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AIRSLA links you to this voyage across the world in search of the best new Rock en Espanol and Latin Alternative music releases. Co-hosts Felix Contreras and Jasmine Garsd also pay tribute to the pioneers of the genre.

Current Alt.Latino Podcasts
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Elvis En EspañolA score of Latin artists reimagine Elvis Costello's 1978 classic album THIS YEAR'S MODEL, completely in Spanish.National Public Radio00:28:17
Fall Music PreviewOur digital mail bag overflows with great new music to head into the last part of 2021. All tracks can be found in our weekly playlist on Spotify.National Public Radio00:33:34
End of Summer Rooftop Listening PartyWhat better way to end the summer than with friends, a little vino, music and former Alt.Latino co-host Jasmine Garsd?National Public Radio00:29:13
Gina Chavez PicksWith Tio Felix on vacation, our guest host illustrates the width and breadth of Latinx musical expression through Tiny Desk Contest submissions.National Public Radio00:29:31
Rise Of Latin Urban ExplainedLatin America's story has always been reflected through music. We rerun an episode to help us understand Latin Urban's pop music dominanceNational Public Radio00:23:60
Cuba's Rallying Cry, 'Patria Y Vida'The Cuban experience is synonymous with Cuban music. We take a look at the uprising in Cuba and the island's history with protest music.National Public Radio00:35:54
Indie Film And Latinx RealityWe chat with Latinx indie filmmakers to discuss the state of the industry, and why independent films are powerful for accurate representation.National Public Radio00:33:42
The Music Of Puerto RicoWe take you across time, genre and musical boundaries through interviews with pop star Rauw Alejandro, vocalist Sebastian Otero and punk rocker AJ DavilaNational Public Radio00:34:40
Rita MorenoTo celebrate a new documentary about her life and career, we revisit our 2018 conversation with none other than Rita Moreno.National Public Radio00:30:60
Our Best Music of 2021Felix Contreras, Anamaria Sayre, Isabella Gomez Sarmiento, Suzy Exposito and Stefanie Fernández discuss their favorites of the past six monthsNational Public Radio00:28:60
Resilience and InnovationStories of strength in the Latinx community: Father-son border separation & Musician uses blockchain to support unknown artistsNational Public Radio00:26:13
Lin-Manuel Miranda, Los Lobos & Tania LeónWe take a look at the headlines from the past week and can't help but notice Latinos and Latinos stacking up wins.National Public Radio00:44:16
A Discussion About Garifuna MusicA workshop on the eastern coast of Honduras is keeping Garifuna culture alive and accessible for young musicians.National Public Radio00:29:10
Loss, Love And Resilience Across LatinidadWe introduce you to an artist you might not know, hang out with Cuban drummers, meet teachers on the hunt for vaccines, and give a sneak peek...National Public Radio00:38:60
Cuban Grooves Meet AfrobeatsThe documentary film Bakoso: Afrobeats of Cuba captures the development of a new music style in Santiago de Cuba.National Public Radio00:29:15
Pedrito Martinez And Rubén BladesWe talk cultura, new tunes and what it means to step out of comfort zones with Pedrito Martinez and Ruben Blades.National Public Radio00:38:14
Latin Rock In 19713 albums captured a moment when music, culture and current events collided: WAR's ALL DAY MUSIC, El Chicano's REVOLUCION and Santana's SANTANA IIINational Public Radio00:15:57
Not Your Abuela's MusicThe music of your parents and grandparents is now part of a music industry trend that may soon overtake the popularity of reggaeton.National Public Radio00:21:20
Our LAMC 2021 Cheat SheetHere's a little preview of six artists we're most excited to see at the virtual Latin Alternative Music Conference...National Public Radio00:34:60
New York City's InfluenceBen Lapidus, scholar and Grammy-nominated musician, explains New York's central role in Latin music in the U.S. and Latin America.National Public Radio00:29:22
Selena's Spark Still ShinesWe sat down with the creator of the wildly popular Anything for Selena podcast to talk legacy...National Public Radio00:37:50
Speed Dating Through Spring's New MusicFeaturing Mon Laferte, Cuco and Juanes, we share the latest songs you need to know. Follow the playlist...National Public Radio00:31:25
Mexican Jazz Drummer's Latest GigTino Contreras talks (in Spanish) about his upcoming show at the former home of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, Casa Azul in Mexico City.National Public Radio00:17:55
Omar Sosa Goes To East AfricaFans from around the world speak of his gigs as spiritual experiences; the silence is just as important as the notes...National Public Radio00:29:15
Two Latin Music Books We LoveLatin music is part of the cultural fabric of America. Two new books from Leila Cobo and Betto Arcos show how far back that history goes.National Public Radio00:41:25
Women Instrumental To Latin MusicWe dive back in time to understand the roles women have occupied in Latin music, and look forward at the artists blazing new trails...National Public Radio00:27:30
Remembering A Year Of PandemicThis week we present stories of the pandemic from NPR, StoryCorps and the University of Texas to remember a year of loss and hopeNational Public Radio00:38:54
Bobi CéspedesBobi Céspedes' spiritual presence is as joyful as her voice. She shares her music and connection to her African roots.National Public Radio00:32:14
Johnny Pacheco Of Fania RecordsJohnny crafted a legacy of cultural pride and stellar musicianship in the minds and hearts of generations of musicians...National Public Radio00:29:51
Mexican Institute of SoundCamilo Lara invites us to Distrito Federal by taking us on a tour of his past, including a party at Prince's Paisley Park.National Public Radio00:31:10
Chick Corea RememberedHis music has been such a big part of our lives. Arturo O'Farrill, Sofía Rei, Haydée Milanés, Rubén Blades and others share their thoughts.National Public Radio00:31:20
Warm Up Your Winter With New SongsThe digital mail bag of new music has been piling up. Hear new music from Bomba Estéreo, Magos Herrera, Diamante Eléctrico and more!National Public Radio00:35:21
Gustavo SantaolallaGustavo Santaolalla - musician, producer, film and video game composer - embodies Duke Ellington's highest praise: "beyond category."National Public Radio00:30:29
Dafnis Prieto & Carlos Rafael RiveraThe Cuban drummer and Guatemalan film composer offer deep understanding of the creative process and how cultural influences shape their musicNational Public Radio00:35:54
After The StormWe take a break from the music for a Latinx perspective on the events that took place at the United States Capitol on Jan. 6.National Public Radio00:36:40
Tiny Desk Artist Profile: Sofia ReiThe Argentine vocalist mixes tradition and various contemporary genres in her Tiny Desk Meets globalFEST performance.National Public Radio00:36:09
Favorite Songs Of 2020We celebrate a year of discovery with some Alt.Latino favorites as well as a ton of discoveries from throughout the year.National Public Radio00:38:08
Favorite Albums Of 2020Including Lido Pimienta's Miss Colombia, Bad Bunny's YHLQMDLG. OKAN's, Espiral, Gabriel Garzón-Montano, Agüita, Sexores, Salamanca...National Public Radio00:50:14
Louder Than A RiotWe introduce you to a new podcast, LOUDER THAN A RIOT, an look at issues around incarceration and the development of hip-hop.National Public Radio00:53:57
Milestones, Immigration & Justice MusicThis week we visit with NPR's Radio Ambulante, talk about immigration issues and meet a singer with a message.National Public Radio00:29:50
Fandangos And MockingbirdsTwo new music documentaries, featuring Linda Ronstadt and Arturo O'Farrill, tell of history, identity and culture through Mexican folk musicNational Public Radio00:26:57
The 'American Dirt' ControversyWhen does a depiction of culture, history and identity become inauthentic? We dig into the conversation around the novel AMERICAN DIRTNational Public Radio00:29:05
Latinidad In The NewsWe shine a light on recent stories by NPR hosts, reporters and producers who go beyond the obvious in their coverage of Latinx communities in the U.S.National Public Radio00:35:23
The Musical Backbone Of Latin AmericaWe journey from the tip of South America to the bodegas of New York City; while dancing to the beat of cumbia, the lingua franca of Latin musicNational Public Radio00:46:47
2020 Latin Grammy NominationsLido Pimienta, Gina Chavez, Natalia Lafourcade and Juanes are just a few of the Latin Grammy nominations this year. We play their musicNational Public Radio00:41:49
Santana's 'Abraxas'Santana drummer Michael Shrieve and Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid share the view behind the drum kit & the record's influenceNational Public Radio00:30:22
Latinx Monuments We'd Like To SeeIvy Queen, Jean-Michel Basquiet and Maria from Sesame Street are just a few of the Latinx figures we think should be cast in bronze...National Public Radio00:28:44
Graciela IturbideTake a journey into the sensibilities of a genuine photographic icon, The Artistic Soul Of Mexico. This interview is in SpanishNational Public Radio00:24:29
Roots Grow OutwardDevendra Banhart and John Santos both have cultural roots in Latin America, but their music could not be more different...National Public Radio00:54:08
Celebrating Tejana CultureThe trio of powerful Latina vocalists, The Texicana Mamas, is at home in mariachi, country, Americana and folk music.National Public Radio00:42:37
It's All About The DrumsThe Cuban-American pop star, Gloria Estefan, indulges her love of Brazilian music and rhythms on her new album.National Public Radio00:35:50
The Lessons In LADAMA's MusicWith members spread over four countries, LADAMA elegantly blends cultures and ideas. Its new album is OYE MUJERNational Public Radio00:29:31
Alt Latino's Summer Music HaulFrom Carlos Vives to Ana Tijoux, here's a batch of new music that meditates on identity, culture and the pandemic.National Public Radio00:35:28
Reclaiming BoogalooThe essence of boogaloo music: "bringing people together, creating conversation & community." How was it appropriated by white supremacists?National Public Radio00:33:21
Residente's Favorite Protest SongsOne half of the Grammy-winning group Calle 13, Residente, shares his favorites by other artists.National Public Radio00:45:38
The Afro-Latinx Experience"Blackness is heterogeneous." On this week's episode, deep conversations about the Afro Latinidad and Blackness.National Public Radio00:44:53
