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Voice artist Darla Middlebrook selects and reads articles from Catster Magazine (formerly Cat Fancy), a journal devoted to the most popular pet in the western world.

Current Catster Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
So Much in Common - Sep/Oct, 20219 ways cats are like humans, by Debbie DeLouiseReader: Darla Middlebrook00:12:20
Why Do Cats...Bring You "Gifts"? - Sep/Oct, 2021Explaining some reasons fot cat "gifts", by Susan Logan-McCrackenReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:47
How to Speak Scaredy-Cat - Sep, 2021Reading feline body language, by Jackie BrownReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:03
The Bomb Squad Kittens - Sep, 2021A surprise for the police, by Kellie GormlyReader: Darla Middlebrook00:04:35
The battle to stop declawing - May/Jun, 2021The facts about declawing, by Sandy RobinsReader: Darla Middlebrook00:10:13
Stella vs Dieting- May, 2021Stella has her own ideas about diets, by Michael LeavertonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:31
Kitty need a lawyer? - Mar/Apr, 2021Changes in animal law, by Mary SchwagerReader: Darla Middlebrook00:11:20
Make Kitty Your Workout Buddy - Mar/Apr, 2021Some ideas for cat fitness, by Mary TanReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:49
Cat Health - Mar/Apr, 2021Just Mew It-getting your cat moving, by Jackie BrownReader: Darla Middlebrook00:10:24
It's Me, The Cat - Apr, 2021Stella Talks Exercise. Stella is 18! And she doesn't care much for exercise. by Michael LeavertonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:20
PIP, PIP, Hooray!- Apr, 2021From scruffy orphan to Feline Ambassador, by Elisa JordanReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:48
What Cats REALLY Want for Christmas - Jan/Feb, 2021A (late) list of "feline" wishes for Santa, by Angie BaileyReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:40
Doing Better for Cats - Jan/Feb, 2021How a celeb helps cats, by Rita ReimersReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:51
Stella Talks CAROLING - Jan/Feb, 2020The opinionated cat converses with her slave...Michael. by Michael LeavertonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:34
It takes a community-Life with Catitude - Nov, Dec 2020Paul, the Cat Guy. A NY resident who helps TNR to work. by Deborah BarnesReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:21
Why do Cats Eat Grass? - Nov/Dec, 2020Well...why DO they eat grass?? by Susan Longan-McCrackenReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:46
Meows, Yowls & Growls, Demystified - Nov/Deb, 2020Cat vocalizations addressed, by May TanReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:59
Cat Behaviour - Nov/Dec, 20205 Weird cat BEHAVIORS. Although strange to us, they are purrfectly natural for kitty.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:12:04
A Cat's Take on Humans' Training Efforts - Nov/Dec, 2020Training? A Cat?? by Angie BaileyReader: Darla Middlebrook00:04:55
It's Me, The Cat - Nov/Dec, 2020"Conversation" between Michael Leaverton and his cat StellaReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:03
Why Do Cats Like Smelly Stuff? - Oct, 2020Cats sense of smell is acute, by Susan Logan-McCrackenReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:03
Welcome Back to School, Which Classes Would Cats Excel In?- Sep/Oct, 2020Imagine cats in school, by Angie BaileyReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:10
Stella Embraces Superstitions - Sep/Oct, 2020Conversations with Stella, by Michael LeavertonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:07
Breed Crush (Who's That Cat?) - Jul/Aug, 2020Born in the USA-The American Shorthair, by Stacy N. HackettReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:31
Stella's Summer Struggles - Jul/Aug, 2020Michael Leaverton talks to his sassy cat.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:00
11 Reasons to Love the Beautiful Burmese - May/Jun, 2020Fun facts regarding the breed of Burmese. by Erika SoroccoReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:40
Stella's Military Heroes - May/Jun, 2020Honoring Memorial Day, by Michael LevertonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:27
Henry the Search Cat is on the Case - Mar/Apr, 2020The working of a "sniffer" cat, by Elisa JordanReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:48
Beware of These Household Hazards - Apr, 2020Keeping your fur baby safe, by Arnold Plotnick, DVMReader: Darla Middlebrook00:10:07
It's Me, The Cat - Mar/Apr, 2020Cat and "owner" have an argument, by Michael LevertonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:31
Decoding Your Cat's Body Language - Jul/Aug, 2019How to figure out what your cat is trying to tell you. by Rita ReimersReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:41
