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Car Talk

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AIRSLA provides these links to NPR's hilarious weekly radio series "Car Talk" with Tom and Ray Magliozzi.

Car Talk Episodes
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
#2138: 34 Years of Listener RetaliationOur 34th Anniversary Celebration/Apology continues, with an all-listener request show. We've got the Bosnian Vowel Drop, Arup Gupta, the original...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:60
#2137: 34 Years of the North American WackoThis week, we continue celebrating (and apologizing for) Car Talk's 34th Anniversary on NPR, with some of our all-time favorite "out there" calls...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:36
#2136: Thirty Four Years of Lousy Marital AdviceRelationships! Can lonely guy Chris use his car to meet a woman? Did Ellen really wreck her husband's Explorer by accidentally filling it with diesel?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:15
#2135: The Camaro ContretempsWho better than Tom and Ray to solve a dispute between two brothers over a vintage Camaro? Well, lots of people, actually. But Cynthia wasn't able to...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:12
#2134: My Dog Still Hates YouMelissa wants to remind us she (and her dog) still hate us, but would we mind giving her some potentially life saving advice?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:56:07
#2133: Joys of Family Car TroubleVern's brother accused him of wrecking the engine in his Windstar by adding too much oil. On a scale of 1 to 10, how guilty should Vern feel?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:59
#2132: Choosing the Right VehicleAmanda is getting married in a few days, and has one last item on her To-Do list — convincing her fiancé to get rid of his truck...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:48
#2131: Adventures in BogosityRay takes Male Answer Syndrome to a whole new level, trying to explain why Dave's keyless remote works better when Dave points it at his chinTom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:08
#2130: Til Death Do Us ParkKatherine's new job got off to a bumpy start when she rear-ended her boss' car. She's been eyeing a new car - should she wait for her performance review?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:52
#2129: We Don't Recommend the Hot WaxYou're on the road when nature calls and the only option is a fast-food restaurant, are you obligated to buy something?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:12
#2128: Geek CampGot a pencil neck and an empty summer calendar? Tom and Ray are here for you, with the first (and probably last) Geek Week Summer Camp.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:60
#2127: Perspicacity and the Sundance KidAfter years of ranting and raving about bad drivers, Tommy makes a shocking confession. What previously unthinkable driving sin did he commit?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:05
#2126: The Secret Male HandshakeKatie's roommate's pseudo-scientific explanation for getting her Civic's door stuck on a sidewalk struck her as bogus, so she's asking us!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:57
#2125: The Spark of a Bad IdeaSteve left a fresh turkey in his car for a week, and well, things don't smell so fresh anymore. Does Steve need to call Vinny the Torch?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:10
#2124: Empathic Shared Meaning 101It's off to Maui, where Jeff is advised to stop bragging about the weather if he wants to find out why his brake pedal sinks to the floorTom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:14
#2123: But it Drives Pretty GoodEllen's Civic has been in three crashes, vandalized nine times, and had a tree fall on it, all of which has somehow convinced Ellen the car is cursedTom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:10
#2122: Automotive Marital WageringCynthia is so convinced her gas mileage improves when she gets her oil changed, she bet her boss 100 bucks. If she can't win on technical grounds...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:08
#2121: All's Well in Endwell, NYLiz's husband wants to celebrate his medical residency by buying a used Porsche, but Liz is worried about the repair bills...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:25
#2120: Garage CampingIs there a better Mother's Day gift than a kid helping his mom work on her car? Well, Anne might have done better with breakfast in bed.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:12
#2119: The Scrape TheoryYou're driving down a long hill in San Francisco. Your brakes fail and there's a stop sign at the bottom. What do you do, aside from praying?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:47
#2118: The Rhinestone SundanceSavannah wants to decorate her Plymouth Sundance with rhinestones because, well, they couldn't make it look worse, could they?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:06
#2117: Inter-Species CommnicationThanks to modern research we can decipher what your mechanic is trying to tell you through his grunts...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:11
#2116: Alas, Poor Wobble ButtLaurie's Pathfinder earned the unfortunate nickname because its rear end rocks from side to side. Can Tom and Ray calm it down and save it...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:14
#2115: The Floral BelvedereChris has flowers growing in his Belvedere, after birdseed got into his fresh air vent. The car is stinky, too...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:54
#2114: Click and Clack DefinedMerriam-Webster helps answer the second most-asked question in Car Talk history: which brother is "Click" and which is "Clack."Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:38
#2113: Nature Vs NurtureIf Art passes his AMC Concord on to his 16-year-old son, is he setting the kid on a life path of collecting junk cars?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:24
#2112: Love and an Automotive WeenieDarlene loves her husband but his ignorance about cars has left her at the mercy of a mechanic she doesn't know if she can trust...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:19
#2111: Miles Per MothballJim thought he had a disaster after he left his gas cap off in the rain. His pal came to the rescue by pouring mothballs in the tankTom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:18
#2110: The Evil TwinStella bought matching Monteros for her kids but dumped one because it spent more time in the shop than on the road. Should she be worried?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:09
#2109: The Roof Snow TheoryWe start with a proposal that could revolutionize snow measurement, if it wasn't completely bogus. Later, the bogosity continues...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:58
#2108: Book This, RebeccaRemember Rebecca, whose anal retentive dad insisted she keep detailed records of her gas mileage in his book? Dad has his say...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:03
#2107: My Tire Passed MeYou've heard Tom and Ray warn callers of the danger of wheels falling off cars. Well, this week Mike's wheel fell off—twice!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:44
#2106: Book This, DadHow do you handle a slightly anal retentive dad who insists on keeping verrrry thorough car records? If you're Rebecca, you ignore Dad...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:20
#2105: They're All JerksJoyce's mild-mannered husband teaches meditation, but when he gets behind the wheel, he turns into a cross between Mario Andretti and Tony SopranoTom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:46
#2104: Oh, Shut UpMight three simple words be Cathy's best response to her dealer's accusation that she was lax in changing her Camry's oil?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:56
#2103: Acute TirophobiaPeterson is afraid to put air in his tires. Is he doomed to depending on the kindness of strangers with pumps, or can we help cure him...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:54
#2102: The Roadmonster That Ate CambridgeIs Phil's Buick Roadmaster making noise because of a steering problem or because he makes 20-point turns in our narrow streets?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:58
#2101: The Mustang Compost BinMary loaded her Mustang's trunk with compost 2 months ago. Her husband says it's rotting the floor. Mary wants to keep it for ballastTom and Ray Magliozzi00:57:05
#2052: Untowed and UnbowedSteve moved to Chicago for a job and a girlfriend. He lost both, and is confused why his Acura was the only car not towed from a party.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:57:11
#2051: Predestination of LightningEvelyn wants to know why a bolt of lightning spared her car and hit the road 20 feet away instead.. ..Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:56:50
#2050: Stop the SnortCan Ray grant one listener's Christmas wish by snorting less? And why can't Bob stop laughing about his Geo's starting problem?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:56:53
#2049: The Brake StomperDiana has a new boyfriend and a car that's begun chewing up brake pads. Are these two facts a coincidence?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:56:46
#2048: Black Hole of Auto MetaphysicsA listener says a non-essential repair on an old car creates a parallel universe where everything else breaks. Tune to the Sci-Fi ChannelTom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:19
#2047: The Shrink Wrapped Land RoverMike is about to sail around the world. Should he sell his vintage Land Rover or will late-night TV provide the perfect storage solution?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:14
