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There's something new every day on AIRSLA! Each day of the week our volunteers bring you the topic-of-the day; from foreign news to inspirational messages to tech talk. Tune in every day for these short, topical podcasts.

Current Daily AIRS Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Friday 10/18/2019Health: Surgery Helps Tough-to-Treat Acid Reflux, Serena Gordon: HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:37
Thursday 10/17/2019Entertainment: Review of 'Fantastic Fungi,' by Matt Fagerholm, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:09:13
Wednesday 10/16/2019Business & Finance: "Diners should tip servers 20%, no matter what", by Michelle Singletary, The Washington PostReader: Nick Alexander00:05:24
Tuesday 10/15/2019Style & Substance: Department of Wit Dear Mother Goose, by Emma Span, Slate.comReader: Patty Mattson00:04:31
Monday 10/14/2019AARP: Julie Andrews: What I Know Now-The beloved actress-singer riffs on humor, whistling and new beginnings, by Margy RochlinReader: Jason Davis00:03:26
Friday 10/11/2019Health: Humans May Possess Ability to Regrow Cartilage, Amy Norton, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:51
Thursday 10/10/2019Entertainment: Review of 'The Parts You Lose,' by Nell Minow, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:05:45
Wednesday 10/09/2019"You've got to quit putting off writing a will" by Liz Weston, NerdWallet.comReader: Nick Alexander00:05:33
Tuesday 10/08/2019Style & Substance: The Genius Section-The Rule of Age 10, by Bruce Grierson from Psychology Today, Part 2Reader: Patty Mattson00:06:01
Monday 10/07/2019AARP: Interest in Heritage Travel Is Growing-More people are discovering and visiting where their families originally came from. by Andrea BarbalichReader: Jason Davis00:03:58
Monday 10/07/2019Artificial Intelligence: AI and Investment PortfoliosReader: Eric Corbier00:05:22
Friday 10/04/2019Health: Mind-Controlled 'Exoskeleton' Restores Movement to Totally Paralyzed Man, by Alan Mozes, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:15
Friday 10/04/2019Entertainment: Review of 'Joker,' by Glenn Kenny, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:38
Wednesday 10/02/2019"Face reality, scans are in at airports" by Kyle Arnold, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:07:43
Tuesday 10/01/2019Style & Substance: The Genius Section-The Rule of Age 10, by Bruce Grierson from Psychology Today, Part 1Reader: Patty Mattson00:05:01
Monday 9/30/2019Artificial Intelligence: Google WarningsReader: Eric Corbier00:04:46
Monday 09/30/2019Entertainment: The Story Behind the Beatles 'Abbey Road' Cover. While the album gets a new 50th anniversary remix, the iconic image endures.Reader: Jason Davis00:05:01
Friday 09/27/2019Health: Evidence builds That Optimism May Lengthen Your Life, by Alan Mozes, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:35
Wednesday 09/25/2019Business & Finance: "Avoid critical costly mistakes in retirement" by Liz Weston, Nerd Wallet.comReader: Nick Alexander00:05:49
Tuesday 09/24/2019Style & Substance: Genius Special-Laugh Yourself Smarter, by Adam Piore Part 2 of a 2 part series, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:07:47
Monday 09/23/2019Artificial Intelligence: AI & AutismReader: Eric Corbier00:05:19
Monday 09/23/2019AARP: When to Keep, Shred or Scan Important Papers, Depending on the date, you may not need to hold onto these documents. by Daniel BortzReader: Jason Davis00:04:06
Friday 09/20/2019Health: Cases of Vaping-Linked Lung Illness Rise to 530 Across 38 States: CDC, by Dennis Thompson, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:03:56
Thursday 09/19/2019Entertainment: Review of 'Midnight Sonata,' by Matt Zoller Seitz, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:05:53
Wednesday 09/18/2019“CEO Jill Soltau: J.C.Penny will ‘show up this holiday in a way our customer hasn’t seen in a long time’ From Business Brief on the Dallas Morning News websiteReader: Nick Alexander00:07:59
Tuesday 09/17/2019Style & Substance: Genius Special-Laugh Yourself Smarter, by Adam Piore Part 1 of a 2 part series, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:06:21
Monday 09/16/2019Artificial Intelligence: AI and iPhonesReader: Eric Corbier00:04:49
Monday 09/16/2019AARP: Today's Grandparents: More Progressive Than We Think-AARP research finds their views on culture, sexuality have evolved. by Nancy KerrReader: Jason Davis00:03:22
Thursday 09/12/2019Entertainment: Review of 'Parasite,' by Bria Tallerico, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:35
Wednesday 09/11/2019Business & Finance: Do you have digital executor? by Liz Weston, Nerd WalletReader: Nick Alexander00:06:01
Tuesday 09/10/2019Style and Substance: Every Day Miracles-The Multiplying Dollar, by Sean Kirst, The Buffalo News, from Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:05:17
Monday 09/09/2019AARP: Make Friends With Your Siblings: Start enjoying the familial connection again-even if caring for ailing parents has added stress.Reader: Jason Davis00:05:02
Friday 09/06/2019Health: Going Vegetarian Good for Your Heart, but May Up Your Stroke Risk, by Steven Reinberg, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:57
Thursday 09/05/2019Entertainment: Review of "The Fanatic," by Bria Tallerico, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:05:14
Wednesday 09/04/2019Business & Finance: "Instead of eating the rich, let's just tax high earners" by Scott Burns, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:05:42
