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Cook's Illustrated is dedicated to finding the best methods for preparing foolproof home-cooked meals. Unlike some glossy cooking magazines, it's staffed with cooks and editors - not food stylists. Their test kitchen - in which they film the public television show, "America's Test Kitchen" - has three dozen full-time test cooks whose job is testing and retesting recipes 20, 30, sometimes 50 times until they can offer you a recipe that will work every time. Not only the HOW - but the WHY of cooking - read to you by Bryan Saulsbury!

Cooks Illustrated Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Various articles - Jul, 2015A New Approach To Fried Rice-healthy and tasty using brown rice instead of white, By Andrea Geary; Saving Succotash, By Keith DresserReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:18:09
Provencal Vegetable Soup and Cooking Faro - May/Jun, 2015Provencal Vegetable Soup, By Keith Dresser, How to Cook Faro, By Andrea GearyReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:14:04
Grill Pork Tenderloin and Roasted Potatoes - May/Jun, 2015The Best Way to Grill Pork Tenderloin, By Andrea Geary; Ultimate Roasted Potatoes, By Andrew JanjigianReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:14:23
Pot-au-Fez, Sauteed Swiss Chard - May/Jun, 2015Simple Pot-au-Feu-taking a complex French Classic and making it a weekend meal, By Dan Souza; Sauteed Swiss ChardReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:19:13
Various articles - Mar/Apr, 2015Cuban Shredded Beef, By Dan Souza; Updated Cabbage Side Dishes-if Brussel sprouts get a make over why not cabbage, By Sandra WuReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:17:54
Various articles - Apr, 2015Root Vegetable Gratin, update a classic dish and make it lighter too, By Lan Lam; Quick Sauces for Sauteed Chicken, By Keith DresserReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:19:22
Various articles - Mar, 2015Real Sicilian Pizza, By Andrew Janjigian; Prosciuito and Peas-using a Swiss ingredient to make an Italian Classic. By Dan SouzaReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:56
Coq au Riesling and A New Way to Cook Fish - Mar, 2015A white wine version of the classic dish Julia Child made famous, By Andrew Janjigian; Braising isn't only for tough cuts of meat. By Lan LamReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:23:36
Various articles - Feb, 2015Drunken Beans-full flavored satisfying beans. By Andrew Janjigan; Really Good Savory Corn Muffins, By Dan SouzaReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:18:29
Roasted Mushrooms & Homemade Vegetable Broth - Jan/Feb, 2015Best Roasted Mushrooms-Even better than the steakhouse! By Adam Reid; Homemade Vegetable Broth-a staple in your pantry, Andrea GearyReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:31
Tuscan Stew and Roasted Chicken - Jan/Feb, 2015Hearty, rich beef stew with few ingredients, By Andrew Janjigian; Perfect Slow Roasted Chicken-Moist meat and crispy skin? By Dan SouzaReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:26
Roast Pork Belly and Carbon Knives - Nov / Dec, 2014Pork belly is not just for bacon anymore! Demystifying Carbon Steel Knives- Can a cheaper stainless option work just as well?Reader: Bryan Saulsbury00:18:06
Hot Chocolate and Chocolate Crinkle Cookies - Nov/Dec, 2014Forget store bought premium mixes this is the one! By Keith Dresser; Chocolate Crinkle Cookies- Better than any bakery, By Sarah MullensReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:18:57
A New Holiday Roast/Hearty Pasta,Greens and Beans - Nov/Dec, 2014A New Holiday Roast: Move over Prime Rib there is a great money saving alternative; Hearty Pasta, Greens and BeansReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:19:15
How to Cook Heritage Turkey/ Garlic Parmesan Mashed Potatoes - Nov, 2014Make the best turkey this holiday season along with Garlic-Parmesan Mashed Potatoes; By Dan SouzaReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:50