Favorites Of The YearOur annual mid-year survey contains music that speaks to the current health crisis, as well as the fight for racial equality.National Public Radio00:52:43
Juanes Turns InwardJuanes reflects on lessons learned from the world-wide pandemic, how Latin music has changed in the last ten years and his love of...National Public Radio00:27:44
Rita Indiana Returns With BLACK SABBATH DEMBOW"Music is more democratic than literature." The Dominican musician and novelist returns with Mandinga Times.National Public Radio00:28:17
Alt.Latino's Tenth Anniversary!We've covered immigration, LGBTQ concerns, fights for social justice and, of course, music. Today, we revisit our very first episode.National Public Radio00:37:49
Mujeres With MessagesConversations with Lila Downs and Gina Chavez explore identity, the power of language and listening to our ancestors for guidance.National Public Radio00:39:41
Inspiring Protest MusicMusic gives voice to frustration and anger. On this episode, we listen to musicians demand social justice in song and action.National Public Radio00:29:51
Search For The Soul Of Son JarochoThe folk music of Veracruz is a pathway to her cultural and familial roots and a balm for these times, Natalia Lafourcade says.National Public Radio00:42:23
Pandemic Impact On Latino CommunityA roundtable with reporters covering the coronavirus and how infections have adversely impacted communities of color in the U.S.National Public Radio00:41:07
Music Improvisation During CoronavirusWe check with Davíd Garza, Rocio Marron and Making Movies' Enrique Chi about what they do to generate income during quarantine.National Public Radio00:29:23
Music For In And Out And AboutHit play on new songs from Chicano Batman, Lido Pimienta and Helado Negro for your indoor and socially-distanced outdoor activities.National Public Radio00:38:28
Candido Camero Turns 99Hear an interview with the great Cuban percussionist as he remembers Havana nightlife in the 1940s and the pulsing streets of New York...National Public Radio00:29:25
Songs Of Hope And CalmIf there was ever a need for the healing power of music, now is that time. We put out a call for the songs helping you cope and play them.National Public Radio00:56:31
Indie Musicians On CoronavirusDavíd Garza, Making Movies' Enrique Chi and Rocio Marron share the struggle of being a working musician during this time.National Public Radio00:29:02
Bands We Wanted To SeeIn the wake of the cancellation of SXSW this year, Alt.Latino explores the bands we had wanted to see this year in Austin, Texas.National Public Radio00:59:15
Calma: A Meditative PlaylistWe use the music of pianist Omar Sosa this week to calm our anxieties and fears during an uncertain time.National Public Radio00:35:29
Spring ForwardBad Bunny's YHLQMDLG is the buzz of the Latinx internet, but we also speed through 14 other essential releases.National Public Radio00:49:52
The Rise Of Latin UrbanThe Latin America story is reflected in music. We asked a music writer, a college professor and reggaeton pioneer to help us understand...National Public Radio00:24:14
Afro-Latino RevolutionariesYou'll love this book, says Jesse Hoffnung-Garskoff. It's about migrants conspiring to overthrow a colonial monarchy...National Public Radio00:34:30
A Festival In CaliWe capture the sights, sounds and even the tastes of Afro Colombian culture at the Petronio Alvarez Music Festival.National Public Radio00:30:37
Black History Month: An Interview With Ivy Queen, Reggaeton Pioneer, whose musical history is essentially the history of the reggaeton...National Public Radio00:29:10
Shakira & J-Lo Halftime ShowShakira and Jennifer Lopez did more than shake things up on the Super Bowl stage. A panel of sociologists and music writers unpack the dialog.National Public Radio00:20:10
American Dirt ControversyWhen does a depiction of culture, history & identity become inauthentic? According to whom? We discuss the controversy of the novel.National Public Radio00:29:05
A Week In HavanaTank & The Cubans, 2017 winners of the Tiny Desk Contest, travel to Havana with NOLA's THE SOUL REBELS to connect with Cimafunk, Cuban musicians & history.National Public Radio00:27:44
New Music For 2020We kick off the new year with Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee, garage-rocker Tall Juan and newcomers Salt Cathedral.National Public Radio00:28:59
SNL's Melissa VillaseñorNot only is the SNL comedian a hilarious celebrity impersonator but also an impressive singer with an old-school vocal instrument.National Public Radio00:29:50
Happy Holidays From Los Lobos!Members of Los Lobos take us on a pan-Latin cruise through Navidad from the Caribbean to Mexico to Texas.National Public Radio00:24:24
Best Music Of 2019We dive into a year that gave us new music from Fea, Flor de Toloache, Sech and Bad Bunny.National Public Radio00:44:60
Mujeres: 3 Distinct SoundsInterviews with members of Fea, Jenny and the Mexicats, and Y La Bamba on culture, identity and their songwriting.National Public Radio00:29:30
Turning The TablesAlt.Latino draws the lines between Latin music and some of the eight women who invented popular music.National Public Radio00:34:21
Ozuna Evolves With NibiruThe Puerto Rican superstar discusses Nibiru and the state of Latin Urban music.National Public Radio00:37:23
Sonic Altar For Día De Los MuertosIn what's become an annual tradition on Alt.Latino, we remember those we've lost through song with reverence and a little joy.National Public Radio00:35:03
Entrevista Con Sintesís de CubaSometimes the musicians who visit prefer Spanish. This week we have a Spanish interview with the founders of the Cuban band, Sintesis.National Public Radio00:30:11
La Santa CeciliaThe SoCal Mexican roots-rock & soul band drops by to chat about its new, self-titled album (all in English!).National Public Radio00:30:60
Los Tigres del NorteNetflix is streaming a film documenting the iconic band retracing a historic concert by country legend Johnny Cash.National Public Radio00:29:17
Gaby Moreno & Van Dyke ParksAlt.Latino favorite Gaby Moreno teams up with music legend Van Dyke ParksNational Public Radio00:31:58
Cuban Music's Canadian ConnectionSaxophonist, flautist and bandleader Jane Bunnett has been traveling to Cuba and performing its music for over 30 years.National Public Radio00:28:59
Cuban Roots Of Rock And RollCan you hear the cha-cha-cha in (I CAN'T GET NO) SATISFACTION? Or the mambo in WHAT I'D SAY? Dive into early rock and roll's Cuban DNA.National Public Radio00:30:13
Mexican Music Then And NowThree portraits of musicians and a filmmaker who illuminate distinct forms of Mexican music expression.National Public Radio00:32:40
Music For FallWe play Cuban music from Canada, Salvadoran/Mexican music from Los Angeles and a Nuyorican protest song.National Public Radio00:35:21
Los Dells In The U.S. HeartlandThis week we visit with artists performing at the third annual Los Dells festival in the U.S Midwest.National Public Radio00:34:24
Santana 1969: An Oral HistoryJust a week after performing at Woodstock, Santana released its self-titled debut. Hear original members of the band recount its creation.National Public Radio00:28:04
Guest DJ: Fabi ReynaThe musician and magazine publisher talks about guitar players and issues of representation on this week's show.National Public Radio00:44:03
3 Afro Dominicana Writers ReflectMusic and identity dominates a wide-ranging conversation with writers Elizabeth Acevedo, Amanda Alcantara and Danyeli Rodriguez del Orbe.National Public Radio00:35:17
Mas For El Paso and MoreThis week a special show of music to help mourn and remember the victims of the recent tragic events around the country.National Public Radio00:29:53
Three Takes On Latin MusicLatin Alternative pioneers Aterciopelados are featured with the vocalist from Spain's Macaco and Mexican reggae/ska vets Panteon Rococo.National Public Radio00:35:12
Afilando Los CuchillosThree of Puerto Rico's biggest musicians release a protest song through social media that challenged the island's governor.National Public Radio00:29:21
Best FestivalsAlt.Latino hits the road to visit RuidoFest in Chicago, NuevoFest in Philadelphia and the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) in NYC.National Public Radio00:30:48
Tribute to Joao GilbertoPaying tribute to the father of the bossa nova through his music and the words of his fellow musicians.National Public Radio00:35:40
iLe, Music, & ActivismThe former Calle 13 vocalist and the roqueros from Kansas City discuss their new albums and how they channel their passions.National Public Radio00:49:44
A Deeper Listen To AnthemsThese songs have the power to say what we feel, even when we can't say them ourselves. From NPR's American Anthem series.National Public Radio00:34:05
Best Music Of 2019 (So Far)Six months into 2019, we highlight dream pop, electronic fantasies, West African Cuban music and Latin rock from a salsa icon.National Public Radio00:34:21
Africa Speaks to SantanaCarlos Santana is having a big year: the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, the 20th anniversary of Supernatural, and now a new albumNational Public Radio00:34:02
Cuba: Politics And MusicWith Cuba in the new this week, Alt.Latino re-examines the longstanding musical relationship between the US and Cuba.National Public Radio00:29:20
The Power Of Story TellingThe three women who play the lead characters in the Starz series VIDA join Alt. Latino to talk music, drama and La Llorona.National Public Radio00:29:22
Rodrigo y GabrielaThe Mexican guitar duo talk share songs by Nina Simone, Caifanes and Rage Against the Machine and discuss the role of the guitar in rock.National Public Radio00:28:59
Culinary And Cultural Sides Of ChileThe iconic Mexican vocalist and composer Lila Downs uses music to celebrate chiles.National Public Radio00:37:44
Musical ActivistsTaina Asili and Olmeca talk about mixing activism with music in this week's show.National Public Radio00:29:56
Angelique KidjoThe West African vocalist talks about bringing out the Afrobeat in Celia Cruz's rich Cuban catalog with the tribute album Celia.National Public Radio00:30:12
Empress Of Plays' Greatest InfluencesThe Honduran-American vocalist shares her musical inspirations with Felix Contreras and guest host Jessica Diaz-Hurtado.National Public Radio00:42:16
Primavera ExtravaganzaWe empty the mail bag that was overflowing with new music. Mexico, Spain, Joni Mitchell and Amy Winehouse are featured.National Public Radio00:45:28
Musicians Tell Their Stories At SXSW 2019Over breakfast tacos and barbecue, Team Alt.Latino sat down with musicians at SXSW for interviews about their music.National Public Radio00:56:32
