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AIRSLA Is proud to link you to this series of podcasts providing Apple VoiceOver users with App and feature guidance.

Current AppleVis Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Automatically Delete MessagesIn this Quick Tip podcast Tyler Stephen shows us how to automatically delete messages on iOS, iPad OS, and Mac OS.AppleVis00:07:00
Sign in with Apple on iOSThomas Domville show us how to view apps using your Apple ID for Sign in with Apple on iOS.AppleVis00:18:51
Restart Your HomePodIn this short podcast Thomas Domville will show us how to restart your HomePod when it's not responding normally.AppleVis00:06:39
AppleVis Unleashed Dec 2020Apple news: Redesigned Accessibility Site, New Support Videos, $549 AirPods Wireless Headphones, iPhone 11 repair program & more...AppleVis02:51:32
AirPods Max: Unboxing and ThoughtsIn this podcasts, Thomas Domville gives us an in-depth run through of unboxing and his thoughts on the Apple AirPods Max.AppleVis01:23:15
HomePod mini: How to Reset to Its Factory SettingsIn this edition of his series on the HomePod mini, Thomas Domville walks us through the process of resetting the speaker to its factory settingsAppleVis00:09:08
HomePod mini: Initial SetupIn this edition of his series on the HomePod mini, Thomas Domville walks us through the initial setup of the speaker.AppleVis00:18:28
HomePod mini: Handoff and Remote Media ControlsIn this next segment of the HomePod miniseries, Thomas Domville shows us using handoff and remote media controls with HomePod mini.AppleVis00:24:40
HomePod Mini: Using the IntercomIn this next segment of the HomePod mini Series, Thomas Domville shows us using the Intercom on the HomePod mini.AppleVis00:08:32
HomePod Mini: Using SiriIn this next segment of the Home Pod Mini Series. Thomas Domville shows us using Siri on the HomePod Mini.AppleVis00:34:22
HomePod Mini Touch Display & GesturesIn this segment of the Home Pod Mini Series Thomas Domville shows how to use the Touch Display and Gestures on the HomePod Mini.AppleVis00:26:53
HomePod MiniIn this first segment of the Home Pod Mini Series. Thomas Domville does an unboxing, specifications and thoughts of the HomePod Mini.AppleVis00:57:36
AppleVis Unleashed Nov 2020New monthly topics include: High demand for iPhone 12 Pro, which costs $406 to Make, iPhone 12 mini battery life, HomePod mini Review and moreAppleVis02:48:12
Apple Watch Finds Your iPhoneThomas Domville shows us how to use your Apple Watch to find your iPhone.AppleVis00:04:03
MacOS Big SurIn this podcast, Tyler Stephen shows us an overview of some of the new features in MacOS Big Sur.AppleVis00:39:45
People Detection on iOSJoin as Thomas Domville shows us how to use the People Detection feature on iOS.AppleVis00:49:35
Manage 5G on iOSThomas Domville shows us how to manually manage 5G to optimize for speed or battery life on iOS.AppleVis00:17:18
Apple's "One More Thing" EventIn this edition of the AppleVis Extra, Dave Nason, Tyler Stephen, and Ed Worrell get together to discuss Apple's "One More Thing" eventAppleVis01:18:39
Detective's Demise for iOSThomas Domville describes the game Pitch Black: A Detective's Demise, a harrowing yet comedic story of a washed up and AWOL Lambton Detective...AppleVis00:39:02
AppleVis UnleashedAll the major announcements from Apple's iPhone 12 event. iPhone 12 characteristics, iOS 14.1 and iPadOS 14.1, WatchOS 7.0.3, and moreAppleVis01:56:52
Apple One Services BundleDave Nason shows how to subscribe to the new Apple One bundles, which were announced in September and released in October.AppleVis00:19:39
Declutter iOS Share SheetIn this podcast Tyler Stephen shows us how to declutter the Share Sheet on iOS.AppleVis00:06:35
Share Apple Watch FacesThomas Domville will show us how to share Apple Watch faces with family and friends on Watch OS.AppleVis00:09:05
Prominent Haptics on Watch OSAre the standard vibration patterns tough to notice on your Apple Watch? Thomas Domville shows us how to improve them.AppleVis00:07:53
Force Quit Apple Watch AppsThomas Domville demonstrates how to force quit an app on Apple Watch to manage unresponsive apps, crashing or more general issuesAppleVis00:06:29
The MacOS Audio MIDI SetupIf you have two USB microphones but no mixer, the Mac Audio MIDI Setup app lets you configure them as a single audio device.AppleVis00:24:27
Recapping Apple's Hi, Speed EventDave Nason, Scott Davert, Thomas Domville, & Tyler Stephen get together to discuss Apple's Hi, Speed October 2020 event.AppleVis01:38:49
Carrier Lock InformationThomas Domville shows us how to access iPhone carrier lock information on iOS.AppleVis00:05:25
Scan QR Codes on iOSNeed to scan a QR code? In this podcast Thomas Domville will show us how easy it is to scan a QR code on iOSAppleVis00:11:59
AppleVis Unleashed: The Creepy EyeThomas Domville, Randy Rusnak, and Mike Malarsie discuss recent Apple news and other topics of interest...AppleVis02:48:31
Send an Audio Message with SiriThomas Domville demonstrates how to use Siri to send an audio message.AppleVis00:04:57
Back Button MenuThomas Domville shows how, in iOS 14, to quickly move back through menu levels with a long-press on the Back buttonAppleVis00:05:02
Fixing VoiceOver Lag in iOS 14Michael Hansen demonstrates a workaround for the reduced VoiceOver responsiveness many users are experiencing in iOS 14.AppleVis00:21:01
The App Library of iOSThomas Domville introduces a new space at the end of your Home Screen pages on iOS 14 that automatically organizes all of your appsAppleVis00:25:26
iOS & iPadOS #5Thomas Domville explores some of the new features and options for widgets, including how to add, remove, and customize themAppleVis00:26:30
iOS & iPadOS #4Thomas Domville introduces expanded VoiceOver Recognition features of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.AppleVis00:18:29
iOS & iPadOS #3Thomas Domville introduces Back Tap, an accessibility feature to trigger features such as iOS system actions, and shortcutsAppleVis00:09:58
iOS & iPadOS #2Thomas Domville introduces Sound Recognition, a new accessibility feature that uses on-device intelligence to listen for certain soundsAppleVis00:10:41
iOS & iPadOS #1How to Setup Headphone Accommodations on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 for Supported AirPods and Beats headphonesAppleVis00:17:48
Apple's Time Flies EventWe discuss Apple's Time Flies event. Topics include Apple Watch Series 6, iPads, Apple One services, and iOS 14.AppleVis02:17:26
iOS 14 and iPadOS 14: General FeaturesiOS 14 and iPadOS 14 will be released on 16 September. Thomas Domville gives us an overview of some of the new features.AppleVis01:10:56
iOS 14 and iPadOS 14: AccessibilityThomas Domville gives us an overview of some of the new accessibility features that are coming...AppleVis00:29:41
AppleVis Extra 76Thomas Domville speaks in-depth with the team behind the SuperSense for iOS; AI for the Blind on the App StoreAppleVis01:27:52
The Helium EffectThomas Domville, Randy Rusnak, Mike Malarsie and Club AppleVis member Anna Dresner discuss recent Apple news and other topics...AppleVis02:14:29
Temporary Do Not DisturbIn a meeting? Doctor's Office? Napping? Listen in as Thomas Domville shows us how to enable Do Not Disturb temporarily on iOSAppleVis00:06:18
Fall Detection on Apple WatchApple Watch Series 4 and above have fall detection. Thomas Domville shows how to turn on this life-saving feature...AppleVis00:09:22
Doing It Right Game for iOSThomas Domville demonstrates the Doing it Right game, an audio puzzle with brain-busting challenge. Test your hearing and logicAppleVis00:09:54
How to Disable Raise to WakeTyler shows us how to disable Raise to Wake on an iPhone; explaining why as a VoiceOver user you might wish to.AppleVis00:05:48
Unlock your Apple WatchAnnoyed having to enter your Passcode to unlock your Apple Watch? Thomas Domville shows how to unlock it using your iPhone.AppleVis00:07:39
Remove suggested contacts in MailDo you have obsolete or outdated contact suggestion showing up in Mail? Thomas Domville shows how to remove them in Mail on iOS.AppleVis00:05:52
Your Digital MommyApple Releases iOS 13.6 With Car Key, Toggle to Turn Off Automatic Update Downloads, Audio Apple News+ Stories and MoreAppleVis02:02:25
Using the Safari Download FeatureIn this podcast Thomas Domville shows us how to use the download feature in Safari on iOS.AppleVis00:18:12
Bright Guide messenger for iOSThomas Domville reviews the Bright Guide app, designed specifically for the blind, which makes using Telegram easier and simple.AppleVis00:22:36
Feer, an iOS GameListen in as Sasha Stride gives us a taste of what it’s like to run from the zombies. For visually impaired and sighted gamers @equal rightsAppleVis00:36:14
How to Customize iOS Automatic UpdatesDon't want new iOS updates to be installed or downloaded automatically? Take back your power to say no to them with Thomas DomvilleAppleVis00:07:41
Share your Medical IDThomas Domville shows how to send Medical ID information automatically to emergency services when you call or text 911..AppleVis00:09:56
Clownfish podcastApple Topics featured include Improvements to iOS App Hall of Fame, announcements from WWDC 2020, & new accessibility featuresAppleVis02:12:01
Apple AccessibilityWe speak with Apple accessibility folks about key changes & updates coming in iOS 14, iPad OS 14, Watch OS 7 and Mac OS Big Sur...AppleVis01:33:31
Apple's WWDC 2020 KeynoteDave Nason, Thomas Domville, and Tyler Stephen get together to discuss Apple's WWDC 2020 Keynote.AppleVis02:39:24
Tidy Safari TabsDave Nason shows how to de-clutter your Safari tabs on iOS by having them close automatically after a period of time not being used.AppleVis00:12:41
Disable Battery Health ManagementIn this Quick Tip Tyler Stephen shows us how to disable battery health management on macOS.AppleVis00:09:20
Share Your LocationIn this podcast Thomas Domville shows us how to share your current location on an iPhone.AppleVis00:19:12
Can You Read My Lips?Thomas Domville, Randy Rusnak, and Mike Malarsie discuss recent Apple news and other topics of interest...AppleVis02:17:26
Accessibility AwarenessDave Nason speaks to Rene Ritchie, formerly of and now independent tech journalist, blogger and YouTuber.AppleVis01:17:14
Sharpen Your Blackjack SkillsThomas Domville discuss how to sharpen your Blackjack skills with the Blackjack Strategy+ app for iOS...AppleVis00:15:59
How to Enable Caption Panel for VoiceOver on iOSBe sure to listen in as Thomas Domville shows us how to enable caption panel for VoiceOver in iOS and why you would want to do that.AppleVis00:06:51
Enable Caption Panel for VoiceOverThomas Domville shows us how to enable caption panel for VoiceOver in iOS and why you would want to do that.AppleVis00:06:51
Change Safari Default Search EngineListen in as Thomas Domville shows us how to change Safari's default search engine in iOS.AppleVis00:08:01
Radio Talking Book for iOSThomas Domville on using Radio Talking Book, a free news and information service that broadcasts 24 hours a day, every day...AppleVis00:15:45
Personal Power with Michael FeirWe speak to Michael Feir, author of PERSONAL POWER; THE IOS EDITION, a comprehensive guide for blind users of iOS.AppleVis02:10:20