Carne Asada and Prosciutto - Oct, 2014Why go out to get Carne Asada when you can make this at home? Find the best prosciutto, the classic Italian treat at any supermarketReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:15
Artichokes and Chicken Thighs - Oct, 2014Tagiatelle with artichokes make a great Italian classic. By Lan Lam; Mahogany Chicken Thighs-braise and broil, By Andrea GearyReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:18:22
Pork Tenderloin and Roasted Fruit Desserts - Sep, 2014Make great Pork Tenderloin in ANY oven! By Lam Lam; Toasted Fruit Desserts, a great alternative to pies or crumbles. By Sarah MullinsReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:18:23
Various articles - Sep/Oct, 2014Really good grilled fish tacos are the bomb, By David Pazmino; Fresh Corn Side Dishes with easy ways to use this summer treat, By Sandra WuReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:12
Pasta Frittata - Aug, 2014No leftover pasta? Don't worry this way is even better! And Tomatillo Salsa-you don't have to choose red salsa anymore. By Dan SouzaReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:45
Eggplant Involtini and Zucchini Bread - Jul, 2014A light tasty and easy option to Eggplant Parmesan, By Andrea Geary; Reinventing Zucchini Bread-Try this tasty alternative. By Sarah MullinsReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:22:20
Various articles - Jul, 2014The Best Grille Burger, By Andrew Janjigian; Introducing White Gazpacho the predecessor to the more common Red Gazpacho. By Lan LamReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:22:21
Cooking Artichokes, Beans You Can Count On - May/Jun, 2014The Best Way to Cook Artichokes. By Adam Reid; What type of beans are better, canned or dry? By Lisa McManusReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:22:37
Various articles - Jun, 2014Roast Cornish Game Hens - the perfect weeknight meal, By Andrew Janjigian; and Carrot-Ginger Soup, By Sarah MullinsReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:19:47
Various articles - May/Jun, 2014Fusilli with Ricotta and Spinach, By Andrew Janjigian; Home Cioppino, a restaurant quality seafood stew you can make at home, By Lan LamReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:19:24
Various articles - May/June, 2014Grilled pork tenderloin steaks, great flavor and texture too. By Dan Souza; The mandoline you'll actually use. By Lisa McManusReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:45
Various articles - Apr, 2014Thai Chicken Curry with Potatoes, not your ordinary dish, By Lan Lam; Thick Cut Sweet Potato Fries, By Dan SouzaReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:24:10
Italian Milk Braised Pork and Pasta with Cauliflower- Apr, 2014This is a classic Italian pork dish to make part of weeknight meals, By Lan Lam; Pasta with Cauliflower and Bacon, By Lan LamReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:19:38
Salmon & Pudding Cake - Mar/Apr, 2014Using Science to Create Better Dishes: Improving Sesame Crusted Salmon, by Lan Lam; Perfecting Lemon Pudding Cake, by Sarah Mullins-Reader: Bryan Saulsbury00:21:16
New Way to Poach Chicken and Tropical Fruit Salads - Apr/May, 2014Updating an old technique to poach chicken, by Dan Souza; Tropical fruit salad, while you wait for summer fruit arrives, by Keith DresserReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:38
Best Almond Cake and Baking Pans - Feb, 2014Almond Cake Classic with an American Twist; by Sarah Mullins; Baking Pans Prove Their Mettle, by David PazminoReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:21:38
Pressure Cooker Pot Roast and Quinoa Pilaf - Jan / Feb, 2014Pressure Cooker Pot Roast Perfected, a classic dish in half the time. by Dan Souza; Quinoa Pilaf made tasty for Nonbelievers, by Dan SouzaReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:41
Cheese Souffle and Cheese Sandwiches - Jan / Feb, 2014Don't worry you can make this classic at home, by Andrew Janjigian; Finding the best cheese for sandwiches and the cheese plate, by Amy GravesReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:21:13