Why do cats like heights? - Jul/Aug, 2019Is your cat a jumper or climber? Here's why..., by Susan Logan Mc-CrackenReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:04
Why Do Cats Bite - May/Jun, 20193 or 4 reasons why your cat will bite and how to avoid it, by Susan Logan-McCrackenReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:44
Life with Catitude - Mar/Apr, 2019Why Do Cats Sit on People?, by Susan Logan-McCrackenReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:08
Breaking Stereotypes and Changing the World - Mar/Apr, 2019TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) in the community. by Janea KelleyReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:18
The Real Truth About Milk & Tuna - Mar/Apr, 2019Facts about feeding milk or tuna to your cat. by Arden MooreReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:54
The Dry vs Wet Cat Food Debate - Oct, 2018Facts regarding feeding of wet versus dry food, by Arden MooreReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:45
You're So Naughty! - Sep/Oct, 2018Is kitty being bad or just trying to cope with what's stressing him out in your house?Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:11:54
Stella vs. Halloween - Sep/Oct, 2018Michael Leaverton (the author of the article) asks his cat, Stella (a Bengal) about her Halloween "game plan"Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:36
Bizarre Feline Behaviors - Sep/Oct, 20188 of the (many) strange behaviours of cats. By Rita ReimersReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:43
Various articles - May/Jun, 2018Nova Scotia Outlaws Declawing, By Jackie Brown; Cat Hairs Convict Texas Woman, By Jackie Brown; Canada Lynx Update, By Kim Campbell ThorntonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:04:54
No Bite, Kitten! - May/Jun, 2018Teach your kitten to play without using teeth. By Stacey N. HackettReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:23
How to Help a Grieving Cat - May/Jun, 2018Things to do to help your cat and yourself when a member of the cat's family dies. By Rita ReimersReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:43
Why Does Kitty Lick Me? - Jan/Feb, 2018Is licking love, or does Kitty just think you need a bath? By Rita ReimersReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:50
Today's Cat Guy - Feb/Jan, 2018MEN who love cats, By Keith BowersReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:41
It's Me, the Cat - Jan/Feb, 2018Stella Talks Fur Coats, By Michael LeavertonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:04:38
Outside vs Inside - Sep/Oct, 2017Life With Catitude: Defenders of life indoors vs outdoors for cats, by Steve Dale.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:10:44
Save Cats From Themselves - Sep/Oct, 2017Safety: 9 Common dangers that get our felines into trouble - plus tips to protect them, by Susan Logan-McCracken.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:10:22
Lazy Cat? - Jul, 2017Think Your Cat's Lazy? Think Again. Talking about how much sleep a cat needs. By Stacy N. Hackett.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:30
Agressive Cat - Jul, 2017Aggressive, or Just a Brat? Figuring out if a cat is being aggressive or not. By Rita Teimers, cat behaviorist.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:53
Singing the MEWS! - Mar/Apr, 2017Whether glitzy pop stars, artsy indie rockers or hell-raising rappers, these are musicians who have turned being cat crazy into cool. By Phillip MLYNARReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:15
6 Common Litter Box No-No's - Mar/Apr, 2017Litter boxes can quickly become the bane of a cat owner's existence when kitty decides to misuse them, or not use them at all. By Rita ReimersReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:58
Stella Discusses Litter Boxes - Mar/Apr, 2017The savvy cat owner knows NOT to mess with a successful bathroom routine..., By Michael LeavertonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:24
In Praise of Crazy Cat People - Mar/Apr, 2017These people are NOT crazy, By Janea KelleyReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:06
Do Cats Think We're Just Bigger Cats? - Jan/Feb, 2017The author of the article "interviews" his eleven year old Bengal, Stella. By Michael LeavertonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:44
We Can Do It - Jan/Feb, 2017Raised by Huskies, Rosie the cat breaks feline stereotypes as she boldly goes where few cats have gone before. By Anastasia ThriftReader: Darla Middlebrook00:04:07
Cats Rule! - Nov/Dec, 2016What if cats ruled the world... By Steve DaleReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:41
What's Going On? - Sep, 2016Mind & Body: Nine Lives: What's going on in your cat's brain? Some thoughts about the cat's cerebral cortex . By Stacy N. Hackett.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:17
Stella's Opinion - Sep, 2016An article themed 'It's Me, the Cat. Stella's opinion about going to school. By Michael Leaverton.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:04:50
