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AIRSLA Is proud to link you to this series of podcasts providing Apple VoiceOver users with App and feature guidance.

Current AppleVis Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Disney+ for iOSThomas Domville also known as AnonyMouse brings some Disney magic in demonstrating the Disney+ streaming service for iOS.AppleVis00:41:51
LIVE Radio with SiriDid you know that you can use Siri with iOS to invoke various internet radio stations? Thomas Domville shows us how to use LIVE Radio.AppleVis00:20:39
Chimes on Apple WatchIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to set the chimes on your Apple Watch in Watch OS.AppleVis00:07:03
Quick Tip: Mastering SiriApple improves Siri's accuracy & reliability. How to Delete Your Siri Audio History and Opt Out of Siri Audio Sharing.AppleVis00:17:16
AppleVis UnleashedBring on the Grill Cheese Pro and the Apple Skin Tags. We discuss recent Apple news and other topics of interest...AppleVis02:09:04
AppleVis UnleashedTopics featured in this podcast include: Amazon Echo update. AppleCare+. Accessibility Bugs. Voice control. AudioWizards...AppleVis02:19:44
iOS and iPadOS 13 RoundtableWe discuss some of our favourite new features; along with some of the issues that these releases have introduced for blind & low vision users.AppleVis01:58:14
How to MultitaskIn this podcast, Dave Nason shows us how to multitask in iPad OS 13.AppleVis00:40:20
What's New in iPadOS 13In this podcast, Dave Nason explores and discusses some of what's new for iPad users in iPadOS.AppleVis00:22:17
How to Block Unknown CallersThomas Domville introduces a new feature in iOS 13 that helps you block unwanted calls without having to block callers one by one.AppleVis00:06:34
How to use Voice ControlThomas Domville introduces Voice Control, a new iOS 13 accessibility feature that lets you control your device with your voice.AppleVis00:40:39
QuickPath with VoiceOverThomas Domville shows how to use QuickPath, a native swipe keyboard in iOS 13. Type by sliding your finger across the onscreen keyboard!AppleVis00:26:55
VoiceOver Activity Profiles on iOSThomas Domville discusses iOS 13 users have the ability to create custom VoiceOver configurations for different tasks.AppleVis00:28:54
VoiceOver Haptic FeedbackThomas Domville discusses how iOS 13 users have the ability to customize the haptic feedback when using VoiceOver gestures.AppleVis00:13:11
Manually Updating AppsThomas Domville discusses changes made to the App Store in iOS 13, in particular the new location to manually update apps.AppleVis00:10:15
Customizing VoiceOver GesturesThomas Domville discusses how, in iOS 13, users have the capability to customize VoiceOver gestures.AppleVis00:13:14
Batteries in iOS 13Thomas Domville explores the battery health features of iOS 13, in particular the new Optimized Battery Charging feature...AppleVis00:15:56
New in iOS 13 Part 2In the second of two podcast exploring some of what's new in iOS 13, Thomas Domville showcases some of what's new and changed.AppleVis01:16:47
What's New in iOS 13In the first of two podcast exploring iOS 13, Thomas Domville showcases new topics for VoiceOver users.AppleVis00:33:02
AppleVis Extra 68Dave Nason, Alex Hall, Tyler Stephen, and Robin Christopherson discuss Apple's BY INNOVATION ONLY event held September 10, 2019.AppleVis02:30:43
Manage your DiabetesHugo introduces us to the Dexcom G6 CGM System Apple Watch app and its companion iOS app.AppleVis01:05:34
AppleVis Unleashed Aug 2019Apple news topics featured: Apple Card launch, Apple TV+ pricing & spending, iPhone battery locking, iOS 13.1 beta...AppleVis01:53:40
Circus Master's Revengetunmi13 introduces this epic non-graphic binaural battle of circus freaks, which you will never forget. It's for iOSAppleVis01:16:34
AppleVis Unleashed Jul 2019Recent Apple news and other topics of interest. Disability-themed emojis, 13-inch MacBook Pro, iOS 12.4, watchOS 5.3, iOS 9.3.6 and 10.3.4 updates.AppleVis02:08:36
Phone Calls on your iPadIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to send and receive phone calls with your iPad.AppleVis00:16:53
Check Weather with SiriIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to check the various weather information with Siri in iOS.AppleVis00:18:12
AppleVis Unleashed Jun 2019Recent Apple news and other topics of interest. iPhone VoiceOver turns 10. Apple expands repairs. OCR App Voice Update...AppleVis02:03:41
OCR Document ReaderThomas Domville revisits Voice: OCR Document Reader for iOS. Take a picture of anything in print - Voice will read it.AppleVis00:34:52
The Piano on iOSTunmi is back to show us an app which allows you to play and record piano on the touch screen of your device.AppleVis00:32:08
AppleVis Extra 67An in-depth look at new accessibility features coming later this year in Apple software for blind and low vision users...AppleVis01:45:59
AppleVis Extra 66Announcements made at Apple's WWDC 2019 Keynote.AppleVis02:23:09
Tank Battle Endless GunnerThomas Domville shows us Tank Battle Endless Gunner for iOS. Blow up or ram your way through wave after wave of enemies...AppleVis00:46:50
AppleVis Unleashed May 2019More discussion of recent Apple news and other topics of interest: Apple earnings, iOS 12.3, WWDC 2019, App Store lawsuits...AppleVis01:49:31
How to Use the VPN on iOSThomas Domville shows us how to use the VPN on iOS and everything you need to know about VPN.AppleVis00:57:53
Mail VIP Contacts in iOSThomas Domville discusses the VIP Contacts feature of the Mail app. Assigning a contact VIP status makes finding messages easierAppleVis00:18:04
SMS Text Messages on iPadIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to send and recieve SMS text messages for iPad in iOS.AppleVis00:07:17
AdGuard Pro for iOSThomas Domville introduces this app that's more than just ad blocking in Safari! It’s the most effective adblock browser plugin...AppleVis00:50:19
AppleVis Unleashed Apr 2019Thomas Domville, Randy Rusnak, and Mike Malarsie discuss recent Apple news and other topics of interest...AppleVis03:44:55
Double-Tap and HoldGraham Langford shares three tips where you can use a 1-finger double-tap and hold to be more efficient and productive on iOS.AppleVis00:11:30
iPhone InterrogationIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to tell if your iPhone is new, refurbished or a replacement.AppleVis00:09:32
Reader View in SafariIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to enable Reader View in Safari automatically for iOS.AppleVis00:14:29
Hearing Aids With VoiceOverScott Davert on the features of MFi supported hearing aids or Cochlear Implant processors from the perspective of a VoiceOver user.AppleVis01:04:19
Swift Playgrounds on iPad - Part 3Part 3 of Khalfan Bin Dhaher's series on Swift Playgrounds, a fun way to learn to code on your iPad, with VoiceOver accessibility.AppleVis00:16:60
Swift Playgrounds on iPad - Part 2Khalfan Bin Dhaher with part two of a three part series on learning to code with Swift Playgrounds from a VoiceOver user's perspective.AppleVis00:23:42
Swift Playgrounds on iPad - Part 1Khalfan Bin Dhaher introduces us to this app that gets you started coding, and takes us through the first lesson.AppleVis00:15:44
Skills and Games with Amazon AlexaThomas Domville introduces the skills you can find on Amazon Alexa for iOS. There are hundred's of thousands to choose from.AppleVis01:09:21
Emojis with Rocket for the MacRobin Christopherson introduces Rocket, an App which claims to be the fastest, smoothest Slack-style emoji picker for your Mac.AppleVis00:11:34
Voice Dream Scanner for iOSThomas Domville introduces Voice Dream Scanner, a recently released OCR app from the developer of the popular Voice Dream Reader app.AppleVis00:45:04
Select Text on iOSIn this podcast, Tyler Stephen gives us a Quick Tip: Using the Text Selection Rotor to Select Text on iOS.AppleVis00:14:22
New Features in Seeing AIRobin Christopherson takes us through some nice new features recently added to Microsoft's popular Seeing AI app for iOS.AppleVis00:11:33
Customize Contact LabelsIn this podcast, Graham Langford gives us a quick tip of how to customize contact labels.AppleVis00:25:09
AppleVis Unleashed March 2019An Apple discussion: WWDC 2019, new iPad Air and iPad mini, 2019 iMac, Second Generation AirPods, Apple News Subscription Service...AppleVis03:22:16
March 25th KeynoteWe discuss Apple's service oriented March 25 event - Showtime. At the event, Apple unveiled updates & new services...AppleVis02:21:47
Apple GiveBackIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to find the estimated value of your device with Apple GiveBack.AppleVis00:24:07
Microsoft To-Do for iOSHumberto Avila takes us through this simple, intelligent to-do list that makes it easy to plan your day...AppleVis00:48:22
Hiding Alert for Group TextsIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to hide alert for group texts in iOS.AppleVis00:12:07
Ready to Roll: RPG Dice for iOSHarrison Tutechluver takes us through the Ready to Roll - RPG, a blind and low vision accessible RPG dice manager...AppleVis00:35:05
