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The Bill Simmons Podcast

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An AIRSLA linked podcast: HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons hosts the most downloaded sports podcast of all time, with a rotating crew of celebrities, athletes, and media staples, as well as mainstays like Cousin Sal, Joe House, and a slew of other friends and family members who always happen to be suspiciously available.

Current Bill Simmons Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
9/17/21Red-Hot Million-Dollar Picks, the Mannings, and Fantasy Strategies With Peter Schrager, Bryan Curtis, and Craig Horlbeck.Bill Simmons01:44:59
9/15/21RIP, Norm Macdonald. Plus, the McCourty Twins and Bill's Favorite Actor, Jon Bernthal...Bill Simmons01:55:26
9/13/21Stinky Rodgers, Week 1 Overreactions, Guess the Lines, and Parent Corner With Cousin Sal and Jimmy Kimmel...Bill Simmons01:50:10
9/10/21Bill's thoughts on the Bucs close win in the Bucs-Cowboys Classic! Plus: Million-Dollar Picks and a Shocking Super Bowl Prediction With Peter Schrager...Bill Simmons01:24:31
9/8/21A 76ers Soap Opera, RIP Michael K. Williams, and Kanye's Latest With Wosny Lambre, Joe House, and Van Lathan.Bill Simmons01:42:49
9/6/21In Part 1 of 2, Bill is joined by Cousin Sal to run through expected win totals of every NFL team and make their over/under picksBill Simmons01:01:60
9/6/21In Part 2 of 2, Bill is joined by Cousin Sal to make some NFL futures picks, before they guess the lines for NFL Week 1, and Parent CornerBill Simmons01:10:47
9/3/21Bill is joined by Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning to discuss his time in the NFL, AFC rivalries, today's rookie QBs, his new Monday Night ESPN broadcast.Bill Simmons01:54:37
9/1/21The Fantasy Football Mega-Preview. Plus Mike O'Malley | With Matthew Berry, Danny Heifetz, Craig Horlbeck, and Danny KellyBill Simmons02:12:13
8/30/21Part 2 of a two-part podcast. Bill is joined by Joe House and Warren Sharp to run through the teams they think could make an unexpected leap...Bill Simmons01:39:11
8/30/21Part 1: The drama on the course at the BMW Championship between Bryson DeChambeau and Patrick Cantlay, Plus NBA Over/Unders With Joe House.Bill Simmons00:36:39
8/27/21NFL Future Bets, Windy City's Fields, and ESPN's Latest Drama With Mike Francesa, Jason Goff, and Jim Miller.Bill Simmons02:18:56
8/25/21Eight Possible Super Bowl Teams With Peter Schrager. Plus: 'Outer Banks' and Teen Patrol With Zoe Simmons...Bill Simmons02:01:15
8/23/21Notes From My Lazy Vacation. Plus Jackie MacMullan on Why She's Retiring (and Lots More)Bill Simmons02:01:41
8/6/21USA-France, Disappearing Dame, Ben Simmons, the Knicks, and Fantasy FB Sleepers With Wosny Lambre, Joe House, and Craig Horlbeck...Bill Simmons01:52:40
8/4/21Ten Free Agency Questions on the Lavish Bulls, Comatose Celts, Reheated Heat, and More With Kevin O'Connor.Bill Simmons01:28:51
8/2/21Kyle Lowry to Miami? Plus: Kawhi Leonard's future, Lonzo Ball's Upside and the Rest of Free Agency Week With Jackie MacMullan.Bill Simmons01:36:41
7/30/21NBA Draftapalooza, Part 4: A long list of winners + losers in the NBA draft with Ryen Russillo and Kevin O’Connor...Bill Simmons00:57:23
7/30/21NBA Draftapalooza, Part 3: GSW Goes Young, Spurs Go Loco + Rest of Lottery With Ryen Russillo and Kevin O'Connor...Bill Simmons00:49:22
7/30/21NBA Draftapalooza, Part 2: Cade to Detroit and 2 Semi-shockers in Top Six With Ryen Russillo and Kevin O'Connor...Bill Simmons00:42:11
7/29/21NBA Draftapalooza, Part 1: Westbrook to the Lakers and Hield’s Trade Upside With Ryen Russillo and Kevin O'Connor...Bill Simmons00:46:18
7/28/21Zion’s Murky New Orleans Pelican Future With Justin Verrier. Plus, Kenny Smith on Giannis vs. Hakeem...Bill Simmons01:37:30
