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There's something new every day on AIRSLA! Each day of the week our volunteers bring you the topic-of-the day; from foreign news to inspirational messages to tech talk. Tune in every day for these short, topical podcasts.

Current Daily AIRS Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Monday 03/30/2020AARP: Coping With Isolation During the Coronavirus Outbreak, by Aaron KassraleReader: Jason Davis00:04:34
Sunday 03/27/2020Health: Could Stroke Drug Help COVID-19 Patients Avoid Ventilators, by Serena Gordon, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:15
Thursday 03/26/2020Entertainment: Movie-The Platform, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:05:11
Tuesday 03/24/2020Style & Substance: Laughter-The Best Medicine, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:04:13
Tuesday 03/24/2020Artificial Intelligence: AI and Global HealthReader: Eric Corbier00:06:55
Monday 03/23/2020AARP: Movies to Fill the Sports Void-Satisfy your fandom with these classic films. by Chris Nashawaty and Tim AppeloReader: Jason Davis00:04:11
Friday 03/20/2020Health: Vaping's Popularity Soars as New Data Points to Heart Risks, by Steven Reinberg, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:35
Thursday 03/19/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Never, Sometimes, Rarely, Always,' by Brian Tallerico, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:30
Wednesday 03/18/2020Business & Finance: "There's a butterfly effect to curtailing immigration", by Scott Burns, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:05:30
Tuesday 03/17/2020Style & Substance: News From The World of Medicine, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:06:25
Monday 03/16/2020AARP: Stretch Your Bucks At Dollar Stores-Land great deals on groceries and more merchandise, by Lisa Lee FreemanReader: Jason Davis00:04:23
Friday 03/13/2020Health: Public Lives of Americans Put On Hold as Coronavirus Cases Top 1,700, by Robin Foster / EJ Mundell, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:08:11
Thursday 03/12/2020Entertainment: Review of 'First Cow,' by Allison Shoemaker, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:09:43
Tuesday 03/10/2020Style & Substance: The Genius Section-Train Like A Master, by Aishwarya Kumar from ESPN.comReader: Patty Mattson00:07:18
Monday 03/09/2020Artificial Intelligence: AI and Sake ProductionReader: Eric Corbier00:03:21
Monday 03/09/2020AARP: Ben Affleck's Performance in 'The Way Back' With His Real Life. He plays an alcoholic coach who finds redemption in this uplifting drama.Reader: Jason Davis00:03:21
Friday 03/06/2020Health: Could Smartphones Be Making Migraines Even Tougher to Treat? by Steven Reinberg; HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:43
Thursday 03/05/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Blood On Her Name,' by Odie Henderson, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:07:30
Wednesday 03/04/2020Business & Finance: "Scott Burrns on the stock market: Don't just do something, sit there!" The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:06:09
Tuesday 03/03/2020Style & Substance: The Genius Section-Wake Up Your Brain, by Julie Fraga, adapted from the NY TimesReader: Patty Mattson00:05:55
Monday 03/02/2020AARP: Are Face Masks Really Effective at Preventing Illness? Proper handwashing may be a better line of defense against coronavirus, flu. by Rachel NaniaReader: Jason Davis00:03:06
Monday 03/02/2020Artificial Intelligence: CleaviewReader: Eric Corbier00:05:37
Friday 02/28/2020Health: Coronavirus Strikes Men, Older People the Hardest, Dennis Thompson, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:31
Thursday 02/27/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Brahms The Boy II,' by Brian Tallerico, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:05
Wednesday 02/26/2020Business & Finance: “4 Overhyped investment strategies you should skip” by Liz Weston with Nerd Wallet.comReader: Nick Alexander00:06:05
Tuesday 02/25/2020Style & Substance: Kindness Pass It On, by various Twitter Users, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:09:11
Monday 02/24/2020AARP: Former 'Soprano' and 'Nurse Jackie' Edie Falco Is L.A.'s Top Cop in New TV Drama 'Tommy'Reader: Jason Davis00:04:40
Friday 02/21/2020Health: Patient Plays Violin While Surgeons Remove Brain Tumor King's College, London.Reader: Roger Baker00:04:24
Thursday 02/20/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Fantasy Island,' by Peter Sibsczynski, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:07:32
Wednesday 02/19/2020Business & Finance: "Reducing taxes for all better than raising them for wealthy" by Scott BurnsReader: Nick Alexander00:07:19
Tuesday 02/18/2020Falling in Love...By The Book, by Karla-Rose Derus, adapted from the NY TimesReader: Patty Mattson00:06:45
Monday 02/17/2020AARP: What 13 Things Cost in the 1980s vs. Today-You might get nostalgic about your food bill but not about the cost of a TV, by John WaggonerReader: Jason Davis00:06:41
Friday 02/14/2020Drug Duo Speeds Regeneration of Key Cells Lost in Diabetes, by Serena Gordon; HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:21
Thursday 02/13/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Come to Daddy,' by Mark Dujsik, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:07:12
Wednesday 02/12/2020Business & Finance: "Don't hoard travel awards", by Liz Weston, Nerd Wallet.comReader: Nick Alexander00:05:45
