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Carrie Gibson selects and reads articles from The Atlantic, America's foremost source of information on business, politics, culture, technology, food, national and international affairs.

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Joe Biden's New World Order - Sep, 2021The United States has allied with Britain and Australia to form a new ant-China grouping. by Tom McTagueReader: Carrie Gibson00:07:52
Texas Republicans Got What They Wanted - Sep, 2021Until now, Republicans have had a lucrative, no-risk way to rail against abortion. But they might regret it. by David FrumReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:24
The Two Blows America Is Dealing to the Taliban - Aug 27, 2021The exit form Afghanistan may seem life a failure. But it can also be seen as a display of power. by David FrumReader: Carrie Gibson00:04:58
Liberal Democracy Is Worth a Figh - Aug, 2021Not all battles can be won with language, arguments, conferences, or diplomacy. by Anne ApplebaumReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:21
Vaccine Refusers Risk Compassion Fatigue - Aug, 2021After the horrors that health-care workers have endured during the pandemic, many are struggling ot sympathize with people who won't protect themselves.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:07:46
A Catastrophic New Climate Report - Aug, 2021Climate change is here, it's a crisis, and it's caused by fossil fuels, by Robinson MeyerReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:56
How Did It Come to This? - Jul, 2021The Delta variant is winning, for the moment, and the CDC's coronavirus map shows that we're failing to fight it. by Katherine J. WuReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:11
4 Reasons I'm Wearing a Mask Again - Jul, 2021The Delta variant is spreading fast, so I'm supplementing the protection offered by my vaccine. by Katherine J. WuReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:46
Biden Is Speaking to an America That Doesn't Exist - Jul, 2021Many citizens support the recent attacks on democracy, and those who don't face a system stacked agains them. by David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:34
Haiti and the Trump Illusion - Jul, 2021The U.S. cannot wall itself off from the troubles facing its neighbors. by David FrumReader: Carrie Gibson00:04:58
The Trump Organization Is in Big Trouble - Jul, 2021The indictments of the business and its CFO allege not some minor technical mistakes, but blatant violations of the law. by Daniel HemelReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:36
Cancel Prime - Jun, 2021The subscritption service is Amazon's greatest-and most terrifying-invention. by Ellen CushingReader: Carrie Gibson00:15:40
Trump's DOJ was More Dangerous Than We Knew - Jun, 2021Revelations since Biden's inauguration are adding detail to a portrait of ethical decay at the department. by David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:25
The Capitol Rioters Won - Jun, 2021Although some Republican leaders deplored their violence, most have come to support the rioters' claim that Trump's defeat meant the election was illegitimate.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:11:51
Mitch McConnell's Gift to Progressives - May, 2021For Democrats who want to scrap the Senate filibuster, the GOP's move to block a January 6 commission is the perfect fight. by Russell BermanReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:38
Democracy Defeater, 35-54 - May, 2021Eleven senators didn't even bother to cast a vote on a commission to investigate a violent attack on their own workplace. by David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:37
Why the Filibuster Suits the GOP Just Fine - Apr, 2021Because neither party can reliably elect enough senators to overcome a filibuster modern American politics is trapped. by Sam Wang, Ari Goldbloom-HelznerReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:59
Navalny Has a Lesson for the World - Apr, 2021The Russian opposition leader is showing what courage means. by Anne ApplebaumReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:48
General Override - Apr, 2021After years of deferring to the uniformed military on major decisions, presidents are pushing back. by David A GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:10:00
The GOP Is Voting Against Its Base - Apr, 2021Republicans are making a risky bet opposing Biden's infrastructure plan. by Carrie GibsonReader: Carrie Gibson00:11:59
America Never Wanted the Tired, Poor, Huddled Masses - Apr, 2021The U.S. is a diverse nation of immigrants-but it was not intended to be, and its historical biases continue to haunt the present. by Caitlin DickersonReader: Carrie Gibson00:17:29
What Biden's First Press Conference Revealed - Mar, 2021The president invoked an unexpected source of inspiration. by David A GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:54
Don't Be Surprised When Vaccinated People Get Infected - Mar, 2021Post-immunization cases, sometimes called "breakthroughs", are very rare and very expected. by Katherine J. WuReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:05
The Pandemic Is Ending - Mar, 2021In millions of small ways, every day. How long it takes is up to us. by James HamblinReader: Carrie Gibson00:14:48
We Can't Curb the Presidency Without Fixing Congress - Mar, 2021The minoritarian skew of the House and Senate presents an obstacle to democratic reform. by David FrumReader: Carrie Gibson00:10:43
The False Dilemma of Post-Vaccination Risk - Feb, 2021We'll never know for sure how contagious people are after they're vaccinated, but we do know how they should act. by James HamblinReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:43
A Quite Possibly Wonderful Summer - Feb, 2021Families will gather. Restaurants will reopen. People will travel. The pandemic may feel like it's behind us-even if it's not. by James HamblinReader: Carrie Gibson00:14:16
The Lessons Biden and the Democrats From First Impeachment - Feb, 2021Trump's trial threatened to derail the administration's agenda. But as the proceeding wind down, the new president my be coming out ahead.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:18
Impeachment Poses One Question - Feb, 2021Much of legal wrangling serves to obscure the central matter before the Senate. by David A GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:07:01
The Decision That Will Define Democrats for a Decade - Jan, 2021Will they get rid of the filibuster if it means passing their voting-rights and election-reform agenda? by Ronald BrownsteinReader: Carrie Gibson00:15:19
How Biden Plans to Beat Republican Obstructionism - Jan, 2021History suggests that Joe Biden and the Democrats are going to have a tough two years and a disaster in the midterms. Here's their plan to avoid that.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:11:26
When the FBI Spied on MLK - Jan, 2021The bureau's surveillance of Martin Luther King Jr. reflects a paranoia about Black activism that's foundational to American politics. by Hannah GiorgisReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:35
How MAGA Extremism Ends - Jan, 2021If Trump keeps losing, the risk of future violence will abate. by Juliette KayyemReader: Carrie Gibson00:07:36
Worse Than Treason - Jan, 2020No amount of rationalizing can change the fact the majority of the Republican Party is advocating for the overthrow of an American election. by Tom NicholsReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:53
Trump's Indifference Amounts to Negligent Homicide - Nov, 2020The president's behavior may not meet the term's legal definition, but it captures the horror a government is visiting upon its people. by James FallowsReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:06
It's Time to Hunker DownA devastating surge is here. Unless Americans act aggressively, it will get much larger, very quickly.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:11:02
Trump Is Powerless to Stop the Count - Nov, 2020The president has run up against something he cannot control. by David A GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:56
Don't Sweat the Polls - Oct, 2020Why the 2020 election won't be a 2016 sequel. by Derek ThompsonReader: Carrie Gibson00:10:07