Alt.Latino's SXSW 2019 Wrap-UpThe five nights of discoveries at SXSW 2019 served as a reminder that music can heal, challenge and change the world we live in.National Public Radio00:56:10
New Album and Shares InfluencesThe prolific electronic musician Helado Negro stops in to talk about his influences and his new album, THIS IS HOW YOU SMILE.National Public Radio00:28:39
A Journey Through The Film ROMADirector Alfonso Cuarón handpicked artists to make music inspired by the characters from his Oscar-nominated film with stunning results.National Public Radio00:34:03
Many Shades of Latinx CultureThrough four wide-ranging conversations; with a punk singer, a reporter, Latin American expats and Rita Moreno, we survey the culture.National Public Radio00:38:10
Music and Democracy In BrazilMusicians have a long tradition of staring down military dictatorships and oppressive governments in Brazil.National Public Radio00:36:17
From Iconic To New DiscoveriesWe're sure you've heard of Santana but do you know Y La Bamba? This week's show features new music from icons and new artists...National Public Radio00:31:28
Los Lobos' Master StorytellerGood Morning, Aztlan collects several well-known Louis Perez compositions as well as his thoughts on a variety of topics.National Public Radio00:28:45
Songs That UniteAn excerpt of a year-long series featured on NPR that speak to unity and inspiration.National Public Radio00:31:24
Bad Bunny En EspanolIn an interview from Puerto Rico, Bad Bunny talks about his influences and the music on his new record.National Public Radio00:20:19
Listeners: Best of 2018Jasmine Garsd returns to review listeners' favs. We heard music we knew and also some discoveries.National Public Radio00:31:38
AltLatino's Best of 2018It's been another watershed year. Felix Contreras, Stefanie Fernandez, Marisa Arbona Ruiz and Catalina Maria Johnson round up 2018's best.National Public Radio00:58:21
Pre-Winter ExtravaganzaA batch of new music to enjoy just before the Solstice and much colder weather.National Public Radio00:38:34
Guest DJ Arturo O'FarrillThe latest album from O'Farrill and the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra is a collaboration with Mexican son jarocho musicians.National Public Radio00:28:59
Dia de los MuertosMusical ofrendas highlight our annual celebration of family and friendship.National Public Radio00:38:25
Jerry Gonzalez AppreciationAn appreciation for Latin jazz musician Jerry Gonzalez.National Public Radio00:28:59
Rubén Blades New AlbumThe iconic actor and musicians teams with Jazz At Lincoln Center to sing both bog band swing tunes and songs from his catalog.National Public Radio00:48:07
Alt.Latino Icon: Jose FelicianoThe iconic musician talks about his career and plays songs that influenced his music.National Public Radio00:28:59
Cuban Treasures UnearthedThe Complete Cuban Jam Sessions proves these friendly gatherings were incubation chambers for Afro-Cuban music and jazz.National Public Radio00:42:12
Latin Band SamplerLatin music is well represented in the popular Tiny Desk Concert series.National Public Radio00:40:47
One Year After MariaA collection of stories from NPR News about the devastating storm and its aftermath.National Public Radio00:48:12
La Dame BlancheThis special Spanish language Podcast highlights a Cuban Urbano hip-hop artist in her own words.National Public Radio00:23:08
Punk Pioneer's New AlbumTHE CROSSING tells a story of identity and rock and roll dreams on Alejandro Escovedo's newest album.National Public Radio00:33:44
Samba Inspires New NovelAir That You Breathe by Frances De Pontes Peebles captures samba's golden age.National Public Radio00:38:54
Nuance of IdentitySummer's almost over so we present new sounds and two video premiers from upcoming albums...National Public Radio00:38:19
Mid Summer New Music Round Up!Great new music to get you through the rest of the summer!National Public Radio00:29:39
Celebrating Musical DiversityLatinx bands who feel shut out of the mainstream Fests find gigs at Latin music festivals.National Public Radio00:38:17
Activist MusiciansMusicians use music to challenge the President Trump's immigration policies.National Public Radio00:45:19
Favorite Latin SongsWe laugh, we cry, we celebrate the best of the year so far with everything from bugalú to boleros to Latinx punk.National Public Radio00:52:12
Harold Lopez-NussaThe pianist's new album is a lesson on contemporary Cuban piano, performed with a trio with strong familial ties.National Public Radio00:28:28
Groundbreaking Cable DramaVida show runner Tanya Saracho about portraying Latinx stories of queerness, family and gentrefication with...National Public Radio00:29:03
J BalvinAfter cracking the American pop charts last year, he won't Settle For Anything Less Than World Domination.National Public Radio00:31:28
Encore: Remixing ClassicsWe discuss how and whether to remix legendary recordings and feature a new album of remixed salsa classics.National Public Radio00:28:60
Guest DJ Los Texmaniacs: Conjunto Specialists With A Knack For 'Cruzando Borders'The San Antonio-based band can trace its musical roots back to conjunto's beginnings in the early 1930s. The group plays guest DJ with tracks from its Spanglish-titled new album.National Public Radio00:28:60
Queer, Punk And LatinA panel of women on what it takes to make in in the Latin music business while staying true to your gender identity.National Public Radio00:28:59
Latinx Artists We LovedThe NPR Music staff watched almost 5,000 videos during the Tiny Desk Contest. We highlight five Latinx artists...National Public Radio00:28:59
Guest DJ Kali UchisThe Colombian-American singer recalls childhood memories tied to music and plays songs that inspired her debut album.National Public Radio00:35:28
Cuco The CariñoAt 19, the producer and singer born Omar Banos has built a millions-strong following for his infectious dream pop...National Public Radio00:19:37
South By Southwest 2018, Act 2Some artists we can't wait to see at the annual music conference in Austin. A wide spectrum of styles and genres.National Public Radio00:28:59
South By Southwest 2018, Act 1We host our first SXSW Showcase with two bands that show off distinct styles and approaches to Latin music.National Public Radio00:28:59
Two Indie Latino FilmsLatino film makers create compelling histories of two Chicano civil rights figures in their new films to air on PBS.National Public Radio00:26:15
Uruguayan MusicGuest DJ Jorge Drexler shares music from his native Uruguay that influenced his own music.National Public Radio00:28:59
Reggaeton In The Age of #MeTooThis week, we have a thoughtful discussion of the genre's sometimes controversial depiction of women.National Public Radio00:28:59
Music With Afro-Latinx RootsAll the music in the show this month has musical or cultural ties to Africa, in celebration of Black History Month.National Public Radio00:32:40
Rita Moreno Life and AccentsThe iconic actress talks about her new role on One Day At A Time on Netflix and offers lessons about life.National Public Radio00:31:38
Louie VegaThe pioneering DJ and member of Masters At Work talks about his recent Grammy nomination, growing up in the Bronx...National Public Radio00:38:17
Kick Off Your 2018We've already featured some great tunes on the blog — now we add even more great music on the podcast.National Public Radio00:38:04
Salvadoran ArtistsFour artists with roots in El Salvador discuss their art and the threat to the country's immigrant community.National Public Radio01:01:03
Making Movies TalkA new feature: the Album Chat, a conversation about a new album by the artist who made it. This week, Making Movies.National Public Radio00:40:38
The Songs Of 2017We call on some of the top Latinx music writers to help us look back at some of their top cuts of 2017.National Public Radio00:48:38
Top 10 Latin AlbumsIn a genre going in many directions, how do you choose just a few favorites? We share our results for 2017.National Public Radio00:59:37
Gaby Moreno In ConcertHer voice dripping with Southern R&B grit, Moreno and her band never lose sight of the emotion in the holiday...National Public Radio00:57:40
Last New Music ShowOur mail bags are bulging with new music as the year draws to a close. Rock, hip-hop, soul and rancheras. We have it all!National Public Radio00:28:59
Pixar Film, COCOWe talk about the new film COCO, with an NPR entertainment reporter and some of the principals of the film.National Public Radio00:30:01
Road TripAlt.Latino makes the trek to Las Vegas to cover the Latin Grammy's! Join us for a visit to the Red Carpet!National Public Radio00:30:26
Guest DJ: iLeThe Puerto Rican artist spins classics from another era, the raw material that helped her create the album iLevitable.National Public Radio00:35:21
Guest DJ Antonio SanchezThe jazz drummer is much more than that job title suggests - his new album Bad Hombre addresses current events instrumentally.National Public Radio00:31:23
Lin-Manuel Miranda & Karen ZacariasThis week, conversations with two greats of the theatre stage; one you probably know and the other you should.National Public Radio00:29:45
Homage To Afro-Cuban Jazz PioneersPianists Chucho Valdes and Arturo O'Farrill honor their fathers, Latin jazz greats Bebo Valdes and Chico O'Farrill...National Public Radio00:28:59
Alt.Latino As PrognosticatorAlt.Latino favorites rub elbows with Latin music superstars for Latin Grammy nominations. How we covered them last year.National Public Radio00:40:21
Latin Music And L.A.A massive cultural exhibit illustrates the connection between Southern California and Latin America...National Public Radio00:28:59
Dolores Huerta: Jazz FanCivil rights icon Dolores Huerta visits to talk about the new documentary about her life. Also history, politics and music.National Public Radio00:28:59
Santana & The Isley BrothersCarlos Santana teamed up with iconic soul and funk band The Isley Brothers for a new album dedicated to peace through music.National Public Radio00:28:59
End of Summer MusicNew music to drive out that endless loop of "Despacito" playing in your head! Featuring two AltLatino contributors...National Public Radio00:28:59
"Despacito" Deeper DiveIt was the No. 1 song in America for 16 straight weeks. We explore the musical, sociological and business ripples created...National Public Radio00:30:22
Artists You Should Know AboutThis week, we share our favorite discoveries from the annual Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York.National Public Radio00:28:59
Latin Alternative Music FestsOur annual cruise of summer music festivals dedicated to Latin Alternative music, arts and culture...National Public Radio00:28:59
