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The Blind Sports Podcast

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AIRSLA is pleased to provide links to Mike Lloyd's Blind Sports Podcast, the Sports Podcast for the Blind, the Partially Sighted and the Supportive Sightie. Learn More at

Current Blind Sports Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
DeafBlind Adventurer Bill BarkeleyHe's Climbed Mt Kilimanjaro, was the first DeafBlind person to run the Boston Marathon, and just hiked 500 miles from France to Spain...Mike Lloyd00:43:04
Skateboarding with Daniel MancinaDaniel's determination and passion for this sport has allowed him to adapt and master methods and skills that give him...Mike Lloyd00:27:22
Breaking Marathon RecordsA chat with vision impaired runner Chaz Davis. He was not only the first vision impaired finisher, he set a new record...Mike Lloyd00:29:02
Paralympic Gold for David BrownWe chat with the blind sprinter as he returns from the Rio Paralympics, where he ran with his guides Jerome Avery and Mason Rhodes.Mike Lloyd00:31:35
Ultra-Runner Rhonda-Marie AveryThis vision impaired lady has taken on some amazing challenges including running Canada's 885km Bruce Trail in 20 days...Mike Lloyd00:41:23
Paralympic Sprinter David BrownWe chat with blind sprinter David Brown as he prepares for the Rio Paralympic Games, where he will run with his guides...Mike Lloyd00:37:30
Paralympic Track and FieldBlind track & field Paralympian Lex Gillette prepares for Rio. He's a track sprinter & triple & long jumper.Mike Lloyd00:44:11
Paratriathlon with Amy DixonTriathlon is challenging: to do well, you need to love the focus and commitment it demands. Amy Dixon on how it's done.Mike Lloyd00:49:49
Pioneer IronmanWe chat with blind triathlete Gillian Walker from New Zealand. He has completed 17 full Ironman triathlons...Mike Lloyd00:41:46
Blind is a result of Mel Scott's desire to find accessible fitness programs that can be done in the comfort of your own home.Mike Lloyd00:41:58
The AdventurerWe chat with Blind Adventurer Miles Hilton-Barber. He has lived his dreams: Ultra-marathons, mountain climbing...Mike Lloyd01:00:51
Mixed Martial ArtsDavid Kuttnauer (Blind Fury) discusses his experiences with Mixed Martial Arts. How it can benefit blind and Vision ImpairedMike Lloyd00:40:34
The Blind Stokers ClubWhen was the last time that you rode a bike? Can you remember how great that felt?Mike Lloyd00:39:52
Sport, Fitness and the Apple WatchSo is the Apple Watch just an expensive gimmicky fashion accessory? Or could it actually help me?Mike Lloyd00:38:08
Adapt and Run with Simon WheatcroftBlind people running the streets unassisted? Well Yes! Blind runner Simon Wheatcroft is doing just thatMike Lloyd00:52:31
Adventure RunningRunning as a blind person can be an adventure, but Daniel Berlin from Colorado makes sure that it is...Mike Lloyd00:43:51
World's Fastest Blind MotorCyclistCan you imagine riding a motorbike without sight? What about attempting a world record speed challenge?Mike Lloyd00:49:21
Volunteers and SportVolunteers providing sighted assistance can make such a huge difference in how blind and vision impaired people approach their chosen sportMike Lloyd00:48:17
Echo Location and Blind SportDaniel Kish tells us how he mastered the skill of Echo Location to interpret his surrounding environment...Mike Lloyd00:49:00
My 2015 New York MarathonI share my experience participating in my seventh New York Marathon... Wow! What an amazing adventure!Mike Lloyd00:47:30
Blind RowingVictoria Nolan introduces the amazing experience of powering your boat towards the finish line of a rowing race.Mike Lloyd00:32:43
Blind SurfingHow cool would it be to be waiting to capture that big wave? Then to ride it towards the beach. Well, Larry Graff lives the dreamMike Lloyd00:29:56
Blind KarateJoshua Loya talks about the methods required to learn Karate without sight and outlines why this is a great sport...Mike Lloyd00:46:57
Blind SailingYou don't need sight to sail a yacht. Feel the breeze, listen to what the boat is doing and ride the waves. What could be better?Mike Lloyd00:48:15
Blind CrossfitCrossfit: the sport of fitness has gone worldwide. Blind Crossfit trainer Bettina Dolinsek tells how it's done.Mike Lloyd00:38:44
Blind UltramarathonIs running a Marathon getting too easy? How about running an Ultramarathon? Jason Romero shows how to do itMike Lloyd00:44:16
Blind Caving with Graham OwenDo you enjoy feeling your way through dark, obstacle filled places? If you don't get enough as a blind person, then you could go cavingMike Lloyd00:45:52
Ride Blind Racing with Bobby McMullenThis blind guy rides his own mountain bike? Yeah, that's right. Let's find out how that works...Mike Lloyd00:46:02
Steve Baskis InterviewHe's an Army Vet blinded in Iraq, active in running, triathlon, skiing, kayaking, biathlon, ...Mike Lloyd00:47:35
Blind Fishing with Lawrence GuntherLet's learn about Adaptive Technology, Orientation, Mobility and Daily living skills for fishing...Mike Lloyd00:51:36
Blind Dave HeeleyDave talks of his epic endurance experiences, his vision loss, and his sporting accomplishmentsMike Lloyd00:51:14
Nude Rugby with Julie WoodsI chat with Julie Woods of New Zealand, a blind referee at the Nude Touch Rugby.Mike Lloyd00:36:43
60 Minute Audio TimerAn easy-to-use 60 minute audio timer can assist you with your workouts or training sessions.Mike Lloyd01:00:41
