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Comprehensive advice on anything that's worth buying from the most authoritative, unbiased source of information for the intelligent consumer - Consumer Reports.

Selections from Consumer Reports Magazine
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
The CR Guide to Smarter Remodeling - Jul, 2017General contractors, industry experts, and real people who've been there share proven strategies to come under budget, and on time. By Paul HopeReader: Martin Grodt00:14:14
Faster, Fresher, Cheaper - Jul, 2017Food shopping has undergone a revolution as consumers demand local produce, organic choices, low prices, and convenience. Now, the future.Reader: Martin Grodt00:20:09
At the Wheel Over 65 - Jul, 2017More older drivers are on the road. But the good news is that more research and innovation are being applied to meet the challenge. By Michael TortorelloReader: Martin Grodt00:25:49
Over-the-Counter Gadgets & Gizmos - Jun, 2017We turned an expert eye on products to find out what works, what doesn't, and what might make things worse.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:38
5 Causes of Back Pain and You've Had a Back Attack - Jun, 2017A timeline for a safe recovery.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:59
Relief From Back Pain - Jun, 2017There's a revolution in the treatment of back pain now that research shows that physical therapy, spinal manipulation, and yoga, as good as surgery or drugs.Reader: Martin Grodt00:12:46
Homes Away From Home - Jun, 2017Airbnb, HomeAway, and a handful of other home-sharing websites let travelers pay to stay in a home rather than a hotel. Are the rewards worth the risk?Reader: Martin Grodt00:16:20
Is Popcorn the Perfect Snack? - Jun, 2017It can be, as long as you're careful to read the nutritional fine print and not blinded by packaging claims. By Catherine RobertsReader: Martin Grodt00:06:13
Why Hospitals Need to Share Surgery Success Data - May, 2017Consumers deserve full transparency about the performance of the hospitals they choose. By Catherine RobertsReader: Martin Grodt00:04:32
The Healing Power of a Heart-Healthy Diet - May, 2017More plants and healthy fats, less meat and sugar for a longer life. Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Drugs-who really needs them and who doesn't.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:18
Slowing Down the Rush to Heart Surgery - May, 2017Smart questions you can ask to make informed choices. Best Ways to Measure Your Blood Pressure.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:06
Take Charge of Your Heart Health - May, 2017Guide to preventing and treating heart diseases helps to make choices about tests, diet, drugs and surgery. Stages of Heart Disease; Too Many TestsReader: Martin Grodt00:12:09
Where the Rubber Meets the Road - Apr, 2017Nine percent of car, SUV, truck, and van crashes are caused by tires that aren't up to snuff. Determine if yours need to be replaced.Reader: Martin Grodt00:05:46
How Safe Is Safe Enough? - Apr, 2017Manufacturers are pursuing their own distinct stategies for self-driving cars; meanwhile who's looking out for consumers?Reader: Martin Grodt00:14:47
Driving Into The Future - Apr, 2017Cars that see better than humans, never get lost, and almost never crash. Solving the technical, legal, and ethical challenges are immense.Reader: Martin Grodt00:18:17
Now Hear This - Mar, 2017Are OTC Hearing Aids Any Good? 5 Ways to Save Money on Prescription Hearing Aids (These steps can guide you to affordable solutions)Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:46
No More Suffering in Silence - Mar, 2017Hearing loss is a widespread problem associate with depression and perhaps even dementia. We report on affordable solutions. By Julie CalderoneReader: Martin Grodt00:13:26
You Can Find Just Your Type - Mar, 2017Our ratings and advice will guide you to the home printer that's right for you - and tell you how to save money using the one you already own.Reader: Martin Grodt00:13:03
How to Save on Car Insurance - Mar, 2017Learn how to shop smart for the best deal and still get the coverage you can count on. By Tobie StangerReader: Martin Grodt00:12:46
Have More Fun With Your Phone - Mar, 2017Here is our guide for picking the best device and carrier for you, plus the right constellation of features based on your priorities.Reader: Martin Grodt00:20:44
