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The Online Women's Magazine for Fashion, Sex Advice, Dating Tips, and Celebrity News - Cosmopolitan. Selected articles are read to you by Jami Cullen.

Cosmopolitan Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Fun, Fearless Work - Sep, 2014Stay Cool when Life's a Mess, By Helen Jung; Get-Ahead Guide, By Catherine Bennett; I Went from Grad School to Prison, By Cecily MacMillanReader: Jami Cullen00:21:54
Fun, Fearless Work - Jun, 2014Ten Surprising Ways to Find a New Job, By Sheryl Sandberg, Lean In: For Graduates; Your Career Get-Ahead Guide, By Jennifer Ashton, MDReader: Jami Cullen00:10:36
Love, Stress & Fearless Fun - May, 2014Science of a Broken Heart. Hot & Healthy - Relieving Life's Stresses. Love Advice From the Guy Guru. Know Your Value - Stop Saying "Yes"Reader: Jami Cullen00:18:22
Love, Lust etc. - Apr, 2014Do You Have Dating A. D. D? How hi-tech can hinder meeting Mr. Right. By Michelle Ruiz; Love Advice From Our Guy Guru. By Ky HendersonReader: Jami Cullen00:15:12
Love, Lust & Work - Dec, 2013"Love Advice from Ky Henderson"; "What People Think of You at Work," by Amy Odell; "Be the Girl Who Knows Everybody," by Mika BrzezinskiReader: Jami Cullen00:18:04
Fearless Work & Love Advice - Aug, 2013"Can Coworkers Ever Really Be Friends?"; "You Made a Mistake at Work - Now What?"; "Love Advice Trom Our Guy Guru"Reader: Jami Cullen00:11:16
Monthly Features - Jul, 2013"Fun, Fearless Work. Get a Raise Right Now!" by Susan Schultz; "Speaking in Public? You've Got This" by Mika Brzezinski.Reader: Jami Cullen00:09:20
Advice & Food - Jun, 2013Love Advice from Guy Guru Ky Henderson. I Am Obsessed With Food: Morning Joe co-host shares her eating disorder. By Liz PlosserReader: Jami Cullen00:09:52
My Catfish Confession - May, 2013Melissa, a depressed teen, creates a fake Facebook persona to boost her self-confidence. As told to Abigail Pesta.Reader: Jami Cullen00:09:48

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