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Cool Blind Tech

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AIRSLA is pleased to provide links to Cool Blind Tech podcasts on technology of vital importance to the blind and visually impaired community. Learn More at

Current Cool Blind Tech Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
QwerkyWriter Mechanical KeyboardA keyboard dedicated to those who want the greatest typewriter feeling under their fingertips at all times.CBT00:15:03
Accessibility for AR and VRGoogle covers ways to make Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality more accessible to more users.CBT00:34:53
What's new in Android accessibilityLearn about the latest feature additions to Android P, get an update on accessibility testing and best practices...CBT00:40:14
Are iQ Podz the AirPods Killer?CBT checks out these true wireless headphones with no cords and no tangles - just great audio.CBT00:08:39
Humanware CEO Giles PepinThe CEO of HumanWare has built a solid worldwide reputation in the field of assistive technology...CBT00:38:13
VoiceView & Fire 7 TabletThe next generation of Amazon's best-selling Fire tablet: thinner, lighter, longer battery life & improved display.CBT00:33:23
Braille Mail: Sequel to PrequelWe kick off our new Braille Mail Show, with James and Nelson as your hosts. Keep sending us your feedbackCBT00:25:49
Google Home MiniCBT takes a look at the Google Home Mini with updated touch controls...CBT00:27:22
Google Pixel 2 XLCBT gives you our first impressions of the Google Pixel 2 XL. Find out how this maybe the best of 2017!CBT00:12:26
Get a Good DongleApple Support Has Dedicated YouTube Channel! Virgin Atlantic Launches In-Flight Entertainment For Blind Travelers...CBT00:44:53
Ultimate Ears ROLL 2Will this portable bluetooth speaker sink or swim? No speaker has the same versatility or unique portability...CBT00:08:45
GarageBand, Part 3Recording audio: Setting up the computer, knowing which device to record from, setting the recording track...CBT00:29:12
GarageBand, Part 2The basics of midi recording. You’ll hear the lovely Steinway Grand Piano on a childhood classic while learning...CBT00:35:58
GarageBand, Part 1Packed with the greatest hits of sounds from its big brother Logic, GarageBand frees you up to be creative!CBT00:33:16
Bluetooth Speaker Drop Test!We put the Monster speaker to a sound and drop test, guess what happens? It can survive the most harsh climates and...CBT00:08:07
Victor Reader Stream New GenerationWith its new lightweight and compact design, Victor Reader Stream delivers hours of listening pleasure ANYWHERE!CBT00:21:57
Essential PH-1 PhoneInitial impressions of the new Essential Phone, an Android with a stunning edge-to-edge Full Display and...CBT00:26:21
Fanmail: Nov 27, 2017The CBT Team is back again with another Fanmail show! Keep sending us your emails and messages from social media...CBT00:36:43

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