Interactive Fiction with Frotz for iOSHumberto Avila takes us through this repository and engine for playing interactive text based fiction games. It's free.AppleVis00:52:20
AppleVis Unleashed Feb 2019We discuss recent Apple news and other topics of interest: iPhone FaceTime Security Warning, News subscription services, Streaming TV...AppleVis03:30:27
Check iPhone Bluetooth Accessory BatteriesIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to check a battery status of all of your iPhone bluetooth accessories.AppleVis00:07:54
John Sturt of Woodside AppsWe talk with the man behind such hit games as Super Tile Smash, Wordfinder, Knight Commander and Minesweeper Deluxe...AppleVis01:21:58
Contacting Apple for AccessibilityIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us How to contact Apple for accessibility inquiries...AppleVis00:12:41
Music App's EqualizerIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to customize the music app's equalizer.AppleVis00:13:24
Dog Whistler for iOSThomas Domville demonstrates Dog Whistler - The Original. Train your dog (or annoy your friends) with this simple to use dog whistle.AppleVis00:30:59
GoldGun for iOSThomas Domville introduces an audio game where you become a police officer investigating cybercriminal activity in the deep web.AppleVis00:54:52
AppleID Email AddressIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to change your AppleID email address.AppleVis00:09:28
Clew for iOSThomas Domville demonstrates this indoor navigation app for visually impaired users to retrace their steps in unfamiliar environments.AppleVis00:21:25
The Dog WhispererWe discuss recent Apple news and other topics of interest. Macintosh Turns 35, 2 billionth iOS device, iOS 12.1.3, watchOS 5.1.3...AppleVis02:55:22
Pure Nature 3D Soundscape for iOSThomas Domville helps you Immerse yourself in the healing voices of the natural world! Be instantly transported into the great outdoors...AppleVis00:48:44
Custom Keyboard ShortcutsIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to customize keyboard shortcuts in iOS.AppleVis00:13:50
Gifting an AppIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to gift an app from the App Store in iOS.AppleVis00:14:40
Plant Nanny for iOSSasha Stride demonstrates an app that combines health with fun to remind you to drink water regularly. The cute plant keeps you company...AppleVis00:43:49
Blindfold DoggyHolly demonstrates Blindfold Doggy, a dog ownership simulation game for iOS. Take care of your dog: feed him, walk him...AppleVis00:35:30
2019 New Year ExtravaganzaWe look back at 2018, and forward to 2019. The busy year of Apple product launches, plus predictions, hopes and dreams for the year ahead.AppleVis02:56:01
Add Apple Music to Amazon EchoIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us How to Add Apple Music to an Amazon Echo Device.AppleVis00:15:48
SMS & iMessagesIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to forward a SMS or iMessage text in iOS.AppleVis00:05:29
Cash Reader ToolThomas Domville shows us an app that lets you point your camera to the money in hand and hear, see or feel its value.AppleVis00:23:50
The Great Toy Robbery 2.0Alex Hall shows it to us. Play as Naughty Mcnaughterson as you dash through Santa's workshop picking up toy after toy....AppleVis00:36:31
AppleVis UnleashedRecent Apple news: Apple Music coming to Echo. Apple Watch growth of 54%. Use of Braille Displays. Club AppleVis. Accessibility Emojis...AppleVis03:50:28
Control the iOS VolumeIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us How to control the various volume levels in iOS.AppleVis00:22:46
Turn Off 3D TouchIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us How to turn off 3D Touch and why you might want to.AppleVis00:08:38
Minesweeper Deluxe for iOSThomas Domville shows us this version - it just gets harder and harder. More mines and bigger minefields...AppleVis00:35:50
Secret Little NuggetApple news and topics of interest: New Macs & iPads, financial results, iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard Folio, TV Dongle, Accessibility Award...AppleVis02:56:45
Prep Your iPhone for ResaleIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us How to safely prepare plus wipe your iPhone for resale or trade-in.AppleVis00:17:08
Copy Your Apple ID Account InfoIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us How to request a copy of your Apple ID account information.AppleVis00:52:50
Developer of DystopiaIn this edition of the AppleVis Extra, Michael Hansen and Alex Hall interview Sal Husain, developer of Dystopia.AppleVis00:58:53
Restart Using Assistive Touch AccessibilityChris Wright shows us how to quickly restart an iOS device with the Assistive Touch Accessibility feature.AppleVis00:15:26
The World of The GameThomas Domville shows us The Game: Nothing is as it Seems. It conceives existence as a virtual reality game...AppleVis00:38:57
Spell checkingScott Davert demonstrates the Misspelled Word rotor option with VoiceOver & iOS 12. He notes some of the limitations, what to do...AppleVis00:19:40
Apple Event Round UpApple's October 30th event in New York, where a new MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro were revealed...AppleVis01:40:55
AppleVis Unleashed: The Newer OneApple news and topics of interest. iOS 12.0.1 With Fixes for Wi-Fi, 2.4GHz Bug, Lightning Charging Issue, iPad mini, inquisitor audiogame...AppleVis03:13:21
Shortcuts Part 3: The LibraryIn this third and last podcast in a multi-part series, Thomas Domville gives us an introduction to Siri Shortcuts on iOS.AppleVis01:54:58
Demonstrating the Home AppIn this podcast, Alex Hall demonstrates the Home app on MacOS. The Home App is new in macOS 10.14 Mojave.AppleVis00:29:17
Shortcuts Part 2: The GalleryThomas Domville gives us an introduction to Siri Shortcuts on iOS. Note: Siri Shortcuts requires iOS 12 or later.AppleVis00:53:38
Start VoiceOver AutomaticallyTyler Stephen shows us how to configure VoiceOver to automatically start on the macOS login screen.AppleVis00:14:24
Knight Commander for iOSIda Grace shows us the game Knight Commander, fully accessible for VoiceOver users where you build a village and run it...AppleVis01:21:06
Siri Shortcuts: The BasicsIn this first podcast in a multi-part series, Thomas Domville gives us an introduction to Siri Shortcuts on iOS.AppleVis00:37:45
Baby Adopter Galaxy for iOSIda Grace introduces this new role playing babysitting game. Babies and their parents are traveling on a spaceship whose mission is...AppleVis00:42:00
Turn Off Automatic UpdatesThomas Domville shows us how to disable Automatic Updates in iOS 12 and later.AppleVis00:07:32
Search for Songs by LyricsThomas Domville shows us how to search for and find songs in Apple Music using just the song lyrics.AppleVis00:08:10
The Propaganda AgendaThomas Domville, Randy Rusnakk and Mike Malarsie get together to talk about recent Apple news and topics of interest.AppleVis03:02:35
Frequency Missing iOS GameThomas Domville demonstrates this audiogame that can be used for a visually impaired and blind audience...AppleVis00:37:50
iOS 12 and watchOS 5 in ReviewDave Nason, Thomas Domville, Scott Davert, and Serina Gilbert discuss their impressions of iOS 12 and watchOS 5...AppleVis01:49:54
New Features in watchOS 5Thomas Domville gives us an overview of some of the new features and changes in watchOS 5....AppleVis00:40:35
New Features in iOS 12Thomas Domville gives us an overview of some of the new features in iOS 12...AppleVis01:30:57
Apple's Sep 12 EventDave Nason, Alex Hall, Tyler Stephen, and Scott Davert discuss the announcements made at Apple's September 12, 2018 event.AppleVis02:18:56
The Falling CatIn this month's AppleVis we have a group discussion about recent Apple news and topics of interest...AppleVis03:17:32
Pages for MacTo help start off a new school year, Tyler Stephen gives us a podcast covering some of the aspects of Pagesfor VoiceOver users.AppleVis00:59:41
Levia: SoulboundKhalfan Bin Dhaher demonstrates Echoes from Levia: Soulbound, an audiogame designed for the visually impaired...AppleVis00:54:47
Messages App TipIn this podcast, Tunmi gives us a quick demonstration of how to use effects and apps in the iOS Messages app.AppleVis00:18:46
AppleVis Unleashed Jul 2018A detailed talk about recent Apple news and topics of interest. Happy 10th Anniversary, App Store! iOS 11.4.1...AppleVis03:18:44
AppleVis Extra 58We interview Nick Barbato and Lee Hobbs of AppA11y, the people behind Dice World and Huboodle, popular game sets for iOS...AppleVis01:32:52
Blindfold BarnyardSabrina demonstrates Blindfold Barnyard, an iOS app that challenges you to quickly return farm animals to their barn...AppleVis00:40:43
Melodist for iOSSabrina demonstrates Melodist - Let photos sing, an app that generates a unique melody for photos...AppleVis00:28:04
Laying Down on the JobThomas Domville, Mike Malarsie, and Randy Rusnack talk about recent Apple news and topics of interest.AppleVis03:13:00
Audio Described NetflixTunmi Jubril shows how to find and browse all the movies and TV shows on Netflix with audio description.AppleVis00:10:16
Aaptiv Audio FitnessKhalfan Bin Dhaher shows how to Workout When You Want, Where You Want, As You Want with this iOS app.AppleVis00:18:18