Midsummer RoundupBeat the heat with this sampler of new tunes - everything from rock to Latin jazz to electronic to cumbia and flamenco.National Public Radio00:28:59
Encore: CubaThe musical exchange between the US and Cuba goes back to the 19th century. Thankfully, politics never filtered down to musiciansNational Public Radio00:28:58
Guest DJ Raul MidónThe multi-instrumentalist and vocalist blends jazz, Latin music and soul seamlessly on his new album, Bad Ass And Blind.National Public Radio00:28:57
Guest DJ OzomatliThe globetrotting SoCal band shares tracks from its new album Non-Stop: Mexico/Jamaica, bringing music and laughs to the studio.National Public Radio00:28:59
3 Latinx ArtistsOur summer music magazine features 3 artists: the band Making Movies, writer Gabby Rivera & singer Natalia Lafourcade ....National Public Radio00:28:59
Guest DJ: Chicano BatmanHow the members of this SoCal band developed the funky, one-of-a-kind sound that propelled it to national success.National Public Radio00:28:59
ÌFÉ Live In PhillyAn electric performance by the Puerto Rican band. We speak with them about their innovative approach to Yoruba culture.National Public Radio00:28:59
Guest DJ: Café TacvbaTo celebrate its new album, Jei Beibi, the iconic Mexican band visits us to play guest DJ and talk about everything but the album.National Public Radio00:28:51
Guest DJ Juana MolinaWe were thrilled to have her on the show in 2013 to talk about her album, Wed21, her musical influences, and how to rebel...National Public Radio00:45:52
Guest DJ Antonio LizanaThe Spanish musician joins us for a bilingual show exploring the common roots of flamenco and jazz.National Public Radio00:30:05
PBS To Rebroadcast 'Latin Music USA'AltLatino Extra presents a Q&A with the co-creator and Supervising Producer of the seminal PBS music documentary seriesNational Public Radio00:16:40
Getting Down With QuetzalMembers of the Grammy-winning Chicano roots band Quetzal share an eclectic mix of what they're listening to...National Public Radio00:37:36
Spring New Music RoundupHear what's new in the world of Latin music with 22 albums that run the gamut from roots to electronic, rock, hip-hop, jazz and folk...National Public Radio00:33:32
Life And Music After Calle 13The former Calle 13 frontman starts a new musical chapter with his album and documentary film about his trip around the world.National Public Radio00:29:30
Sergio Mendoza, Vinyl Collectors & Tejano PunksHear three mini-profiles of musicians and filmmakers whose art captures Latinx culture and identity in very different ways.National Public Radio00:31:38
Latin Musicians In SXSWA spirit of protest motivated many Latin bands at this year's South By Southwest festival. Hear thoughts and music...National Public Radio00:29:23
Latin Artists Tiny Desk ContestDiscover a few of the many Latin bands that submitted videos for NPR Music's 2017 Tiny Desk Contest.National Public Radio00:44:41
Celebrating MujeresMarch 8 is International Women's Day. A panel of Latinx music journalists explores feminist movements in music and culture.National Public Radio00:44:14
Puerto Rico Musical ExchangePercussionist Bobby Sanabria helps investigate the musical dialogue between island and mainland.National Public Radio00:33:36
Being Unapologetic, Being Afro-LatinaJanel Martinez, founder of the blog Ain't I Latina, talks about Afro-Latina identity and the power of visibility...National Public Radio00:26:14
Woody Guthrie's 'Deportees'Tim Z. Hernandez's new book, 'All They Will Call You', is about the plane crash that inspired Guthrie's song "Deportee."National Public Radio00:30:13
Afro-Brazilian MixtapeContinue celebrating Black History Month with a dive into the vibrant world of Afro-Brazilian music, including hip-hop, funk, soul and jazz.National Public Radio00:39:02
Smithsonian FolkwaysWith Folkways curator Dan Sheehy as a guide, explore how the music of West Africa influenced Latin America and the Caribbean.National Public Radio00:44:37
Truth Of Latin American Hip-HopIt's more than just music - it's cultural exchange. Hear a conversation and a few tracks from all over the region.National Public Radio00:32:20
Radio AmbulanteRadio Ambulante is a Spanish-language podcast that features a wide array of voices and stories.National Public Radio00:26:48
POTUS PlaylistAs Obama leaves office, we dig up some of the Latin music that's made his playlists.National Public Radio00:32:05
Spring 2017 New Music PreviewHear new tracks from Cafe Tacvba, Dayme Arocena, Chicano Batman, Hurray For The Riff Raff and more!National Public Radio00:36:07
Listeners Pick Best Of 2016You've heard from us about the best Latin music of the year - now, we're hearing from you.National Public Radio00:45:36
Best Latin Music Of 2016This was a year for redefining expectations and defying conventions in Latin music. Hear some of the highlights.National Public Radio00:43:54
Carlos Santana: Trailblazing SoundThe original Santana made music history nearly 50 years ago. When the band reunited this spring, he told us how he did it.National Public Radio00:30:58
Sounds Of Cuba, Exile & At HomeIn the wake of Castro's death, we examine the artists who remained in Cuba after the revolution and those who've left...National Public Radio00:31:45
The Lost Tapes Of CaifeEcuadorian DJ Daniel Lofredo Rota found a box of tapes from his grandpa's record label, part of his country's musical heritage.National Public Radio00:29:57
Music For HealingA mix of meditative music, recorded before the votes were tallied, to help you over the bruising election season.National Public Radio00:31:36
Remembering Those Who've Left UsIn what's become an annual Día de los Muertos tradition, we play music and personal dedications honoring the departed...National Public Radio00:44:25
Latino NoirGood guys, bad guys, cops and intrigue. It's all part of the world of Latino noir fiction. Carmen Amato takes us on a tour.National Public Radio00:37:58
Love For The Lead GuitarAn accomplished guitarist, songwriter and vocalist dives deep into the world of the lead guitar with a playlist of her favorites.National Public Radio00:34:35
Sounds Of Cuba TodayCuban musicians are mixing tradition with contemporary styles to create sounds that defy description or categorization.National Public Radio00:34:35
Cuban Piano 101The piano is as much a defining sound of Cuban music as percussion. This week: How they interpret Africa via the keyboard.National Public Radio00:28:59
Cuba: Musicians JamThe musical exchange between the United States and Cuba goes back to the 19th century...National Public Radio00:28:58
Latin Music On Our Small StageWe sample some of the Latin artists who've performed in NPR's one-of-a-kind concert series, the Tiny Desk Concerts.National Public Radio00:41:21
Bomba EstereoMusic from across the Latin world, plus an unforgettable "tribute to little brown girls everywhere."National Public Radio00:42:50
Willie Bobo: An AppreciationThe percussionist and bandleader, who died in 1983, played a significant role in Latin jazz history. A new album...National Public Radio00:36:60
Tribute To Juan GabrielThe immensely popular Mexican singer died Sunday. We gather some friends to mourn his death, celebrate his music and unpack his legacyNational Public Radio00:39:02
Fea Talks Latina PunkThe Texas punk band joins us to discuss beauty standards and Latina identity and to share some loud music with a wicked sense of humor.National Public Radio00:46:24
Your Own Latin Music SceneHear new sounds from musicians who fly below the radar in Latin America. Remezcla music editor Isabelia Herrera shares key tracks.National Public Radio00:32:23
New Obsessions In Latin MusicWe document our eclectic musical passions - including amazing music from the Los Angeles Tropical revival.National Public Radio00:29:47
Cool Songs to Beat Midsummer HeatThe music gets very chill this week with smooth Latin soul and Mexican folk renditions of music from Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell.National Public Radio00:34:33
Fierce Women Of Latin MusicIn this week's episode of Alt.Latino, hear the music of "Las Mostras": the powerful, talented women of Latin music.National Public Radio00:34:60
Three Cities, Four FestivalsPhiladelphia, New York and Chicago hosted four Latin Alternative music festivals within 48 hours. We got to all of them.National Public Radio00:49:09
Guest DJ Agustín LiraThe veteran protest singer reflects on a crucial time for the farm-worker movement when he helped organize workers using music.National Public Radio00:28:55
The Best Of 2016 (So Far)We're halfway through the year, and we've already heard so much great music.National Public Radio00:48:16
Love And Pride On The Dance FloorThe recent tragedy in Orlando hit a space that's practically sacred for gay Latinos. We celebrate stories of the dance floorNational Public Radio00:31:48
An Alt.Latino Love StoryGood music is good music, and breaks down all barriers. Mexican bluegrass, Venezuelan retro, and a Honduran-Canadian croonerNational Public Radio00:41:30
A Guided Tour: Colombian MusicBetto Arcos has just returned from a trip to Colombia, and he brings a deep dive into the country's best music.National Public Radio00:40:32
We Are EverywhereAs Latino populations grow, local music scenes are thriving. We showcase a few artists from places off the beaten path.National Public Radio00:39:22
Road Trip With AttitudeHere's a collection of Central American heavy metal, Cuban guitar jazz and Brazilian DJs.National Public Radio00:33:02
Latino Orchestral MusicHear re-imagined pre-Colombian music and arias from the jungles of Brazil and Tom Huizenga from NPR Music's Deceptive Cadence.National Public Radio00:33:37
Guest DJ Junot DiazAward-winning author Junot Diaz picks an exciting assortment of bachata and urban merengue to play on the show.National Public Radio00:47:09
Remixing ClassicsHow and whether we remix legendary recordings - and, along the way, feature a new album of remixed salsa classics.National Public Radio00:35:41
6 Young Music ProducersWe offer a view from inside the mixing room, featuring talents you should know.National Public Radio00:38:17
Caetano Veloso And Gilberto Gil: Living HistoryThis week on Alt.Latino, the two iconic Brazilians discuss history and music.National Public Radio00:31:10
Carlos Santana's Trailblazing SoundThe original Santana made music history nearly 50 years ago. The guitarist tells how he and his collaborators did it.National Public Radio00:30:59