7/26/21An NBA Mock Draft War Room With Kevin O'Connor, Jonathan Tjarks, and J. Kyle Mann. They run through lottery teams, fake trades, sleepers, and more!Bill Simmons01:55:46
7/23/21Matt Damon on Boston's athletic disappointments. Plus: Giannis Cards and COVID Confusion With Mike Gioseffi and Derek Thompson...Bill Simmons02:16:15
7/21/21An Immortal Giannis historic 50 point Game, Milwaukee Bucks’ Title, and Suns and Bucks offseason moves with Ryen Russillo...Bill Simmons01:48:48
7/19/21Bucks on the Brink - their Game 5 Finals Win Over the Suns, Giannis vs. History, Finals Leaps, and NFL Bets With Joe House.Bill Simmons01:38:57
7/16/21Recapping the first 4 games and previewing the Rest of the NBA Finals With Jackie MacMullan and Seerat Sohi...Bill Simmons01:32:15
7/15/21Bucks' Game 4 Finals win over the Suns, CP3’s Stinker, Kawhi Leonard's Weirdness, and Draft Trades With Ryen Russillo.Bill Simmons01:46:39
7/12/21Giannis Antetokounmpo's dominance in the Bucks' Game 3 Finals win over the Suns, Team USA's loss to Nigeria, off season trade buzz and more...Bill Simmons02:21:28
7/9/21Bucks in Trouble, McGregor's Comeback, and a Yankees Eulogy With Ben Thompson, Ariel Helwani, and JackO...Bill Simmons02:16:31
7/7/21Suns in Charge, Ayton Copycats, Ohtani Mania (?), and NBA Draft Stuff With Ryen Russillo...Bill Simmons01:46:25
7/2/21A Bucks-Hawks Blahfest, CP3's Legacy Run, NBA Announcer Slumps, Replay Fixes, Summer Trades with Bryan Curtis and Chris MannixBill Simmons01:60:45
6/30/21Giannis Goes Down With Big Wos and Chris Ryan, the Streaming Wars With Matthew Belloni, and Teen Culture Half-Year Awards With Zoe SimmonsBill Simmons01:60:55
6/28/21Part 2: Bucks game 3 win over Suns, Damian Lillard's next move, and a special best two-man combo to draft and build a team around...Bill Simmons01:13:31
6/28/21Part 1: DeAndre Ayton's Leap, Kawhi Leonard the Enigma, GSW Trades, and a 2018 Redraft With Ryen Russillo.Bill Simmons01:19:28
6/25/21The Comeback Clippers, Superstar Trae, and Kevin Durant's Brilliance With Seerat Sohi and Jackie MacMullan.Bill Simmons01:50:22
6/23/21The Ayton-Oop, Round 3 Predictions, and NBA Lottery Reactions With Joe House, Kevin O'Connor, J. Kyle Mann, and Wosny Lambre.Bill Simmons01:51:13
6/21/21In Part 2 of the two-part Sunday podcast: Philly Chokes, Hawks Fever, and a Bucks-Nets Postmortem With Ryen RussilloBill Simmons01:37:51
6/21/21In Part 1: Booker Torches L.A., the T-Mann Game, Gobert Issues, and a Kemba Trade With Ryen Russillo.Bill Simmons01:12:44
6/18/21Trae's Breakout, Diva Luka, Bucks-Nets, a Ben Simmons Debate With Wosny Lambre and Marcus Thompson...Bill Simmons01:39:01
6/16/21The Durant Game With Chris Ryan. Plus Dallas Dysfunction and Clips-Jazz With Jonathan Tjarks.Bill Simmons01:39:10
6/14/21In Part 2 of the two-part Sunday podcast: The Official CP3 Appreciation Pod With Ryen Russillo,,,Bill Simmons01:42:22
6/14/21In Part 1 of the two-part Sunday podcast: Unexpected Bucks-Nets Drama, Plus Top 40 Players Right Now With Ryen RussilloBill Simmons01:18:14
6/11/21Mitchell Magic, Bucks-Nets, Rodgers Trades + Loki With Wosny Lambre, Peter Schrager and Mallory Rubin...Bill Simmons01:49:19
6/9/21Chuck Klosterman on Brooklyn’s Dominance, Fandom, Sports Fixes, and UFOs...Bill Simmons01:46:05
6/7/21Part 2: Logan Paul Survives, Milwaukee Advice, and Dame's Future in Portland with Ryen Russillo.Bill Simmons01:33:07
6/7/21Part 1: Kawhi's Smackdown, Luka's Next Move, and Trae Torches Philly With Ryen Russillo.Bill Simmons01:31:05
6/4/21A Lakers Eulogy, Suns of Anarchy, Joker's Wild, and Round 2 Predictions With Seerat Sohi and J. Kyle MannBill Simmons01:30:24
6/2/21A Dame-Jokic Classic With Big Wos, and Big 3s and LeBron's Evolution With Chris Bosh...Bill Simmons01:52:25
