball will not stop talking. Not until it gets hi and his family everything they want, starting with oldest son Lonzo.Reader: Derek Ross00:26:58
ESPN - May 8, 2017"Return Game"-Maria Sharapova is ready to emerge from her 15 month ban and reclaim her place atop the tour. Is tennis ready to welcome her back?Reader: Derek Ross00:18:31
ESPN - Apr 24, 2017What Am I Paying For? It was a bold new idea: an all-sport college, classes be damned. The athletes at Forest Trail University faced hunger, sickness and worse.Reader: Derek Ross00:37:25
ESPN - Apr 10, 2017"Her Sister's Keeper" - In Chicago, tragedy even touches the most celebrated families, by Dewayne Wade's mother and aunt have learned hope can follow despair.Reader: Derek Ross00:23:33
ESPN - Mar 27, 2017Cutting the Crust Off the NBA's Secret Sandwich Addiction. How a performance-enhancing sandwich spread through the NBA. By Braxton HolmesReader: Derek Ross00:31:00
ESPN - Mar 27, 2017All Russell Westbrook needed to make history was to be left alone. The untold story of how he found his singular drive. By Tim Keown.Reader: Derek Ross00:28:43
ESPN - Feb 27, 2017A Racing Mind: Dale Earnhardt Jr. returns at Daytona after letting his brain heal from multiple concussions... By Tommy Tomlinson.Reader: Derek Ross00:43:11
ESPN - Feb 6, 2017Skin in the Game. Counter-Strike: a multi billion dollar world of on line gambling, barely regulated & open to any kid. By Shaun AssaelReader: Derek Ross00:40:47
ESPN - Feb 6, 2017Our Flag Was Still There. The meaning of the Star Spangled Banner, America's original protest song ... By Tom Junod.Reader: Derek Ross00:26:46
ESPN - Aug 31, 2015Serena Williams: Powering Toward History, by Peter Keating. A World Apart: Rascism in Sports, by Howard Bryant.Reader: Shawn West00:11:34
ESPN - May 2, 2015Most Valuable Rabbit: Al Michaels traded for a cartoon, by George Bodenheimer. Is a bigger athlete a better athlete? by Howard BryantReader: Shawn West00:12:40
ESPN - Apr 27, 2015Behold the power of the MLB Union; it gives protection to players like Josh Hamilton that NFL vets can only dream of. By Howard BryantReader: Shawn West00:06:53

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