AppleVis UnleashedRecent Apple news and other topics of interest. Happy Birthday Dear Apple. Weather App Dark Sky. New $399 iPhone SE...AppleVis01:44:38
Interview Maurice ParkerThomas Domville interview Maurice Parker one of the developers of NetNewsWire, an RSS Reader for iOS...AppleVis01:02:41
Envision AIDave Nason and Scott Davert interview KARTHIK KANNAN developer of Envision AI and Envision Glasses.AppleVis01:36:51
Streaming Option for Apple TV+Join in as Thomas Domville shows us how to choose a streaming option for Apple TV+ in iOS.AppleVis00:06:52
Folder Sharing on macOSTyler Stephen gives more information on sharing folders in iCloud Drive with macOS Catalina 10.15.4 or later.AppleVis00:10:30
iCloud Folder SharingAre you wanting to share a folder from your iCloud Drive? Join Thomas Domville in how to use iCloud folder sharing in iOS.AppleVis00:12:52
Ask Siri About COVID-19Apple has updated Siri to answer some simple questions about Covid-19 for users in the USA...AppleVis00:07:22
AppleVis Unleashed Mar 2020Apple Updates App Store Review Guidelines, repairs for iPad Air blank screen, Updated Powerbeats Earbuds, New MacBook Air...AppleVis01:59:38
Make Your Device ListenWould you like to have Siri respond to you when your device is covered or face down? Then you are in luck as Thomas Domville shows us how...AppleVis00:04:56
Type with Ease and SpeedThe Evil Chocolate Cookie explains the tap wearable keyboard and mouse from
Add Nicknames to ContactsIn this podcast Thomas Domville shows us how to add nicknames to Contacts on iOS.AppleVis00:10:18
Messages for iOSIn this podcast Thomas Domville shows us how to name a group conversation in Messages for iOS.AppleVis00:11:32
News with NetNewsWireThomas Domville introduces NetNewsWire: RSS Reader for iOS, a free and open source RSS reader. It’s fast, stable, and accessible.AppleVis01:31:54
Handling Unresponsive AppsIn this podcast, Tyler Stephen demonstrates what to do if an app on your Mac becomes unresponsive.AppleVis00:14:06
Blind Quest for iOSThomas Domville gives us a small demonstration of Blind Quest for iOS, a fantasy role-playing game where you will guide Nathan the mercenary...AppleVis00:31:24
Lyrics Feature of Apple MusicWant to sing along with your favorite tunes? Not sure what the lyric is? Dive in with Thomas Domville as he shows you how to get lyrics.AppleVis00:09:35
Mark Email as JunkIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to mark email as junk in Apple Mail on iOS.AppleVis00:08:43
Emergency contacts in iOSDid you know that your iPhone hhas a Medical ID feature that first responders can access and use to help treat you?AppleVis00:21:19
AppleVis Unleashed: The GoongleTopics: Universal App Store Purchases, Support for PC keyboards, iCloud Folder Sharing, Mac accessibility enhancements, and moreAppleVis01:54:43
SmartNews for iOSThomas Domville gives us a walkthrough of SmartNews, the award-winning news app downloaded by 40+ million readers in 100+ countries!AppleVis00:34:17
Adding to iOS ContactsIf call or text from a number that isn't in your Contacts, you may want to add it to an existing or create a new contact.AppleVis00:09:19
Add Phone NumbersIf you receive or initiate a call or text from a number that isn't in your iPhone Contacts, you can easily add it to an existing or new contact.AppleVis00:09:19
Disable Airdrop on iPhoneAre you getting strange Airdrop request from people you don't know? Thomas Domville tells how to disable & configure it.AppleVis00:11:45
Stopping Apple announcementsThomas Domville shows us how to stop notifications for special offers, music, TV and more. Choose which you WANT to receive.AppleVis00:06:00
AppleVis UnleashedWe discuss iPad at 10, Apple Q1 2020, Apple's Q1 Earnings Report, New Services, iOS & iPadOS v 13.3.1, Promotional Podcasts, and more.AppleVis01:48:42
AppleVis UnleashedWhy apps made the iPad a success. Apple's new era of Services. App Store sales success. Improvements to Smart Invert. Low-Cost iPhones. More...AppleVis01:48:42
Save Cell DataThomas Domville shows us a few tips to track and save cell data onto your iPhone so that you never hit your data limit again.AppleVis00:23:23
LiveATC Air Radio for iOSGabriel Oria explains LiveATC Air Radio iOS app. It lets you listen to live conversations between pilots and air traffic controllers...AppleVis00:32:07
Use Apple Podcast on Alexa DevicesIn this podcast Thomas Domville show us how to use Apple Podcast with your Alexa devices.AppleVis00:16:25
Apple Podcast & Alexa DevicesDid you know that you can use Apple Podcast on your Alexa devices? Thomas Domville shows us how.AppleVis00:16:25
Where are my Flying Cars?Thomas Domville and Mike Malarsie are joined by special guest Robin Christopherson to discuss recent Apple news and other topics of interest.AppleVis02:14:45
Jumbo: Privacy & SecurityThomas Domville shows how to up the security of your Google, Facebook, and other internet and social media accounts with Jumbo for iOS.AppleVis01:06:21
Private Browsing in iOSThomas Domville shows us how to find out how to Use private browsing to maintain your privacy on the web.AppleVis00:20:27
Sorry, No TiVo HereThomas Domville and guest co-host Serina Gilbert discuss recent Apple news and other topics of interest...AppleVis01:49:52
Scanner Radio for iOSThomas Domville listens to LIVE actions as they happen with this free app that lets you hear Police, Fire, EMS, Railways, Aviation, Marine and more.AppleVis00:38:39
Private BrowsingThomas Domville shows how to use private browsing in iOS to maintain your privacy on the web.AppleVis00:20:27
Sorry, No TiVo HereIn this month's edition of AppleVis Unleashed, Thomas Domville and guest co-host Serena Gilbert discuss recent Apple news.AppleVis01:49:52
Scanner Radio for iOSThomas Domville listens to the LIVE actions as they happen with Scanner Radio, a free app that yields a wide range of scanner feeds...AppleVis00:38:39
Disney+ for iOSThomas Domville also known as AnonyMouse brings some Disney magic in demonstrating the Disney+ streaming service for iOS.AppleVis00:41:51
LIVE Radio with SiriDid you know that you can use Siri with iOS to invoke various internet radio stations? Thomas Domville shows us how to use LIVE Radio.AppleVis00:20:39
Chimes on Apple WatchIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to set the chimes on your Apple Watch in Watch OS.AppleVis00:07:03
Quick Tip: Mastering SiriApple improves Siri's accuracy & reliability. How to Delete Your Siri Audio History and Opt Out of Siri Audio Sharing.AppleVis00:17:16
AppleVis UnleashedBring on the Grill Cheese Pro and the Apple Skin Tags. We discuss recent Apple news and other topics of interest...AppleVis02:09:04
AppleVis UnleashedTopics featured in this podcast include: Amazon Echo update. AppleCare+. Accessibility Bugs. Voice control. AudioWizards...AppleVis02:19:44
iOS and iPadOS 13 RoundtableWe discuss some of our favourite new features; along with some of the issues that these releases have introduced for blind & low vision users.AppleVis01:58:14
How to MultitaskIn this podcast, Dave Nason shows us how to multitask in iPad OS 13.AppleVis00:40:20
What's New in iPadOS 13In this podcast, Dave Nason explores and discusses some of what's new for iPad users in iPadOS.AppleVis00:22:17
How to Block Unknown CallersThomas Domville introduces a new feature in iOS 13 that helps you block unwanted calls without having to block callers one by one.AppleVis00:06:34
How to use Voice ControlThomas Domville introduces Voice Control, a new iOS 13 accessibility feature that lets you control your device with your voice.AppleVis00:40:39
QuickPath with VoiceOverThomas Domville shows how to use QuickPath, a native swipe keyboard in iOS 13. Type by sliding your finger across the onscreen keyboard!AppleVis00:26:55
VoiceOver Activity Profiles on iOSThomas Domville discusses iOS 13 users have the ability to create custom VoiceOver configurations for different tasks.AppleVis00:28:54
VoiceOver Haptic FeedbackThomas Domville discusses how iOS 13 users have the ability to customize the haptic feedback when using VoiceOver gestures.AppleVis00:13:11
Manually Updating AppsThomas Domville discusses changes made to the App Store in iOS 13, in particular the new location to manually update apps.AppleVis00:10:15
Customizing VoiceOver GesturesThomas Domville discusses how, in iOS 13, users have the capability to customize VoiceOver gestures.AppleVis00:13:14
Batteries in iOS 13Thomas Domville explores the battery health features of iOS 13, in particular the new Optimized Battery Charging feature...AppleVis00:15:56
New in iOS 13 Part 2In the second of two podcast exploring some of what's new in iOS 13, Thomas Domville showcases some of what's new and changed.AppleVis01:16:47
What's New in iOS 13In the first of two podcast exploring iOS 13, Thomas Domville showcases new topics for VoiceOver users.AppleVis00:33:02
AppleVis Extra 68Dave Nason, Alex Hall, Tyler Stephen, and Robin Christopherson discuss Apple's BY INNOVATION ONLY event held September 10, 2019.AppleVis02:30:43
Manage your DiabetesHugo introduces us to the Dexcom G6 CGM System Apple Watch app and its companion iOS app.AppleVis01:05:34
AppleVis Unleashed Aug 2019Apple news topics featured: Apple Card launch, Apple TV+ pricing & spending, iPhone battery locking, iOS 13.1 beta...AppleVis01:53:40
Circus Master's Revengetunmi13 introduces this epic non-graphic binaural battle of circus freaks, which you will never forget. It's for iOSAppleVis01:16:34
AppleVis Unleashed Jul 2019Recent Apple news and other topics of interest. Disability-themed emojis, 13-inch MacBook Pro, iOS 12.4, watchOS 5.3, iOS 9.3.6 and 10.3.4 updates.AppleVis02:08:36
Phone Calls on your iPadIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to send and receive phone calls with your iPad.AppleVis00:16:53
Check Weather with SiriIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to check the various weather information with Siri in iOS.AppleVis00:18:12
AppleVis Unleashed Jun 2019Recent Apple news and other topics of interest. iPhone VoiceOver turns 10. Apple expands repairs. OCR App Voice Update...AppleVis02:03:41
OCR Document ReaderThomas Domville revisits Voice: OCR Document Reader for iOS. Take a picture of anything in print - Voice will read it.AppleVis00:34:52
The Piano on iOSTunmi is back to show us an app which allows you to play and record piano on the touch screen of your device.AppleVis00:32:08
AppleVis Extra 67An in-depth look at new accessibility features coming later this year in Apple software for blind and low vision users...AppleVis01:45:59
AppleVis Extra 66Announcements made at Apple's WWDC 2019 Keynote.AppleVis02:23:09
Tank Battle Endless GunnerThomas Domville shows us Tank Battle Endless Gunner for iOS. Blow up or ram your way through wave after wave of enemies...AppleVis00:46:50
AppleVis Unleashed May 2019More discussion of recent Apple news and other topics of interest: Apple earnings, iOS 12.3, WWDC 2019, App Store lawsuits...AppleVis01:49:31
How to Use the VPN on iOSThomas Domville shows us how to use the VPN on iOS and everything you need to know about VPN.AppleVis00:57:53
Mail VIP Contacts in iOSThomas Domville discusses the VIP Contacts feature of the Mail app. Assigning a contact VIP status makes finding messages easierAppleVis00:18:04