Cat Smarts vs Dog Smarts - Sep, 2016Who is smarter? Cats or Dogs? By Steve Dale.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:09
Feline Mind Games - Sep/Oct, 2016How cats train us to behave. By Rita Reimers, Cat BehavioristReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:14
Help Wanted-A New Catitude - Jul/Aug, 2016How to Keep Your Cat Happy When You're Not Home, By Rita Reimers, Cat BehavioristReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:28
Keep Your Cat Out of Trouble this Summer - Aug, 2016A few tips for helping the cat stay cool. By Dr. Marty Becker, Chief veterinary correspondentReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:24
It's Me: The Cat - May, 2016What Stella really thinks about kittens. The author interviews his cat about her take on kittens. By Michael Leaverton.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:04:22
The Siamese, If You Please - Mar/Apr, 2016Information about one of the world's most popular breed of cat. By Kim Campbell ThorntonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:36
Up All Night - Mar/Apr, 2016Stop your cat's annoying nighttime behaviors. By Rita Reimers, Cat BehavioristReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:05
Stella's Valentine List - Mar, 2016The author of the article "interviews" his cat. By Michael LeavertonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:34
Bed Hog Dog - Mar, 2016How our pets' comfort trumps a good night's sleep. By Bill BarolReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:19
Top 10 Cat Parent Problems SOLVED - Mar, 2016Easy solutions to meet your cat's needs so that everyone in the household is happy. By Susan Logan-McCrackenReader: Darla Middlebrook00:14:21
What's a Kidney to Do? - Mar/Apr, 2016The author of the article talks about his favorite organ, the kidney and both its function and dysfunction. By Dr. Arnold Plotnick, D.V.M.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:53
Cats Rule, Dogs Drool - Dec, 2015Stell, the cat, gives her opinion of dogs in an interview. By Michael Leaverton (Stella's owner, er slave)Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:09
Help Wanted-A New Catitude - Nov/Dec, 2015There's No Place Like Home-tips for helping your cat be happy and healthy, By Rita Reimers, Cat BehavioristReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:32
The Liquid That Kills Hundreds of Thousands of Cats - Nov/Dec, 2015Talks about dealing with "inappropriate elimination", By Dr. Marty Becker, Chief Veterinary Correspondent, Catster MagazineReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:37
Cat Tourism - Sep/Oct, 2015Check Out the Spooky Sights in Salem. A short tour of Salem, Massachusetts cat "haunts". By Sandi Robins.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:10:48
For the Love of Cats - Sep/Oct, 2015Which Obscure Cat Superstition Are You? Looking at some different superstitions surrounding cats. By Angie Bailey.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:31
Life With Catitude - Sep/Oct, 2015It's Me, the Cat. A "conversation" between the author and his cat. By Michael Leverton.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:17
Purrfectly Spooky Cats - Sep/Oct, 2015A few stories for the Halloween season, By Louise HungReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:21
Where Do You Stand on Feline Nutrition - Sep/Oct, 2015Information about what we feed our cats in the 21st century. By Arden MooreReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:53
A Kitten Born Without Eyes Learns to See Love - Sep/Oct, 2015The triumphs of a blind kitten. By Denise LeBeauReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:18
Life with Catitude - Sep/Oct, 2015Lingering misperceptions about cats. By Steve DaleReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:22
On a Roll: These Cats Thrive in Wheelchairs - Sep/Oct, 2015Assisted mobility for felines. By Angela LutzReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:43
Wild About Atchoum - Sep/Oct, 2015Meet clebricat Atchoum (French for "achoo"), a cat who has taken the internet by storm. By Layla Morgan WildeReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:25
10 Reasons to Love the Beautiful Black Bombay - Sep/Oct, 2015Interesting facts about a handsome breed of cat. By Erika SoroccoReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:15
The Beguiling Burmese - Sep/Oct, 2015Another profile of another lovely breed. I wish I had one! By Kim Campbell ThorntonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:29
10 Ways to Deal & Get Real with Cat Hair - Jul/Aug, 2015Cat hair got your Here are a few tips that can help. By Susan Logan-McKrakkenReader: Darla Middlebrook00:14:20
How Hot is Too Hot? - Jul/Aug, 2015Discussing signs of overheating and ways to cool down your cat. By Stacy N. HackettReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:11