Travelear for iOSScott Davert introduces Travelear: Listen to the World - it provides access to a selection of 3D soundscapes...AppleVis01:55:03
IFTTTThomas Domville introduces the IFTTT iOS app. It lets you connect all your services, apps and devices together...AppleVis01:15:53
Audio Games with Google AssistantKhalfan Bin Dhaher shows how to play a variety of games within the Google Assistant app for iOS.AppleVis00:32:34
Sarah Herrlinger of AppleDave Nason and Thomas Domville are joined by Apple's Director of Global Accessibility Policy.AppleVis01:10:46
Apple's WWDC 2018 KeynoteDave Nason, Thomas Domville, Tyler Stephen, & Stuart Lawler on announcements at the WWDC 2018 Keynote.AppleVis02:58:39
AppleVis Unleashed May 2018In this month's edition, Thomas Domville, Randy Rusnakk and Mike Malarsie discuss recent Apple news.AppleVis03:45:42
Download Your Entire Apple Music LibraryGabriel Oria introduces a work-around that lets you download your entire Music library to your iOs deviceAppleVis00:17:31
SiriusXm App For iOSJoseph Hodge revisits this app and takes us through some updated features that may be of interest.AppleVis00:20:42
Correct Spelling MistakesLysette Chaproniere shows how to correct spelling errors with the misspelled words feature of the VoiceOver Rotor.AppleVis00:18:18
Mass Times for TravelMerisa demos this iOS app that finds Catholic churches and their worship times worldwide.AppleVis00:36:28
Apple's HomePodKhalfan Bin Dhaher introduces Apple's foray into the smart home speaker market...AppleVis00:30:55
Terminology DictionaryLysette Chaproniere introduces an iOS app for word lovers - A powerful English language dictionary, thesaurus &...AppleVis00:37:45
Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock for iOSKhalfan Bin Dhaher explains the popular app for iOS and Apple Watch, an intelligent alarm clock which tracks your...AppleVis00:18:31
AppleVis Unleashed April 2018Thomas Domville, Randy Rusnakk and Mike Malarsie get together to talk about recent Apple topics of interest.AppleVis03:24:12
Drafts 5 for iOSLysette Chaproniere gives us an in-depth walk-through of Drafts 5, a feature rich and powerful text capturing tool.AppleVis01:46:30
Huboodle Game Pack #3Thomas Domville presents more games inside that app in more detail, Ludopalooza and Simon Says...AppleVis02:14:31
NFB-NEWSLINE® MobileAbby introduces this iOS app from the National Federation of the Blind. It provides over four hundred newspapers...AppleVis00:59:40
Huboodle Game Pack #2Thomas Domville digs still deeper with two more games: Blackjack and Trivia Trail. Check back soon for more...AppleVis01:05:07
Huboodle Game Pack #1Thomas Domville digs a little deeper and takes us through Pirate Poker and Word Builder Tutorials...AppleVis01:39:58
Huboodle Game CollectionThomas Domville introduces this collection of fun and fully VoiceOver accessible games for iOS, all in one app...AppleVis01:39:22
Echoes From Levia GameWilliam Lomas previews this role playing immersive audio adventure game from Cloverbit, available soon...AppleVis01:37:20
English VoiceOver VoicesCati gives us an overview and demonstration of the English voices available for VoiceOver users in iOS 11.AppleVis01:20:41
From Fleksy To FlickTypeWe discuss the history of Fleksy, what happened with that app and why, as well as looking to the future with FlickType.AppleVis01:30:25
HammerhandlesThe topics of interest: 9.7" iPad with Apple Pencil, iOS 11.3, WatchOS 4.3, TVOs 11.3, HomePod, Accessibility Emojis...AppleVis03:11:32
Verdict On HomePodNow that the excitement of receiving a new device has calmed, how has HomePod settled into our day-to-day lives?AppleVis01:24:31
Use Emoji Like a ProThomas Domville shares some tips on using emoji on iOS. Enabling, accessing and using the emoji keyboard etc...AppleVis00:43:45
RealCare Baby GuideAbby gives us a walk-through of the Real Care Baby Guide iOS app from Realityworks.AppleVis02:19:47
Apple TV Bluetooth SpeakerDuyahn Walker shows us how to pair a Bluetooth speaker with the Apple TV 4th Generation.AppleVis00:32:54
Talking PierreAbby shows us this app for iOS. All The Fun Of A Pet Parrot With None Of The Hassle...AppleVis00:18:52
Access & Explore the BibleAbby revisit the U Version Bible, an iOS iPad app by Life.Church - the #1 rated Bible App...AppleVis01:25:37
AppleVis Unleashed: The VillainThomas Domville, Randy Rusnakk and Mike Malarsie to talk about recent Apple news and topics of interest...AppleVis03:06:49
WordFinder GameThe goal is to find hundreds of words from a selection of nine letters - the game includes thousands of puzzles...AppleVis00:25:44
XPress YourselfSeyoon Choi demonstrates an Animoji feature recently introduced with iPhone X. How it works with VoiceOver...AppleVis00:34:60
Carrot WeatherThomas Domville reviews an iOS app delivering an Accurate Weather Forecast with PersonalityAppleVis00:53:20
White Noise LiteAbby takes us through this iOS app which offers a range of relaxing sounds to help you sleep.AppleVis01:14:41
BlindFold Word CookieAbby demonstrates one of the latest game titles available from Kid Friendly Software...AppleVis00:24:42
AppleVis Unleashed #1In the first of a planned monthly series, Thomas Domville, Randy Rusnakk and Mike Malarsie talk of recent Apple news...AppleVis05:01:09
Blindfold Song NameAbby introduces a free iOS app that's a fully accessible music game inspired by the TV Game Show "Name That Tune"AppleVis00:48:06
iOS 11 Braille FeaturesScott Davert demonstrates the changes for braille display users in iOS 11 and how to perform important tasksAppleVis00:48:59
2017 in ReviewAlex Hall, Tyler Stephen, Scott Davert, and Dave Nason recap the highlights of 2017 in the Apple ecosystem and beyond.AppleVis01:54:11
Deleting Podcast EpisodesMarco shows how to delete podcast episodes in the native Podcasts app, which had it's user interface overhauled in iOS11AppleVis00:08:06
7 Little Words for iOSAbby introduces the game and takes us through one complete puzzle, consisting of seven clues...AppleVis00:18:20
Seeing AIThomas Domville introduces a free iOS app that narrates the world around you. It describe nearby people, text & objects.AppleVis01:45:25
Zany Touch for iOSThomas Domville demonstrates a Bop-It Style game for iOS. Challenge Your Reflexes with it!AppleVis00:53:47
Clever Clues for iOSAbby introduces this app; an addictive quiz game that challenges your knowledge and vocabulary...AppleVis00:19:50
Bible Gateway for iOSAbby introduces key features of Bible Gateway, which is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad...AppleVis00:12:14
Blindfold Pyramid TilesSabrina Fagerheim introduces a challenging tile matching puzzle game for iOS from Kid Friendly Software...AppleVis00:37:03
Connecting Braille Actilino to iOSKhalfan Bin Dhaher introduces the Actilino smart braille display, and shows how to connect to an iOS deviceAppleVis00:12:12
Multilingual VoiceOver in High SierraKhalfan Bin Dhaher demonstrates Multilingual VoiceOver support in macOS High Sierra 10.13...AppleVis00:17:49
Blindfold FireworksOrnella Jagdeo introduces a free iOS app that provides a fully accessible audio fireworks simulation.AppleVis00:22:24
The McDonald's AppTyler Stephen on placing an order for collection from your local McDonald's using their new app for iOS.AppleVis00:18:38
Audio Moto ChampionshipKhalfan Bin Dhaher introduces this paid iOS app where you'll face opponents with super fast motorbikes. Bring your team to victory!AppleVis00:47:11
Audio MemosThomas Domville introduces this paid app which is a professionally made audio recorder. Easy to use and powerful!AppleVis01:20:42
Just Press Record for iOSThomas Domville introduces this paid app - the ultimate mobile audio recorder bringing one tap recording, transcription...AppleVis00:48:25
Changes to iPhone XIn this podcast, Dave Nason explores the new gestures and changed button functions on the iPhone X.AppleVis00:19:55
Face ID on iPhone XIn this podcast, Dave Nason demonstrates setting up Face ID on the iPhone X with VoiceOver enabled.AppleVis00:18:08
Dolphin EasyReaderThomas Domville introduces a FREE accessible reading app for readers with dyslexia, low vision or blindness...AppleVis01:35:19
Loony LibsAbby shows her favourite new app, an accessible mad-libs app for iOS. Fun to play and improve your literacy skills.AppleVis00:21:19
Hobo Simulator for iOSAbby a game which sees you start out as somebody living on the streets with no job... Welcome to L A!AppleVis01:05:01
Verse-A-DayAbby gives us an overview of this daily Bible verse iOS app. It delivers a new bible verse each day.AppleVis00:10:49
U Version BibleAbby demonstrates this iOS iPad app by Life.Church. Lets you explore the Bible with your closest friends...AppleVis00:37:18
FileBrowser for iOSCarla reviews an app that enables you to manage and view files on your computers, NAS, FTP and Cloud Storage.AppleVis01:20:16
SingTrue For iOSAbby demonstrates an app that teaches how to sing in tune, pitch perfect, even if you think you're tone deaf.AppleVis01:19:24
Language Switching With iOSDavid Laijiajun tells us how to make sure VoiceOver always speaks in the right language at the right time.AppleVis00:08:23
