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Dodger Time

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Each week Ken Miller, former Dodger Marketing Executive, goes to various inside sources to bring you the latest news about the team, players, manager, and a little history about Los Angeles' first major league baseball franchise.

News of the Los Angeles Dodgers
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Dodger Time 09/25/2016Assist to Scully. We read an article from the LA Times celebrating Vin Scully's long career as the Dodgers' play-by-play announcer announcer. By Chris Erskine.Reader: Max Flehinger00:05:11
Dodger Time 08/10/2013Ramirez credits medical staffReader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:12:07
Dodger Time 07/11/2013Continue to SparkleReader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:15:51
Dodger Time 06/27/2013Ride into the playoffsReader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:10:05
Dodger Time 06/20/2013Interleague Play, Dodgers Last Game, Looks Good to DateReader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:15:16
Dodger Time 05/30/2013Matt Kemp Booed. Gonzalez on hitting streak.Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:14:08
Dodger Time 05/23/2013Today, Ken gives you the straight skinny with 'Dodger Talk'Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:12:51
Dodger Time 05/16/2013Matt Kemp Hits Number 1,000! Manager Is Not Blaming InjuriesReader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:12:10
Dodger Time 04/26/2013Dodgers off to slow start, Matt Kemp needs help with the batReader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:13:22
Dodger Time 04/18/2013"Can I remember?"; "Pitcher got Three hits!"; "Can pitch...Hit too!"Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:19:10
Dodger Time 04/13/2013"Opening"; "Impressive spread"; "What I learned from Jacike"; "Just the beginning"Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:21:32
Dodger Time 04/04/2013"Giants / Dodgers"; "Spring training pitchers"Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:18:26
Dodger Time 03/29/2013"Managements primary goal"; "There are too many threes"Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:21:58
Dodger Time 03/21/2013"Dramatic Change"; "Scrambled Rotation"; "Crawford's Positions"Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:17:21
Dodger Time 03/07/2013"Ramirez Prep WBC"; "Bench players sub Carl Crawford"; "Hottest Team Spring"; "Kershaw awarded 3rd straight opening game"Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:12:30
Dodger Time 02/19/2013"Giants quote"; "Contract extensions"; "He's Back!"Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:16:47
Dodger Time 02/01/2013" Time Warner Cable"; "Vin in the desert"; "Koufax is back."Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:12:45
Dodger Time 01/23/2013"Ellis / Belisario sign"; "Matt and his shoulder"; "On the 3rd Saturday in January"Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:19:29
Dodger Time 01/18/2013"Vin joins Rojas"; "Roll Out the Payroll"; "Crawford join talented outfield"; "Lasorda humor"Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:18:44
Dodger Time 01/11/2013"The otherwise, Positive rundown, Elusive Hall of Fame, Africa partnership"Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:18:43
Dodger Time 12/06/2012"Don Mattingly candidate, like Clayton Kekshaw?"; "Dodgers meet with Zack, Brian Wils pitch for Dodgers?"; "Happy Birthday Vin"Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:19:17
Dodger Time 11/29/2012"Dee Gordon Flashes Speed"; Shane Victorino Confident"; "Stow and long standing injury"; "Staggering 7 Billion Dollar Deal"Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:17:28
Dodger Time 11/09/2012"Dodgers looking to add starting pitcher"; "Brandon Leagur's new contract"; "Clayton Kershaw once again"; "Mark McGuire anywhere but St. Louis."Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:19:36
Dodger Time 10/30/2012"Dodgers off season: First order of business Matt Kemp"Reader: Ken Miller, Engineer: Bill Rosen00:15:37

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