Sport & Your Job OpportunitiesDr Karen Wolffe on how being involved with sport can have many advantages in seeking & keeping a jobMike Lloyd00:30:54
Blind Ice HockeyGary Steeves discusses this sport which has existed in Canada for over 40 years...Mike Lloyd00:35:13
Blind SoccerHow do blind people play Football? Yes, we are talking about Soccer, the round ball game.Mike Lloyd00:50:41
Blind GolfJeremy Poincenot, 4-time U.S. National Blind Golf Champ & Ty Thompson, 3-time Champ on their favorite sportMike Lloyd00:55:27
Living the dreamHein Wagner helps blind people by raising funds for adaptive technology from adventure sportsMike Lloyd00:57:04
Mike May InterviewMike is a business exec, skier and sports enthusiast who was blinded by a chemical explosion at age 3.Mike Lloyd00:53:02
Blind Water SkiingWe talk with Janet Gray from Northern Ireland to find out how blind and vision impaired people can enjoy water skiingMike Lloyd00:50:07
Marathon SwimmingAustralian James Pittar tells how blind and vision impaired people can enjoy the sport of long distance swimmingMike Lloyd00:43:30
Blind Lawn BowlsNew Zealanders David Monk and Kevin Smith show how blind and vision impaired people can enjoy the sport of Lawn BowlsMike Lloyd00:42:06
Gym TipsBill Kociaba discusses how blind and vision impaired people can successfully workout at their local or home gymMike Lloyd00:43:58
Blind TennisBrit Alan Whetherly tells how blind and vision impaired people can enjoy the sport of Tennis.Mike Lloyd00:39:34
Blind Scuba DivingJim Elliott of Diveheart tells how blind and vision impaired people can enjoy the sport of scuba diving.Mike Lloyd00:44:52
Beep KickballJudy Byrd of the Beep Kickball Association tells how this game is played and why it's so popular.Mike Lloyd00:36:26
Deep Water RunningKiri Price from the Millennium Institute Of Sport in Auckland New Zealand tells us about Deep Water RunningMike Lloyd00:32:45
Swish (Blind Table Tennis)Aussie David Truong discusses this modified version of Table Tennis designed for the blind and vision impairedMike Lloyd00:29:08
The First Blind MarathonerJohn Stratford from New Zealand talks of being the world's first blind person to run a marathon in 1965.Mike Lloyd00:45:21
Jaina's JourneyJaina Mistry tells of her journey from losing her vision to regaining her independence and ... fitness.Mike Lloyd00:27:17
Mud RunMike Malarsie discusses the Tough Mudder, an adventure type, obstacle filled mud run.Mike Lloyd00:37:01
SkydivingWe do a tandem skydive with Skydive Auckland: Pre-jump briefing, flight to 13,000 feet, free-fall and glideMike Lloyd00:26:02
Tenpin BowlingHazel Hockley of the Victorian Vision Impaired Tenpin Bowling Association tells how the sport works with limited or no sightMike Lloyd00:50:55
The Fitness ChallengeJim Debus discusses the 2014 USABA/WellPoint Foundation National Fitness Challenge.Mike Lloyd00:46:19
Blind SupportRichard Hunter talks about his experiences as a vision impaired runner and triathlete...Mike Lloyd00:48:13
Epic Blind ChallengesAlan Lock talks of epic challenges like a 151 mile run in the Sahara, rowing across the Atlantic and skiing to the South PoleMike Lloyd00:59:54
TreadmillsMike answers popular questions about buying, setting up and using a treadmill as a blind person.Mike Lloyd00:54:13
Extreme SportsDean Dunbar tells of his experiences participating in a wide range of extreme sports: WingWalking, Aquasailing, etc.Mike Lloyd00:57:07
Beep BaseballDarnell Booker fills us in on Beep Baseball, what it is, how it's played and why it's such a great blind sportMike Lloyd00:47:45
Blind Sport EncyclopediaAndrew Leibs discusses his book, the Encyclopedia of Sports - Recreation for People with Visual ImpairmentsMike Lloyd00:54:10
Blind FishingLawrence Gunther, a blind fisherman from Canada explains how blind people can enjoy the sport of Fishing.Mike Lloyd01:00:47
60 Minute Timer1This audio recording runs for 60 minutes, plays a bell sound each minute and announces elapsed time every 5 minutesMike Lloyd01:00:33
Blind ArcheryDavid Poyner outlines how blind people can participate in and enjoy the sport of Archery.Mike Lloyd00:51:10
Murray Deaker and the Marathon follow-upMike interviews New Zealand radio and TV sports presenter Murray Deaker and 2 more marathon participantsMike Lloyd00:57:40
2013 New York City MarathonMike shares the New York City Marathon experience travelling as part of the Achilles International New Zealand teamMike Lloyd01:02:24
Event PreparationHelpful hints and tips for preparing to participate in distance walking or running events like half and full marathonsMike Lloyd00:59:35
Running Blind (Part 2)Paralympic champion and author of the book Running Blind Rob Matthews tells of his life as a blind runner.Mike Lloyd00:47:41
Running Blind (Part 1)Hints and tips for Blind Running. For both Guide Runners and Blind and Low Vision runners.Mike Lloyd00:50:44
Taekwondo and Tennis CommentaryWe catch up with Joss and hear about her becoming a Taekwondo black belt, interview Matt Brown about his ...Mike Lloyd00:50:00
Wrestling and SwimmingWe catch up with Clinton Davies as he prepares to compete at the Wrestling World Champs in Budapest Hungary...Mike Lloyd00:53:40
The IntroductionWelcome to episode one: An overview of the Podcast, prep for the New York City Marathon in November...Mike Lloyd01:03:41

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