5/31/21Part 2: L.A. Panic Button Reversal, Ayton's Emergence + CP3 Predictions With Ryen RussilloBill Simmons01:20:21
5/31/21Part 1: Scary Brooklyn, Trae's Leap, Milwaukee's Moment, and the Smart Conundrum With Ryen RussilloBill Simmons01:14:04
5/28/21The Setting Suns, a Bucks-Nets Mega-Battle, and Winslet's Great Career With Rob Mahoney, Kyle Mann and Wesley Morris.Bill Simmons02:04:29
5/26/21Luka! Plus: The Bucks and Big Tech Craziness With Ben Thompson. Plus: Three Decades of Counting Crows With Adam Duritz.Bill Simmons02:33:16
5/24/21Part 2: The Panic Battle of LA, Sleeper Memphis, Plus More West Overreactions With Ryen RussilloBill Simmons01:27:39
5/24/21Part 1: Trae Grows Up, MSG's Revival, Milwaukee's Must-Win, and a Properly Paid Tobias With Ryen Russillo (and a Sean Fennessey Cameo)Bill Simmons01:27:10
5/21/21The case for Steph Curry to crack the Basketball Pantheon. Plus Knicks + Lakers Predictions With Dave Jacoby and Alan Yang...Bill Simmons01:51:26
5/19/21Tatum's 50 and PGA Picks With Joe House, Plus Dirk Nowitzki on Jokic, Luka, 2011, and Much More...Bill Simmons01:57:08
5/17/21Part 2: Tankapalooza 2021, Western Predictions, and All-NBA Picks With Ryen RussilloBill Simmons01:26:57
5/17/21Part 1: Warriors-Lakers, Philly-Brooklyn, Milwaukee's Burden, and the DOA Celtics With Ryen RussilloBill Simmons01:31:33
5/14/21A Big NBA Weekend With Jackie MacMullan, NFL Schedule Chicanery With Warren Sharp, and Andrew McCarthy on '80s-Movies StardomBill Simmons02:39:58
5/12/21The NBA's Next Generation With Wosny Lambre, Vaccine Hesitancy With Derek Thompson, and Sharon Stone's First AppearanceBill Simmons02:20:27
5/10/21A Westbrook Debate, NBA Sleepers, Unbreakable Records, and LaMelo Sliding Doors With Ryen Russillo...Bill Simmons01:54:39
5/7/21Best NBA Late-Season Story Lines, Plus Theo Epstein's First Appearance.Bill Simmons01:57:28
5/5/21A Full-Fledged Jokic-Gasm With Kevin O'Connor and J. Kyle Mann. Plus, Jake Tapper on Post-Trump TV Life.Bill Simmons02:03:28
5/3/21All-NBA Arguments, Milwaukee's Best, CP3 Groundhog Day, and a Rodgers Intervention With Ryen RussilloBill Simmons02:24:51
4/30/21A Wild NFL Draft, Aaron Rodgers Drama, and a Big Mac Fest With Warren Sharp, Kevin Hench, and Bill's Dad...Bill Simmons01:26:28
4/28/21NFL Draft Predictions With Peter Schrager and Police Reform 2021 With DeRay Mckesson...Bill Simmons01:34:06
4/26/21Best NBA Future Bets + a 2021 Oscars Review With Joe House and Wesley Morris...Bill Simmons01:58:23
4/23/21Dana White Returns, Plus Knicks Fever With J. Kyle Mann and Bananas vs. CT With Dave Jacoby.Bill Simmons02:06:53
4/21/212021 Steph vs. 2006 Kobe, the NEW Warriors Fans, and SuperLeague Soccer Hijinks With Marcus Thompson, Logan Murdock, and Chris RyanBill Simmons01:46:07
4/19/21Curry's Re-Apex, the Jokic/Embiid Debates, Play-in Drama, and Draft Quarterbacks With Ryen Russillo.Bill Simmons02:01:46
4/15/21Justin Fields's apparent draft stock drop, what the 49ers will do with their third pick, the Dolphins' win-win situation, and more!Bill Simmons01:12:38
4/15/21The 'Grind' after 3/4 of the NBA season, Jamal Murray's injury, the Phoenix Suns, Rajon Rondo's impact on the Clippers, and more!Bill Simmons01:08:10
4/12/212021 Masters Tournament, the upcoming NFL draft and 'WrestleMania 37' Overreactions With Kevin Clark and David Shoemaker.Bill Simmons01:39:50
4/9/2021Bill shares his thoughts on the title-contending Phoenix Suns. Plus Stephanie McMahon on All Things WWE, including the first WrestlemaniaBill Simmons01:35:50
4/7/21Fields to the Pats? Plus Masters Bets and David Alan Grier | With Danny Kelly and Joe House.Bill Simmons02:09:09
4/5/21The Suggs Game, Bad Lakers Omens, Rookie of the Year Sadness, and Post-Vaccine Life With Ryen Russillo...Bill Simmons01:59:50
