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A message from the president of AIRSLA

Hello AIRSLA Listeners,

First and foremost we hope that you are all doing well and staying safe and healthy.

Just like you, we have been carefully monitoring the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation. There is nothing more important than the health and safety of our listeners families and the community at large.

During this time as we all follow the "stay at home" mandated by the State of California, we want you to know that we are here and will continue to provide you up to date content as much as possible. We are all looking for ways to keep ourselves busy and entertained during these times and we hope that our Podcasts will help.

Please continue to visit our website for all of our recorded seminars, magazine and newspaper readings and our podcasts.

Thank you for your continued support of AIRSLA. We are here for you in these uncertain times and look forward coming through this stronger. We are stronger together, as a community!

Dick Burden, President of AIRSLA

New Podcasts From The Week Ending 5/30/2020

ProjectTitlePodcast Description
AppleVisAccessibility AwarenessDave Nason speaks to Rene Ritchie, formerly of and now independent tech journalist, blogger and YouTuber.
AppleVisSharpen Your Blackjack SkillsThomas Domville discuss how to sharpen your Blackjack skills with the Blackjack Strategy+ app for iOS...
The AtlanticSocial Distancing Is Not Enough - May, 2020We will need a comprehensive strategy to reduce the sort of interactions that can lead to more infections. by Derek Thimpson
The Bill Simmons Podcast5/29/20Answers to our Quarantine Mailbag, Plus Michael Lewis on the COVID-19 pandemic & Jason Bateman on his Netflix series OZARK.
The Bill Simmons Podcast5/27/20The NBA's World Cup Fix, Plus the 2004 NBA Redraftables With Kevin O'Connor and Joe House.
The Bill Simmons Podcast5/25/20Brady's Fun Golf Match, the NBA's Big Return, Pierce vs. LeBron, and the Unforgivable Lance Armstrong With Ryen Russillo
Brain Pickings PodcastsMay 23, 2020Maria Popova writes about a new English translation of 'Yes to Life', a lesser known work by Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl.
Car Talk#2022: Ask the EthicistMary wants to sell her Accord, but it has a leaky water pump. Does she get the work done, knock the price down, or none of the above?
CCLVI Vision LecturesCurious About Convention? - 05/21/2020Jim discusses convention activities in a virtual environment. Learn how CCLVI is getting creative to present informative program. Janet discusses ACB's convention activities.
Cooking In The DarkCooking In The Dark Show 433Join Dale and Cheryl for a dinner of pork chops, sweet potato tater tots, zuchini, and a special dessert.
Daily AIRSFriday 05/29/2020Health: Top Infertility Myths, by Chris Woolston,
Daily AIRSThursday 05/28/2020Entertainment: Review forr 'Lance,' by Bryan Tallerico,
Daily AIRSWednesday 05/27/2020Business & Finance: "Laid-off workers face foreign world of insurance shopping" by Tom Murphy, The Associated Press
Daily AIRSTuesday 05/26/2020Style & Substance: Health and Medicine-He Cured His Own Disease, by Ryan Prior, CNN, part 2 of 2
The EconomistThe Economist - May 16, 2020Wireless charging of electric cars looks increasingly promising; Unemployment insurance, Inefficiencies bedevil Americaís response to soaring joblessness; Globalisation unwound
FilmSpottingFilmSpotting #779A spoiler-filled review of Christopher Nolan's THE PRESTIGE. Recommendations for the VAST OF NIGHT and THE PAINTER AND THE THIEF.