#2046: The Exercise DiariesOne man's descent to Dante's supplemental Circle of Hell, the local health club, where he is at the merciless hands of his personal trainer, Tanya.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:50
#2045: The Bionic BugRita's VW won't start after being flooded during a hurricane. Does it have a future on the road or just as a saltwater aquarium?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:44
#2044: You SapYousef's oil change place said he should use aspecial oil in his Saturn. His fiancee is convinced that Yousef got suckered...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:54
#2043: ClickonomicsHow many thousands of dollars can one hour of lousy car advice pump into an ailing economy? We may be able to save a few bucks.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:07
#2042: Don't StartRich inherited a Buick that's been napping for four years. Can he start it right up without destroying it, or being enveloped in smoke?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:51
#2041: Exorcist or ArsonistRobin and our hosts have different approaches for her VW's devilish steering problem. Sue's boyfriend is afraid to get in the car with her...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:36
#2040: Desperate Times Desperate MeasuresAndy's car overheated in the desert. With no water on hand, his girlfriend convinced him to use the only liquid available...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:27
#2039: Fell Off TruckMatt's bad day got a little worse when his Volvo fell off the tow truck that was hauling it from an accident. Is it still safe to drive?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:21
#2038: Bernsteining the ClutchLeonard Bernstein is immortalized in automotive lore for a shifting technique he handed down to his son...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:51
#2037: Latent Junkman SyndromeJoe's brother-in-law collects heaps. The cars wind up in his backyard. Can Tom and Ray untangle this family mess?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:35
#2036: Magliozzi's Ignoramus PrincipleMove over, Heisenberg! This week on the Best of Car Talk, one listener's new theory on Tom and Ray's ability to alter realityTom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:17
#2035: Everybody WinsJulia's worried her Dad's attempt to replace the engine in Mom's Suburban might stress their marriage. Tom and Ray think otherwiseTom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:17
#2034: Con the MechanicNancy doesn't fully trust her mechanic so she's throwing around car jargon to bluff him into thinking she knows more than she does.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:32
#2033: A Big, Beautiful, Piece of JunkShould Jason dump his beloved Camaro? It needs a new engine and completed its mission to help him find a girlfriend.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:13
#2032: The Hungry Water TheoryDistilled water may be too hungry for John to use in his radiator. Will Ray's explanation of the hungry water theory help clarify things?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:43
#2031: Tickling the ElectronsDennis' friend said to charge your car battery is to turn on all accessories. Does this belong in the Wacko Theory Hall of Fame?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:32
#2030: Additive Placebo SyndromeBob's friend swears his Passat is getting an extra mile per gallon since he disabled the daytime running lights. Is this possible?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:57
#2029: A Clean DeathGreg was surprised when his truck started running poorly, until he learned his 4-year-old son washed the inside of the gas tank with soap.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:33
#2028: Sorry, DadDid Christy destroy her dad's car 15 years ago by putting black tape over a flashing temperature light and continuing to drive?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:40
#2027: The Dregs TheoryDonna's husband warned her not to let her new Camry's gas tank fall below 1/4 full, because the dregs might damage a crucial part...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:31
#2026: Sherlock Holmes, Eat Your Heart OutStephanie's Volvo began making noise after she moved to Oregon. Tommy uses brilliant reasoning to come up with a bogus reason...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:60
#2025: A Sympathetic EarRyan took his car for an oil change and got talked into an engine shampoo. Will Tom and Ray reassure him that he's not a complete idiot?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:08
#2024: Faster Than the Speed of LightPhysics research suggests Tom may in fact be Superman. You've never seen them photographed together, have you? Elsewhere...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:29
#2023: Proverbial DeclarificationCaroline's poor clutching damages her relationship, Nancy boyfriend's MR2 burns oil, & John's pickup sounds like Buddy RichTom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:19
#2022: Ask the EthicistMary wants to sell her Accord, but it has a leaky water pump. Does she get the work done, knock the price down, or none of the above?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:10
#2021: Odometer DreamsBill's broken odometer fixed itself, right after Bill dreamed it was working. Will Tom and Ray have a mechanical explanation?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:08
#2020: The Waccabuc FlashSally drove under a wire, heard a loud noise and saw a flash of light in her console. Is Waccabuc, New York the new Area 51...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:21
#2019: Click & Clack & MomHere's Mother's Day with an appearance from Tom & Ray's long-suffering mom, Elizabeth. She'll spill the beans on what life was like...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:14
#2018: Your Wife or a CigarTom & Ray show their ability to plant their feet firmly in their mouths and endanger their marriages all while diagnosing a vacuum leakTom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:08
#2017: Dark and Stormy NightA salute to the writer who set the bar for bad opening sentences with, "It was a dark stormy night." Can anyone hope to match him?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:05
#2016: The Stick FixMartin drove off a ledge and dislodged his muffler. He used a stick to keep it in place. Will this set the entire Northeast on fire?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:08
#2015: The PopsodentSarah's about to graduate from college, and is ready to address 5,000 dents her Taurus suffered from years of parking on campus.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:09
#2014: A Nice Juicy PizzaLetters from summer camp prove the child is the father to the man, at least when it comes to our Technical, Spiritual & Menu Advisor, John Bugsy LawlorTom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:39
#2013: The Sacrificial BatteryDid the battery in Keith's electric winch give up its life to lift a tree trunk? If so, how can Keith honor its memory?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:17
#2012: Automotive DarwinismAfter driving in Massachusetts for the first time, Addie is baffled by the concept of the rotary. Happily, Tom and Ray can explain its true..Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:32
#2011: Attack of the Black WidowsHeather recovered her stolen Civic, but found a family of black widow spiders had taken up residence. How can she evict the clan?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:22
#2010: Freedom From PerfectionDeb is extending 3-minute errands into 20-minute excursions, because her headlights won't turn off until the car warms up. Is her best fix...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:59
#2009: Saddle UpMara's husband says he'd rather drive a horse and buggy than a minivan. But, with one kid on hand, and twins on the way, are there any options?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:15
#2008: Moses Blew BeetsWill's beloved dog Moses got carsick and puked on the dashboard of his now not-so-beloved Ford Ranger. Will's mechanic wants a couple hundred...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:57
#2007: The Pavlovian Dope SlapCathy thinks she may have found Mr. Right, but he may not live to see their wedding day if he kills her Sentra's clutch...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:48
#2006: Brotherhood of CheapeskatismAfter the screws holding Tommy's best pal Paul's gas pedal fell through the rusted floor of his '78 Datsun, Paul found a cheap fix at a local cobbler...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:41
#2005: Roadhog DayUp in Maine, Paula's Subaru won't start in really cold weather unless she lies a heated blanket on the engine for 10 minutes. She's tired of...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:49
#2004: Are You Ready For SummerTrent thinks his van suffered a stroke, taking out the power window, blinker and tail lights. More on The Best of Car Talk...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:20
#2003: Optimal RustSteve's wife gave him some homework: Write a paper on why he should keep the '77 MG he bought that's been sitting in the garage a year.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:01
#2002: Falls Village, We Have a ProblemNina's mechanic ripped off her Altima's heat shield and said she can live without it. But Nina's seen enough Star Trek episodes to worry...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:36
#2001: That's Worth Needlepoint!Kim and her husband each made ancient car buys. He got a Lexus - she got a VW Campervan. Who gets bragging rights?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:08
#1952: Blow it OutJill's pal keeps telling her she needs to do more highway driving to "blow the stuff" out of her car. Jill's not opposed to this...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:56:46