Guest DJ Daymé ArocenaIn a fun and vibrant conversation, the Cuban singer makes it clear that her country's political isolation from the U.S. didn't apply to music.National Public Radio00:39:29
'Ladies Of Spring' MixCuban disco, Colombian love ballads, breezy Honduran-American anthems and winding Brazilian hip-hop: Meet the women...National Public Radio00:41:33
SXAmericas 2016: Embarrassment Of RichesThe festival-within-a-festival at Austin's SXSW featured more than 200 Latin bands. Choosing just six to highlight was a challenge.National Public Radio00:45:17
The Blossoming Of Kat DahliaThe pop singer's recent live shows reveal a performer who's finally hitting her stride. She discusses her musical influences and...National Public Radio00:39:22
The 2016 Tiny Desk ContestThis week on Alt.Latino, hear an incredible range of Latin sounds from this year's entrants.National Public Radio00:49:32
Seu Jorge's Musical DNAThe Brazilian singer and actor reveals how his music has been shaped by samba, funk and David Bowie.National Public Radio00:31:38
How To Break Hollywood's RulesNPR film critic Bob Mondello joins us to discuss actors and filmmakers who are showing the industry what diversity looks like.National Public Radio00:30:15
Inside 'Bordertown'Lalo Alcaraz and Gustavo Arellano, sit down with us to discuss creating culturally relevant comedy and making history.National Public Radio00:30:58
Love Stories In Union SquareAlt.Latino puts aside its hatred of Valentine's Day to hear New Yorkers' tales of love lost and found.National Public Radio00:33:04
Sidestepper: Richard Blair's Timeless Great IdeaThe Colombian band has a long history of widespread influence and electronically enhanced grooves. We have a music-filled discussion ...National Public Radio00:33:38
Midwinter Pick-Me-Up MixEver have one of those days when the world is conspiring against you? ... This mix ought to help lift your spirits.National Public Radio00:35:04
Getting Personal With Natalia ClavierThe Argentine singer makes her own music when she's not working with the band Thievery Corporation.National Public Radio00:45:32
New Music & Remembering A LegendHear new music from around the world, as well as a batch of songs that pay homage to David Bowie.National Public Radio00:39:02
Cubanos Redefine The ClassicsCuba has a rich tradition of both Afro-Caribbean and classical music. Now, vibrant young musicians are re-imagining both.National Public Radio00:44:32
Screwmbia StylePump up your New Year's Eve dance party with help from Texas "screwmbia" DJ Luis Espada, King Louie of the Peligrosa collective.National Public Radio00:37:37
Gaby Moreno In ConcertHer voice dripping with Southern R&B grit, Moreno and her band never lose sight of the emotion in the holiday classics they perform.National Public Radio00:58:01
Los Mejores: Favorite Musicians Of 2015Colombian soul singers, Miami bad girls, Mexican crooners and many more. Hear the music that rocked our world.National Public Radio00:49:20
The Jewish-Latin Music ConnectionWith Hanukkah around the corner, we explore the huge influence Jewish musicians have had on Latin music.National Public Radio00:35:32
Sounds & Styles From the Latin WorldThis week hear a wide variety of sounds: Guatemalan Hip-Hop, Argentine MCs, Puerto Rican Soul And More...National Public Radio00:36:52
A Life Of StorytellingAward-winning journalist Soledad O'Brien visits to share some of her favorite stories and music.National Public Radio00:30:38
Best Latin Film SoundtracksLatin America continues to make an impact on audiences around the world. This is our first show looking at Latin American cinema.National Public Radio00:34:13
Día De Los Muertos: Sonic AltarOnce a year, to celebrate Day Of The Dead we pay tribute to those we've lost with the help of music and listeners.National Public Radio00:46:47
Horror-Movie MixtapeHope you had a light breakfast, because we're set to pump up the music and run for our lives.National Public Radio00:36:50
Rock In Indigenous LanguagesWe play songs sung in indigenous Latin American languages: Mapuche, Tzotzil, Guarani, Quechua and Tz'utujil from the entire Latin world.National Public Radio00:36:18
Twice The Fun With Guest DJ IbeyiThe twin sisters bring a long playlist to Alt.Latino, turning this week's episode into a singalong.National Public Radio00:39:08
Rita Moreno: Fighting Back And WinningThe iconic actress and singer joins us to discuss the life of a Latina in Hollywood, & what original West Side Story lyrics saidNational Public Radio00:47:33
New Tunes, Old-School DeliveryIt's true: Some of us do still get our music from CDs. Alt.Latino has a stack of new ones to share.National Public Radio00:39:57
The State Of Kids' MusicThree Latino dads listen to children's music from the past and present.National Public Radio00:34:47
Speed Dating With Alt LatinoWith so much new music from Colombia, Venezuela, Spain and more, it took some split-second matchmaking to get through this week's picksNational Public Radio00:33:30
Latin Music From Around The GlobeGuest DJ and Latitudes writer Anastasia Tsioulcas joins us in the studio for a little globe-trotting.National Public Radio00:30:20
Songs About FruitFrom the Chiquita Banana Girl to the Banana Republic, listen to the rich, fruit-themed songs that pervade Latin music.National Public Radio00:37:21
A Witness To HistoryOur guest DJ has deep roots in Cuban music. Arturo O'Farrill just released a new album called 'Cuba: The Conversation Continues'National Public Radio00:49:17
Silk-Robe Songs: A Decadent PlaylistA mixtape for when you're leaning out onto your balcony, looking melancholy and pretending to be a classic Hollywood dame.National Public Radio00:41:31
Tijuana's Daughter: Guest DJ Ceci BastidaThe prolific musician joins us to discuss her life and times with Tijuana No! and Julieta Venegas, as well as her solo career.National Public Radio00:40:50
An Explosion Of MusicFor those who can't get to New York City, we sample the Brasil Summerfest festival's diverse lineup.National Public Radio00:38:40
Latin Alternative FeastThree festivals featuring Latin alternative music in one weekend speak to the growing popularity of the genreNational Public Radio00:37:01
NarcocorridosWe analyze popular songs chronicling the escape of Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo this week...National Public Radio00:32:40
Keep It MovingGuest share some of their favorite dance-music finds from across the Spanish-speaking world.National Public Radio00:32:38
Grooving With Guest DJ NovalimaThe band spins music and discusses mixing electronic beats with Afro-Peruvian folk.National Public Radio00:36:10
Summer Solstice MixtapeFrom the EDM clubs of Lima to the hip-hop dance halls of Fresno, slide into summertime...National Public Radio00:30:24
Mixtape For LGBT Pride MonthOne of our resident DJ's, Oscar curates a playlist of songs to celebrate LGBT Pride.National Public Radio00:33:07
Learning To FlyFor those averse to flying, a collection of songs to get you...National Public Radio00:51:14
Dreaming En EspañolA survey of the soft and airy, from Cuban remixes to fluffy Mexican pop. Soothe your summertime soulNational Public Radio00:29:60
Piñata ProtestOur Guest DJ combines two sounds to make some of the coolest music in the world.National Public Radio00:31:27
The Pachanga FilesHere's music from the show that we recorded live, Rockanroleando In Austin.National Public Radio00:54:20
Pop PicksJasmine Garsd tries to play only songs by Miguel, but is thwarted.National Public Radio00:51:60
Happy Cinco De Morrissey!We create a new holiday to celebrate an icon who's become a Mexican obsession on both sides of the borderNational Public Radio00:41:54
Honduran-Canadian Singer - Swedish BandWe've got Mexican bluegrass, Venezuelan retro and a Honduran crooner who makes beautiful music in CanadaNational Public Radio00:41:30
Mixtape For Robot ApocalypseYou knew this was going to happen eventually - might as well face it with a mix of great music.National Public Radio00:30:30
Selena's LegacyIt's been 20 years since the "Queen Of Tejano Music" was murdered. We look at her legacy.National Public Radio00:36:13
An Ode To Latin SoulWe showcases new artists who continue the tradition in Puerto Rico, Colombia, Miami and points beyondNational Public Radio00:44:54
Grown And Sexy MixtapeChampagne, chocolates, silk sheets - and this mix of sensual songs, from Cuba, Puerto Rico, Brazil...National Public Radio00:39:52
Surviving South by SouthwestOur hosts called on others to help them wade through the talented Latin artists at this year's festival...National Public Radio00:44:46
Spring Music MixHosts Felix Contreras and Jasmine Garsd bring you great new music from across the Spanish-speaking worldNational Public Radio00:33:07
Latino MixWe found some gems in listener suggestions: Cuban soul, Colombian dance & Mexican hip-hopNational Public Radio00:38:21
Rock In Indigenous LanguagesSongs sung in indigenous Latin American languages: Mapuche, Tztotzil, Guarani, Quechua and Tz'utujil...National Public Radio00:37:12
Favorites From The Tiny DeskThe best of the Latin videos NPR Music received from artists looking to perform behind the Tiny Desk.National Public Radio00:56:06
Villains Of Valentine's DayFollowing our time-honored tradition of hating Valentine's Day, we revisit villains of Latin love songsNational Public Radio00:46:29
Odd Combinations...This week: Some odd combinations; Bolivian indigenous folk and electronic music, Ranchero pop love songs & moreNational Public Radio00:30:36
Chilean Rock, Colombian Soul, Texas PunkAlt.Latino's first new music show of 2015 features a fierce new track by Chilean singer Camila Moreno.National Public Radio00:29:25
'A Contrarian History Of The U.S.'Lalo Alcaraz and Ilan Stavans' book is hilarious and important. It says something important about the present and the futureNational Public Radio00:29:25
SaudadeSinger Luciana Souza and producer Beco Dranoff join Felix and Jasmine to help explain what the Portuguese term saudade means.National Public Radio00:40:58
Starting 2015 With Dance MixNPR's Otis Hart stops by to spin some hot new Latin electronic dance music.National Public Radio00:36:56
Christmas, With CantigasCelebrate the season with songs from across the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world.National Public Radio00:57:10
The Best of 2014: Listeners' PicksListeners chime in with their own favorites of the year, including Chicano Batman and Helado Negro.National Public Radio00:29:27
Songs We Missed In 2014A lot of fantastic music gets left out of the weekly show. Here are some of the artists we unfairly neglected in 2014National Public Radio00:32:19
Favorite Latin Music Of 2014Hear an eclectic batch of highlights, from a young Colombian soul singer to a Puerto Rican rocker.National Public Radio00:53:47