Butternut Squash & Pan - Seared Chicken Breasts - Jan, 2014A new twist on this winter squash, by Dan Souza; Ultimate Pan-Seared Chicken breasts with crispy skin and a perfect sausce, by Andrew JanjigianReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:22:32
Various articles - Nov / Dec, 2013Rich Chocolate Tart, the perfect holiday desert. by Dawn Yanagihara; The Best Dark Chocolate. A supermarket chocolate for all your baking needs. by Hannah CrowleyReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:23:11
Pork and Cookies - Nov / Dec, 2013Holiday Roast Pork. Look out prime rib there is a new holiday dish in town. by Andrew Janjigian; Florentine Lace Cookies, make these fancy pastry shop cookies at home. by Andrea GearyReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:27:08
Best Chicken Stew and Caldo Vede - Nov/Dec, 2013Look out Beef here comes a great new chicken stew, by Dan Souza; Introducing Caldo Vede - taking this great starter to the main course, by Lan LamReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:33
Various articles - Nov / Dec, 2013Julia Child's Turkey updated by Andrea Geary; Easy carving and more stuffing and twice baked sweet potatoes, a great twist on a classic dish. by Celeste RogersReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:26:25
Mussels - Oct, 2013The Best Way to Cook Mussels, by Andrew Janjigian; Grown-Up Grilled Cheese, taking this classic to a new level!, by Lan LamReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:18:32
Soup & Sauce - Sep, 2013"Creamy cauliflower soup. Let the 'flowers shine!" By Dan Souza; "Fresh tomato puttanesca. Use that bumper crop!" By Andrew Janjigian.Reader: Bryan Saulsbury00:19:25
Grilled Chicken and Grilled Corn - Sep, 2013Perfectly cooked and glazed weeknight chicken breast. by Keith Dresser; Can you improve on grilled buttered corn, you bet you can. by Bridget LancasterReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:21:05
Cornbread & Kebabs - Jul/Aug, 2013What if you could make cornbread that actually tasted like corn? by Bridget Lancaster; Andrew remakes a traditional family recipe in a new way. by Andrew JanjigianReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:19:48
Various articles - Jul/Aug, 2013The Best New England Lobster Roll, by Andrea Geary; The Original Pasta with Pesto. You wont believe the ingredient that makes it stand out! by Andrea GearyReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:21:36
Various articles - Jul, 2013"An easy way to make grilled glazed pork tenderloin roast." by Dan Sousa; "Add bold flavor with Tunisian style grilled vegetables" by Cleste RogersReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:22:36
Chicken and Eggs - Jul, 2013"Foolproof Barbequed Chicken. Rescuing an american classic." by Lan Lim; "Perfect Fried Eggs-diner eggs at home!" by Andrew JanjigianReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:22:24
Various articles - May/Jun, 2013"Quick Weeknight Ribs, flavor and texture you can recreate any night this week." by Lan Lam; "Choosing a Great Charcoal Grill" by Lisa McManusReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:26:13
Salmon and Potato - May/Jun, 2013"Herb Crusted Salmon, herby and salmon without the fuss." by Lan Lam; "A New Way to Cook Potato's with creamy interiors and crispy brown exteriors." by Dan SouzaReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:19
Grilled Chicken and Stir Fry Asparagus - May/Jun, 2013"A quick and tasty grilled chicken without the skin." by Andrea Geary; "The way to perfectly cooked asparagus, steam power." by Keith DresserReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:24
Leg of Lamb and Brioche - Mar / Apr, 2013"Preparing and carving a leg of lamb has never been easier." by Dan Souza; "W What if you could make this delicious recipe for brioche without that kneading!" by Andrew JanjigianReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:27:25
Various articles - Mar/Apr, 2013"The Best Chicken Parmesan. Make this great Italian American classic at home" by Andrea Geary; "A New Way of Cooking Beets. An easy weeknight preparation." by Celeste RobertsReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:21:26
