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Budget Travel

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Unlike any other publication, Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel brings you travel options that most people never know. The information in every issue can save you hundreds of dollars whenever you travel - wherever you go. It can make the difference between staying at home or taking a dream vacation.

Current Budget Travel Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Road Trip Alaska - Jul/Aug, 2015Northern Sights! Alaska's Seward Highway is where the ocean meets the mountains, whales meet wolves and you meet America's ultimate road trip.Reader: Silvia McClure00:11:01
Get Cool - May/Jun, 2014The ultimate bargain summer vacation is waiting out there-From Colonial Williamsburg to Hawaii, and all the way to Africa. By Kaeli ConfortiReader: Silvia McClure00:09:55
The Ultimate Multigenerational Family Guide to D.C, - May/Jun, 2014Grandma wants to see the Declaration of Independence, Junior a lunar module, you a Vermeer. Washington, D.C. has something for everyone.Reader: Silvia McClure00:13:01
America's Coolest Small Towns - May/Jun, 2014America's Coolest Small Towns. By Whitney TresselReader: Silvia McClure00:11:47
You've got a friend - May/Jun, 2014From peerless parks to hands-on museums and affordable food, these 10 European locales say Benvenuto families with Bambini. By Kerry LyonsReader: Silvia McClure00:16:29
Roadtrip: Dakota Territory - May/Jun, 2014With rolling prairies, winding roads, and iconic monuments, the Southwestern corner of South Dakota is an awesome drive. By Kaeli ConfortiReader: Silvia McClure00:10:25
Psst! Wanna Elope? - May / Jun, 2014Whether you're impatient to get hitched, embarking on a second marriage, or get away - it can be fun with some planning. By Jamie BeckmanReader: Silvia McClure00:08:22
10 Flight Attendant Secrets - May, 2014I marveled at the efficiency and multitasking of the cabin crew. Here is some advice, confessions and gossip from the attendants. By Roberto Firpo-CappielloReader: Silvia McClure00:07:23
Chicago - May, 2014With world-class art, food, architecture, and more you'd think Chicago would be a break-the-bank kind of getaway. Not so! By Kaeli ConfortiReader: Silvia McClure00:03:07
Confessions of a Theme Park Orca Trainer - May, 2014Ever thrilled by a performing killer whale? Here's what it really takes to pull of a theme park water show.Reader: Silvia McClure00:03:47
Be the beautiful American! - May, 2014Want to avoid the Ugly American trap? Our easy guide to being a good citizen of the world will come in handy. By Jamie BeckmanReader: Silvia McClure00:06:28
5 Credit Cards for Smart Travelers - May, 2014A credit card with no foreign transaction fees or double points may be your new travel BFF. By Bridget GleesonReader: Silvia McClure00:04:54
Various articles - Apr, 2014Glaciers in Alaska; The glittering capitals of the Mediterrean; Carribean's most alluring islands; New generation of mega-shipsReader: Silvia McClure00:10:37
Dream Trips - Mar/Apr, 2014From the Great Wall of China to Ireland's Ring of Kerry, make your dreams come true, now. By Kaeli ConfortiReader: Silvia McClure00:10:27
One Tank Escapes - Jul/Aug, 2013Summer vacation doesn't have to mean a long, expensive trek. These getaways are a short drive from 8 American cities. by Jamie BeckmanReader: Silvia McClure00:18:17
Gettysburg with Kids - Jul / Aug, 2013This summer marks the 15h anniversary of the battle that turned the tide of the Civil War. Are your children ready for a living history lesson? by Robert Firpo-CappielloReader: Silvia McClure00:12:47
Ride the Ultimate Highway - Jul / Aug, 2013Ride the Ultimate Highway. A road trip across West Montana means serious altitude, mountain goats, and directions like "make a left at the giant cow!" by Robert Firpo-CappielloReader: Silvia McClure00:11:27
How to Plan a Family Reunion - Jul, 2013From choosing the perfect destination to getting your clan organized, we offer the ultimate guide to a freakout-free family festReader: Silvia McClure00:08:22
America's Coolest Small Towns - Sep / Oct, 2012America's Coolest Small Towns.Reader: Silvia McClure00:25:53
They try harder too - Oct, 2013Some of the best car rental deals come from agencies you've never even heard of. Here's how they stack up against the big guys. by Hanna WallaceReader: Silvia McClure00:04:39
State Parks in Peril - Sep/Oct, 2012They're beautiful, they're close to home, and they're steeped in history. They are fast becoming an endangered species. by Valerie RainsReader: Silvia McClure00:27:39
Napa with the Kids - Nov/Dec, 2012The wine, the food, the romance -is this any place for a family vacation? by Daniel McGinnReader: Silvia McClure00:14:39
How to pay for your Vacation - Sep/Oct, 2013You'd beg borrow or steal to indulge your wanderlust. We've got some more practical suggestions." by Fran GoldenReader: Silvia McClure00:08:41
New Zealand's Best Farmstays - Dec, 2012Move over Tuscany and Provence, New Zealand is the next big thing in agritourism. by Penelope WoodReader: Silvia McClure00:14:05
Treasured Island - Nov, 2012Get close to Belize's pristine barrier reef on this eco-friendly, 3-day sailing, snorkeling and camping trip. By Elaine GlusacReader: Silvia McClure00:11:57
Bayou Country - Nov, 2012"We took a self-described Type A traveler, threw out her itinerary and told her to get lost in the Deep South" by Gigi Guerra.Reader: Silvia McClure00:09:00
Hawaii $ 1-5-0 - Nov, 2012Worried a trip to Hawaii will break the bank? Not so! Say Aloha to these affordable and awesome accommodations. By Melinda PageReader: Silvia McClure00:17:04
I Quit New York - Nov, 2012Is it possible to leave one of the biggest cities in the world, move to the Carribbean, and still be fulfilled? By Noelle HancockReader: Silvia McClure00:05:38

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