Thanksgiving Mix: Music For ThoughtWe help you dance and digest the holiday meals and help you digest what's been going on in the world recentlyNational Public Radio00:37:14
'World Music' With A KickNPR's Anastasia Tsioulcas recently returned from the International world-music festival WOMEX. She shares her findsNational Public Radio00:38:46
The Latin GrammysWith the help of Billboard's Judy Cantor-Navas, we find gems among this year's Latin Grammy nominees...National Public Radio00:41:59
Carlos Santana Seeks The DivineHis message is simple: Stay true to your light - music is a "positive thought that creates a million positive vibes."National Public Radio00:42:52
Dia De Los MuertosWe celebrate the holiday (and, by extension, lost loved ones) with laughter, tears and music.National Public Radio00:44:27
Cafe Tacvba's Influence, Then And NowWe celebrate Latin rock legacy, play new music, and discuss the film 'The Book Of Life' with Mandalit Del BarcoNational Public Radio00:31:32
'Midnight In Mexico'Journalist Alfredo Corchado covered the Mexican drug war. He talks of his book and the music he enjoyed while writing itNational Public Radio00:30:38
New Cuban Hip-Hop Meets Old Cuban SoulWe remember Graciela, the Queen Of Latin Jazz, and showcase a great new Cuban jazz singer and rapper - La Dame BlancheNational Public Radio00:29:46
New Obsessions In Latin MusicOur latest musical passions, including amazing music from the Los Angeles Tropical revival and new Latin soul.National Public Radio00:30:16
In Praise Of Latin PopVocal coach Ximena Mor discusses why Latin pop stars don't always get the credit they deserve.National Public Radio00:39:42
Gustavo Cerati: A Latin Rock LegendAlt.Latino celebrates the singer-songwriter and Soda Stereo leader, with guest host Ernesto Lechner.National Public Radio00:56:36
Remembering Gustavo CeratiNew music rooted everywhere from Colombia to Los Angeles and beyond. We owe a debt to Latin music legend Gustavo CeratiNational Public Radio00:30:18
Remembering CantinflasOne of the funniest comedians in Latin America made Spanish speakers across the world laugh. No music today.National Public Radio00:31:03
Soundtracks To The Story Of Latin LifeMore new music including a Mexican legend, a mesmerizing French-Cuban duo and much more.National Public Radio00:37:52
Puerto Rican Princesses & Mexican CentaursA wide-ranging mix of new music - From young Nuyorican performer Princess Nokia to Brazilian legend Sergio MendesNational Public Radio00:31:52
On The TurntablesOur Guest DJ is Miss Mara, who spins fun eclectic mixes at a popular Mexico City bar called El Imperial.National Public Radio00:54:47
The Strength Of A Great SongA reflection of how broadly Latin music is being expanded. Today's selections start with the foundation of a good songNational Public Radio00:34:52
Five Conversations With Latin Music's FinestHear five different conversations with artists from the Latin music scene including Rene Lopez, Los Rakas and more!National Public Radio00:43:37
A Tour Of Spanish HarlemWe walk through Spanish Harlem alongside DJ Turmix for a tour of El Barrio and the musical genres born there, BoogalooNational Public Radio00:40:18
Musical TreasuresTreasures uncovered during the Latin Alternative Music Conference; Dominican songstress, Chilean pianist, Cuban crooner...National Public Radio00:43:03
Latin Alternative Music ConferenceAt LAMC in NYC, we hosted a panel... and discussed how the Latin music industry has changed over the past 15 yearsNational Public Radio00:31:06
Immigrant Voices: 21st Century StoriesIn this new book, writers from around the world explore the immigrant experience. Hear their stories.National Public Radio00:41:20
Latino Identity Through MusicWe celebrate our fourth birthday with musicians from Winnipeg to Buenos Aires - reflecting a new Latino identityNational Public Radio00:50:08
Guest DJ With Adrian QuesadaBrownout Presents Brown Sabbath, The Echocentrics, Ocote Soul Sounds and Spanish Gold all capture Quesada's visionNational Public Radio00:48:47
The New Sounds Of BrazilWe follow our own tradition and play new Brazilian artists worth hearing. Our guide is Lewis Robinson.National Public Radio00:49:48
Spanish Punk, Puerto Rican Hip-HopSession includes a lovesick Puerto Rican rapper, wild Spanish punk rockers & globe-trotting UruguayansNational Public Radio00:41:25
Songs From Chile, Colombia & BeyondGroove to sexy Mexican funk, sway to an '80s-tinged pop ballad with hosts Felix Contreras and Jasmine Garsd.National Public Radio00:42:26
No Sleep 'Til Puerto RicoKnown for salsa and reggaeton, it also has a strong rock and rap scene. Boricua rocker A.J. Davila joins usNational Public Radio00:51:33
Pachanga Festival 2014The annual music festival is one of the coolest Latin music events Austin, Texas has to offer.National Public Radio00:47:26
Latin Rock LivesOne of our favorite Caribbean rock bands, La Vida Boheme, join us at KUTX in Austin for an electrifying performanceNational Public Radio00:52:02
Cinco De Mayo PlaylistWhether you observe the holiday or not, here's a cool and relaxing set of songs to start of the month of May.National Public Radio00:36:36
'Cesar Chavez': The Movie & The ManWe discuss the iconic leader and his recent biopic with writer Gustavo Arellano and film critic Ann HoyNational Public Radio00:38:16
Chicken Soup For The EarsCo-host Felix Contreras plays soothing new music for his ailing co-host, Jasmine Garsd.National Public Radio00:36:33
Songs From The U.S.-Mexico FronteraNPR took a trip along the border and highlight some of the music we heard along the way.National Public Radio00:38:12
Moshing In The Rain: Mexico CityWe rode vans with rock stars & got serenaded by mariachi singers at this huge Latin American music festivalNational Public Radio00:00:35
Favorites From SXSW 2014Jasmine and Felix discuss their favorite SXSW music over heaping plates of Texas barbecue.National Public Radio00:59:51
Live From SXSW: Ana TijouxWe liked the Chilean rapper's new album so much, we invited her to spend some time with us during SXSWNational Public Radio00:54:46
Rene Perez Joglar VisitsInterview with the Puerto Rican singer and musician Visitante. Rapper Ana Tijoux, La Santa Cecilia and moreNational Public Radio00:47:02
Saudade: Untranslatable WordThe Portuguese term, which has no direct equivalent in English finds full expression in bittersweet musicNational Public Radio00:40:58
How Hip-Hop Changed Latin MusicRapper Bocafloja and blogger Juan Data discuss how hip-hop trickled into Latin music, changing it foreverNational Public Radio00:47:32
Cradle Of Black PrideMore Black History Month: Music from one island and two countries: Haiti and the Dominican RepublicNational Public Radio00:44:43
Black, Latino And ProudBlack History Month with the LatiNegras Project, which documents stories and perspectives of Black LatinosNational Public Radio00:47:19
Metal, Hip-Hop & New Ana TijouxIn our eclectic and danceable mix, hear Chilean rappers, Argentine rockers and Mexican DJs.National Public Radio00:39:49
With Guitars Like MachetesJoin us for a journey from Son Jarocho music's birthplace in Mexico all the way up to Los AngelesNational Public Radio01:05:21
A Day In Our LifeWe drink tequila with a Tijuana band, dance to Brazilian funk/klezmer, & visit an Argentine lover of African hip-hopNational Public Radio00:45:42
Spanish Songs Of RebellionWe examine the role of rock and flamenco in regimes such as Francisco Franco's in Spain.National Public Radio00:35:05
10 Songs For 2014Start your year off right with a mix of songs curated by DJ Oscar N. Featured artists include Milka La Mas Dura and moreNational Public Radio00:31:10
Our Holiday Gift To YouLatin alternative bands Bajofondo, Molotov, and Cafe Tacvba. It's our holiday gift to you, a special one of a kind...National Public Radio00:57:13
La Lupe, Queen Of Latin SoulShe was a rebel before it was cool: enchanting, hypnotic, tragic. We speak to La Lupe's biographer.National Public Radio00:49:39
Favorites Of 2013A look back at the diverse, exciting and adventure-filled year in Latin Alternative music.National Public Radio
La Mera Mera: New MusicNew songs from the Latin world, big goats, masked surf rockers and bands you are willing to wait for in the freezing rainNational Public Radio
Calle 13 Teams With Julian AssangeThis week's episode of features a biting new track by the Puerto Rican rap duo.National Public Radio00:34:18
Peruvian Jungle Laments To ?Killer vintage Peruvian cumbia, newer Argentine cumbia, Puerto Rican garage rock and a stunning Mexican rockerNational Public Radio
Princesses And Musical KingdomsJoin us in listening to brand-new tracks from Mexico, Puerto Rico, Argentina and more.National Public Radio
The Day Of The DeadWe observe the holiday by offering music and memories to loved ones we lost this year, with special dedications from our listenersNational Public Radio00:41:02
Riding 'The Beast'Oscar Martinez narra acerca de sus ocho viajes atravesando Mexico de norte a sur, hasta llegar a la frontera con EU.National Public Radio00:31:52
Riding 'The Beast'Oscar Martinez narrates his eight trips on top of freight trains across Mexico and up to the U.S. borderNational Public Radio00:28:44
Guest DJ With Juana MolinaJuana's new album, "Wed21", her musical influences, and how to rebel when your parents have the coolest musical tastes everNational Public Radio00:46:21
7 Brand New Latin Musical InventionsJasmine and Felix discuss new musical creations..., with stops in Venezuela, the Dominican, Chile, New York and L.A.National Public Radio00:35:07
Cumbia: Latin America's Musical BackboneFrom the tip of South America to the bodegas of New York City - dance to the beat of cumbia.National Public Radio00:46:31
5 Latin Songs, To Cheer You UpOur listeners recommend songs they play when they're feeling low and need a boost.National Public Radio00:45:44
Chile, Costa Rica & GrasshoppersGreat music from the Spanish-speaking world, legends, the music of Veracruz, and more...National Public Radio
Music From Chile, Mexico And BeyondAn eclectic mix of music that spans the Spanish-speaking world.National Public Radio
Argentine DJs Spin Their FavoritesThe Argentine duo Frikstailers break down the ingredients that go into their music.National Public Radio00:49:18
Reinterpret The ClassicsWe've got some unexpected reinterpretations from Colombia, SoCal and Argentina's Juana MolinaNational Public Radio00:33:31
Argentine, Mexican & PanamanianFolk from Argentina, a Chilean song of love lost, reworked Mexican cumbia and a rap take on a Panamanian classicNational Public Radio00:48:04