4/1/21A New York Sports Renaissance With John Jastremski. Plus, Kenan Thompson (Finally!).Bill Simmons01:59:43
3/30/21NBA Buyout Mania, Brooklyn's Destiny, and the State of Boston Sports With Raja Bell and Kevin Hench...Bill Simmons01:58:27
3/25/21NBA Trade Deadline, Part 4: Winners & Losers With Ryen Russillo and Jackie MacMullanBill Simmons01:12:02
3/25/21NBA Trade Deadline, Part 3: Last-Minute Deals With Ryen Russillo and Kevin O’ConnorBill Simmons00:42:26
3/25/21NBA Trade Deadline, Part 2: Lakers, Lowry, Pelicans With Ryen Russillo and Kevin O’ConnorBill Simmons00:38:19
3/25/21NBA Trade Deadline, Part 1: Orlando’s Big Day With Ryen Russillo and Kevin ClarkBill Simmons00:38:47
3/24/21RIP, Elgin Baylor. Mirin Fader's GIANNIS: THE IMPROBABLE RISE OF AN NBA MVP. Alexis Ohanian discusses the golden age of pro boxing...Bill Simmons02:06:59
3/22/21Top NBA draft prospect Cade Cunningham after Oklahoma State's loss to Oregon State. LeBron James's ankle sprain. NBA trade deadline...Bill Simmons01:51:02
3/19/21Matt James on 'The Bachelor' Behind the Scenes, Plus Joe House on Desperate NBA Teams, March Madness and NBA teams desperate for a tradeBill Simmons01:51:22
3/17/21The Patriots' massive free-agency spending spree, the Bears signing QB Andy Dalton, Joel Embiid's injury, and more...Bill Simmons01:38:36
3/12/21NBA Chatter about "The Pause", moving up the 20-21 start date, and trades With Jackie MacMullan. Plus Oscars Breakdown With Wesley MorrisBill Simmons02:12:49
3/10/21Dak Prescott media coverage, the massive NFL television rights deal, Sports Media Trends, 'The Bachelor' Controversy, and gambling in sportsBill Simmons01:57:42
3/8/21All-Star Game, the 3-point contest, slam dunk contest, Blake Griffin signing with Brooklyn, and Trade Deadline Predictions With Ryen RussilloBill Simmons01:56:31
3/5/21Embiid for MVP, Tiger's Future, Taylor Swift, and 'Boogie' With Joe House, Nathan Hubbard, and Eddie Huang...Bill Simmons01:49:45
3/2/21The Atlanta Hawks firing coach Lloyd Pierce, the Dallas Mavericks "righting the ship," Luka Doncic's hot streak, fake Porzingis trades...Bill Simmons01:43:14
3/1/21The Utah Jazz as title contenders, Trae Young's Path, NBA Trade Rumors, and Teen Patrol With Jackie MacMullan and Zoe SimmonsBill Simmons02:04:15
2/26/21Bill is joined by ESPN's Zach Lowe to discuss NBA All-Star snubs, the most fun NBA League Pass teams, top NBA crunch-time players, and more!Bill Simmons01:36:38
2/24/21Tiger Woods' Accident, Deshaun Watson Trades, COVID-19 and Common Sense, and NYC’s Future With Kevin Clark and Derek Thompson.Bill Simmons01:54:21
2/22/21The Nets win over the Clippers Conundrum, Brooklyn's road-trip win streak, LeBron MVP Myths, and the Ref Review Crisis With Ryen RussilloBill Simmons01:52:46
2/19/21Damian Lillard vs. Steph Curry, NFL Draft QBs, and Flea on the Lakers With Chris Haynes and Danny Kelly.Bill Simmons01:54:16
2/16/21Charles Barkley on Ben Simmons, Zion's Flaws, the Center Revolution, Adam Silver, and the Nets versus the LakersBill Simmons01:39:26
2/15/21Bill Simmons is joined by Kevin O'Connor to discuss the Celtics' underwhelming 13-13 season and what Boston can do to turn it around.Bill Simmons01:37:03
2/12/21State of Zion, Sleeper Suns, Clubhouse's Ceiling, and Brady's Last Laugh With Rob Mahoney, Nathan Hubbard, and Seth Wickersham.Bill Simmons01:59:11
2/10/21The Buccaneers' Super Bowl victory, Super Bowl Lessons and Super-duper-star Steph 2.0 With Kevin Clark and Logan Murdock...Bill Simmons01:40:48
2/8/21Tompa Bay victory over the Chiefs in Super Bowl LV, what went wrong with the Chiefs, Plus 2022 Best NFL Bets With Cousin Sal.Bill Simmons01:23:15