SMS Text Messages on iPadIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to send and recieve SMS text messages for iPad in iOS.AppleVis00:07:17
AdGuard Pro for iOSThomas Domville introduces this app that's more than just ad blocking in Safari! It’s the most effective adblock browser plugin...AppleVis00:50:19
AppleVis Unleashed Apr 2019Thomas Domville, Randy Rusnak, and Mike Malarsie discuss recent Apple news and other topics of interest...AppleVis03:44:55
Double-Tap and HoldGraham Langford shares three tips where you can use a 1-finger double-tap and hold to be more efficient and productive on iOS.AppleVis00:11:30
iPhone InterrogationIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to tell if your iPhone is new, refurbished or a replacement.AppleVis00:09:32
Reader View in SafariIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to enable Reader View in Safari automatically for iOS.AppleVis00:14:29
Hearing Aids With VoiceOverScott Davert on the features of MFi supported hearing aids or Cochlear Implant processors from the perspective of a VoiceOver user.AppleVis01:04:19
Swift Playgrounds on iPad - Part 3Part 3 of Khalfan Bin Dhaher's series on Swift Playgrounds, a fun way to learn to code on your iPad, with VoiceOver accessibility.AppleVis00:16:60
Swift Playgrounds on iPad - Part 2Khalfan Bin Dhaher with part two of a three part series on learning to code with Swift Playgrounds from a VoiceOver user's perspective.AppleVis00:23:42
Swift Playgrounds on iPad - Part 1Khalfan Bin Dhaher introduces us to this app that gets you started coding, and takes us through the first lesson.AppleVis00:15:44
Skills and Games with Amazon AlexaThomas Domville introduces the skills you can find on Amazon Alexa for iOS. There are hundred's of thousands to choose from.AppleVis01:09:21
Emojis with Rocket for the MacRobin Christopherson introduces Rocket, an App which claims to be the fastest, smoothest Slack-style emoji picker for your Mac.AppleVis00:11:34
Voice Dream Scanner for iOSThomas Domville introduces Voice Dream Scanner, a recently released OCR app from the developer of the popular Voice Dream Reader app.AppleVis00:45:04
Select Text on iOSIn this podcast, Tyler Stephen gives us a Quick Tip: Using the Text Selection Rotor to Select Text on iOS.AppleVis00:14:22
New Features in Seeing AIRobin Christopherson takes us through some nice new features recently added to Microsoft's popular Seeing AI app for iOS.AppleVis00:11:33
Customize Contact LabelsIn this podcast, Graham Langford gives us a quick tip of how to customize contact labels.AppleVis00:25:09
AppleVis Unleashed March 2019An Apple discussion: WWDC 2019, new iPad Air and iPad mini, 2019 iMac, Second Generation AirPods, Apple News Subscription Service...AppleVis03:22:16
March 25th KeynoteWe discuss Apple's service oriented March 25 event - Showtime. At the event, Apple unveiled updates & new services...AppleVis02:21:47
Apple GiveBackIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to find the estimated value of your device with Apple GiveBack.AppleVis00:24:07
Microsoft To-Do for iOSHumberto Avila takes us through this simple, intelligent to-do list that makes it easy to plan your day...AppleVis00:48:22
Hiding Alert for Group TextsIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to hide alert for group texts in iOS.AppleVis00:12:07
Ready to Roll: RPG Dice for iOSHarrison Tutechluver takes us through the Ready to Roll - RPG, a blind and low vision accessible RPG dice manager...AppleVis00:35:05
Interactive Fiction with Frotz for iOSHumberto Avila takes us through this repository and engine for playing interactive text based fiction games. It's free.AppleVis00:52:20
AppleVis Unleashed Feb 2019We discuss recent Apple news and other topics of interest: iPhone FaceTime Security Warning, News subscription services, Streaming TV...AppleVis03:30:27
Check iPhone Bluetooth Accessory BatteriesIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to check a battery status of all of your iPhone bluetooth accessories.AppleVis00:07:54
John Sturt of Woodside AppsWe talk with the man behind such hit games as Super Tile Smash, Wordfinder, Knight Commander and Minesweeper Deluxe...AppleVis01:21:58
Contacting Apple for AccessibilityIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us How to contact Apple for accessibility inquiries...AppleVis00:12:41
Music App's EqualizerIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to customize the music app's equalizer.AppleVis00:13:24
Dog Whistler for iOSThomas Domville demonstrates Dog Whistler - The Original. Train your dog (or annoy your friends) with this simple to use dog whistle.AppleVis00:30:59
GoldGun for iOSThomas Domville introduces an audio game where you become a police officer investigating cybercriminal activity in the deep web.AppleVis00:54:52
AppleID Email AddressIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to change your AppleID email address.AppleVis00:09:28
Clew for iOSThomas Domville demonstrates this indoor navigation app for visually impaired users to retrace their steps in unfamiliar environments.AppleVis00:21:25
The Dog WhispererWe discuss recent Apple news and other topics of interest. Macintosh Turns 35, 2 billionth iOS device, iOS 12.1.3, watchOS 5.1.3...AppleVis02:55:22
Pure Nature 3D Soundscape for iOSThomas Domville helps you Immerse yourself in the healing voices of the natural world! Be instantly transported into the great outdoors...AppleVis00:48:44
Custom Keyboard ShortcutsIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to customize keyboard shortcuts in iOS.AppleVis00:13:50
Gifting an AppIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to gift an app from the App Store in iOS.AppleVis00:14:40
Plant Nanny for iOSSasha Stride demonstrates an app that combines health with fun to remind you to drink water regularly. The cute plant keeps you company...AppleVis00:43:49
Blindfold DoggyHolly demonstrates Blindfold Doggy, a dog ownership simulation game for iOS. Take care of your dog: feed him, walk him...AppleVis00:35:30
2019 New Year ExtravaganzaWe look back at 2018, and forward to 2019. The busy year of Apple product launches, plus predictions, hopes and dreams for the year ahead.AppleVis02:56:01
Add Apple Music to Amazon EchoIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us How to Add Apple Music to an Amazon Echo Device.AppleVis00:15:48
SMS & iMessagesIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us how to forward a SMS or iMessage text in iOS.AppleVis00:05:29
Cash Reader ToolThomas Domville shows us an app that lets you point your camera to the money in hand and hear, see or feel its value.AppleVis00:23:50
The Great Toy Robbery 2.0Alex Hall shows it to us. Play as Naughty Mcnaughterson as you dash through Santa's workshop picking up toy after toy....AppleVis00:36:31
AppleVis UnleashedRecent Apple news: Apple Music coming to Echo. Apple Watch growth of 54%. Use of Braille Displays. Club AppleVis. Accessibility Emojis...AppleVis03:50:28
Control the iOS VolumeIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us How to control the various volume levels in iOS.AppleVis00:22:46
Turn Off 3D TouchIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us How to turn off 3D Touch and why you might want to.AppleVis00:08:38
Minesweeper Deluxe for iOSThomas Domville shows us this version - it just gets harder and harder. More mines and bigger minefields...AppleVis00:35:50
Secret Little NuggetApple news and topics of interest: New Macs & iPads, financial results, iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard Folio, TV Dongle, Accessibility Award...AppleVis02:56:45
Prep Your iPhone for ResaleIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us How to safely prepare plus wipe your iPhone for resale or trade-in.AppleVis00:17:08
Copy Your Apple ID Account InfoIn this podcast, Thomas Domville shows us How to request a copy of your Apple ID account information.AppleVis00:52:50
Developer of DystopiaIn this edition of the AppleVis Extra, Michael Hansen and Alex Hall interview Sal Husain, developer of Dystopia.AppleVis00:58:53
Restart Using Assistive Touch AccessibilityChris Wright shows us how to quickly restart an iOS device with the Assistive Touch Accessibility feature.AppleVis00:15:26
The World of The GameThomas Domville shows us The Game: Nothing is as it Seems. It conceives existence as a virtual reality game...AppleVis00:38:57
Spell checkingScott Davert demonstrates the Misspelled Word rotor option with VoiceOver & iOS 12. He notes some of the limitations, what to do...AppleVis00:19:40
Apple Event Round UpApple's October 30th event in New York, where a new MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro were revealed...AppleVis01:40:55
AppleVis Unleashed: The Newer OneApple news and topics of interest. iOS 12.0.1 With Fixes for Wi-Fi, 2.4GHz Bug, Lightning Charging Issue, iPad mini, inquisitor audiogame...AppleVis03:13:21
Shortcuts Part 3: The LibraryIn this third and last podcast in a multi-part series, Thomas Domville gives us an introduction to Siri Shortcuts on iOS.AppleVis01:54:58
Demonstrating the Home AppIn this podcast, Alex Hall demonstrates the Home app on MacOS. The Home App is new in macOS 10.14 Mojave.AppleVis00:29:17
Shortcuts Part 2: The GalleryThomas Domville gives us an introduction to Siri Shortcuts on iOS. Note: Siri Shortcuts requires iOS 12 or later.AppleVis00:53:38
Start VoiceOver AutomaticallyTyler Stephen shows us how to configure VoiceOver to automatically start on the macOS login screen.AppleVis00:14:24
Knight Commander for iOSIda Grace shows us the game Knight Commander, fully accessible for VoiceOver users where you build a village and run it...AppleVis01:21:06
Siri Shortcuts: The BasicsIn this first podcast in a multi-part series, Thomas Domville gives us an introduction to Siri Shortcuts on iOS.AppleVis00:37:45
Baby Adopter Galaxy for iOSIda Grace introduces this new role playing babysitting game. Babies and their parents are traveling on a spaceship whose mission is...AppleVis00:42:00
Turn Off Automatic UpdatesThomas Domville shows us how to disable Automatic Updates in iOS 12 and later.AppleVis00:07:32
Search for Songs by LyricsThomas Domville shows us how to search for and find songs in Apple Music using just the song lyrics.AppleVis00:08:10
The Propaganda AgendaThomas Domville, Randy Rusnakk and Mike Malarsie get together to talk about recent Apple news and topics of interest.AppleVis03:02:35
Frequency Missing iOS GameThomas Domville demonstrates this audiogame that can be used for a visually impaired and blind audience...AppleVis00:37:50
iOS 12 and watchOS 5 in ReviewDave Nason, Thomas Domville, Scott Davert, and Serina Gilbert discuss their impressions of iOS 12 and watchOS 5...AppleVis01:49:54
New Features in watchOS 5Thomas Domville gives us an overview of some of the new features and changes in watchOS 5....AppleVis00:40:35
New Features in iOS 12Thomas Domville gives us an overview of some of the new features in iOS 12...AppleVis01:30:57
Apple's Sep 12 EventDave Nason, Alex Hall, Tyler Stephen, and Scott Davert discuss the announcements made at Apple's September 12, 2018 event.AppleVis02:18:56
The Falling CatIn this month's AppleVis we have a group discussion about recent Apple news and topics of interest...AppleVis03:17:32