Amy Coney Barrett's Judicial Philosphy Doesn't Hold Up to Scrutiny - Oct, 2020The Constitution should be the sturdy vessel for our ideals and aspirations, not a derelict sailing ship locked in the ice of a world from our own.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:27
The Final Season of the Trump Show - Oct, 2020Thursday's dueling town halls made clear why the president's campaign is flailing. by David FrumReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:09
Trump Failed the 3 A.M. Test - Oct 11, 2020Don't let him answer another call. by Connor FriedersdorfReader: Carrie Gibson00:10:12
What Did You Expect? - Oct, 2020Trump should never been allowed anywhere near public office.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:04
Woodward Reveals How Controversies Help Trump - Sep, 2020Jared Kushner, the journalist says, boasts about the president's ability to change the conversation. by David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:04:54
The US Is on the Path to Destruction - Sep, 2020Climate change is killing Americans and destroying the country's physical infrastructure. by Annie LowreyReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:45
End the Nobel Peace Prize - Sep, 2020The Trump nomination shows that peace had its chance, and blew it. by Graeme WoodReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:19
The Huge Snag in Trump's Reelection Pitch - Sep, 2020The prsident's own volatility complicates his effort to convince Americans that he can stablize their lives. by Ronald BrownsteinReader: Carrie Gibson00:10:45
This is How Biden Loses - Aug, 2020Nothing will harm a campaign like the wishful thinking, fearful hesitation, or sheer complacecy that fails to address what voters can plainly see. by George PacKerReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:50
The Amazing Disappearing Election - Aug, 2020Donald Trump and the coronavirus are all-consuming topics. What will happen to the rest of the world's issues? by Ethan ZuckermanReader: Carrie Gibson00:11:20
When Karen Bass Wen to Work in Castro's Cuba - Jul, 2020In 1973, Bass, who's now a potential Biden VP pick, traveled to Cuba with the Veneceremos Brigade. But she knew they did not have the same freedoms she did.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:17:19
Canada Got Better. The United States Got Trump. Jul, 2020Two North American nations seemed to be on the same path-and then they diverged. by David FrumReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:13
James Baldwin Was Right All Along - Jul, 2020The writer and activist has the painful, powerful words for this political moment. America just needs to heed them. by Raoul PeckReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:07
Kamala Harris's Very Open Secret - Jun, 2020The senator from California seems like the obvious choice to be Joe Biden's running mate. So why is she keeping mum about her thinking?Reader: Carrie Gibson00:12:36
Trump Will Stand Atop a Land of Tragedies - Jun, 2020When thousands gather in Tulsa, they will crowd onto ground soaked in racial violence. by Rebecca NagleReader: Carrie Gibson00:13:00
The Virus Will Win - Jun, 2020Americans are pretending that the pandemic is over. It certainly is not. by Yascha MounkReader: Carrie Gibson00:07:55
Shouting Into the Institutional Void - Jun, 2020Demonstrators are hammering on a hollowed-out structure, and it very well may collapse. by George PackerReader: Carrie Gibson00:11:45
Trump Is The Looter - May, 2020The President is exposing problems in America that most did not want to see. by David FrumReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:42
Social Distancing Is Not Enough - May, 2020We will need a comprehensive strategy to reduce the sort of interactions that can lead to more infections. by Derek ThimpsonReader: Carrie Gibson00:15:09
It Really Could Be Warren - May, 2020After her swing and miss at the presidency, the Massachusetts senator is making a case for herself as Joe Biden's vice president. by Edward Isaac DovereReader: Carrie Gibson00:17:51
America's Racial Contract Is Killing Us - May, 2020This is what happens when we value certain lives more than others. by Adam SerwerReader: Carrie Gibson00:17:28
The Rest of the World is Laughing at Trump - May, 2020The president created a leadership vacuum. China intends to fill it. by Anne ApplebaumReader: Carrie Gibson00:13:01
We Are Living in a Failed State - Apr, 2020The coronavirus didn't break America. It revealed what was already broken. by George PackerReader: Carrie Gibson00:16:54
Trump Is Threatening to Subvert Constitution - Apr, 2020A president cannot just make Congress disappear when he wishes. by Neal Katyal and Thomas SchmidtReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:11
What the President Was Supposed to Do All Along - Apr, 2020Joe Biden's minimalist version of the presidency could be a blessing disguise. by Nathan SchneiderReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:19
Everyone Thinks They're Right About Masks - Apr, 2020How the coronavirus travels through the air has become one of the most dvisive debates in this pandemic. by E YongReader: Carrie Gibson00:18:25
Cuomo and de Blasio: A Tale of Two Leaders - Mar, 2020The two Democrats have been a study in contrasts as the Empire State becomes the epicenter of the global coronavirus outbreak. by Russell BermanReader: Carrie Gibson00:10:08
Where Are the Masks - Mar, 2020Health: Our health-care professionals are fighting for us, but we're not giving them the equipment they need to succeed. by Wajahat AliReader: Carrie Gibson00:10:35
America Punished Elizabeth Warren for Her Competence - Mar, 2020The country still doesn't know what to make a woman-in politics, and beyond-who refuses to qualify her success. by Megan GarberReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:47
The Problem With Telling Sick Worker to Stay Home - Mar, 2020Even with the coronavirus spreading, lax labor laws and little sick leave mean that many people can't afford to skp work. by Amanda MullReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:09
Voters Really Care About Climate Change - Feb, 2019For Democrats, climate change is now one of the two most important issues in politics, according to a new poll. by Robinson MeyerReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:15
Bloomberg Flunks the Wokeness Test - Feb, 2019Sop-and-frisk was awful. But to disqualify the former New York mayor from the presidency on that basis is to risk a second term for Trump.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:08:26
Republicans Are Prepared to Go Down With Trump - Jan, 2019Or to triumph with him. by David A GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:26
Here's What Trump Has Been Up To During Impeachment - Jan, 2020While public attention is focused on the Senate, the president is making controversial policy moves. by David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:27
Trump Broke It. Now He Owns It - Jan, 2020The president withdrew from a flawed deal with Iran, but had no realistic alternative. With that choice come responsibility of what ensued. by David FrumReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:38
America Is Now the Divided Republic the Framers Feared - Jan, 2020John Adams worried that "a division of the republic into two great to be dreaded as the great political evil." And that's exactly what has come to pass.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:10:13
The Remedy for Mitch McConnell - Dec, 2019The Senate majority leader seems uninterested in fulfilling his constitutional duties. by Qunita Jurecic and Benjamin WittesReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:47
Just Break the NDA, Pete - Dec, 2019The worst that could happen is actually a best-case scenario. by Derek ThimpsonReader: Carrie Gibson00:03:59
The War-Crimes President - Nov, 2019When violence is directed at those Trump's supporters hate and fear, they see such excesses not as crimes but as virtues. by Adam SerwerReader: Carrie Gibson00:12:05
Trump's Crime Against America - Nov, 2019The president's offense is abusing his power to stay in office, not disputing Ukraine policy. by Adam SerwerReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:41
Trump's Impeachable Tweet - Nov, 2019Nothing in Marie Yovanovitch's testimony had directly added to the Democrats' case for removal. Then the president stepped in.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:43