Best TV's for Your Buck - Feb, 2017Looking to buy a big-screen set for the big game? We'll help you pick a television in your price range that suits your needs.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:43
Match Me If You Can - Feb, 2017Dating in the digital age is now a huge business. Apps and sites are growing more popular. We ask readers to rate them and give advice on using them safely.Reader: Martin Grodt00:20:02
The Joy of Specs - Feb, 2017Tired of being gouged when you buy glasses? Our reader survey reveals ways to get surprisingly great deals on frames and lenses.Reader: Martin Grodt00:12:02
Should Drugs Do double Duty? - Feb, 2017Your doctor might give you a drug for a condition it's not approved to treat. That's a risk you may not want to take.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:20
Can You Get Hooked on Sleep Aids? - Feb, 2017Too many people with insomnia take over-the-counter products daily. Here, the facts about the risks.Reader: Martin Grodt00:12:23
Secret to a Great Night's Sleep - Feb, 2017We test and rate 74 mattresses in the ways that matter most. Plus, discover what's best for people in pain, how to pick the perfect pillow and more.Reader: Martin Grodt00:20:16
10 Ways Drones Are Changing Your World - Jan, 2017From delivering burritos to college students to shuttling emergency medical supplies, these aircraft are destined to have a major impact.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:17
Zero Tolerance - Jan, 2017There's a type of hospital infection that's often deadly-and almost entirely preventable. How to keep your family safe.Reader: Martin Grodt00:16:47
The New Retirement - Jan, 2017Everything you thought you knew about retirement has changed, but it is never too late to pivot to a new approach-or too early to start planning.Reader: Martin Grodt00:21:02
How to Survive a High-Deductive Health Plan - Jan, 2017Is your insurance giving you a bad case of sticker shock? Here are ways to ease the pain.Reader: Martin Grodt00:13:21
Clothes Quarters - Jan, 2017Compact washers and dryers solve tight-fit needs, but there are performance trade-offs.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:07
Your Health Is Priceless - Nov, 2016But health insurance can be expensive. As open enrollment begins, we show you how to avoid costly mistakes and still get the coverage you need.Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:17
66 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Right Now pt 1 - Nov, 201666 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Right Now, Internet privacy explained.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:39
66 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Right Now pt 2 - Nov, 2016(1 to 42) ways to protect your cell phones, mobile accounts, baby monitors, smart tv's and other gadgets on the internet of thingsReader: Martin Grodt00:23:46
66 Ways to Protect Your Privacy Right Now pt 3 - Nov, 2016(43 to 66) ways to protect your home computer, monitor, and wi-fi systems.Reader: Martin Grodt00:17:16
The Promise of a Post-Driver Life - Oct, 2016What would surprise you most about your morning commute if you woke up to find yourself beamed 80 years into the future?Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:17
Body Snatchers - Oct, 2016Medical identity theft-when someone steals your personal data to get prescriptions drugs, doctor care, or surgery--is dramatically on the rise.Reader: Martin Grodt00:22:01
Secrets to Stress-Free Flying - Oct, 2016Fed up with high prices, endless fees, cramped seats, long lines, and crazy connections? Use our strategies to fly saner safer, and cheaper.Reader: Martin Grodt00:25:04
Out of This world - Oct, 2016How virtual reality is making it possible to have wild and wonderful adventures without ever leaving your living room. By Terry SullivanReader: Martin Grodt00:10:03
The Rise of the Robo-Adviser - Sep, 2016New digital platforms can manage your portfolio for a fraction of the price of a human financial adviser. Is it time to make a switch?Reader: Martin Grodt00:15:16
Supplements: A Complete Guide to Safety - Sep, 2016Pills and capsules make promises they can't keep in a marketplace with a profound lack of oversight. what ingredients to avoid, what labels mean.Reader: Martin Grodt00:23:20
Supplements: 15 Ingredients to Avoid - Sep, 2016With the help of an expert panel of independent doctors and dietary-supplement researchers, CR identified 15 supplement ingredients that are potentially harmful.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:45