Tuesday 02/11/2020Style & Substance: 13 Things-Eye Opening Facts About Tears, by Jen McCafferyReader: Patty Mattson00:05:46
Monday 02/10/2020Artificial Intelligence: Weather PredictionReader:00:05:16
Monday 02/10/2020AARP: George Foreman Shares How He Recaptured His Boxing Title and Became a Grill-ionaire, by David HochmanReader: Jason Davis00:03:47
Friday 02/07/2020Health: There's a Virus Spreading in U.S. That's Killed 10,000: The Flu, by Dennis Thompson, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:55
Thursday 02/06/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Gretel and Hansel,' by Peter Sobcynski, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:07:19
Wednesday 02/05/2020Business & Finance: New homes get smaller, by Steve Brown, Real Estate Editor, Daily Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:05:13
Tuesday 02/04/2020Style & Substance: Life Well Lived - You're Never To Old To Learn, by Steve Lopez, LA TimesReader: Patty Mattson00:05:38
Monday 02/03/2020Artificial Intelligence: 5 Security TrendsReader: Eric Corbier00:06:20
Monday 02/03/2020AARP: 4 Iconic Brands Older Than Mr. Peanut-Planter's dies at 104 in social media ruse. by John WaggonerReader: Jason Davis00:03:58
Friday 01/31/2020Health: Number of Americans Headed to ER for Suicidal Thought Keeps Rising, by Steven Reinberg, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:59
Thursday 01/30/2020Entertainment: Review of 'The Climb,' by Nick Allen, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:20
Wednesday 01/29/2020Business & Finance: â??Student loans not always a â??goodâ?? investmentâ?ť Written by Michelle Singletary, The Washington PostReader: Nick Alexander00:06:20
Tuesday 01/28/2020Style & Substance: The Stranger Who Changed My Life, Part 2 of 2; Readers Digest, by Shirley Wang from wbur.orgReader: Patty Mattson00:06:12
Monday 01/27/2020Artificial Intelligence: Love With RobotsReader: Eric Corbier00:09:04
Monday 01/27/2020AARP: Whitney Houston, Nine Inch Nails Among 6 Grownup Acts to Join Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, by Tim AppeloReader: Jason Davis00:03:10
Friday 01/24/2020Health: What You Need to Know Now About the Wuhan Virus, by Dennis Thompson, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:07:19
Thursday 01/23/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Bad Boys For Life,' by Odie Henderson, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:08:18
Wednesday 01/22/2020�As mall stores struggle, Bath & Body Works glows� Written by Abha Bhattarai, The Washington PostReader: Nick Alexander00:05:36
Tuesday 01/21/2020Style & Substance: The Stranger Who Changed My Life, Part 1 of 2; Readers Digest, by Shirley Wang from wbur.orgReader: Patty Mattson00:05:44
Monday 01/20/2020Artificial Intelligence: AI and HumansReader: Eric Corbier00:06:11
Monday 01/20/2020AARP: Researching Doctors Online? Here's How To Do it Right, Website ratings and reviews matter to older adults, research shows. by Rachel NaniaReader: Jason Davis00:04:42
Friday 01/19/2020Health: AHA News: Before Grabbing a Grapefruit, Understand It's Power, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:12
Wednesday 01/15/2020Business & Finance: "Beware of costly financial advice" by Liz Weston, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:05:45
Tuesday 01/14/2020Style & Substance: Everyday Heros "Trapped On The Tracks", by Andy SimmonsReader: Patty Mattson00:03:27
Monday 01/13/2020Artificial Intelligence: Human AI'sReader: Eric Corbier00:07:54
Monday 01/13/2020AARP: How Your Smartphone May Help You Keep Your Resolutions-Want to get fit, meet financial goals or beat stress? There's an app for that. by Sarah AdlerReader: Jason Davis00:04:30
Friday 01/10/2020Health: Two More Heartburn Meds Recalled Due to Possible Carcinogen, by EJ Mundell, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:51
Thursday 01/09/2020Entertainment: Review of 'The Grudge,' by Nick Allen, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:07:51
Wednesday 01/08/2020Business & Finance: Shared reason, sense on climate, by Scott BurnsReader: Nick Alexander00:04:49
Tuesday 01/07/2020Style & Substance: "No One Goes Cold" by Andy SimmonsReader: Patty Mattson00:03:41
Tuesday 01/07/2020Artificial Intelligence: Breast Cancer DetectionReader: Eric Corbier00:04:39
Monday 01/06/2020AARP: Survey finds digital games are most popular with Gen X and women, by Kenneth TerrellReader: Jason Davis00:04:06
Friday 01/03/2020Health: New Year's Resolution Didn't Stick? Try a Monday Reset, by Serena Gordon, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:13
Thursday 01/02/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Uncut Gems,' by Sheila O'Malley, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:08:31
Wednesday 01/01/2020Business & Finance: Proposed tariffs to sting more than a little. by Elin McCoy, Bloomberg NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:06:14
Tuesday 12/31/2019Why It's So Hard To take Advice, by Bruce Grierson, Psychology Today, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:06:18
Monday 12/30/2019Artificial Intelligence: Ethics is Just TalkReader: Eric Corbier00:06:23
Monday 12/30/2019AARP: Are Your Friends Making You Fat? Pals can exert a measurable influence on how much you eat and exercise. by Alison GwinnReader: Jason Davis00:05:03
Friday 12/27/2019Health: Regular Exercise Cuts Odds for 7 Major Cancers, by Steven Reinberg, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:03:54

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