There's Nothing Small About Lil' Bub - Aug, 2015Let's meet the viral phenomenon - Lil' Bub, By Anastasia SwiftReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:46
That's What You Think - Jul/Aug, 2015Are You "Parents" to Your Cats? By Angie BaileyReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:40
Good or Bad? 5 Human foods you might give your cat - Jul/Aug, 2015A short quiz about snack foods for your feline. By Arden MooreReader: Darla Middlebrook00:10:23
I Catcur - No Cats Allowed? - Jul/Aug, 2015No dogs allowed is one thing, but who wouldn't allow cats? By Steve DaleReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:18
Stella Talks About Summer - Jul/Aug, 2015It's summertime, and people are making a big deal of enjoying it...But what about cats? By Michael Leaverton (and his cat Stella)Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:58
Simon's Cat Rules the House - May/Jun, 2015He might be small and line-drawn, but this cat has everyone wrapped around his paw. By Anastasia ThriftReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:42
9 Lives - May/Jun, 2015How much sleep should your cat get? By Stacy N. HackettReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:39
The Finicky Cat - May/Jun, 2015Weighing in on feline chowhounds. By Arden MooreReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:38
Love Cats or a Cat Person but Have Allergies? - Apr, 2015FEAR NOT! W bring you the allergic person's guide to living with cats. By Susan Logan-McCrackenReader: Darla Middlebrook00:15:38
It's Me, The Cat - May/Jun, 201548 Reasons Your cat thinks you're weird. By Stella the Cat (AKA Micheal Leaverton)Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:16
A New Cattitude - May/Jun, 20158 Things you have to explain to people who don't have cats. By Rita Reimers, Cat BehavioristReader: Darla Middlebrook00:10:42
They've Got Personality - Mar, 2015Famous cat people over the past 50 years made a big difference for cats. Magazine name change to CATSTERReader: Darla Middlebrook00:17:51
We've Come a Long Way Kitty - Mar, 2015A look back at some major feline milestones of the past 50 years. By Allie B. KaramasterReader: Darla Middlebrook00:17:19
Hola, Gato (Hello Cat) - Mar, 2015A Colombian kitten finds home on a bicycle adventure through central and South America. By Cheri HarrisReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:36
The Cats of the Tower of London - Mar, 2015Several famous prisoners were comforted by their pet cats during their sentences. By Brad KollusReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:26
Merlin's Magic - Mar, 2015A shy rescued cat helps a child with Tourette's syndrome and inspires a lifesaving career in animal welfare. By Cimeron MorrisseyReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:33
Cat's-Eye View, A Home for the Entire Family - Mar, 2015Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin show you how to include your cat when planning or rearranging the decor. By Steve DaleReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:11
A Voice for All Cats - Mar, 2015For half a century, CAT FANCY and its readers made the world a better place for cats. By Susan Logan-McCrackenReader: Darla Middlebrook00:24:54
Forever Home - An Unbreakable Bond - Mar, 2015An unlikely feline pair find friendship and a happy home. By Stacey RitzReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:32
I Was A Cold War SPY - Feb, 2015During the 1960s, the CIA trained many non-humans, including cats, to spy on America's cold war enemies. By Sandy RobinsReader: Darla Middlebrook00:13:20
Don't Miss Me Too Much! - Feb, 2015Understanding feline separation anxiety is the first step toward healing. By Thomas HillReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:52
The Way Home - Jan, 201512 tips for recovering a lost cat. By Rebecca SweatReader: Darla Middlebrook00:13:46
Feline Comfort - Feb, 2015Evidence suggests that cats can help people cope with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. By BJ BangsReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:25
A Lasting Legacy - Jan, 2015Learn why these five cats were honored with statues. By Lois HarrisReader: Darla Middlebrook00:11:05
A Beautiful Bond - Jan, 2015Touching portraits of a Japanese grandmother and her beloved cat have made the pair an internet sensation. By Sandy RobinsReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:47
Dieting Dilemmas Solved - Jan, 2015The top 5 challenges (to putting and keeping a cat on a diet) and how to overcome them. By Renee Sagiv RieblingReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:35
A Blind Leap of Faith - Jan, 2015Homer the Blind Wonder Cat opens peoples' s eyes to the joys of having a special-needs animal. By Cimeron MorrisseyReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:49
A Long Journal - Jan, 2015Two feline brothers find their purrfect home. By Nelligan KaneReader: Darla Middlebrook00:04:21
