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New AIRSLA Telephone Listening Program!

AIRSLA has a new telephone listening program! It is designed so that those who do not have internet access can listen to a variety of podcasts for free on their home or mobile phone at their convenience!

  • It's FREE - There is no membership fee and no advertisements!
  • Listen to a variety of podcasts from AIRSLA, The Braille Institute, Time Magazine, LA Magazine, The Atlantic and Nature
  • You will also get access to a list of other podcasts you might enjoy!
  • Programs are updated regularly
  • To access the telephone podcasts, simply call (773) 572-6319
  • To contact us or to provide feedback, press the # key and leave a voicemail

A message from the president of AIRSLA

Hello AIRSLA Listeners,

First and foremost we hope that you are all doing well and staying safe and healthy.

Just like you, we have been carefully monitoring the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation. There is nothing more important than the health and safety of our listeners families and the community at large.

During this time as we all follow the "stay at home" mandated by the State of California, we want you to know that we are here and will continue to provide you up to date content as much as possible. We are all looking for ways to keep ourselves busy and entertained during these times and we hope that our Podcasts will help.

Please continue to visit our website for all of our recorded seminars, magazine and newspaper readings and our podcasts.

Thank you for your continued support of AIRSLA. We are here for you in these uncertain times and look forward coming through this stronger. We are stronger together, as a community!