#1951: One Truck a-DanglingBill Bailey's truck made a horrible noise and lost reverse. But, the fun really began when it rolled into a lake after Bill got home...Tom and Ray Magliozzi3383
#1949: Stop and ChatOut in Gustavas, Alaska, Janet asks if her car is better off idling or shut off during conversations...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:40
#1948: Honesty Will Always Mean TroublePrashanth's wife is coming to America for the first time. Should he greet her with his beat-up Corolla, spring for a new car, or...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:56:50
#1947: Ray Caught WorkingWe demonstrate just how much goes into...embarrassing Tom and Ray. You didn't think we were talking about doing the show, were you?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:07
#1946: Mmm, DonutsBen and his brother took their dad's Camry for a ride - in reverse, in the neighbor's yard, with the steering wheel cocked all the way...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:19
#1945: Phantom FootAmy's husband is no longer driving a stick shift but is still using both feet, keeping his left foot on the brake. Is this dangerous?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:50
#1944: I Stink, Therefore I AmFran and her boyfriend are both jocks, and as a result her Taurus smells like a locker room. Will a few dozen Odor Eaters...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:27
#1943: Cream RinseTom and Ray stray ever further into terra incognita, as they try to help Sharon figure out why her hair looks lousy after a long drive.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:20
#1942: A Bevy of Bad OptionsShould Bill risk humiliation and passenger nausea by trying to learn how to drive a sitck shift in time for the high school dance?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:23
#1941: Bryology This, PalJenny's fiance, a budding bryologist, thinks she's crazy because she swears her car is more difficult to start when its low on gas.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:11
#1940: JunkaraderieMichelle's husband paid $170 for her dream car, and she thinks he may have overpaid. It's just missing a few things...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:13
#1939: If That's What It IsAnne's mechanic can't identify the gunk blowing out of her ventilation system, but he does know that fixing it will cost $1000.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:34
#1938: Theresa SyndromeLee's mild-mannered wife's temper and vocabulary both take a dive, but only when she listens to our show...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:51
#1937: The Great Montreal Hotel FireThe best prank ever in Magliozzi history: Ray's vacation is interrupted by the unfortunate news that his beloved Ford burned to a crisp.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:53
#1936: The Super Magliozzi BrothersTtwo preteen kids present "Car Talk: The Video Game," and prove they're a lot more creative and have better marketing skills than anyone...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:50
#1935: Think of the TucchusMatt needs a car that can handle his annual 100,000 mile commute, and no, we didn't add too many zeros there. Matt is looking for...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:47
#1934: Tea and a HaircutOne listener undertakes a bold, yet reckless experiment to find the correlation between drinking iced tea and needing to take a haircut.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:15
#1933: The Geek SqueakDana's wife's Volvo's brakes squeak only when Dana drives it. Does she have a heavy foot or is Dana driving too much like a geek?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:55
#1932: A Series of Unforced ErrorsMarc bought a used Peugeot for $100, and, believe it or not, that wasn't his worst mistake. Now he's got a car he can't drive, and...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:21
#1931: Eggs PrestoneCan an omelet save an engine? A friend suggested Sasha use eggs in his cracked radiator. Will that stop a leak, or just provide a snack?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:10
#1930: The Andy LetterOur noble, but doomed, attempt to diagnose a problem with electrical brakes may have helped another listener resolve a different conundrum...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:19
#1929: Electric BrakesThe brakes on Paul's trailer engage with the turn signal. Tom and Ray say they know nothing about electric brakes, but...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:13
#1928: I'm Stupid's BrotherTom and Ray prove they are their brother's keepers, until Ray's explanation for Becky's smelly Toyota goes too far off the deep end.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:59
#1927: Call StellaStella's renting a billboard for a personal ad. What font should she use to attract the right guy, and should she say she's a lawyer?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:39
#1926: MIT Wants Its Diploma BackTom and Ray run through the entire table of elements trying to identify the white powder in Ann's Subaru's radiator.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:51
#1925: While Mom's AwaySarah left town for a weekend and came home to an array of disasters, including a minivan that smells like urine. Did her kids...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:47
#1924: Belize It or NotNancy is looking for a vehicle she and her family can take to Belize for a year. What should she be looking for?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:12
#1923: Emboldened ElectronsRob's car has trouble starting unless he holds the key in start for several seconds. Does his Emboldened Electrons theory mean...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:02
#1922: If It Blows, It BlowsClimbing Mt. Adams apparently wasn't exciting enough for Glen. When he discovered his truck was leaking gas on the way home, he decided...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:04
#1921: No Sleep Till Hunga DungaHoward needs to drive a mattress from Boston to Hunga-Dunga and wants to know how to get negative lift, and keep it from flying off the roof.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:27
#1920: Crushed Cans and Loose Lug NutsJose may have done serious damage to a wheel but doesn't want to pay a dealer to find out if it's on the verge of falling off.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:43
#1919: The Tao of Fred GlassErin's roommate doesn't drive her old car but won't get rid of it, and Erin is tired... Is her best solution philosophical or conflagratory?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:21
#1918: The Ungrateful PassengerJere agreed to drive her sister's co-worker's husband to work. He's annoying, does Jere need to switch to a one-seater?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:53
#1917: Double FaultHeidi's husband has a limited grasp of English, and an aversion to reading instructions. But can he change her timing belt?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:43
#1916: Desperate MeasuresAmy's brilliant husband's brain doesn't have room to process a few small details while driving, like keeping the car in his lane.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:09
#1540: That Special Detergent LookIvan went for an oil change and was told he needed a special detergent beause his oil was clumpy. Was this real or a scam?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:11
#1539: Dashboard Jesus, Protect Us!Click and Clack delve into the subject of dashboard icons and the best geographical position for a duct taped, plastic Jesus.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:43
#1538: Aberrant Behavior SyndromeLee's wife's temper and vocabulary both take a dive, but only when she listens to our show. Are we carriers of ABS?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:12
#1537: The Great Montreal Hotel Fire"Monsieur, your car! It ees burnt to a creesp!" one of our all-time favorite Magliozzi pranks...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:55:34
#1536: The Super Magliozzi BrothersTom and Ray failed at radio, TV, and books, so why not add video game characters to the list?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:53
#1535: The Remote Fart MachineWomen do indeed play practical jokes, courtesy of the 21st Century version of the whoopee cushion.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:29
#1534: Gail, The Tollbooth FugitiveGail is on the run from the law in three states, after evading a bridge toll because she didn't have exact change...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:08
#1533: The Geek SqueakDana's wife's brakes squeak only when he drives her car. Could it be holding a grudge, or is Dana driving too much like a geek?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:50
#1532: The Alex ManifestoTommy's 16-year old son Alex explains why it's in the entire family's best interests for him to own his own car.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:49
#1531: Existential StupidityAre Tom and Ray's seemingly moronic questions actually a form of deep philosophical inquiry, worthy of Kierkegaard or Camus? Probably not...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:19
#1530: Male Answer SyndromeThe need for guys to speak in great detail on things about which they know absolutely... nothing. Nada. Squat.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:08
#1529: Chewbacca in the BackMike's Lincoln turns into a low-rider every time his 350-pound nephew rides in the back seat...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:23
#1528: Forget the Car, Find a ConventThink an old Volvo's indestructible? Arlene's daughter destroyed the cooling fan & poured cold Mountain Dew...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:53
