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Steve Hufford reads you his selections from Discover Magazine. Thought-provoking and cutting-edge content from the Sciences.

Current Discover Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Americans Are Unhappier - Jul 2021Why Are Americans Getting Unhappier? Dystopia is a country where everyone is unhappy, and it's not just the pandemic.Reader: Steve Hufford00:12:36
Quotes From Einstein - Jun 202120 Brilliant Quotes from Albert Einstein. Decades after his death, his legacy carries on. By Donna Sarkar.Reader: Steve Hufford00:08:55
First American in Space - May 202160 Years Ago, Alan Shepard Became The First American in Space. The story of how America did it safely.Reader: Steve Hufford00:09:50
Social Media Outrage - Feb 2021Shame and the Rise of the social Media Outrage Machine. This ancient social emotion has always been complex. By Timothy MeinchReader: Steve Hufford00:20:34
2 Brain Articles - Feb 2021How learning to drive changes your brain, by Avery Hunt. The fruit fly brain has been hacked for language processing, by Physics arXiveReader: Steve Hufford00:13:03
Hard Science From 'The Office" - Jan 2021From a lice infestation to rabies, a beet juice diet to stinky feet. How the science stacks up beyond the laughs. By Bill SullivanReader: Steve Hufford00:16:30
Space: 2021 - Jan 2021Whatever craziness happens on Earth, the coming year promises to be a spectacular one across the solar system. By Cory S. PowellReader: Steve Hufford00:16:49
All About Booze - Jan 2021Alcohol Can Mess With Your Brain, by Emma Yasinski. How Much Alcohol is Too Much, by Leslie Nemo.Reader: Steve Hufford00:15:05
Three Timely Articles - Jan 2021Are Growing Pains Real? Earth Isn't the Only Planet With Water. The World's Oldest Pyramid is Often OvershadowedReader: Steve Hufford00:15:52
Baby Animals & Underground Oceans - Dec 2020Cubs, Goslings, Shark Pups and Other Odd Terms for Baby Animals. The Water Stored in the Earth's Inner Layers May be Important.Reader: Steve Hufford00:14:12
Space Shuttle Retirement - Dec 2020Why Did NASA Retire the Space Shuttle? NASA's 30 year workhorse had some fatal flaws. By Douglas G. AdlerReader: Steve Hufford00:08:56
Birthplace of Modern Humans - Dec 2020As ancient remains are uncovered and dated, archaeologists expand their search for the evolutionary birthplace of Homo Sapiens.Reader: Steve Hufford00:10:50
Hypoallergenic Cats - Dec 2020One company is making a vaccine that is given to cats to stop them from producing allergens. By Wilson Chapman.Reader: Steve Hufford00:08:59
The Inner Earth - Dec 2020How we know what's deep inside the earth, despite the impossibility of traveling there. By Kate Golembiewski.Reader: Steve Hufford00:09:32
Space Mining Eco-Friendly? - Nov 2020Natural resources are being depleted on Earth. Some think outer space may be a vast reservoir ripe for tapping.Reader: Steve Hufford00:08:14
Coronavirus Tips - Nov 2020Safe Family Visitation. Sanitizing vs. "Deep Cleans." Face Mask Irritation and Acne Avoidance. By various authors.Reader: Steve Hufford00:18:52
Why No Alien Life? - Nov 2020Why haven't we found alien life yet? Are we looking in the wrong places, in the wrong way? By Steve Nadis.Reader: Steve Hufford00:18:40
Deep Brain Stimulation - Nov 2020Deep brain stimulation treats Parkinson's. An implant delvers electricity to misfiring brain cells. By Shanley Pierce.Reader: Steve Hufford00:11:07
Sex Drive Disappears - Oct 2020All was fine for this guy, but he couldn't shake his funk. Hormones might have had something to do with it. By Douglas AdlerReader: Steve Hufford00:09:48
Alzheimer Cure? - Oct 2020Are we close to curing one of the most puzzling diseases of out time? By Linda Marsa. Part 2 of 2.Reader: Steve Hufford00:15:36