2/5/21The Case for Tompa and Million-Dollar Picks With Peter Schrager. Plus: Casey Affleck on Sports Movies.Bill Simmons02:10:27
2/3/21Bill shares his thoughts on the Nets' win over the Clippers and the Warriors' loss to the Celtics, then talks with Trail Blazers guard CJ McCollum...Bill Simmons01:44:25
2/1/21Best Super Bowl Prop Bets, tories, Plus Sal-a-Palooza 2021 (Sal's new book) With Cousin Sal and Surprise Guests.Bill Simmons01:54:50
1/29/21Best Beal Trades, the GameStop Scandal, and Super Bowl Talk With Joe House, Andrew Ross Sorkin, and Jamal Adams.Bill Simmons02:02:34
1/27/21Best NBA Unicorns (LeBron James, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Joel Embiid, Kevin Durant...), Plus Sports Card Boom 3.0 With Kevin O'Connor & Mike GioseffiBill Simmons01:52:30
1/25/21We guess the line for the Mahomes-Brady Bowl, Conflicted Pats Fans, and Playoff Rodgers With Cousin Sal.Bill Simmons01:37:18
1/22/21Bill is joined by Jimmy Kimmel to discuss Cousin Sal's new book, You Can't Lose Them All: Tales of a Degenerate Gambler and His Ridiculous FriendsBill Simmons01:46:28
1/19/21Brooklyn's Ceiling, Brady vs. Boston Fans, 'The Bachelor,' and Taylor Swift With Jackie MacMullan and Nora Princiotti.Bill Simmons02:09:21
1/18/21The nail-biter between the Chiefs and the Browns, Brady Over Brees, Most Fun Super Bowl Possibilities, and Round 3 Lines With Cousin SalBill Simmons01:24:38
1/15/21The James Harden Trade 2.0, Tom Brady's Big Chance, and NFL divisional-round Playoff Picks With Peter Schrager.Bill Simmons01:29:58
1/12/21LeBron's MVP Run, LaMelo's Leap, Steph's F.U. Tour, and the NBA's COVID Issues With Ryen Russillo.Bill Simmons02:11:01
1/11/216 wild-card games, Browns Fever, Lamar's Revenge, the Sleeper Rams, and Round 2 Lines With Cousin Sal. They close with Parent CornerBill Simmons01:28:56
1/8/21The Resurgent Knicks and NFL Playoff Picks and wild-card game previews with Mike Breen and Peter Schrager.Bill Simmons01:43:23
1/6/21AFC and NFC wild-card matchups, playoff sleepers, future bets, and more. Plus Cobra Kai Season 3 With Warren Sharp and Shea SerranoBill Simmons01:48:56
1/4/21Philly's puzzling loss to Washington, the Dolphins' loss to the Buffalo Bills, and Round 1 Playoff Lines With Cousin Sal.Bill Simmons01:36:27
12/31/20A Bucs-Bills Super Bowl, Week 17 Bets, and 2020 Teen Culture Awards With Peter Schrager and Zoe Simmons...Bill Simmons01:36:42
12/30/20Bill shares some Week 1 NBA Notes. Plus, the NBA Then and Now With sports media legends Jackie MacMullan and Bob Ryan.Bill Simmons01:55:51
12/28/20Dallas Ain't Dead! Plus: MVP Rodgers, Tua Troubles, Goff Flops and Playoff Scenarios With Cousin Sal.Bill Simmons01:39:25
12/25/20William Zabka on 'Cobra Kai,' and a 2020 Sports Repodders Recap With Bryan Curtis and Jason Gay.Bill Simmons02:17:28
12/22/20The 2021 NBA Over/Under Mega Preview With Ryen Russillo and Joe House.Bill Simmons03:03:37
12/21/20The Jets Win! (No!!!) Plus: MVP Watch, Hurts vs. Murray, and the Parlay Murderer With Cousin Sal and Sean FennesseyBill Simmons01:47:01
12/17/20The Future of Sports With Barack Obama and Bakari Sellers. Plus, Million Dollar Picks Week 15.Bill Simmons01:35:23
12/15/20Giannis Stays in Milwaukee! Plus: Mark Cuban on Luka's Ceiling, NBA Bubble Lessons, and Dirk Nowitzki as Dallas's Sports GOAT.Bill Simmons01:39:05
12/14/20Bills vs. Steelers, Hurts vs. Wentz, Tua vs. Mahomes, and the First Puppy Weekend With Cousin SalBill Simmons01:29:43
12/11/20Becoming a Chiefs fan after the Rams leave St. Louis, Buffalo's Big Rise, the 0-16 Jets and Top Gun 2 with Jon Hamm and Peter SchragerBill Simmons01:33:43
12/9/20The Unhappy NBA Star Era, the status of New York pro Sports, and MTV's 'The Challenge: Double Agents' With John Jastremski and Dave JacobyBill Simmons02:11:29