Pages for MacTo help start off a new school year, Tyler Stephen gives us a podcast covering some of the aspects of Pagesfor VoiceOver users.AppleVis00:59:41
Levia: SoulboundKhalfan Bin Dhaher demonstrates Echoes from Levia: Soulbound, an audiogame designed for the visually impaired...AppleVis00:54:47
Messages App TipIn this podcast, Tunmi gives us a quick demonstration of how to use effects and apps in the iOS Messages app.AppleVis00:18:46
AppleVis Unleashed Jul 2018A detailed talk about recent Apple news and topics of interest. Happy 10th Anniversary, App Store! iOS 11.4.1...AppleVis03:18:44
AppleVis Extra 58We interview Nick Barbato and Lee Hobbs of AppA11y, the people behind Dice World and Huboodle, popular game sets for iOS...AppleVis01:32:52
Blindfold BarnyardSabrina demonstrates Blindfold Barnyard, an iOS app that challenges you to quickly return farm animals to their barn...AppleVis00:40:43
Melodist for iOSSabrina demonstrates Melodist - Let photos sing, an app that generates a unique melody for photos...AppleVis00:28:04
Laying Down on the JobThomas Domville, Mike Malarsie, and Randy Rusnack talk about recent Apple news and topics of interest.AppleVis03:13:00
Audio Described NetflixTunmi Jubril shows how to find and browse all the movies and TV shows on Netflix with audio description.AppleVis00:10:16
Aaptiv Audio FitnessKhalfan Bin Dhaher shows how to Workout When You Want, Where You Want, As You Want with this iOS app.AppleVis00:18:18
Travelear for iOSScott Davert introduces Travelear: Listen to the World - it provides access to a selection of 3D soundscapes...AppleVis01:55:03
IFTTTThomas Domville introduces the IFTTT iOS app. It lets you connect all your services, apps and devices together...AppleVis01:15:53
Audio Games with Google AssistantKhalfan Bin Dhaher shows how to play a variety of games within the Google Assistant app for iOS.AppleVis00:32:34
Sarah Herrlinger of AppleDave Nason and Thomas Domville are joined by Apple's Director of Global Accessibility Policy.AppleVis01:10:46
Apple's WWDC 2018 KeynoteDave Nason, Thomas Domville, Tyler Stephen, & Stuart Lawler on announcements at the WWDC 2018 Keynote.AppleVis02:58:39
AppleVis Unleashed May 2018In this month's edition, Thomas Domville, Randy Rusnakk and Mike Malarsie discuss recent Apple news.AppleVis03:45:42
Download Your Entire Apple Music LibraryGabriel Oria introduces a work-around that lets you download your entire Music library to your iOs deviceAppleVis00:17:31
SiriusXm App For iOSJoseph Hodge revisits this app and takes us through some updated features that may be of interest.AppleVis00:20:42
Correct Spelling MistakesLysette Chaproniere shows how to correct spelling errors with the misspelled words feature of the VoiceOver Rotor.AppleVis00:18:18
Mass Times for TravelMerisa demos this iOS app that finds Catholic churches and their worship times worldwide.AppleVis00:36:28
Apple's HomePodKhalfan Bin Dhaher introduces Apple's foray into the smart home speaker market...AppleVis00:30:55
Terminology DictionaryLysette Chaproniere introduces an iOS app for word lovers - A powerful English language dictionary, thesaurus &...AppleVis00:37:45
Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock for iOSKhalfan Bin Dhaher explains the popular app for iOS and Apple Watch, an intelligent alarm clock which tracks your...AppleVis00:18:31
AppleVis Unleashed April 2018Thomas Domville, Randy Rusnakk and Mike Malarsie get together to talk about recent Apple topics of interest.AppleVis03:24:12
Drafts 5 for iOSLysette Chaproniere gives us an in-depth walk-through of Drafts 5, a feature rich and powerful text capturing tool.AppleVis01:46:30
Huboodle Game Pack #3Thomas Domville presents more games inside that app in more detail, Ludopalooza and Simon Says...AppleVis02:14:31
NFB-NEWSLINE® MobileAbby introduces this iOS app from the National Federation of the Blind. It provides over four hundred newspapers...AppleVis00:59:40
Huboodle Game Pack #2Thomas Domville digs still deeper with two more games: Blackjack and Trivia Trail. Check back soon for more...AppleVis01:05:07
Huboodle Game Pack #1Thomas Domville digs a little deeper and takes us through Pirate Poker and Word Builder Tutorials...AppleVis01:39:58
Huboodle Game CollectionThomas Domville introduces this collection of fun and fully VoiceOver accessible games for iOS, all in one app...AppleVis01:39:22
Echoes From Levia GameWilliam Lomas previews this role playing immersive audio adventure game from Cloverbit, available soon...AppleVis01:37:20
English VoiceOver VoicesCati gives us an overview and demonstration of the English voices available for VoiceOver users in iOS 11.AppleVis01:20:41
From Fleksy To FlickTypeWe discuss the history of Fleksy, what happened with that app and why, as well as looking to the future with FlickType.AppleVis01:30:25
HammerhandlesThe topics of interest: 9.7" iPad with Apple Pencil, iOS 11.3, WatchOS 4.3, TVOs 11.3, HomePod, Accessibility Emojis...AppleVis03:11:32
Verdict On HomePodNow that the excitement of receiving a new device has calmed, how has HomePod settled into our day-to-day lives?AppleVis01:24:31
Use Emoji Like a ProThomas Domville shares some tips on using emoji on iOS. Enabling, accessing and using the emoji keyboard etc...AppleVis00:43:45
RealCare Baby GuideAbby gives us a walk-through of the Real Care Baby Guide iOS app from Realityworks.AppleVis02:19:47
Apple TV Bluetooth SpeakerDuyahn Walker shows us how to pair a Bluetooth speaker with the Apple TV 4th Generation.AppleVis00:32:54
Talking PierreAbby shows us this app for iOS. All The Fun Of A Pet Parrot With None Of The Hassle...AppleVis00:18:52
Access & Explore the BibleAbby revisit the U Version Bible, an iOS iPad app by Life.Church - the #1 rated Bible App...AppleVis01:25:37
AppleVis Unleashed: The VillainThomas Domville, Randy Rusnakk and Mike Malarsie to talk about recent Apple news and topics of interest...AppleVis03:06:49
WordFinder GameThe goal is to find hundreds of words from a selection of nine letters - the game includes thousands of puzzles...AppleVis00:25:44
XPress YourselfSeyoon Choi demonstrates an Animoji feature recently introduced with iPhone X. How it works with VoiceOver...AppleVis00:34:60
Carrot WeatherThomas Domville reviews an iOS app delivering an Accurate Weather Forecast with PersonalityAppleVis00:53:20
White Noise LiteAbby takes us through this iOS app which offers a range of relaxing sounds to help you sleep.AppleVis01:14:41
BlindFold Word CookieAbby demonstrates one of the latest game titles available from Kid Friendly Software...AppleVis00:24:42
AppleVis Unleashed #1In the first of a planned monthly series, Thomas Domville, Randy Rusnakk and Mike Malarsie talk of recent Apple news...AppleVis05:01:09
Blindfold Song NameAbby introduces a free iOS app that's a fully accessible music game inspired by the TV Game Show "Name That Tune"AppleVis00:48:06
iOS 11 Braille FeaturesScott Davert demonstrates the changes for braille display users in iOS 11 and how to perform important tasksAppleVis00:48:59
2017 in ReviewAlex Hall, Tyler Stephen, Scott Davert, and Dave Nason recap the highlights of 2017 in the Apple ecosystem and beyond.AppleVis01:54:11
Deleting Podcast EpisodesMarco shows how to delete podcast episodes in the native Podcasts app, which had it's user interface overhauled in iOS11AppleVis00:08:06
7 Little Words for iOSAbby introduces the game and takes us through one complete puzzle, consisting of seven clues...AppleVis00:18:20
Seeing AIThomas Domville introduces a free iOS app that narrates the world around you. It describe nearby people, text & objects.AppleVis01:45:25
Zany Touch for iOSThomas Domville demonstrates a Bop-It Style game for iOS. Challenge Your Reflexes with it!AppleVis00:53:47
Clever Clues for iOSAbby introduces this app; an addictive quiz game that challenges your knowledge and vocabulary...AppleVis00:19:50
Bible Gateway for iOSAbby introduces key features of Bible Gateway, which is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad...AppleVis00:12:14
Blindfold Pyramid TilesSabrina Fagerheim introduces a challenging tile matching puzzle game for iOS from Kid Friendly Software...AppleVis00:37:03
Connecting Braille Actilino to iOSKhalfan Bin Dhaher introduces the Actilino smart braille display, and shows how to connect to an iOS deviceAppleVis00:12:12
Multilingual VoiceOver in High SierraKhalfan Bin Dhaher demonstrates Multilingual VoiceOver support in macOS High Sierra 10.13...AppleVis00:17:49
Blindfold FireworksOrnella Jagdeo introduces a free iOS app that provides a fully accessible audio fireworks simulation.AppleVis00:22:24
The McDonald's AppTyler Stephen on placing an order for collection from your local McDonald's using their new app for iOS.AppleVis00:18:38
Audio Moto ChampionshipKhalfan Bin Dhaher introduces this paid iOS app where you'll face opponents with super fast motorbikes. Bring your team to victory!AppleVis00:47:11
Audio MemosThomas Domville introduces this paid app which is a professionally made audio recorder. Easy to use and powerful!AppleVis01:20:42
Just Press Record for iOSThomas Domville introduces this paid app - the ultimate mobile audio recorder bringing one tap recording, transcription...AppleVis00:48:25
Changes to iPhone XIn this podcast, Dave Nason explores the new gestures and changed button functions on the iPhone X.AppleVis00:19:55
Face ID on iPhone XIn this podcast, Dave Nason demonstrates setting up Face ID on the iPhone X with VoiceOver enabled.AppleVis00:18:08
Dolphin EasyReaderThomas Domville introduces a FREE accessible reading app for readers with dyslexia, low vision or blindness...AppleVis01:35:19
Loony LibsAbby shows her favourite new app, an accessible mad-libs app for iOS. Fun to play and improve your literacy skills.AppleVis00:21:19
Hobo Simulator for iOSAbby a game which sees you start out as somebody living on the streets with no job... Welcome to L A!AppleVis01:05:01
Verse-A-DayAbby gives us an overview of this daily Bible verse iOS app. It delivers a new bible verse each day.AppleVis00:10:49
U Version BibleAbby demonstrates this iOS iPad app by Life.Church. Lets you explore the Bible with your closest friends...AppleVis00:37:18
FileBrowser for iOSCarla reviews an app that enables you to manage and view files on your computers, NAS, FTP and Cloud Storage.AppleVis01:20:16
SingTrue For iOSAbby demonstrates an app that teaches how to sing in tune, pitch perfect, even if you think you're tone deaf.AppleVis01:19:24
Language Switching With iOSDavid Laijiajun tells us how to make sure VoiceOver always speaks in the right language at the right time.AppleVis00:08:23
Tone Deaf For iOSAbby reviews an app designed to help you find out if you have a good ear for a musical note, or still need some practice.AppleVis00:42:29
Little Girl Magic for iOSAbby introduces this nursery, child care and dress up game for people who love to babysit.AppleVis00:24:25
Classic Lemonade Stand for iOSOrnella Jagdeo introduces a modern take on the old text-based lemonade stand simulators.AppleVis00:22:44
iOS 11 in ReviewWe discuss our opinions of Apple's iOS 11 software update and tvOS 11 and watchOS 4...AppleVis03:04:57
What's New in iOS 11; Part 4Improvements to Siri voices, intelligence, & translation. Apple Music Friends...AppleVis00:40:22
What's New in iOS 11; Part 3Storage Management, Accounts and Passwords, Background Refresh options, Sharing Wi-Fi passwords, Apple Pay...AppleVis01:08:52