#1527: Stella's Personal BillboardHow do you attract a guy who's whizzing by at 60 miles per hour? Stella rents a highway billboard...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:58
#1526: Mama Was a Race Car DriverBen is scared to death to ride with his mom. She used to drive race cars...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:29
#1525: While Mom's AwaySarah thinks her husband and kids might have held a peeing contest in her minivan while she was away...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:54
#1524: Janet vs. Lloyds of LubbockJanet's car got flooded in Houston. She kept it, despite her insurance wanting to total it...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:41
#1523: The CrushAnn has the hots for her mechanic, and needs Tom and Ray's help: An excuse to bring in her car...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:46
#1522: My Wife The TruckTom tells the world his wife looks like a truck. And guess who's listening?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:34
#1521: Save the SiestaTom and Ray stand up in support of... the siesta. Is there anyone better to do it, than Tom and Ray?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:52
#1520: The Rule of TensCan Bill keep his beloved Town Car after it hits 250,000 miles? Sure, if he follows a few simple rulesTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:48
#1519: Sorry, Roomie!Erin's room mate has too many cars and not enough driveway. Can she convince her to sell a set of wheels?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:28
#1518: How To Ruin a Mid-Life CrisisJohn dove head first into his mid-life crisis by buying a Miata. Then, he started obsessing...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:56
#1517: Lock Him in the CellarShould Heidi let her husband change her Volvo's timing belt? He's a tennis pro, with no repair experience...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:50
#1516: Fiddletown or BustTom's vegan daughter is about to drive cross-country in her truck, and spend a year working on an organic farmTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:46
#1515: Perennial PotholesAn ex-road crew worker tells how he made sure he'd have a supply of potholes to repair every SpringTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:51
#1514: The Stingy Man Spends the MostRichie tried to save money on oil changes by installing a dual-filtration system on his truck...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:13
#1513: The Good Humor KidJoanna's 16-year-old son is ready for his first car, and what could be better than a vintage ice cream truck...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:03
#1512: Lie, Lie, and LieJohn's car is a pigsty. As he prepares for a first date with a "classy woman," should he tidy it up or...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:04
#1511: The Ultimate Road TripMike and his uncle are planning to get their kicks on Route 66. What's the ultimate road trip car?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:26
#1510: In Space, You Can't Start Your AudiDr. Anastas wonders how his car would fare in zero gravity, if he brought it on NASA's Vomit CometTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:23
#1509: Vehicularly ImmatureAre Mari and her husband grown-up enough to graduate from a Neon to a Mercedes?...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:32
#1508: Keep Your Chins UpCindy inherited Dad's car. The good news: it's only 39,000 miles. The bad news: it smells of 39,000 cigarsTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:18
#1507: An Airplane in Every GarageValentine's day gifts likely to earn you a few nights sleeping in the garage!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:32
#1506: The Suburban and the MooseMom spots a moose near the driveway, and ends with the family's Suburban driving through their basement...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:27
#1505: My Brother, The IdiotRay decides to play Stormchaser, during one of the worst blizzards in Our Fair State's history.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:35
#1504: The PII Range RoverDanni bought a used Range Rover due to pregnancy-induced insanity. But her tall hubby doesn't fit in it...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:45
#1503: Return of the SchnauzerWe answer the question that's been keeping America awake for weeks: Did Max the mechanic find a home for his schnauzer?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:27
#1502: Sonja Henie's TutuWe share the tales behind the phrases that usually make the guys blow milk out their noses just by their mere mention.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:19
#1501: Le Crouching Tiger60 Minutes' Morley Safer turns the hot lights on Tom and Ray. He's annoyed that he can't find parts for his PeugeotTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:42
#1452: Max and the SchnauzerMax the mechanic's heroic attempt to replace his customer's beloved pet dog. Major Tom's Jeep acclimates to its new home in Colorado...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:09
#1451: Excellence in WorthlessnessThis week Tom and Ray are honored with the first (and probably last) award for Excellence in Worthlessness.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:24
#1450: How to Calm An Angry Co-HostHave Tom & Ray found a more productive way to settle disagreements than, '...You moron!'?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:37
#1449: Dee's Hot SeatDee is freezing her butt off now that winter is here. Can Click and Clack help her toast her tush in her Dodge Durango?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:24
#1448: The Chunk in the TrunkDid we help Dana remove a chunk of the Berlin Wall from his Dad's BMW? She's back for a round of Stump the ChumpsTom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:56
#1447: The 3-Speed Potter's WheelCan Jim use an old transmission as a potter's wheel? Reverse could come in handy next time he mis-throws a potTom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:33
#1446: Stop and Smell the AntifreezeAlan thinks his Mercedes came with a 100,000-mile, self-destruct program. The Check Engine light now linked to his MasterCardTom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:31
#1445: Tommy, Riposa in PaceThis week we pay tribute to our beloved brother, friend, and co-host, Tom Magliozzi, who passed away November 3rdTom and Ray Magliozzi00:56:06
#1444: His and Her TrailersWendy's husband wants to rent trailers to move their stuff cross country. Will it destroy her Accord?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:59
#1443: Men Who PickJill notices a raft of men picking their noses in their cars. Is this topic too juvenile and tasteless even for us?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:51
#1442: Door Tied ShutMelissa's driver's door wouldn't stay shut. So she tied the door shut, and climbs in through the passenger seat...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:58
#1441: Two Tanks in Every TrunkCheryl's brother has a brilliant solution to his rotting gas tank that could set the entire state of New Jersey on fireTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:57
#1440: The Twerp, The Geek, & the SwingerMelissa Peterson returns with another helpful Car Talk critique. How can Tom & Ray be hippies and geeks at the same time?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:51
#1439: The Hyperbaric Chamber of LoveIs Scott obligated to marry his girlfriend after she passed out from carbon monoxide poisoning in his Land Cruiser?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:50
#1438: A Bad Case of WitzelsuchtCan all of Tom and Ray's behavior be symptoms of an obscure German medical condition called Witzelsucht?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:41
#1437: The Twin Schwinn BlowoutDarlene's bumpy road-trip prompts Ray to remember his explosive lesson about the dangers of over-inflated tires.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:42
#1436: The Spaceman ComethFormer Red Sox pitcher Bill "Spaceman" Lee plays a round of Stump the Chumps and we try to get his BMW runningTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:53
#1435: Richard, His Goats, and DorisRichard the Goat Rescuer's new pals like to climb on things; especially his girlfriend's Alfa RomeoTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:54
#1434: Foreign Accent SyndromeA Massachusetts man begins speaking with a French accent after an accident, a neurological oddity Tommy will be happy to explainTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:48
#1433: The Male Automotive EgoEmily dared to correctly diagnose her male friend's car problem but did this ruin a potential relationship?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:42
#1432: The BMW Owner's ManualDaniel Pinkwater opened his BMW owner's manual, and discovered it included exercise and diet tips?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:51
#1431: The BetThe Great Sleek Black Beauty bet is settled, as we find out if Patti's mom made it from Houston to Boston in her DatsunTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:54
#1430: The Andy LetterDo two people who don't know what they're talking about know more or less than one who doesn't know what he's talking about?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:52
#1429: Electric BrakesCan Click and Clack help Paul fix the electric brakes on his cattle trailer? Of course not!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:52
#1428: Death Valley DineshDinesh is planning to spend his Summer vacation walking across Death Valley. Can his support cars survive the heat?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:55