12/7/20The Browns' decisive win over the Giants, the Broncos' close loss to the Chiefs, the Jets barely keeping their 0-16 season intact...Bill Simmons01:38:41
12/4/20Thoughts on James Harden's next team, two serious contenders in the Harden sweepstakes, and how the deal can get done...Bill Simmons02:04:26
12/2/20Bill and Tony Kornheiser discuss the NFL's approach to dealing with COVID, the evolution of sports coverage, baseball's shrinking national interest...Bill Simmons01:45:19
11/30/20Bill is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the Saints win over the QB-less Broncos, NFL COVID Woes, Giants Fever, and the Tyson-Jones match...Bill Simmons01:22:60
11/27/20Tony Romo's post NFL career. Tom Brady's Troubles in Tampa Bay. The John Belushi doc with Jim Miller. How low fan attendance helps defense.Bill Simmons01:46:54
11/24/20Did the Lakers Scare Everyone Away? Was Detroit Drunk? Plus, More NBA Questions and NFL picks With Jackie MacMullan.Bill Simmons01:40:08
11/23/20Gordon Hayward Flees Boston; Mahomes ironclad case for MVP; Dolphins flop vs. Broncos; Joe Burrow's season-ending injuryBill Simmons01:43:03
11/20/20The Unlucky Warriors, Harden's Next Move and the Semi-Resurgent Pats With Kevin O'Connor and Nora Princiotti.Bill Simmons02:06:08
11/17/20James Harden's Dilemma 2.0, Milwaukee's Big Move, and Chris Paul to Phoenix With Raja Bell and Ryen Russillol.Bill Simmons01:20:42
11/16/20Hail Murray, James Harden to Brooklyn Nets?, Heart Attack Quarterbacks, and the Zombie Patriots With Cousin Sal.Bill Simmons01:42:55
11/13/20Westbrook Trades, NFL Playoff Predictions and RIP Alex Trebek With Kevin Clark and Claire McNear...Bill Simmons01:57:07
11/10/20Tommy Heinsohn Memories and Fantasy Football Half-Season MVPs with Bill's Dad and Matthew BerryBill Simmons01:53:37
11/9/20Tua!!! Plus: Tampa's No-Show, the Weirdo NFC + 2020 Election Bad Beats With Cousin Sal and Joe HouseBill Simmons01:43:14
11/6/20Burrow vs. Herbert, Ravens Concerns, Seattle's Ceiling, and Trump's Big Meltdown With Mina Kimes and JackOBill Simmons01:49:33
11/4/20The NBA's Murky Future and Best Streaming TV/Movies With Ryen Russillo and Wesley Morris.Bill Simmons02:12:36
11/2/20The 7-0 (?!?) Steelers, Shakiest Good QBs, Mid-Season MVPs & the Sleeper Dolphins With Cousin Sal...Bill Simmons01:41:12
10/30/20Dork Elvis to Philly, Shorting the Pats, Masters Odds, and 2020 Election Guesses With Joe House, Bakari Sellers, and Harry Enten.Bill Simmons01:60:25
10/28/20The Blake Snell WTF Game, Mookie's Second Title, and NBA Draft Trades With CC Sabathia and Kevin O'Connor.Bill Simmons01:47:35
10/26/20>Recapping some NFL Week 7 games, another painful Falcons loss, another Patriots flop, AFC/NFC power rankings, the sad state of the Cowboys...Bill Simmons01:26:44
10/23/20Bill & Howie Long discuss Tom Brady's Buccaneers finding their equilibrium, Dak Prescott's injury, top NFL defenses, the perplexing Packers...Bill Simmons01:57:35
10/21/20Beating the Lakers, Rondo's Revival, Atlanta's Sports Torture, and Trump's Last Stand With Jackie MacMullan, Rembert Browne, and JackOBill Simmons02:06:03
10/19/20The Dodgers' win, Tampa Bay's 2020 Takeover, New Gambling Rules, the Hopeless Jets, and Mookie's Moment With Cousin Sal...Bill Simmons01:37:52
10/16/20Deep Thoughts with Russell Wilson, Plus Daryl Morey's Exit, NFL Picks and Cooper Raiff of 'Sh*thouse'Bill Simmons02:05:15
10/14/20Lakers/LeBron/Bubble Stories with Jared Dudley and Ryen Russillo. Plus a 2021 NBA Free Agency Primer.Bill Simmons02:27:35
10/12/20Bubble King James, Dak Goes Down, NBA 2021 Futures, and Guess the Lines With Cousin Sal and Joe House.Bill Simmons01:46:24
10/9/20NBA Mount GOATmore and the Best 21st-Century Teams With Zach Lowe, Plus Brady's Brainfart and Million Dollar PicksBill Simmons01:48:21
