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The Davison Files

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Long-time Ozarks journalist Doug Davsion explores all manner of topics.

Davison Files Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Good AdviceGood advice from a nameless farmer...Reader: Doug Davison00:06:10
DF StuffBeware of The Stuff: We Americans are well known for our love of excess.Reader: Doug Davison00:05:41
Teams and TVOne of the coolest things about following your favorite sports teams is that it's just like following your favorite TV seriesReader: Doug Davison00:04:36
DF Earth DayEvery day of every year has a special designation.Reader: Doug Davison00:05:27
ThunderFor centuries humans have been fascinated with thunder and lightning.Reader: Doug Davison00:06:05
Cowboy PinballJust when you thought you had seen everything, behold the carnage of a "game" called Cowboy Pinball.Reader: Doug Davison00:06:11
SizeSize beyond comprehension. The universe is incredibly big.Reader: Doug Davison00:06:38
PrecipitationForms of precipitation in the Ozarks of Missouri.Reader: Doug Davison00:06:07
Glacier MiceA mysterious terrestrial life form that's absolutely stunning in its bizarreness.Reader: Doug Davison00:05:11
Faster TimeIs time really flying by faster?Reader: Doug Davison00:05:29
Davison FactsJust for fun, here are a few randomly organized tidbits of relatively useless knowledge.Reader: Doug Davison00:07:01
SpringfieldIs Springfield the most common name for a city in the United States?Reader: Doug Davison00:09:53
Every Day's SpecialEach day of every calendar year has a special designation.Reader: Doug Davison00:07:52
MustardMustard is all the rage among many people closely involved in the world of food.Reader: Doug Davison00:05:33
Some Dog LogicDogs aren't bogged down by all the mental wrestling we humans go through every day.Reader: Doug Davison00:05:21
Stuff That's Bad For Your HealthThings that do further damage to my already severely wounded viewpoint about society's direction.Reader: Doug Davison00:07:05
Wisdom From an Iconic BusinessmanHenry Ford lived from 1863 to 1947 and did more than build cars.Reader: Doug Davison00:06:18
Too Much Clowning AroundNow we have to add Creepy Clowns to the list of undesirable issues we live with.Reader: Doug Davison00:05:12
DF ColdAs I grow older and older (and older) my viewpoint changes on some things.Reader: Doug Davison00:08:29
Nobody Said it Quite Like YogiYogi Berra was a memorable baseball player for the New York Yankees.Reader: Doug Davison00:08:00
Life's MysteriesLife's little mysteries are what they are. You go to do something you've done a million times, but now it's totally different.Reader: Doug Davison00:05:00
You Might Be From the Ozarks, Part 2Whether you like comedian Jeff Foxworthy or not, you have to admit his iconic humor is very funny.Reader: Doug Davison00:06:05
ChiggersThe Missouri Ozarks has a lot of great characteristics, but in the warmer months it's also a region that bugs enjoy as much as peopleReader: Doug Davison00:05:42
The Apostrophe PoliceFor reasons probably irrelevant and perhaps inexplicable, I have long been fascinated with people's misuse of the apostrophe.Reader: Doug Davison00:05:43
Can't Stop the InevitableAs everyone knows, there's no way to stop the aging.Reader: Doug Davison00:04:55
Some New Political PartiesI don't know of many who are content with the current behavior displayed by office holders of the United States' main political parties.Reader: Doug Davison00:06:27
Animal Groups With Weird NamesHave you ever paid attention to the names of various groupings of animals? Some of them are pretty weird.Reader: Doug Davison00:06:34
Words From A Founding Father That Ring True TodayThomas Jefferson was an amazing man.Reader: Doug Davison00:06:43
You Might Be From The OzarksThere are ways to identify people, depending on where they live.Reader: Doug Davison00:04:40

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