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There's something new every day on AIRSLA! Each day of the week our volunteers bring you the topic-of-the day; from foreign news to inspirational messages to tech talk. Tune in every day for these short, topical podcasts.

Current Daily AIRS Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Monday 10/26/2020AARP: Jane Lynch Is Not Playing Games With the 'Weakest Link', by Gayle Jo CarterReader: Jason Davis00:07:00
Friday 10/23/2020Health: Coffee Green Tea Might Extend Life for Folks with Type-2 Diabetes, by Serena Gordon, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:24
Thursday 10/22/2020Entertainment: Review of 'David Byrne's American Utopia' by Bryan Tallerico, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:36
Wednesday 10/21/2020"Gauging our net worth in barrels' by Scott Burns, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Business & Finance00:05:40
Tuesday 10/20/2020Style & Substance: My School Desk-In a Bar, by Jeffrey SabbagReader: Patty Mattson00:06:52
Monday 10/19/2020Artificial Intelligence: Fake FacesReader: Eric Funnekotter00:07:13
Monday 10/19/2020AARP: Is Halloween Safe This Year? The CDC considers door-to-door trick-or-treating high risk for COVID-19, by Wendy HelfenbaumReader: Jason Davis00:04:02
Friday 10/16/2020Health: A Positive Outlook May Be Good for Your Health, Jane E. Brody, NY TimesReader: Roger Baker00:07:26
Thursday 10/15/2020Entertainment: Review of 'The Wolf of Snow Hollow', by Bryan Tallerico, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:07:02
Wednesday 10/14/2020Business & Finance: "Economic hit boils down to arithmetic' by Scott Burns, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:05:28
Tuesday 10/13/2020Style & Substance: In Praise of Hitting Repeat, by Leah Fessler, adapted from The New York Times, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:06:36
Monday 10/12/2020Artificial Intelligence: Bespoken SpiritsReader: Eric Corbier00:05:59
Monday 10/12/2020AARP: Drew Barrymore Becomes a Talk Show Host-The perky scion of the Barrymore acting dynasty on motherhood, quarantine and staying healthy.Reader: Jason Davis00:03:47
Friday 10/9/2020Health: Animal Study Points to Heating Coil Behind Serious Vaping Injuries, by Dennis Thompson, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:30
Thursday 10/08/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Dick Johnson Is Dead', by Matt Zoller-Seitz, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:09:37
Wednesday 10/07/2020Business & Finance: Tax deduction for hairstyling doesn’t pass ‘necessary’ test, by Michelle Singletary, The Washington PostReader: Nick Alexander00:05:54
Tuesday 10/06/2020Style & Substance: Everyday Miracles - Superhero With a Secret, by Paul Davis, The MothReader: Patty Mattson00:05:46
Monday 10/05/2020Artificial Intelligence: AI and Robot BodiesReader: Eric Corbier00:07:01
Monday 10/05/2020AARP: Is COVID-19 Affecting Your Sex Life? New dating rules, boredom and lack of privacy are changing sexual relations. by Carlett SpikeReader: Jason Davis00:05:07
Friday 10/02/2020Health: Common Heartburn Meds Tied to Higher Diabetes Risk, Serena Gordon; HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:58
Thursday 10/01/2020Business & Finance: "Reaching the takeoff point is a tall order" by Scott BurnsReader: Nick Alexander00:05:29
Wednesday 09/30/2020Entertainment: Review of 'On The Rocks', by Scout Tafoya, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:54
Tuesday 09/29/2020Topic: Who Knew-Facts Left Out of History, by Jacopo Della Quercia, Part 2 of 2Reader: Patty Mattson00:08:17
Monday 09/28/2020AARP: COVID-19 is stressing marriages, but you can maintain friendships when a couple splits.Reader: Jason Davis00:03:58
Monday 09/28/2020Artificial Intelligence: OsteoarthritisReader: Eric Corbier00:04:15
Friday 09/25/2020Health: Americans Are Cutting Back on Sugary Drinks, by Cara Roberts Murez, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:17
Thursday 09/24/2020AARP: How to Avoid Taking Sides When Friends Get Divorced-COVID-19 is stressing marriages, but you can maintain friendships when a couple splits.Reader: Jason Davis00:03:59
Wednesday 09/23/2020"Many who can are hording cash while awaiting vaccine" by Michelle Singletary, The Washington PostReader: Nick Alexander00:05:27
Tuesday 09/22/2020Topic: Who Knew-Facts Left Out of History, by Jacopo Della Quercia, Part 1 of 2Reader: Patty Mattson00:07:47
Monday 09/21/2020AARP: 'Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President' Chronicles Music's Role in His Life-Documentary looks at how the rhythms and musicians influenced himReader: Jason Davis00:06:26
Monday 09/21/2020Artificial Intelligence: Recovering SensesReader: Eric Corbier00:05:01
Friday 09/18/2020Health: Doctors Are Preparing to Implant the World's First Bionic Eye, by Victor Tangermann, Futurism.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:46
Thursday 09/17/2020Entertainment: Review of "Nomadland", by Bryan Talerico, robertebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:57
Wednesday 09/16/2020Setting the Record Straight-Internet lies about Social Security never go away, by Tom Margenau, retired federal employee, Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:09:15
Tuesday 09/15/2020Style & Substance: We Found a Fix-9 Tricks to Improve Your Life, from and Thehealthy.comReader: Patty Mattson00:04:31
Monday 09/14/2020Artificial Intelligence: AI and HealthReader: Eric Corbier00:05:00
Monday 09/14/2020AARP: Grandparents Boost Their Video Chat Skills to Connect With Grandchildren-New ways to engage and use technology to strengthen relationships.Reader: Jason Davis00:05:30
Friday 09/11/2020Health: AHA News: Her Arm Pain Wasn't from Skiing-It Was a Heart Attack, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:04