Tuesday 09/03/2019Style & Substance: Fascinating Facts-Stranger Things, by Andy SimmonsReader: Patty Mattson00:06:10
Monday 09/02/2019Artificial Intelligence: AI Government InitiativeReader: Eric Corbier00:07:57
Monday 09/02/2019AARP: The bureau is hiring more than 500,000 people nationwide. by Kenneth TerrellReader: Jason Davis00:05:09
Friday 08/30/2019Health: US Opioid Deaths Take a Small Dip as Fentanyl Leaves Deady Mark, by Steven Reinberg, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:20
Thursday 08/29/2019Entertainment: Review of 'Tigers Are to Afraid,' by Bria Tallerico, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:05:54
Wednesday 08/28/2019Business & Finance: "Social Security Debunked" by Liz Weston with, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:06:04
Tuesday 08/27/2019Style & Substance: Humor-9 Really Practical Jokes, by The Javna Brothers adapted from the book Life is a JokeReader: Patty Mattson00:07:32
Monday 08/26/2019Artificial Intelligence: AI Scanning for CancerReader: Eric Corbier00:03:58
Monday 08/26/2019AARP: The 'Dancing With Wolves' star goes canine in the tearjerker 'The Art of Racing in the Rain' by Tim AppeloReader: Jason Davis00:05:12
Friday 08/23/2019Health: Just One Pill for All Your Heart Health Needs? It's on the Way, by Dennis Thompson, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:36
Thursday 08/22/2019Entertainment: Review of 'Cold Case Hammarskjold,' by Godfrey CheshireReader: Jason Wineinger00:08:15
Wednesday 08/21/2019Business & Finance: "Government Spending-Eating the rich" by Scott BurnsReader: Nick Alexander00:05:41
Tuesday 08/20/2019Style & Substance: Travel - Americas Greatest Road Shows, by Margaret Renki, The NY TimesReader: Patty Mattson00:06:14
Monday 08/19/2019Artificial Intelligence: AI In Your BrainReader: Eric Corbier00:07:05
Monday 08/19/2019AARP: Don't Waste Money on Brain Supplements-There's no magic pill that keeps your mind healthy, by Dahterine Alicia GeorgesReader: Jason Davis00:03:18
Friday 08/16/2019Health: More Than Half of Younger Patients Skip or Quit Blood Pressue Meds, by Robert Priedt, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:45
Thursday 08/15/2019Entertainment: Review of "Vision Portraits" by Jason WineingerReader: Jason Wineinger00:09:42
Wednesday 08/14/2019"What you still need to know about the Equifax settlement" by Michelle Singletary, The Washington PostReader: Nick Alexander00:04:55
Tuesday 08/13/2019Style & Substance: Drama In Real Life-The Dog That Came Back From The Dead, Part 2 of 2 by Wagenknecht with Tess Stokes from outsideline.comReader: Patty Mattson00:06:42
Monday 08/12/2019Artificial Intelligence: AI Scanning Employee ScreensReader: Eric Corbier00:04:17
Monday 08/12/2019AARP: Geena Davis on 'Glow,' 'This Changes Everything' and Her Presidency-The 'Thelma & Louise' star sounds off on her career. by Gayle CarterReader: Jason Davis00:05:51
Friday 08/09/2019Health: Lethal Deception: Deaths from Cocaine Laced with Fentanyl on the Rise, by EJ Mundell, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:30
Thursday 08/08/2019Entertainment: Review of 'Them That Follow,' by Matt Zoller Seitz, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:05:09
Wednesday 08/07/2019Business & Finance: "Eye-opening math regarding net worth" by Scott Burns, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:05:01
Monday 08/05/2019Artificial Intelligence: Chatbot for the elderlyReader: Eric Corbier00:05:09
Monday 08/05/2019AARP: 60 Years of Recordings, and Willie Nelson Says He's Still Going Strong, Country music's favorite outlaw released 69th album and on tour.Reader: Jason Davis00:09:03
Friday 08/02/2019Health: Vitamin A Linked to Lower Odds of Common Skin Cancer, by Serena Gordon, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:33
Thursday 08/01/2019Review of 'The Great Hack,' by Odie Henderson, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:09:05
Wednesday 07/31/2019Business & Finance: "Good or bad debt? It depends on your situation" by Sean Pyles, Nerd WalletReader: Nick Alexander00:05:27
Tuesday 07/30/2019Style & Substance: We Found A Fix - 9 Tricks to Improve Your Life, by RD.comReader: Patty Mattson00:04:24
Monday 07/29/2019Artificial Intelligence: 5G & Quantum ComputingReader: Eric Corbier00:05:47
Monday 07/29/2019AARP: Doctors say older adults are more at risk for heat-related illnesses when temperatures soar. by Christina LanzitoReader: Jason Davis00:06:13
Friday 07/26/2019Health: Americans Are Spending Even More Time Sitting, Study; Dennis Thompson, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:53
Thursday 07/25/2019Entertainment: Review of 'Who Killed Garrett Phillips,' by Brian TallericoReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:01
Wednesday 07/24/2019Understaffing is symptom of economic ills. by Scott BurnsReader: Nick Alexander00:05:30
Tuesday 07/23/2019Style & Substance: The Food On Your Plate=Corn The Most Important Crop In The Land, by Kate Lowenstein and Daniel GritzerReader: Patty Mattson00:05:35
Monday 07/22/2019Artificial Intelligence: AI Self-LearnsReader: Eric Corbier00:04:40
Monday 07/22/2019AARP: How to Power Up Your Walk-Yes, walking counts as real exercise! Here are ways to see more results from your daily regimenReader: Jason Davis00:06:41
Friday 07/19/2019Health: The "Bottom" Blood Pressure Number Matters, Too Amy Norton; HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:37
Thursday 07/18/2019Entertainment: Review of 'Studer,' by Glenn Kenny, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:04:54

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