Tone Deaf For iOSAbby reviews an app designed to help you find out if you have a good ear for a musical note, or still need some practice.AppleVis00:42:29
Little Girl Magic for iOSAbby introduces this nursery, child care and dress up game for people who love to babysit.AppleVis00:24:25
Classic Lemonade Stand for iOSOrnella Jagdeo introduces a modern take on the old text-based lemonade stand simulators.AppleVis00:22:44
iOS 11 in ReviewWe discuss our opinions of Apple's iOS 11 software update and tvOS 11 and watchOS 4...AppleVis03:04:57
What's New in iOS 11; Part 4Improvements to Siri voices, intelligence, & translation. Apple Music Friends...AppleVis00:40:22
What's New in iOS 11; Part 3Storage Management, Accounts and Passwords, Background Refresh options, Sharing Wi-Fi passwords, Apple Pay...AppleVis01:08:52
What's New in iOS 11; Part 2Redesigned Lock Screen, Notification Center, Control Center, App Switcher, App Store, No 32 bit app support...AppleVis01:08:28
What's New in iOS 11; Part 1VoiceOver Verbosity Settings & Pitch Option, Smart Invert, Auto Brightness, Type to Siri, Auto Answer Option...AppleVis00:52:20
Scout Legend for iOSAbby introduces an iOS game for people who enjoy the world of scouting, hiking, fishing, camping and scout uniform ...AppleVis00:32:01
Mobile Aquarium for iOSAbby introduces us to this addictive aquarium simulation that will keep you hooked! Your fish prosper or die. It's all up to youAppleVis00:34:21
Orange Tree for iOSTunmi Jubril introduces this fruit tree care game for people who like to farm, take care of plants and grow harvest fruit.AppleVis00:23:37
XCiting Event RoundtableThomas, Alex, Dave and Tyler discuss the main news from Tuesday's Apple event: new iPhones, Apple Watches and Apple TV.AppleVis02:01:21
Quick tip: App Compatibility With iOS 11Scott Davert shows how to check what apps on your iOS device will not be compatible with iOS 11.AppleVis00:08:08
Baby Adopter SeaAbby introduces this iOS app, where babies and their parents are traveling on a cruise ship...AppleVis00:32:09
Baby Adopter HolidaysAbby introduces this iOS app, a special edition of Baby Adopter designed for holidays: Christmas, Valentine's, St.Patrick's Day, ...AppleVis00:34:32
Creating a Ringtone with Amadeus ProGabriel Oria shows us how to create ringtones using Amadeus Pro for Mac.AppleVis00:16:34
Milky BabyAbby introduces an iOS costume fashion dress up, nursery and babysitting game for people of all ages...AppleVis00:30:41
Blindfold BopJoseph introduces us to Blindfold Bop, an iOS game similar to the "Bop-It" Toy.AppleVis00:18:09
Audio Game Hub 2 for iOSKhalfan Bin Dhaher introduces this set of experimental arcade audio games that use audio as their primary interface...AppleVis01:04:37
The Fit-HeadlessCrayton discusses this small HDMI adapter that, when connected to a Mac Mini, emulates a high resolution display.AppleVis00:08:52
Seeing AIDarrell Bowles demonstrates Seeing AI: Talking Camera for the Blind, a free iOS app from Microsoft.AppleVis00:49:54
The Channels Appmplsjeff demonstrates Channels -Live TV, an app that makes watching TV on your Apple TV a breeze and accessible.AppleVis00:42:55
Apple Accessibility Award WinnerThomas Domville & Alex Hall meet with Ryan McLeod, an Apple Design Award Winner for his iOS App, Blackbox: think outside the box.AppleVis01:41:19
Creating Ringtones with iTunesJessica Karim demonstrates how to create a ringtone using iTunes for Mac, and how to sync that ringtone to an iOS device.AppleVis00:50:35
Dark Defender for MacPiotr Machacz demonstrates Dark Defender, a free Mac game inspired by an old arcade game in which fleets of alien abductors...AppleVis01:14:33
BlackBox for iOSThomas Domville demonstrates BlackBox, a game filled with many unique puzzles...AppleVis01:02:50
Prizmo GoThomas Domville demonstrates a free iOS app that lets you grab printed text with the camera, copy, print, read, link...AppleVis01:17:29
Permanently Delete Mac FilesIn this quick tip, Chris Wright shows us how to permanently delete files from the Mac.AppleVis00:03:50
Blindfold Sound SearchJoseph Weakland demonstrates Blindfold Sound Search for iOS, yet another title in the Blindfold Games series.AppleVis00:21:47
Talking Typer for iOSDavid Woodbridge demonstrates this accessible typing and computer keyboard tutorial app with a keyboard game to increase speed...AppleVis01:46:55
Reverb for iOSScott Davert introduces this free app, a possible replacement for the discontinued Roger app for the Alexa platform.AppleVis00:33:56
Crafting KingdomWilliam Lomas demonstrates an iOS game that has recently become popular among many in the blind community.AppleVis01:12:51
Blindfold FeudJoseph Weakland provides a brief demonstration of Blindfold Feud, one of many games in the Blindfold Games series.AppleVis00:22:59
Selecting files with FinderBrandon Armstrong shows us how to non-contiguously select files with Finder and Mac OS 10.AppleVis00:07:40
Mine Racer for MacT Dog demonstrates this app available from 2MB Solutions. It costs $5, but you can try it for free.AppleVis00:25:42
DayNight for iOSThomas Domville demonstraties this free app which notifies users of sunrise and sunset times each day.AppleVis00:24:01
DIRECTV for iOSIn this podcast, Marvin Rush gives us a demonstration of the DIRECTV iOS app.AppleVis01:57:22
Threema Messaging AppThomas Domville introduces Threema, a powerful and secure messaging app for iOS...AppleVis01:33:27
Future of Email: Outlook for iOSIn this podcast, Thomas Domville gives us a demonstration of Microsoft Outlook - email and calendar for iOS.AppleVis01:59:48
lire Full-text RSSThomas Domville revisits lire (Full-text RSS), a paid iOS app that offers a great way to collect all your RSS Feed News...AppleVis02:06:21
Weather GodsThomas Domville & Lisa Salinger with Scott Wilson, developer of Weather Gods. It has a unique approach to presenting weather...AppleVis02:04:38
Through the Bible Radio NetworkCati gives us a brief tour of the free Through the Bible Radio Network app for iOS.AppleVis00:14:29
Hatchi for iOSSabrina introduces Hatchi; A retro virtual pet for iOS. She shows us how to hatch an egg, and interact with the pet.AppleVis00:46:38
Apple's Support AppCruz1996 demonstrates how to use Apple's support app for iOS to connect with an Apple representative for troubleshooting.AppleVis00:27:53
Pedometer++Lisa Salinger reviews the iPhone & Apple Watch app that does real-time monitoring of the steps you take in a day.AppleVis00:30:34
My Baby Sim 2 for iOSSabrina demonstrates this latest version of My Baby Sim 2. It's free with in-app purchases available.AppleVis01:37:57
Suddenly Lost for iOSTunmi introduces Suddenly Lost, an interactive adventure novel for iOS with a script that is over 40,000 words alone.AppleVis00:24:55
Lire 3.0Alex Hall and Scott Davert speak with the developer of Lire, an RSS feed reader for iOS that includes support for VoiceOverAppleVis01:03:27
Timecrest: Accessible GameA discussion of the accessibility work that has gone into the Golden Apples award award-winning game, Timecrest: The Door.AppleVis01:19:04
Blindfold RS Games for iOSIn this podcast, Hope Robinson takes us on a brief tour of Blindfold RS Games for iOS.AppleVis00:24:33
Fantastic Free Fruit MachineIzzie G. takes us on a tour of FruitPot, the Fantastic Free Fruit Machine game from the app store: Forget slot machines!AppleVis01:23:38
Pausing With QuickTime PlayerIgna Triay shows how to Pause an Audio or Movie Recording Using QuickTime Player On the Mac. Although this process...AppleVis00:05:00
MacBook Pro with Touch BarDavid Woodbridge gives us an overview and demonstration of the 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.AppleVis01:42:45
Apple AirPodsDavid Woodbridge introduces AirPods, gives a physical description, and talks us through using them with an iPhone, Mac, ...AppleVis01:48:47
Blind GladiatorKhalfan Bin Dhaher demonstrates Blind Gladiator for Mac. The game is also available for iOS and the Windows PC...AppleVis00:26:22
iTunes Gift CardsScott Davert walks us through how to purchase iTunes gift cards, for the holidays, using the 2016 version of iOS.AppleVis00:32:21
Blindfold Trivia MatchJoseph Weakland demonstrates Blindfold Trivia Match, yet another entry in the Blindfold Games series.AppleVis00:21:49
Demonstration of Abiding RadioLisa Salinger demonstrates this iOS app that provides easy access to various streams of sacred music...AppleVis00:22:18
Advanced Audio Editing with FerriteIgna Triay demonstrates advanced audio editing in Ferrite Recording Studio for iOS.AppleVis00:21:37
A Blind Legend for MacDavid Woodbridge introduces a game in which you live the adventures of Edward Blake, the famous blind knight!AppleVis01:06:09
NOAA Weather International for iOSThomas Domville introduces this free app that offers real-time 7-day hyperlocal point weather forecasts and current weather...AppleVis01:19:57
Meet the Weather GodsJoin Thomas Domville as he explores and meet the Gods: Fire, Ice, Water, Air & Moon delivering you the Weather...AppleVis02:35:09
Uber Update for iOSFor many, Uber is essential for reliably traveling from one place to another. Chris Judd highlights recent changes...AppleVis00:49:14
