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There's something new every day on AIRSLA! Each day of the week our volunteers bring you the topic-of-the day; from foreign news to inspirational messages to tech talk. Tune in every day for these short, topical podcasts.

Current Daily AIRS Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Wednesday 01/20/2021Business & Finance: "Ben & Jerry's churns a dog treat", by Dee-Ann Durbin, The Associated PressReader: Nick Alexander00:04:14
Tuesday 01/19/2021Style & Substance: News From The World Of Medicine, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:06:17
Monday 01/18/2021Artificial Intelligence: Controlling Super AIReader: Eric Corbier00:05:57
Monday 01/18/2021AARP: Kyra Sedgwick's New Sitcom, 'Call Your Mother,' Is the Cure for Our Pandemic Blues. By Gayle Jo CarterReader: Jason Davis00:03:42
Friday 01/15/2021Health: Part 5 - What Are the Treatments for Obesity? by James Kingsland, Medical News Today.comReader: Roger Baker00:10:45
Wednesday 01/13/2021"The pros and cons of a biweekly payment plan" by Peter G. Miller, CTW FeaturesReader: Nick Alexander00:05:18
Tuesday 01/12/2021Patty Mattson: Department of Wit-Prowling For Dust Bunnies, by Mary Roach, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:05:17
Tuesday 01/12/2021Artificial Intelligence: Buddhist Principles in AIReader: Eric Corbier00:06:14
Friday 01/08/2021Health: Part 4 - Metabolic Syndrome: What is Obesity and What Causes It? by James Kingsland, Medical News Today.comReader: Roger Baker00:10:49
Thursday 01/07/2021Entertainment: Review of 'Jimmy Carter, Rock & Roll President', by Robert Daniels, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:08:17
Wednesday 01/06/2021Business & Finance: Freight boom trains, ships, oil. by Alaric Nightingale, Jeffrey Blair and Christian Weinberg with BloombergReader: Nick Alexander00:07:59
Tuesday 01/05/2021Style & Substance: 13 Things-The Ultimate TV Guide To Streaming, by Emily Goodman, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:05:59
Monday 01/04/2021Artificial Intelligence: Movie Ratings Based on ScriptsReader: Eric Corbier00:05:16
Monday 01/04/2021AARP: Scrap the Resolutions and Set New Year's Intentions Instead-Amid COVID-19 and a turbulent year, it's time for a revolution in resolutions.Reader: Jason Davis00:05:17
Thursday 12/31/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Promising Young Woman' by Bryan Tallerico, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:51
Wednesday 12/30/2020Business & Finance: "Slog begins as Google, Facebook cases pile up" by Bloomberg NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:07:16
Tuesday 12/29/2020Style & Substance: The Season For Miracles-The Woman in the Red Coat, part 2, by Jessica Pearce RotondiReader: Patty Mattson00:06:33
Monday 12/28/2020Artificial Intelligence: Force For GoodReader: Eric Corbier00:06:17
Monday 12/28/2020AARP: People You Should Tip During the Holidays-An updated approach to gratuities may involve giving more or alternative ways to say thank you. by Robin L. FlaniganReader: Jason Davis00:04:07
Friday 12/25/2020Health: Part 2 of 6 on Metabolism and Obesity: Myths and Facts About Metabolism, by James Kingsland, Medical News Today.comReader: Roger Baker00:09:12
Thursday 12/24/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Climate of the Hunter', by Simon Abrams, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:07:06
Wednesday 12/23/2020Business & Finance: "It's time for us to find our hearts" by Scott Burns, The Dallas Moning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:05:57
Tuesday 12/22/2020Style & Substance: The Season For Miracles-Dad's Mystery Package, Pt 1 of 2, by David Trompf, NY Times, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:07:30
Monday 12/21/2020Artificial Intelligence: Soccer Pro Cuts Huawei TiesReader: Eric Corbier00:03:37
Monday 12/21/2020AARP: The CDC advises against travel, gatherings and celebrations with those outside your household. by Michelle R. DavisReader: Jason Davis00:05:21
Thursday 12/17/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Through the Night', by Peter Sosczynski, by rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:05:20
Wednesday 12/16/2020Business & Finance: Covid pushes older workers out-for good, by Mitchell Schnurman, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:06:57
Tuesday 12/15/2020Style & Substance: Inspiration-Finding the Silver Lining, part 2 of 2, Reader's DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:05:12
Monday 12/14/2020Artificial Intelligence: AI Predicts Your Moral PrinciplesReader: Eric Corbier00:04:18
Monday 12/14/2020AARP: 7 Myths About Coronavirus Vaccines-Separating fact from fiction when it comes to getting vaccinated against COVID-19, by Rachel NaniaReader: Jason Davis00:07:34
Friday 12/11/2020Health: Gut Bacteria and Vitamin D: What is the Link?, by James Kingsland, Medical News Today.comReader: Roger Baker00:06:21
Wednesday 12/09/2020Business & Finance: "Importance of savings never clearer than now" by Michelle Singletary, The Washington PostReader: Nick Alexander00:06:09
