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There's something new every day on AIRSLA! Each day of the week our volunteers bring you the topic-of-the day; from foreign news to inspirational messages to tech talk. Tune in every day for these short, topical podcasts.

Current Daily AIRS Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Monday 06/17/2019AARP: Kevin Bacon Says He's Not Done With Movies-For now, though, he's got a new TV crime show, 'City on a Hill', by Gayle CarterReader: Jason Davis00:03:51
Friday 06/14/2019Entertainment: Review of '16 Shots,' by Brian Tallerico, roberebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:07:30
Friday 06/14/2019Health: Hot Water Soak May Help Ease Poor Leg Circulation, by Serena Gordon, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:00
Wednesday 06/12/2019Business & Finance: "Few can get here but it's worth a shot. by Scott Burns, couchpotatoinvesting.comReader: Nick Alexander00:05:43
Tuesday 06/11/2019Style & Substance: Who Knew-Lets Do the Time Warp, by Meghan Jones, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:04:47
Monday 06/10/2019Artificial Intelligence: AI & Robert Downey Jr.Reader: Eric Corbier00:05:06
Monday 06/10/2019AARP: Laura Linney: What I Know Now-The vesatile actress on history's lessons, motherhood-and cartwheels; by Laura Linney as told to Tim AppeloReader: Jason Davis00:03:41
Friday 06/07/2019Health: Heartburn Drugs Again Tied to Fatal Risks, by Amy Norton, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:10
Thursday 06/06/2019Entertainment: Review of 'Aladin,' by Matt Zoler-Seitz, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:09:19
Wednesday 06/05/2019Business & Finance: What's car safety worth to you? by Tom Krisher, The Associated PressReader: Nick Alexander00:05:00
Tuesday 06/04/2019Style & Substance: The Genius Section-Fighting Trauma The Military Way, by Michaela Haas, from YES Magazine and Readers Digest EditorsReader: Patty Mattson00:05:56
Monday 06/03/2019Artificial Intelligence: AI and Mental HealthReader: Eric Corbier00:06:39
Monday 06/03/2019AARP: New Statue of Liberty Museum Opens-What to know when visiting the inspiring New York site. by Andrew CottoReader: Jason Davis00:05:16
Friday 05/31/2019Health: Highly Processed Diets Tied to Heart Disease, Earlier Death, Amy Norton, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:35
Thursday 05/30/2019Entertainment: Review of 'Diamantino,' by Peter Sobcynski, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:20
Wednesday 05/29/2019Business & Finance: "Follow the cash to see what's happening" by Scott Burns, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:06:16
Tuesday 05/28/2019Style & Substance: How to Get The Sleep You Need, by Samantha Rideout and Corey Whelan, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:08:53
Monday 05/27/2019Artificial Intelligence: AI impact on jobsReader: Eric Corbier00:06:52
Monday 05/27/2019More Retirees Say They Have Money to Live Comfortably-Confidence levels are at prerecession highs by Harriet EdlesonReader: Jason Davis00:03:57
Thursday 05/23/2019Entertainment: Review of 'John Wick,' by Peter Sobcynski, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:07:31
Wednesday 05/22/2019Business & Finance: "Not the ideal way to boost your credit" by Liz Weston, nerdwallet.comReader: Nick Alexander00:05:52
Tuesday 05/21/2019Style & Substance: News from the World of Medicine, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:06:44
Monday 05/20/2019Artificial Intelligence: AI and ScotchReader: Eric Corbier00:04:36
Monday 05/20/2019AARP: Q&A With the Cast of 'Wine Country' - 'Saturday Night Live' alums' prescription for happiness? A gal pal getaway, by Lori BergerReader: Jason Davis00:04:25
Friday 05/17/2019Health: Sudoku, Crosswords Could Make Your Brain Years Younger, by Robert Preidt, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:02
Thursday 05/16/2019Entertainment: Review of 'All Is True,' by Odie Henderson, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:08:48