Why Telenovelas RuleU of Georgia Professor Carolin Acosta-Aizuru joins us to discuss her studies of telenovelas, Latin culture and societyNational Public Radio
Best Of Brasil Summerfest 2013Once a year, new and legendary Brazilian artists swoop through the New York City like a cool breeze. Here's a taste of the lineupNational Public Radio
Alternative Music Conference 2013Amazing concerts and record samples at the annual Latin Alternative Music Conference, the single biggest event of its kind in the U.S.National Public Radio00:53:35
Sergio DiasThe front man for the legendary Brazilian band stops by to discuss Os Mutantes and the protests rocking BrazilNational Public Radio00:50:06
Spanish Hip-Hop, And MoreAmazing new music from across the Latin world. Spanish rapper Mala Rodriguez and some wonderfully danceable new music...National Public Radio00:00:00
Conversation With Pedro AlmodovarThe filmmaker discusses authenticity and keeping true to his artistic vision, despite coming of age in a repressive era in SpainNational Public Radio00:00:00
New Latin Songs That RockChilean rockers channel David Byrne. A Mexican cumbia classic gets reworked. A Colombian electro-tropical tune has us dancing in our seatsNational Public Radio00:52:56
Immigration, Beer, And 'Devious Maids'Great music from Cafe Tacvba, Ruben Blades and Los Tigres Del Norte plus an in depth conversation with two of our favorite bloggersNational Public Radio00:35:14
New Loves And LegendsNew releases by legendary bands like Brazil's Os Mutantes, and legends in the making, like Cuban singer Danay SuarezNational Public Radio00:42:30
Black, Puerto Rican And ProudThe gifted Puerto Rican rapper Tego Calderon visits to discuss history, music, culture and politicsNational Public Radio00:33:41
A Kind Of MagicWe highlight amazing young artists from Argentina, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico including Raquel Sofia, who currently sings backup for JuanesNational Public Radio00:48:03
A Braid Of Words: Eduardo HalfonMore of Guatemalan author Eduardo Halfon, Author Of 'The Polish Boxer', and his tastes in jazzNational Public Radio00:33:24
Guest DJ With Eduardo HalfonThe author weaves narratives that seem unrelated, yet fit together perfectly. It's fitting that he picks jazz for this showNational Public Radio00:33:24
Latin Songs To Make You MoveKick back with us for Argentine cumbia, Venezuelan rock, Chilean pop and Mexican jarocho.National Public Radio00:33:26
Latin Songs About CoffeeCoffee runs through the veins of Latin America. Hear some of the songs the drink has inspiredNational Public Radio00:00:00
Guest DJ: California Poet LaureateWe celebrate National Poetry Month with Juan Felipe Herrera, who discusses the songs that shaped him.National Public Radio00:36:34
Immigration, In Song FormWe talk to five people affected by U.S. immigration law, and play songs that reflect their experience.National Public Radio00:25:36
Essential Venezuelan SoundtrackLa Vida Boheme's Henry D'Arthenay highlights his favorite Venezuelan music, from salsa to punk. Part 1National Public Radio00:46:15
Vive Latino 2013Once a year in Mexico City, hundreds of thousands of Latin-rock fans gather for the Vive Latino Festival, where you can hear legends and discover newcomers.National Public Radio00:44:47
From Austin, Con AmorFrom heavyweights like Cafe Tacvba and Bajofondo to a vast array of newcomers, Austin's annual SXSF blowout has a strong Latin vibe. We explore some of the best.National Public Radio00:41:03
Composer Gustavo SantaolallaThe Oscar-winning Argentine musician, film composer and producer stops by to discuss his inspirations, and his approach to music.National Public Radio00:59:08
Guest DJ With Actress Miriam ColonColon has made a career of breaking barriers. At 76, she's still making moves. Here, she tells about her new role in the film "Bless Me Ultima".National Public Radio00:25:49
7 New Songs For Kicking BackThis week's we feature mellow new music from Spanish rapper Mala Rodriguez, Nuyorican Chico Mann and more.National Public Radio00:00:00
New Music From Puerto RicoThis week, Alt.Latino talks to great music journalists on the island and soaks up some new music.National Public Radio00:54:36
A Valentine's Day ExtravaganzaCelebrate Valentine's Day with some of our favorite artists. Gustavo Santaolalla, Ruben Albarran, Tego Calderon, Lila Downs, Ana Tijoux and Jorge Drexler.National Public Radio00:57:39
5 Songs That Transport YouNew music from Chancha Via Circuito, Teri Gender Bender and more.National Public Radio00:27:08
7 New Songs That Will Capture YouThis week, we shine a light on unusual and stunning vocalists, from a remake of a Mexican pop hit to the stylings of a Chilean MC.National Public Radio00:00:00
Mad Musical ScientistsThis week we hear new experimental music from Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Washington, D.C.National Public Radio00:00:00
Cooking Tamales For The BeatlesThe celebrated Chicana author Sandra Cisneros swings by to discuss life, literature and the music that moves her.National Public Radio00:47:06
New Year, New MusicFor 2013 some great new music, a stunning bolero from a Puerto Rican singer with rap hooks, a quirky Argentine duo's new creation and chopped-and-screwed Texas cumbia.National Public Radio00:28:39
Festivo Alt.LatinoSome of our favorite Latin alternative artists stop by to share holiday music and memories.National Public Radio00:57:45
Top 10 Latin Alternative AlbumsWe celebrate the music that rocked our world in 2012 - from a Colombian electronic journey to a Chilean rap masterpiece and a Mexican film soundtrack that left us breathless.National Public Radio00:41:35
40 Years Of Los LobosIn honor of the band's 40th anniversary, as well as a deluxe reissue of their classic 'Kiko', members Louie Perez and Steve Berlin share their music.National Public Radio00:35:51
Musical Film To RememberHecho en Mexico is a visually stunning, poetic and musically breathtaking new movie. Here's how this movie about Mexican life was made.National Public Radio00:39:50
Special Guest Calle 13The Puerto Rican duo talk about their musical inspirations, politics and the day they spent in a mental institution.National Public Radio00:18:18
Latin Grammy NomineesEvery year the Latin Grammy Awards have a handful of gems. Here, we play those that most excites us.National Public Radio00:50:36
Li Saumet From Bomba EstereoThe Colombian singer swings by the show to discuss her band's stellar new album, "Elegancia Tropical."National Public Radio00:29:45
Behind The Scenes With Cafe TacvbaMeme and Quique, from the iconic Mexican band Cafe Tacvba, discuss their new album, and what it means to make music in Mexico today.National Public Radio00:36:21
Latin American Protest SongsGustavo Arellano guest-hosts an episode about political protest music from Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba and more.National Public Radio00:59:38
Love And Rockets (And Music)Comic-Book Pioneers Gil & Jaime Hernandez introduced humorous and poignant Latino and LGBT characters to the world of comic books.National Public Radio00:35:19
9 Exciting Latin Rap SongsOne of our favorite bloggers, Juan Data, joins a discussion of new Latin hip-hop. The result is an eclectic mix of music by artists that are ushering in a new era of Latin song.National Public Radio00:44:03
Guest DJ: Author Junot DiazDiaz stops by Alt.Latino to talk about books, music, immigration, the Caribbean diaspora, machismo etc.National Public Radio00:46:47
Latin Alternative Labels We LoveThis week we share new tracks from record companies we love, and discuss how they got their start.National Public Radio00:37:11
Seven Musicians Who Break ClichesThis week we bring you new songs that move past the usual themes of love and lust - songs about aging, immigrating and self-acceptance.National Public Radio00:37:38
Ay Amor! Seven Unusual Latin Love SongsThis week on Alt.Latino we feature songs about many different types of love - falling in love, adoring a country and wishing you didn't care so very much about someone.National Public Radio00:44:34
Guest DJ: Tego CalderonThe Puerto Rican rapper stops by to play songs from his new album, spin some records from his eclectic collection and Puerto Rican independence.National Public Radio00:33:57
Guest DJ: Camilo LaraThe Mexican Institute of Sound's Lara shares a slice of the new sound he's concocting for Mexico.National Public Radio00:41:06
Muito Legal! Brazilian Summer MusicOnce a year Brazilian artists flock to New York for Brasil Summerfest. Festival curator Béco Dranoff gives us a preview of the artists that will be rocking the Big Apple.National Public Radio00:51:18
Latin Alternative Music ConferenceRaul Campos joins Alt.Latino from Santa Monica to highlight upcoming bands from the LAMC.National Public Radio00:44:16
Breaking Barrier And Pushing BoundariesFrom rock musicians in Mexico exploring oompah sounds to an Argentine producer deconstructing native folk songs, this week's episode focuses on iconoclasts and innovators.National Public Radio00:35:00
Best Latin Alternative Music Of The YearWe're only half way through the year and it's already been a year of musical surprises. We recap our favorite artists and musicians of 2012 -- so far.National Public Radio00:42:07
Six Songs That Travel In TimeA Chilean nod to the 1990 documentary 'Paris Is Burning,' an ode to synth-heavy sci-fi soundtracks of the '80s and a punk tribute to '70s Spanish cinema.National Public Radio00:26:33
Chilean Politics And Being Married To JazzChilean rapper Ana Tijoux stops by to discuss her most recent album, her secret desire to make a jazz record and her musical theories.National Public Radio00:46:12
Seven Songs For A Stormy Day At The BeachWe're in a maritime mood this week, spinning records that are as cool and deep as diving into the ocean.National Public Radio00:33:02
The Truth About Cinco De MayoGustavo Arellano, from the syndicated column "Ask A Mexican!" joins us to listen to some Mexican music, and breaks down the origins of Cinco de Mayo - and why it's misunderstood in the U.S.National Public Radio00:45:34
Perfect Dance Show & Ana Tijoux's New VideoIf you don't move to this mix from Angola, Argentina, Colombia and New York, we pronounce you dead.National Public Radio00:43:06
Shake Your Fists And Hips: 12 New Music ReleasesWe're feeling feisty, so join us if you dare, for some tunes from the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mexico and Puerto Rico.National Public Radio00:37:40
11 Smooth New Latin SongsCan't Fake The Funk: After traveling for the last month, a laid-back show with some new mellow tunes is just what the doctor ordered.National Public Radio00:47:48