What's New in iOS 11; Part 2Redesigned Lock Screen, Notification Center, Control Center, App Switcher, App Store, No 32 bit app support...AppleVis01:08:28
What's New in iOS 11; Part 1VoiceOver Verbosity Settings & Pitch Option, Smart Invert, Auto Brightness, Type to Siri, Auto Answer Option...AppleVis00:52:20
Scout Legend for iOSAbby introduces an iOS game for people who enjoy the world of scouting, hiking, fishing, camping and scout uniform ...AppleVis00:32:01
Mobile Aquarium for iOSAbby introduces us to this addictive aquarium simulation that will keep you hooked! Your fish prosper or die. It's all up to youAppleVis00:34:21
Orange Tree for iOSTunmi Jubril introduces this fruit tree care game for people who like to farm, take care of plants and grow harvest fruit.AppleVis00:23:37
XCiting Event RoundtableThomas, Alex, Dave and Tyler discuss the main news from Tuesday's Apple event: new iPhones, Apple Watches and Apple TV.AppleVis02:01:21
Quick tip: App Compatibility With iOS 11Scott Davert shows how to check what apps on your iOS device will not be compatible with iOS 11.AppleVis00:08:08
Baby Adopter SeaAbby introduces this iOS app, where babies and their parents are traveling on a cruise ship...AppleVis00:32:09
Baby Adopter HolidaysAbby introduces this iOS app, a special edition of Baby Adopter designed for holidays: Christmas, Valentine's, St.Patrick's Day, ...AppleVis00:34:32
Creating a Ringtone with Amadeus ProGabriel Oria shows us how to create ringtones using Amadeus Pro for Mac.AppleVis00:16:34
Milky BabyAbby introduces an iOS costume fashion dress up, nursery and babysitting game for people of all ages...AppleVis00:30:41
Blindfold BopJoseph introduces us to Blindfold Bop, an iOS game similar to the "Bop-It" Toy.AppleVis00:18:09
Audio Game Hub 2 for iOSKhalfan Bin Dhaher introduces this set of experimental arcade audio games that use audio as their primary interface...AppleVis01:04:37
The Fit-HeadlessCrayton discusses this small HDMI adapter that, when connected to a Mac Mini, emulates a high resolution display.AppleVis00:08:52
Seeing AIDarrell Bowles demonstrates Seeing AI: Talking Camera for the Blind, a free iOS app from Microsoft.AppleVis00:49:54
The Channels Appmplsjeff demonstrates Channels -Live TV, an app that makes watching TV on your Apple TV a breeze and accessible.AppleVis00:42:55
Apple Accessibility Award WinnerThomas Domville & Alex Hall meet with Ryan McLeod, an Apple Design Award Winner for his iOS App, Blackbox: think outside the box.AppleVis01:41:19
Creating Ringtones with iTunesJessica Karim demonstrates how to create a ringtone using iTunes for Mac, and how to sync that ringtone to an iOS device.AppleVis00:50:35
Dark Defender for MacPiotr Machacz demonstrates Dark Defender, a free Mac game inspired by an old arcade game in which fleets of alien abductors...AppleVis01:14:33
BlackBox for iOSThomas Domville demonstrates BlackBox, a game filled with many unique puzzles...AppleVis01:02:50
Prizmo GoThomas Domville demonstrates a free iOS app that lets you grab printed text with the camera, copy, print, read, link...AppleVis01:17:29
Permanently Delete Mac FilesIn this quick tip, Chris Wright shows us how to permanently delete files from the Mac.AppleVis00:03:50
Blindfold Sound SearchJoseph Weakland demonstrates Blindfold Sound Search for iOS, yet another title in the Blindfold Games series.AppleVis00:21:47
Talking Typer for iOSDavid Woodbridge demonstrates this accessible typing and computer keyboard tutorial app with a keyboard game to increase speed...AppleVis01:46:55
Reverb for iOSScott Davert introduces this free app, a possible replacement for the discontinued Roger app for the Alexa platform.AppleVis00:33:56
Crafting KingdomWilliam Lomas demonstrates an iOS game that has recently become popular among many in the blind community.AppleVis01:12:51
Blindfold FeudJoseph Weakland provides a brief demonstration of Blindfold Feud, one of many games in the Blindfold Games series.AppleVis00:22:59
Selecting files with FinderBrandon Armstrong shows us how to non-contiguously select files with Finder and Mac OS 10.AppleVis00:07:40
Mine Racer for MacT Dog demonstrates this app available from 2MB Solutions. It costs $5, but you can try it for free.AppleVis00:25:42
DayNight for iOSThomas Domville demonstraties this free app which notifies users of sunrise and sunset times each day.AppleVis00:24:01
DIRECTV for iOSIn this podcast, Marvin Rush gives us a demonstration of the DIRECTV iOS app.AppleVis01:57:22
Threema Messaging AppThomas Domville introduces Threema, a powerful and secure messaging app for iOS...AppleVis01:33:27
Future of Email: Outlook for iOSIn this podcast, Thomas Domville gives us a demonstration of Microsoft Outlook - email and calendar for iOS.AppleVis01:59:48
lire Full-text RSSThomas Domville revisits lire (Full-text RSS), a paid iOS app that offers a great way to collect all your RSS Feed News...AppleVis02:06:21
Weather GodsThomas Domville & Lisa Salinger with Scott Wilson, developer of Weather Gods. It has a unique approach to presenting weather...AppleVis02:04:38
Through the Bible Radio NetworkCati gives us a brief tour of the free Through the Bible Radio Network app for iOS.AppleVis00:14:29
Hatchi for iOSSabrina introduces Hatchi; A retro virtual pet for iOS. She shows us how to hatch an egg, and interact with the pet.AppleVis00:46:38
Apple's Support AppCruz1996 demonstrates how to use Apple's support app for iOS to connect with an Apple representative for troubleshooting.AppleVis00:27:53
Pedometer++Lisa Salinger reviews the iPhone & Apple Watch app that does real-time monitoring of the steps you take in a day.AppleVis00:30:34
My Baby Sim 2 for iOSSabrina demonstrates this latest version of My Baby Sim 2. It's free with in-app purchases available.AppleVis01:37:57
Suddenly Lost for iOSTunmi introduces Suddenly Lost, an interactive adventure novel for iOS with a script that is over 40,000 words alone.AppleVis00:24:55
Lire 3.0Alex Hall and Scott Davert speak with the developer of Lire, an RSS feed reader for iOS that includes support for VoiceOverAppleVis01:03:27
Timecrest: Accessible GameA discussion of the accessibility work that has gone into the Golden Apples award award-winning game, Timecrest: The Door.AppleVis01:19:04
Blindfold RS Games for iOSIn this podcast, Hope Robinson takes us on a brief tour of Blindfold RS Games for iOS.AppleVis00:24:33
Fantastic Free Fruit MachineIzzie G. takes us on a tour of FruitPot, the Fantastic Free Fruit Machine game from the app store: Forget slot machines!AppleVis01:23:38
Pausing With QuickTime PlayerIgna Triay shows how to Pause an Audio or Movie Recording Using QuickTime Player On the Mac. Although this process...AppleVis00:05:00
MacBook Pro with Touch BarDavid Woodbridge gives us an overview and demonstration of the 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.AppleVis01:42:45
Apple AirPodsDavid Woodbridge introduces AirPods, gives a physical description, and talks us through using them with an iPhone, Mac, ...AppleVis01:48:47
Blind GladiatorKhalfan Bin Dhaher demonstrates Blind Gladiator for Mac. The game is also available for iOS and the Windows PC...AppleVis00:26:22
iTunes Gift CardsScott Davert walks us through how to purchase iTunes gift cards, for the holidays, using the 2016 version of iOS.AppleVis00:32:21
Blindfold Trivia MatchJoseph Weakland demonstrates Blindfold Trivia Match, yet another entry in the Blindfold Games series.AppleVis00:21:49
Demonstration of Abiding RadioLisa Salinger demonstrates this iOS app that provides easy access to various streams of sacred music...AppleVis00:22:18
Advanced Audio Editing with FerriteIgna Triay demonstrates advanced audio editing in Ferrite Recording Studio for iOS.AppleVis00:21:37
A Blind Legend for MacDavid Woodbridge introduces a game in which you live the adventures of Edward Blake, the famous blind knight!AppleVis01:06:09
NOAA Weather International for iOSThomas Domville introduces this free app that offers real-time 7-day hyperlocal point weather forecasts and current weather...AppleVis01:19:57
Meet the Weather GodsJoin Thomas Domville as he explores and meet the Gods: Fire, Ice, Water, Air & Moon delivering you the Weather...AppleVis02:35:09
Uber Update for iOSFor many, Uber is essential for reliably traveling from one place to another. Chris Judd highlights recent changes...AppleVis00:49:14
Fixes for Slow, Unresponsive DevicesGenerally, iOS and VoiceOver are very stable and you should encounter few operational issues. However, there may be times...AppleVis00:27:50
Managing Apps on Home ScreenThomas Domville on managing apps on your device. Topics include: Changing app icon locations, Creating folders, Deleting appsAppleVis00:35:33
Moving Apps With a Braille DisplayScott Davert shows how to move apps around various home screens with a braille display only using iOS 10 and higher.AppleVis00:16:16
Alexa VS. SiriScott Davert compares Amazon's new music service with Apple Music. Specifically their virtual voice assistants Alexa & Siri.AppleVis00:46:30
World DocumentaryJoin AnonyMouse as he explore the World Documentary collection of famous, awakening & mind-boggling documentaries from...AppleVis00:22:12
Apple Watch Water LockLisa Salinger walks you through enabling and disabling this feature on the Series 2 Apple Watch.AppleVis00:11:42
Flashcards Deluxe for iOSLisa Salinger describes the most commonly needed features to get you started with the Flashcards Deluxe App, costing $3.99.AppleVis00:54:42
VoiceOver Table IrritantJamie Pauls shows how to disable the irritating "One Row Added" announcement when VoiceOver reads tables in macOS Sierra.AppleVis00:11:44
Using the Universal ClipboardDavid Woodbridge demonstrates the new Universal Clipboard facility available on devices running iOS 10 or macOS Sierra.AppleVis00:10:59
What’s New in macOS SierraDavid Woodbridge introduces us to probably the most anticipated new feature in macOS Sierra - Siri integration.AppleVis00:58:32
Beginners’ Guide to the iPhoneThomas Domville offers a description of the iPhone 7 and what you will find in the box.AppleVis00:51:45
Grand Clock for iOSRandy Rusnak demonstrates Grand Clock, a Chiming Grandfather Clock for iOS. It costs 99 cents in U.S. funds, and provides...AppleVis00:21:20
What's New in iOS 10!Scott Davert, Lisa Salinger, and Thomas Domville discuss the good, the bad, and the uncertain as it relates to Apple's latest offeringsAppleVis01:15:19
New in watchOS 3: Part 1Rearranging or Deleting Apps from the Home Screen of your Apple Watch.AppleVis00:09:04
New in watchOS 3: Part 2Have Mickey Mouse or Minnie Mouse Tell you the Time on your Apple Watch.AppleVis00:29:38
New in watchOS 3: Part 3David Woodbridge shows how to access your Heartbeat in watchOS 3 now that the Apple Watch no longer has the ‘Glances’ feature.AppleVis00:07:53
New in watchOS 3: Part 4IDavid Woodbridge shows how it is now possible to use your iPhone to help locate your mislaid Apple Watch.AppleVis00:10:05
New in watchOS 3: Part 5David Woodbridge introduces Breathe, a native app in watchOS 3 that guides you through a series of deep breaths that can help...AppleVis00:24:13
New in watchOS 3: Part 6David Woodbridge shows how Apple Watch has gained a Dock to provide quick and easy access to the apps that you most frequently use.AppleVis00:18:33
