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American History Magazine

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American History magazine is a publication that brings American history to life. Published to educate and entertain, the magazine presents American history in an authoritative, informative, thought-provoking, and entertaining style. Mary Lou Flesh reads you her selections.

Current American History Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Beware the Bruisers - Aug, 2016The politics of 2016 is nothing new. American politics have always been rife with bullies. By Richard Brookhiser.Reader: Mary Lou Flesh00:12:37
Extraordinary Genius - Apr, 2016Multifaceted Genius. George Perkins Marsh, 19th century chronicler of climate change, survived blindness, learned 20 languages, ...Reader: Mary Lou Flesh00:07:54
In the Hall of the Patriot King - Feb, 2016Henry St. John, Viscount Bolingbroke (1678-1751) influence on American politics, though he died before America was born.Reader: Mary Lou Flesh00:13:40
Eisenhower Defrosts Khrushchev - Aug, 2015A glimpse of two powerful leaders' personalities in an era of chilly relations between the Soviet Union and the U.S. By Peter CarlsonReader: Mary Lou Flesh00:11:47
Ike's Plan, JFK's Predicament - Aug, 2015Kennedy inherits the Cuban problem from Ike. Janet Ray tells of her dad, killed during the Bay of Pigs invasion. By Andrew Carroll.Reader: Mary Lou Flesh00:12:36
How Ike Began Our Mid-East Mess - Aug, 2015Our trouble in the Mid-East began a number of years ago. Here are some issues Eisenhower faced to start. By Richard Brookhiser.Reader: Mary Lou Flesh00:16:03
Holding the Fort - Feb, 2015Adina De Zavala, a proud Daughter of the Republic of Texas, embarks on her one-woman siege to save the Alamo. By Andrew Carroll.Reader: Mary Lou Flesh00:15:52
Friends With Benefits - Mar, 2015Great Britain and the United States of America have had a long relationship and friendship. By Richard Brookhiser.Reader: Mary Lou Flesh00:12:24
Robert E. Lee Faces Congress - Feb, 2015General Lee testifies before the Joint Committee on Reconstruction. Nobody had the guts to ask if he committed treason. By Peter Carlson.Reader: Mary Lou Flesh00:13:11
Des Moines Electric Car Debut - Oct, 2014Electric Car Debuts in Des Moines. Who was really the first American inventor of the motorcar? By Andrew Carroll.Reader: Mary Lou Flesh00:11:28
Successful Constitution Making - Oct, 2014The Constitution was subjected to intense national debate, paving the way for improvements and wide popular acceptance.Reader: Mary Lou Flesh00:13:05
Good Frank's Patriotic Song - Oct, 2014A story of Francis Scott Key, the Battle of Baltimore and The Star-Spangled Banner. By Marc Leepson.Reader: Mary Lou Flesh00:16:46
Lady Bird's Journey of the Heart - Oct, 2014Racist hatred proved no match for Lady Bird Johnson in her courageous 1964 campaign trip through the South. By Christine M. Kreiser.Reader: Mary Lou Flesh00:08:18

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