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AARP Magazine

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Ken David reads you bi-weekly articles from your complete guide to retirement planning and living, The American Association of Retired Persons Magazine.

Current AARP Magazine Articles
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
AARP Magazine - Mar, 201950+ Tech Boom, new products will make life easier as we age, by Jo Ann Jenkins. Q&A of genealogist Megan Smolenayak, by Andrew Carroll.Reader: Ken David00:09:41
AARP Magazine - Jan, 2019Emerging from The Cocoon. How scammers know you. AARP Staying Sharp Program. Phased Retirement. Funny but true: He fell into some money.Reader: Ken David00:12:28
AARP Magazine - Jan, 2019Attorneys Fight Wire Fraud. Older Community Association Members Face Harsh Treatment For Late Fees. 5 Things to Know About Annuities.Reader: Ken David00:14:37
AARP Magazine - Jun/Jul, 2017When The Worst Happens. The last thing I said to him was... Dealing with grief. By Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant.Reader: Robin Wilk00:11:59
AARP Magazine - May, 201512 In demand items to sell at your next yard sale. These finds will be sure to go fast if priced right! By Jeff YeagerReader: Alice Baptiste00:05:24
AARP Magazine - Apr, 201511 items with hidden costs-The purchase price might be just the start of what you'll have to pay, By Jeff YeagerReader: Alice Baptiste00:07:35
AARP Magazine - Feb/Mar, 2015The Paradox of Prayer - Why do we keep gazing heavenward, even when answers elude us? By Bill NewcottReader: Alice Baptiste00:19:17
AARP Magazine - Feb, 20159 Nasty Things to throw away today! Spring cleaning? Dangerous to disgusting here are 9 things you don't want in your home. By Candy SagonReader: Alice Baptiste00:04:16
AARP Magazine - Nov, 2015Millions of Americans could soon be reaping benefits from these 5 remarkable medical breakthroughs, By Candy SagonReader: Alice Baptiste00:13:20
AARP Magazine - Nov, 2014Smart Ways to spend $200 and save money in the long run. By Laura DailyReader: Alice Baptiste00:08:11
AARP Magazine - Oct, 2014Comedian (or magician) Paul Reiser had a funny thing happen going through airport security, By Paul ReiserReader: Alice Baptiste00:03:28
AARP Magazine - Oct, 2014Scary Superbugs in the news. Are you at risk? How to protect yourself against the nastiest germs where you work and play. By Julie BainReader: Alice Baptiste00:11:03
AARP Magazine - Oct, 20145 things your doctor dislikes about you....don't be labeled a "difficult patient", By Nissa SimonReader: Alice Baptiste00:05:46
AARP Magazine - Sep, 201412 Dollar-store Deal-Love 'em or hate 'em, there really is something for everybody at these discount retailers. By Jeff YeagerReader: Alice Baptiste00:05:00
AARP Magazine - Aug, 201410 Common spending regrets. Wasted money on a purchase? Here's a look at items people buy, and then wish they didn't. By Jeff YeagerReader: Alice Baptiste00:05:05
AARP Magazine - Jul, 20144 Arthritis Treatments to Try Now, By Michael Slear; Nearly 27 million Americans live with this disease. But you don't have to suffer.Reader: Alice Baptiste00:06:45
AARP Magazine - Jul, 2014Survival Guide: 7 Ways to save your own life. Here are strategies that could help you come out smiling...or breathing. By Mike ZimmermanReader: Alice Baptiste00:15:23
AARP Magazine - Apr, 20145 Ways to Age-Proof Your Finances, By Alan Roth; Many normal medical conditions mimic the signs of dementia - many are easily curable, By Marjorie D. RosenReader: Thom Miller00:31:00
AARP Magazine - Mar, 2014Bye-Bye Windows XP-What You Need to Know, by Steve Mencher; When Windows XP Support Ends, How to keep your PC Secure, by David Ludlow; 10 Medical Tests to Avoid, by Elizabeth AgnvallReader: Thom Miller00:30:37
AARP Magazine - Feb/Mar, 2014Springtime For Spending; Slash Energy Costs This Summer; Does Your State Owe You Money?; Estate Planning, Remember On-Line Assets; Do It Yourself InvestmentsReader: Thom Miller00:27:33
AARP Magazine - Feb / Mar, 2014Love In a Time of Downsizing, by Jim Thornton; Eat Red For Heart Health, by Holly St. Lifer; Examining the changing image of "Retirement" and impact on Boomers, by Helaine OlenReader: Thom Miller00:26:26
AARP Magazine - Feb / Mar, 2014Recalling icons of youth and aging, and reimagining our views, by Robert Love; Remembering the Beatles, by Penelope Rowlands; Attitudes About Aging SurveyReader: Thom Miller00:24:54
AARP Magazine - Dec, 2013 / Jan, 2014A Year-Long Celebration to Boomers, by Robert Love; Exclusive interview with Maria Shriver, by Meg Grant; Superlatives which help shape one's values, by Marlo ThomasReader: Thom Miller00:24:04
AARP Magazine - Dec, 2013 / Jan, 2014How Boomers Ruined / Saved Everything, by P.J. O'Rourke; How Facebook and Twitter Can Save You Real Money, by Andrew ZaleskiReader: Thom Miller00:26:07

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