#1427: The Beemer SmellDo BMWs really have a unique aroma, and if so, how come Diane's husband can smell it while she can't?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:55
#1426: The Sleek Black BeautyTom recounts the day that Ray sent his beloved 1965 AMC Ambassador to the crusher.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:04
#1425: Mechanics Fantasy CampCan Bubba convince his neighbor that he doesn't need to warm up his monster truck for 30 minutes every morning?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:44
#1424: See Food DietClick and Clack fork over a diet not to be missed. Spoiler alert.... you're not actually allowed to eat!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:52:39
#1423: Burnt T-BirdGary's mother-in-law blames him for her car catching fire after he 'fixed' the carburetor.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:43
#1422: Mattress AerodynamicsHoward needs to drive a mattress from Boston to Hunga-Dunga, and wants to know how to keep it from flyingTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:48
#1421: My Dog Hates You TooWe convince Gloria that shutting off her car while doing 80 is not a great way to address acceleration problemsTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:54
#1420: Eggs PrestoneSasha learned a new recipe for dealing with a radiator leak - add black pepper and eggs!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:45
#1419: The NYU ApplicationThe best college application essay ever, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:46
#1418: The Ungrateful PassengerJere agreed to drive her sister's co-worker's husband to work. How did he thank her? By calling her a stinko driver!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:45
#1417: The Telltale GreaseRobin is racked with guilt after taking her Corolla to the dealer for service, rather than her trusty mechanicTom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:00
#1416: I Dream of FairlanesThe Auto-Psychiatry booth is open, as Dennis figures out why he dreamed of being offered a 66 Ford FairlaneTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:43
#1415: The Ant PicnicMara has tried everything to rid her car of its ant infestation. Well, maybe not everything, since there are no burn marks!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:44
#1414: Ode to the DartOne listener's tribute to Tommy's dearly departed Dodge Dart will have William Wordsworth rolling over in his grave.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:37
#1413: The Fall of the DartTommy's beloved Dodge Dart finally heads to the crusher. Find out what caused its way-beyond-timely demise.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:54
#1412: The Truth DetectorTom and Ray help test a device that strikes fear in the heart of all mechanics: a voice-sensitive lie detectorTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:56
#1411: Potholes and Bowling BallsPothole season is here. When her Toyota was almost swallowed, Sara wonders what happens to the departed asphaltTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:43
#1410: Marital Industrial ComplexWill James and his fiancee incur the wrath of Miss Manners by registering for gifts at Louie's Lexus?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:48
#1409: The Curly PackageDid Howard get the special Three Stooges option on his Lincoln? Why else would leaving the car be noisey?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:51
#1408: Old Moses Blew BeetsBeloved dog meets beloved car, as Will's dog Moses gets car sick in his truck's defroster ventsTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:57
#1407: The Diamond in the CorollaDan's new used Corolla may have come with a bonus gift. The previous owner's engagement ring fell behind the dashboardTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:51
#1406: Captain DestructoFrom the wreckage of an old MG comes a new superhero, "Captain Destructo," ready to dope-slap stinko drivers!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:44
#1405: Roadhog DayWill Tommy's car cast a shadow, or can we look forward to an early Spring?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:56
#1404: Great Balls of FireBarry's holiday road trip through South Carolina got more exciting when his wife noticed the road behind them was on fire!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:48
#1403: Another Chance to Fail PhysicsIf one car drafts behind another to improve its mileage, does the car in front suffer?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:54
#1402: Don't Look a Gift Dart Under the HoodShould Mary let her 17-year-old son accept his girlfriend's mother's offer to give him her vintage Dodge Dart?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:53
#1401: Love and a Mazda in AshesBrent tried to start his girlfriend's Mazda, and wound up with the car, and his relationship both burnt to a crispTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:50
#1352: Bouncing Across AntarcticaSummers come to Antarctica, and the ride in John's Delta has gotten so bumpy passengers heads are banging on the ceilingTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:39
#1351: Eddie and Edie ElectronWhy does Michelle have to rock her car violently to get it to start? Tom and Ray have a highly advanced technical explanationTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:42
#1350: Stop and Smell the TailpipeWhat does Tommy's dog have in common with Helen's Volvo? Each tends to smell its own exhaust!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:59
#1349: Mechanics Standard TimeJim asks why he was billed 8 hours labor on a job that took only 4? Answer: The mechanics' space-time continuumTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:59
#1348: Repair Via RockAmy's speedometer needle won't stop whizzing around in circles. Is a well-aimed rock her only hope?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:59
#1347: Just Say BangTommy's life-long aversion to work meets its match in the U.S. Army, and his old pal Sgt. McNeely.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:46
#1346: The Cavalier That Wouldn't DieKate is desperate to get rid of her Chevy Cavalier, but her husband vows to keep it running another 150,000 miles.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:49
#1345: Forensic MechanicsBarry hopes to find true love by fixing his co-worker's windshield wipers and avoiding her jealous boyfriendTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:51
#1344: Auto AcupunctureAfter Jody's mechanics failed to fix her Honda, she's considering an alternative treatment - acupuncture.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:41
#1343: Hold the Cream RinseSharon's been experiencing a series of bad hair days when she drives long distances. Join us for "Follicle Talk"Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:42
#1342: Road Trip of DestructionTom and Ray salute aviation legend Larry Walters, who took flight in a lawn chair with balloons attached.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:51
#1341: Kitty-Corner Snow TiresCan Dave put two snow tires on his girlfriend's car, or does he need to buy a full set, as his tire dealer insists?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:42
#1340: Arachnid and Pinion SteeringJeryldine's car is infested with spiders, and she has no idea how to get rid of them. If she follows Tom and Ray's advice...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:42
#1339: Not the Wiggly Road!Nancy's three-year-old son is a puker when she drives, but not if Daddy does. Could the lead in Nancy's foot be the cause?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:42
#1338: Tonsorial PrivilegesMore on using roadside restrooms. Ellen's mechanic says he her Dodge is dying by the smell of its oil.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:31
#1337: The Stunad StareTom in Vermont would like to convince his son that towing a 1978 Land Cruiser cross-country with his girlfriend's small pickup truck is a bad idea.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:00:00
#1336: Haircut EtiquetteWe tackle the moral quandary - if you use a restroom, are you obligated to get fries with that?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:20
#1335: The Fraternity of TeenagersWill Terri's teenaged son pickup more chicks with a 60's muscle car or an 86 Volvo with mis-matched hubcaps?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:54
#1334: The Pinkwater MeasurementThis week on Car Talk, Click and Clack delve deep into scientific inquiry on the expanding American rumpTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:25
#1333: The Great Conversation StopperSuzi needs help talking about her Porsche 911 to prospective boyfriends. The boys give her a quick seminarTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:53
#1332: The Bread Also RisesTom and Ray turn from car problems, to something a little smaller - a bread machine making loaves like hockey pucksTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:52
#1331: The Rhinestone LincolnSavannah wants her Plymouth to shine - literally. Rhinestones will make this baby glitter but how does she affix them?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:48
#1330: The Exercise DiariesOne man's journey into Dante's Circle of Hell: a health club, where he spends a week at the merciless hands of Tanya the TrainerTom and Ray Magliozzi00:00:00
#1329: Let Sleeping Civics LieKaren's boyfriend gave her Honda tune-up, which promptly turned on the Check Engine light. We'll figure out what he messed upTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:52
#1328: Dispersion via Dave's ChinDave discovered an electrical anomaly: his Audi's keyless remote works better when he points it at his chin rather than his carTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:55