Fixes for Slow, Unresponsive DevicesGenerally, iOS and VoiceOver are very stable and you should encounter few operational issues. However, there may be times...AppleVis00:27:50
Managing Apps on Home ScreenThomas Domville on managing apps on your device. Topics include: Changing app icon locations, Creating folders, Deleting appsAppleVis00:35:33
Moving Apps With a Braille DisplayScott Davert shows how to move apps around various home screens with a braille display only using iOS 10 and higher.AppleVis00:16:16
Alexa VS. SiriScott Davert compares Amazon's new music service with Apple Music. Specifically their virtual voice assistants Alexa & Siri.AppleVis00:46:30
World DocumentaryJoin AnonyMouse as he explore the World Documentary collection of famous, awakening & mind-boggling documentaries from...AppleVis00:22:12
Apple Watch Water LockLisa Salinger walks you through enabling and disabling this feature on the Series 2 Apple Watch.AppleVis00:11:42
Flashcards Deluxe for iOSLisa Salinger describes the most commonly needed features to get you started with the Flashcards Deluxe App, costing $3.99.AppleVis00:54:42
VoiceOver Table IrritantJamie Pauls shows how to disable the irritating "One Row Added" announcement when VoiceOver reads tables in macOS Sierra.AppleVis00:11:44
Using the Universal ClipboardDavid Woodbridge demonstrates the new Universal Clipboard facility available on devices running iOS 10 or macOS Sierra.AppleVis00:10:59
What’s New in macOS SierraDavid Woodbridge introduces us to probably the most anticipated new feature in macOS Sierra - Siri integration.AppleVis00:58:32
Beginners’ Guide to the iPhoneThomas Domville offers a description of the iPhone 7 and what you will find in the box.AppleVis00:51:45
Grand Clock for iOSRandy Rusnak demonstrates Grand Clock, a Chiming Grandfather Clock for iOS. It costs 99 cents in U.S. funds, and provides...AppleVis00:21:20
What's New in iOS 10!Scott Davert, Lisa Salinger, and Thomas Domville discuss the good, the bad, and the uncertain as it relates to Apple's latest offeringsAppleVis01:15:19
New in watchOS 3: Part 1Rearranging or Deleting Apps from the Home Screen of your Apple Watch.AppleVis00:09:04
New in watchOS 3: Part 2Have Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse Tell you the Time on your Apple Watch.AppleVis00:29:38
New in watchOS 3: Part 3David Woodbridge shows how to access your Heartbeat in watchOS 3 now that the Apple Watch no longer has the ‘Glances’ feature.AppleVis00:07:53
New in watchOS 3: Part 4IDavid Woodbridge shows how it is now possible to use your iPhone to help locate your mislaid Apple Watch.AppleVis00:10:05
New in watchOS 3: Part 5David Woodbridge introduces Breathe, a native app in watchOS 3 that guides you through a series of deep breaths that can help...AppleVis00:24:13
New in watchOS 3: Part 6David Woodbridge shows how Apple Watch has gained a Dock to provide quick and easy access to the apps that you most frequently use.AppleVis00:18:33
New in watchOS 3: Part 7David Woodbridge demonstrates how you can select one or more Complications to be spoken when you wake your Watch.AppleVis00:14:50
New in watchOS 3: Part 8David Woodbridge introduces taptic time-telling. When it's on, quickly double-tap the watch face when it's locked to feel the full time...AppleVis00:15:59
New in iOS 10Thomas Domville introduces us briefly to some of what’s new and changed in iOS 10.AppleVis01:50:59
What's New n watchOS 3Scott Davert demonstrates some of the new features and changes for blind and low vision users in watchOS 3.AppleVis00:25:48
Sling Television on 4th Gen Apple TVJoseph Hodges demonstrates Sling TV, a subscription-based service that lets you watch live TV anytime/anywhere.AppleVis00:43:06
Using the ABC iOS AppChris Snyder demonstrates how to set up and watch audio described programming using the ABC app for iOS...AppleVis00:22:56
YiKaiEn SDHC Card ReaderScott Davert reviews the device that lets you access SD cards on your iDevice. Available from Amazon for $20.AppleVis00:46:18
Nearby ExplorerFew apps have been anticipated more eagerly by iOS users than Nearby Explorer from the American Printing House for the Blind.AppleVis02:53:49
Pocket Recorder for iOSTunmi introduces a $10 iOS app which allows you to record audio tracks and save them to Dropbox.AppleVis00:26:18
4th Gen Apple TV Without a TVLisa Salinger describes the setup she uses to run her Apple TV through a stereo without the need for a TV.AppleVis00:23:40
How to Use Uber for iOSMike Malarsie shows how to use Uber: how to set up the app, how to schedule a ride, and how to rate your driver.AppleVis00:14:60
Random~Number by PocketLabSheri Wells-Jensen demonstrates Random~Number by PocketLab - great for activities such as rolling dice, picking lottery...AppleVis00:08:40
VoiceOver Keyboard CommanderMike Malarsie shows us how to use the VoiceOver Keyboard Commander, which lets you create custom Mac keyboard shortcutsAppleVis00:22:05
BBC iPlayer Radio App for iOSScott Davert introduces a free app giving you access to lots of content directly from the BBC.AppleVis01:21:40
Audio Game Hub for iOSThomas Domville introduces a free iOS app that features eight experimental mini audio games: Slot Machines, Archery...AppleVis01:26:39
BeSpecularThomas Domville introduces a new App That lets the blind receive sighted assistance via their iOS deviceAppleVis00:40:43
Developers of TwitterrificWe talk with Ged Maheux of The Iconfactory, developers of the Twitterrific app for iOS, in our iOS App Hall of Fame.AppleVis00:48:59
Capti Narrator for iOSThomas Domville demonstrates a free iOS app that will convert nearly any text content to audiobooks.AppleVis01:12:17
VoiceOver + Bluetooth Keyboard + Mail AppScott Davert continues showing how to use apps with an iOS Device and Bluetooth keyboard. This time: the Mail app.AppleVis00:34:04
TeamTalk 5 for iOSThomas Domville demos this free iOS app which allows multiple users to have audio and video conversations.AppleVis01:24:57
Roger for iOSThomas Domville demonstrates a free, walkie-talkie-style messaging app for iOS devices.AppleVis01:11:02
Get Lippy with Flip LipMike Malarsie introduces an app which allows you to apply fun effects to your voice in Facebook Messenger.AppleVis00:10:49
Microsoft Outlook 2016 for MacDavid Woodbridge gives an overview of Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac. Navigation and use with VoiceOver.AppleVis01:11:42
AppleVis Extra: Vorail DevelopersScott Davert and Thomas Domville interview Thomas Rosenthal and Linan Wang, developers of Vorail.AppleVis01:41:49
iPhone 6s Versus SEScott Davert compares the iPhone 6s with the newly-released SE. Listen on a decent set of stereo speakers to get the full effect...AppleVis00:34:44
AppleVis Extra Fitness EditionOur panel examines every aspect of fitness, including Apple Watch, Sleep++, MyFitnessPal, Calorie King, Carrot Fit ...AppleVis03:15:04
SelfieX for iOSLulu Hartgen demonstrates SelfieX Automatic Back Camera Selfie, an app which gives audio directions to help you take pixAppleVis00:27:33
Native Mail AppScott Davert shares some tips on using the native iOS Mail app more effectively. Smart Mailboxes can be particularly useful...AppleVis00:15:54
Get Talking With Vorail for iOSScott Davert introduces Vorail, a free social networking app for iOS - a "social app with dating functions”AppleVis01:28:22
Accessibility at FacebookMatt King, Accessibility Specialist at Facebook on their new automatic image description feature for blind and low vision usersAppleVis00:36:11
MarsEdit for Mac OS XMike Malarsie demonstrates MarsEdit - the blog editor for WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and more. An easy program for blogging on the Mac.AppleVis00:19:42
Voice Dream Reader 4.0Lisa Salinger, Jeff Bishop and Thomas Domville talk with Winston Chen about the Voice Dream Reader for iOS.AppleVis01:40:29
Alt Text in Twitter AppMichael Hansen demonstrates the new alt text feature in Twitter's iOS app.AppleVis00:23:37
Apple's March 21, 2016 EventMichael Hansen, Mike Malarsie, Chris Skarstad, Jeff Bishop, and Thomas Domville discuss Apple's March 21, 2016 event.AppleVis01:29:31
Grouping Apps into Folders on Your Home ScreenJonathan Mosen gives us a look at how you can now use folders to tidy up your Home screen in the new Apple TV.AppleVis00:16:25
Siri Dictation in Text FieldsJonathan Mosen gives us a look at how you can now use Siri to enter text in the new Apple TV.AppleVis00:11:60
Bluetooth Keyboard SupportJonathan Mosen gives us a look at bluetooth keyboard support in the new Apple TV.AppleVis00:27:35
New Features in iOS 9.3Thomas Domville gives us a demonstration of some of the new features in iOS 9.3.AppleVis00:36:04
Transit App for iOSMike Malarsie demonstrates this Real-Time app with Directions for Bus, Subway and Metro including Offline Schedules.AppleVis00:09:05
Amazon Echo Companion AppMike Malarsie demonstrates this free companion app to the company’s Echo hands-free speaker that you control with your voice.AppleVis00:18:14
Disney Movies Anywhere for iOSThomas Domville introduces this free app that lets you watch your Disney movie collection across your favorite devices, anywhere you go.AppleVis00:41:38