Wednesday 05/15/2019Business & Finance: "Crowds, inconvenience show how Apple Store lost its bite" by Mark Gurman and Mathew Townsend, Bloomberg NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:05:51
Tuesday 05/14/2019Style & Substance: Every Day Miracles, by Theoden Janes, Charlotte Observer, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:04:14
Monday 05/13/2019Artificial Intelligence: Google and AIReader: Eric Corbier00:05:00
Monday 05/13/2019AARP: Bill Nye's Family Ties-Science Guy's signature style connects him to his dapper dad and brainy kin. by Bill Nye (as told to Jennifer E. Mabry)Reader: Jason Davis00:05:18
Thursday 05/09/2019Entertainment: Review of 'Ask Dr. Ruth,' by Sheila O'Malley, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:07:25
Wednesday 05/08/2019Business & Finance: "Stores test cameras that read customers" by Joseph Pisani, The Associated PressReader: Nick Alexander00:06:22
Tuesday 05/07/2019Style & Substance: The Genius Section - How to Craft A Comeback, by Talib Vikram,, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:05:25
Monday 05/06/2019AI: Who stands between you and AI distopia? Those Google activists do!Reader: Eric Corbier00:05:51
Monday 05/06/2019AARP: First AARP Fitness Park Opens in Florida. St. Pete/Tampa Bay location among 53 to be built over next 3 years. By Aaron Kassraie.Reader: Jason Davis00:03:26
Thursday 05/02/2019Entertainment: A Review of 'Okko's Inn,' by Glenn Kenny,, April 26, 2019Reader: Jason Wineinger00:04:08
Wednesday 05/01/2019Business & Finance: It's never too early to start planning for your 2019 taxes. By Michelle Singletary, from The Washington Post.Reader: Nick Alexander00:05:50
Tuesday 04/30/2019Style & Substance: Fascinating Facts - Great Ocean Secrets. By Tina Donvito from Readers Digest April 2019.Reader: Patty Mattson00:05:02
Monday 04/29/2019AARP: Music, Movements Realign for Woodstock's 50th Anniversary Festival. By Mesfin Fekadu.Reader: Jason Davis00:04:06
Monday 04/29/2019Artificial Intelligence: The AI Frenzy at Universities.Reader: Eric Corbier00:04:08
Thursday 04/25/2019Entertainment: Review of 'Under the Silver Lake,' by Brian Tallerico, Jason Wineinger00:06:33
Wednesday 04/24/2019Business & Finance: "Firms race to reinvent recycling" by Jack Kaskey, Bloomberg NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:05:08
Tuesday 04/23/2019Style & Substance: Drama in Real Life-My Friend The Timber Wolf, Part 2, by Morris Homer ErwinReader: Patty Mattson00:06:22
Monday 04/22/2019Artificial Intelligence: Google's Ethics Board DissolvedReader: Eric Corbier00:05:29
Monday 04/22/2019AARP: Five Ways to Save on Hotels-Know where to look, and when to book, by Sarah Elizabeth AdlerReader: Jason Davis00:04:21
Friday 04/19/2019Health: Wil You Get Fat? Genetic Test May Tell, by Amy Norton, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:42
Thursday 04/18/2019Entertainment: Review of "Mary Magdalene," by Nick Allen, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:08:21
Wednesday 04/17/2019Business & Finance: Can't Afford College? Here's how to appeal for more aid, by Michelle Singletary, Washington PostReader: Nick Alexander00:05:06
Tuesday 04/16/2019Style & Substance: Drama in Real Life - My Friend The Timber Wolf, Part 1, by Morris Homer ErwinReader: Patty Mattson00:04:12
Monday 04/15/2019Artificial Intelligence: Algorithms 101Reader: Eric Corbier00:06:14
Monday 04/15/2019AARP: Meet the Lawman Who Went After IRS Impostors, by Katherine SkibaReader: Jason Davis00:07:09
Friday 04/12/2019Health: Is Your Smartphone Making You Fat? by Steven Reinberg, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:03:48
Thursday 04/11/2019Entertainment: Review of 'High Life,' by Matt Zoller Seitz, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:09:10
Wednesday 04/10/2019Business & Finance: "Wow Air's shutdown highlights credit, debit card differences" by Michelle Singletary, The Washington PostReader: Nick Alexander00:05:36
Tuesday 04/09/2019Style & Substance: Inspiration-The True Feeling of Success, by Michael Graff from Charlotte MagazineReader: Patty Mattson00:06:14