Speakers of the House - Sep, 2016Amazon's Echo speaker and its virtual assistant, Alexa won't do the laundry. But they will play music, shop, and dim the lights on command.Reader: Martin Grodt00:13:29
Having the College Money Talk - Aug, 201610 Key Questions every family should discuss.Reader: Martin Grodt00:18:28
Lives on Hold - Aug, 2016Millions of Americans who went to college seeking a better future now face crushing debt-while industry makes a handsome profit.Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:06
Will These Shirts Protect You From Zika? - Aug, 2016With fears on the rise, we put treated clothing to the test. By Jeneen InterlandiReader: Martin Grodt00:08:31
Why You Can't See Your Favorite Show - Aug, 2016Hoping to score affordable seats to a concert, play, or sporting event? Good luck. Unscrupulous brokers are sending pricing through the roof.Reader: Martin Grodt00:12:22
Shedding Light on Solar Power - Aug, 2016With the price of panels and installation falling and an extension of the federal tax credit, now is a good time to consider solar.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:54
Your Burning Questions, Answered - Jul, 2016Our scientific sunscreen testing exposes startling truths about product claims and effectiveness.Reader: Martin Grodt00:25:22
Insect Repellents In The Age of Zika - Jul, 2016Our new tests identify what works and what doesn't against the bugs that can spread the virus and other diseases.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:32
Ask Our Experts - Jul, 2016Health risks and advice about charring meat, and potatoes too. Advice about taking antibiotics and sun exposure. How to carry pets safely in a car.Reader: Martin Grodt00:04:40
Democracy in the Digital Age - Jul, 2016We now use the internet to shop for cars, file taxes and everything in-between. But are we ready to vote with our smartphones? By Bill HewittReader: Martin Grodt00:13:01
Can You Spot the $10,000 Gown? - Jun, 2016Can guests tell whether she paid a lot or a little? Our Bridal Price Gown Challenge tells us not. Also, Come-Ons, Caveats and Cons.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:30
Get More Wedding for your Money - Jun, 2016Whether it's your first marriage or your third, whether you're the one tying the knot or just footing the bill, use our savvy guide to save money.Reader: Martin Grodt00:21:10
Renovation Without Aggravation - Jun, 2016Our contractor survey revealed shady pro practices, common and costly homemaker mistakes, and strategies for success. Related articles.Reader: Martin Grodt00:22:24
Soothing Strategies - Jun, 2016Applying the right medications and methods at the right time can help to reduce and even stop pain.Reader: Martin Grodt00:18:01
Pain Relief Now - Jun, 2016A lot of people are in pain spending billions on pills, pot, procedures and natural 'cures'. What works and not. Tell Me How Much It Hurts.Reader: Martin Grodt00:22:11
Various articles - Jun, 2016As medical marijuana gets a legal foothold in more and more states, the jury is still out on whether it works. Dangerous Imposters; Hooked on HealingReader: Martin Grodt00:13:57
Great Doctor and State Medical Boards - May, 2016"What Makes A Great Doctor" and "The Best & Worst of State Medical Boards."Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:42
The Stat of the Self-Driving Car - May, 2016Are autonomous cars safe, legal or even desirable? We answer your questions.Reader: Martin Grodt00:22:11
What You Don't Know About Your Dr. Can Hurt You - May, 2016Thousands of doctors across the U.S. are on medical probation for a variety of reasons. But they're still practicing. Good luck finding them.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:22
Flower Power - May, 2016Using an online flower-delivery service this Mother's Day? Comparing some merchants. How to make flowers last longer.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:22
The grass is greener - May, 2016The grass is greener when you cut higher, water smarter, and choose the right equipment.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:20
Reforms Come To Reverse Mortgages - May, 2016New rules may protect borrowers against some potential perils. But when do the risks outweigh the rewards.Reader: Martin Grodt00:15:12
Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost? - May, 2016Like medical coverage for people, pet policies are complicated. Here's what we found when we analyzed coverage from three insurers.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:03