Alzheimer Cure? - Oct 2020Are we close to curing one of the most puzzling diseases of out time? By Linda Marsa. Part 1 of 2.Reader: Steve Hufford00:15:32
Color & Astronomy - Oct 2020How Much Color Do We Really See? by Neuroskeptic. Why Astronomy is considered the Oldest Science, by Eric Betz.Reader: Steve Hufford00:09:25
Mental Health - Oct 2020Overuse of coffee, booze and over-the-counter meds can exacerbate anxiety, depression, and other conditions. By Julian MockReader: Steve Hufford00:07:24
UFO Sightings - Oct 2020Covid has not sparked a rise in UFO sightings, experts say. But the public is growing confused by ordinary objects in the sky.Reader: Steve Hufford00:12:45
Benefits of Reading - Sep 2020Reading Fiction Increases Empathy and Encourages Understanding. Researchers say it shapes how we relate to each other. By Megan SchmidtReader: Steve Hufford00:11:40
Three Short Articles - Jul 2020A new theory of dreaming. Untangling gender and sex in humans. The lure and limitations of personality tests. By various authorsReader: Steve Hufford00:20:54
Grass-Fed Beef - Jul, 2020What makes grass-fed beef different, and are you buying the real thing? The truth behind labeling requirements. By Megan SchmidtReader: Steve Hufford00:13:24
Meaning of Natural Selection - Feb 2020Why Natural Selection Means We'll Never Be Happy. We didn't evolve to be happy all the time. By William Von HippelReader: Steve Hufford00:14:20
Four Other Pandemics - Jul 2020COVID-19 isn't the first disease to upend daily life. These 4 pandemics changed the course of human history. By Joshua RappReader: Steve Hufford00:10:12
Two Viral Articles - Jun 2020Some Coronaviruses only cause colds; why is this one different? by Leslie Nemo. Sometimes, viruses are good for health by Troy FarahReader: Steve Hufford00:15:41
Two CoVid Articles - Jun, 2020Am I Immune to CoVid-19 if I Have Antibodies? How to Navigate a Work Reopening During the CoVid-19 Pandemic.Reader: Steve Hufford00:11:27
Two Short Artlcles - Jun, 2020For This Psychologist, the Coronavirus Offers a Unique Opportunity to Study Ourselves. Will Protests spread the Coronavirus?Reader: Steve Hufford00:13:41
Hate to Violence? - Feb, 2020Meet the Physicist Predicting When Online Hate Will Turn to Real-World Violence. By Steve Hadis.Reader: Steve Hufford00:17:46
Weed Treats Dementia - Feb, 2020How marijuana could treat dementia. Slightly stoned mice show marijuana may fight age-related memory loss. By David H. Freeman.Reader: Steve Hufford00:21:07
Three Short Articles - Dec, 2019Study Says Neanderthals Got Surfer's Ear. Schizophrenia Seems Connected to Our guts. The Reason Store-Bought Tomatoes Taste BlandReader: Steve Hufford00:12:20
Three Short Articles - Dec, 2019After You Die These Genes Appear. Could the Big Bang Be Wrong? Deep Breathing Might Have Benefits We're Only Beginning to Understand.Reader: Steve Hufford00:14:26
Lost World of the Maya - Dec, 2019From massive fortresses to sprawling suburbs, a bold new vision of the vanished Maya civilization takes shape. By Nathaniel Scharping.Reader: Steve Hufford00:21:13
Worthwhile Experiments - Nov, 201910 Weird, Wacky & Worthwhile Experiments. Offbeat discoveries sometimes give great advances in medical science. By Christian Millman.Reader: Steve Hufford00:18:56
Three Short Articles - Nov, 2019Why Having a Girlfriend Makes Men More Attractive. The Disease That Kills By Stealing Sleep. Regenerating Cartilage to Cure Arthritis.Reader: Steve Hufford00:22:10
Plate Tectonics - Aug, 2019The slow dance of our planet's crust. The puzzle pieces are always in motion, slamming & grinding past one another. By Gemma Tarlach.Reader: Steve Hufford00:15:12
Gun Violence - Aug, 2019The Science Behind Gun Violence. Researchers believe public health models hold the key to reducing the damage. By Russ Juskalian.Reader: Steve Hufford00:20:31
