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LA Times Editorials

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Grant Burton puts the spotlight on local and national issues with his selection of editorial pieces and popular columns from the Southland's premier newspaper, the Los Angeles Times.

Current Los Angeles Times Editorial Selections
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
LA Times Editorials Nov 13-19, 2015De-cluttering the ballot, God, family and The Times, Let's fix L.A.'s sidewalks and its trees, Ratepayer advocate, Tech and terrorists, HomelessnessReader: Grant Burton00:23:03
LA Times Editorials Nov 8-12, 2015Following the money, Limits of religious liberty, Whining over charter schools, Award-winning idea, Rat poison kills more than rats, Money on the tableReader: Grant Burton00:20:11
LA Times Editorials Nov 1-6, 2015Will he be great?, Feuer fills the leadership vacuum, Child welfare's new champion, L.A.'s street vendor snarl, Bay Area AirBNB, Wrong turn on transportationReader: Grant Burton00:26:42
LA Times Editorials Oct 23-29, 2015Benghazi. Where's the urgency on Exide?, The trouble with testing, Affordable housing, Free speech, Ground air marshalsReader: Grant Burton00:22:25
LA Times Editorials Oct 16-22, 2015Keeping a bit of L.A. wild, Desalination plant, Who's flying that drone?, A wake-up call for gun dealers, Billboard rules, Right to counselingReader: Grant Burton00:20:34
LA Times Editorials Oct 9-15, 2015Retrofitting for a safer L.A., Security council reset, Cadillac Tax reset, Making banks reinvest, Exxon's denial, California vs super PACsReader: Grant Burton00:19:37
LA Times Editorials Oct 2-8, 2015Privacy vs. the Secret Service, Save the Salton Sea deal, Shot for throwing a bottle? Locked up for too long, Guns a public health issue, Fog of warReader: Grant Burton00:19:20
LA Times Editorials Sep 25- Oct 1, 2015Sky fall on a chicken? Moreno Valley, profit vs. pollution, New L.A. River, China's climate change, Who'll stop the train? A Golden Gate gaffeReader: Grant Burton00:20:18
LA Times Editorials Sep 18-24, 2015Don't slash affordable housing, Can Frank Gehry fix the L.A. River, Tell Xi to stop hacking, Homelessness emergency, Pot clean up, Water-No YuckReader: Grant Burton00:21:22
LA Times Editorials Sept 11-17, 2015Backsliding on climate change, New trouble for N. Ireland, Untangling the web of wages, 'Right to die' bill', No-kill shelters elusive, Pot messReader: Grant Burton00:18:54
LA Times Editorials Sep 4-Sep 10, 2015Bounce this kangaroo bill. Fixing roads. State of U.S. workers. How rude can you be? On police, 'just the facts'. Helping healthcare shoppersReader: Grant Burton00:21:24
LA Times Editorials Aug 28-Sep 3, 2015Homeless Possessions, Keeping Guns Out of Schools, L.A. Needs More COIN, Where God's Authority Ends, Egypt's Media Crackdown, PrivacyReader: Grant Burton00:18:48
LA Times Editorials Aug 23-27, 2015How Green Can We Be? Cleaning the Exide Mess. Welcome Back Gray Wolf. Immigration Backlog. Road Repair. Shame of ShacklingReader: Grant Burton00:20:21
LA Times Editorials Aug 14-20, 2015Pharmaceutical Free-For-All. Taking Aim at SLAPPs. A Better Jordan Downs. Affordable Housing. Clean Energy Oversight. Confederate FlagsReader: Grant Burton00:21:43
LA Times Editorials Aug 7-13, 2015Who's Driving for Hire? Undercover in Idaho. LAUSD's Teacher Jail. Toward a Multimodal L.A. The Sugar Problem. Stealthy SupervisorsReader: Grant Burton00:19:24
LA Times Editorials Aug 3-6, 2015Parent Trigger. Cost of Clean Energy. Jails and the Mentally Ill. Buying Influence, Secretly. Cynical Politics of Free Trade. EMT TrainingReader: Grant Burton00:21:16
LA Times Editorials Jul 14-30, 2015Fracking, U.S. Right to be Forgotten?, Running on Empty, Hacking a Jeep, Encryption: Government's Latest Enemy, Medicare & Medicaid at 50Reader: Grant Burton00:23:52
LA Times Editorials Jul 3-9, 2015Beach Access, Smoking & Vaping Bills, Setback For Due Process, Deportation Common Sense, California Right to Die, Is Merger Mania Healthy?Reader: Grant Burton00:21:12
LA Times Editorials Jun 26 - Jul 2, 2015Upholding Fair Housing. Peremptory Challenges. Signs In LA. Battle Lines. Check on Convictions. Healthy Shot in the Arm. Havana EmbassyReader: Grant Burton00:21:45
LA Times Editorials Jun 19-25, 2015Limit Juvenile Solitary. Peremptory Problem. What to do About Energy Rates. Academy's New Museum. Microagression? Protecting Our Water.Reader: Grant Burton00:20:46