Elizabet Warren Couldn't Be Luckier - Nov, 2019If Michael Bloomberg runs for president, he will empower the very forces that he's reportedly eager to thwart. By Pete Beinart.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:07
John Kelly's Astonishing Accusation - Oct, 2019In absence of an aide willing to tell the president he can't break the law, it was inevitable that Trump would commit impeachable acts says Kelly.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:04:39
The Conspiracy of Silence Is Cracking - Oct, 2019Trump's stonewalling relies on the willingness of others to stay quiet, and Marie Yovanovitch and Gordon Sondland are opting out. by David A GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:50
Trump Just Did It Out in the Open - Oct, 2019Facing impeachment over his secret request that Ukraine investigate the Bidens, the president appealed to China to do the same. by David A GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:06
Why Greta Makes Adults Uncomfortable - Sep, 2019Especially in private, she sounds a lot like...a teenager. by Robinson MeyerReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:26
The Supreme Court Is Trump's Enforcer - Sep, 2019This administration seems to regard "extraordinary relief" from the high court as nothing more than its due. by Garrett EppsReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:40
NOAA Politicized the Weather Report - Sep, 2019The scientific agency sided with the president's inaccurate forecast over the work of its professional staff. by Robinson MeyerReader: Carrie Gibson00:04:14
A Future Without Long-Haul Vacations - Sep, 2019As a global climate crisis deepens, even professional travelers should cut back on their air miles. by Henry WismayerReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:35
Trump Longs to Command the Economy - Aug, 2019In his struggle against China, the president has begun to resemble his authoritarian rival Xi Jinping. by David A GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:01
Stacey Abrams Is Playing the Long Game - Aug, 2019After skyrocketing to political stardom in 2018, the Georgia Democrat is now trying to get her party to care about voter suppression in 2020.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:13
The Art of Giving a Damn - Aug, 2019Anger is the ethic of the moment. Campaign-trail language is reflecting that. by Megan GarberReader: Carrie Gibson00:10:37
Will Hurd Be the Canary in the Coal Mine? - Aug, 2019The Texas Repubican's retirement, which shocked his party, could be a harbinger of a broader exodus from Congress, by Russell BermanReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:47
Why We're Moving Forward With Impeachment - Jul, 2019Our Constitution requires it. Our democracy depends on it.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:03:31
Leading, Just Not by Example - Jul, 2019This weekís Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom highlighted the tension between what the United States wishes to be and what it is. by Emma GreenReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:54
The Plan to Fix Climate Change in the Senate - Jul, 2019Democrats are trying to do their prep work now so they can hit the ground running if they win a majority in 2021. by Robinson MeyerReader: Carrie Gibson00:07:45
What a Dr. Saw Inside a Border Patrol Warehouse - Jul, 2019Dolly Lucio Sevier evaluated dozens of sick children at a facility in South Texas. She found evidence of infection, malnutrition, and psychological trauma.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:12:49
A Practical Approach to Police Bias - Jun, 2019Can changing officers' default protocols help change minds? by Annika NeklasonReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:03
AOC's Generation Doesn't Presume Amreica's Innocence - Jun, 2019Ocasio-Cortez's "concentration camps' comment questions an old orthodoxy: That only other countries-and not the U.S.-are capable of evil.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:10:21
Kamala Harris's Mistake - Jun, 2019A presidential candidate shouldn't be endorsing the potential prosecution of a political opponent. by Quinta JurecicReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:50
Some Real News About Fake News - Jun, 2019It's not just making people believe false things-a new study suggests it's also making them less likely to consume or accept information. by David A GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:51
GOP Turning Against Death Penalty - Jun, 2019Republican state legislators across the country have joined with Democrats to ban capital punishment, by Madeleine CarlisleReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:12
Some Real News About Fake News - Jun, 2019It's not just making people believe false things-a new study suggests it's also making them less likely to consume or accept information. by David A GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:51
Russia Investigation to Continue - May, 2019Counterintelligence agencies must find it hard to believe the cupboard is already bare. By John Sipher.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:07:28
Court Makes Aggressive Move Against Gerrymandering - Apr, 2019A panel of judges in Michigan has thrown out a set of electoral maps and ordered new elections in several state Senate districts. by David A GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:49
The Perverse Paradox of the Mueller Report - Apr, 2019Trump's outrageous behavior described by the special counsel is, a this point, so deeply familiar that it has lost its power to outrage. by Megan GarberReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:17
Ilhan Omar's Deeply American Message - Apr, 2019The Minnesota lawmaker urged American Muslims to act like citizens, not guests. Other religious minorities should take note. by Peter BeinartReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:44
Even Congress Might Not Get the Full Mueller Report - Mar, 2019And the public could be left with a shell of Mueller's original findings. by Natasha BertrandReader: Carrie Gibson00:10:47
Trump's Golan Announcement Was No Impulse Tweet - Mar, 2019The push for Trump to make such a move has been going on for more than a year, due to parallel efforts by Israeli officials and members of Congress.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:10
Trump Couldn't Be Bothered to Stop the Senate - Mar, 2019Republicans' rebuke of his national emergency shows how uninterested the president is in executing his own agenda. by David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:41
The Most Important-And Neglected Moment of Cohen Hearing - Feb, 2019It wasn't what the president's former attorney said. It was how Elijah Cummings responded. by Quinta JurecicReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:23
Americans Don't Need the Mueller Report to Judge Trump - Feb, 2019The fevered speculation about when the special counsel will conclude his work overshadows how much the public already knows about the president and Russia.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:07:32
Every Day Is a New Low in Trump's White House - Feb, 2019The president steps over bright ethical and moral lines wherever he encounters them. Everyone in America saw it when he fired my boss. But I saw it time and time again.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:11:04
Stacey Abrams's New Strategy for Democrats - Feb, 2019In her response to the president's State of the Union address, the former Georgia legislator pushed voting rights to the heart of her party's agenda.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:36
Roger Stone's Greatest Liability - Jan, 2019The longtime Trump adviser's attention-seeking ways made him an easy target for Robert Mueller, by Ken WhiteReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:29
Elizabeht Warren's Early Stroke of Genuis - Jan 21, 2019The senator from Massachusetts announced she was running for president on New Year's Eve-and then had the field largely to herself. by Edward-Isaac DovereReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:56
The President's Hostage Attempt Is Going Miserably Wrong - Jan, 2019Once again, Trump tried and failed to strike a deal on Saturday. by David FrumReader: Carrie Gibson00:03:52
Trump Rushed Syria Withdrawal Could Backfire - Jan, 2019America's retreat from Syria began Friday despite bipartisan opposition and conflicting goalposts from top officials. by Kathy GilsinanReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:56