#1327: Four Wheeled DowryElisa's parents are so anxious for her to marry her live-in boyfriend, that they've offered to buy her a new car if they tie the knotTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:52
#1326: A Chicken Under Every HoodSara's chicken stowed away somewhere outside the cab of her truck for a two-hour drive. Can Click and Clack shed light?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:52
#1325: Look Ma, No KeyAfter having his Dodge Omni crash into his parents' deck and run over him, Steve has decided it's time to deal with his car's quirk...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:52
#1324: The No-Headliner LookCheryl's Chevy headliner is falling down, causing a series of bad-hair days. Can Tom and Ray offer interior decorating tips?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:07
#1323: The Lard Butt IndicatorWhy does the horn in John's wife's Golf start blowing when he drives it? John's wife thinks he's setting off the "lard butt indicator"Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:07
#1322: The Citroen InvasionDenice's French friend is visiting the U.S. with his Citroen. Will the lack of repair service leave him uttering, "Mon Dieu!" if he breaks down?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:50
#1321: Bad Bread & Chop Top VolvoLinda's husband proudly told her he'd "fixed" her Volvo by cutting the roof off and turning it into something resembling a convertibleTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:47
#1320: A Sticky SituationA day of maple sugaring came to a bad end for John, when he spilled a 5-gallon container of syrup in his carTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:43
#1319: Click & Clack & Dear Old MaThis week, some of our all-time favorite moments as we celebrate Mother's Day with a special appearance by Tom and Ray's long-suffering mom, ElizabethTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:46
#1318: The Great Lion EscapeWould a mechanic ride 60 miles on a Land Rover hood with his hand on the carburetor? Only to avoid being stranded in a high-lion areaTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:47
#1317: The Neon of Dorian GrayIan's Neon has discovered the Fountain of Youth. When it goes over 50 MPH, the odometer runs backwards. Can Tom and Ray figure out what's going on?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:44
#1316: Rambler Separation AnxietyLinda needs counseling after Dad sold the beloved Rambler to a 17-year old neighbor, rather than hand it down. Tricking the kid into selling it backTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:55
#1315: The 1962 Corvette UrnMarni has her late Dad's ashes and his beloved 1962 Corvette. You see where this is going, right? How bad an idea is it for her to pour Dad's ashes into the gas tank?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:37
#1314: Stump the SalesmanLaDell's career as a car salesman was off to a good start, until he bragged to a customer about a car's torque and horsepower. The customer asked him to explain the difference!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:37
#1313: Aspen RehabilitationDonna's husband refuses to part with his 1977 Dodge Aspen. It's so beat up that, in a recent storm, more hailstones came through holes in the car than hit the body.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:49
#1312: Martha Meets Click & ClackMartha Stewart helps bail out Tom and Ray on such auto-domestic matters as how to get crusted dog drool off a car?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:50
#1311: To Mud Flap or Not to Mud FlapJohn wonders if 'tis nobler not to spray water on his fellow drivers at the risk of increasing his new car's risk of rust - which is a poetic way of asking, should he get mud flaps?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:21
#1310: Ben and the JunkonautsBen's band is about to embark on a cross-country tour. They can't get a van, so the vehicle of choice is Ben's ancient Volvo 145. Will they make it to any gigs on time?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:31
#1309: The Pit of DespairKerry's Boston condo came with one unfortunate feature - a large crater in the parking lot that fills with water every time it rains. She worries it's killing her Honda.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:39
#1308: Geographically UndesirableKate and Aaron's long-distance relationship has come to a road block. Aaron is afraid to drive, so Kate's doing all the traveling, and it's become a bit of a pain in the butt.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:00:00
#1307: The Giving TrunkJames thought he got a good deal when he bought his neighbor's Cadillac - and that's before the cash rebate, in the form of $3,200 hidden in the trunk. Should he hand the money over?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:00:00
#1306: The Little Morris Minor That Couldn'tJim loves his 1957 Morris Minor, except for one minor inconvenience - 36 horsepower isn't enough to get up hills, so his passengers have to get out and push.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:33
#1305: The Great Snorkel ExperimentWendy's Honda was fogging up, but only when her husband was in the car with her. Tom and Ray said hubby should breathe through a snorkel, out an open window.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:00:00
#1304: How to Lose a Pinewood DerbyKathy is "helping" her son build his Pinewood Derby car, and wants a few design tips. Can two MIT grads - one of whom failed Physics twice - lead her to Victory Row?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:01
#1303: Dumped, But Un-TowedSteve moved to Chicago for a job and a girlfriend. He lost both. But what's confusing him is why he didn't lose his ride, as well.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:42
#1302: Male Braking SyndromeTracy's husband has a brilliant approach to reducing brake wear - stomp on them at the last possible second! Tracy thinks he's nuts and so does their dog - he's afraid to get in the carTom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:41
#1301: Schmutz on the ClutchDana's Jetta is shaking violently in 1st Gear. Could the culprit be the dreaded (and highly technical) "schmutz on the clutch?"Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:54
#1252: Il Fiat MiracoloWhat could make a Fiat's gas mileage increase exponentially over a few days? A holiday miracle, or maybe the same earthly reason its mileage then decreases by the same amount?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:42
#1251: The Suzy SagaSuzy's drive across Mexico is off to a rocky start. She hasn't even crossed the border, and her Vanagon is already making a new noise that could foreshadow the Death of a Transmission.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:42
#1250: Tires Under the TreeNothing says, "I love you" better than four new Michelins? Patty is dismayed by her boyfriend's plan to give her tires this Christmas.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:53
#1249: The Vanagon of Sierra Madre"Alternator? We don't need no stinkin' alternator!" Suzy is about to embark on a drive across Mexico in her Vanagon.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:49
#1248: Brake Stompers and Garage HoggersDiana has a new boyfriend, and a Stanza that's begun chewing up brake pads at an alarming rate. What are the chances these two facts are not a coincidence?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:00
#1247: Clutch Killer of the MonthJohn thinks his employee Steve is a great guy. However, Steve may have destroyed the clutch on the company truck, after only a few hours of driving.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:39
#1246: The Acura Bird Poop MagnetDo birds aim their droppings? Ross in Seattle traded his green Acura for a white one, and suddenly he's scraping heaps of avian deposits off his roof.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:53
#1245: The Car Talk Economic StimulusHow many thousands of dollars can one hour of lousy car advice pump into an ailing economy? A Saab owner who's going to be transmission shopping, gives the answer.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:42
#1244: Grandma Is Peeling RubberWhen Linda hauls her grandkids in her daughter's minivan, she can't take off from a stop without the car sounding like she's drag racing. Can Tom and Ray help her?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:31
#1243: Bemidji or BustDave and his girlfriend go from Alaska to Minnesota. The cast: an old Chevy Cavalier, a socket set with no sockets, a campfire grill, and a zit!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:50
#1242: Diplomatic ImmunityThe untended 3 AM car alarm is a great nuisance. For Mike in DC, the problem is especially annoying - the offending car is parked at a nearby embassy, and the Police won't go near it.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:44
#1241: The Shrink-Wrapped Land RoverMike is about to leave Anchorage, and embark on a two-year sailing trip. But, he doesn't know if his lovingly restored Land Rover can survive two Alaskan Winters without him.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:47
#1240: The Forget-A-KeyMed student Christine is having a little trouble remembering things. Happily, she's not leaving any forceps in patients, but she is repeatedly leaving her keys locked in her Camry.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:53
#1239: The Truth About Leaf PeepersTourists are descending on New England, and locals like Kurt have plenty of time to sit in traffic, developing theories about the drivers clogging his roads.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:00
#1238: My Engine Is on FireGlen's summer vacation got a little more exciting when his rental car caught on fire, after he spilled oil on the manifold. He escaped unscathed, but did the car?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:43