Blindfold Road TripThomas Domville demonstrates this game for iOS. The objective is to be the first person to travel 1,000 miles...AppleVis02:12:44
Group Text MessagesScott Davert presents a few tips and tricks to help users better manage group text messages on iOS devices.AppleVis00:19:03
VoiceOver With Bluetooth Keyboard Part 3Scott Davert shares tips and keyboard shortcuts which let you be more productive and efficient when using Safari.AppleVis00:48:48
Overview of Netflix Accessibility EnhancementsJamie Pauls gives an overview of the recent accessibility improvements in version 8.00 of the Netflix iOS app.AppleVis00:32:41
Tweetings for iPhone and iPod TouchJonathan Mosen gives us An Overview of Tweetings for iPhone and iPod Touch. This demo will get you up and running.AppleVis01:44:38
TurboTax Accessibility and MoreWe talk to Intuit's Ted Drake about the accessibility of TurboTax for iOS, a tax-prep program for users in the United States.AppleVis01:06:53
Editing Text With VoiceOverScott Davert shows how to edit text and use the iOS Notes app. Create a new note, select text selection, apply formatting and moreAppleVis00:45:44
Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video DoorbellDavid Woodbridge introduces the Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell. What it is, its installation, setting it up and how it worksAppleVis01:46:25
Repeat CheckListSheri Wells-Jensen demonstrates Repeat CheckList - A custom can be learned! for iOS.AppleVis00:23:21
Audio-Described Movies Part 3David Woodbridge shows us how to find and watch audio-described movies on iOS.AppleVis00:24:54
Audio-Described Movies Part 2David Woodbridge shows us how to find and watch audio-described movies on the 4th Generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:28:05
Audio-Described Movies Part 1David Woodbridge shows us how to find and watch audio-described movies in iTunes for Mac OS X.AppleVis00:28:17
Downcast and Overcast for iOSJamie Pauls shows us how to navigate podcasts by chapter using the Downcast and Overcast: Podcast Player iOS apps.AppleVis00:26:58
Podcast Chapters for OS XJonathan Mosen demonstrates Podcast Chapters. It lets you insert chapter navigation markers into a podcast...AppleVis00:41:23
GetHuman for iOSLisa Salinger introduces a free app that tells you the fastest and best way to reach the customer service departments of specific companiesAppleVis00:22:08
Sport ArmbandsDavid Woodbridge discusses Incase Sport Armbands for the iPhone 6s and iPod Nano 7th generation. Great for exercising and gardeningAppleVis00:21:52
Blindfold HorseraceLulu Hartgen introduces an audio game for iOS where you race your horse against other horses.AppleVis00:47:13
Bluetooth Keyboard with VoiceOver Part 1Scott Davert explains some advantages of using a Bluetooth keyboard, demonstrates pairing a keyboard to an iDevice...AppleVis00:53:07
iPhone 6s and 6s Plus DescriptionsThomas Domville gives us a physical description of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.AppleVis00:34:22
iOS Settings: RestrictionsThomas Domville explores what’s available from within the 'Restrictions' area of iOS Settings. Parental controls & more.AppleVis01:01:29
iOS App SwitcherThomas Domville introduces the iOS App Switcher, which lets you switch from one app to another. When you switch back, you pick up where you left offAppleVis00:27:37
Quick and Easy Video TrimmingMike Malarsie shows us how quick, easy and accessible it is to remove unwanted parts of any recorded video on iOS.AppleVis00:08:11
Touch ID & Passcode Section of iOS SettingsThomas Domville what’s available from within the Touch ID & Passcode area of iOS Settings. How to use Touch IDAppleVis00:54:03
Spotlight in Mac OS XIn this podcast, Alex Hall shows us how to define a word using Spotlight on Mac OS X.AppleVis00:03:53
iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard & Apple PencilDavid Woodbridge introduces the iPad Pro; along with Apple’s Smart Keyboard and Pencil.AppleVis00:52:13
ReadKitJonathan Mosen demonstrates ReadKit, an RSS reader and more for the Mac. RSS versus Twitter feeds.AppleVis01:03:27
Apple Watch Spigen Tough Armor CaseDavid Woodbridge reviews the Spigen SGP11504 Tough Armor dual L layer case for the Apple Watch available from for $16.99AppleVis00:26:60
3rd Party Apple Watch AppsDavid Woodbridge introduces 3rd party apps he uses on his Apple Watch: CNN, Just Press Record, Navigon, Downcast, Drafts, Comfort, ...AppleVis01:09:28
Native Podcast App for Apple TVDavid Woodbridge introduces the new Podcast app from Apple available on the fourth-generation Apple TV with tvOS 9.1.1.AppleVis00:50:39
Audible’s iOS AppDavid Woodbridge gives us an in-depth discussion of one of his most used iOS apps, Audiobooks from Audible.AppleVis01:38:57
ZCast for iOSJonathan Mosen introduces ZCast - Live Audio Groupcasting, a free app that claims to offer a new way to podcast.AppleVis00:36:40
Kid Friendly SoftwareWe speak with Marty Schultz, developer of the wildly popular Blindfold series of accessible audio games, with over 25 games currently ...AppleVis01:23:36
FaceTime Section of iOS SettingsThomas Domville discusses and explores what’s available from within the FaceTime area of iOS Settings.AppleVis00:18:47
iOS Settings Phone SectionThomas Domville discusses and explores what’s available from within the ‘Phone’ area of iOS Settings.AppleVis00:27:52
Exploring iTunes & App StoreThomas Domville discusses what's available from within the 'iTunes & App Store' area of iOS Settings.AppleVis00:31:55
iOS Reset SettingsThomas Domville discusses what's available from within the Reset area of iOS Settings...AppleVis00:26:18
Intro to VoiceOver Gestures Part 2Thomas Domville continues his discussion of how to control your iOS device using VoiceOver-specific gestures on the touch screen.AppleVis00:58:30
Intro to VoiceOver Gestures Part 1Thomas Domville discusses how you can control your iOS device using VoiceOver-specific gestures on the touch screen.AppleVis01:00:13
Fixes for Slow iDevice ResponseA few methods that may quickly return slow or unresponsive iDevices to normal.AppleVis00:22:02
iOS Storage & iCloud SettingsIn this episode of his introductory series, Thomas Domville discusses and explores the Storage and iCloud settings in iOS.AppleVis00:28:56
iOS Background App Refresh SettingsThomas Domville discusses and explores the background app refresh settings in iOS; used to control what apps are allowed to run...AppleVis00:16:48
Accessing Animated EmojiAmber shows us how to find and use the animated emoji available on the Apple Watch.AppleVis00:15:05
Pocket Pond 2Tunmi introduces an iOS app that places a virtual pond filled with koi into the palm of your hand.AppleVis00:12:24
iOS Message SettingsThomas Domville discusses and explores the messaging features and settings offered in iOS.AppleVis00:42:16
Dropbox for iOSScott Davert demonstrates many of DropBox's features. The app and service are free, and it is a powerful solution...AppleVis01:32:60
Changing VoiceOver TTS VoiceThomas Domville discusses the TTS voices available to VoiceOver users and shows how to change the voice used.AppleVis00:55:13
DropVox: NotetakerScott Davert demonstrates DropVox, a voice memo recording app for iOS. It records and uploads voice memos to Dropbox...AppleVis00:32:50
Exploring VoiceOver RotorThomas Domville shows quick, convenient ways to navigate the screen, manipulate text, change VoiceOver settings...AppleVis00:40:50
iOS Accessibility Part 2Thomas Domville discusses and explores the VoiceOver features and settings offered in iOS.AppleVis00:41:05
iOS Accessibility Part 1Thomas Domville discusses and explores the main Accessibility page found in the iOS Settings.AppleVis01:01:32
iOS Settings About SectionIn this episode of his introductory series, Thomas Domville discusses and explores the About section found in the iOS Settings.AppleVis00:19:00
iDevice Personal HotspotThomas Domville discusses the Personal Hotspot feature of the iPhone or iPad which lets you share your cellular data connection...AppleVis00:18:08
Using Braille Displays with iOSScott Davert gives us some general information about braille displays as they relate to their use with iOS devices...AppleVis01:19:26
Improved Twitter AccessibilityDavid Woodbridge on how the Twitter app for Mac OS X has become more usable with VoiceOver in version 4.0.AppleVis00:40:33
Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6David Woodbridge shares his thoughts on the Smart Battery Case which Apple recently released for the iPhone 6 and 6s.AppleVis00:28:47
Beats Pill 2.0 Bluetooth SpeakersDavid Woodbridge shows how pair two of these speakers so that you can play music through both in stereo or mono.AppleVis00:14:02
Instant Pot Pressure CookerVictor Tsaran demonstrates the Cooker and its companion iOS App that gives an accessible way for blind users to operate the cooker.AppleVis00:30:02
TimeBuzz; Apple Watch AppDavid Woodbridge discusses a new app that makes it possible to feel the current time through vibrations of the Taptic Engine.AppleVis01:32:44
Accounts 2 for iOSCruz1996 introduces an app that offers to replace your paper checkbook with a quicker and more convenient way to track finances.AppleVis00:19:47