Fresh AirMargo Price & Larry KramerSinger-songwriter Margo Price spoke with us when her album ALL AMERICAN MADE was released. Remembering AIDS activist Larry Kramer
Fresh AirBurying New York City's DeadIn just a two month period, New York City had 20,000 COVID deaths. What happens to the bodies? W.J. Hennigan answers...
Fresh AirHow Breathing Affects Sleep, Anxiety & ResilienceJames Nestor: why breathing through the nose beats breathing through the mouth, snoring, and how breath work can affect overall health.
Fresh AirComic Hannah GadsbyHer autism diagnosis, growing up in Tasmania, and her new special, DOUGLAS. We review Nancy McKinley's ST. CHRISTOPHER ON PLUTO.
GQ MagazineThe Eruption of Instagram Island, Pt 2 - May, 2020The day that New Zealand's White Island turned into a catastrophic scene. by Joshua Hammer
GQ MagazineThe Eruption of Instagram Island, Pt 1 - May, 2020The day that New Zealand's White Island turned into a catastrophic scene. by Joshua Hammer
Marketplace Money5/29/20More than 40 million Americans filed for unemployment insurance since mid-March. Many might never return to their jobs.
Marketplace Money5/28/20About 55% of tose losing jobs last month are women, a contrast from the last financial crisis. We'll look at the dynamics...
Marketplace Money5/27/20NYU's Shanghai campus could provide an example of how to reopen mid-pandemic. The PPP extension. A literal economic slowdown and...
Marketplace Money5/26/20Will the pandemic push more workplaces to make the switch to a 4-day workweek? Plus: what it's like to quarantine in an RV...
Mother JonesPurged - Jun 2020In November, many swing state voters won't get to cast a ballot. That's by design. By Ari Berman.
The MothMay 29 2020This week on All Together Now: Friday's with The Moth, stories about the trials and tribulations of finding your place.
The MothMay 26 2020A man begins high stakes gambling. A family tragedy & stand-off with detectives. A neuroscientist searches for clues of Godís existence.
NatureMay 29 2020Trump's preferred virus treatment is the focus of a study suggesting it could do more harm than good, but not everybody agrees
NatureMay 27 2020An almost perfectly efficient light-activated catalyst for producing hydrogen from water. The mystery of missing matter in the Universe.
Science SelectionsHow Einstein Learned Physics - From Pocket WorthyAside from his genius, there is a lot to learn from Einstein's education and unique approach to learning. By Scott Young
Science SelectionsWhat Comes Next? - Jun, 2020 Scientific AmericanLarge outbreaks of disease in the past suggest how Covid-19 could play out. By Lydia Denworth.
SmithsonianWhen the Race Is Over - May, 2020In Kentucky, an idyll for retired Thoroughbreds. By Jay Hovdey.
This American Life#705: Time OutWhile sports are paused, we bring you archived stories of football, boxing, and basketball of days past.
We The PeopleVoting, Coronavirus, and the ConstitutionCoronavirus will pose challenges for the general election. We explore related lawsuits and voting during the pandemic...
Womens HealthKeep the Beat - Apr, 2020You can have a heart attack and not even know it--crazy-sounding but true. And you're not exempt from the possibility of a "silent" one). by Amy Wilkinson
Womens HealthMy Mother's Health - Mar, 2020In high school, she learned she had cerebral palsy and that her mom had stayed mum about her condition her whole life. by Alexis Jones
Womens HealthMove Mountains - Mar, 2020Quit waiting around for perfect circumstances before you attack your personal goals. Use this excuse-busting guide. by Amy Wilkinson