The Cutting Edge, Medical Alerts Get a Makeover - May, 2016Can you trim costs with shaving clubs? Comparing more new medical alert devices.Reader: Martin Grodt00:05:13
Various articles - Apr, 2016Safety At Any Price; Ten Ways to Avoid a CrashReader: Martin Grodt00:19:29
Top 10 Car Picks - Apr, 2016The top 10 car picks for 2016.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:36
Can You Trust Your Mechanic - Mar, 2016Don't spend more than you need on older car maintenance. And be wary of those 'free inspections' when you go in for a recall.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:00
Timeshares Come of Age - Mar, 2016Vacation ownership arrangements are attracting younger, more educated, more affluent buyers, thanks to consumer-friendly changes in the industry.Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:07
Under The Plastic Wrap - Mar, 2016What's really in supermarket prepared meals? Are they healthy or fresh, a good deal or a money trap. We shopped the counters.Reader: Martin Grodt00:17:33
Do-It-Yourself Tax Prep - Mar, 2016We put 2 popular online products to the test.Reader: Martin Grodt00:06:36
Reality as You Know It Is About to Change - Mar, 2016Virtual reality headsets go mainstream, opening up opportunities for education and entertainment. 5 Ways to Experience Another DimensionReader: Martin Grodt00:16:20
Help for Home First-Timers - Mar, 2016Strategies for the home buying: Should parents play mortgage bankers? Be the best buyer-or-seller you can be. Go House hunting, Virtually.Reader: Martin Grodt00:20:29
The Real State of Real Estate - March, 2016New population patterns, lending practices, and housing preferences are changing the rules whether you're buying, selling, or remodeling.Reader: Martin Grodt00:12:13
Make Your Own Bed...and Lie In It - Feb, 2016Ignore the ads. Here's how to get the right mattress at the price you want to pay. The path to a perfect pillow.Reader: Martin Grodt00:16:36
Who's Tracking You In Public - Feb, 2016Facial recognition is moving into department stores, casinos, cruise ships, and even churches. How freaked out should you be?Reader: Martin Grodt00:19:47
I Can't Sleep - Feb, 2016Americans everywhere are desperate for shuut-eye, turning to drugs, supplements, and high-tech gadgets. What works, what is dangerous.Reader: Martin Grodt00:21:31
Tax Thieves - Feb, 2016Outsmart tax thieves this filing season. File early, and be alert for IRS impersonators and tax frauds.Reader: Martin Grodt00:06:12
The Heat Is On - Jan, 2016When there's a chill in the air, the right space heater can keep you cozy.Reader: Martin Grodt00:06:57
Making the World Safe From Superbugs, Pt 3 of 3 - Jan, 2016What is the progress and work to be done to stop the antibiotic overuse in meat and poultry production. Learn what protections consumers need.Reader: Martin Grodt00:25:35
Save Money on Your Meds - Jan, 2016Prices can vary widely from store to store, even in the same town. The trick is to shop around.Reader: Martin Grodt00:17:49
Choose the Best Bank for You - Jan, 2016Do you value 24/7 digital access over the personal touch? Looking for Thousands of branches or low fees? If you shop there are many choices.Reader: Martin Grodt00:28:39
Many Happy Returns - Dec, 2015Just in case someone doesn't love your presents, here are some stores that don't hassle the dissatisfied.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:38
Give A Car, You Shouldn't Have, and Money Gifts - Dec, 2015Car-It might make more sense to cut a big check. Make sure your gift isn't delivering an unintended message, Why cash, is always a good gift.Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:35
Avoid Re-Gifting Regrets and Gift Cards - Dec, 2015Recycling unwanted presents is perfectly fine as long as you follow the rules. Choose carefully when it comes to gift cards.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:00
Batteries Built to Last - Dec, 2015Put these at the top of your holiday shopping list.Reader: Martin Grodt00:04:56
Is Expired Food Safe to Eat - Dec, 2015Confusion over date labels leads us to toss groceries that are still good.Reader: Martin Grodt00:04:22
Home Alarm Target for Thieves and Giving So It Counts - Dec, 2015Could Your Alarm System Make You A Target for Thieves? Before you write a check, make sure you do a charity checkup.Reader: Martin Grodt00:06:32
