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All About Smart Phones

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Dr. Bill Takeshita, Julian Vargas and the occasional guest discuss the latest smart phone technology, accessibility characteristics, and techniques that make sure you'll get the most out of your device. In addition, Julian will occasionally host Tech Talk, a round table discussion of technology of interest to the visually impaired community.

Smart Phone Discussions
TitlePodcast DescriptionAuthor/ReaderDuration
Mediate Android app - Mar 6, 2019Mediate is an application to guide you to a chair, door or other objectsHosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:05:15
An app for navigating inside - Feb 6, 2019Clew in an indoor navigation app designed for visually impaired users to help the retrace their steps in unfamiliar environments.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:07:33
Earthquake App - Feb 14, 2019Shake Alert LA - An application for an earthquake alertHosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:07:59
Flick Type - Oct 16, 2018Julian sums up the application "Flick Type"Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:08:06
Remote Visual Assistance applications - Oct 16, 2018Dr. Bill and Julian discuss Remote Visual Assistance applicationsHosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:29:18
An update on Apple's new phones - Oct 16, 2018An update on Apple's new phonesHosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:28:10
Seeing AI - May 25, 2018Julian Vargas introduces a new application from Microsoft that allows users to identify currency, read documents, barcodes and colors, and it is free.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:18:18
FlickType for IOS - May, 2018Wish you were able to type more quickly on your iPhone? Julian Vargas introduces a new on-screen keyboard tha is quick, accurate and freeHosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:17:43
Smartphones for Low Vision - Jun 20, 2017A discussion of the use of Smartphones for those with low vision. Differences between iPhone and Android apps are also discussed.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:46:54
Remote Visual Service - Sep 10, 2016Julian and his guest speaker provide a presentation of a remote visual service, how it works, and when it will be availableHosts: Julian Vargas00:58:40
Ask The Expert - Aug 23, 2016Ask The ExpertHosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:12:30
Nearby Explorer comes to IOS - Aug 23, 2016Nearby Explorer comes to IOSHosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:20:16
Accessible Pocket Recorder For IOS - Aug 23, 2016Accessible Pocket Recorder For IOSHosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:12:55
Free Money Reader - Aug 23, 2016The Best Money Reader is Now FreeHosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:07:29
Accessibility Enhancements from Apple - Jul 20, 2016Accessibility enhancements coming to Apple products in the Fall of 2016Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:16:23
How to use the KNFB Reader - Jul 20, 2016How to use the KNFB ReaderHosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:27:32
How to Listen To AIRSLA on Your iPhone - Jul 20, 2016How to listen to AIRSLA on your iPhone.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:12:46
Favorite Apps - Jun 9, 2016Julian Vargas reveals his favorite iPhone apps to Dr. Bill (and to you)!Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:55:43
iPhone SE -Jun 9, 2016Ever wondered about the new iPhone Se? Julian Vargas explains exactly what what it is and what it can do.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:14:59
Extend Battery Life -Jun 9, 2016Julian Vargas and Dr. Bill discuss how you can improve or extend your iPhone battery life.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:20:28
iPhone Calling - Jun 9, 2016Julian Vargas explains the difference between WiFi calling and VoLTE.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:14:38
Are mobile devices replacing personal computers? - Jan 21, 2016Are mobile devices replacing personal computers?Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:19:55
What's New In Smartphones - Jan 21, 2016Dr. Bill and Julian Vargas discuss what is new in smartphones.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:33:45
The new Apple battery case - Jan 21, 2016Dr. Bill and Julian Vargas discuss the features of the new Apple battery case.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:11:25
The latest about Android phones - Aug 21, 2015Dr. Bill and Julian Vargas discuss the latest developments with Android phones.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:15:46
Uber - Aug 15, 2015Dr. Bill and Julian Vargas talk about Uber, a new means of local travel for the sight impaired.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:29:55
The Amazon Echo - Aug 21, 2015A discussion of the Amazon EchoHosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:18:59
NLS Application for Android Smart Phone - Jun 19, 2015Dr. Bill and Julian Vargas discuss National Library Service Application for Android Smart Phone.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:08:53
Setting up the Apple Watch - Jun 19, 2015Julian Vargas shares helpful information and tips to allow you to set up your Apple Watch quickly and easily.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:19:28
Is The Apple Watch Something to Purchase? - Jun 19, 2015Julian Vargas talks about the benefits of the watch as well as the features that make this a tool that he is happy he purchased.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:43:20
Current State - Jun 23, 2015Dr. Bill and Julian Vargas review the present State of Smartphones, with emphasis on accessibility.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:13:15
Be My Eyes - May 8, 2015Dr. Bill and Julian Vargas discuss the iPhone app "Be My Eyes"Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:12:54
Apple TV with Netflix and Audio Description - May 8, 2015Dr. Bill and Julian Vargas discuss Apple TV with Netflix and Audio Description.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:28:52
What's New in Smart Phones - May 8, 2015Dr. Bill and Julian Vargas discuss "What's new in Smart Phones for 2015.Hosts: Dr. Bill Takeshita & Julian Vargas00:28:52

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