Various Articles - Jun, 2019Apollo: First Step In Our Cosmic Migration. Global Race to Return to the Moon - to Stay! Meet the Mercury 13: Women Fight for Space.Reader: Steve Hufford00:13:18
Chocolate & Universe Expansion - Jan/Feb, 201920 Things You Didn't Know About Chocolate, by Gemma Tarlach. Why We Don't Know How Fast the Universe Expands, by Corey Powell.Reader: Steve Hufford00:15:46
Days of Dysevolution - May, 2015Our modern lifestyle, combined with the miracles of medicine doesn't necessarily guarantee survival of the fittest. By Jeff WheelwrightReader: Chris Martinez00:22:04
No Such Thing As A Black Hole? - Apr, 2015Just when we thought we wrapped our heads around black holes, new theories tell us to forget what to we know. By Cory S. PowellReader: Chris Martinez00:10:46
How To Stop A Killer Asteroid - Mar, 2015If a giant rock were hurtling towards earth, how could we stop it?, By Steve NadisReader: Chris Martinez00:16:26
Ticket To Ride - Dec, 2014After decades of government dominance, private companies are poised to lead the next phase of space exploration. By Cory S. PowellReader: Chris Martinez00:09:51
Caught In the Act - Nov, 2014If you thought online dating was tricky, try being a glowworm, or a blue whale, trying to find a mate in a world with loud flashy neighbors-us.Reader: Chris Martinez00:14:16
20 Things You Didn't Know About Cats - Sep, 201420 Things You Didn't Know About Cats, By Gemma Tarlach, Senior Associate EditorReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:25
Feats of Will - Oct, 2014What makes some people capable of extraordinary perseverance. By Elizabeth SvobodaReader: Chris Martinez00:08:57
Beyond the Outer Limits - Oct, 2014The concept of multiple universes gets real when a cosmologist looks into leftovers of the Big Bang, By Cory S. PowellReader: Chris Martinez00:09:39
Forever Young - Sep, 2014Ecologists are finding that in nature, aging is not inevitable. By Hillary RosnerReader: Chris Martinez00:11:31
Singing In the Brain - Jul/Aug, 2014Why is my voice so bad? It turns out that my noggin is to blame. By James DziezynskiReader: Chris Martinez00:08:46
The Ups and Downs of Teleportation - July / Aug, 2014Quantum physics and information theory suggest its possible to get there from here without leaving. By Cory S. PowellReader: Chris Martinez00:09:51
Rocketman - May, 2014A revolutionary engine, designed by a former astronaut, could be our ticket to Mars and beyond, By Steve NadisReader: Chris Martinez00:12:02
Light Makes Flight - May, 2014Solar power takes off: two dare devil pilots prepare to fly around the world using only solar power. By Helen FieldsReader: Chris Martinez00:15:51
Various articles - Jan / Feb, 2014Voyager 1 Goes Interstellar; The Return of the King; Climate Change and Wars; Death of a Storm Chaser; Stem Cell Future; Beauty and the BoozeReader: Chris Martinez00:16:07
Up In The Air - Jan, 2014An inflight emergency leads to a makeshift ER in the air. by Dena RifkinReader: Chris Martinez00:10:05
Meet the New Planet Hunters - Dec, 2013Successors to the crippled Kepler spacecraft are lining up in a race to find another Earth, by Corey S. PowellReader: Chris Martinez00:10:07
In Defense of Free Will - Nov, 2013A treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder suggests the use of our thoughts to rewire our brains and direct our fate, by Steve VolkReader: Chris Martinez00:22:45
The Life & Death of Comet ISON - Nov, 2013A journey through our solar system to get a glimpse of the approaching comet from Earth, NASA satellites and Mars. By Cory S. PowellReader: Chris Martinez00:26:01
Pool Hall Diagnosis - Nov, 2013A young man's chance encounter with an M.D. at a Texas Pub revealed the autoimmune disease Guillain-Barre syndrome. By Jenny BlairReader: Chris Martinez00:10:19

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