Soft Cooked Eggs and Pasta - Jan / Feb, 2013"Perfect soft boiled eggs everytime!" by Andrea Geary; "Bringing Home Pasta all'Amerticana. A classic Italian dish with some very American ingredients." by Dan SouzaReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:51
Great Roast Shrimp and Savory Citrus Salads - January/February 2013"Perfect browned juicy shrimp you have any week night." by Andrew Janjigian; "Celebrate winter citrus with these great salads." by Andrea GearyReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:19:15
Perfect Baked Eggs and Supermarket Cocoa Powder - December, 2012"A fool proof way to elegant eggs without the fuss." by Celeste Rogers; "Finding a bargain cocoa powder that tastes good too." by Hannah CrowleyReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:24:24
Various articles - November/December, 2012"Pepper Crusted Beef Tenderloin. Having a crunchy crust without all the heat." by Celeste Rogers; "The Best Vegeterain Chili. Don't just prepare it for your vegeterian friends, make it because it's good."Reader: Bryan Saulsbury00:25:29
Roast Turkey and Roasted Root Vegetables - November, 2012"Classic Roast Turkey on the Grill. Free up your oven this Thanksgiving." by Lan Lam; "Roasted Root Vegetables. Carmelized root veggies in under 1 hour!" by Lan LamReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:24:04
Indian Style Spinach with Cheese and A Better Blender - October, 2012"Don't be intimidated by this exotic sounding dish, it's easy to make at home" by Matthew Card; "A top notch blender that will work well and last!" by Taizeth SierraReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:15
Fajita Pumpkin, Chicken Fajitas, Pumpkin Bread - Sept / Oct, 2012Chicken fajitas not the typical dry chicken loaded with sour cream and guacamole" by Dan Souza; "Pumpkin bread that your guests will rave about!" by Lan LamReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:21:50
Pork Chops & Avocado Salads - September / October, 2012"Better Grilled Pork Chops. Juicy and brown these quick chops are a weeknight meal to look forward to." by Dan Souza; "Giving the avocado center stage in some great salads." by Celeste RogersReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:23:04
Meatloaf & Green Beans - September /October, 2012"Taking a classic money saving recipe and making it something special." by Celeste Rogers; Mediterranean Green Beans. Beans are commonplace, try this tender version for a nice change." by Andrew JanjigianReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:19:48
Grill-Smoked Salmon & Rescuing Tabbouleh - July/August, 2012"Silky, smoky dinnertime salmom fillets." by Andrew Janjigian; "Flavorful and healthy tabbouleh is a dish you should add to your diet!" by Susan LightReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:31
Jamaican Jerk Chicken and Fresh Corn Salsa - August, 2012"Travel to Jamaica without leaving your back yard grill." by Celeste Rogers; "Using ancient technology to make a modern day salsa." by Keith DresserReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:22:40
Turkey Burgers & Potato Rolls - July/August, 2012"The Best Grilled Turkey Burgers. Meaty tender juicy turkey burgers." by Dan Souza; "Bringing Back Potato Rolls. The perfect bun to go with your turkey burgers!" by Andrea GearyReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:28:05
Beef Short Ribs & Chilled Tomato Soup - July, 2012"Grilled Roasted Beef Short Ribs. Why wait for winter to make great short ribs?" by Lan Lam; "Perfecting Chilled Tomato Soup. Summertime perfection in a bowl." by Dawn YanagiharaReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:20:54
Pork Tacos & Sous Vide Chicken Salad? - June, 2012"Grilled spicy pork tacos taqueria style at home" by Dan Souza; "Sous Vide Chicken Salad? Perfect and juicy without a whole jar of mayonaise." by Keith DresserReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:21:17
Pasta & Ratatouille - June, 2012"Fresh Pasta Without a Machine." by Dan Souza; "Italy's Ratatouille. A wonderful hearty vegetable soup." by Celeste RogersReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:30:58