Wisconsin Republicans Are Shooting Themselves In the Foot - Dec, 2018My friend Scott Walker should not sign the power-grabbing legislation. by Charles J. SykesReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:58
Three Remarkable Things About Michael Cohen's Plea - Nov, 2018These developments would, under normal circumstances, end a presidency. by Ken WhiteReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:26
Democrats' Delayed Gratification in the Midterms - Nov, 2018It was a blue tide, not a blue wave: While some results were slow to arrive, they show Democrats had more success than was immediately clear.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:09
Trump Will Only Get Move Dangerous - Nov, 2018The Jeff Sessions dismissal makes it clear that the GOP defeat has made Trump more desperate to undermine the rule of law. By Adam Serwer.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:11
The One Issue That's Driving the Midterm Elections - Nov, 2018Ask voters what they care about, and they are very clear. by Anne LowreyReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:58
The 2018 Midterms Are All About Trump - Oct, 2018Republicans are surging in pro-Trump rural areas as a Democratic wave gathers in many anti-Trump suburbs, continuing a long-term shift to nationalized congressional elections.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:09:51
Jeff Flake: 'We Can't Have That on the Court' - Oct, 2018Arizona senator called Brett Kavanaugh's interactions with lawmakers at a hearing las wee "sharp and partisan." By Elaina PlottReader: Carrie Gibson00:03:11
The Pernicious Double Standards Around Kavanaugh's Drinking - Sep, 2018Thursday's Senate hearing served as a reminder of the blithe impunity afforded to those privileged enough to have whole systems invested in their success.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:14:20
Kavanaugh Confirmation Process Getting Uglier - Sep, 2018President Trump argued that if his nominee had really tried to assault Christine Blasey Ford, shew would have filed a police report. By David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:07
Manafort's Cooperation With Mueller Big Blow to Trump - Sep, 2018The president and his former campaign chairman have spent months sharing info about the Russia investigation. Now Manafort decides to help the government.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:07:32
Whose 'Resistance' Is IT Anyway? - Sep, 2018The term has popped up repeatedly of late, including a recent NY Times op-ed written by an anonymous senior official in the Trump administration. What does it mean?Reader: Carrie Gibson00:08:57
How the Democratic Party Can Turn the Sun Belt Blue - Aug, 2018From Florida to Texas, November's elections provide an opening for Democrats to shift the balance of power-and make up for lost ground in the heartlandReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:43
How This Will End - Aug, 2018Sooner or later, tyrants are always abandoned by their followers. By Eliot A CohenReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:20
Trump's Risky War of Choice Against the Generals - Aug, 2018The president's decision to revoke John Brennan's security clearance has drawn fire from figure like Robert Gates and David Petraeus.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:07:05
The White Nationalists Are Winning - Aug, 2018Fox News anchors and high-profile politicians are openly pushing the racism of the alt-right. The fringe movement's messages have permeated the Repubican Party.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:09:09
The Lasting Trauma of Alex Jones's Lies - Aug, 2018The systems that have for so long helped to enforce the notion of collective truth in America are no longer efficient: Deception is everywhere, and dangerous.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:11:08
The Case for a Trump-Russia Conspiracy Got Stronger - Jul, 2018If proven true, the president's alleged role in the Trump Tower meeting could help prosecuters make judgments about his "character, truthfulness, and cupability."Reader: Carrie Gibson00:08:25
The White House and U.S. State Dept. Have Differing Views - Jul, 2018The White House and U.S. State Department had very different answers to Russia's request to interview 11 Americans. By Krishnadev ClaamurReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:54
Scott Pruitt - Jul, 2018Why Scott Pruitt's Critics Will Miss Him. His successor will likely be far too skilled to attract notice to the EPA. By Robinson Meyer.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:35
Supreme Court Selection - Jun, 2018GOP-appointed justices are aping the party's agenda. Kennedy's retirement will further boost its prospects. By Ronald Brownstein.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:36
Trump Administration Consistency - Jun, 2018The administration has a consistent line: Its policies always serve to dehumanize those deemed not to belong. By Vann R. Newkirk II.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:57
Trump's Remarkable Admission About Dishonesty - Jun, 2018The president is open in his affection for oppressive rulers and in saying it's acceptable to lie to the public. Why does anyone still doubt he means it?Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:27
Trump's Reckoning Arrives - May, 2018The president's unpredictability once worked to his advantage--but now it is producing a mounting list of foreign-policy failures. By David FrumReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:51
The Guns - May, 2018The outrage after Parkland set off a moral reckoning and awakening--there's a simple explanation for school shootings. By David FrumReader: Carrie Gibson00:04:37
The Power of the Small Lie - Apr, 2018The president has repeatedly 'revealed' the same catchphrase as new, demonstrating how he uses minor untruths to confuse the public and destabilize facts.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:32
Trump May Already Be Violating the Iran Deal - Apr, 2018The deal's opponents keep saying Tehran has failed to live up to its commitments to the U.S. But what if it's the other way around? By Peter BeinartReader: Carrie Gibson00:07:44
The Comey Memos Won't Derail the Probe - Apr, 2018The release of the documents seems unlikely to harm the investigation. but if Congress keeps tipping the special counsel's hand, that could change.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:03:53
Why Trump Hasn't Fired Sessions - Apr, 2018The president has reportedly been musing about firing his attorney general since last summer. Here's why it hasn't happened yet.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:08:16
The Russia Scandal - Mar, 2018Person A, the officer at the center of the scandal points to Russian intelligence and to Paul Manafort and Rick Gates.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:08:01
Trump's Legal Threats Backfire - Mar, 2018He's used to getting his way by bluster and intimidation; this once worked for him but is now working against him. By David Frum.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:04:36
The Rise of Right-Wing Foreign Policy in America - Mar, 2018Rex Tillerson may have represented the last gasp of a certain kind of moderate Republican thinking about the world. By Peter BeinartReader: Carrie Gibson00:14:07
America 'Blew the Opportunity' to Denuke N Korea - Mar, 2018Former Defense Secretary Bill Perry nearly persuaded North Korea to abandon its nuclear program in the 1990s. He does not think Trump can do it now.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:13
The Power of Grief-Fueled Activism - Mar, 2018The Parkland students' turn to political action may seem fast--but protest can be an important expression of grief. By Isabel FattalReader: Carrie Gibson00:10:03
Trump & Immigration - Feb, 2018Joe Arpaio made his name by building a harsh jail in the desert. Trump is promising to take this approach national. By Jeremy Raff.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:14:27
A Scandal that exposes the White House's Adults - Feb, 2018The Rob Porter debacle revealed all the White House's persistent weaknesses-from inexperienced staff to inexcusable decisions, by David GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:10:33