New in watchOS 3: Part 7David Woodbridge demonstrates how you can select one or more Complications to be spoken when you wake your Watch.AppleVis00:14:50
New in watchOS 3: Part 8David Woodbridge introduces taptic time-telling. When it's on, quickly double-tap the watch face when it's locked to feel the full time...AppleVis00:15:59
New in iOS 10Thomas Domville introduces us briefly to some of what’s new and changed in iOS 10.AppleVis01:50:59
What's New n watchOS 3Scott Davert demonstrates some of the new features and changes for blind and low vision users in watchOS 3.AppleVis00:25:48
Sling Television on 4th Gen Apple TVJoseph Hodges demonstrates Sling TV, a subscription-based service that lets you watch live TV anytime/anywhere.AppleVis00:43:06
Using the ABC iOS AppChris Snyder demonstrates how to set up and watch audio described programming using the ABC app for iOS...AppleVis00:22:56
YiKaiEn SDHC Card ReaderScott Davert reviews the device that lets you access SD cards on your iDevice. Available from Amazon for $20.AppleVis00:46:18
Nearby ExplorerFew apps have been anticipated more eagerly by iOS users than Nearby Explorer from the American Printing House for the Blind.AppleVis02:53:49
Pocket Recorder for iOSTunmi introduces a $10 iOS app which allows you to record audio tracks and save them to Dropbox.AppleVis00:26:18
4th Gen Apple TV Without a TVLisa Salinger describes the setup she uses to run her Apple TV through a stereo without the need for a TV.AppleVis00:23:40
How to Use Uber for iOSMike Malarsie shows how to use Uber: how to set up the app, how to schedule a ride, and how to rate your driver.AppleVis00:14:60
Random~Number by PocketLabSheri Wells-Jensen demonstrates Random~Number by PocketLab - great for activities such as rolling dice, picking lottery...AppleVis00:08:40
VoiceOver Keyboard CommanderMike Malarsie shows us how to use the VoiceOver Keyboard Commander, which lets you create custom Mac keyboard shortcutsAppleVis00:22:05
BBC iPlayer Radio App for iOSScott Davert introduces a free app giving you access to lots of content directly from the BBC.AppleVis01:21:40
Audio Game Hub for iOSThomas Domville introduces a free iOS app that features eight experimental mini audio games: Slot Machines, Archery...AppleVis01:26:39
BeSpecularThomas Domville introduces a new App That lets the blind receive sighted assistance via their iOS deviceAppleVis00:40:43
Developers of TwitterrificWe talk with Ged Maheux of The Iconfactory, developers of the Twitterrific app for iOS, in our iOS App Hall of Fame.AppleVis00:48:59
Capti Narrator for iOSThomas Domville demonstrates a free iOS app that will convert nearly any text content to audiobooks.AppleVis01:12:17
VoiceOver + Bluetooth Keyboard + Mail AppScott Davert continues showing how to use apps with an iOS Device and Bluetooth keyboard. This time: the Mail app.AppleVis00:34:04
TeamTalk 5 for iOSThomas Domville demos this free iOS app which allows multiple users to have audio and video conversations.AppleVis01:24:57
Roger for iOSThomas Domville demonstrates a free, walkie-talkie-style messaging app for iOS devices.AppleVis01:11:02
Get Lippy with Flip LipMike Malarsie introduces an app which allows you to apply fun effects to your voice in Facebook Messenger.AppleVis00:10:49
Microsoft Outlook 2016 for MacDavid Woodbridge gives an overview of Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac. Navigation and use with VoiceOver.AppleVis01:11:42
AppleVis Extra: Vorail DevelopersScott Davert and Thomas Domville interview Thomas Rosenthal and Linan Wang, developers of Vorail.AppleVis01:41:49
iPhone 6s Versus SEScott Davert compares the iPhone 6s with the newly-released SE. Listen on a decent set of stereo speakers to get the full effect...AppleVis00:34:44
AppleVis Extra Fitness EditionOur panel examines every aspect of fitness, including Apple Watch, Sleep++, MyFitnessPal, Calorie King, Carrot Fit ...AppleVis03:15:04
SelfieX for iOSLulu Hartgen demonstrates SelfieX Automatic Back Camera Selfie, an app which gives audio directions to help you take pixAppleVis00:27:33
Native Mail AppScott Davert shares some tips on using the native iOS Mail app more effectively. Smart Mailboxes can be particularly useful...AppleVis00:15:54
Get Talking With Vorail for iOSScott Davert introduces Vorail, a free social networking app for iOS - a "social app with dating functions”AppleVis01:28:22
Accessibility at FacebookMatt King, Accessibility Specialist at Facebook on their new automatic image description feature for blind and low vision usersAppleVis00:36:11
MarsEdit for Mac OS XMike Malarsie demonstrates MarsEdit - the blog editor for WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and more. An easy program for blogging on the Mac.AppleVis00:19:42
Voice Dream Reader 4.0Lisa Salinger, Jeff Bishop and Thomas Domville talk with Winston Chen about the Voice Dream Reader for iOS.AppleVis01:40:29
Alt Text in Twitter AppMichael Hansen demonstrates the new alt text feature in Twitter's iOS app.AppleVis00:23:37
Apple's March 21, 2016 EventMichael Hansen, Mike Malarsie, Chris Skarstad, Jeff Bishop, and Thomas Domville discuss Apple's March 21, 2016 event.AppleVis01:29:31
Grouping Apps into Folders on Your Home ScreenJonathan Mosen gives us a look at how you can now use folders to tidy up your Home screen in the new Apple TV.AppleVis00:16:25
Siri Dictation in Text FieldsJonathan Mosen gives us a look at how you can now use Siri to enter text in the new Apple TV.AppleVis00:11:60
Bluetooth Keyboard SupportJonathan Mosen gives us a look at bluetooth keyboard support in the new Apple TV.AppleVis00:27:35
New Features in iOS 9.3Thomas Domville gives us a demonstration of some of the new features in iOS 9.3.AppleVis00:36:04
Transit App for iOSMike Malarsie demonstrates this Real-Time app with Directions for Bus, Subway and Metro including Offline Schedules.AppleVis00:09:05
Amazon Echo Companion AppMike Malarsie demonstrates this free companion app to the company’s Echo hands-free speaker that you control with your voice.AppleVis00:18:14
Disney Movies Anywhere for iOSThomas Domville introduces this free app that lets you watch your Disney movie collection across your favorite devices, anywhere you go.AppleVis00:41:38
Blindfold Road TripThomas Domville demonstrates this game for iOS. The objective is to be the first person to travel 1,000 miles...AppleVis02:12:44
Group Text MessagesScott Davert presents a few tips and tricks to help users better manage group text messages on iOS devices.AppleVis00:19:03
VoiceOver With Bluetooth Keyboard Part 3Scott Davert shares tips and keyboard shortcuts which let you be more productive and efficient when using Safari.AppleVis00:48:48
Overview of Netflix Accessibility EnhancementsJamie Pauls gives an overview of the recent accessibility improvements in version 8.00 of the Netflix iOS app.AppleVis00:32:41
Tweetings for iPhone and iPod TouchJonathan Mosen gives us An Overview of Tweetings for iPhone and iPod Touch. This demo will get you up and running.AppleVis01:44:38
TurboTax Accessibility and MoreWe talk to Intuit's Ted Drake about the accessibility of TurboTax for iOS, a tax-prep program for users in the United States.AppleVis01:06:53
Editing Text With VoiceOverScott Davert shows how to edit text and use the iOS Notes app. Create a new note, select text selection, apply formatting and moreAppleVis00:45:44
Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video DoorbellDavid Woodbridge introduces the Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell. What it is, its installation, setting it up and how it worksAppleVis01:46:25
Repeat CheckListSheri Wells-Jensen demonstrates Repeat CheckList - A custom can be learned! for iOS.AppleVis00:23:21
Audio-Described Movies Part 3David Woodbridge shows us how to find and watch audio-described movies on iOS.AppleVis00:24:54
Audio-Described Movies Part 2David Woodbridge shows us how to find and watch audio-described movies on the 4th Generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:28:05
Audio-Described Movies Part 1David Woodbridge shows us how to find and watch audio-described movies in iTunes for Mac OS X.AppleVis00:28:17
Downcast and Overcast for iOSJamie Pauls shows us how to navigate podcasts by chapter using the Downcast and Overcast: Podcast Player iOS apps.AppleVis00:26:58
Podcast Chapters for OS XJonathan Mosen demonstrates Podcast Chapters. It lets you insert chapter navigation markers into a podcast...AppleVis00:41:23
GetHuman for iOSLisa Salinger introduces a free app that tells you the fastest and best way to reach the customer service departments of specific companiesAppleVis00:22:08
Sport ArmbandsDavid Woodbridge discusses Incase Sport Armbands for the iPhone 6s and iPod Nano 7th generation. Great for exercising and gardeningAppleVis00:21:52
Blindfold HorseraceLulu Hartgen introduces an audio game for iOS where you race your horse against other horses.AppleVis00:47:13
Bluetooth Keyboard with VoiceOver Part 1Scott Davert explains some advantages of using a Bluetooth keyboard, demonstrates pairing a keyboard to an iDevice...AppleVis00:53:07
iPhone 6s and 6s Plus DescriptionsThomas Domville gives us a physical description of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.AppleVis00:34:22
iOS Settings: RestrictionsThomas Domville explores what’s available from within the 'Restrictions' area of iOS Settings. Parental controls & more.AppleVis01:01:29
iOS App SwitcherThomas Domville introduces the iOS App Switcher, which lets you switch from one app to another. When you switch back, you pick up where you left offAppleVis00:27:37
Quick and Easy Video TrimmingMike Malarsie shows us how quick, easy and accessible it is to remove unwanted parts of any recorded video on iOS.AppleVis00:08:11
Touch ID & Passcode Section of iOS SettingsThomas Domville what’s available from within the Touch ID & Passcode area of iOS Settings. How to use Touch IDAppleVis00:54:03
Spotlight in Mac OS XIn this podcast, Alex Hall shows us how to define a word using Spotlight on Mac OS X.AppleVis00:03:53
iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard & Apple PencilDavid Woodbridge introduces the iPad Pro; along with Apple’s Smart Keyboard and Pencil.AppleVis00:52:13
ReadKitJonathan Mosen demonstrates ReadKit, an RSS reader and more for the Mac. RSS versus Twitter feeds.AppleVis01:03:27
Apple Watch Spigen Tough Armor CaseDavid Woodbridge reviews the Spigen SGP11504 Tough Armor dual L layer case for the Apple Watch available from for $16.99AppleVis00:26:60
3rd Party Apple Watch AppsDavid Woodbridge introduces 3rd party apps he uses on his Apple Watch: CNN, Just Press Record, Navigon, Downcast, Drafts, Comfort, ...AppleVis01:09:28
Native Podcast App for Apple TVDavid Woodbridge introduces the new Podcast app from Apple available on the fourth-generation Apple TV with tvOS 9.1.1.AppleVis00:50:39
Audible’s iOS AppDavid Woodbridge gives us an in-depth discussion of one of his most used iOS apps, Audiobooks from Audible.AppleVis01:38:57
ZCast for iOSJonathan Mosen introduces ZCast - Live Audio Groupcasting, a free app that claims to offer a new way to podcast.AppleVis00:36:40
Kid Friendly SoftwareWe speak with Marty Schultz, developer of the wildly popular Blindfold series of accessible audio games, with over 25 games currently ...AppleVis01:23:36