Crab Cakes & Bean Dips - May, 2012"Really Good Crab Cakes. You don't have to use fresh crab to make a really good cake." by Lan Lam; "Rethinking Bean Dips. Tired of dense gluey dips, try these light flavor packed dips." by Keith DresserReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:21:30
Spiced Rubbed Steaks & Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps - May, 2012"Spiced Rubbed Steaks on the Grill. Making a cheap cut of meat into a masterpiece." by Andrea Geary; Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps. A restaurant style meal worth making at home." by Keith DresserReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:19:53
Italian Wedding Soup & Potato Casserole - April, 2012"Italian Wedding Soup. Making a classic soup without taking a whole day in the kitchen." by Matthew Card; "Hearty French Potato Casserole. Not your typical potato side dish." by Bryan RoofReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:22:42
Philly Cheesesteaks & PB Cookies - March/April, 2012"Philly Cheesesteaks at Home. A decadent classically American behemoth of a sandwich you can make at home." by Andrew Janjigian; "Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies. A perfect cookie packed with peanut butter taste!" by Andrea GearyReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:21:37
Granola & Spaghetti - March/April, 2012"Super Chunky Granola. Forget about the store bought stuff, home is the holy grail of granola." by Adam Reid; "Spaghetti al Vino Bianco. Taking a classic pairing, pasta and wine to a whole new level." by Andrea GearyReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:22:40
Updating Chicken Marbella & Pesto Sauces - January / February, 2012"Taking a dinner party classic and updating it for today's tastes." by Dan Souza; "Pesto Sauces for Cheese Ravioli. Making packaged ravioli not only convenient but worth making anytime." by David PazminoReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:21:22
Home Fries & Braised Pork Chops - Feb, 2012"Great Home Fries for a Crowd. by Andrea Geary; "Perfect Braised Pork Chops. Why only sear pork chops when you can have a delicious braised chop with a rich glossy sauce." by Lan LimReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:25:38
Veggie Tart & Fish Chowder - January, 2012"Really Good Vegetable Tart. A non-soggy free-form tart." by Andrew Janjigian; "Quicker Fish Chowder. Clean, fresh flavors and reduced cooking time too!" by Bryan Roof.Reader: Bryan Saulsbury00:21:18
Golden Rule & Beef Stew - January, 2012"The Golden Rule. The way of life in rural Vermont." by Christopher Kimball; "Rethinking Beef Stew. Using a Spanish approach to one of our favorite winter dishes." by Bryan Roof.Reader: Bryan Saulsbury00:18:58
Veggie Soup & Brussels Sprouts - November, 2011"Farmhouse Vegetable Soup. A really satisfying vegetable soup in under 1 hour" by Lan Lam; "Really Good Roasted Brussels Sprouts. In just one pan!" by Andrea Geary.Reader: Bryan Saulsbury00:18:31
The Best Prime Rib - November, 2011Top chefs say that 18 hours in a 120 degree oven is the route to prime rib perfection. So what's a home cook to do? Our answer is... by Dan Souza.Reader: Bryan Saulsbury00:14:07
Editorial & Braised Turkey - November, 2011Editorial: "The Same Old Thing" by Christopher Kimball; "Oven Braised Turkey." by Andrew Janjigian.Reader: Bryan Saulsbury00:19:30
A Great Veggie Lasagna - October, 2011"Rescuing Vegetable Lasagna. Try this mouth-watering dish invented and improved in the Cook's Illustrated kitchens." by Bryan Roof.Reader: Bryan Saulsbury00:19:01
Chicken, Potatoes & Equipment - October, 2011"Week-Night Roast Chicken - Fool-proof chicken without salting or brining" by Bryan Roof; "Salt-Baked Potatoes - A new, improved recipe" by Matthew Card; Equipment CornerReader: Bryan Saulsbury00:25:53
Play By the Rules & Notes From Readers - Issue 112"Playing By the Rules. Rural Vermont ignores them all except The Golden Rule." by Christopher Kimball; "Notes From Readers. Food questions." by Andrea Geary & Dan Souza.Reader: Bryan Saulsbury00:18:00

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