Medical Sticker Shock - Nov, 2015Five years after the Affordable Care Act become law, more of us than ever now have health insurance - - but we're also paying more out of pocket.Reader: Martin Grodt00:20:27
Have More Fun With Your TV - Nov, 2015With so many options, buying a TV can be challenging. Tune in to this step-by-step guide to make the right choice.Reader: Martin Grodt00:24:04
Can You Hear Me Now - Nov, 2015As the debate over cell phone radiation heats up, consumers deserve answers to whether ther's a cancer connection.Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:54
Lies, Secrets, and Scams - Nov, 2015Anatomy of a Swindle, Money Management and the Aging Brain, Build Your Own Safety NetReader: Martin Grodt00:33:41
Power Struggles - Oct, 2015Behind the scenes, industry forces want consumers to foot the bill for lost revenue from energy efficiency. Considering Solar? Energy Hogs at HomeReader: Martin Grodt00:25:56
Hidden Helpers in Your Phone - Oct, 2015Smartphone functionality has zoomed way beyond driving directions. Now it can help you easily manage a ton of chores.Reader: Martin Grodt00:12:01
The Dirty Little Secrets of Toilet Paper - Oct, 201520,800 is the average number of sheets each person in the U.S. uses per year - the length of 23 football fields.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:03
Does Your 401(k) Plan Need a Makeover? - Oct, 2015Employees are demanding that their companies offer stronger retirement plans. Here's how you can, too.Reader: Martin Grodt00:14:27
How Student Status Adds Up to Savings - Oct, 2015Find out which businesses offer significant and surprising discounts.Reader: Martin Grodt00:06:29
How Safe Is Your Beef? - Oct, 2015If you don't know how the ground beef you eat was raised, you may be putting yourself at higher risk of illness from dangerous bacteria.Reader: Martin Grodt00:23:50
Welcome to Snack Nation - Sep, 2015We live in a land of noshers, which might be what's ruining our waistlines. Listen to find out how to make healthful choices.Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:09
A Bathroom for the Ages - Sep, 2015Thoughtful design allows the aging to stay in their homes with more functional bathroom design.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:52
The Truth About Car Insurance - Sep, 2015We studied more than 2 billion price quotes to understand the factors that raise rates. Here's what you can do to keep yours low.Reader: Martin Grodt00:30:58
How Your Hospital Can Make You Sick - Sep, 2015Consumer Reports' new ratings of more than 3,000 U.S.hospitals show which do a good job of avoiding the infections-and which don't.Reader: Martin Grodt00:24:58
Rage Against Robocalls - Sep, 2015Solutions to stop the onslaught may finally be within reach.Reader: Martin Grodt00:18:24
Oil Crisis - Aug, 2015Adding oil between scheduled changes? Automakers say it's normal; our new data says it's not.Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:00
How to Win at TV - Aug, 2015As cable companies and streaming services fight it out, consumers have more choices - and confusion - than ever.Reader: Martin Grodt00:16:21
Create the Perfect Kitchen for You - Part One- Aug, 2015Dream it. Design it. Buy it. We will guide you through every step of your remodel. Options for counter tops, cabinets, sinks and faucets.Reader: Martin Grodt00:29:22
Create the Perfect Kitchen for You - Part Two - Aug, 2015Looks That'll Floor You. Flooring materials and designs. Step 3: Choose Your Appliances.Reader: Martin Grodt00:23:06
The Rise of Superbugs - Aug, 2015Dangerous infections that are resistant to antibiotics are spreading and growing stronger, with dire consequences.Reader: Martin Grodt00:21:58
Treatments to Turn Back Time? - Aug, 2015The potential risks of many therapies should overshadow promises of youth restored.Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:14
Surprising Credit Card Benefits - Aug, 2015Tucked away in the fine print are deals that can save you money.Reader: Martin Grodt00:05:42
Keep Your PC Safe - for Free - Jul, 2015You can get good antivirus protection at no cost, or add defenses with paid programs. Also: When you need a little help with your computer.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:06
New Ways to Protect Your Credit Cards - Jul, 2015Arm yourself against thieves by going high-tech.Reader: Martin Grodt00:04:34
5 Things You Must Know about Sunscreen - Jul, 2015There are more than 1,000 products on the shelves. Here, 15 terrific, nonyucky, nonsticky, no-burn options.Reader: Martin Grodt00:14:26