Making the Most of your iOS DeviceOur experts take a look at this year's list of AppleVis-recommended apps to help you get the most from your iOS device.AppleVis03:43:27
iOS Public Beta TestingOlivier shows us how to enroll in Apple’s iOS Public Beta Testing Program and install a public beta on your iOS device.AppleVis00:30:51
NatureSpace: 3d SoundScott Davert describes this app providing soundtracks to many different types of sounds. It's a free download with in-app purchases.AppleVis02:28:35
Introducing MindsightTunmi introduces Mindsight, a free interactive audio adventure for iOS. It delivers rich, interactive drama using conventional stereo...AppleVis00:37:03
Blindfold Vee Ball for iOSDavid Woodbridge demonstrates this free audio game. Using your finger, you roll a ball up a ramp, where it can land...AppleVis00:17:08
Blindfold Pong for iOSDavid Woodbridge demonstrates this free audio game. You hear one or two balls, and you must move the phone left and right to hit...AppleVis00:18:10
Blindfold Breakout for iOSDavid Woodbridge demonstrates tis free audio game. You have a paddle, a ball, and a series of bricks...AppleVis00:20:41
Blindfold Air Hockey for iOSDavid Woodbridge demonstrates this free audio game. You have a mallet or paddle, and there's a puck on the playing table...AppleVis00:16:15
Heathcote for iOSTunmi introduces a free audio-only adventure that places you in the roles of intrepid reporters David and Martin.AppleVis00:20:39
Pandora app for new Apple TVMissy Hoppe demonstrates the new Pandora app for the fourth generation Apple TV. How to log in, browse your list of stations, ...AppleVis00:29:48
Buying iTunes Gift CardsScott Davert shows how to send iTunes Gift Card from an iOS device. A very timely tip for the Holidays.AppleVis00:46:48
OTR Streamer for iOSShaun Williams demonstrates this free app for access to over 5000 episodes of your favorite Old Time Radio showsAppleVis00:27:17
Beats Pill 2.0 Bluetooth Wireless SpeakerDavid Woodbridge demonstrates the Beats Pill 2.0 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. Tap your phone to it and create an instant connection...AppleVis00:38:10
iPad ProKhalfan Bin Dhaher unboxes an iPad Pro, gives us its physical description and then walks us through the initial setupAppleVis00:33:42
Blue Spark USB MicrophoneDavid Woodbridge demonstrates the Blue Spark Digital Studio Condenser USB/Lightning Microphone for Mac, iPad and PCAppleVis00:15:18
Apple Store Holiday OfferingsApple’s new products: Fourth-generation Apple TV, iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard and Apple Watch Magnetic Charging DockAppleVis02:30:54
Overview of Apple TV Music AppIn this podcast, David Woodbridge demonstrates the Music app on the fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:43:51
My Baby Sim for iOSLulu Hartgen gives us a demonstration of My Baby Sim, which lets you live the life of a new parent...AppleVis01:16:26
How to Buy and Watch Movies and TV ShowsDavid Woodbridge walks us through buying and watching movies and TV shows on the fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:30:03
Using your Old Apple TV to Stream AudioThe new Apple TV doesn't have an optical output port. So you may want to consider this workaround...AppleVis00:31:13
Adding and Removing Items from Finder SidebarJonathan Simeone shows us how to add and remove items from the Finder Sidebar on Mac OS X.AppleVis00:21:03
Setup and Use of Home SharingDavid Woodbridge demonstrates Home Sharing on Apple TV to share and stream content from the iTunes library to other computersAppleVis00:23:19
Weather Office for iOSThomas Domville demonstrates Weather Office, an app that provides local weather and forecasts for Canada and the USA.AppleVis00:29:28
LaunchBar for OS XPiotr Machacz demonstrat this app that lets you quickly start apps, open documents, invoke system services, compose emails...AppleVis01:24:37
Apple TV Onscreen KeyboardDavid Woodbridge demonstrates the onscreen keyboard used on the fourth-generation Apple TV to enter text.AppleVis00:29:14
Apple TV: Updating tvOSDavid Woodbridge shows how to update to a newer version of tvOS when an update has been released.AppleVis00:15:04
Apple TV: Using Your Old RemoteDavid Woodbridge shows how to use the remote from the previous generation Apple TV with the newer version.AppleVis00:08:54
Apple TV Parental ControlsDavid Woodbridge discusses and demonstrates Restriction settings on the fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:19:14
Apple TV Screensaver, Updates & SettingsDavid Woodbridge shows how to configure the screensaver; check for software updates and put the Apple TV to sleep.AppleVis00:23:21
Renaming Apple TV & Streaming with AirPlayDavid Woodbridge shows how to change the name used for your Apple TV on your network and how to use AirPlay to stream content...AppleVis00:19:60
Apple TV Accessibility ShortcutDavid Woodbridge shows how to configure and use the Accessibility Shortcut using Siri remote with fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:11:36
Using with Bluetooth or AirPlay SpeakersDavid Woodbridge takes a look at connecting and using Bluetooth and AirPlay speakers with the fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:21:11
Siri Remote for Fourth-Generation Apple TVDavid Woodbridge shows us the design and operation of the Siri remote that comes with the fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:31:09
Trivia Crack Kingdoms for iOSDerrick Moreland introduces the current version of this app. It has Voiceover issues, but Derrick shares tips to make it playableAppleVis00:36:16
Apple TV VoiceOver GesturesDavid Woodbridge demonstrates the VoiceOver gestures you can use on the Siri remote trackpad of the fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:29:51
Siri on New Apple TVIn this podcast, David Woodbridge explores the capabilities of Siri on the fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis01:00:52
Checking Battery Level of Siri RemoteDavid Woodbridge shows how to check the battery level of the Siri remote that comes with the fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:07:46
JW Library for iOSCharlie introduces a free iOS app developed by and for Jehovah’s Witnesses. It includes Bible translations, books and brochures...AppleVis00:23:56
App Switcher on Apple TVDavid Woodbridge demonstrates how to move apps on the Apple TV’s Home screen; delete unwanted apps; and move between apps.AppleVis00:41:26
Convert PDF to TextJonathan Simeone shares a tip for Mac users on how to convert PDF to text using Automator.AppleVis00:38:57
Apple TV App StoreDavid Woodbridge introduces the App Store for the new TV. He shows us how to browse, search and install apps.AppleVis00:34:20
The New Apple TVDavid Woodbridge introduces the new fourth-generation Apple TV, describing its remote with support for Siri, the setup, the Home screen...AppleVis00:54:51
Importing Library ContentJonathan Simeone demonstrates how to use the ‘Add to iTunes’ folder to quickly and easily import content into your Library.AppleVis00:37:33
Password Managers For iOSShersey introduces the 1Password password manager and Secure Wallet, an accessible, cross-platform password manager.AppleVis01:31:04
Blindfold Bowling for iOSKelly Sapergia introduces us to this recently-released audio game that brings ten pin bowling to your iOS device.AppleVis01:21:30
Beginners' iPhone Guide: Exploring iOS Privacy SettingsThomas Domville discusses and explores the privacy settings available within iOS.AppleVis00:55:01
Beginners' iPhone Guide: Notifications CenterThomas Domville looks at the Notifications Center, which gives quick access to alerts and related information for iOS apps.AppleVis00:54:18
Beginners' iPhone Guide: Control CenterThomas Domville looks at the Control Center, which gives quick access to commonly used settings and apps from anywhere in iOS.AppleVis00:40:60
Forcy Jailbreak TweakCarter Temm introduces Forcy, a jailbreak tweak for older jailbroken iPhones running iOS 9 to give iPhone 6s-like functionality ...AppleVis00:11:56
Blindfold Hopper for iOSKhalfan Bin Dhaher demonstrates this audio game that lets you Safely Guide your Frog in this cross between Frogger and Flappy Bird.AppleVis00:50:54
VoiceOver Portable PreferencesJonathan Simeone shows how to export and import VoiceOver preferences in Mac OS X to easily use your settings on other Macs ...AppleVis00:32:27
Creating Smart Playlists in iTunesJonathan Simeone shows how to create smart playlists in iTunes on the Mac to Keep Track of your Use of Apple Music.AppleVis00:17:47
A Blind Legend for iOSKhalfan Bin Dhaher introduces a new audio game in which you live the adventures of Edward Blake, the famous blind knight...AppleVis01:02:40
Window Spots and Content ChooserJonathan Simeone shows how to use two new tools introduced in OS X El Capitan for VoiceOver users...AppleVis00:10:56
How to Pin Safari Tabs in OS X El CapitanJonathan Simeone shows us the new tab pinning feature in Safari, that let you keep web pages open, up to date and accessible.AppleVis00:09:01
Using Emoji Skin TonesJonathan Simeone shows us how to access and use the new diverse emoji icon set on iOS devices.AppleVis00:14:41