New Stuff

Peter Felix selects and reads articles about recipes, chefs, wines, cocktails, restaurants, travel, home and designs from Food and Wine Magazine.

Mark Ferrari reads you his article selections from the prestigious journal of the Smithsonian Institution.

The American Spectator is back in action and is being produced by Henry Harrison.

Tim Simek reads selections from Esquire Magazine, a men's magazine that takes its content beyond fashion. Topics run a wide range - from beautiful women and interesting men - to sex, new music,and fascinating in-depth pieces on items of national interest.

We The People is a weekly balanced conversation with leading scholars of all viewpoints on contemporary and historical topics about the United States Constitution. We The People, hosted by National Constitution Center president and CEO Jeffrey Rosen will spark your interest in, and knowledge of, the laws that make our country great!

Nancy Porter reads you her selections from Time Magazine, spiced up occasionally with current news items. Time is the first (and best) news weekly in America (she says)!

Merrick Schneider is reading articles from one of the best (and most objective) newspapers in the United States, The Wall Street Journal. He can be listened to on our Wall Street Journal Podcast. Get the latest and greatest news on a great range of topics - not just articles on finance!

Guide Dog Selection. This LA Times article will explain what it takes to be a great guide dog and how to spot one. Written by Melissa Healey and read by Max Flehinger.

Stem Cell Research! Listen to Dr. Jonathan Thomas, of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), discuss the current status of stem cell research and its implications for treatment of vision. It was recorded in collaboration with the Foundation Fighting Blindness.

AIRSLA Smart Phone Apps! Enjoy the full range of AIRS programming from your iPhone or Android phone. They are FREE from the Apple App Store and Google Play (search for airsla), respectively. Here is a short tutorial on how to use the AIRSLA apps on your iPhone, by Julian Vargas

The Intrepid Listen to this touching story of four visually impaired mothers and their dedicated guide dogs. A selection from Real Simple magazine read by Melissa Baird.

New Series on Smart Phones Dr. Bill Takeshita and Julian Vargas have initiated a new series on Smart Phone selection, usage, and accessibility.

Once Blind and Now They See! An exciting account of research on blind children in India by Dr. Pawan Sinha of M.I.T. has two goals: to help blind children regain their sight and to observe their recovery and learn how the brain processes visual information.

Blind Pole Vaulters Listen to Max read an inspiring story of blind athletes on the road to success!

Stories of personal experiences with eyes and seeing from Sun Magazine, read by Dan Woren. Enjoy this and other podcasts from Dan's selection of letters from The Sun's readers in their "Readers Write" series.

Audio Description Available For Vision Impaired. Did you know that many of the programs you watch on TV are designed to help those in the vision impaired community SEE what is being presented? Many people don't know how widely available audio description is to those who need it, including those who need it most. Hear from Herb Merriweather as he shares some of what he has learned by working with Audio Eyes, LLC. The Case For Accessible Media, read to you by Jason Wineinger.

AppleVis Podcast We are pleased to link you to this fantastic source of guidance on the use of Apple's VoiceOver technology on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Their experts will really give you a flood of good advice, not only on the standard iDevice functions, but on popular applications and games as well. Try it!

Darkness Visible, and Palpable. In the land of the blind - as you learn in the exhibition "Dialog in the Dark" - the one-eyed man hasnít a chance. This recording describes a participatory experience that, for an hour or so, takes the fully-sighted through the fascinating process of adapting to total lack of sight.

More News

CCLVI Lectures on Low Vision These podcast lectures, sponsored by The Council of Citizens With Low Vision International, let you listen to a variety of topics that are specially designed for people who are partially sighted. Dr. Bill Takeshita presents these lectures each month and topics will include low vision and driving, signs and symptoms of emergency vision problems, what's new in low vision aids, and more.

Unable to Read the Newspaper? NFB-NEWSLINE is a free electronic service that gives any blind, visually impaired or print disabled person access to newspapers, magazines, and TV listings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using a Touch-Tone telephone. To hear more information, including samples and how you can sign up, go to NFB NewsLine Information.

Financial Support for AIRSLA

You can support us either by donating via PayPal or by shopping through iGive

To donate through PayPal, just click on the button at the left and fill out a short form. You can use any popular credit card and PayPal will send you a receipt for tax purposes - your donation to AIRSLA is fully deductible.

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Our Audience

Our audience can get the news from several broadcast media, but not directly from newspapers, magazines, and other primary sources. Through the magic of streaming audio and podcasting, we provide word-for-word readings of print material and other news and entertainment, focused on and designed for our visually-impaired listeners.

AIRS is incorporated in the state of California and has received a 501(c)(3) tax free non-profit status designation from the Internal Revenue Service. This means your donations are tax-deductible!

AIRS can't do it alone. We need your help and we are pleased and grateful to receive donations in any amount. CONTACT US either via email or by calling 818-860-2806 if you can help. Thank you.

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