How to Win the Battle of the Bugs - Jul, 2015You don't need harsh chemicals to keep the biters at bay. We reveal new, safer options.Reader: Martin Grodt00:16:25
Fakes, Phonies and Frauds - Jul, 2015We're awash in knockoffs of iconic American brands as well as respected international products. How to tell real from the rip-off.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:42
Cool Down When It Heats Up - Jul, 20155 ground rules for central air. Choosing the best air conditioner for your needs. Installation and maintenance tips.Reader: Martin Grodt00:12:18
How to Cut Your Water Use in Half - Jul, 2015Even if you don't live in drought-plagued California, it's smart to save water with these products and plans.Reader: Martin Grodt00:13:33
When it Really Pays to Buy Online - Jul, 2015How to know whether you're better off shopping digitally or in a store. Brick and Mortar vs. One Click: How to Decide.Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:11
What Makes a Car American? - Jul, 2015As more foreign automakers build plants on our shores, the definition of "Made in the U.S.A." gets fuzzier. Also: "Imported from Detroit".Reader: Martin Grodt00:10:24
Made In America - Jul, 2015Manufacturing is not going away, innovation remains strong, and if you want to buy American, you still can buy high-performing products.Reader: Martin Grodt00:18:21
10 Great Used Cars Under 10 Grand - Jun, 201510 Great Cars - Reliable wheels that are safe for teens - and won't crush the college fund. Energy efficient car; Your car can get hackedReader: Martin Grodt00:21:51
Get Your Car to 200,000 Miles - Mar, 2015How to squeeze the most durability and reliability out of those old wheels. Cars for the long haul; When to call it quits; Red flags; Certified?Reader: Martin Grodt00:15:37
In the Privacy of Your Own Home - Jun, 2015That smart TV, your connected thermostat, even your washing machine - they're all tracking your habits. Why you need to know who's watching.Reader: Martin Grodt00:23:45
More About Shrimp - Jun, 2015The 800-mile trip to America's dinner plate; six popular shrimp; truth lies and crustaceans; safe shrimp prep; the lowdown on shrimp labelsReader: Martin Grodt00:14:53
How Safe Is Your Shrimp? - Jun, 2015Consumer Reports' guide to choosing the healthiest, tastiest, and most responsibly sourced shrimp.Reader: Martin Grodt00:17:11
Beat Those Weeds - Jun, 2015A batch of mostly organic solutions (hold the Roundup)Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:32
You, by the Numbers - May, 2015Blood pressure and blood glucose meters. The best, most accurate and most economical ones to use.Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:14
The Low-Impact (but Still Lush) Landscape - May, 2015How to get a gorgeous yard with less water and fewer chemicals - and, hooray, less work.Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:36
Eat the Peach, Not the Pesticide - May, 2015Our new produce guidelines show you how to make the best choices for your health - and for the environment.Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:49
America's Best, Freshest Supermarkets - May, 2015Today shoppers want high quality fruits, vegetables, and store-made meals. We found the stores that provide them, and those that fail.Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:43
Make Your Music Sound Better - May, 2015Comparing streaming music services, headphones and speakers. Is high-res audio really worth the extra money?Reader: Martin Grodt00:20:09
The Myth of the $5,000 Mattress - May, 2015The spin: Spending thousands guarantees blissful sleep. The reality: You can get great, supportive bedding for less than a grand.Reader: Martin Grodt00:13:25
Bitcoin: Beyond the Buzz - May, 2015Wondering what's the big deal about bitcoin? How it works and whether it will ever really be embraced by consumers.Reader: Martin Grodt00:03:01
Buried Under Student Loan Debt? Help Is on the Way. - May, 2015It's a problem that affects all Americans. Here's what you can do if you owe - and why we're calling for reform.Reader: Martin Grodt00:04:30
The Truth About Recalls - Apr, 2015After a record year of problem cars, consumers are asking, What does that mean for me?Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:59
Cars That Can Save Your Life - Apr, 2015One of the best things about 2015 cars? The safety devices that help stop crashes before they start.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:05