LA Times Editorials Jun 12-18, 2015Rules For Police Stops. Keeping the Pill Affordable. Native Bees. 21st Century Voting. Affordable Housing Case. Rules For Medical PotReader: Grant Burton00:21:30
LA Times Editorials Jun 5-11, 2015How not to swat a gadfly. VA's new tenants. Think before you build. Will Apple Music play? Don't drop exit exams. Reckoning with tortureReader: Grant Burton00:21:01
LA Times Editorials Jun 1-4, 2015Wal-Mart & Humane Farming, Hiding Legal Bills, Legalize Lane-Splitting, L.A. Minimum Wage, Leniency For Snowden, T.S.A.'s Failure RateReader: Grant Burton00:19:46
LA Times Editorials May 22-28, 2015The Right to Die, Honk if You Like This News, Our Homeless Vets, Protection for IRAs, Grass for Cash, Expensive Street StripingReader: Grant Burton00:20:58
LA Times Editorials May 15-21, 2015A Welcome Indictment, Better Civic Engagement, Demilitarizing Police, The Road to Ruin, San Bernardino Recovery, Beyond Wages: JobsReader: Grant Burton00:20:03
LA Times Editorials May 8-14, 2015Painkiller Database, Sacramento Blackout, L.A. County Uploaded, Metro's C.E.O. Advice, When You Live In a Car, I.S.P.s Search for ContentReader: Grant Burton00:18:56
LA Times Editorials May 1-7, 2015Cable TV Unbundled. Drug Prices. Tipped Worker Pay. Obamacare Flaws. DWP Trust Issues. Graffiti and Nature. Offensive Speech DefendedReader: Grant Burton00:21:52
LA Times Editorials Apr 22-28, 2015Violent Felony Muddle, Setting the Terms of War, Big Drama in Small Theaters, Why Drugs Cost So Much, Developer Loophole, Body Camera Rules.Reader: Grant Burton00:20:07
LA Times Editorials Apr 16-21, 2015Crime In L.A. Cuba & Terrorism. Data-security Bill Has Holes. Abortion Rights. Gray in L.A.? Part Timers Have Rights TooReader: Grant Burton00:19:51
LA Times Editorials Apr 10-16, 2015Off Point On Iran Deal. Quake Retrofits: Who Pays? Call The Genocide A Genocide. Billionaires' Tax Break. P-22 Visit. Cap on Drug CostReader: Grant Burton00:20:06
LA Times Editorials Apr 3-9, 2015Eye on the Sheriff. River Project. Cybercrime Crackdown. Workers Comp. Rolling Stone Responsibility. Firetrucks vs. Ambulances...Reader: Grant Burton00:18:34
LA Times Editorials Mar 27-Apr 2, 2015Workers Comp Gone Wild. Not All Predators. Stopping Payday Loans. Energy vs. Conservation. Living In Dry Times. Sidewalk SettlementReader: Grant Burton00:21:31
LA Times Editorials Mar 20-26, 2015Drought: Year 4. Shoring Up Medicare. Stand Up For the Judge. Tardy Mercury Rules. Metro & Affordable Housing. Afghanistan EndgameReader: Grant Burton00:18:53
LA Times Editorials Mar 13-19, 2015How Did Exide Happen? Why Salton Sea Matters. Rehabbing McMansion Rules. Anti-Abortion Bills. Bike Helmets. Comcast & Digital DivideReader: Grant Burton00:21:19
LA Times Editorials Mar 6-12, 2015Hotels, Police, Privacy. Denti-Cal Checkup. Veto This Gun Legislation. Rape Kit Backlog. Republicans Go Nuclear. Ban These Bullets.Reader: Grant Burton00:18:09
LA Times Editorials Feb 20-Mar 5, 2015Gun Lobby Misfires, Before the Next Pipe Bursts, Food Safety Rules, Plastic Bag Ban, State GOP Late to the Party, Engaging VotersReader: Grant Burton00:18:31
LA Times Editorials Feb 12-18, 2015Obama's War Request, What's In California's Wells, Epidemic of Misconduct, Right to Die Lawsuit, End H-1B Abuse, Getting People to ParksReader: Grant Burton00:21:10
LA Times Editorials Feb 5-11, 2015Keeping a Neutral Net, High Court Cameras, LAUSD Mission Creep, Child Protection Priority, Gold Plated City Council, Treating CubansReader: Grant Burton00:18:24
LA Times Editorials Jan 29-Feb 4, 2015Good News for Homeless Vets, Toy Guns, They Know Where You've Been, Can These Hospitals Be Saved? Afghanistan, Billboard LoopholeReader: Grant Burton00:19:11
LA Times Editorials Jan 21-28, 2015Getting straight on marijuana. The open-data initiative. Deadly police encounters, Congress meddles on Iran. How to immunize more kidsReader: Grant Burton00:19:37
LA Times Editorials Jan 14-20, 2015Smart Gadgets, Dumb Users. Fixes For LA Housing. Disneyland Outbreak. Judge Fund Raising. Right to Die in California. Income InequalityReader: Grant Burton00:25:02
LA Times Editorials Jan 2-13, 2015Try again on college ratings, An NFL stadium? Repudiating the dark side, The right to mock religion, The return of foie gras, and othersReader: Grant Burton00:20:38

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