Wednesday 09/09/2020Business & Finance: "Trouble is clear in stock prices" by Scott Burns, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:06:31
Tuesday 09/08/2020Style & Substance: Everyday Heroes-Miracle Tattoos, by Cara Anthony from Kaiser Health NewsReader: Patty Mattson00:04:28
Monday 09/07/2020Artificial Intelligence: AI and GerrymanderingReader: Eric Corbier00:07:17
Monday 09/07/2020AARP: How to Avoid Germs in Public Restrooms During the Pandemic-What to know about things like toilet plume and ventilation. by Hallie LevineReader: Jason Davis00:04:58
Friday 09/04/2020Health: No Link Between Permanent Hair Dyes and Cancer; Alan Mozes; HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:09
Thursday 09/03/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Bill and Ted Face The Music', by Brian Tallerico, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:06
Wednesday 09/02/2020"Ditching payroll tax? What will replace it?" by Scott Burns, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:06:04
Monday 08/31/2020Artificial Intelligence: NeuralinkReader: Eric Corbier00:05:36
Monday 08/31/2020AARP: Courtney B. Vance Gets Real About Race and Life with Angela Bassett; The award-winning actor shares his views on 'Lovecraft Country' and his marriage.Reader: Jason Davis00:05:20
Friday 08/28/2020Health: Could Long Naps Shorten Your Life?, by Dennis Thompson, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:46
Thursday 08/27/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Words on Bathroom Walls', by Nell Minow, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:45
Wednesday 08/26/2020Business & Finance: "On the grocery list fees" by Lauren Schwahn with Nerd WalletReader: Nick Alexander00:05:30
Tuesday 08/25/2020Style & Substance: Life Well Lived-When Mom Broke Her Leg, by Allison WinnReader: Patty Mattson00:06:43
Monday 08/24/2020Artificial Intelligence: AI & Plant NutritionReader: Eric Corbier00:07:57
Monday 08/24/2020AARP: Music Can Be a Great Mood Booster-New report highlights link between music and mental well-being. by Sarah Elizabeth AdlerReader: Jason Davis00:04:31
Friday 08/20/2020Health: Medicines and Sex: Not Always a Good Mix, Chris Woolstein, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:07:05
Thursday 08/20/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Valley Of The Gods', by Peter Sobcynski, robertebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:55
Wednesday 08/19/2020Business & Finance: Airline lets ground fliers convert travel funds to reward points that never expire. by Mitchell Schnurman, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:06:55
Tuesday 08/18/2020Style & Substance: Laughter The Best Medicine, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:03:24
Monday 08/17/2020Artificial Intelligence: Latest on GPT-3Reader: Eric Corbier00:05:27
Monday 08/17/2020AARP: 5 Best-selling Celebrity Memoirs Guaranteed to Make You Laugh-Smart and funny books by Tina Fey, Trevor Noah and other witty writersReader: Jason Davis00:04:52
Friday 08/14/2020Health: Better Treatments Bring Better Survival After Lung Cancer, by Amy Norton, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:06:01
Thursday 08/13/2020Entertainment: Review of 'A Thousand Cuts,' by Brian Tallerico, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:07
Wednesday 08/12/2020Business & Finance: "Less than 80% of U.S. renters paid in August", by Steve Brown, Real Estate Editor, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:03:20
Tuesday 08/11/2020Style & Substance: News from the World of Medicine, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:05:49
Monday 08/10/2020AARP: 8 Smartphone Safety Apps That Could Save Your Life-Emergency software that can provide severe-weather alerts, medical tips, tracking and more.Reader: Jason Davis00:03:40
Friday 08/07/2020Health: Marijuana Is Not Heart Healthy-Experts Say, by Dennis Thompson, by HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:29
Wednesday 08/05/2020Business & Finance: As pandemic lingers, jean wear out as staple, by Abha Bhattarai, The Washington PostReader: Nick Alexander00:06:29
Tuesday 08/04/2020Style & Substance: The Genius Section - In Praise of Guilty Pleasures, by Micaela Marini Higgs, New York TimesReader: Patty Mattson00:06:54
Monday 08/03/2020Artificial Intelligence: Elon is BackReader: Eric Corbier00:05:05
Monday 08/03/2020AARP: How Cider Is the New Home Brew. It's easy to create with readily available items, by Melissa LockerReader: Jason Davis00:04:45
Friday 07/31/2020Health: America's Progress Against Early Cardiovascular Death is Slowing, by Serena McNiff, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:40
Thursday 07/30/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Retaliation', by Simon Abrams, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:46
Wednesday 07/29/2020Business & Finance: "Get, keep economy going? Get virus under control", by Mitchell Schnurman, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:06:40
Tuesday 07/28/2020Style & Substance: Drama In Real Life-The Arrow That Saved My Life Twice, by Donna BarbourReader: Patty Mattson00:07:15
Monday 07/27/2020Artificial Intelligence: AI & TouchscreensReader: Eric Corbier00:05:23
Monday 07/27/2020AARP: 10 Things We Learned From Alex Trebek's New Memoir, 'The Answer Is...' by Christina LanzitoReader: Jason Davis00:05:17
Friday 07/24/2020Health: Sweet News: Chocolate May Help Your Heart, by Serena Gordon, by HealthDay .comReader: Roger Baker00:04:27
Thursday 07/23/2020Entertainment: Review of Decade of Fire, by Matt Zoller Seitz, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:59

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