The Surprise in the Nunes Memo - Feb, 2018The controversial document raises some interesting questions-but also undermines the political argument it was intended to buttress. By David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:07:38
Congress Produces Drama While Mueller Produces Results - Jan, 2018Bannon stonewalled a House committee, then promptly agreed to an interview with the special counsel. By David A GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:10
God Made Republicans to Cut Taxes - Dec, 2017On a 227-203 party-line vote, the House on Tuesday passed a far-reaching $1.5 trillion revision of the tax code. By Russell BermanReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:57
Can Linguistic Forensics Pin Down the Author of Trump Tweet - Dec, 2017Using data to assess whether the president's lawyer really wrote a message that renewed questions about obstruction of justice. By Ben ZimmerReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:24
Flynn's Pleas Raises New Questions About Trump - Dec, 2017Before firing then-FBI Director James Comey, the president reportedly asked him not to prosecute the former national-security adviser. By Adam SerwerReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:34
Trump Jr.'s Messages to WikiLeaks and Violations - Nov, 2017At the group's request, the president's son promoted Russia-hacked materials to the American public. By Bob BauerReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:10
Trump Demands the Prosecution of his Defeated Rival - Oct, 2017Even as he admits he's not supposed to interfere with the Justice Department, the president just can't help himself. By David A GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:29
Oct 27, 2017On North Korea: Senator Chris Murphy explains why he's introducing a bill to restrict the president's war-making powers. By Uri Friedman.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:43
Oct 21, 2017Donald Trump is Rush Shipping Condolences to Families of fallen military service members. By Lena Felton & Taylor Hosking.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:48
American Kakistrocracy - Oct 10, 2017There's a case to be made that the United States is governed by the least scrupulous of its citizens. By Norm OrnsteinReader: Carrie Gibson00:13:00
Trump Wants to Censor The Media - Oct, 2017The president's call for a Senate investigation into news outlets for publishing unflattering stories about him is an attack on freedom of the press.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:07:10
How to Tell If We are Headed to War with North Korea - Sep, 2017Watch what Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un do, not just say. By Uri FriedmanReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:44
John McCain Saves Obamacare Once Again - Sep, 2017The Arizona Republican announced his opposition to the latest GOP repeal, all but certainly giving its critics the votes to block it. By Russell BermanReader: Carrie Gibson00:07:00
Why Hillary Clinton's Book is Actually Worth Reading - Sep, 2017It's the rare interesting work by a politician-and it offers an important critique of the press. By James FallowsReader: Carrie Gibson00:13:13
Trump places a risky bet on Congress - Sep 5, 2017Majorities in the House and Senate support protecting Dreamers, but immigration legislation must overcome a busy legislative calendar and history of failure.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:08:23
We Are Living Through a Battle for the Soul of this Nation - Aug, 2017The former vice president calls on Americans to do what President Trump has not. By Joe BidenReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:31
Confederate Monuments, States vs Local - Aug, 2017Laws preventing the removal of statues raise questions not only about historical legacy but also local control and public safety. By David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:12:52
How the White House Immigration Reforms Might Backfire - Aug, 2017Social engineering through immigration policy isn't simple-and such efforts often produce dramatic, unintended consequences. By Tom GjeltenReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:54
How Repeal Died - Could Rise Again - Jul, 2017The failed seven-month drama over rolling back Obamacare illustrates just how far the Republican Party drifted from constituents and good governance.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:11:23
Who is Anthony Scaramucci - Jul, 2017Like many current presidential advisers, the new White House communications director and former Wall Street financier made a pivot from Trump basher to loyalist.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:22
Trump's Meeting with Putin - Jun, 2017The meeting, which was supposed to last 30 minutes, went on for more than two hours. By Krishnadev KalamurReader: Carrie Gibson00:04:57
Democrats Don't Think Trumpcare is Dead - Jun, 2017There could still be a vote soon on Senate GOP legislation to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, Democrats warned on Tuesday, By Clare ForanReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:15
Rosenstein & the Russia Probe - Jun, 2017Trump criticized the deputy attorney general, and reports indicate he could remove himself from the special counsel's investigation.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:11
Trump Says He'd Testify - Jun, 2017"100 percent," the president said when a reporter asked if he'd be willing to contradict Comey under penalty of perjury. By Russell Berman.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:04:36
Can States and Cities Really Address Climate Change - May, 2017Climate-concerned Americans search for ways to keep momentum going. By Robinson MeyerReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:59
Trump's Moral Holiday - May, 2017The permissiveness of Republican leaders who acquiesce to violence, collusion, and corruption is encouraging more of the same. By David FrumReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:59
Trump Told Russians that "Nut Job" Comey's Firing - May, 2017The president told the Russian foreign minister and ambassador had 'taken off' the pressure he had faced. By David A GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:02
Are Americans 'Sick and Tired of Winning' Yet? - May 5, 2017Absent from President Trump's celebration of Obamacare repeal passing the House was any mention of the people and constituencies to benefit.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:56
The Climate March's Big Tent Strategy Draws a Crowd - Apr, 2017A huge turnout. But will it make a difference. By Robinson MeyerReader: Carrie Gibson00:07:36
How Weapons of Mass Destruction Became Red Lines - Apr, 2017The country has walked to the brink of war or beyond with Iran, North Korea, Iraq, and Syria to prevent or stop them. By Jonathan HuntReader: Carrie Gibson00:11:58
Going Nuclear for Neil Gorsuch - Apr, 2017Democratic senators have 41 votes to block President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, setting up a standoff to rewrite the Senate's filibuster rules.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:02
The Republicans Fold on Healthcare - Mar, 2017The House abandoned its legislation to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, handing President Trump and Paul Ryan a major defeat.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:08:09
How Did Michael Flynn Ever Get Hired by Trump - Mar, 2017Flynn's acknowledgment this week that he lobbied for Turkey, and the revelation that the White House knew that raise new questions.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:48
Congress Battle Over Sessions - Mar, 2017Trump told reporters he has total confidence in his attorney general, who faces controversy over his Russia contacts. By Clare ForanReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:09
A Dangerous Time for the Press and Presidency - Feb, 2017Trump's branding of the press as an "enemy" seems less an attempt to influence coverage than an invitation to repression and even violence. By Jon FinerReader: Carrie Gibson00:13:27
Michael Flynn's Debacle - Feb 10, 2017Trump's national security adviser's potentially false statements about his pre-inauguration contacts with Russian officials are a major scandal.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:03:51
Red State, Blue City - Feb, 2017The US is coming to resemble two countries, one rural and one urban. What happens when they go to war? By David A GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:11:19