The Protest - Jan, 2015Find out what happens when a frustrated cat parent goes on strike. By Sandy RobinsReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:41
DIY Cat Toys - Dec, 2014Common household items can provide hours of fun for your cat. By Shanna LearReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:18
Feline Bookwork - Dec, 2014Meet Blake, the antiquarian bookstore cat! By Kellie B. GormlyReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:07
Happy Safe Holidays - Dec, 2014Tips regarding making the Christmas season safe for your feline friends. By Carmen Rane HudsonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:11:23
The Gift of Touch - Dec, 2014Advice about massaging your cat. By Wendy Bedwell-Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:28
From Ferocious Feral to Friendly Feline - Nov, 2014Advocacy & Rescue: Lots of snuggling and reassurance turn a frightened kitten into a loving family member. By Daniel Conmy.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:08
How We Taught Our Kitties to Swim - Nov, 2014Out of concern for their felines' safety one couple gave their cats swimming lessons. By Mary Ellen "Angel Scribe"Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:11:22
Kitty See, Kitty Do - Nov, 2014Do your cats copy each other? By Rebecca SweatReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:14
Cats and Babies - Aug, 201413 Simple steps for successful introductions, By Shana LearReader: Darla Middlebrook00:10:15
Hear What They're missing - Aug, 2014Follow these tips to help your deaf cat live a full life. By Erika SoroccoReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:45
New Born Know-How - Apr, 2014Follow these five tips to care for orphaned kittens. By Erika SoroccoReader: Darla Middlebrook00:11:17
Kitten Training Basics - Apr, 2014Expert tips on teaching your kitten proper behaviors. By Rebecca SweatReader: Darla Middlebrook00:12:23
When Three's a Crowd - Feb, 2014Seven ways to help your cat learn to accept the new humans in our life. by Rebecca SweatReader: Darla Middlebrook00:12:34
Let's Play - Dec, 2013With the right kind of toys and activities, playtime can be beneficial, as well as fun. by Marilyn Kriefer, CCBCReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:57
A Therapy Cat Helps Make Music - Dec, 2013Connor Lee provides a calming presence, feline-style. by Anatasia ThriftReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:07
Kitten Therapy - Dec, 2013An innovative program helps comfort a heartbroken town. by Kellie B. GormlyReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:33
New Hope - Oct, 2013Feline fitness and rehabilitation centers are quickly becoming an option for sick or injured cats. by Stephanie BouchardReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:30
A Frown with Fans - Oct, 2013Meet the face that launched a thousand memes - athor, movie star and internet sensation, Grumpy Cat. by Anastasia ThriftReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:21
Zombie Rescues Lost Cat - Oct, 2013Dressed in character, this living dead man saves a feline who had been missing for two years. by James P. JudgeReader: Darla Middlebrook00:04:44
We Are Siamese. If you please... - Sep, 2013...and Balinese, Colorpoint Shorthair, Thai and Tonkinese: Collectively, an amazing, delightful group of Oriental breeds. by Stacy N. HackettReader: Darla Middlebrook00:16:27
Two War Heroes Come Home - Sep, 2013An abused cat and an American soldier give each other comfort and support. by Polina OlsenReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:08
Suffering in Silence - Sep, 2013Cats pay a huge price when they don't see their veterinarians. by Steve DaleReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:54
Stages of Grief -Sep, 2013Pet loss poses unique challenges, but help is available to those that need it. by Susan Logan-McCrackenReader: Darla Middlebrook00:10:20
Hidden Pain - Aug, 2013Signs of osteoarthritis are elusive, so knowing what to look for how you can ease your cat's discomfort. by Ashley Miltek, DVMReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:47
How Cats Age - Sep, 2013It's important to know the signs of aging so you and your veterinarian can discover diseases while they're treatable. by Ruth MacPete, DVMReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:17
De-Stress Your Cat - Aug, 2013Feline Idiopathic Cystitis is a mysterious condition that appears to be stress-induced. by Faith A. HaydenReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:10
Follow the Felines - Aug, 2013The York cat trail gives visitors fun and history in one walking tour. by Linda HarrisonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:43
A Friendly Feline Face - Aug, 2013Although she's retired, Sadie the Subway Cat still has quite a following. by Kellie B. GormlyReader: Darla Middlebrook00:06:24