Our Favorite Bands From Vive Latino 2012We just got back from one of the biggest music festivals in Latin America, and we've got great new music and stories to share with you.National Public Radio00:40:08
Music We Love (That Isn't Latin Rock)Critic Ernesto Lechner and host Jasmine Garsd spin some records they listen to when they aren't playing Latin Alternative. It includes classic salsa, reggaeton, prog rock, cumbia, samba and much more.National Public Radio00:31:06
No Sleep Till Mexico City: Live Music Road TripCo-hosts Jasmine and Felix head off to two major music festivals: SXSW in Austin, Texas, and Vive Latino in Mexico City.National Public Radio00:45:17
John Leguizamo On Salsa, Hip-Hop And ActingThe eclectic performer's show Ghetto Klown features the music he grew up with, from Hector Lavoe to Kool Moe Dee. Leguizamo shares his favorite songs and thoughts about being Latino in Hollywood today.National Public Radio00:49:20
Lila Downs: The Music That Makes Her FierceThe Mexican American singer shares the music that changed her life, from Miles Davis to Orishas.National Public Radio00:55:29
Cultural Cannibalism: When Artists Feed Off Each OtherLambada joins pop, jazz meets rap and flamenco gets an R&B makeover. On this week's Alt.Latino, breathtaking new songs bring together an unusual mix of genres.National Public Radio00:45:49
A Little Bit Hip Hop And A Little Bit Rock And RollOur new mix features a tribute to an Argentine rock legend and a rapper's ode to the streets of Monterrey.National Public Radio00:31:06
¡Metal! 9 New Latin Metal BandsFrom Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and beyond, these bands will turn you into a headbanger.National Public Radio00:58:02
Un Poquito Más Duro, Un Poquito Más SuaveArgentine DJ mixes iconic Latin Alternative song with rock and roll classic, Colombian champeta and bullerengue get remixed, and a Cuban soul singer bound to make you swoon.National Public Radio00:00:00
Brazilian Lo-Fi, Mexican Pop Pleasures And MoreJoin us as we share our guilty Mexican pop pleasure, pay our respects to an iconic Argentine rocker, groove to an afro-Peruvian ode and rock out to Brazilian grunge.National Public Radio00:25:57
Algo Nuevo: 8 Smash Releases For 2012From Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Guatemala and the US, here's some artists we look forward to this year.National Public Radio00:27:11
Adiós 2011: 8 Songs To Celebrate The End Of The YearFor our very last show of the year, we do what we do best: bring you great new music from across the Latin world.National Public Radio00:28:00
12 Latin American Protest SongsThis week's episode features artists who take the stance of denouncing social injustice.National Public Radio00:50:44
Lo Que Más Nos Gustó: Favorite Artists Of 2011As this retrospective roundup proves, it is nearly impossible to fit all the year's great music into one show.National Public Radio00:54:14
¡Pura Candela! Burn Off That Thanksgiving FatThanksgiving feasting might slow you down, but if this week's show doesn't make you move, nothing will.National Public Radio00:29:18
New Songs From Uruguay, Colombia, Chile and MoreSintonía Latinoamericana: This week on Alt.Latino we tune into the sounds of Spanish language music, from Chile to Mexico, Uruguay to Colombia.National Public Radio00:28:00
Érase Una Vez: From Argentina, Colombia And SpainThis week's show is all about songs with amazing stories and the power of comic books and graphic novels.National Public Radio00:27:11
Songs From Puerto Rico, Mexico And New York¡Que Rico! Ten funky songs to help you get down whenever you're feeling down.National Public Radio00:40:57
¡Que Miedo! Terrifying Tales And Scary Songs From Latin AmericaLatin America has a wealth of scary folk legends. Here's a celebration of some our favorite songs and traditional Latin stories about demons, ghosts, and brujas. And yes, El Chupacabras is invited.National Public Radio00:47:30
Seven Dreamy New SongsThis week's songs feel like a strange trip across physical and mental borders. Join us as we listen to brand new tracks from the Latin world.National Public Radio00:29:52
Melancholy Releases From Latin AmericaA selection of somber songs that might even make you smile.National Public Radio00:29:15
New Rock Music From Venezuela, Brazil And SpainWe get heavy with headbangers and ballads from rock bands across the Spanish and Portuguese speaking world.National Public Radio00:27:11
All About Brazil Part IIIn the second installment of our series on Brazilian music, Guest DJ Beco Dranoff shares new spins on traditional samba, big band sounds from Rio De Janeiro, and Sao Paulo rap.National Public Radio00:30:04
Candombe Rock, Illya Kuryaki Gets Back Together, And MoreThis week's show is full of stories of cultural and musical rebirth - themes of rejuvenation from all over South America.National Public Radio00:32:18
Special Guest Manu ChaoThe iconic musician stops by to discuss his music, the unlikely (but hilarious) way he became a singer, his travels, his politics and of course - soccer.National Public Radio00:38:06
Chilean Folk, Cumbia And Celtic MusicThis week we dove into Chile, Argentina, Brazil and beyond to find you some amazing releases.National Public Radio00:28:47
Fall Music PreviewWe sample music from albums with one strong song after another.National Public Radio00:30:20
ReinterpretationsCovers can find unheard possibilities in familiar songs. This week we feature reinterpretations of classics from Puerto Rico, Argentina, Mexico and more.National Public Radio00:25:27
Mala Rodriguez Shares Her Music And InfluencesThe enchanting Spanish rapper spoke to us about how she embodies both the spirit of a poet and a loudmouthed truck driver.National Public Radio00:30:23
The Sounds Of SoCalIntrepid musical explorer Felix Contreras brought us back the best of what he found on vacation in California: Mexican-American bands like Los Hollywood and Aparato!National Public Radio00:29:30
Guest DJ: Marcelo D2Rio de Janeiro rapper Marcelo D2 speaks with co-host Jasmine Garsd about his inventive blend of samba and hip hop, rap and social change, his transformation from street worker to rap icon, and why there's no love in São Paulo.National Public Radio00:32:23
Carla Morrison, Brazilian Grunge, Argentine PunkHear a re-imagined song by Mexican singer-songwriter Carla Morrison, an Argentine trio takes on feminist punk and a Brazilian grunge band with a love for distortion.National Public Radio00:29:25
The 2011 Latin Alternative Music ConferenceMovers and shakers in the international Latin music scene converged on New York for four days and nights. Here are their New Discoveries.National Public Radio00:29:05
New Music From The Bronx To BrazilWhat do a Bronx-born Dominican princess, a Brazilian funk singer and an Argentine sound architect have in common? They're all bringing the house down with new music on this week's Alt.Latino.National Public Radio00:26:50
Fresh New Music To Cool Down Your EarsIt's hot. We invite you to cool down with some chill new tunes, perfect for the beach, from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and more. If a yacht party isn't your thing, we've got plenty of melancholy tunes for a wistful walk on the beach.National Public Radio00:26:31
Guest DJ: OzomatliTwo members of Ozomatli, Wil-Dog Abers and Ulises Bella, joined us from NPR West in Los Angeles to talk about their roots as a political band and their musical inspirations, which include artists as different as Eddie Palmieri and Ceci Bastida.National Public Radio00:30:50
From Brazil With Love: All About TropicaliaIn the '60s, the Brazilian music scene exploded with a brand new movement called tropicalia. Red Hot producer Beco Dranoff joins us for a primer on the genre prior to his release of "Red Hot Rio 2."National Public Radio00:30:06
New Music From Mexico, Puerto Rico And MoreIt's one of the noisiest, most exciting shows we've done yet. This week on Alt.Latino, garage rock from Mexico, Spain and Puerto Rico and softer tunes from across Latin America.National Public Radio00:29:30
Amazing Lyricists From Spain, Brazil And Beyond.We celebrate some amazing lyricists from the Spanish-speaking world.National Public Radio00:29:11
New Music From Brazil, Colombia, Mexico And MoreWe share exciting new releases from Spain to Brazil, Puerto Rico to Colombia, and pay tribute to a Mexican classic.National Public Radio00:28:38
New Music From MexicoGet your Cinco de Mayo on with a party-ready mix of new Mexican music.National Public Radio00:30:35
Guest DJ Geko JonesPut on your dancing shoes! New York-based DJ Geko Jones pays us a visit and plays us some of the best dance music we've heard in a long timeNational Public Radio00:29:08
Brazilian Rap, Found Sound And Other ExperimentsThis week's show is a real emotional roller coaster, with songs that range from ecstatic love to social frustration and anguished heartbreak. Join us as we check out new music from Argentina, Brazil, Spain and much more.National Public Radio00:30:28
Old Sounds Make New SoundsFrom Argentina to the Bay: This week on Alt.Latino we check out some new releases by artists who are taking apart traditional genres and putting them back together in ways that'll blow your mind.National Public Radio00:26:17
Guest DJ Rita IndianaGet ready to break into a sweat: this week's songs were picked by one of Latin Alternative's brightest rising stars, Rita Indiana. The prolific Dominican writer, artist and musician takes a breather from her busy schedule to share some of her favorite songs and talk about her own music.National Public Radio00:28:02
Songs For DreamingJoin us this week as we do one of our favorite things ? sharing brand new releases. This week, we have some amazing music that will make you feel like you're walking on air.National Public Radio00:28:59
New Latin Artists Playing At SXSWOnce a year, hundreds of music fans flock to Austin, Texas, to SXSW, a week long musical festival and conference, which showcases exciting new talent. In this week's Alt.Latino, we check out the rising Latin stars featured in this year's festival.National Public Radio00:26:04
Colombia Dreamin'In the final installment of our Colombia series, we catch up with one of the country's superproducers, and a salsa legend performs his ode to the city of Barranquilla in an unusual setting.National Public Radio00:23:36
Voyage Through A Musical CountryYour intrepid Alt.Latino team travels through Colombia in search of good music, new friends and delicious food.National Public Radio00:34:41

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