FaceTime Section of iOS SettingsThomas Domville discusses and explores what’s available from within the FaceTime area of iOS Settings.AppleVis00:18:47
iOS Settings Phone SectionThomas Domville discusses and explores what’s available from within the ‘Phone’ area of iOS Settings.AppleVis00:27:52
Exploring iTunes & App StoreThomas Domville discusses what's available from within the 'iTunes & App Store' area of iOS Settings.AppleVis00:31:55
iOS Reset SettingsThomas Domville discusses what's available from within the Reset area of iOS Settings...AppleVis00:26:18
Intro to VoiceOver Gestures Part 2Thomas Domville continues his discussion of how to control your iOS device using VoiceOver-specific gestures on the touch screen.AppleVis00:58:30
Intro to VoiceOver Gestures Part 1Thomas Domville discusses how you can control your iOS device using VoiceOver-specific gestures on the touch screen.AppleVis01:00:13
Fixes for Slow iDevice ResponseA few methods that may quickly return slow or unresponsive iDevices to normal.AppleVis00:22:02
iOS Storage & iCloud SettingsIn this episode of his introductory series, Thomas Domville discusses and explores the Storage and iCloud settings in iOS.AppleVis00:28:56
iOS Background App Refresh SettingsThomas Domville discusses and explores the background app refresh settings in iOS; used to control what apps are allowed to run...AppleVis00:16:48
Accessing Animated EmojiAmber shows us how to find and use the animated emoji available on the Apple Watch.AppleVis00:15:05
Pocket Pond 2Tunmi introduces an iOS app that places a virtual pond filled with koi into the palm of your hand.AppleVis00:12:24
iOS Message SettingsThomas Domville discusses and explores the messaging features and settings offered in iOS.AppleVis00:42:16
Dropbox for iOSScott Davert demonstrates many of DropBox's features. The app and service are free, and it is a powerful solution...AppleVis01:32:60
Changing VoiceOver TTS VoiceThomas Domville discusses the TTS voices available to VoiceOver users and shows how to change the voice used.AppleVis00:55:13
DropVox: NotetakerScott Davert demonstrates DropVox, a voice memo recording app for iOS. It records and uploads voice memos to Dropbox...AppleVis00:32:50
Exploring VoiceOver RotorThomas Domville shows quick, convenient ways to navigate the screen, manipulate text, change VoiceOver settings...AppleVis00:40:50
iOS Accessibility Part 2Thomas Domville discusses and explores the VoiceOver features and settings offered in iOS.AppleVis00:41:05
iOS Accessibility Part 1Thomas Domville discusses and explores the main Accessibility page found in the iOS Settings.AppleVis01:01:32
iOS Settings About SectionIn this episode of his introductory series, Thomas Domville discusses and explores the About section found in the iOS Settings.AppleVis00:19:00
iDevice Personal HotspotThomas Domville discusses the Personal Hotspot feature of the iPhone or iPad which lets you share your cellular data connection...AppleVis00:18:08
Using Braille Displays with iOSScott Davert gives us some general information about braille displays as they relate to their use with iOS devices...AppleVis01:19:26
Improved Twitter AccessibilityDavid Woodbridge on how the Twitter app for Mac OS X has become more usable with VoiceOver in version 4.0.AppleVis00:40:33
Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6David Woodbridge shares his thoughts on the Smart Battery Case which Apple recently released for the iPhone 6 and 6s.AppleVis00:28:47
Beats Pill 2.0 Bluetooth SpeakersDavid Woodbridge shows how pair two of these speakers so that you can play music through both in stereo or mono.AppleVis00:14:02
Instant Pot Pressure CookerVictor Tsaran demonstrates the Cooker and its companion iOS App that gives an accessible way for blind users to operate the cooker.AppleVis00:30:02
TimeBuzz; Apple Watch AppDavid Woodbridge discusses a new app that makes it possible to feel the current time through vibrations of the Taptic Engine.AppleVis01:32:44
Accounts 2 for iOSCruz1996 introduces an app that offers to replace your paper checkbook with a quicker and more convenient way to track finances.AppleVis00:19:47
Making the Most of your iOS DeviceOur experts take a look at this year's list of AppleVis-recommended apps to help you get the most from your iOS device.AppleVis03:43:27
iOS Public Beta TestingOlivier shows us how to enroll in Apple’s iOS Public Beta Testing Program and install a public beta on your iOS device.AppleVis00:30:51
NatureSpace: 3d SoundScott Davert describes this app providing soundtracks to many different types of sounds. It's a free download with in-app purchases.AppleVis02:28:35
Introducing MindsightTunmi introduces Mindsight, a free interactive audio adventure for iOS. It delivers rich, interactive drama using conventional stereo...AppleVis00:37:03
Blindfold Vee Ball for iOSDavid Woodbridge demonstrates this free audio game. Using your finger, you roll a ball up a ramp, where it can land...AppleVis00:17:08
Blindfold Pong for iOSDavid Woodbridge demonstrates this free audio game. You hear one or two balls, and you must move the phone left and right to hit...AppleVis00:18:10
Blindfold Breakout for iOSDavid Woodbridge demonstrates tis free audio game. You have a paddle, a ball, and a series of bricks...AppleVis00:20:41
Blindfold Air Hockey for iOSDavid Woodbridge demonstrates this free audio game. You have a mallet or paddle, and there's a puck on the playing table...AppleVis00:16:15
Heathcote for iOSTunmi introduces a free audio-only adventure that places you in the roles of intrepid reporters David and Martin.AppleVis00:20:39
Pandora app for new Apple TVMissy Hoppe demonstrates the new Pandora app for the fourth generation Apple TV. How to log in, browse your list of stations, ...AppleVis00:29:48
Buying iTunes Gift CardsScott Davert shows how to send iTunes Gift Card from an iOS device. A very timely tip for the Holidays.AppleVis00:46:48
OTR Streamer for iOSShaun Williams demonstrates this free app for access to over 5000 episodes of your favorite Old Time Radio showsAppleVis00:27:17
Beats Pill 2.0 Bluetooth Wireless SpeakerDavid Woodbridge demonstrates the Beats Pill 2.0 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker. Tap your phone to it and create an instant connection...AppleVis00:38:10
iPad ProKhalfan Bin Dhaher unboxes an iPad Pro, gives us its physical description and then walks us through the initial setupAppleVis00:33:42
Blue Spark USB MicrophoneDavid Woodbridge demonstrates the Blue Spark Digital Studio Condenser USB/Lightning Microphone for Mac, iPad and PCAppleVis00:15:18
Apple Store Holiday OfferingsApple’s new products: Fourth-generation Apple TV, iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard and Apple Watch Magnetic Charging DockAppleVis02:30:54
Overview of Apple TV Music AppIn this podcast, David Woodbridge demonstrates the Music app on the fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:43:51
My Baby Sim for iOSLulu Hartgen gives us a demonstration of My Baby Sim, which lets you live the life of a new parent...AppleVis01:16:26
How to Buy and Watch Movies and TV ShowsDavid Woodbridge walks us through buying and watching movies and TV shows on the fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:30:03
Using your Old Apple TV to Stream AudioThe new Apple TV doesn't have an optical output port. So you may want to consider this workaround...AppleVis00:31:13
Adding and Removing Items from Finder SidebarJonathan Simeone shows us how to add and remove items from the Finder Sidebar on Mac OS X.AppleVis00:21:03
Setup and Use of Home SharingDavid Woodbridge demonstrates Home Sharing on Apple TV to share and stream content from the iTunes library to other computersAppleVis00:23:19
Weather Office for iOSThomas Domville demonstrates Weather Office, an app that provides local weather and forecasts for Canada and the USA.AppleVis00:29:28
LaunchBar for OS XPiotr Machacz demonstrat this app that lets you quickly start apps, open documents, invoke system services, compose emails...AppleVis01:24:37
Apple TV Onscreen KeyboardDavid Woodbridge demonstrates the onscreen keyboard used on the fourth-generation Apple TV to enter text.AppleVis00:29:14
Apple TV: Updating tvOSDavid Woodbridge shows how to update to a newer version of tvOS when an update has been released.AppleVis00:15:04
Apple TV: Using Your Old RemoteDavid Woodbridge shows how to use the remote from the previous generation Apple TV with the newer version.AppleVis00:08:54
Apple TV Parental ControlsDavid Woodbridge discusses and demonstrates Restriction settings on the fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:19:14
Apple TV Screensaver, Updates & SettingsDavid Woodbridge shows how to configure the screensaver; check for software updates and put the Apple TV to sleep.AppleVis00:23:21
Renaming Apple TV & Streaming with AirPlayDavid Woodbridge shows how to change the name used for your Apple TV on your network and how to use AirPlay to stream content...AppleVis00:19:60
Apple TV Accessibility ShortcutDavid Woodbridge shows how to configure and use the Accessibility Shortcut using Siri remote with fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:11:36
Using with Bluetooth or AirPlay SpeakersDavid Woodbridge takes a look at connecting and using Bluetooth and AirPlay speakers with the fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:21:11
Siri Remote for Fourth-Generation Apple TVDavid Woodbridge shows us the design and operation of the Siri remote that comes with the fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:31:09
Trivia Crack Kingdoms for iOSDerrick Moreland introduces the current version of this app. It has Voiceover issues, but Derrick shares tips to make it playableAppleVis00:36:16
Apple TV VoiceOver GesturesDavid Woodbridge demonstrates the VoiceOver gestures you can use on the Siri remote trackpad of the fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:29:51
Siri on New Apple TVIn this podcast, David Woodbridge explores the capabilities of Siri on the fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis01:00:52
Checking Battery Level of Siri RemoteDavid Woodbridge shows how to check the battery level of the Siri remote that comes with the fourth-generation Apple TV.AppleVis00:07:46
JW Library for iOSCharlie introduces a free iOS app developed by and for Jehovah’s Witnesses. It includes Bible translations, books and brochures...AppleVis00:23:56
App Switcher on Apple TVDavid Woodbridge demonstrates how to move apps on the Apple TV’s Home screen; delete unwanted apps; and move between apps.AppleVis00:41:26
Convert PDF to TextJonathan Simeone shares a tip for Mac users on how to convert PDF to text using Automator.AppleVis00:38:57
Apple TV App StoreDavid Woodbridge introduces the App Store for the new TV. He shows us how to browse, search and install apps.AppleVis00:34:20
The New Apple TVDavid Woodbridge introduces the new fourth-generation Apple TV, describing its remote with support for Siri, the setup, the Home screen...AppleVis00:54:51
Importing Library ContentJonathan Simeone demonstrates how to use the ‘Add to iTunes’ folder to quickly and easily import content into your Library.AppleVis00:37:33