Dick Burden, President of AIRSLA

New Podcasts From The Week Ending 7/11/2020

ProjectTitlePodcast Description
The AtlanticJames Baldwin Was Right All Along - Jul, 2020The writer and activist has the painful, powerful words for this political moment. America just needs to heed them. by Raoul Peck
The Bill Simmons Podcast7/10/20A Patriots Makeover, 'Unsolved Mysteries,' MLB Foibles and 'The OC' With Mina Kimes, JackO, and Peter Gallagher...
The Bill Simmons Podcast7/8/20NBA's Risky Restart with insider Shams Charania & Quibi's Struggles with former Hollywood Reporter editor Matthew Belloni
Car Talk#2028: Sorry, DadDid Christy destroy her dad's car 15 years ago by putting black tape over a flashing temperature light and continuing to drive?
Catster MagazineBreed Crush (Who's That Cat?) - Jul/Aug, 2020Born in the USA-The American Shorthair, by Stacy N. Hackett
Catster MagazineStella's Summer Struggles - Jul/Aug, 2020Michael Leaverton talks to his sassy cat.
Daily AIRSFriday 07/10/2020Health: Sit All Day? Even Brief Walks Can Improve your Health, by Serena Gordon;
Daily AIRSThursday 07/9/2020Entertainment: Review of "Welcome To Chechnya,' by Monica Castillo,
Daily AIRSWednesday 07/08/2020Business & Finance: "Livin' la Vida Lo-Rate" Published AARP Magazine
Daily AIRSTuesday 07/07/2020Style & Substance: A Life in Buttons, by Karen Grissinger, Country Woman, Readers Digest
Daily AIRSMonday 07/06/2020Artificial Intelligence: AI and overall tech
Discover MagazineTwo Viral Articles - Jun 2020Some Coronaviruses only cause colds; why is this one different? by Leslie Nemo. Sometimes, viruses are good for health by Troy Farah
EsquireSomeone Has to Clean It Up - Jun 2020After a weekend of daily liberation marches giving way to pockets of chaos, Monday morning for some means sweeping up broken glass.
FilmSpottingFilmSpotting #784The biggest movie event of the summer isn't even a movie, but the debut, 18 months early, of Broadway phenomenon HAMILTON on Disney+
Fresh AirMOONLIGHT Actor André HollandHis parents were voting rights activists and his father a preacher. He'll star in a radio version of Shakespeare's RICHARD II
Fresh AirChaos & Healing In The ERIn her memoir, THE BEAUTY IN BREAKING, Michele Harper describes discovering evidence of child abuse as well as trauma in her own life
Fresh AirWhite Evangelicals Worship TrumpSarah Posner says while Trump may not speak the language of Christian values, he speaks the language of grievance, giving voice to legal...
Fresh AirSenator McCarthy & TrumpLarry Tye says both are bullies who exploit fears and point fingers when attacked. Maureen Corrigan reviews the novel WANT.
Fresh AirPadma LakshmiIn her new series, TASTE THE NATION, TOP CHEF host and executive producer explores the cultures that contribute to American cuisine
Good HousekeepingFight Against Racial Injustice - Jun 2020How to be an ally to the Black Lives Matter Movement, now and moving forward. By Hannah Jeon.
Second VisionSecond Vision 07/11/2020The Story of Rebecca B. Thompson author of "Rebecca Rising" and "Sunday at 8:30"
Marketplace Money7/10/20COVID cases are on the rise, and reopenings are facing renewed shutdowns. Plus: the Goya boycott, college sports and school shopping
Marketplace Money7/9/20Uncertainty of school reopenings has many families facing indefinite double duty, which could effect their job security. Plus more...
Marketplace Money7/8/20Baltimore's deadly vacant housing has become a deadly problem. Plus: How states start to close the racial pay gap...
Marketplace Money7/7/20How one business spent its $90,000 Paycheck Protection Plan money; why test shortages persist; what fall holds for foreign students...
Marketplace Money7/6/20McDonald's has had a strange relationship with unrest and Black Americans. Today, we explore what they have and haven't done...
Mens Health Magazine07/06/2020Surf god John Florence uses cutting edge tech to rebuild knee. Hacking your frat hormones. How to reduce prostate cancer. Adventure in solitude.
The MothJul 7 2020A night of storytelling do-overs for tales from The Moth's archives that needed slight tweaks or a second chance. Hosted by: Jenifer Hixson
NatureJul 10 2020San Quentin prison faces a massive Corona outbreak. How they got there. The crisis arose despite warnings and offers of free tests
NatureJul 8 2020On this week's podcast, an ambitious Mars mission from a young space agency, and how crumbling up rocks could help fight climate change
Psychology TodayHard to Accept Kindness - Jun 2020Why Is It Hard To Accept Kindness? Giving is easy, but receiving is another thing. You can change that. By John Amodeo
Readers DigestAs Kids See It - Jul/Aug, 2020Humor from kids' and parents' points of view
Readers DigestMom Needs IT Help...Again - Jul/Aug, 2020Trying to help his mother navigate her tech. by Craig Baines
Science SelectionsWhen Did We Lose British Accents? - From Pocket WorthyAbsence of audio recording technology makes 'when' a tough question to answer. But there are theories as to 'why'. By Matt Soniak
Scouting MagazineScouting - Jul, 2020Guiding girls inspires this Pennsylvania Scouter. by Mark Ray
Scouting MagazineScouting - May/Jun, 2020Try these tips for teaching the importance of knowing their knots, by Robert Birkby
SmithsonianThe Divide Pt 1 of 3 - Jul, 2020A world-famous bonobo and the celebrated psychologist who raised him are no longer allowed to visit. Part 1 of 3. By Lindsay Stern
Southern LivingJul, 2020One year after his grandmother's death a writer gets in the car she left to him and retraces the route she took to her favorite place on earth. by Caleb Johnson
Southern LivingJul, 2020When the three Morten sisters began to start lives of their own, the North Carolina summer home of their childhood needed to stretch its wings too. Taco Night!-One fast recipe.
This American Life#513: 129 CarsA Jeep dealership will get a huge bonus from the manufacturer, enough to put them in the black for a month. If they don't make it...
The Wall Street Journal07/07/2020Radio Trick For Sports. Will Unions Let Schools Reopen? Give Up Cash For Covid. Amazon - Comin' Down the Street. Kids All Fried.
We The PeopleHas the Roberts Court Arrived?Comments on recent opinions and Chief Justice Roberts' efforts to emphasize the Court's institutional legitimacy in this historic term

New Stuff

Peter Felix selects and reads articles about recipes, chefs, wines, cocktails, restaurants, travel, home and designs from Food and Wine Magazine.

Mark Ferrari reads you his article selections from the prestigious journal of the Smithsonian Institution.

The American Spectator is back in action and is being produced by Henry Harrison.

Tim Simek reads selections from Esquire Magazine, a men's magazine that takes its content beyond fashion. Topics run a wide range - from beautiful women and interesting men - to sex, new music,and fascinating in-depth pieces on items of national interest.