10/7/20A 12th L.A. Lakers Title with Lebron's command of the series and Remembering Eddie Van Halen with Ryen Russillo and Chuck Klosterman.Bill Simmons02:09:59
10/5/20Butler Saves Miami, Fantasy F.B. In Flux, The NFC Least & Quarter-Season MVP's with The Cousin Sal.Bill Simmons01:34:19
10/2/20The Cruising Lakers, Heat Culture, Lamar's Kryptonite, & Tampa's Gambling Hook With Stugotz Weiner, Mallory Rubin, Nora Princiotti, & Joe HouseBill Simmons02:12:03
9/30/20Miami's Upset Potential, Clippers Chaos, the Villainous Astros, and MLB Bubble Playoff Picks With Jackie MacMullan and CC SabathiaBill Simmons01:57:22
9/28/20Miami vs. LeBron, Trubisky’s Farewell, a Pissed-Off Aaron Rodgers and Lots of Falcon Poop with Cousin Sal.Bill Simmons01:37:49
9/25/20LeBron 4.0, Miami’s Herro Complex, Harden for Embiid (?) Plus Week 3 NFL Picks with Ryen RussilloBill Simmons01:56:29
9/23/20Thoughts on the Nuggets' comeback win in Game 3 vs. the Lakers. The LeBron James & Anthony Davis duo. A talk with Jeff DanielsBill Simmons02:06:45
9/21/20Bill & Sal on the Seahawks vs. the Pats, Cowboys miracle comeback vs. the Falcons, & Chiefs overtime win vs. the ChargersBill Simmons01:43:39
9/18/20Boston's Flop, Riley's Genius and Denver's Cinderella Story with Jackie MacMullan, Plus Shorting the JetsBill Simmons01:37:16
9/16/20The Great Jokic, a Total Clipocalypse, Panic Trades, and Kemba Search Parties with Ryen RussilloBill Simmons02:01:47
9/14/20Cam Thrives, Brady Flounders, Best NFL Overreactions, and Guess the Lines With Cousin Sal.Bill Simmons01:38:22
9/11/20The Scarier Chiefs, Week 1 NFL Picks, Kyle "The Villain" Lowry, and Coach Steve Nash With Raja Bell...Bill Simmons01:53:28
9/9/20Bill shares his thoughts on Lakers-Rockets and Celtics-Raptors. He & Cousin Sal discuss the NFL season and guess the NFL lines.Bill Simmons01:57:55
9/7/20A Giannis Dilemma, Butler's Alpha Destiny, the Too-Cool Clips, Kyle Lowry, and Homer Corner With Ryen RussilloBill Simmons01:58:31
9/4/20Bill Simmons reacts to the Raptors' last-second victory over the Celtics. Andre Iguodala interview. Plus: RIP, Tom Seaver.Bill Simmons02:21:04
9/2/20Denver Lives, Utah Dies; James Harden vs. CP3; and Matthew Berry's Fantasy Football Preview | All With Joe House.Bill Simmons02:11:12
8/31/20The Nuggets-Jazz Game 7, NBA players working toward social justice, the Mavericks' playoff exit, Lakers Round 2 speculation...Bill Simmons02:14:37
8/29/20In 2019, Bill Simmons talked with actor Chadwick Boseman about sports movies, making biopics, 42, DRAFT DAY, BLACK PANTHER, 21 BRIDGES...Bill Simmons00:53:46
8/28/20The NBA makes history and discussions with civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson, Chris Mannix, and Chiney Ogwumike...Bill Simmons01:50:25
8/26/20Clippers Revenge, Houston's Dilemma, Simmons Trades, and Seth Meyers Returns, With Logan Murdock, Raja Bell, and Jonathan TjarksBill Simmons02:15:52
8/24/20Mavericks' win over the Clippers, tying the series; the 76ers get swept by the Celtics; and the Jazz upsetting the NuggetsBill Simmons02:20:27
8/21/20NBA Lottery Winners, GSW’s Next Move, Philly's Slide, Cam Newton and Taylor Swift with Raja Bell, Kevin O’Connor, Ryen Russillo and Nora PrinciottiBill Simmons02:12:03
8/19/20The Lakers Panic and NBA Playoff Overreactions With Joe House, Plus Triple H on the WWE's Crazy 2020Bill Simmons01:39:14
8/17/20Ryen Russillo joins us to discuss the NBA's delightful play-in game format for the bottom NBA playoff seeds...Bill Simmons01:59:37
8/14/20Dame vs. Iverson and Embiid's Inconsistency With Raja Bell, Plus JackO on Altuve, the Yankees, and VP Kamala HarrisBill Simmons01:44:03
8/12/20A Crazy NFL Season With Kevin Clark, Plus Jim Belushi on Cannabis, SNL, and His Legendary Brother, John...Bill Simmons01:52:26