How Trump's Executive Orders Could Set US Back 70 years - Jan, 2017The president is taking the United States back to the nightmares of the world before the Second World War, By Jeremi SuriReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:24
Donald Trump Meets and Assails the Press - Jan, 2017In his first formal press conference since July, the president-elect blamed Russia for hacks, offered a plan to resolve conflicts or interest.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:57
Surprised: Obama on the Election of Trump - Dec, 2016The fourth in a series of conversations between the president and Ta-Nehisi CoatesReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:23
Obama Orders Investigation into Election Hacking - Dec 19, 2016A report will be shared with lawmakers before Trump's inauguration, a top advisor said Friday. By Kaveh WaddellReader: Carrie Gibson00:03:39
The Sweeping Effects of Trump's Deal with Carrier - Nov, 2016In following through on a major campaign promise, the president-elect can shake up the political landscape in several mayor ways. By David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:58
This Is Who We Are - Nov, 2016The election of Donald Trump to the presidency reveals the true character of America. By Vann R Newkirk IIReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:08
Against Donald Trump - Nov, 2016For the third time since The Atlantic's founding, the editors endorse a candidate for president. The case for Hillary Clinton. By The EditorsReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:03
Can the FBI Sway an Election? - Oct, 2016The agency is investigating more emails related to Hillary Clinton. Whether or not it finds something in the coming days could affect Nov. 8.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:46
How Donald Trump Broke the Al Smith Dinner - Oct, 2016It isn't the only democratic institution that finds itself in danger. By David LittReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:51
Trump Brags About Groping Women - Oct, 2016The Republican nominee faces the biggest crisis of his candidacy after the release of a 2005 recording. By David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:04:42
Why Won't Trump Blame the DNC Attacks on Russia? - Sep, 2016His refusal to poing fingers is a departure from the Obama administration's willingness to attribute cyberattacks to foreign countries.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:01
Fighting Politician's War on Truth - Sep, 2016U.S. journalists have an obligation to call out presidential candidates when they lie. By Dan GillmorReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:36
The Right's Putin Deranement Syndrome - Sep, 2016In 2012, Romney denounced Russia as America's to top foe. Today Donald Trump sees Putin's lawlessness and brutality as a feature not a bug.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:10:18
What Does Enrique Pena Nieto Want From Trump's Visit? - Aug, 2016The meeting between the president and the man who would be president bring together two of the least popular men in Mexico. By David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:20
Clinton Indictment of Trump's Campaign - Aug, 2016The Democratic nominee seeks to shame his Republican supporters and bait him into overreacting. By David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:56
Will Donald Trump Hand State Capitols to Democrats - Aug, 2016A Democratic landslide in November could flip a dozen or more legislative majorities that Republicans captured during the Obama era.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:08:56
The Deliberate Disenfranchisement of Black Voters in NC - Jul, 2016A federal appeals court finds the impact of the state's voting law can only be explained by "discriminatory intent".Reader: Carrie Gibson00:09:05
Speaking Different Languages - Jul, 2016The Republican National Convention proved yet again that the GOP talks about America and U.S. policy with an entire unique vocabulary.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:57
When Obama Gains, Clinton Scores - Jul, 2016The results of the Heartland Monitor Poll demonstrate how much assessments of an outgoing president shape the race to succeed him.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:09:41
Is America Repeating the Mistakes of 1968 - Jul, 2016The Kerner Report confronted a tense nation with data about racism throughout the country and made recommendations. But America looked away.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:14:06
Loretta Lynch Says She won't Intervene to Save Hillary - Jul, 2016The attorney general plans to announce that she will accept the recommendations of federal prosecutors investigating the former secretary of state.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:02:36
Why a Little Corner of the Internet is Losing its Mind - Jul, 2016Hillary Clinton wrote something for The Toast today. Are you sobbing yet? By Adrienne LaFranceReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:32
Brexit Right - Jun, 2016The U.K.'s vote to leave the EU betrays a failure of empathy and imagination among its leaders. Will America establishment fare better?Reader: Carrie Gibson00:08:10
The Unseemly Death of An Amendment to Draft Women - May, 2016How a fight against social progress in the U.S. military collapsed in on itself. By Nicholas ClairmontReader: Carrie Gibson00:07:07
Affordable Care Act subsidy judgement - May, 2016A federal judge in Washington, D.C., ruled against the Obama administration's method of funding a major Affordable Care Act Subsidy. By Matt FordReader: Carrie Gibson00:03:47
Donald Trump's War on Truth - May, 2016Trump's repetition of a blatantly ridiculous story about Ted Cruz's father shows his symbiotic relationship with the press. By David A GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:34
What Trump and Sanders Understood - Apr, 2016By speaking to the discontents of neglected groups of voters, the two men-who share little else in common-have both found political success.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:53
Did the Hillary Victory Fund Break the Law? - Apr, 2016Bernie Sander's campaign claims a fundraising effort may have committed "serious apparent violations" of campaign-finance laws. By Clare ForanReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:00
Why Bernie Sanders Says Clinton Isn't Qualified - Apr, 2016The Vermont senator's escalation is more semantic than substantive. By David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:34
Bernie in the Bronx - Apr, 2016Can Sanders stun Hillary Clinton in the state they've both claimed as home? By Russell BermanReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:46
The Death of Moral Relativism - Mar, 2016Considered by conservatives to be one of postmodern sociey's greatest threats, moral relativism may now be a relic of the past. By Jonathan MerrittReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:24
Why Bernie Sanders Won't Give Up - Mar, 2016The Democratic presidential candidate vows to fight on, but how much staying power will his ideas have? By Clare ForanReader: Carrie Gibson00:07:23
Clinton Turns Up the Heat in North Carolina - Mar, 2016Faced with a stiff challenge from Bernie Sanders in the Rust Belt, the Democratic front-runner works to run up her margin among black voters.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:18
Can Donald Trump Beat Hillary Clinton - Mar, 2016He spent years as a moderate. He spent years as a nationalist. Why can't he spend six months as a moderate nationalist. By Derek ThompsonReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:06
Donald Trump's Terrrible Night - Feb, 2016The Republican front-runner took some sharp blows from Marco Rubio, and appeared listless-even low energy-up on stage. By David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:07:39
The Senate Awaits Its Doomed Nominee - Feb, 2016Charges of judicial hypocrisy broke out among lawmakers as President Obama weighed naming a replacement for Antonin Scalia, By Russell BermanReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:53
Supreme Court Doom Paris Climate Change Deal? - Feb, 2016The Clean Power Plan is in bad shape, how about the planet? By Robinson MeyerReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:25