We The People is a weekly balanced conversation with leading scholars of all viewpoints on contemporary and historical topics about the United States Constitution. We The People, hosted by National Constitution Center president and CEO Jeffrey Rosen will spark your interest in, and knowledge of, the laws that make our country great!

Nancy Porter reads you her selections from Time Magazine, spiced up occasionally with current news items. Time is the first (and best) news weekly in America (she says)!

Merrick Schneider is reading articles from one of the best (and most objective) newspapers in the United States, The Wall Street Journal. He can be listened to on our Wall Street Journal Podcast. Get the latest and greatest news on a great range of topics - not just articles on finance!

Guide Dog Selection. This LA Times article will explain what it takes to be a great guide dog and how to spot one. Written by Melissa Healey and read by Max Flehinger.

Stem Cell Research! Listen to Dr. Jonathan Thomas, of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), discuss the current status of stem cell research and its implications for treatment of vision. It was recorded in collaboration with the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

AIRSLA Smart Phone Apps! Enjoy the full range of AIRS programming from your iPhone or Android phone. They are FREE from the Apple App Store and Google Play (search for airsla), respectively. Here is a short tutorial on how to use the AIRSLA apps on your iPhone, by Julian Vargas

The Intrepid Listen to this touching story of four visually impaired mothers and their dedicated guide dogs. A selection from Real Simple magazine read by Melissa Baird.

New Series on Smart Phones Dr. Bill Takeshita and Julian Vargas have initiated a new series on Smart Phone selection, usage, and accessibility.

Once Blind and Now They See! An exciting account of research on blind children in India by Dr. Pawan Sinha of M.I.T. has two goals: to help blind children regain their sight and to observe their recovery and learn how the brain processes visual information.

Blind Pole Vaulters Listen to Max read an inspiring story of blind athletes on the road to success!

Stories of personal experiences with eyes and seeing from Sun Magazine, read by Dan Woren. Enjoy this and other podcasts from Dan's selection of letters from The Sun's readers in their "Readers Write" series.

Audio Description Available For Vision Impaired. Did you know that many of the programs you watch on TV are designed to help those in the vision impaired community SEE what is being presented? Many people don't know how widely available audio description is to those who need it, including those who need it most. Hear from Herb Merriweather as he shares some of what he has learned by working with Audio Eyes, LLC. The Case For Accessible Media, read to you by Jason Wineinger.

AppleVis Podcast We are pleased to link you to this fantastic source of guidance on the use of Apple's VoiceOver technology on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Their experts will really give you a flood of good advice, not only on the standard iDevice functions, but on popular applications and games as well. Try it!

Darkness Visible, and Palpable. In the land of the blind - as you learn in the exhibition "Dialog in the Dark" - the one-eyed man hasn’t a chance. This recording describes a participatory experience that, for an hour or so, takes the fully-sighted through the fascinating process of adapting to total lack of sight.

More News

CCLVI Lectures on Low Vision These podcast lectures, sponsored by The Council of Citizens With Low Vision International, let you listen to a variety of topics that are specially designed for people who are partially sighted. Dr. Bill Takeshita presents these lectures each month and topics will include low vision and driving, signs and symptoms of emergency vision problems, what's new in low vision aids, and more.

Unable to Read the Newspaper? NFB-NEWSLINE is a free electronic service that gives any blind, visually impaired or print disabled person access to newspapers, magazines, and TV listings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using a Touch-Tone telephone. To hear more information, including samples and how you can sign up, go to NFB NewsLine Information.

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Our Audience

Our audience can get the news from several broadcast media, but not directly from newspapers, magazines, and other primary sources. Through the magic of streaming audio and podcasting, we provide word-for-word readings of print material and other news and entertainment, focused on and designed for our visually-impaired listeners.

AIRS is incorporated in the state of California and has received a 501(c)(3) tax free non-profit status designation from the Internal Revenue Service. This means your donations are tax-deductible!

AIRS can't do it alone. We need your help and we are pleased and grateful to receive donations in any amount. CONTACT US either via email or by calling 818-860-2806 if you can help. Thank you.

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