#1237: Vlad the ImpalaThe great Car Naming debate, including one very persuasive cautionary tale about why you shouldn't name your car after your wife.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:44
#1236: Bernoulli This!Katie's roommate cited the Bernoulli Effect to explain why he gunned the engine to dislodge her stuck car door. She told him where he could stick his Bernoulli!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:37
#1235: A Truck By Any Other NameRobert has always given his vehicles female monikers. So imagine his shock when he learned that his truck's previous owner had already named it... Mark!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:08
#1234: I Spit On Your VolvoA Volvo was dying at high altitudes. Helmut the Cranky Mechanic, may have caused the problem. Did he finally 'fess up? Find out on Stump the Chumps.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:35
#1233: It's All About the Hot ButtTom and Ray discuss the ever-so-important car accessories: butt coolers and heaters! Cupholders and fuzzy dice are so passe!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:24
#1232: Everything You Never Wanted to KnowTom and Ray dip into the mailbag to answer personal questions: Which brother snorts? Was either one wedgied as a kid? And, has either been in jail?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:49
#1231: The Clairvoyant MechanicAnn's car emits mysterious gummy stuff through the vents. Her mechanic doens't know what it is, but, that it'll cost her $1000 to fix!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:00:00
#1230: A High Octane StrawAndy borrowed his Dad's Buick for a romantic drive to the country. In refueling, he managed to drop a straw into the tank and now, the car is running lousy.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:43
#1229: Stretch Limo Bike RackSherry and her husband can't fit a bike rack on their Car. His solution is a Minivan. Hers a Stretch Limo. Can Tom and Ray bring domestic tranquility?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:48
#1228: Karmen and the BurperKarmen's husband shakes the car to get the air out, and more gas in. Karmen thinks this is wacko - which it is - but is her nozzle technique any less crazy?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:46
#1227: A Civic DivorceAfter three crashes, nine vandalizations, and one theft, Ellen has decided to part ways with her Honda Civic. Does she need to disclose its troubled past to prospective buyers?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:46
#1226: Who Drowned My CorollaMaria's car was minding its own business in her boyfriend's driveway, until his ex-wife came along and gave it a tap, which sent it rolling into the Connecticut River.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:48
#1225: Do One To OthersAll is not well in Mustang-land for Martin - his is emitting blue smoke, so his wallet may be emitting a large boat payment.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:02
#1224: You SapPoor Yousef! His fiancee called him a sap, after he fell for a recommendation that he use special "high mileage oil" in his Saturn. Will Tom and Ray be any more sympathetic, or will they try to sell him the Brooklyn Bridge?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:56
#1223: Emboldened ElectronsDavid's Dodge won't start unless he turns the key and counts to 10. Can his problems be solved by a Few Brave Electrons and a broom handle?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:49
#1222: Burnt Clutches, Blown RelationshipsCaroline's ex-boyfriends have labeled her a Clutch Killer. She's ignored their admonitions because, well, she was driving their cars. But, now she's got her own car, and first gear's getting a little jerky.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:29
#1221: The Steve RevolutionCan one honest man de-sleazify the used car industry? Probably not, but that won't stop Tom and Ray from trying to convince Steve to fix or disclose his CRV's tendency to take on water before trading it in.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:42
#1220: The Black Hole of Auto MetaphysicsOne listener's brilliant (and only sorta wacko) theory: a non-essential repair on an old car creates a parallel universe in which everything else starts to break.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:28
#1219: The LTD of DestructionTodd decided to buy his girlfriend a 73 Ford LTD, thinking it'd be safe and easy to fix. Unfortunately, this led to one very strained relationship.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:29
#1218: Tire Pressure GoblinsBruce's tires are going from full to flat while he sleeps; Cynthia is adding Maalox to her engine instead of motor oil ...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:40
#1217: Cynthia and the Swimming GoatsCynthia's 1987 Vanagon is dying, so she needs a new ride for her three Nigerian swimming goats. After all, the goats have to get to their pool parties, right?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:28
#1216: Buona FortunaHeather is about to embark on a two-year relocation to Italy, and is considering taking her '91 Alfa with her. Will it be happier if it dies on its home soil?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:28
#1215: Beth's Road Ugly ThesisBeth in Oregon believes that women, and only women, become less attractive after driving for three hours. Can Tom and Ray offer an explanation, or is this one for Paul Murkey, of Car Talk's Murkey Research team?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:45
#1214: The Flower and Blue Cheese BelvedereChris' 1959 Belvedere has turned into a greenhouse and Fromagerie, courtesy of some poorly placed birdseed, and a kid who though it would be fun to hide four bricks of blue cheese in the vents.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:40
#1213: Ashes to AsphaltAn Auto-Spiritual conundrum: Can Sajay have his cremated ashes poured into his car's gas tank, without doing damage? Then it's off to Somerville, MA, where Rebecca's got a squeaking clutch, and Tommy's having a TMI moment from his childhood.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:33
#1212: Catzilla's Great AdventureAfter missing for two months, Jane's cat showed up at a house seven miles away, and across two major highways. Did Catzilla stow away during Jane's daily commute?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:35
#1211: Ashley Wants the WheelAshley Judd learns one downside of marriage to a professional race-car driver - he insists on driving every time they're in the car together...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:35
#1210: The Mothership Has LandedA caller's unexplained electrifying vehicular event. Was it an atmospheric abnormality? A UFO? Beam 'em up, Scotty!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:29
#1209: Who Moved My Alamo?Ray reveals his best consipracy theory of all time - the relocation of the Alamo, and his own unsuccessful attempts to rectify the situation.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:27
#1208: The Elvis IdleThe Elvis Idle meets the Mechanic's Shrug, as Tom and Ray try to diagnose a Nissan's intermittent stutter.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:23
#1207: Washer Fluid DynamicsCleanliness is next to impossible for Andrew, due to his Subaru's weak rear windshield washer spray. Unfortunately, the only thing less productive than the spray may be Tom and Ray's explanation of the cause.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:59
#1206: Help Me Blow Up an LTDDIY filmmaker Seth is preparing to shoot a big scene: a car explosion in the front yard (of his neighbor's house, of course). Seth's hoping to minimize the risk of blowing his house to smithereens.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:49
#1205: Carla, Come HomeAfter 18 years in Homer, Alaska, Carla is ready to return to civilization. Her truck? Not so much. It can only climb hills in Reverse.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:55
#1204: It's Snowing in My CarSteve's road trip got exciting when winds blew open the door of his Pathfinder. He wonders if it's a design feature to make the car feel outdoorsy, or if there's an actual problem.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:41
#1203: Snakes in the FusionJosh let a snake get loose in his wife's Fusion. In the ensuing snake hunt, he removed just about every bit of the car's interior. Will a few missing parts make such a big difference?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:32
#1202: Mud Chiggers in the Fuel LineLife in the Big Easy is anything but that for Betsy and her truck. Her Toyota has taken to spewing gas all over the place. Her mechanic's first guess? Mud chiggers in the fuel line!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:46
#1201: 20 Miles Per WoodchipHans recalls fleeing from Germany during World War II in a car powered by woodchips, but he's never been able to figure out exactly how it worked. So who better than two car experts with MIT degrees to figure this out?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:53
#1153: That Car Needs a FinDoes a dorsal fin make a car less aerodynamic? That's Dan's question, after he decided his Tercel was lacking that important fishy feature. So, he sculpted one for the hood...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:53
#1152: Chinese Food DeliverySanta comes through big-time for Tom and Ray in their never-ending quest to escape tough callers. They're now proud owners of the Get-Off-the-Phone Excuse Machine, thanks to Nancy and her Volvo.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:02
#1151: A New PigmobileSusan leads a double life - Philosophy Professor by day, and animal rescuer by night. Unfortunately, her beloved Honda Civic can't handle the olfactory implications of her full range of clientele.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:29
