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The American Spectator

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The American Spectator is a conservative U.S. monthly magazine covering news and politics, edited by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr. and published by the non-profit American Spectator Foundation. Henry Harrison reads you his selections.

Current American Spectator Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Riot Ideology - Jun, 2020The Return of the Riot Ideology. Why have so many Americans forgotten the lessons of the 1990s? By Robert Stacy McCain.Reader: Henry Harrison00:12:09
Social Justice - Jun, 2020This Is What Social Justice Looks Like. This weekend served as a prolonged teachable moment. By Daniel J. Flynn.Reader: Henry Harrison00:06:02
New Hampshire Takeaways - Feb, 2020What Mainstream Media Missed.. Biden & Warren are in more trouble than they think, and Bernie celebrates too soon. By Dov Fischer.Reader: Henry Harrison00:15:50
Trump's Best Week - Feb, 2020Completely tearing up over the best week in the entire Trump presidency. Even Nancy the ripper couldn't spoil it. By Dov FischerReader: Henry Harrison00:14:15
State of the Union - Feb, 2020The Five Worst Moments of the Democrats' State of the Union. They're so awful it's shocking. By Scott McKay.Reader: Henry Harrison00:14:11
Impeachment Precedents - Jan, 2019A deep dive into how Senate impeachment trials have played out throughout American history. By John C. WohlstetterReader: Henry Harrison00:20:31
Ukrainian 737 - Jan, 2019Are We Really Not Going to Talk About That? The crash in Iran points to a regime in danger of a similar explosion. By Scott McKay.Reader: Henry Harrison00:07:07
Qassem Soleimani - Jan, 2020The Democrats' Strange Reaction to the Death of Iranian General, Qassem Soleimani. By George Parry.Reader: Henry Harrison00:16:29
Trump Abandonment? - Nov, 2019Why The GOP Won't Abandon Trump. Dems want Americans to care about corruption. America's answer? You first! By Melissa MacKenzie.Reader: Henry Harrison00:10:25
Clapper's Defense - Oct, 2019Clapper's Nuremberg Defense. Obama's Democrats can run, but they can no longer hide. By Jed Babbin.Reader: Henry Harrison00:10:20
Impeachment - Sep, 2019The Democrats Need Impeachment. It's all that gives their politics meaning. By J. T. Young.Reader: Henry Harrison00:06:32
Ukraine Bombshell - Sep, 2019It Will Explode in Democrats Faces. They have more to lose from the whistleblower scandal than the president. By David Catron.Reader: Henry Harrison00:08:24
Kavanaugh Clownshow Cavalcade - Sep, 2019Why can't the Left's people come up with any new material? Plus, a couple of items from hither and yon. By Scott McKay.Reader: Henry Harrison00:08:21
Remember 9/11? - Sep, 20199/11: You said you wouldn't forget. You did. After national unity has proved ephemeral, what's left? By Abraham H. MillerReader: Henry Harrison00:07:23
Hollywood Blacklist - Sep, 2019The Return of the Hollywood Blacklist. Will & Grace star Eric McCormack's most recent flop. By Lou Aguilar.Reader: Henry Harrison00:08:04
Red Flag Laws - Sep, 2019Red Flag Laws Are Lethal Leftist Weapons. The target? Law-abiding gun owners. By Mark Smith.Reader: Henry Harrison00:06:17
Troubled Young Men - Aug, 2019On Troubled Young Men. The path to healthy manhood is narrow and treacherous. By Melissa Mackenzie.Reader: Henry Harrison00:08:12
Muslim Reps' Ties to Mifta - Aug, 2019House Democrats silent on ties between Representatives Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib and Miftah, the Palestinian NGO. By Jeffrey Lloyd.Reader: Henry Harrison00:07:45
Identity Politics - Aug, 2019Democrats' Obsession With Racism of Identity Politics Proves Lethal. Candidates, activists, & media promote politics of racial supremacy.Reader: Henry Harrison00:06:26
White Nationalism Haunts America - Aug, 2019Specter of White Nationalism Haunts America. Willful blindness won't save the Democrats from a repeat of 2016. By Daniel J. Flynn.Reader: Henry Harrison00:06:02
Israel Bans Congresswomen - Aug, 2019Israel Bans Jew-Haters Ilhan Omar & Rashida Tlaib. A reassuring no-brainer from Benjamin Netanyahu. By Dov Fischer.Reader: Henry Harrison00:11:24
White Nationalism - Aug, 2019David French, Tractor Love, and White Nationalism. Meatheads come in all shapes and sizes. By Ed Morrow.Reader: Henry Harrison00:11:05
Moral Degeneration - Aug, 2019Moral Degeneration Has Consequences. After 50-plus years, what else were you expecting? By Greg Jones.Reader: Henry Harrison00:06:31
Culture of Death - May, 2019Culture of Death Update: The NefFlix series "13 Reasons Why". Irresponsible media strikes again! By Melissa Mackenzie.Reader: Henry Harrison00:04:56
Mass Murderers - Aug, 2019The Common Thread Binding These Mass Murderers. Hint: It's not political ideology. By Melissa Mackenzie.Reader: Henry Harrison00:09:03
Hopelessness & Hate - Aug, 2019Why have nerds and losers become a terrorist threat? By Robert Stacy McCain.Reader: Henry Harrison00:09:45

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