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Nancy Kaszerman reads you her selections from the websites, or Enjoy current affairs, culture, U.S. Politics, music, books, films and Nancy's entrancing voice.

Cyber Blender Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
How Louis Armstrong Taught Us to Swing - Jul, 2015Born on the Fourth of July: How Louis Armstrong Taught Us To Swing.. Armstrong changes jazz forever..., By Nat HentoffReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:16:46
Hostage Camp - May, 2015Stories from Roads and Kingdoms - Hostage Camp: Inside the strange world of kidnap and ransom survival schools. By Mitch MoxleyReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:23:52
Grey's Anatomy This Ain't - Mar, 2015What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Surgery. A surgeon dishes on the biggest secrets your doctors won't tell you about the OR.Reader: Nancy Kaszerman00:11:23
Making Of A Hit: Empire - Mar, 2015The story behind the new famed TV show 'Empire.' Co-creator Danny Strong discusses the making of a hit. Attacking Homophobia was my Agenda.Reader: Nancy Kaszerman00:10:42
Little Girl Blue: The Secret of Nina Simone - Feb, 2015A new documentary asks 'What Happened, Miss Simone?' A review of a new film about famous jazz singer's volatile and exception life. By Emma MyersReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:10:19
Billie Holiday: Jazz's Aching Songbird - Feb, 2015There's more to Billie Holiday than the legend created from the film 'Lady Sings the Blues'…by the great jazz writer Nat HentoffReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:24:09
The Veggie Burgers With Meaty Ambition - Jan, 2015Can a veggie burger ever truly taste like meat? New ways to manufacture veggie burgers including growing stem cell beef without a live cow.Reader: Nancy Kaszerman00:08:43
The Real-Life 'Downton' Millionairesses - Dec, 2014Poor British aristocrats meet American heiresses. Cash for Class? By Tim TeemanReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:10:46
CIA Agents Assess: How Real Is 'Homeland'? - Dec, 2014Former CIA agents discuss the TV drama 'Homeland' compared to the history of CIA operations, By Chuck Cogan and John MacGiffinReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:12:44
Sherlock Holmes Vs. Jack the Ripper - Nov, 2014Why didn't Sherlock Holmes catch Jack the Ripper? Sherlock Holmes: the first CSI..., by Clive IrwinReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:12:49
Digging the Gold in Dylan's 'Basement' - Nov, 2014Music recorded by Dylan & The Band members in Woodstock, NY, while Dylan was recovering from a motorcycle accident in 1966. By Malcom JonesReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:12:23
How Rock and Roll Killde Jim Crow - Oct, 2014An excerpt from the book: On Highway 61: Music, Race and the Evolution of Cultural Freedom, By Dennis McNallyReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:13:57
Washington: The First Vaxer - Oct, 2014Surviving smallpox during the Revolution. Exerpt from a book by Tom Shachtman on The Founding Fathers in the Age of Enlightenment.Reader: Nancy Kaszerman00:14:16
The Stalkers - Sep, 2014Inside the bizarre subculture that lives to explore Chernobyl's Dead Zone. By Holly MorrisReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:23:05
Queen of Thieves - Sep, 2014Meet 'Queen of Thieves' Marm Mandelbaum - New York City's First Mob Boss, By J. North ConwayReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:14:52
What It's Like to Watch Him Die - Feb, 2014Nothing Could Prepare Me for Witnessing his Execution, By Lily FuryReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:18:55
When the Son of Hamas Spied for Israel - Aug, 2014Story behind new documentary 'The Green Prince'. By Nina Strochlic, TheDailyBeast.comReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:16:42
Excerpt from 'Flight 232: A Story of Disaster and Survival- Jul, 2014What A Plane Crash Feels Like: The Inside Story of an American Aviation Disaster and Miracle, By Laurence GonzalesReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:28:58
Why Did America's Only Pot Researcher Get Fired - Jul, 2014Marijuana Research for PTSD Denied. By Abby HaglageReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:12:32
Jailhouse Gourmand - Jun, 2014Confessions of a Jailhouse Gourmand. How I Learned to Cook In Prison. From The Daily Beast by Daniel Genis.Reader: Nancy Kaszerman00:12:41
Forensic Science - Jun, 2014Forensic Science Isn't Science. How faulty forensic science convicts innocent people. By Mark Joseph Stern.Reader: Nancy Kaszerman00:10:58
Royalty Lawsuits - May, 2014'Stairway to Heaven' is the latest in a wave of lawsuits over composer royalties. Why do so many hit songs lead to this? By Ted GioiaReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:09:26
Meryl Streep: Nazi Hunter - May, 2014How Meryl Streep helped the Nazi hunters, with some help from a mini series from the 1970's. By Nicholas Kulish & Squad MekhennetReader: Nancy Kaszerman00:17:26

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