3D Touch Access to Fast App SwitcherKhalfan Bin Dhaher shows us a workaround to use 3D Touch to access the iOS 9 fast app switcher when VoiceOver is enabled.AppleVis00:12:35
Beginners’ Guide to the iPhone: Wi-Fi SettingsThomas Domville explores the settings available in iOS to manage and monitor connections to wireless networks.AppleVis00:29:40
iPhone Sounds SettingsThomas Domville explores the settings available within iOS to control the sounds played with various actions and events.AppleVis00:36:54
iPhone Do Not DisturbThomas Domville explores the Do Not Disturb settings in iOS to stop notifications, alerts and calls ... when the screen is locked.AppleVis00:26:10
iPhone Display and Brightness SettingsThomas Domville explores the settings available within iOS to control screen display and brightness.AppleVis00:17:19
iPhone Cellular SettingsThomas Domville explores the settings available within iOS to control and monitor cellular usage.AppleVis00:47:17
iPhone Airplane ModeIn this Beginners' Guide, Thomas Domville discusses and explores the Airplane mode available on iOS devices.AppleVis00:34:42
iPhone Battery SettingsIn this Beginners’ Guide, Thomas Domville discusses and explores the settings within iOS to control and monitor battery usage.AppleVis00:23:12
iPhone Siri SettingsIn this Beginners’ Guide, Thomas Domville discusses the settings available within iOS to manage Siri.AppleVis00:21:59
Diverse iPhone Emoji SettingsJonathan Simeone shows us how to access and use the new diverse emoji icon set on the Mac.AppleVis00:16:24
What’s New with Siri?David Woodbridge on some of the great things that you can do with Siri in iOS 9, including the option on the new iPhone Sixes.AppleVis00:46:49
VoiceOver Users in El CapitanDavid Woodbridge demonstrates how OS X El Capitan introduces new options for VoiceOver users for interacting with toolbars and scrollbars.AppleVis00:18:49
VoiceOver Modifier KeyDavid Woodbridge demonstrates you can use the Caps Lock key in OS X El Capitan as the VoiceOver modifier key … either on its own or ...AppleVis00:14:33
VoiceOver Modifier Keys & Bluetooth KeyboardDavid Woodbridge demonstrates how you can choose which keys on a bluetooth keyboard to be VoiceOver modifier keys in iOS 9.AppleVis00:10:55
Update iOS from WindowsScott Davert shows how to update iOS using iTunes on a Windows PC. He uses Jaws on a computer running Windows 7.AppleVis00:26:02
iOS Over-the-air UpdatesScott Davert walks us through the process of updating to a newer version of iOS directly on your iOS device.AppleVis00:24:38
ThumbJam for iOSKen Downey shows how to create new instruments on ThumbJam and the trickiness of direct touch and how to turn it off ....AppleVis02:58:52
Sonic Office Smash for iOSKen Downey demonstrates this app that lets you vent your frustrations with modern office equipment...AppleVis00:28:07
Songbird for iOSKen Downey gives demonstrates this app that turns your iPhone into a wind instrument.AppleVis00:32:45
Using Siri to Delete AlarmsAshley B shares a tip for deleting alarms under watchOS 2, where there are some accessibility issues if you try to do it with VoiceOverAppleVis00:11:58
Accessibility in OS X 10.11 El CapitanAlex Hall explores some of the new accessibility features in OS X 10.11 El Capitan, released on 30 September 2015.AppleVis00:48:29
SermonAudio for iOSDarrell Bowles demonstraties this free app that offers access to the world’s largest library of free MP3 sermons from thousands of speakersAppleVis00:37:17
Apple Watch Just Press RecordMilorad Pejic demonstrates the Just Press Record app on an Apple Watch. Instantly sync your recordings across all devicesAppleVis00:17:25
Dice World for iOSThomas Domville on improvements to the popular Dice World app in recent releases.AppleVis00:33:43
TextEdit on Mac OS XJonathan Simeone discusses the autosave and versioning features of TextEdit and Mac OS X.AppleVis00:32:38
Using Siri to Access GlancesDavid Woodbridge shows us how it's possible in watchOS 2 to use Siri to access the Glances on your Apple Watch.AppleVis00:16:32
Mac Folder Access from a Windows PCSplyt shows us how to setup a Mac so that files or folders on it can be accessed from a Windows PC.AppleVis00:31:29
Exploring Clock FacesDavid Woodbridge shows how to access the clock faces in watchOS 2 and gives us a closer look at the new time-lapse faceAppleVis00:13:42
Replying to Emails On Your WatchDavid Woodbridge shows how, in watchOS 2 it's possible to reply to an email directly from your Apple Watch.AppleVis00:17:41
Apple Watch Battery LevelMilorad Pejic demonstrates how to check the battery level of your Apple Watch from the Notification Center of your iPhone.AppleVis00:06:34
iCloud Drive AppThomas Domville introduces Apple’s iCloud Drive, new in iOS 9. It makes it easier for you to access and manage the files iCloud.AppleVis00:53:41
Apple Watch Nightstand ModeDavid Woodbridge demonstrates the nightstand mode added in watchOS 2 and shows how to cancel or snooze alarms.AppleVis00:19:54
3D Touch with VoiceOverScott Davert demonstrates how to use 3D Touch, introduced on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.AppleVis00:40:31
Apple’s News AppThomas Domville introduces Apple’s News app, new in iOS 9.AppleVis01:23:59
Time Travel Feature in watchOS 2David Woodbridge demonstrates the ‘Time Travel’ feature introduced in watchOS 2.AppleVis00:13:52
Apple Watch Stand AlertsDavid Woodbridge shows how to mute the hourly alerts by the Apple Watch to remind you to stand up.AppleVis00:06:04
Dropbox Nag ScreenJonathan Simeone shows how to stop Dropbox from prompting you to upload photos every time you connect your iOS device to your MacAppleVis00:08:17
Universalis for iOSJohn Moore revisits changes in version 2.24 of this app for Roman Catholics that provides access to Daily psalms, prayers ...AppleVis00:11:56
The Watch Music AppKhalfan Bin Dhaher gives us a quick demonstration of the updated music app in watchOS 2.AppleVis00:15:36
Time Machine BackupsJonathan Simeone on excluding items from your Time Machine Backup in OS X to conserve disk space.AppleVis00:11:48
Updating to watchOS 2David Woodbridge demonstrates how to update the software on your Apple Watch to watchOS 2.AppleVis00:28:25
QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure MonitorRob Armstrong introduces the QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and its companion iOS app.AppleVis00:40:58
iOS 9 VoiceOver Practice AreaDavid Woodbridge shows how the VoiceOver practice area now lets you practice using Braille Screen Input and Handwriting modeAppleVis00:13:27
iOS 9 Text Selection ToolDavid Woodbridge demonstrates how to access and use the text selection tool added to the VoiceOver rotor in iOS 9.AppleVis00:15:18
Find My iPhoneScott Davert on this pre-installed iOS 9 feature to find your phone, track it or lock it...AppleVis00:47:05
"Hey Siri" Voice TrainingDavid Woodbridge on voice training in iOS 9 and which helps Siri better recognise your voice...AppleVis00:07:08
Encrypted Disk ImageJonathan Simeone describes the process of creating a encrypted location on your Mac in which you can securely store files.AppleVis00:20:37
Purify BlockerThomas Domville demonstrates Purify Blocker: Fast, Clutter-free Web Browsing in Safari on iOS 9 that blocks ads, tracking...AppleVis00:44:18
iOS 9 Braille DisplayScott Davert takes a look at some of what’s new and changed in iOS 9 for those who use Braille displays.AppleVis00:29:34
Accessibility Features in iOS 9AnonyMouse overviews new accessibility features likely to be of interest to blind and low vision users.AppleVis00:58:43
New Features in iOS 9AnonyMouse overview new features: Spotlight and Proactive Search, Changes to App Switcher, New News app, Find My iPhone, ...AppleVis02:13:43
Yamaha Mobile SequencerDominique demonstrates this iOS app. You can create musical compositions intuitively, following the flow of composition ...AppleVis01:20:02
Restore Time Machine BackupJonathan Simeone shows how to use the Mac OS X Finder to find & restore a single file from a Time Machine backup.AppleVis00:09:32
Audio Rally Racing for iOSKhalfan Bin Dhaher introduces a newly released game simulating high speed, reckless driving on country roads and city streets.AppleVis01:15:07
Pro Football Radio & Live ScoresWildmanJoe demonstrates Pro Football Radio & Live Scores, an iOS app that streams any NFL game any time during the seasonAppleVis00:44:17
Using Spellcheck on Mac OS XScott Davert walks us through how to use the system-wide spellcheck facility on Mac OS X.AppleVis00:10:21
Office Lens for iOSMahmood Khalil demonstrates this free app from Microsoft that allows you to capture and recognize text from various sources.AppleVis00:38:26
Bossjock jr for iOSNicholas Acosta introduces an app that lets you record your voice over music and sound effects then share to your favorite host via FTPAppleVis01:29:08
Apple Certified TrainingJohn Panarese of tells how anyone can obtain this certification. The test must be taken in person at an authorized centerAppleVis02:09:35
OmniFocus 2 for iOSTom Dekker demonstrates this app for task management features of a desktop app at your fingertipsAppleVis00:38:24

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