Monday 04/08/2019Artificial Intelligence: The latest from the world of AIReader: Eric Corbier00:04:44
Monday 04/08/2019AARP: FDA, FTC Warn CBD Sellers About Making Disease-Treatment Claims, Agencies say health benefits need to be backed by evidenceReader: Jason Davis00:04:41
Friday 04/05/2019Health: High Insulin Costs Come Under Fire on Capitol Hill, by Serena Gordon, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:07:01
Thursday 04/04/2019Entertainment: Review of 'Diane,' by Nell Minow, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:05:40
Wednesday 04/03/2019Business & Finance: "Toyota robot hits court, drains 3's", by Yuri Kageyama, The Associated PressReader: Nick Alexander00:04:49
Tuesday 04/02/2019Style & Substance: The Genius Section-Teach Your Brain New Tricks, by Eric Haseltine, Psychologytoday.comReader: Patty Mattson00:07:51
Monday 04/01/2019Artificial Intelligence: Hacking AI?Reader: Eric Corbier00:03:49
Monday 04/01/2019AARP: How to maximize your daytime snooze-and why you can drop the guilt about taking one. by Barbara StepkoReader: Jason Davis00:04:00
Friday 03/29/2019Health: Common Diabetes Test may Often Miss the Mark, by Serena Gordon, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:37
Thursday 03/28/2019Entertainment: Review of 'Relaxer,' by Simon Addams, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:32
Wednesday 03/27/2019Business & Finance: "A push on services"-Apple adopts a new strategy as iPhone sales decline, The Associated PressReader: Nick Alexander00:05:17
Tuesday 03/26/2019Style & Substance: I Am The Food On Your Plate - A Sweetener That's the Bee's Knees, by Kate Lowenstein and Daniel GritzerReader: Patty Mattson00:06:06
Monday 03/25/2019Artificial Intelligence: Keynote on AI by Bill Gates at StanfordReader: Eric Corbier00:05:32
Monday 03/25/2019AARP: The star of "It's Pat' from SNL is back in Hollywood after 10 years of retirement. by Tim AppeloReader: Jason Davis00:05:03
Friday 03/22/2019Health: What Drives 'Anti-Vaxxer' Parents? It's a Mixed Bag Study Shows, by Amy Norton, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:20
Thursday 03/21/2019Entertainment: Review of 'The Mustang.' by Tomis Laffly, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:05:45
Wednesday 03/20/2019Business & Finance: "Study: Amazon brands are duds", by Spencer Soper, Bloomberg NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:04:43
Tuesday 03/19/2019Style & Substance: Who Knew - Before They Were Stars, by Molly Pennington, pt 2 of 2, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:04:33
Monday 03/18/2019Artificial Intelligence: DARPA, AI & ChemistryReader: Eric Corbier00:06:32
Monday 03/18/2019AARP: 5 Reasons You Might Have Fewer Friends- between kids, smartphones and other responsibitities, today's 55 to 64 year olds and mingle less. by Kelsey OgletreeReader: Jason Davis00:03:56
Friday 03/15/2019Health: Rate of U.S. Deaths Tied to Dementia Has More than Doubled, by Dennis Thompson, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:04:43
Thursday 03/14/2019Entertainment: Review of 'The Beachbum.' by Bryan TallericoReader: Jason Wineinger00:05:50
Wednesday 03/13/2019Business & Finance: "Common tax queries" by Michelle Singletary, The Washington PostReader: Nick Alexander00:06:01
Tuesday 03/12/2019Style & Substance: Who Knew - Before They Were Stars, by Molly Pennington, pt 1 of 2, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:04:37
Monday 03/11/2019Artificial Intelligence: AI and DARPAReader: Eric Corbier00:05:38
Monday 03/11/2019AARP: Actress Rita Moreno, an Industry Trailblazer. The Puerto Rican-born actress on being cast as a 'Spanish spitfire' and having the time of her life.Reader: Jason Davis00:04:55
Friday 03/08/2019Health: Which Misused Prescription Meds Send Americans to the ER? by Dennis Thompson, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:27
Thrusday 03/07/2019Entertainment: Review of 'Call Me By Your Name,' by Christy Lemire, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:09:11

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