Do You Really Need A New Car? - Apr, 2015Keeping your ride could save a bundle, but you'll be missing out on big innovations in safety and infotainment.Reader: Martin Grodt00:08:45
The Best Tires in 7 Categories - Apr, 2015Get a great grip - whether you have a tiny car or a huge truck.Reader: Martin Grodt00:05:25
Are Green Cars Still Worth the Money? - Apr, 2015Lower gas prices prompt the question. The answer might surprise you.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:13
Detroit Wakes Up - Apr, 2015There really is an American revival. The proof: 3 U.S. cars make our Top Picks.Reader: Martin Grodt00:05:09
Best and Worst Car Brands - Apr, 2015Our exclusive Report Card shows who makes the most reliable, best-driving vehicles.Reader: Martin Grodt00:04:56
-10 Top Picks of 2015 - Apr, 2015If you corner a Consumer Reports auto expert at a party and ask "What car should I buy?" These cars will be the answer.Reader: Martin Grodt00:12:29
Overexposed - Mar, 2015Had a CT scan lately? Maybe a couple of X-rays? Many of those tests are unnecessary - and potentially cancer-causing, learn when to say no.Reader: Martin Grodt00:24:38
Home Sale Mistakes That Cost You Money - Mar, 2015Buyers and sellers: Don't pay more than you have to - or settle for less than you should. What Your Real Estate Agent Doesn't Want You to Know.Reader: Martin Grodt00:13:39
How to Make Your Home 10% More Valuable - Mar, 2015Whether you're buying , selling, or staying put, you can boost your bottom line by $20,000 or more. The Top 5 Ways to Raise Your Home's ValueReader: Martin Grodt00:22:58
To Share or Not to Share? (video streaming) - Mar, 2015If you use Amazon Prime, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, or Netflix, chances are you've shared your log-in info. Here is how to stay out of trouble.Reader: Martin Grodt00:11:43
FAQs About GMOs - Mar, 2015It can be tough to figure out why there's a fuss over genetically modified ingredients in food. This will help you sift through the facts.Reader: Martin Grodt00:14:35
How Not to Get Sick(er) in the Hospital - Feb, 2015Sometimes you can be in worse shape coming out than going in, thanks to medical errors and dangerous infections. Here is how to improve things.Reader: Martin Grodt00:16:03
The Right Cell for You - Feb, 2015Brilliant cameras, gorgeous displays, long-lived batteries. This just might be the year to spring for a phone upgrade.Reader: Martin Grodt00:16:48
How to Get the Right Cell Plan,and Phone, for Your Needs - Feb, 2015The dreaded chore is suddenly much, much easier. Start here with our primer on mobile plans.Reader: Martin Grodt00:20:11
Beware the Travel-Club Con - Feb, 2015Does that exotic adventure sound too good to be true? You could be taken for a ride.Reader: Martin Grodt00:05:11
What Health Care Reform Means for Your Tax Return - Feb, 2015The latest on what to watch for - and what to do.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:28
What Do Those Drug Labels Really Mean? - Feb, 2015Claims like 'All Day', 'Non-Drowsy', and 'Maximum' can be tough to decode. It takes a close read to get what you need.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:32
The eBays for Borrowers and Lenders - Feb, 2015Peer-to-peer outfits let ordinary people borrow and lend. Here's what you need to know.Reader: Martin Grodt00:06:57
Would You Buy Your Car Again? - Jan, 2015Our annual owner satisfaction survey asked that question. Drivers saying yes tend to have pricey cars. But 'fun-to-drive' counts for a lot too.Reader: Martin Grodt00:07:08
Lightbulbs That Want to Change Your Mood - Jan, 2015Those new LEDs claim that they'll help you sleep, boost your energy, or just help you have a good time.Reader: Martin Grodt00:09:43
How Your Credit Report Can Help You - or Hurt You - Jan, 2015An error in your files can mean that you don't get the loan or even the job you want. But a good record can boost your buying power.Reader: Martin Grodt00:16:06
The Upside - and Downside - of Outpatient Surgery - Jan, 2015Joan Rivers' death is a reminder that you should carefully look before you book.Reader: Martin Grodt00:06:36
Arsenic in Your Rice: The Latest - Jan, 2015Two years after we released groundbreaking findings, we have new data and guidelines especially important for gluten avoiders.Reader: Martin Grodt00:06:04
The Truth About Gluten - Jan, 2015The biggest trend in the food world shows no signs of slowing down. But will going gluten-free really make you healthier?Reader: Martin Grodt00:16:38

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