A tie in Iowa is a Win for Hillary - Feb, 2016Iowa's Democratic base is among the nation's whitest and most liberal-but Clinton has a stronger edge almost everywhere else. By Peter BeinartReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:32
The Great Democratic Age Gap - Feb, 2016Young voters in Iowa favored Sanders by a margin of six to one, while older voters went for Clinton. By Ronald BrownsteinReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:05
Is Bernie Going Negative? - Jan, 2016The Clinton campaign loudly protest the latest Sanders ad. By Russell BermanReader: Carrie Gibson00:04:56
The Case for Considering Reparations - Jan, 2016A country that could actively contemplate atoning for plunder would be a very different nation than one we live in now. By Ta-nehisi CoatesReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:09
Standing Athwart History Yelling, 'Stop Trump!' - Jan, 2016The National Review publishes the movement-conservative case against the Republican frontrunner. By Connor FriedersdorfReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:11
What is this Wage Insurance Obama's Talking About - Jan, 2016During his State of the Union speech, the president mentioned a labor protection with a long history. By Teresa GhiladucciReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:12
Sanders' Plan for Banking and Average Americans - Jan, 2016In a speech on Tuesday, he said that there's a special place in the Seventh Circle of Hell for those who charged people usurious rates interest.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:04:10
President Obama's Emotional Speech on Gun Control - Jan, 2016The president announced new measures that would tighten regulations on firearms purchases. By Marina KorenReader: Carrie Gibson00:04:44
World Events That Mattered Most in 2015 - Dec, 2015China built islands, Putin attacked Syria, and refugees flooded Europe, By James M. LindsayReader: Carrie Gibson00:14:33
Obama's Final Press Conference of the Year - Dec, 2015The president spoke to reporters at the White House Friday before leaving for San Bernardino, and Hawaii. By Marina KorenReader: Carrie Gibson00:04:08
A Senate Vote on Donald Trump's Religions Ban - Dec, 2015Ted Cruz and three other Republicans oppose an amendment resolving that the country "must not bar individuals from enterint the US based on religion.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:04:29
California Weighs Stricter Gun Laws - Dec, 2015The state's regulations are among the tightest in the country. But whether more regulation can stop terror or mass shootings is another question.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:29
Hilary Clinton and the Would Be Caliphate - Nov, 2015The Democratic presidential frontrunner laid out her strategy to battle ISIS. By Adam ChandlerReader: Carrie Gibson00:04:32
The Vilification of Student Activist at Yale - Nov, 2015The attacks on individuals have obscured the historical and contemporary injustices that sparked their protests. By Gillian B. WhiteReader: Carrie Gibson00:07:27
Saturday Night Live and the Tao of Lorne Michaels - Nov, 2015The comedy mogul‚??s interview on Marc Maron‚??s WTF podcast revealed the often contrary philosophies that guide the show. By David SimsReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:02
Detente Comes to Obamacare - Nov, 2015They aren't bragging about it, but lawmakers in Congress have agreed on two fixes to the polarizing health law in the last month. By R BermanReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:39
The Planet Saving, Capitalism-suberting - Nov, 2015The Vice President has led his firm to financial success. But what he really wants to do is create a whole new version of capitalism. By J FallowsReader: Carrie Gibson00:13:03
Race and Discipline in South Carolina Schools - Oct, 2015Black students in the Palmetto State are more likely to be punished and be subject to corporal punishment which remains legal. By David GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:43
Planet Saving Capitalism of Al Gore - Oct, 2015The former vice president has led his firm to financial success. But what he really wants to do is create a whole new version of capitalism.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:13:15
Benghazi At Turning Point? - Oct, 2015A fired staffer's accusations tends to make the Benghazi Committee a political witch hunt to hurt Hillary Clinton. By David GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:53
Democrats Roll the Dice in Vegas - Oct, 2015The party's first debate will lack the pizzazz of the G.O.P. contests. But serious doesn't have to be boring. By Russell BermanReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:13
America's Fragile Constitution - Oct, 2015The Founders misread history and established a dysfunctional system of government. A case for a little less reverence. By Yoni ApplebaumReader: Carrie Gibson00:11:39
Chicago's Problem With Gun Violence - Sep, 2015More than 50 people were shot over the weekend, adding to the city's record number of shootings this year. By Adam ChandlerReader: Carrie Gibson00:03:05
Putin's Syria Gambit - Sep, 2015The Russian president on Monday criticized the United State's response to the Islamic State. By Marina KorenReader: Carrie Gibson00:04:29
Pope Challenges Congress to Make America Great Again - Sep, 2015Lots of clapping, a bunch of frowning, and some dozing elder statesmen at one of the most anticipated speeches of the year, By Emma GreenReader: Carrie Gibson00:07:02
Why Pope Francis Sounds Like a Democrat - Sep, 2015The popular perception of a "liberal pontiff" has a basis in fact. By Molly BallReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:16
Meet the New Hillary - Sep, 2015Can the Democratic frontrunner turn around her struggling campaign-or is it time to panic? By Molly BallReader: Carrie Gibson00:12:12
Martin O'Malley Says US Should Take More Syrian Refugees - Sep, 2015If little, crowded Germany can make room for those fleeing Syria, so can the United States. By Jame FallowsReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:59
'Hillary 2016' Has Never Made Sense for Democrats - Sep, 2015Why haven't more challengers entered the race to defeat the Iraq War hawk, Patriot Act supporter, and close friend of big finance?Reader: Carrie Gibson00:04:45
The Problem with Challenging Birthright Citizenship - Sep, 2015If the Fourteenth Amendment means that children of undocumented immigrants are not citizens, then they are also not subject to American laws.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:08:28
Obama's Letter to the Democrats - Aug, 2015The president told Congressman Jerrold Nadler of New York that the U.S. will maintain all options, should Iran pursue nuclear weapons.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:03:44
Should Jeb Bush Go After Trump? - Aug, 2015Donors are pressing the one-time frontrunner to take off his gloves, but he has more to lose than to gain from such attacks. By David FrumReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:45
Straight Outta Suburbia - Aug, 2015A rap album made Compton an icon of urban decay, but the struggles of that California town are common to inner-ring suburbs. By Emily StrausReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:56
The Meaning of a U.S. Embassy in Havana - Aug, 2015A conflict of eras is unfolding in Cuba√ʬ?¬?a collision between two countries, By Yoani SanchezReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:00
The U.S. Supreme Court Goes to Ferguson - Aug, 2015An arrest on Monday highlights the importance of two recent Fourth Amendment rulings. By Matt FordReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:34
The President Defends His Iran Plan - Aug, 2015Why is Barack Obama saying,the deal or war? Is it fear-mongering? Or the dictates of cold, hard logical? By James FallowsReader: Carrie Gibson00:17:11
The New York Times Botched Story on Hillary Clinton - Jul, 2015The paper of records inaccurate reporting on a nonexistent criminal investigation was a failure that should entail more serious consequences.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:35
Bobby Jindal's Case for (a Tiny Bit of) Gun Control - Jul, 2015Mental-health info in background checks is radical only within the Republican Party but it might not do much to stop killings anyway.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:54