#1150: Blinker TransgressionsMolly's boyfriend gets irate when other drivers fail to use their turn signals. But when Molly caught him committing his own blinker transgression, said boyfriend had a ready explanation.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:47
#1149: Snotsicles, Oodjas, and StupiphaniesThis week, Car Talk kicks off with a few new words that may be coming to a dictionary near you. Then, they put one of those words right to work, with a series of brilliant stupiphanies.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:33
#1148: I've Turned Into My MotherIs back-seat driving genetic? Apparently so for Liz in Massachusetts, who's picked up the nagging habit from her Mom. And, her husband's poor navigation skills make him a prime target.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:43
#1147: I Love You, So Please Shut UpSonia's husband Barry may be taking his anti-distracted driving stance a little too far. He refuses to talk to Sonia while driving, even when they're in the car together.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:44
#1146: The Model A PriusPatrick in Alaska loves his Prius' gas mileage, but thinks the car could look cooler - say, if its engine was in the body of a Model A Ford. Is it destined for the Hall of Fame of Bad Ideas?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:29
#1145: The Day The Isuzu Stood StillScience fiction comes to Keller, Texas, as Isuzus cease functioning when they come close to a mysterious FAA "weather device."Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:00:00
#1144: Road Trip from HellCould anything possibly go wrong when you take a cross-country road trip with your beloved fiance and dear old mom? Well, meet Charity - and let's just say that car trouble was the least of her problems!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:17
#1143: The Camry CollageTac and her siblings are looking for a way to keep their dearly departed Dad's car in their memories, but out of their wallets. So before they bid farewell to his Camry, she's wondering what parts work best as keepsakes.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:40
#1142: Do Cars Have Souls?This week on Car Talk, does a car have a soul? That's the auto-philosophical conundrum underpinning the engine transplant Jeff's Isuzu needs.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:40
#1141: The Pot-MobileStephen is riding high - unwittingly so. He got new engine mounts in his Mercury, and now the car reeks of marijuana. Did his mechanic leave a little bag under hood?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:27
#1140: Latent Junkman SyndromeJoe's brother-in-law collects heaps. Unfortunately he deposits them in other people's yards - like Joe's, for instance. Now Joe's got an '83 Civic sprouting weeds. Can Tom and Ray help Joe cure a bad case of Latent Junkman Syndrome?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:27
#1139: Wake Up, Kevin!A sure-fire cure for Car Talk-induced narcolepsy. Did we make the show more engaging and compelling? Sorry, we're not miracle workers. In matters automotive, Mike is baffled by his Chevy's ability to suck a shirt in through it's exhaust, and even more baffled by Tom and Ray's attempts to explain it.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:26
#1138: Cleanliness Is Next to Boat PaymentDoes a clean car get better treatment from mechanics? Leif in Pennsylvania has been conducting field research, and has some expensive evidence that supports his theory.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:17
#1137: Jeep TippingTed wants to work on his 1947 Jeep by tipping it on its side - yes, on its side - and relying on his three brothers to hold it place. Can Tom and Ray move Ted towards a less life-threatening approach?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:18
Don't Drive Like Tom: #1136This week on Car Talk, we hear some listener rants about Tom's EZ Pass theory and why no one should ever take his advice! Plus, what's the best way to ask for directions? And Tom sheds light on why men are from GM, and women are from Ford.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:26
#1135: Marc Vs GooberMarc in New Hampshire learns what catastrophes await when you, A) buy a 100 dollar Peugeot, and B) pay a mechanic in advance. Can Tom and Ray help him get his car back? Or, can they at least stop laughing at him?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:30
#1134: The Lexus AquaticDickie in Louisiana gets a big surprise when he takes the steering wheel off his girlfriend's Lexus - and water comes gushing out of the steering column!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:46
#1133: The Nina TotenburgerA million dollar idea from a listener: an NPR-themed restaurant. The only problem is, the menu is a bit limited. Joan wonders which spare car parts she needs to bring on her assignment in Madagascar.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:42
#1132: Heard it Through the Grape-NutsMickey's Nissan sounds like it's getting a wedgie whenever he turns on the AC, and a recent fender bender has Stephanie worried about passing an upcoming smog test.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:01
#1131: Love and Rust SpotsJackie's racking up huge chiropractor bills thanks to her boyfriend's starting method, and Lori's trying to learn how to drive the ancient trucks her boyfriend's taken to collecting.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:38
#1130: Tickling the ElectronsDennis in California puts Tom and Ray to the test, pondering his friend's contention that the best way to charge a dead car battery is by turning on every accessory in sight.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:39
#1129: The Non-Alcoholic WindshieldScott in Alaska is searching for a way to keep his windshield clean, and the local salmon population happy. You'd think a couple of MIT grads would know the answer.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:43
#1128: Double-Dog Daylight SavingsThis week on Car Talk, Ray's quest for more "usable" sunshine leads him to a proposal both brilliant and wacko: Double-Dog Daylight Savings, probably not coming to a time zone near you.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:32
#1127: You're Driving a Medicare SledWhat happens when you a tell a woman her Sable is a Granny car? If you're Mac's wife, you co-opt his pickup truck and drive that instead! Now Mac is hoping Tom and Ray can help liberate his beloved Tacoma from her clutches.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:33
#1126: The Engine and Wallet ShampooRyan went for an oil change, and got talked into an "engine shampoo"! Now, he's become a walking punchline among his friends, and he's wondering if his engine isn't the only thing that got taken to the cleaners.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:57
#1125: Book This, RebeccaTopher, whose daughter Rebecca rebelled against his strict record-keeping, checks in to explain the origins of his now-infamous little maintenance book, and whether Rebecca really is off the family payroll.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:41
#1124: The Chicken MahalJackson built a McMansion for his wife's chickens, and now he needs to transport it across Vermont. His plan involves a Toyota Tacoma, a snowmobile trailer - and one ginormous coop of unknown poundage.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:37
#1123: A Cavalcade of CheapskatesThis week, everyone wants to be a shade-tree mechanic. "Doesn't anyone screen these calls?"Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:37
#1122: Book This, DadRebecca makes a bid for automotive independence, and gets an unwanted bonus: financial independence and Ben learns a smoky lesson about his power steering stunt.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:51
#1121: The Three Automotive P'sThis week on Car Talk, we dive head first into the three automotive P's: pranks, painting and personal problems!Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:54:03
#1120: Tommy vs Muir WoodsRashomon comes to Car Talk Plaza, as Tom and Ray offer vastly different recollections of a trip to Muir Woods.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:41
Car Talk #1119: Shut Up, HonGender equity comes to Car Talk Plaza this week, as male and female callers are both advised to respond to spousal auto-critiques with a polite, but firm, "Shut up, Hon."Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:42
Car Talk #1118: You Say KilometerPenny in Oregon is a bit "stroppy" over the pronunciation of "kilometer," but her stress in nothing compared to fellow Oregonian Curtis, whose Vanagon is being stolen, one piece at a time...Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:18
Car Talk #1117: Bird Doo Due DiligenceLisa in Florida wonders whether her husband is full of (see Show Title), by telling her she needs to clean bird poop off her car every 24 hours.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:29
Car Talk #1116: The Incurable Backseat DriverLani's husband's driving has improved, but her nagging hasn't. Is there a cure for her? Meanwhile, Marg wants to know why her husband's Mazda rolled into the backyard, and how she's gonna tell him about it.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:16
Car Talk #1115: Caller IntimidationWhat do you do when callers won't give the "right" answers? Tom and Ray try a new tactic: badger them until they do. Also, the most creative engine removal of all time.Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:37
Car Talk #1114: The Volvo ValhallaSpring is here, and Jilinda's backyard is bursting with busted Volvos. Can Tom and Ray help her find a way to get her husband to stop collecting them?Tom and Ray Magliozzi00:53:38

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