8/10/20We're joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the grim outlook for college football, the PGA championship, the red-hot Phoenix Suns...Bill Simmons01:56:39
8/7/20We're joined by Joe House to discuss the surging Trail Blazers, the wild-card guys, the disappointing Mavericks & the PGA Championship in SanFranBill Simmons01:45:12
8/5/20Steve Kerr on Bubble Ball, Golden State’s Gap Year, and ‘The Last Dance.’ Plus: Nathan Hubbard on Golf and Taylor Swift.Bill Simmons01:40:18
8/3/20NBA Bubble Basketball Revelations, Houston and OKC As Sleepers, and Philly Frustrations With Ryen Russillo...Bill Simmons01:57:45
7/31/20The NBA restart, including Lakers-Clippers, Pelicans-Jazz, the NBA broadcast, NBA awards, and more. 10 Questions With Kyle BrandtBill Simmons02:07:25
7/29/20MLB's Struggles, NBA Asterisks With CC Sabathia and Ryan Ruocco, and Jason Gay on Pandemic Parenting and Regis Philbin.Bill Simmons01:50:17
7/24/20The Sleeper Blazers, Best NBA Futures, and LeBron's Goofy MVP Bandwagon With Cousin Sal and Joe House.Bill Simmons01:37:25
7/22/20Andy Samberg talks about his movie PALM SPRINGS, his time on SNL, and the role YouTube played in THE LONELY ISLAND's success.Bill Simmons01:52:31
7/17/20Celtics center Enes Kanter talks about the upcoming postseason, the Westbrook-Durant era in Oklahoma City, & his time on the Knicks...Bill Simmons01:59:40
7/14/20Inside the NBA Bubble in Orlando, KD & LeBron, HBO's SHOWBIZ KIDS director Alex Winter on his life as a child actor...Bill Simmons02:05:56
7/10/20A Patriots Makeover, 'Unsolved Mysteries,' MLB Foibles and 'The OC' With Mina Kimes, JackO, and Peter Gallagher...Bill Simmons01:57:55
7/8/20NBA's Risky Restart with insider Shams Charania & Quibi's Struggles with former Hollywood Reporter editor Matthew BelloniBill Simmons01:37:56
7/1/20We're joined by NBA champion and commentator Kenny "The Jet" Smith to discuss what makes 'Inside the NBA' so authentic and moreBill Simmons01:27:37
6/29/20Bill Simmons and Ryen Russillo discuss Cam Newton's deal with the Patriots, LeBron James and 'The Decision' and the 2010 NBA draftBill Simmons01:54:40
6/26/20We're joined by actor Don Cheadle to discuss some of his iconic films; and with actor Rob Lowe about joining the podcast world...Bill Simmons02:15:02
6/22/20We talk about our early years in podcasts and radio, revisit the 2008 NBA draft & redraft the top 14 lottery picks...Bill Simmons01:60:60
6/19/20The NBA in Quarantine With New Orleans veteran JJ Redick, Plus journalist Cord Jefferson on the Impact of HBO's 'Watchmen'.Bill Simmons01:32:47
6/17/20An MLB Funeral With JackO, Plus LL Cool J on Kobe vs. Magic, Rap History, and Creating the GOAT.Bill Simmons01:37:54
6/15/20NBA players concerns over the return schedule, plus a revisit of the 2007 NBA draft and its subplots, draft comedy, and legends.Bill Simmons01:51:04
6/12/20Jalen Rose & Judd Apatow on championing voting rights by former pro basketballers. Plus the 2006 NBA Redraftables.Bill Simmons02:41:18
6/9/20Goodell's 180, Biden's VP, Old-School Football, and the Hockey "Code" With Bakari Sellers and Bill Burr.Bill Simmons01:48:25
6/5/20CC Sabathia on Protesting, Drew Brees, Baseball's Return, LeBron, Rivera, and the National MomentBill Simmons01:15:26
6/3/20DeRay Mckesson on Ending Police Brutality, Plus 'Flying Coach' With Steve Kerr, Pete Carroll, and Gregg Popovich.Bill Simmons01:51:43
6/1/20Bill is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the recent protests after the death of George Floyd while in police custody...Bill Simmons02:25:15
5/29/20Answers to our Quarantine Mailbag, Plus Michael Lewis on the COVID-19 pandemic & Jason Bateman on his Netflix series OZARK.Bill Simmons02:34:53

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