Samuel Alito and the Slippery Slope of Liberty - Jul, 2015The conservative justice suggests progressives should be just as worried as he is about the Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:07:05
Sandra Bland and the Long History of Racism in Waller County, TX - Jul, 2015The place where the young Chicago woman was found dead in a jail cell has seen more than a century of racial violence and oppression.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:09:21
The Past Goes On Trial in North Carolina - Jul, 2015A federal court considers whether ballot laws deliberately attempted to suppress the black vote. By David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:16
As Chuck Schumer Goes, So Goes the Iran Deal - Jul 15, 2015The senior senator from New York will play a pivotal role in the intensifying fight over the nuclear agreement. By Adam ChandlerReader: Carrie Gibson00:04:32
Life After No Child Left Behind - Jul, 2015How Congressional rewrites of the federal education law would and wouldn't solve some of the most pressing issues facing schools, By Alia WongReader: Carrie Gibson00:07:02
The Clinton Campaign Is Afraid of Bernie Sanders - Jul, 2015As the Vermont senator gains momentum, Claire McCaskill rushes to the frontrunners defense. By Peter BeinartReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:17
Black Churches Are Burning Again in America - Jul, 2015Arson at religious institutions has decreased significantly over the past two decades, but the symbolism remains haunting. By Emma GreenReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:31
Can States Ignore the Supreme Court on Gay Marriage? - Jul, 2015Huckabee and Cruz are suggesting there might be ways for states and cities to nullify the justices ruling. They are wrong. By David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:33
Star Spangled Banner In Carolina - Jun, 2015From secession to the Southern strategy, the fight over South Carolina's identity plays out in the flags it flies. by Sydney BlumenthalReader: Carrie Gibson00:07:16
After Same-Sex Marriage - Jun, 2015On discrimination and religious-liberty claims, the battle for equal rights in same-sex marriage is far from over. By Robert P. Jones.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:08:52
The Resignation of FIFA Chief Sepp Blatter - Jun, 2015A shocking announcement comes just days after the soccer heads reelection. By Adam ChandlerReader: Carrie Gibson00:03:05
The TSA Doesn't Work and Never Has - Jun, 2015After undercover agents snuck weapons past screeners in 95 percent of cases, the acting administrator has been fired. By David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:17
Hillary Clinton-Finance Campaign Reformer? - May, 2015The former secretary of state is an unlikely reformer which is precisely why she might be a particularly effective one. By Lawrence LessigReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:53
America's Self-Inflicted Wounds - May, 2015Political dysfunction is doing serious damage to U.S. economic power. By Moises NaimReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:32
Obama Loses the First Battle of the Democratic Trade War - May, 2015With the Senate blocking a key bill from coming up for debate, the president biggest obstacle is his own party. By Russell BermanReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:57
The Curse of Segregation - May, 2015The vicious cycles in cities of poverty for some while cities have a proven track record of turning poorer children into economic success stories.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:18
The Dangerous Myths of Charlie Hebdo - Apr, 2015Critics don't seem to understand that the magazine specializes in attacking ideas, not people, By Jeffrey GoldbergReader: Carrie Gibson00:11:19
Loving v. Marriage - Apr, 2015Opponents of same-sex unions try to convince the Supreme Court that the state has no interest in "love and commitment." By Garrett EppsReader: Carrie Gibson00:10:19
The Death Penalty Becomes Rare - Apr, 2015In 2012, only 59 of the 3,144 counties in America actually sentenced people to be executed. By Matt FordReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:19
Loretta Lynch Gets Her Vote - Apr, 2015The Senate is set to confirm the attorney general nominee after a five-month delay, thanks to an unrelated bipartisan deal on abortion.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:04:14
Public Accommodations and Private Discrimination - Apr, 2015Civil-rights statutes are limited to specific situations. The religious-freedom laws in Indiana and Arkansas were not. By Garrett EppsReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:53
Same Surveillance State, Different War - Apr, 2015How justification for mass surveillance during the war on drugs turned into rationalization for spying on citizens in the war on terror.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:06:46
Adapting to The Catastrophic Drought - Apr, 2015Four years into a crisis of unknown duration, residents of the California have the chance to change their habits, and thrive. By Russell BermanReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:55
Confessions of a Prosecutor Who Sent an Innocent to Death Row - Mar, 2015A lawyer apologizes to the man he helped wrongfully convict, 30 years later. By Conor FriedersdorfReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:02
Obama and Netanyahu's Week of Hell - Mar, 2015An allegation that Israel spied on U.S. negotiations with Iran caps a week of escalating tensions between the two leaders, By David GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:52
Why Is Al Gore Warming Up? - Mar, 2015Six potential culprits for the former vice president's sudden reappearance as a rumored presidential candidate, By David A. GrahamReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:53
Will 'Avoidance' Lead the Supreme Court to Uphold Obamacare? - Mar, 2015The fate of the Affordable Care Act may come down to one question: "How doubtful is doubtful?" By Garrett EppsReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:17
Republicans May Have Undermined Their Own Cause Against Iran - Mar, 2015The letter to Ayatollah Khamenei could provide an excuse to blame the U.S. if nuclear negotiations fail. By Jeffrey GoldbergReader: Carrie Gibson00:03:48
Netanyahu Confronts Obama, and a 'Messianic Apocalyptic Cult' - Mar, 2015But does he have a realistic alternative for the president's vision on a nuclear deal with Iran? By Jeffrey GoldbergReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:04
Netanyahu's Real Targets: Obama and Israeli Swing Voters - Mar, 2015But does he have a realistic alternative for the president's vision on a nuclear deal with Iran? By Jeffrey GoldbergReader: Carrie Gibson00:05:32
Locked Up for Being Poor - Feb, 2015How private debt collectors contribute to a cycle of jail, unemployment, and poverty, By Jessica PishkoReader: Carrie Gibson00:10:39
Why Obama Won't Talk About Islamic Terrorism - Feb, 2015The president described the Paris attacks "random" because he wished to avoid identifying the motives of their perpetrators. By David FrumReader: Carrie Gibson00:16:11
The Killing of Three Young Muslims in Chapel Hill - Feb, 2015Tuesday afternoon, Craig Stephen Hicks shot his neighbors in the small North Carolina town for reasons that are not entirely clear.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:03:31
Race and Overeaction: On the Streets and Schools - Feb, 2015The excessive punishment of young people of color can have a direct impact on their future prospects. By Mica Pollock, Tanya CokeReader: Carrie Gibson00:06:57
The Netanyahu Disaster - Jan, 2015The Israeli prime minister has two main tasks, and he's failing at both. By Jeffrey GoldbergReader: Carrie Gibson00:11:29
The Real Target of Obama's Speech? Hillary Clinton - Jan, 2015The president's proposals are designed to force his presumptive successor to campaign and govern on his terms. By David FrumReader: Carrie Gibson00:08:47
Run Warren, Run - Jan, 2015Elizabeth Warren can run for president. She should run for president. And despite her denials, she probably will. By David FrumReader: Carrie Gibson00:09:57
The Left's Unpopular Populism - Jan, 2015Elizabeth Warren and her allies should not mistake voters that are angry at elites and corporations also favor wealth redistribution.Reader: Carrie Gibson00:05:12

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