Tuesday 12/08/2020Style & Substance: Inspiration-Finding the Silver Lining, part 1 of 2, Reader's DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:04:59
Monday 12/07/2020AARP: Easy, Affordable Ways to Winterize Your Home-This DIY checklist will help you save money and stay warm, by Sheryl JeanReader: Jason Davis00:04:52
Friday 12/04/2020Health: New Model More Effective in Predicting Alzheimers, by Timothy Huzar, Medical News TodayReader: Roger Baker00:06:03
Thursday 12/03/2020Entertainment: Review of 'Zappa', by Peter Sobscynski,, Nov. 25, 2020Reader: Jason Wineinger00:08:17
Wednesday 12/02/2020Business & Finance: "How to talk to your kids about tough time" by Michelle Singletary, The Washington PostReader: Nick Alexander00:06:09
Tuesday 12/01/2020Style & Substance: The Genius Section-Oldies But "Feel Goodies", by Jeremy D. Larson from Pitchfork.comReader: Patty Mattson00:07:21
Monday 11/30/2020Artificial Intelligence: AI Self-Analytical TrustworthinessReader: Eric Corbier00:04:35
Monday 11/30/2020AARP: How to find the best discounts during the holidays and beyond. by Lisa Lee FreemanReader: Jason Davis00:05:46
Friday 11/27/2020Health: Couch Potato Exercise, by Chris WoolsteinReader: Roger Baker00:06:30
Thursday 11/26/2020Entertainment: "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom", by Odie Henderson, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:12:37
Wednesday 11/25/2020Business & Finance: "Downsizing in retirement: You can, and it may pay off" by Scott Burns, Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:06:14
Tuesday 11/24/2020Style & Substance: Everyday Miracles-The Goose That Came Home, by Steven Lynn as told to Corey Whelan, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:05:35
Monday 11/23/2020Artificial Intelligence: Mapping TreesReader: Eric Corbier00:04:17
Monday 11/23/2020AARP: A 'found family' can provide support and care when relatives aren't nearby, by Robin L. FlaniganReader: Jason Davis00:05:21
Saturday 11/20/2020Health: Can Exercise Really Fight Depression? by Chirs Woolston, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:19
Thursday 11/19/2020Business & Finance: "On home equity, the side of the coin" by Scott Burns, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:05:27
Tuesday 11/17/2020Style & Substance: Every Day Heroes-2 stories, by Andy Simmons and Kristen Warfield, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:05:50
Monday 11/16/2020AARP: CDC Thanksgiving Guidance Update Urges Smaller Holiday Gatherings-Recommendations include celebrating within your household, not hosting guests.Reader: Jason Davis00:05:08
Friday 11/13/2020Health: Type 2 Diabetes: Is Losing Fat Key to Reducing Heart Failure Risk? Medical News Today, by Kimberly DrakeReader: Roger Baker00:06:14
Wednesday 11/11/2020Business & Finance: Holiday Catalog-Luxury for the Times, by Maria Halkias, for the Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:06:21
Tuesday 11/10/2020Style & Substance: Inspiration-Why We Should Rest on the Sabbath, by Margaret Renke Adapted from the New York TimesReader: Patty Mattson00:05:53
Tuesday 11/10/2020Artificial Intelligence: MarketsReader: Eric Corbier00:05:26
Monday 11/09/2020AARP: Are Tech Devices' Extended Warranties Worth the Cost? Most electronics that need repair are covered under the manufacturer's agreement. by Marc SaltzmanReader: Jason Davis00:04:10
Friday 11/06/2020Health: Incurable Neurological Diseases: Moving Toward Treatment, by Jennifer HuizenReader: Roger Baker00:05:15
Thursday 11/05/2020Entertainment: Review of 'His House', by Odie Henderson, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:07:38
Wednesday 11/04/2020"Millions handed out in pre-bankruptcy bonuses", Washington PostReader: Nick Alexander00:06:09
Tuesday 11/03/2020Style & Substance: Your Brain Was Made for Walking. By Jeffrey Davis from Psychology Today.Reader: Patty Mattson00:04:42
Monday 11/02/2020Artificial Intelligence: Identifying Covid Thru a CoughReader: Eric Corbier00:03:51
Monday 11/02/2020AARP: How to Host a Virtual Thanksgiving-Planning ahead is crucial to a successful holiday gathering online. by Whitney MathesoReader: Jason Davis00:02:49
Friday 10/30/2020Health: Very High Dosages of Vitamin D May Delay Frailty in Old Age, by James Kingsland, Medical News Today.comReader: Roger Baker00:06:20
Wednesday 10/28/2020Business & Finance: "Taking stock of the older crowd" by Scott Burns, The Dallas Morning NewsReader: Nick Alexander00:07:48
Tuesday 10/27/2020Style & Substance: The Food On Your Plate-I am Mushrooms, by Kate Lowenstein and Daniel Gritzer, Readers DigestReader: Patty Mattson00:06:29
Tuesday 10/27/2020Artificial Intelligence: Google & MicrosoftReader: Eric Corbier00:04:32
Monday 10/26/2020AARP: Jane Lynch Is Not Playing Games With the 'Weakest Link', by Gayle Jo CarterReader: Jason Davis00:07:00
Friday 10/23/2020Health: Coffee Green Tea Might Extend Life for Folks with Type-2 Diabetes, by Serena Gordon, HealthDay.comReader: Roger Baker00:05:24
Thursday 10/22/2020Entertainment: Review of 'David Byrne's American Utopia' by Bryan Tallerico, rogerebert.comReader: Jason Wineinger00:06:36

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