Password Managers For iOSShersey introduces the 1Password password manager and Secure Wallet, an accessible, cross-platform password manager.AppleVis01:31:04
Blindfold Bowling for iOSKelly Sapergia introduces us to this recently-released audio game that brings ten pin bowling to your iOS device.AppleVis01:21:30
Beginners' iPhone Guide: Exploring iOS Privacy SettingsThomas Domville discusses and explores the privacy settings available within iOS.AppleVis00:55:01
Beginners' iPhone Guide: Notifications CenterThomas Domville looks at the Notifications Center, which gives quick access to alerts and related information for iOS apps.AppleVis00:54:18
Beginners' iPhone Guide: Control CenterThomas Domville looks at the Control Center, which gives quick access to commonly used settings and apps from anywhere in iOS.AppleVis00:40:60
Forcy Jailbreak TweakCarter Temm introduces Forcy, a jailbreak tweak for older jailbroken iPhones running iOS 9 to give iPhone 6s-like functionality ...AppleVis00:11:56
Blindfold Hopper for iOSKhalfan Bin Dhaher demonstrates this audio game that lets you Safely Guide your Frog in this cross between Frogger and Flappy Bird.AppleVis00:50:54
VoiceOver Portable PreferencesJonathan Simeone shows how to export and import VoiceOver preferences in Mac OS X to easily use your settings on other Macs ...AppleVis00:32:27
Creating Smart Playlists in iTunesJonathan Simeone shows how to create smart playlists in iTunes on the Mac to Keep Track of your Use of Apple Music.AppleVis00:17:47
A Blind Legend for iOSKhalfan Bin Dhaher introduces a new audio game in which you live the adventures of Edward Blake, the famous blind knight...AppleVis01:02:40
Window Spots and Content ChooserJonathan Simeone shows how to use two new tools introduced in OS X El Capitan for VoiceOver users...AppleVis00:10:56
How to Pin Safari Tabs in OS X El CapitanJonathan Simeone shows us the new tab pinning feature in Safari, that let you keep web pages open, up to date and accessible.AppleVis00:09:01
Using Emoji Skin TonesJonathan Simeone shows us how to access and use the new diverse emoji icon set on iOS devices.AppleVis00:14:41
3D Touch Access to Fast App SwitcherKhalfan Bin Dhaher shows us a workaround to use 3D Touch to access the iOS 9 fast app switcher when VoiceOver is enabled.AppleVis00:12:35
Beginners’ Guide to the iPhone: Wi-Fi SettingsThomas Domville explores the settings available in iOS to manage and monitor connections to wireless networks.AppleVis00:29:40
iPhone Sounds SettingsThomas Domville explores the settings available within iOS to control the sounds played with various actions and events.AppleVis00:36:54
iPhone Do Not DisturbThomas Domville explores the Do Not Disturb settings in iOS to stop notifications, alerts and calls ... when the screen is locked.AppleVis00:26:10
iPhone Display and Brightness SettingsThomas Domville explores the settings available within iOS to control screen display and brightness.AppleVis00:17:19
iPhone Cellular SettingsThomas Domville explores the settings available within iOS to control and monitor cellular usage.AppleVis00:47:17
iPhone Airplane ModeIn this Beginners' Guide, Thomas Domville discusses and explores the Airplane mode available on iOS devices.AppleVis00:34:42
iPhone Battery SettingsIn this Beginners’ Guide, Thomas Domville discusses and explores the settings within iOS to control and monitor battery usage.AppleVis00:23:12
iPhone Siri SettingsIn this Beginners’ Guide, Thomas Domville discusses the settings available within iOS to manage Siri.AppleVis00:21:59
Diverse iPhone Emoji SettingsJonathan Simeone shows us how to access and use the new diverse emoji icon set on the Mac.AppleVis00:16:24
What’s New with Siri?David Woodbridge on some of the great things that you can do with Siri in iOS 9, including the option on the new iPhone Sixes.AppleVis00:46:49
VoiceOver Users in El CapitanDavid Woodbridge demonstrates how OS X El Capitan introduces new options for VoiceOver users for interacting with toolbars and scrollbars.AppleVis00:18:49
VoiceOver Modifier KeyDavid Woodbridge demonstrates you can use the Caps Lock key in OS X El Capitan as the VoiceOver modifier key … either on its own or ...AppleVis00:14:33
VoiceOver Modifier Keys & Bluetooth KeyboardDavid Woodbridge demonstrates how you can choose which keys on a bluetooth keyboard to be VoiceOver modifier keys in iOS 9.AppleVis00:10:55
Update iOS from WindowsScott Davert shows how to update iOS using iTunes on a Windows PC. He uses Jaws on a computer running Windows 7.AppleVis00:26:02
iOS Over-the-air UpdatesScott Davert walks us through the process of updating to a newer version of iOS directly on your iOS device.AppleVis00:24:38
ThumbJam for iOSKen Downey shows how to create new instruments on ThumbJam and the trickiness of direct touch and how to turn it off ....AppleVis02:58:52
Sonic Office Smash for iOSKen Downey demonstrates this app that lets you vent your frustrations with modern office equipment...AppleVis00:28:07
Songbird for iOSKen Downey gives demonstrates this app that turns your iPhone into a wind instrument.AppleVis00:32:45
Using Siri to Delete AlarmsAshley B shares a tip for deleting alarms under watchOS 2, where there are some accessibility issues if you try to do it with VoiceOverAppleVis00:11:58
Accessibility in OS X 10.11 El CapitanAlex Hall explores some of the new accessibility features in OS X 10.11 El Capitan, released on 30 September 2015.AppleVis00:48:29
SermonAudio for iOSDarrell Bowles demonstraties this free app that offers access to the world’s largest library of free MP3 sermons from thousands of speakersAppleVis00:37:17
Apple Watch Just Press RecordMilorad Pejic demonstrates the Just Press Record app on an Apple Watch. Instantly sync your recordings across all devicesAppleVis00:17:25
Dice World for iOSThomas Domville on improvements to the popular Dice World app in recent releases.AppleVis00:33:43
TextEdit on Mac OS XJonathan Simeone discusses the autosave and versioning features of TextEdit and Mac OS X.AppleVis00:32:38
Using Siri to Access GlancesDavid Woodbridge shows us how it's possible in watchOS 2 to use Siri to access the Glances on your Apple Watch.AppleVis00:16:32
Mac Folder Access from a Windows PCSplyt shows us how to setup a Mac so that files or folders on it can be accessed from a Windows PC.AppleVis00:31:29
Exploring Clock FacesDavid Woodbridge shows how to access the clock faces in watchOS 2 and gives us a closer look at the new time-lapse faceAppleVis00:13:42
Replying to Emails On Your WatchDavid Woodbridge shows how, in watchOS 2 it's possible to reply to an email directly from your Apple Watch.AppleVis00:17:41
Apple Watch Battery LevelMilorad Pejic demonstrates how to check the battery level of your Apple Watch from the Notification Center of your iPhone.AppleVis00:06:34
iCloud Drive AppThomas Domville introduces Apple’s iCloud Drive, new in iOS 9. It makes it easier for you to access and manage the files iCloud.AppleVis00:53:41
Apple Watch Nightstand ModeDavid Woodbridge demonstrates the nightstand mode added in watchOS 2 and shows how to cancel or snooze alarms.AppleVis00:19:54
3D Touch with VoiceOverScott Davert demonstrates how to use 3D Touch, introduced on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.AppleVis00:40:31
Apple’s News AppThomas Domville introduces Apple’s News app, new in iOS 9.AppleVis01:23:59
Time Travel Feature in watchOS 2David Woodbridge demonstrates the ‘Time Travel’ feature introduced in watchOS 2.AppleVis00:13:52
Apple Watch Stand AlertsDavid Woodbridge shows how to mute the hourly alerts by the Apple Watch to remind you to stand up.AppleVis00:06:04
Dropbox Nag ScreenJonathan Simeone shows how to stop Dropbox from prompting you to upload photos every time you connect your iOS device to your MacAppleVis00:08:17
Universalis for iOSJohn Moore revisits changes in version 2.24 of this app for Roman Catholics that provides access to Daily psalms, prayers ...AppleVis00:11:56
The Watch Music AppKhalfan Bin Dhaher gives us a quick demonstration of the updated music app in watchOS 2.AppleVis00:15:36
Time Machine BackupsJonathan Simeone on excluding items from your Time Machine Backup in OS X to conserve disk space.AppleVis00:11:48
Updating to watchOS 2David Woodbridge demonstrates how to update the software on your Apple Watch to watchOS 2.AppleVis00:28:25
QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure MonitorRob Armstrong introduces the QardioArm Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and its companion iOS app.AppleVis00:40:58
iOS 9 VoiceOver Practice AreaDavid Woodbridge shows how the VoiceOver practice area now lets you practice using Braille Screen Input and Handwriting modeAppleVis00:13:27
iOS 9 Text Selection ToolDavid Woodbridge demonstrates how to access and use the text selection tool added to the VoiceOver rotor in iOS 9.AppleVis00:15:18
Find My iPhoneScott Davert on this pre-installed iOS 9 feature to find your phone, track it or lock it...AppleVis00:47:05
"Hey Siri" Voice TrainingDavid Woodbridge on voice training in iOS 9 and which helps Siri better recognise your voice...AppleVis00:07:08
Encrypted Disk ImageJonathan Simeone describes the process of creating a encrypted location on your Mac in which you can securely store files.AppleVis00:20:37
Purify BlockerThomas Domville demonstrates Purify Blocker: Fast, Clutter-free Web Browsing in Safari on iOS 9 that blocks ads, tracking...AppleVis00:44:18
iOS 9 Braille DisplayScott Davert takes a look at some of what’s new and changed in iOS 9 for those who use Braille displays.AppleVis00:29:34
Accessibility Features in iOS 9AnonyMouse overviews new accessibility features likely to be of interest to blind and low vision users.AppleVis00:58:43
New Features in iOS 9AnonyMouse overview new features: Spotlight and Proactive Search, Changes to App Switcher, New News app, Find My iPhone, ...AppleVis02:13:43
Yamaha Mobile SequencerDominique demonstrates this iOS app. You can create musical compositions intuitively, following the flow of composition ...AppleVis01:20:02
Restore Time Machine BackupJonathan Simeone shows how to use the Mac OS X Finder to find & restore a single file from a Time Machine backup.AppleVis00:09:32
Audio Rally Racing for iOSKhalfan Bin Dhaher introduces a newly released game simulating high speed, reckless driving on country roads and city streets.AppleVis01:15:07
Pro Football Radio & Live ScoresWildmanJoe demonstrates Pro Football Radio & Live Scores, an iOS app that streams any NFL game any time during the seasonAppleVis00:44:17
Using Spellcheck on Mac OS XScott Davert walks us through how to use the system-wide spellcheck facility on Mac OS X.AppleVis00:10:21
Office Lens for iOSMahmood Khalil demonstrates this free app from Microsoft that allows you to capture and recognize text from various sources.AppleVis00:38:26
Bossjock jr for iOSNicholas Acosta introduces an app that lets you record your voice over music and sound effects then share to your favorite host via FTPAppleVis01:29:08
Apple Certified TrainingJohn Panarese of tells how anyone can obtain this certification. The test must be taken in person at an authorized centerAppleVis02:09:35
OmniFocus 2 for iOSTom Dekker demonstrates this app for task management features of a desktop app at your fingertipsAppleVis00:38:24

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