From Feral to Family Member - Aug, 2013Rescued from the streets, a frightened cat finds a loving home. by Catherine CookReader: Darla Middlebrook00:04:58
Play It Safe - Jul, 2013Protect your cat form these common household dangers. by Ruth MacPete, DVMReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:49
From Fat Cat to Top Cat - Jul, 2013An unsettled feline finds peace and a happy home. by Nelligan KaneReader: Darla Middlebrook00:04:32
Cat Champions - Jul, 2013"A voice of the cats' defends felines against harmful misinformation." by Cimeon MorrisseyReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:59
Coffee and Cuddles - Jun, 2013Take a peek inside one of Tokyo's cat cafes. by Sonja Radvila with Chami KobayashiReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:08
Smaller Than a Housecat - Jun, 2013Advocacy & Rescue: Meet the rusty-spotted cat, the smallest wild feline. By Brad Kollus.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:50
Therapy Experts - Jun, 2013Cat News Network: Cats are more effective than dogs or men at helping the clinically depressed, study shows. By Steve DaleReader: Darla Middlebrook00:07:41
35 Years of Funny - Jun, 2013Garfield: Garfield Weighs in On 35 Years of Funny. That's a lot of laughs and lasagna!Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:16
Rugged Cats - Apr, 2013Breed Profiles: Mother Nature had a hand in the creation of these 3 hardy breeds - Maine Coon, Pixie Bob, Siberian. By Audrey PaviaReader: Darla Middlebrook00:14:06
Loaded With Personality - Apr, 2013Kittens: From cuddly to crazy, each kitten's personality is unique. By Helen Jablonski.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:11
Neville's Nirvana - Apr, 2013Advocacy & Rescue: A tiny, helpless kitten finds an unlikely family. By Shelley Sweeney.Reader: Darla Middlebrook00:04:56
Miracle Cat - Mar, 2013"Abused and abandoned, Milagro beats the odds - and finds a loving home." by Polina OlsenReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:26
The Feline Occupy Movement - Mar, 2013"You know who's really in your home." by Sandy RobinsReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:32
Golden Companions - Feb, 2013"Senior pets often make the best companions for senior citizens." by Stacy MantleReader: Darla Middlebrook00:04:53
Only the Lonely - January, 2013"Learn how to keep your cat content when you're not home." by Taylor HuffmanReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:06
The Trouble With Tabbies - January, 2013"When counting these cats, one and one makes three." by Sandy RobbinsReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:43
Sniffing Out Disease - January, 2013"Do cats have the ability to sense illness and disorders in people?" by Karen AspReader: Darla Middlebrook00:13:17
From the Streets to a Kitty Castle - January, 2013"Jagger and Star find a new home with actress and lifelong cat lover Anna Easteden." by Wendy Bedwell-WilsonReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:54
Sounds to Soothe the Feline Soul - January, 2013"Learn how music can improve the lives of cats." by Helen JablonskiReader: Darla Middlebrook00:10:01
Your Cat Did What? - December, 2012"Twenty-five crazy - but common - feline - behaviors." by Rebecca SweatReader: Darla Middlebrook00:20:12
Garfield Weighs in on Nerds - December, 2012"If we didn't have nerds, whou would run our IT departments?" by Garfield the CatReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:35
No Rest for the Weary - November, 2012"When your cats take over your bed." by Sandy RobinsReader: Darla Middlebrook00:04:28
Garfield Weighs in on the Feline-Friendly Home - November, 2012"We cats appreciate the little touches that keep us feeling comfy and safe." by Garfield the CatReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:06
Stop Counter Surfing - November, 2012"Here's how to curb this potentially dangerous behavior." by Erika SoroccoReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:32
Garfield Weighs in on Still More Cat Advice - October, 2012"I, Garfield, the feline answer to Apple's Siri, am here to help you with problems big and small." by Garfield the CatReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:40
Garfield weighs in...On the Zoo - September, 2012"Zoos aid in maintaining some species, many of which are endangered in the wild." by Garfield the CatReader: Darla Middlebrook00:05:55
A Time to Mourn - September, 2012"Understand how and why cats grieve and what you can do to help them through this natural emotion." by Erika SoroccoReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:58
Last Chance for Love - September, 2012"The benefits of adopting an older cat." by Helen JablonskiReader: Darla Middlebrook00:08:36
Kitty Co-Workers - September, 2012"How to balance business and play when working from home with your cats." by Laura Maylene WalterReader: Darla Middlebrook00:09:39

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